Kyle “I’m so worried that I’m portrayed as the biggest d*uche bag.”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Michael
Nominees: Terrance, Monte & Joseph
POV Players: Terrance, Monte, Joe, Brittany, Michael Jasmine, Turner Taylor is hosting
POV Winner:
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots:  None so far

Lock your ranks in before midnight


Festie Besties:

Turner & Jasmine
Joe & Monte & Terrance
Daniel & Kyle
Brittany & Michael
Alyssa & Indy & Taylor

11:40am Bathroom – Turner, Joseph Michael & Brittany.
Joseph – Michael/Brittany if you guys win the veto.. Like are you guys gunning for it obviously? Its like you (Michael & Brittany) and Jasmine… Turner – the good thing is that everyone is our alliance is playing. Michael – yeah. Turner – Like that is frikin’ awesome! Michael – just go out there and have fun. Turner – yeah. Joseph – I am hoping us three (Terrance, Monte and Joseph) win it because that would make the most sense… the only awkward thing is if you guys win it. Michael – yeah, it might be where we don’t get to see each others progress so if it happens it happens … it is what it is. When I was swirling the chips (veto player chips) around I was like I know I’m going to pull his (Daniel’s). Joseph – I was thinking that too.

12:30pm Outside the HOH room – Brittany and Michael.
Michael – how are you feeling about the veto? Brittany – Are we winning it or not? Michael – that’s what I wanted to ask you too. I don’t really care but I am not just going to throw it. Brittany – I am thinking no. Michael – I mean we will see what it is. I don’t want to obviously throw it but if its something where we can. If the guys (Terrance, Joseph & Monte) win it they’ll pull themselves down. If Turner & Jasmine win it and don’t use it, its not the end of the world. That is fine too. Brittany – I think he would. Michael – I think he would too but if he decides he doesn’t want to … that’s fine too. Is there any world where we would not want them to use it? Brittany – I think it would be to get Terrance out. Michael – do we want the choice? Brittany – oh yeah if we win it. That’s a lot of blood on our hands. Michael – I mean even if we win we don’t have to use it. Or we don’t have to not use it. Its just nice to have the option because I don’t know a lot can change in 24 hours. I think we should go for it because if we’re backdooring Daniel everyone knows that’s the plan and if not at least we’ve built some trust and repour within the alliance to be like we followed through. We could have left you up there and we didn’t. Brittany – that’s true. I mean its not like a must win situation but.. I think this is a good way to build trust. Michael – yeah. At least we try, if we get it, we get it. Indy joins them and the conversation ends. Michael leaves. Brittany – this will be a good week. Indy – Amen! I am so glad. But I am already worried who is next. Brittany – I know. I have no idea who is next.

12:53pm – 1:43pm HOH room – Brittany & Michael.
Brittany – this is something I was thinking .. in the veto Jasmine is probably going to get out first so she is going to get the veto (steal a veto comp). I know all of us are comfortable and stuff but could there be a situation where there is only one veto? Where only that person of the Bestie pair can decide to use it. Michael – yeah we don’t know. Hopefully we’ll know if that’s the case. Hopefully we will know when she pulls it out and it says its a solo veto. Brittany – if that’s the case we just can’t have her or Terrance win it. Michael – I think its just good that if say Jasmine and Turner win it, I didn’t want to put them up anyway. Brittany – no. Last night Alyssa said that she really likes you and I. Michael – okay that is good because I’ve talked to her and shes said that but when I’ve initiated the conversation. So its good that she came up to you and prompted that. Brittany – I could tell that, the past couple of days she’s been really trying and I’ve been getting a long with her. And the other thing she said was she liked the whole group playing Chinese Checkers last night and I was thinking well the whole group is together just not you. Michael – If we stay as Festie Bestie’s and she doesn’t put us up that is huge because then we only have to worry about Indy and Jasmine next week. Kyle joins them. Michael – talking about the veto, do we want to win? / do we not want to win? .. and I want to win. At least it gives us options. Kyle – say best case scenario seven of us get to final 7 where do you guys think the pecking order would be? Michael – I mean I think I kind of see how it would divide a bit… like Monte and Joseph would be close duo.

Kyle – I just don’t know where Taylor falls. Brittany – I think she would be more on our side. Michael – the only thing that scares me … like he (Daniel) has said he is not winning the game if you don’t think you’re winning .. you’re like well I am going down anyway. What is stopping him, like you know what would be good tv, he could be like Michael.. I’ve got his back and then next week he backdoors me. Brittany – and he is our most immediate threat. Michael – if he was like here is how I could help your game but like Brittany was saying if he isn’t even having those conversations when we have power.. Brittany – he isn’t going to hold to them when we don’t (have power). Michael – that has been my issue with Daniel this whole game. Any conversation we’ve had, I’ve had to initiate with him. Kyle and Brittany – same. Kyle – I am so worried that I am portrayed as the biggest douche bag. Brittany – Kyle if there is anyone in the house that is not portrayed that way .. it is you. Kyle – well I just think of the first two weeks where Alyssa kind of fell for me hard, way harder than I fell for her. And then shared all that information which resulted in Ameerah going, Nicole going.. like that side of the house getting annihilated. Brittany – that is all due to her. Kyle – I know but I have feelings for her and want to work with her. Brittany – you made it really clear you didn’t want a showmance. Kyle leaves. Brittany – I find it funny that we have Kyle and Taylor saying this… like why would anyone want to go to final three with us? Like wouldn’t they know they’re third? Michael – you would think?! Brittany – like I am all for it but I think its just funny. Its just who wants to go to final 3 with a very obvious pair? Michael – unless they think they can beat us. Brittany – true. Michael – which we just have to study and know our stuff.

2:10pm Showmancing and bumper pool.. while the HG’s wait for the veto to start.

2:40pm Bedroom – Daniel talking to the cameras and then joined by Terrance.
Daniel – I want to stay. I want to win HOH and get pandora’s box! That’s it, I want a battle back! I want Nicole back in here. I need Michael to win the veto today. For two reasons, to convince him to keep the nominations the same … it would be a huge move as a superfan.

3:01pm The feeds switch to the kitty cams for the power of veto competition..

5:16pm The feeds are still blocked..

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indy's gross mammeries

You can’t be a douche bag Kyle, cause you ain’t never been inside a vajayjay..


Ok. My perspective is that both Taylor and Kyle don’t know if they can beat Michael but they are very sure that they can beat Brittany. It should be interesting to see how Jasmine is in the competition


ultimately jasmine is still a threat in mental comps, which there have been very few of so far this season, but i think the house is underestimating her threat level.


Hmmm. Looks like Terrence was trying to plot doing something before the competition and the feeds went to the animals, lol


Kyle, you are kind of a douche bag in regards to how you have sold Alyssa out. But to me, you come across as a immature 29 year old dude who talks to girls like you are in Jr. High.

You give off the vibe of not being that experienced in dating. Honestly speaking, your showmance comes across as creepy to me, and it’s a little annoying for me having to watch you pour out the abundance of compliments, or talk about being sexually aroused, needing to take a cold shower TMI, I don’t need to hear that.

Also knock off the BBQ Alliance crap, I don’t get the feeling groups are coming together based on skin color, from the outside looking in, it appears to me, people are trying to find someone who will have their back, who they can work with and go further in the game.

You have betrayed Alyssa, used her for information, ran back to your alliance, that was throwing her under the bus, you jeopardized her game, you did not think about how this would play out for her game play, or lack thereof, you’ll have to wait and see how Alyssa feels about this after you are out of the house.

If she was my sister or daughter, I’d tell her to dump you, you are not to be trusted. You had feelings for her, and still sold her out, that’s just my opinion and it does not matter, later Douche Bag I mean Kyle 🙂

un autre nom

After reading an Ameerah interview after Nic’s eviction, and listening to Jasmine…
Both are saying in the real world they’d never say the things they say in the house.
Let’s analyze:
So you think you are more liberated from social judgement in an environment that is on camera and shown to the public?
Oh. So what… the public’s reaction to what you say is unwarranted because you were in a televised bubble not the real world?
Revealing all of your worst Lord of the Flies character traits and then crying when the ship comes to rescue you from the island isn’t a good look.
That’s some pretty screwed up logic. Oh, they must have been thinking the real world would hate the same people they hate, and cheer them on for being so clever? Is that what it boils down to? I actually think that IS what it boils down to.

yesterday Alyssa let the mask slip. She wants Taylor gone because she thinks Taylor is prettier. She wants to be the pretty one.
yesterday Kyle let the mask slip. Not that mask, the other one. He’s noticed Taylor and Joe were getting a lot of camera focus last week and doesn’t like the idea of sharing the showmance stage.
Taylor and Joe were the backup plan for showmance clips because Kyle had agreed to showmance in casting and backed out. They were plan b.
Jasmine pretty much announces every time she enters a room that she’s just a troll looking for a bridge to live under.
Terrance is… okay. I’m going to say it. I see no reason for Terrance. Take him out of the season and how does the season change? It doesn’t? Oh. Great job casting.
Turner at this point strategically is a stray cat that moved into the house and never left.

Biscuits & Gravy, Y'all

This is true. Remember Daniel first going off on Taylor, he said something like “America sees you”. They think America hates who they hate and are completely tone deaf to their own bad behavior.

un autre nom

Twitter is a weird place.
If you look for it you can find the oddest big brother opinions that… stymie.
A Jasmine supporter (could just end it right there),
Has tweeted that Turner should be removed for sexism and harassment in regard to… Muffingate.
More odd… the opinion got a few likes.

un autre nom

I was half convinced at one point in the Kyle Britt conversation that she was going to turn to him and say, “you can have Daniel as your one or Alyssa as your one: pick. now.”
In her mind she’s not having this entire everyone gives Kyle everything he wants gameplan that Michael seems to be buying. Her worries about Michael keeping secrets (the POS stuff, and picking her as his partner) are starting to mount. You can see and hear it in the way she’s rebuffing Kyle and later refuting Kyle to Michael.

un autre nom

Has anyone else noticed the comp quality has really gone down?
Heath leaving has really done a number on the comps.
Trevor still being listed on both bbcan and bbus while he’s been the producer of bbuk and drag race canada… yah, he’s comp producer in title only for us since 18.
The current comps? not up to snuff at all.
I half expect otev to be a sock puppet.


KKKyle should be worried.. I’m sure the producers tipped him off.

un autre nom

He’s worried that trying to get his showmance evicted before he gave in to production’s demands makes him a douchebag.
The other? He hasn’t a clue.
Everyone still buying the 29 year old that acts like he’s in junior high schtick needs to realize it’s an act. It’s probably the act he’s been pulling with his mother for 20 years, so it’s convincing due to practice.


So….either there are multiple rounds (for example when houseguests hide things and then one by one they take turns finding each other’s hidden items), it’s an individual comp of a different sort, or an asteroid hit the house


This group is VERY boring. It didn’t start that way but their personalities are plain and dull. Their game play is so predictable. Going after easy targets with no one making moves or surprises. I’ll give Daniel credit for talking game and trying to make things happen. The others…..Zzzzzzz

The Beef

So you think Ameerah and Nicole were low hanging fruit? Have to disagree with your assessment of the last two evictees, especially with players like Terrance, Indy and yes Jasmine still in the game.


Ok, feeds are back up. The way they are dressed I think it was OTEV

un autre nom

Michael and or Britt and or both won veto.
Gee. Don’t make the target TOO big.


He couldn’t fake a loss. Every time someone has in OTEV it was way too obvious


I know right WOW incredible.

Instead of worrying about who the target is this week he needs to put in some major WORK with Monte/Joe to tell them why keeping him in the game is essential for them b/c taking him out would only increase the target on their backs!

I want to see if Kyle finally tells him what Monte said about Michael needing to go first in the group. I’m hoping JasMEAN pushes Michael to keep noms the same so he can use that intel to secure a better position with them.

I mean we need to hear more about the comp – hopefully it was Britt who won it bc unless he plans on doing something different than backdooring Evil Elvis I don’t understand their reasoning for winning.

un autre nom

I doubt it was Britt.
Britt dove into a bunch of powder and thought it was water. She can see the inside of her knee when the bandage slips.
Jabba is going to be requesting her scooter back for sure to be the most injured in the house, while likely telling Britt to suck it up and quit being a baby. waitforit.
Michael post convo with Kyle (of course) was convinced he had to win veto so that he had the power to decide. Hate to say it, but Michael has lost the sauce recipe when it comes to Kyle… and still hasn’t picked up that Kyle consistently says MY game instead of OUR game when talking about aligning with MIchael. It’s never about WE/US/OUR, it’s always a case of I/Me/My.


Oh no she didn’t! Indy had to be reminded of Alysa’s name…

un autre nom

Kyle is considering revealing the Pound to stay off the block.
Daniel and Terrance are wanting to talk to Michael.

Britt was injured, may need stitches.
So Jasmine isn’t the newest injury? Oh better start calling on the IBS gods to give her the shits.

Michael winning 5 comps in 5 weeks is next week’s back door. ESPECIALLY if he does anything funky against the Leftovers. Waitforit.

The Beef

I love great competitors, but winning this one was just dumb for reasons outlined ad nauseam by several of you already in a couple of posts. I really thought Michael was smarter than that, but maybe the damn thrill of winning OTEV was just too much for him.

He has only himself to blame if he ends up going out in a unanimous vote.