Big Brother 23 Spoilers – Week Two Review and Eviction results

This was a pretty simple week. Kyland wins the Head of household and Nominates two members of team Jokers; Frenchie and Britini. The wildcard is won by Sarah Beth and Veto by DerekX. Neither of these was used and the nominations stayed the same. I won’t bother summarizing all of Frenchie’s exploits to stay in the game or the reason why he was put up in the first place. I think we did a decent job chronicling this train wreck of a Big Brother Character over the last 14 days.

The bulk of Frenchie’s attempts to stay happened before the Veto ceremony.  His angles were: Largest target, Shield, Migraines, Family problems involving his son, Donating the money to charity, throwing everyone under the bus, Meatheads, Jocks, People of Colour, women, the season will be boring, I’m a legend, I started a trend, Big Brother jock.. etc etc etc…

The Big Brother ‘Legend’ is getting evicted tonight. Goodbye, ‘legendary’ Frenchie the Clown.

Results from the Live Show

Claire – Votes to Evict Frenchie
Sarah Beth – Votes to Evict Frenchie
Xavier – Votes to Evict Frenchie
DerekF – Votes to Evict Britini
Christian – Votes to Evict Frenchie
Whitney – Votes to Evict Frenchie
Azah – Votes to Evict Frenchie
DerekX – Votes to Evict Frenchie
Tiffany – Votes to Evict Frenchie
Brent – Votes to Evict Frenchie
Hannah – Votes to Evict Frenchie
Alyssa – Votes to Evict Frenchie

Frenchie is evicted from Big Brother
DerekF is sad.

Head of Household Competition “Tom Talks BB”

They show clips of Tom Green talking to Canadians.
1st round – Christian, Tiffany, DF, Britini, Brent = OUT
2nd round – Azah = OUT
3rd round – Nobody out
4th round – Claire, Whitney = OUT
5th round – DX, Hannah, Sarah Beth, Alyssa = OUT

Xavier is the new HOH

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Quick takes on hamsters & house standing:

Warning – long post – skip if you prefer shorter ones

While it’s always wise to expect the unexpected – Frenchie told far too many lies for the vote to flip – he’ll be evicted tonight by a unanimous vote (unless he changes his mind AGAIN for a pity vote).

The Jokers:

Should it happen, that lone vote will come from Big D who is all about getting to the end with the Cookout but wants an all male F3 with X/Ky (replacing the F3 with GC/X). We don’t have to dig too deep to figure out that means he wants them to drag him to F3 b/c both would take him over the other.

Only week 2 & Big D is already overplaying his hand vying for second. At least he’s finally stopped his ridiculous DX attacks/targeting. Azah made him realize how DX did NOTHING but his own teammates (Brent/Whit) treated him like crap never including him in team discussions & how everything (Frenchie) said about him was lies. Big D is in my bottom 3 players but unfortunately the Cookout will safely pull him deep in the game.

Target: he says he’ll put up Brent & Christian but there’s no need for fans of those players to worry about him b/c he’d have to stay vertical long enough to compete. Unlikely he hits the block since the 3 Aces are throwing HOH while Brent wants females & Kings/Queens won’t use him even as a pawn.

Azah (who I’m quite fond of) displayed a similar trend of this season where the 4-group teams seem to lose their minds over the prospect of losing a teammate. How the Queens got through Travis is the outlier. Her commentary about Britini “not deserving” to be OTB was naive – you’re playing Big Brother & Brit did NOTHING when GC was HOH.

She’s rebounded well and will gun for HOH for the pleasure of putting up & taking out Brent (hey- maybe that’s why I like her so much we both had the same initial read on Brent). If she doesn’t start winning (or interacting more) she might have the best shot to get to F3/F2 as the Cookout’s goat especially if Big D keeps saying stuff that annoys people.

Target: Brent (with Whitney as pawn) & a bit surprisingly says Hannah as post POV pawn.

Britini: Really fell apart this week highlighting her youth. I try to keep an open mind & know she dealt having autism & beasted through it becoming valedictorian & a 3-time world karate champion. Still, I find her game play is too similar to Frenchie’s style. She isn’t capable of the nuances or letting things go.

Target: Brent (I think she’d go after Christian second). She thinks she has Whitney in her pocket so if she wins I wonder how much control Azah or Big D would have over her. Hannah would be another target b/c she doesn’t share game intel. Brit doesn’t realize it but her reactions this week to being on the block versus the safest man in the house means the majority of the house wants her out before jury.

The Aces:

Hannah (plus SB & X) are by far the best UNDER THE RADAR players — they’re are much smarter than they’ve shown and I suspect much more capable of winning than they’ve shown (other than SB WC comp). Hannah is very honest (& laugh out loud blunt) & might end up eventually paying for it whereas. X has to be careful b/c the hamsters KNOW he’s intelligent/athletic & is purposely lying low — that’s been a frequent narrative this week.

Kudos to Hannah for the week she conducted. After lying low in week 1, she upped her activity building a strong bond with DX, strengthening her relationships with Tiff & Ky specifically plus spent more time with Azah, X, & Claire. She doesn’t talk to Brit much. She also flirts with Brent (only for game & actually seems to have a little crush on Lil D).

Where she made major strides was making Tiff aware of how dangerous Alyssa is given all her connections with the men in the house. That upped the pecking order for Tiff/Ky & I’d be surprised if it doesn’t carry over especially since Tiff has a soft spot for Christian (and w/o Ally would be the one in control of him). Hannah made it clear Ally is the link between Whit/Brent, has strong ties to Kings group, Christian & X. She pointed out Ally should leave possibly even pre-jury. That built some momentum until Ally started reporting back to Claire/Tiff so she might’ve bought herself a few more weeks for Whit/Brit to go ahead of her.

Target: she’s throwing HOH (unless it’s only Brent left standing)

Brent is by far the most common choice as the next target & isn’t doing himself any favors proving his claims of an honest game are BS by stating Azah flipped out on him which both SB/Whit confirmed was a lie. His ego is affecting his poor read on the house as he pushes several self-serving narratives:

He constantly pushes Alyssa that she can’t trust Christian & needs to go. Is the only one pushing the revamped SH implying he’s the head of it. His read on the house is so bad that he believes the Aces will do what he wants & they’re all throwing HOH so he can be ousted this week.

Target: He created a narrative about Azah & would put up her & Britini but the replacment would either be Claire or SB.

Derek X/ Lil D: He’s growing on a lot of people in the house & rebounded well from Frenchie’s lies. Because Whit/Brent didn’t understand nuance they lost his allegiance & he’s now firmly tied to Tiffany (who does get nuance!), Claire, Kyland, & Hannah but is also close to Azah.

Target: He’s throwing HOH so that Brent will be targeted. He’s in no danger of leaving & the only one’s who might put him up are Big D or Brit (but as a backdoor b/c she promised not to nom him then backtracked saying that didn’t mean backdoor).

Whitney: is reeling this week but making a few strides. She’s showing more loyalty to Ally than vice versa. Leaked the Brent BS Azah story, told Ally what Brent is saying about her & is keen to work with Tiff/Claire/Hannah/DX. Watch for her to push for all-female group this week. Honestly, I think her time in the house will depend more on how much Hannah trusts her & how much influence she has with Tiff/Claire.

Target: will throw HOH but is very likely to sit beside Brent if someone outside Aces wins so watch for her to play WC. Could be in danger if X wins or gets his way. Ample work to do rebuilding her reputation in the house based on her alignment to Frenchie, Brent & rudeness to DX.

The Kings:

As for Xavier – he’s a smooth operator who is flying through this game making sure not to be too insightful (and be viewed as an intelligence threat) or win too many comps to be seen as a comp beast. I’m sure he’s keen to drag Big D to F2 but is also committed to the Cookout, adores SB (welcome to the club) & for the moment is keen to keep Ally (who he is attracted to) & Christian – his Kings team. I wonder how easily he’ll allow one of Ally/Chris to go once the Kings become the target (post a likely Brent/Whitney eviction). That’s already a talking point among the Cookout who recognize the potential for X to have 3 locked jury votes if his whole team makes jury.

Target: Says he’ll gun for HOH to put up Brent/Whit but is the lone hamster who wants Whit gone first. I think he’ll navigate accordingly & if any of his Kings teammates are in position to win (or Azah, Claire, Tiff) he might throw it unless he’ really wants a female out (men like to keep other men shields in the game). He’s tight with Ky, & the cookout, plus he’s very charming. So far he’s off everyone’s radar except Britini who would still target Brent, Christian, & Ky ahead of X.

Christian: is a nice guy who doesn’t know the nuances of the game but would likely be a killer in a few years. At the moment the need to keep males in the house & Tiff’s care for him will likely mean he lasts longer than the showmance he & Ally keep denying is happening. He’s the opposite end of the spectrum compared to Brent who is slimy and shady. Manages to pretend in conversations even though he knows that Brent is trash talking him.

Target: HELLO— it’s Brent. He’d prefer not to win HOH though. As for his safety I don’t think it would matter if he’s on the block beside Ally b/c I think Tiff/Hannah would push her leaving first.

Alyssa: plays the flirt game better than most. She’s got better instincts than I first gave her credit for. Case in point, while Whitney is protecting her she’s not giving back the same seemingly sensing that could hurt her position in the house (although it could be DR offering whispers of assistance). Either way, she’s more well-rounded than I initially thought.

Target: She’d prefer not to win but would target Brent (and Whit I think) & as fans you almost have to pull for her (or Azah) to win just for the nomination speech we’d be privy to. Her target is growing thanks to Hannah.

Sarah Beth: One of my absolute favorite players who is just so darn likeable. Moreover she possesses all my favorite hamster qualities of strategy, loyalty, can win & has excellent social skills. She has a F2 with Ky and is tight with Tiff, Claire,X, Azah and other females. My lone concern is the Cookout will take her out early so I hope Ky/Tiff decide she should stay longer than X or Big D bc I hope we get to see how she’ll fare late in this game.

Target: Brent (Whitney). She’ll gun for it but likely throw it if Azah or Britini have a shot to win it. Tiff is fully aware how smart she is but is also close to her. She could end up being sacrificed to save Ky (OR — will she find a way to get Tiff/Claire to keep her over him & let out their F2 at just the right moment)?

The Queens:

Kyland: will exit HOH with no target on his back not likely even from Britini. He’s smart and we’re learning has a ton of depth. His live feed chat told us a ton:

  • knows Brent doesn’t trust him
  • next 3 targets: Brent, Brit, Whit
  • committed to Royal Flush (Kings/Queens)
  • WARNING: recognizes Tiff is a huge threat (but not to him YET)
  • is fine taking Big D to F5 (please tell me that means he doesn’t want to take him to F2 or F3)
  • Isn’t sure if Ally/Christ showmance is real
  • Believes the rouge votes were Big D & Brit (or Tiff)
  • Says Tiff is GREAT for his game (for now)
  • He’s okay with deception but wants to avoid lying (hence why he tries to hold back in convos)
  • Committed to the Cookout plus Hannah in jury & will go from there (WHERE is the SB comments???)
  • His worst case scenario is being on the block with Xavier
  • He is going to play up how much influence Tiff, Whit, & X have over him.
  • Side note: he purposely gained weight coming (lost his 6-pack) to not be viewed as a comp beast

Ky is pretty damn smart, very likeable (was in my top 3 from the start) & I like his game play – he’s far more demonstratively strategic in his live feed 1 on 1’s chats then with the hamsters. He did mention he needs ADHD meds but something tells me he’s playing up not being as smart as he is.

Claire: Another hamster I really like. Tiff & Ky had a convo this afternoon about the Cookout & how both Ky (SB) & Tiff (Claire) tight allies could be sacrificed if they are intent on going to F5 with that group. Something tells me things will shift. We’ll see if that translates into X, Big D & maybe even Azah getting cut in favor of Claire & SB (if they all get that deep in the game).

Claire isn’t playing as hard as Tiff and serves as the perfect yin to her yang. I suspect that 6′ frame is going to play a factor eventually in comps.

Target: like everyone the target is Brent/Whit (Ally for her Hannah/Tiff) but unless she HAS to win I think she’ll throw it this week.

Tiffany: is so good at this game & flying above everyone BUT she needs to relax a teensy bit before the target shifts to her. Catch the one on ones for signs of her BB prowess. The best examples were with DX & Christian. In both scenarios they were downtrodden & Tiff swooped into make them feel better, gain their trust & ended up with their loyalty. Even with these two she works through the hit list order and invariably after Brent/Whit/Britini she subtly points them toward each other (this is her way to take out 2 big targets via someone else’s hand.

Notably, she doesn’t protect Big D in convos (he’s definitely at the bottom of her Cookout list and is sacrifciable). And, when jury starts She has too many alliances & allegiances to count and other than Big D there isn’t anyone looking to target her (and he won’t for now & especially after Frenchie told him to stick with her).

When Frenchie gets home he should spend some time watching how Tiff operates as she is the master of making each person feel special with an individual bond to her. She’s appears genuine, makes them feel safe & gets their loyalty.

Target: Brent & Whit (she won’t personally target Ally & risk losing Christian) but who are we kidding – she’s throwing this HOH – I doubt she goes for it until Double Eviction b/c she doesn’t need to.


And the DerekF meltdown begins in 3, 2, 1 …


Unless Tiffany steps in with a “Get a grip and focus” speech


This edit involving Frenchie’s moves was generous. At least he was honest in his talk with Julie regarding why he formed the big alliance

The Beef

Was that honesty, or was that just more Frenchie revisionist history to try and make him look better for wanting to get “meatheads” out of the game? I mean if you he truly wanted to get them out, why would he align with Brent, Christian and Xavier, three of the four guys he identified as “jocks”? If Kyland hadn’t nominated him, do you honestly believe he would have blown that alliance up like he did?

The truth is, nobody knows the truth when the glue clown is speaking, because he lies so much, anything he says is likely to be a lie, and he changes his mind so often, you just never know which way is up with that guy. I guarantee you, he would say anything he could to Julie to make himself look better, just like he tried to do in the house with all of the comments about not evicting the old guy, a woman or a minority first, even after he nominated a woman and a minority with his initial nominations. After two weeks, nobody in the house believed a word that guy said. I don’t see why any of us should believe him either.


Exactly! He’s a pathological liar.


Well I am hoping Brit wins HOH, second would be Big D but it better be a quiz. Then maybe Brent, just to scare the crap out of the others.


Nope. She got eliminated on the easiest question


Well this season is about to get booooring. This cast maybe diverse but they all are so vanilla.


Wow that was quick all three are gone


Congratulations Xavier on being the new HOH!!


Did I miss it? What is the twist for the next wildcard comp competition?


Slaughterhouse is done but it will be interesting to see his HOH because he was mainly low key these past 2 weeks compared to several others in the house


I’m happy to see Xavier as HOH. It means he can’t hide under the radar any longer.

I’m predicting Brent/Britni because Alyssa will be in his ear and she would rather keep Whit safe over Brit.


Maybe he’ll go Glue^2 and recreate the slaughter house and an inner alliance called laughter house and another called the aughts…and then make an all fish alliance…do they have fish or did they give up on keeping anything non-formic in the house?

The Beef

He’s only got five options, right? His three team members (SB, Christian and Allysa) are safe, and he’s said there’s no way he’s nominating a member of The Cookout, which takes out 5 more (Smoking D, Tiff, Ky, Azah and Hannah). That only leaves Brent, Whit, Britini, Claire and DerekX. Brent can’t play in the wildcard, so I’d say he’s likely to be a prime prospect, probably beside Whitney or Britini. Claire being close to Tiff will likely help her, as will Derek X being close to Ky, along with his Veto prowess (I damn sure wouldn’t want to nominate a guy who’s already 2 for 2 in veto competitions).

Feeds Gold

the cbs edit was way off, trying to group brent/whit as a duo

of all the people in the house, in terms of who dislikes brent the most, its whit

she openly told most of the house and pretty much everyone knows

im surprised xavier wanted to win hoh, he was in zero danger

if i was him i would nom brent/claire or brent/brit or brit/claire for brent backdoor

i wouldnt nom whit as he has a much better relationship/loyalty from her than brit or claire


Unless I missed something, Claire is not on his radar. Unless someone slips up Tiffany and Claire will go far

Feeds Gold

i think he would consider her just as an option as pawn, not as a target for claire

last week in chats to camera he mentioned brit/claire as noms if he won as hes aligned/on good terms with so many in the house

the thing is, whilst the house dislikes brent, brent is actually pretty loyal to xavier

Feeds Gold

i also found it odd the edit was inferring whit didnt trust ky when this is obviously not the case, in the ky with aces segment promising each other safety next hoh

its obvious whit likes, and wants to work with, ky, and has stated she trusts him and derek x the most out of the guys(she probably trusts hannah the most of the girls)…also ky was the first person whit majorly confided in about how much she dislikes brent, before she discussed it at length with derek x and hannah

The Beef

I was wondering if Xavier won it almost by accident. On the question he won on, wasn’t there like 6 people still alive in the competition? I think 5 of them missed on that one question, based on the difference between the word “naked” and “nude”, and Xavier picked up on that detail apparently, so he won it. Yeah, he could have “thrown” it earlier I guess if he wanted to, but maybe he wasn’t yet comfortable with all 5 of the other players still in it, and wanted to weed it down a little further, but maybe we’ll find out through the feeds during this week.


So does anyone know who are the recruits and who are the actual fans this year? It does seem to make a difference in game play.