Brittany “What do we do now?” Taylor “We WIN! I’ll be damned if I let Turner & Monte railroad us to the end.”

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Veto Ceremony:

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8:10pm Kitchen – Alyssa, Taylor, Brittany, Monte
Alyssa – Michael went from HOH to evicted in the same night. Its probably happened in doubles before but that was so crazy. What do you think the jury house is going to say? Taylor – they’re going to be shocked. Turner – and Terrance was going to go manipulate the thing.. and now Michael is going to go

Bedroom – Brittany and Taylor.
Brittany – sorry my head is not all here. Taylor – at least you didn’t have to do the vote. Brittany – yeah. I know it was what needed to happen. Taylor – I know that the pitch was hard to hear. Brittany – yeah. Taylor – and its the way he went out more than anything. Brittany – he just didn’t understand that people were after him. He just didn’t get it. Taylor – interesting. Brittany – I know. I am like dude your only strategy is to win. I was just thrown by what he said and I don’t know what to think. Taylor – think about what? Brittany – like what the rest of this game looks like.. I don’t know .. my brain is really jumbled. Taylor – we’ll figure it out… and I am not going to spout game at you after your brain is like this. I know you guys were closer that me and him were. So I know you’re hurting more that I am. And the exit was iconic but mean. Brittany – I should have gotten off the Michael train awhile ago but.. Taylor – he was your friend. My friend too but you were closer. Brittany – I don’t want you to think that my friendship with him negated how I feel about you and wanting to work with you. I knew that had to happen. I hope you know that that is truth. I never thought he would campaign against me. I guess I just thought when we found ourselves in that situation that there was nothing he could do. Taylor – he didn’t campaign against you. Brittany – but what is all the .. leaking information .. like what is that mean!? I don’t even know.. it just hurts. Turner joins them and says sorry. Brittany – its okay, I knew this was supposed to happen at some time. I actually genuinely appreciate you not putting me in that position (to have to vote out Michael).. because obviously I was thinking too much of him as a friend and he was thinking of me as a pawn. And I probably would have been stupid and voted sympathy or something and it would have ruined everything so it was actually kind of better because he was obviously not viewing me that way. Turner – even with what was said.. I love you as a person and we’re going to be friends forever. Like I am sorry. Good luck tonight. I am glad you’re both still here. Turner leaves. Taylor – the only campaign was in that speech .. like he didn’t pull me aside. Brittany – what do we even do now? Taylor – We WIN.. that’s what we do now. I don’t have time for game talk now. I’ll be damned if I let Turner and Monte railroad us to the end. And Turner can’t play. Brittany – I can’t even shake the feeling that I am going to be next. Taylor – you won’t be next.

8:18pm Kitchen – Monte and Turner
Turner and Monte hug. Turner – we can f**king win this bro! We can win this f**king game ..EASILY! Monte – yeah.. so this comp .. this HOH comp I am going CRAZY! I got to hold on tight. Taylor is the only one that I think could outlast me because she is so small. Turner – do you think honestly that she would put up Brittany and Alyssa? Monte – I would hope that is the case .. but she could be telling me one thing and then put you up. It could be you and Alyssa. Turner – then its one / one (Monte and Brittany voting) and she picks. Monte – yeah but I can play in the… we all play in the veto. You can play in the veto .. I win .. I take you down and she puts up someone else and then we go from there and then me and you are the two votes and we control everything. Turner – you’ve got to win that HOH. Even Alyssa .. I don’t think she would put us up. Monte – I hope not .. I just saved her. Hopefully I just established some trust with her. Turner – exactly. Monte – I’m proud of us. Turner – dude we f**king crushed it! That could not have went better dude! That was PERFECT!

8:30pm Bathroom – Taylor talking to the camera.
Taylor – that’s Turners third HOH. Michael had three HOH’s. Turner’s got to go! Turner has to go up. I have to win.

Bathroom – Turner and Brittany.
Turner – I heard what was said. I do not hold anything against you. I get it. It does not change my perspective on you. Literally you’re one of my favourite people. You were one of the first people to come to me early on. You were not a target. I hope we’re good. Brittany – Turner, I don’t have much of a game right now. I know I am probably next. It just kind of sucks. Turner – well you have me. I obviously can’t play. I honestly thought that you next to him was the best option so that you weren’t in that position … its going to be a lot harder and I know I have put you up consistently but I hope you know .. There was the reason when the leftover started I had to use you as a pawn. I feel bad about it. I clearly have a pattern of putting you up but there is always a reason to it. Brittany – no I was telling the girls I knew it needed to happen. Turner – regardless no one thinks any differently of you. Brittany – I know its just a game. I let friendship blind me .. and his part I am angry at him.

9pm Bedroom – Monte and Turner.
Turner – its going to be a good episode! Monte – it is going to be a worthwhile episode. Turner – I did swear on tv. Monte – what did you say. Turner – when Michael said that I said that is so f**ked up that you would say that. Monte – that was dude. It just amazes me that he was able to think through all this.. like that is just how smart this dude is. This dude is so smart that he was able to put together comprehendible thoughts and communicate them effectively and just lay everything out. Like I was like WOW?! Turner – he could have f**ked us over. Monte – what do you mean? Turner – like me, you and him. He didn’t say anything about that. Taylor joins them. They talk about Michael. Taylor – he was so good. SO good! Monte – I think he is literally the best big brother player I have ever seen. Monte and Taylor – same. Taylor – Dr. Will WHO? Sorry. Turner – and we got to witness it and get my a$$ beat by it.

9:05pm Bedroom – Brittany, Alyssa and Taylor.
Brittany – I am going to have major regrets! Alyssa – no you’re not. Brittany – I already do. Alyssa – in reference to him.. or the game? Brittany – to him.. I think I was too loyal to him. Shot myself in the foot. I know I am still here but…

9:14pm The feeds switch to the kitten cams… The HOH competition is starting now..

11:08pm Still blocked.

12:16pm Nothing yet..

1:02am Not back yet..

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Bye bye Loser

Ding Dong the wicked freak is gone!

Karma bitch!


here here

Mike Honcho

Couldn’t have said it better myself! What a POS

Capt Trips

Yes. I was happy when Terrance left too.


Taylor is so arrogant. She has rubbed me the wrong way since day 1.
Go Turner and Monte.


Oh please Taylor is not arrogant. Just explain how she is arrogant?

Billy the kid

Basically everything she says that we see on the feeds. She’s ridiculous. She’s not a bad person just immensely self-involved and ego-centric.


I do watch the feeds! She is confident in herself and what she says! Don’t mix arrogance with being confident! I would say yes she might be extra to make good tv!


Totally agree. Confident attractive black Sister.


I wish she would rub me.

Biscuits & Gravy, Y'all

I liked her and thought Paloma Daniel, Jasmine Indy Nic Daniel & Terrence were awful toward her. But she hasn’t backed up her confidence and her HOH was a hot mess. Hoping Monte wins it all.

Donna Means

Me too!


Taylor is NOT arrogant just misunderstood.


So all that’s left are two guys who don’t deserve to win and three girls who really don’t deserve to win. It could be the weakest final two ever.


says you!


Turner does have 3 hohs


eh, i’m totally okay with monte or turner winning. any of the women remaining, less so. but there is a part of me that would love to see taylor final 2 to pull an amanda from survivor and totally tank her jury questions by acting arrogant and fake, throwing the game to brittany/alyssa.


I think Turner and Monte both deserve to win. The girls, not so much!


Deserving? That’s never a factor in any game I have ever watched or played.
Make it to the end, luck and votes is the name of this game

un autre nom

Need verification:
Did Michael’s rope break during the veto comp?


It broke where the amp key and the rope connect. It didn’t break in the middle of the rope. if his rope was unravelled enough, he still would have been able to plug in the amp. The rope “breaking” didn’t affect his ability to win.

un autre nom

Wasn’t implying he would have won, tbh. i just missed it on the episode because i was typing each person that tried and failed to reach the amp, and i missed it. I hate missing details that i would have included.


Brittany is missing as an option in your poll. 😉


I hope Taylor or Brittany kick ass in this hoh and go after the last two guys
Would be bitter sweet ?


Poor, poor Brittney. How could Michael say those hurtful things? She thought he was her friend but now realizes that he just used her. She was his pawn.

Excuse me! When did Michael use her as a pawn? When he used his veto on her?? Brittney is crying to the very people that she threw Michael under the bus to. So….the people she is playing victim to know that what Michael said is true. It should be obvious to her that they went to Michael and told him. Does she really not see that?

I’m really bummed that Michael didn’t pull out another veto win but I can’t blame them for taking the shot.

On another note, there sure were a lot of hurt feelings in the jury house! Who thinks Kyle had some great coaching on what to say when he got there.

I know there are a lot of Michael haters on here but I’m not one of them. I was hoping he would win. He has my vote for AFP!


I was just trying to picture Terrance if he had played in the “untangling” POV competition. LOL

Billy the kid

Well done!!! That actually made me laugh


He would still be out there now, stuck on the first rung. They would have to call in the Fire Department to dismantle the scaffolding to get him unstuck.



Biscuits & Gravy, Y'all

You know she fully expected Michael to win that veto and pull her off the block again.

Donna Means

She road his coat tails the whole show! Nothing but a floater!


Britt has given new meaning to the word floater.
No other future BB floater will ever catch-up to Eyeballs Brittany.


Yep! I think he would have. Aware if her shenanigans, both Taylor and Michael separately commented that she was good for their game. After talking to Monte and Turner, I think that Michael said to the camera that if situation were to happen, he would definitely use the veto on Brittney.

Donna Means

Nope never!


AFP? Something called karma is patting its foot waiting for him, as his reward.


Perfectly and superbly said !!


Well, you try to keep using so u do use the veto to keep her, Mike didn’t have any other person to use as a patsy

No Name

Should have listened to Brittany.Now Brittany for the win!who’s with me?Hello…..hello.Is anyone there?

Donna Means

Nobody! Brittany has floated along with Allysa through this whole game they shoul both go! Only take one floater!


Wow! This was insane! Michael was always gonna be bitter to the end, but Brittany is right, his only game plan was to win, and that’s a terrible game plan in BB

Drew dog

I really thought he would be more respectful, but he pulled a Terrence and the lousy Elvis person.


Did you listen to what he said to Julie? He might have been pissed but certainly not bitter and not vengeful like Terrance. He respects and loves the game too much to act like DJ Slowtime.

Drew dog

Double eviction is rough, but he said that he had to win pov to last. He didn’t and lost.


Michael had a hissy fit and stormed out like a beoch. That was classless and he actually made me feel sorry for Britt, that makes me ? angry. What was the deal with the stains on Michael’s shirt, did he throw something with food in it and accidentally get it on himself,? It wouldn’t surprise me; I watched back to see when the stains showed up and it wasn’t until last commercial break, right before the voted him out. Oh, and his hair was all tussled like he just got into a fight. Mama Mia!

Bye bye Loser

He also was telling them something like how dare you put me up, I am LBGTQP+++. What a POS. Nobody cares that you like to suck d**k!!! He literally is scum of the earth.

The Pale Man of the Labyrinth

Yeah, that’s what being gay is ALL about; sucking di€k…

You’re a small minded, ignorant fool.

Bad Twists Save Bad Players

literally praying monte wins hoh.


I would be happy with Turner, Monte or Taylor winning. Finally a BB I can enjoy until the end.


Thank you Monte! That was so fun to watch. Loved him groveling to Turner. Please don’t do it Turner.?…?So deserved. Besides the Kyle fiasco of waiting to tell, mocking Terrance job as a bus driver? Ugly Michael, just plain ugly behavior. Buh bye & good riddance.


Go Turner, I guess? What an uneventful next couple weeks we have ahead of us. The suspense is just too much…

No Name

The only thing left is waiting for Monte and Turner to turn on each other.


Is Britney just trying to save face? What part of Michaels speech does she not understand? She did try to line with others besides Michael?!?

un autre nom

Turner’s upset Michael threw Turner’s “never nominate Lgbt” line back at him. I remember thinking Turner was overselling by saying that to someone he was planning to target when He was pushing a final 2 idea with Michael. Meh. Not the first time that’s been used, won’t be the last, and the one that says it is always the most offended when they get called out.
Alyssa has already run to Monte and Turner for that final 3 spot (already Turner’s plan), but Monte is calling it final 4 because his plan is Monte Taylor Turner.
Expected. Yeah, I’ve already got that graphic done too, did it Monday as well, just waiting on the HOH result.
So Britt is eeyoring that she’s going next. Taylor wants to win HOH to get Turner. There is no combination of nominations that ends well for Taylor’s plan unless she or Britt win Veto.

What people seem to forget: final five HOH is one of the worst HOH’s to win, because you can’t play in final 4.

Both first in and regular season Otev Curses are intact. Actually, Michael was 4x cursed.
winner of second veto, winner of Otev, and 5th week HOH curses in US seasons. Kyle of course was first to enter, and don’t throw Tamar at me because… nobody took her into account when she won before the cookout, so blanket stating it: don’t throw celeb seasons at me now. Heck, nobody counted 1/2 black 1/2 cuban Josh either.
Michael had one more curse: no same name winners in US regular seasons. Already a Mike on the list, already a Dan, already a Nic. All gone.

The Corey's

Turner is a gen z goof.

He’s pro LGBTQ and pro black lives matter. Cool, so you’re only targeting straight white male cis players?

Imagine making game play decsions based on such non sense.

un autre nom

Turner is B in LGBT. He’s Bisexual. His first HOH evicted Ameerah. His third evicted Michael. Neither are CIS White Males.
Turner is performative. He doesn’t believe in any of the causes he espouses to beieve in in the real world for the game. His speech about bullying was bullshit. The Pound wanted a reason, used the bullying as a scapegoat. The real reason: Ameerah spearheaded Pooch’s eviction and the Bros. didn’t like not having control week two. He wanted to keep Kyle and evict Taylor, but said on feeds he hopes the woke people liked his move to get Kyle out. He used LGBT as a tool to gain Michael’s trust, not as intent to keep him.
He’s playing up to these parts of the audience for soundbite. Who knows what he actually believes, because everything he says that makes it into the episodes is crap.


It was so exciting watching Karma get Michael. His exit was clearly a poor sport move. Now he knows how Kyle felt. Glad he is gone.

Billy the kid

The dumb thing he said outloud aside (he wasn’t the only one thinking it but you don’t say it) Kyle played the game like a hormonal 12 year old. He’s an idiot. And he was quite stupid to utter what he said.

Billy the kid

Taylor is a ridiculously self-involved human. Her little Internet entourage can think whatever they want. She’s a silly person


I don’t know why she keeps bringing up being at Miss USA. The girl didn’t even place! She was no where near winning the crown. Lol!!! She stood at the back and was a clapper.




So what! It a great accomplishment for her to even be there. I’d be proud too


Brittany, please get over yourself. You could never pull out a win whenever you have been on the block, Michael always saved your sorry butt, so how was he using you as a pawn ?

Please stop the Brittany Pity Party, nobody cares. You and Michael thought you had this game in the bag, but it did not go your way, let’s see how good you do now that Michael is not here to protect and save you.


Terrance was a complete idiot, he’s a fool, and I’m so glad he’s gone.

I could not believe that he told Judy he was most loyal to Evil Elvis & Nicole, what a complete idiot. This is why Taylor, Monte or Michael trusted Terrance.

Wait until Terrance finds out how the TV Viewers felt about Daniel, Nicole & Him. Terrance was a complete idiot, and he had no power, he has a high opinion regarding his game play, Terrance had no game, he was a floater who always picked the wrong side of the house.

What a Loser!!!


Hi Simon & Dawg, Alyssa’s name is missing above her name with all of the remaining Houseguests.


I meant above her picture ?

Daisy may123

I had to laugh at the way the girls in the jury house responded to Kyle, he hadn’t even told them what he said exactly and Indy storms off and Jasmine jyst looking perplexed. Really when Kyle tells people he doesn’t ever come out and say ” I wanted a white cook out ” he just states that’s as he saw it if Taylor joined the others there could possibly be another cook out. To all of them that is so racist that that they don’t know if they ever could be friends, they can’t even sit across from him. I don’t think that stating the obvious as he saw it is so terribly wrong. Like Indy jumping up and running away probley to the producers screaming ” he can’t stay here ” like he has some terrible disease. All those other players have to dig deep into their souls to see if they can ever forgive him makes me laugh.

un autre nom

Individually timed comp…. or has psych services made a housecall to catch a spiralling Britt?

un autre nom

Individual time comp.
Monte is HOH according to Alyssa. He’s in the shower and there’s no key, so it took a few minutes.

BB24 WEEK 10.jpg

Dr. Will actually won BB. Michael is not even close. Where Michael positioned himself to have to win out, Dr. Will didn’t have to because his social game was on point. That’s Dr Will who, Taylor. Facts.

Biscuits & Gravy, Y'all

Brittany, Girl, You HAD to hang on to Michael’s coat tails. It’s the only game you had.

Linda J Turner

Btittany needs to replay what Michael said in his speech and remember that she said those things and who she said them to, then she will realize that Turner ratted her out to Michael. Michael would have dragged her to final 2. Her mistake was she tried to make a final 2 with Turner& Alyssa, the person she was begging Michael to put up and the person closest to Turner. She was so excited that Turner slipped info on Monte, but not realizing the info she was giving to him. No one will trust a person who would throw their one and only ally under the bus.

Alex E

Have to say I am thoroughly disgusted in Terrance. Mostly every one else as well for the double standards.
Kyle had every reason to suspect the possibility of a minority alliance. With things being said like not wanting to vote out another colored person or female, there is every reason to at least acknowledge the possibility of the alliance happening. Then right after they all voted him out for acknowledging this, Terrance goes and gives a pitch to the other 2 black people and says yeah I think it would be great if a black person won, so we should stick together. And Monte not seeing that double standard looking straight in his face doesn’t want to do what he wanted Michael to do which was to make comment when it happens and not wait until convenient. He didn’t say anything at all so to their logic, he is culpable to the reverse racism.
Again disgusting people this year.