Big Brother 24 Week 5 Power of Veto Players Selected **updated**

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Michael
Nominees: Terrance, Monte & Joseph
POV Players: Terrance, Monte, Joe, Brittany, Michael Jasmine, Turner Taylor is hosting
POV Winner:
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots:  None so far

Lock your ranks in before midnight


Festie Besties:

Turner & Jasmine
Joe & Monte & Terrance
Daniel & Kyle
Brittany & Michael
Alyssa & Indy & Taylor

9:18 am Feeds return. Power of Veto players have been picked
Players are Terrance, Monte, Joe, Brittany, Michael Jasmine, Turner Taylor is hosting

Terrance and Monte speculating about veto. Sounds like the competition is going to involve prizes and punishments. Houseguests talk about a “trip to Hawaii”

9:21 am chit-chat.

9:38 am
Joe is sharing stories about all the trouble his family had at airports when he was younger. Being Middle Eastern and speaking poor English his father would always get “randomly” selected for security reasons. Brings up when he was 8 his father was arrested for no reason.

Feeds flip.

9:52 am Kyle and Daniel
Kyle – if JAsmine and Turner win and use the veto on them there’s literally only us and the girls as an option to put up on the block. That’s what’s crazy about this festie bestie thing. It’s so small of a group.
Kyle – that sucks we didn’t get picked
Daniel – I’ll start packing my bags now
Kyle – don’t say that honestly..
Daniel – I don’t know why I’m even a target. I don’t get it
Daniel – Michael told me I’m the target of the house. Why? I have nothing. It’s such a dumb move
Daniel – Maybe Michael winning it I can think it through
Kyle – yeah. .. I don’t know dude.
Daniel – it sucks.
Kyle – Jasmine and Turner. Jasmine might not be able to play in it. There might be an option.. I don’t know dude.

9:58 am Daniel

“I’m going home. Wait for me Nicole I’ll be home soon. WE had a shot at this and it just didn’t pan out. I’m happy to have been given the opportunity to walk through that door. It’s a dream come true.. A Dream come true and I’m damn proud of it”
“I did it the best I could it just didn’t work out. F***ing sucks man. Michael is a super fan he has to understand the two biggest threats are on the block you got to leave it the same. ”
“She’s working with him I mean C’mon.

10:10 am Brittany and Kyle
Brittany says she and Michael talked and in regards to the people outside the leftovers Alyssa is last on their list. They go over the jury votes and agree on they want to keep Alyssa in the game.
Kyle – Jasmine is never voting for me in the end and I don’t think she’s voting for you and Mike. I look at indy. same thing
Brittany – maybe Michael but not me
Kyle – Michael over Monte? Joe? I don’t think so
Kyle – that is why i’m struggling with.. having Daniel leave this week. Once he’s gone.. I just think Monte, joe have that whole other alliance now as an option. They are not going to want to target any of those people.
Brittany – why would they eliminate Jasmine with a bum leg
Kyle says he’s getting that feeling like when they started the Leftovers. “Uneasy.. where do I fall in that lineup”
Kyle – there’s 7 people in the Leftovers and there are three people on the other side, Indy, Jasmine, and Terrance. it’s going to be hard for people to say I want to take a Kyle a Brittany a Michael for these 3 very weak players.

Brittany says Alyssa told her she feels that Indy and Jasmine are pulling away.
Kyle – I feel bad because I’ve leveraged a lot of information she’s told me to move us further and her lower.
Brittany – I just wish we really knew the leftovers are good till 7 I would ride with that
Kyle – Me too
Brittany – if we look back. how stupid would we feel? Me and Michael will be particularly vulnerable next week it’s up to just me.

Kyle is worried if Daniel goes home this week it’s 7 to 4. “I’m just worried Monte, Joe, and Taylor might look at Indy, Terrance, and Jasmine who Monte and Joe already have an alliance. They bring in Taylor. that’s six people”
Brittany – I just don’t see Jasmine and Indy letting Taylor in.
Brittany – I see where you are coming from but I would be shocked by that.
Brittany says withing the leftovers it’s all of them vs Monte and Joe.
Brittany says Taylor has also gotten closer to Turner because they stay up late. She really thinks Taylor is leaning more to the Brittany /Michael side
Brittany – I like the leftovers I’m just nervous that people outside the leftovers Monte/Joe are closest to. It doesn’t make game sense for them to be with us.
Kyle – I know.
Kyle is worried that Monte/Joe are trying to make Alyssa the next target. Brittany knows she points out the rest of the leftovers don’t want that and they have the majority.

Monte joins them.

10:40 am Chit chat

10:46 am Jasmine and Alyssa
Jasmine goes on about how Turner can win this game “he’s smart as sh1t”

Alyssa – you are my number one.. my core people in the game. If you win the veto will you use it?
Jasmine grumbles that she got picked for veto “Why was it me”
Alyssa doesn’t want the veto used. “Whatever Michael wants he’s HOH”
Jasmine – Turner is a wild card.
Alyssa says Michael has won 4 out of the last nine competitions
Jasmine points out that Michael has been on the block a whole heap of times so he’s played in more
Jasmine goes on about Turner. “I don’t know why I get picked for these vetos”
Alyssa – you might win Money.
Jasmine – I don’t want to be a have not (LOL jasmine as a have not put that energy out there)

Jasmine – if I leave noms the same that will mess up my game. Do you think I should throw it?
Alyssa – I don’t mind Daniel going
Jasmine – but Getting MONTE OUT OH MY GOD
Alyssa says Daniel and monte would be the two people that’ll put her up
Jasmine – I don’t think Daniel will put me up. He still talks to me.. he talks to Terrance a lot.
Jasmine says Nicole told her something before she left “I won’t say anything.. he won’t mess with me”
Alyssa – was it game-wise?
Jasmine – Mmmmm no just something she thinks

11:00 am Kyle talking to the camera
Kyle – within the leftovers we have the pound which is me, turner, monte, and joe then Monte told us yesterday there’s an alliance with Terrance, Indy, and Jasmine started with Joe and Monte.
Kyle – he told us about it which means his allegiance is still with the leftovers but I am worried about that. Me, Michael and Brittany kinda have a final three called the outcasts but basically that became the leftovers. Alyssa is on an island has no one, and Daniel is on an island and has no one.
Kyle – Terrance, Indy, and jasmine will never side with me. If they win HOh they are coming for me I know that for a fact because they are with Monte. Alyssa will target Monte and Daniel, Daniel won’t target me he’ll go after Monte and Joe.
Kyle – the next two targets according to Monte and Joe are Alyssa and Daniel which puts me in a tough position Two weeks from now because we have a 7 person alliance, 3 people that are left targets. What is stoping Monte and Joe from jumping ship over to those three weak players who they can easily beat and ride to the end. So that’s where I’m nervous
Feeds flip
When we’re back. Kyle is talking about a 7 person alliance being unsatiable
Kyle – if we can get rid of Monte or Joe that would be crazy this week. What would that leave us this week? Taylor would have to be involved in that decision though. If I get caught talking about that I could be the target this week instead of Daniel.

Kyle – hopefully, the festie bestie thing ends this week.
Kyle – I’ve talked to Michael and Brittany. They don’t want Alyssa gone which is good. Daniel is the easy target this week. We’ll see how things play with the veto. If Michael and Brittnay win the veto I’ll go through the options with Michael. If Monte, Joe, and Terrance win the veto there are no options if the girl’s group Alyssa probably goes home I don’t think I can get indy.
Kyle – we could put up Jasmine and Turner.. ohh maybe that’s the move she just has the bum leg. she’s not really a threat but she’s so sneaky. Good at lying I don’t trust her at all. She has a history of making alliances with Monte and Joe. That’ll be my pitch probably. That will leave Daniel and Alyssa who are not coming after me and Michael. That would leave Indy and Terrance who won’t go after Monte and Joe.
Kyle has already talked to Turner he’s happy to get rid of her before Jury.
Kyle – I have an asset with Daniel I have to build on that relationship more

Kyle says he’s getting no sleep because of Terrance’s snoring. He’s going to sleep up in the have-nots tonight.
Kyle starts shoutouts to his family. He gets emotional starts to cry. “Hopefully you guys are proud of me.. I’m trying… one more week. get to Jury.. ”
“Kyle c’mon.. oh my gosh I’m such a baby”
he picks up Michael’s HOH picture

“Look at Michael and Hayden I just want to be happy and find freaking a girl like this freaking Alyssa.. Look how happy they are.. (BIG SIGH) maybe one day


Now he dances… “I feel better”

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Karen in TO

Perfect chance to backdoor Daniel!!

indy's gross mammeries

Is Michael seriously going to go for the win for the POV? Talk about having a proclivity to having a footlong target on your backside! I think he’ll go for the veto, not to backdoor Daniel although that might seem tempting for him, but to keep nominations the same. With 3 alpha males (well 2 1/2) on the block he’s content because so much testosterone can be so intimidating for him.


I can’t believe Daniel doesn’t understand why he should be voted out. Does he honestly think his behavior has been acceptable and he didn’t do anything. I hope Michael puts him up if whoever gets the veto uses it. Hopefully Jasmine will be next.


every bestie group is incentivized to use the veto. honestly there was no question to me that terrance/monte/joe should have been initial noms if only because it guarantees joe and monte both play in veto.

unless michael decides to tell someone not to use it, daniel should be going up and out.


It’s not about “behavior”, it’s about gameplay and what will advance them in the game.


so either noms stay the same or daniel goes home. pretty okay with this.

Paul Sucks

Kind of wouldn’t mind seeing the bins stay the same followed by a Monte or Joe departure just to see this stay interesting.


lol. i just want to be as happy as michael and hayden. back on the kyle and his repressed homosexuality train.


It really amazes me to hear Daniel say he does not understand why he is the target, he has nothing, he’s all by himself, you need to go after the big tough strong guys.

If that’s how you felt, why didn’t you as a super fan try to change people’s mind, work on getting out the big tough strong guys, NOPE, you were a Clown, you jumped on the band wagon, and went after the house target Taylor.

You took it to another level, for some reason you made it personal, so now you are experiencing how Taylor and Britt felt, you now see how it feels to be on the outside looking in, enjoy it Evil Elvis.

  • What did Taylor do to you or anyone else in the house, why was she the Target.
  • Taylor was all by herself, you did not have a problem kicking her when she was down, nor did you have a problem verbally attacking her, you did not care !!.
  • Your behavior has been horrible, you are a bully, you play a personal emotional game, you can see fault in everyone else, it’s time you look in the mirror buddy.
  • Your words, these people are clowns, well these clowns are kicking you out before you have a chance to take your emotional butt to jury. I don’t feel bad for you. You do not deserve being able to go to Jury and still make $$$, go home Evil Elvis.
  • As you just said, pack your bags, Daniel you put yourself in this position, stop feeling sorry for yourself, stop thinking you are being bullied, you’re receiving everything you gave, you are on the receiving end, so you get no sympathy, you don’t deserve it..

I hope you have recorded your season on BB, watch it when you get home. Pay attention to your emotional over the top, mean nasty personal game play.

I get it, the house is a pressure cooker, but you don’t have to play personal, ostracize people, make them feel like crap, and then walk around laughing behind their back.

It’s really amazing when the table turns, and you are not on top anymore, and you feel that you are being treated unfairly, you are just experiencing exactly what you have been doing to the others in the house that were on the outside.

The cherry on top of when you are evicted, I wish you could take Terrance & Jasmine with you. That would be great.


^^^^^^^^^ Exactly. Fair points, well said.


Why do these people keep saying we can’t put Jasmine up, she can’t really defend herself because of her ankle injury. Her ankle injury does not have any impact on her talking crap about Turner, Brittany, Alyssa, Indy or anyone else who does not wait on her hand and foot.

Please stop saying we can’t do this too Jasmine, we can’t put her on the block, why ? This is big brother, put her lazy entitled annoying butt on the block, don’t win the Veto, evict her, she does not deserve any special treatment.

Keep making it easy for her, she will be in the final 2, she does not deserve any special treatment. Evict her next week, she’ll spend her Birthday in jury, she can bake a birthday cake, make Chicken Wings eat everything by herself, lay around the jury house and eat.

Stop feeling pity for Jasmine, she’s sneaky, two faced, really has no game play, talks about Turner being smelly, she was a have not, I didn’t see her big butt taking a cold shower. So I doubt she was not smelly herself.

Jasmine is constantly snacking, talking crap about other people, expects to be waited on, get rid of her, send her butt out next week after evicting Daniel this week. Previous chats with the houseguests, she said she hates having to ask for help.

I don’t believe that, she has no problem asking others to grab this, go get this for her, tell her to get up, stop just laying around all day, the more she walks, moves around, her ankle will get better, why do you think Big Brother/Production took the Scooter away from her.

She needs to be more mobile, stop milking this sprained ankle, it’s almost been 1 month, play the game, win something or get evicted.


Maybe Another Name can weigh in on this – – but it seems Cruel Chef & JasMEAN were Grodner’s two pets so I wonder if TPTB is pushing to leave JasMEAN alone – don’t put her OTB narrative.

The reason it seems plausible is ALL of the house was onto her milking the injury, how she expects to be waited on hand & foot plus her nasty way of putting people down. The ONLY person who never speaks poorly of her is Indy & Terrance (hmm – wonder why).

What they do say is “we can’t put her up while she’s injured” and/or she wants to be here for her deceased Father’s B-day. These both sound like production-driven agendas.

Britt & Michael KNOW she’s problematic but recognize Evil Elvis is the bigger issue. Michael seems dialed into taking out EE or Terrance (both of which are good boots for him).

If Festie Besties ended next week – I want to see if the others (Indy/Ally/Terrance) will start throwing her UTB for all the negative comments she makes behind the back of Taylor/Turner/Britt.

If Turner wins the next HOH and they are no longer in duos it wouldn’t surprise me at all if he targeted her b/c he is NOT amused by her antics or personality. He’s continually moving up my board for a number of reasons including his sense of humor (antics) and how finely tuned his BS meter is.


azmdw, Agree 100%! You are on fire today with the on point comments. OR you’re saying everything that I’ve been thinking! LOL

un autre nom

Just going to put this out there into the universe and hope it takes root in production’s head:
ON bbcan when houseguests are wantonly breaking the rules too much (singing, product names, napping, not getting out of bed) they put a padlock on the fridge and turn off the hot water making everyone a have not for up to a week.
Food for thought.


Agree 1000%! BBUS is way too easy to break the rules.

un autre nom

Hey, Michael,
It’s week 5. You’ve won 4 comps.
It doesn’t matter how likeable you are, you don’t get to play in the next HOH and you and your partner don’t have coverage.
Just saying.

un autre nom

Raise your hand if you thought Kyle wouldn’t try to make Jasmine the biggest evil in the game as the veto comp came closer.
Put your hand down.
Of course he was ALWAYS going to come up with an alternative to Kyle goes on the block as a pawn.
I’m not saying you should EVER volunteer to go on the block.
I’m saying he’s being WAY too obvious that he doesn’t trust his alliance.
Think about it. If you are in an alliance with someone that keeps acting that you will backstab him… eventually the thought is going to enter your mind, “is it because he’s already planning to backstab us?”

It’s more of Kyle being his worst enemy. Overt lack of trust in his alliance is going to cause his alliance to lose trust in him. Except Michael… who is crushing a little. Shut up. He is.

Britt’s already got his number. Taylor sees it (but thinks Kyle is less intelligent than he is).
Joe has always had a weird thing with Kyle who has always had a weird thing with Joseph.
Turner already knows Kyle is contemplating an alliance break, Kyle told him last week.

I’m not really liking the entire BBQ alliance idea he’s come up with, only because it assumes that people who would never align (that he KNOWS would never align) are aligning ONLY because of race. it’s fearbaiting. I’m not going into anything political or sociological in terms of real world about this. I’m just not gonna do it, but it does have it’s real world applicational parallels in just about every socio-political structure globally.

Is Jasmine the bigger threat after Daniel? Actually she may be. Nobody will nominate scootie bootie, and scootie bootie likes to trash talk to put targets on backs. Is she a bigger threat THAN Daniel? Get real. NO.


I think they’re thinking Scootie Bootie is like the lame Big D from BB23 and people will want to sit next to someone who has no chance to win. Because, they didn’t do anything significant in the game.

Sarah e Allard

i think they should get daniel out


What’s coming after POV?
The target for this week won’t be fully cemented until after the POV ceremony. If Spoiler Girl is correct the comp is OTEV (seems a little early for that – – but okay). That would also mean only one person wins & it bodes well for the Leftover men playing (Turner, Joe, Michael, or Monte) given this comp is about physicality combined with quick recall of facts.

The Kyle whirlwind:

Meanwhile, Kyle continues to spiral out of control in his efforts to realign the house & what is an irrational fear of landing OTB. He’s being completely illogical and it’s hard to decipher whether his current stance is based on wanting to ensure Alyssa stays longer, his fear of how the other side is aligning, or simply paranoia.

When he complains that he’s worried about leaving if he & Daniel hit the block it’s not completely out in left field given Pooch, Ameerah & Nicole all thought they had the numbers and were voted out with a majority.

That said, it’s ridiculous to think his showmance Alyssa, F3 ally Britt, or F2 ally Turner would vote him out instead of Evil Elvis let alone Taylor whose main bully is EE. That’s four votes before even considering Monte, Joe, Jasmine, Indy, or Terrance. It’s conceivable Terrance would keep Dan and maybe Jas/Indy could be swayed although you know Ally would be riding them to keep her showmance plus I doubt either of the alpha Leftover males would strike at him now.

Could Kyle shift the target to JasMEAN?
Despite that fact, if the trio were to come off the block and not via Turner/JasMEAN winning the POV we know Kyle will ramp up his efforts to put them up instead. In fairness, there is some substance to taking her out.

Jasmine is the link between Monte/Joe and the girls (Indy/Ally) but also is uber close to Terrance. On Wednesday night once the Leftovers seemingly had things set for Cruel Chef to leave it was Jasmine & Terrance that tried to switch things up.

Monte knows Jas is more of a gamer than most realize AND he knows she’s not trustworthy b/c word got back to him how she was still looking to vote out Taylor instead of Nicole.

He got annoyed immediately by Ameerah & Nicole’s disloyalty but his leniency for Jas is based on her ties to Indy/Terrance, that she’s the apparent head of the snake of that trio & Monte simply doesn’t believe that trio can beat him/Joseph or that they would vote against him. It’s a misread, bc he doesn’t even realize Jas/Indy would vote him out over Joseph.

Concern for Monte?
It’s a blind spot for him (FOR SURE) b/c Jas/Ally already were discussing trying to keep noms the same in order to take the strike at Monte. If the trio stayed OTB, Monte would be in some trouble with Jas/Ally/Evil Elvis ALL willing to vote him out but they would need four for a tie plus Michael’s tiebreak OR five votes. The other two COULD presumably come from Kyle & Indy but I’m not sure either would commit to that choice. Kyle would be just as happy to cut Terrance (& Michael/Britt would push that narrative) b/c then Dan would truly be on an island.

Michael could gain some leeway with Monte if it went to a tie by saving him which is a big deal given Monte is already planting seeds to take him out first at F7. To that end, I’m a little surprised Kyle hasn’t shared that bomb yet. He knows Michael won’t say anything -so with Kyle pushing so hard to NOT go OTB & to create this new alliance it’s odd he isn’t using this information as part of his pitch. Perhaps he’s waiting until after the POV to see if the trio stays OTB (unlikely) & whether Turner/Jas remain an option to go up if the trio wins POV.

If Dan/Kyle had played in the POV then Monte staying OTB made much more sense but given their names weren’t pulled the likelihood of them both not winning the POV & staying OTB if the other couples win seems slim to none.

Hard to imagine Pound member Turner or two LO members (Britt/Michael) would keep noms the same w/o it completely fracturing the Leftovers. To be honest, the move is coming but it’s far more likely (and more appropriately) to occur during the double.


Michael just made the target on his back even larger as he & Britt won the POV!