“All the Dyre Fest people are liars and cheats.. I am coming to recognize.”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Michael
Nominees: Alyssa and Terrance
POV Players: Monte, Alyssa, Michael, Terrance, Taylor, Brittany
POV Winner: Michael
Veto Ceremony: Veto was not used.

Lock your ranks in before midnight

7pm Kitchen – Terrance is cooking. Brittany is sitting at the island watching in silence. Meanwhile – Turner and Alyssa are sleeping. After dinner Brittany heads to the bedroom to talk to the cameras about herself. Brittany – if you’re watching right now and you’re like oh it would be really cool to be in the big brother house. And maybe you see somebody like me and you’re like wow how did she get here!? Which I wouldn’t blame you! She seems so random and normal. I am random and normal too, I would like to be on the show. And I would tell you that you’re right. You do not have to be anything special to be on the show. You don’t have to think you’re special. Other people might think you’re special. And that’s cool. They might not even think you’re special either.. and still pick you. I honestly don’t know if they think I’m special or not.. but I got picked and that is all that matters. Just don’t give up. Keep applying. And my advice would be make sure you have some strategies on how to handle stress because it will be very stressful. If you care about it a lot, it will be stressful. Be prepared to be paranoid. I don’t think I ever felt like it was like to be paranoid. The best thing for your game is to just lay low and not feed into it. Which is why you see a lot of people “POOCH” themselves.. which is go crazy. But I think I did a good job of that today even though it feels counterintuitive. Tomorrow could be a double eviction.. which would be crazy. I try not to let the negative thoughts get me. Today the thought that I am clinging onto is that I am here. I am in the big brother house. Its day 64 and it still doesn’t feel real. I am so thankful to be here. Even though I miss my husband and family it still feels like a dream to be here. All the Dyre Fest people (Kyle, Turner, Alyssa, Joe, Terrance) are liars and cheats.. I am coming to recognize. I was the savage person for suggesting its pure chaos out there.. and that they’re going to come in more unified than ever .. yeah look what happened.. and I was right.

8:30pm Bedroom – Michael joins Brittany.
Michael – how are you feeling this week? Brittany – okay.. I was definitely paranoid this morning. Michael – just in general about the vote? Brittany – yeah. I think Terrance was telling people that I was trying to advocate for him to stay. Which is not the true. What did he tell you yesterday when he talked to you upstairs? Michael – It came across very much like here is the plan that I came up with that you don’t want me to stay. Here is what I want to do moving forward. You need another soldier in your army moving forward. He was like if I win.. I asked him what would you do.. and he said I would put up Turner and he was like I wouldn’t want to put up Taylor .. so like maybe Monte. Brittany – that’s weird. Michael – but also he was pitching me and Turner to other people. Brittany – I literally don’t know what his game plan is because he literally didn’t pitch anything to me.. he never said anything to me. To me it was all like well I am going home.. like goodbye. Like him going out this week is because he is going after you and Taylor.. and I like Alyssa.

8:42pm Bedroom – Talyor and Turner.
Turner – if you .. tell me if this is just too forward of a question.. If you win HOH .. where does she (Brittany) stand? But like would she go up if you won HOH? Taylor – its something I would actually consider.. whereas I would never have considered it before .. but I would actually consider it. Turner – She also told me .. which I forgot to mention .. that there was also a final four big brochella. Taylor – did you also tell Monte that? Turner – yeah. Taylor – okay good, I just want to make sure everyone is on the same page.

8:55pm Bedroom
Taylor alone talking to the camera.
Taylor – Turner cannot win next week. Even if Brittany is (running her mouth) .. She cannot go next week because that is not good for my game. I don’t have to trust her but I need her in the game. Turner has to go! Alyssa has to go. Ideally next week I win the veto.. I can have Turner and Michael next to each other..

10:09pm Kitchen – Michael, Alyssa, Taylor and Brittany are sitting around chatting about random things.

10:18pm – 10:25pm Bedroom – Turner and Monte.
Turner – I talked to Taylor when I woke up so I figured I would cue you in on what we talked about. Monte – yeah. Turner – She was just like … we just talked about the Brittany thing and she asked if I had talked to Michael yet. And I was like yeah I filled him in on it a little bit but I will probably talk more with him later. She was like I will probably target her (Brittany) next week but she was like I want everyone to be on the same page. Monte – okay, cool man. Turner – how did your talk go? Monte – same. I said that the whole house was going to be on board with her at least touching the block but as far as who the target is.. whether its her or Alyssa. I don’t really care .. you know what I mean!? Just knowing that we have justifiable cause to put her up makes our jobs a lot easier next week. I think some mix match of one of those three being up on the block depending on who wins is fine with me. Turner – I would probably maybe build some trust with Taylor because I am close with Alyssa.. I would try to somehow get her up as a pawn. She would be relatively annoyed if she ended up going home if I did that but I think because me, you and Michael are on the same page it wouldn’t make a different anyways. Monte – the only thing I am worried about is if one of us wins the veto .. and don’t think I am flip flopping but.. Turner – no, no we’re on the same page. Monte – If we had Taylor on our good side next week .. like say if I win, I don’t put up Taylor .. Alyssa and Brittany are up and say f**k it .. I win the power.. you win the power.. use it and then we put up Michael. The following week, at least Taylor will fine knowing we didn’t put her up this week. Have her in our good graces and then have Alyssa as the target.. Taylor also said that she is willing to take that shot. Turner – she said that to me too.

11pm – 11:30pmEveryone but Terrance play hide & seek ..

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Bad Twists Save Bad Players

yet she doesn’t recognize how shady her and mike are.


her edit makes her look completely oblivious. michael definitely gets it. he’s consistently said that putting up turner makes him look bad to “people,” not other players or jurors, people, by which i think he means viewers, family, friends, social media etc. brittany is going to be rather surprised by the social media regarding her play.

Bad Twists Save Bad Players

both brit and him have already made themselves look bad last week. he is just trying to do anything he can to make up for it now by making moves that will make viewers happy.


Britt is the last person any one wanting to play should listen to…..geeze talk about self-centered!

un autre nom

Here’s what I don’t get.
Alyssa told Michael that Monte and Turner are locked in (as per Kyle).
Michael doesn’t share that with Britt or Taylor.
Britt says Monte and Turner are locked in multiple times to Michael. says nothing. Pretty much invalidates her in conversation.
Britt says Monte and Turner are locked in multiple times to Taylor. Taylor defends Monte and gets offended and defensive on Monte’s behalf because Monte fits into her game plan.
Even after Terrance has told Taylor that Monte was in the After Party and part of the plan last week that had her on the block. Still she defends Monte. Now Turner tells her that he knows the Brochella had a final four. Monte didn’t tell Taylor that. Monte has done everything but forbid Taylor putting Turner on the block if she wins HOH. Still she’s protecting Monte.

Taylor cam talks. Can’t have Britt leave this week (easiest goat in final 2). Doesn’t have to trust her, but can’t have her leave. Best case for her is Turner and Alyssa leaving. What she ideally wants is Michael and Turner on the block.
What this implies: She knows Britt was right about Monte / Turner being locked in. She knows Michael and Britt are together. She wants Monte and Britt to herself. She already told Monte that should be the final 3. He pacified her (no really, it was a yes dear roll eyes conversation).
Does this work though?
Does Taylor’s current plan work? I don’t think so.

Paul Sucks

Taylor’s plan is as good as her last HoH. I wonder if Monte and Turner are naive enough not to put both Brit and Michael on the block together? It ensures Brit will not use it on him if by some miracle she wins veto.

At this point I am thinking it would be interesting to see Michael win out, hopefully lose Brit along the way and dub Alysa his new goat.


The main thing to realize is it doesn’t matter what they SAY because they all know that they LIE! It’s BB.

The Corey's

I thought Britnay didn’t enjoy lumping people in based on groups and discriminate against them?

People lying in big brother? You don’t say you nitwit.

The Pale Man of the Labyrinth

Give it a rest already… we get it, we get it.
You think Kyle did nothing wrong, it was all Michael & Brittany’s fault…. we got it.

You’re obsessed with stoking the flames in an attempt to continue something that was over a week ago.
It’s so tired.




Michael says he couldn’t put Turner on the block because he gave him his word he wouldn’t. Thinks if he did people would lose respect for him. Doesn’t he know people already lost respect for him for what he did to Kyle. Hope he goes tomorrow.

Big Fan

What he did to Kyle? He just told them what Kyle said. Do you not hold Kyle responsible for his own words or how he treated Joe. That does not make any sense.



Not Jason’s Holly

Joe was trying to get Kyle to take the blame for a lot of stuff all while keeping his hands clean. Go back and watch/read. Kyle had every right to save himself during Dyre Fest. It was him or Joe! I would want to save myself.


So true if Kyle hadn’t made the first move Joseph would have.


And Michael had every right to save himself. Kyle’s mouth is to blame, not another houseguest. If you think Kyle wouldn’t have been answering for his mouth once he’s out, then you underestimate what happens to big brother contestants

You can use another players words against them in big brother. Lol. People do it every season. Kyle shouldn’t have been so naive and stupid to freely hand out the ammo.

Not Jason’s Holly

I agree Michael had the right but he twisted Kyle’s words just enough to make it sound worst for his benefit. I know that’s the way the game works. But I also know being labeled something because of something he “said” can mess up a person’s life outside of the house.

Different people have different opinions about how it was all done. So as in the real world, the house believed what they wanted about Kyle. However, Kyle being young and naive, did not defend himself how he should have. They had him believing he’s racist when he was only witnessing the closeness of twosomes who happen to be the same race.




Kyle was not racist everyone in there has mentioned something about race so if he is everyone is. Michael and Brittany made his comment look racist so they could take focus of of them and get him out. I understand game play but to stoop to doing something that disgusting and it affects his personal life and his family is over the line. The saddest thing is they have him convinced he did something wrong and he didn’t. I hope Michael and Brittany both go.

No Name

What Michael did to Kyle was one of the best game moves we’ve seen in years.I not only respect Michael for it,I love him for it.




What Michael did to Kyle was disappointing. Michael being a gay man I am sure during his life has had some not so nice things said or done to him unfortunately. What him and Brittany did by twisting what Kyle said into something racist and turning everyone against him is the same as whatever Michael has experienced on some level. He should be ashamed to cause such pain to someone else. You treat people the way you would want to be treated not try to destroy someone.


What ever way you look at it, Kyle calling Joe scum and a scumbag and calling Monte a villain was not M&B twisting his words. He said it just like that. They have all done some shady things in that house game related but to call someone those things for absolutely no reason is uncalled for. I for one was over Joseph for him running from side to side. I think Monte is a flake and is easily influenced game wise and he needs to go as well, but the name calling is below the belt.

Meatloaf steak head

Don’t forget calling them aggressive or something along those lines. I believe he called Monte, Taylor and Joseph Aggressive or loud. Can’t remember


Yes Kyle made reference to something about them and aggression. Kyle was scum and got what he deserved, but I think in the long run he realized how bad he was.


1000% agree! One of the most skillful, intelligent HG ever in the history of BB. I would have left long ago with boredom had it not been for Michael. Watching him break Janelle’s record for most vetoes in a single season was great!


100% agree! One of the best BB players ever. Given us a season worthy of watching. Sadly, it may end tonight…

The Kats Meow

When does that Poor Kyle Pity Party end and how long will it take for some you to finally admit Kyle is why Kyle failed in the game. There would have been nothing for Michael and Brittany share, if the thoughts of the minorities working together weren’t repeatedly flowing from Kyle’s piehole. Even after being warned it was ugly and their was no evidence for him to feel that way, he kept pushing. He can sit in jury and reflect. Hopefully Jealyssa will jointing him soon. Hell if she’s on the block against Taylor, she might self evict, so Kyle can’t spend time alone with Taylor lol.

Not Jason’s Holly

There actually was evidence of twosomes, Joe/Monte, Joe/Taylor. Taylor actually voicing not wanting to nominate another woman of color, then actually saying “Black” when questioned what she meant.

I started rewatching this season to see what was said and by whom. Episode 3, at the 49:10, MONTE mentioned something to the fact of he shouldn’t be targeting Taylor because she’s a POC! I know there’s more, I just haven’t had time to finish rewatching.

So the things Kyle said about POSSIBLE Cookout 2.0, he wasn’t exactly wrong. There were little seeds. The Cookout was a very successful alliance. He had reason to question it.


That damn Kyle. How dare him suggest the POC might be forming an alliance! It’s BB, you so you never utter the truth ever. Now grovel and seek redemption you racists.

The Kats Meow

Yeah pity party hats and half eaten muffins are on the back table. Near the exit door Kyle and the rest of those in jury took.


Michael openly admitted what he and Brittany did to Kyle was on purpose so when will you admit that. Was Kyle the only one that shouldn’t express an opinion without having it twisted and turned into something else? Michael should reflect about what they did to Kyle and his family and be so proud of himself. Why would Kyle want to spend time alone with Taylor?

The Kats Meow

Yes he openly admitted that it was a game move by exposing the things Kyle had said (more than once.) Whether or not you come to terms with a 29-year-old saying stupid things that got him evicted is on you. I believe you should own responsibility for crap you say or do. I know it’s a novel idea but hear me out… I imagine a magical world where grown folks don’t turn themselves blue in the face trying to protect a man baby who said stupid things. And bye the way I didn’t say Kyle would want to spend time alone with Taylor. I said Jealyssa would probably self-evict before allowing Kyle alone with Taylor lol Something’s giving me vibes that you really love TV show edits. Because on the feeds Jealyssa erased all the pictures from the camera with Kyle/Taylor and she had a sh*t fit when he hugged Taylor after she won HOH. He was simply being kind because she was crying about her mom. That little tw*t is jealous of any woman that might get a hello from Kyle.


Terry — I believe you’re misguided in your thought process regarding Michael. He’s played a flawless game as is humanly possible in BB. Nothing was ‘done’ to Kyle that Kyle didn’t do to himself (& to Joseph).


Kyle was being Kyle. Kyle threw Joe and the LO under the bus, and of course Michael had to play BB.

un autre nom

Taylor is about to spill to Monte that she knows he’s been double dealing, and Monte doesn’t want to get into all the info Terrance and Turner have spilled to her. Terrance saves him from the conversation by entering the room.
Monte wants to slide Taylor into Michael’s spot in the gentleman’s agreement and lock in Taylor Monte and Turner. This isn’t good for Turner and Turner must know that somewhere deep down… when he’s not playing puppy to Monte the same way he did to Pooch.
When they do take this to Taylor to lock it in, this isn’t good for Taylor. The reason she wants Michael out is so she has Britt and Monte as HER people that will both take her to final 2. So. Does she want to be a third wheel in a threesome that obviously have been locked in? If she does she is trading third place with Michael and Britt for third place with Monte and Turner. Is her self-involvement that deep that she thinks she can pry them apart? Don’t even. She has played the season from a very unilaterally self involved position. In a game where only one can win, I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, but from a strategic assessment point of view… that’s a bad thing.

No Name

I am so grateful that Paloma left week one.I fear if she had stayed in the game, without having her mental health crisis, she and Monte would have imposed group think onto the house like previous recent seasons and this season would have been very different and boring.

No Name

TTOTambz I miss you .Hope you’re feeling better.


I’m still around & reading – but taking a time out bc of the other day. xo


OMG, can Brittany wear something instead of that wrinkled off the shoulder shirt?


And those Alladin Disney pants???
Where is her magic carpet??


Can’t wait to watch Kyle cast his vote for Michael to win. Not really, but that will probably happen!

Captain Kirk


THE FACT OF THE MATTER IS THAT the Blacks in the house have been playing the “race card” since early on, in an effort to help “their game”.

What better example to illustrate how the Blacks use the race card in “the game” without consequential criticism from others in the house, or from viewers/watchers, than when the tall skinny Black contestant unequivocally stated that “race” was a factor to consider in her “game” strategy.


Mike Honcho

So much this!


Yep. Terrence has tried it all week. Are we ignoring that? It’s BB. I don’t care, just be up front about it.



Sorry I think most people stopped taking you seriously when you referred to people as “the blacks” lol

pathetic is right

No Name


Captain Kirk

NOW, NOW, LET’S BE NICE. If you are going to throw stones, let’s be sure to hit the target.

You are absolutely correct. The statement should have read: “…the Black contestants”.

BTW, if you are going to quote me, please make effort to quote me correctly. The word ” black” was used as a proper noun in the sentence instead of an adjective. Consequently, the upper-case B was used instead of lower case ass you incorrectly misquoted.


wow what a day
the queen is dying and brittany is digging her own grave


Yet she could still win BB. Goats have before in these reality competition shows.


I predict that Terrance gets evicted. Turner wins HOH, nominates Michael and Brittany. Michael wins Veto, takes himself down and Monte is replacement nominee and ultimately gets evicted.

The Kats Meow

Although I really want to see Brittany out on the DE, your prediction sounds pretty damn good too!

Not Jason’s Holly

I like your prediction but replace Monte with Taylor.


If only…!!!!

un autre nom

late night meeting of the leftovers sans Britt should have been illluminating.
Yet again more little tidbits were added to the story. SOME-one has to notice that there are more and more little bits being added every time… don’t they?
Of note in the meeting: Turner pushed for Britt to go and Alyssa to stay.
I’m sure Taylor clocked it, because she knows Monte was in the After Party now.
Both Taylor and Michael signaled they needed to talk (gesture nod stuff)…. but Turner was talkblocking.
This is in essence the part that Turner and Monte played in the week one Taylor witch hunt. They would go around and keep pushing the story to people, and push that nobody say anything to the subject of controversy.
Britt for her part, thinks she got away with outing secrets because nobody confronted her. Eyeroll.
By the time I crashed Michael and Taylor hadn’t talked alone. Monte and Turner haven’t locked in the final three with Michael.
Monte and Turner have decided if Michael doesn’t win veto he’s to be evicted. Taylor was of similar mind, but noting that there will be three AfterParties in the house… will that stick?
I don’t know.


Please CBS show BB in its entirety tonight as scheduled instead of 24/7 coverage of QE ll’s death ! !


I know, you have a point there! We need ALL of BB tonight!


Dam Brit quit rocking back & fourth!!


Well, what do you know! Jasmine must have hurt her ankle again running out to meet Julie cuz the limp came back in the jury house!!


Ok, what happened in the jury to transition from anger towards Kyle to…We sort of forgive you because that was an awkward transition


Kyle was wrong about the way he turned on Joe, Michael was wrong about the way he treated Kyle. BUT, now the only people left have done very little in the game and are boring!! Now I don’t really care who wins because all the true players are gone.