“we have to protect each other but we also have to keep in mind we can’t sink if it’s a sinking ship”

HOH: Kyland
SAFE: Claire and Tiffany
HAVENOTS: Brent, Derek X, Whitney, Hannah
WILDCARD Competition Winner: Sarah Beth (didn’t take. Nobody safe)
Nominations: Frenchie and Britini
Power of Veto Players: Alyssa, Frenchie, Britini, Kyland, Claire, DereX | HOST – Tiffany
Power of Veto: Derek X
Power of Veto Ceremony: DerekX did not use the power of Veto.

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9:20 am Tiffany and Ky (Hard to hear Tiffany for some reason BB won’t tell her to put on a mic)
Tiffany is worried that the kings will maintain their four and will be a tighter group because of it.
Ky doesn’t think teams go past week 4. “Brent will be out by the end of week three”
Ky – my ultimate allegiance has always been to us..
Tiff – I’m with that too
Ky – I didn’t like when Azah told Frenchie not to talk to you
Tiff – I know
Tiffany is worried how long Azah will last “Brent has it out for her which doesn’t matter we’re sending him home”
Tiff – none of us want to win HOH all it takes is someone to be aware..
Tiff says that is why they have to get their targets out now so even if it does split they still have 6.
Tiff – do you have anyone outside the 6 that you really trust like DereX
Tiff adds she doesn’t know how they can compete against him he’s very smart.
Tiff – I have Claire who has been very loyal to me and I trust her. I actually trust
Tiff adds that she really trusts talking to Claire and if she has to choose between her and “him” (cookout member?) she will pick “him”
Tiff – I’m closer
Ky – we’re closer to other people we’re playing the game.
Tiff says her and Claire think alike their personalities align “I trust her”

Tiff – I came into this game to win being in this house made me realize.. I know there’s this other agenda.. At the same time we came here to play a game too. I don’t know what is more important.
Tiff – I don’t want to leave this house feeling like I made a bad decision so.. it’s always the 6 I will feel so stupid if I end up at home
Ky – oh my gosh.. I follow what you’re saying
Ky – there are enough things that will be beyond our control. We’ll see what happens.
Tiff – If DerekX has your back and I feel he has your back all the way till the end .. Claire has my back.. things can change fast.. I’m just thinking of the optics from the outside.

Tiffany now has a microphone
Tiffany – If I win I want to win because I played the sh1t outta this game
Ky – yup.. same..

Tiffany mention show once Frenchie ended up on the block he became this Charity guy saying he was going to donate all his money to charity and give all this stuff away for Charity
Tiff – I don’t give a f** what you want to do with the money when you leave this house. If you want to bury it in your mattress. the only thing I care about is how you played this game.
Tiff – that for me determines if you should win this game.
Tiff says she trusts Ky and she respects him “you gained a lot of respect the way you handled this week”
Tiff – I would like to go as far as I can with you in this game. You are somebody that deserves to go further
Tiff – Claire and I think the same in this game but on a personal level her and I are night and day. I am with you right now 100%
They hug
Ky – where are you with Azah and Hannah?
Tiff – out of us who is on the stronger side and how is on the weaker side it does matter. That is why I am concerned the most about Azah because she doesn’t have a great social game. we can only socialize for her for so long before somebody feels like.. you know
Tiff – BIGD has a great social game he’s been very tight with Frenchie so he’s kinda appears on raders. X is in a great spot.
Tiff – he’s almost non-threatening.

Tiff – we have to protect each other but we also have to keep in mind we can’t sink if it’s a sinking ship
Ky – I’ve said that and other people have said that
Tiff – Hannah is VERY smart. Hannah is like intelligent smart.. smart is like when you can read something retain and recite it back to me Intelligence is just you’re BORN you can process information in the way it needs to be processed and do what needs to be done with it.
Tiff – she’s done a really good job of keeping it hidden.
Tiff brings up asking Frenchie if he leaves who should she watch out for and he told her Hannah
Tiff – He knows.. He listens.

Tiff – if you had not put him on the block he would not have respected you (Frenchie)
Tiff – it would have proven to him that he hand you wrapped around his finger. he would have ran circles around every single one of us. You had to do that and so glad you did. You gave everybody the opportunity to play this game their own game. Otherwise, everybody in this house was going to play Frenchie’s game so you know we have to stick together the best you can.

They hug again “I got you Ky I’ll never let anything happen to you”

Tiff – Sarah Beth going to win this HOH?
Ky – that’s what I heard anyone besides an ace
Tiff – or we’ll have to show our cards at that point
Ky – I think he has other targets. (Brent)
Tiff – she’s got the votes (Azah)

10:05 am BigD and Ky
They’ve been chit-chatting. DF really playing up how poor he is “I got taxes I got a negative credit card I’m here for the money”
Frenchie rolls in.
Df – you see these Frenchie Overalls.. My Frenchie poo..
Frenchie says Tupac use to wear these “I fell in love with these overalls because of Tupac”
DF – I fell in love with you because of your overalls
Df – whatever happens, today you know you left your mark
Frenchie – my main goal.. I put so much into week one I didn’t look past week one
Df tells him he’s voting out Britini today.

10:36 am Hannah and Alyssa
Hannah suggesting she starts distancing herself from Christian even more “It’s obvious you two are extremely close”
DerekX joins them.
Alyssa is annoyed about the house thinking she and Christian are in a showmance.
Alyssa says it’s BIGD that is making constant jokes about the showmance.
DerekX – BigD knows what he’s doing he does a similar thing when I do Yoga
Alyssa – he makes jokes way too much and sooner or later people will believe them.

10:42 am More Tiffany and Kyland
Tiffany wants Brent, Alyssa then Whitney to get evicted. SHe’s worried that the Kings will be too strong after the team twist will be done.
Tiffany says she’s cool with Whitney leaving after Brent but she really want the kings to lose a number and it can’t be from their side.
Ky mentions how they have a better chance to beat Alyssa in competitions week 4-5 than Claire
Ky – if Brent did leave..
Tiff – who are you looking at Brent, Whitney then Britini?
Ky – yeah
Tiff – I’m cool with that too.

10:52 am Feed cut to pound puppies.

12:54 pm Feeds come back Whitney and Alyssa chatting about everyone is wanting to take Brent out.
Whitney – I love the idea of three strong white men going out in the beginning.. I love it.. the thought of minorities..
Alyssa says she would put up Brent and Azah as the pawn.
Whitney now saying that the fact Brent “wants women out so badly” makes her “Sick to her stomach” (LOL)

1:02 pm Kings Team meeting
Alyssa says she just talked to Whitney that “they” want Brent gone if we will take him out they will throw it to us
Alyssa says she wants to win and put him up “The things he says about me”
Alyssa – he’s saying it obvious that Alyssa likes me and Christian is f**Ing things up he’s saying that he would get with me
Alyssa – he tells his team he has me wrapped around his finger.
Alyssa says Hannah told her if the Aces win a veto they wouldn’t use it on Brent
Alyssa – he said normally with my track record you are my type.. NORMALLY. It’s gross.
Sarah Beth – it is gross

(the hate train is building against Brent.)

2:14 pm Frenchie with BIGD
Frenchie complaining that Production hasn’t been listening to him.
Frenchie – they haven’t heard what I said in 2 days now I’ve asked for Dr Pepper for two digum(?) days because I’m the only one that drinks that
DF – they have to restock
Frenchie – they haven’t gotten me sh1t
DF – you have to think about it. You ran through it
Frenchie – I don’t drink anything else
DF – I know but you ran through it
Frenchie – I warned them I run through it I said a drink a 2L or 2litre and a half a day (that’s f**ing gross glue clown)
Frenchie – they were like You have plenty.. apparently not.

2:21 pm Xavier and DerekX Whispering. I think they are talking about how they don’t want to win the HOH over Brent.
DerekX – BigD
X shakes his head
X – Azah, worst case snenario
DX – Britini
X – no
DX – I know Britini if she wins is not coming after me or Ky

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Clown Life

“I fell in love with these overalls because of Tupac.” ZOMG


I think The REAL Slim Shady finally stood up!


I was cracking up at that line too. Every time that I think Frenchie can’t possibly say anything more stupid, he delivers.


I knew it Claire has been nothing but good to Tiffany in yet Tiffany would choose the cookout over Claire; Tiff said on personal level their night and day though Tiff claims they have the same personality. Claire wants to work with females in an alliance and in particular Tiffany and this is how expendable Claire is to Tiffany. Tiffany needs to go because she is just using people and is only trying to keep people based on race!


Tiffany came to play BB and she’s playing to win $750K. She met Claire two weeks ago. She owes Claire nothing. I believe that Claire (as a fan of the game) would be the first to congratulate Tiff for playing an excellent game, even if Tiff votes her out. Welcome to Big Brother.


You both fail to understand the point.
In that Tiffany is the one who double dips all over the house and looks shady when fake cries about missing her children in front of other minorities (bad karma) and looks like a hypocrite when she calls anyone out and decides to work with people vote them off based on their physical appearance their race instead of game related reasons! You can’t control what you look like, and for her with that being a major factor in whether you stay or go ….. Please!

I’ve watched this show for over 20 years and deciding whether you keep somebody because they are not black or white or any other ethnicity to keep somebody is not appropriate! Because it is not game related what your physical appearance and race is you can’t control what you look like- that is completely personal- the fact that is her ultimate determinant for her to vote somebody is just Wrong! If she loses this game she deserves it and has it coming to her. I would never want to vote someone off because they are black but in her case if they are not your gone even if your a better Ally doesnt matter Tiffany votes the way she does because of race ?!?
Tiffany is being completely close-minded to decide on someone’s physical appearance to vote them off isn’t right and if you were in a position where someone didn’t want to keep you because of your race then you would understand and realize that completely to judge someone and for it to be the ultimate reason why you stay or go based upon what you look like- your race is wrong!
It is so obvious how messed up that is to ultimately say why someone should go RACE- that is so messed up!


Stop crying about Tiffany, isn’t that the way you win big brother by using and back stabbing people, after all you are playing for 750,000 dollars.Go watch love island it is better suited for you.


I adore Tiffany. She came in here to PLAY THE GAME. She is constantly strategizing. She is managing her alliances well. She also recognizes that the Kings need to lose a member and she has zoned in on Alyssa as a bigger threat than Whitney. Spot on! She got the mastermind edit last Sunday, and she deserved it.




It is sad that we will lose what Zingbot has to say about Frenchie


Lol! So true.


I’m not being Racist:
I’d like to start by saying, previous seasons of Big Brother, if they have 14 to 16 people in the house, it’s 1 gay person, 1 – 2 people of different races, everyone else is Caucasian & straight.

Alliances are formed, people who are not Caucasian are normally not included in the alliance, people who don’t look like the majority of people in the house, are voted off BB early in the season, before voting off the people who look like them.

This is the 1st season the casting team from CBS has put together a group of people, that somewhat reflects a true representation of how the world looks outside of the big brother house, various people of all nationalities.

I have seen various posts this season from people saying it feels like BB is trying to make sure a person of color wins this season, I have never seen posts from previous seasons saying BB is trying to make sure a Caucasian person wins this season.

I’ve never seen complaints about people saying it is so unfair CBS did not cast people this season who look like how the world looks outside of the BB House.

My Point:
As a person of color, Production needs to pull Tiff and anyone else aside, that makes comments about keeping the 6 people of color in the house, explain what they are doing, what they are saying, it’s exactly what people of color complained about from past seasons of BB.

Show the world, this kind of game can be played, based on social, athletic, knowledge and communication skills. The world will never change, we will never have equality for all if we cannot learn to accept people for who they are, forget about race forget about saying this is our time to win, play the game, leave all that other baggage outside of the BB house.

If there was a Caucasian person going around saying get rid of all people of color, we would see on the news, how racist this season of BB is. Reverse racism is still racism.

Tiff saying keep the 6, meaning “Tiffany, Azah, Kyland, Hannah, Xavier and BigD”, BB is our break from all outside crap happening in the world, stop making this season about sticking together solely just because of the color of your skin.

This might sound like living in a dream world, but we have to start somewhere. This can be done, we just have to leave the attitude of sticking with people who look like you at the door when you enter the big brother house.

Lets play the game based on your skills, alliances and ability to make it to the end. Forget about race, this is a game.


I drink a ton of dr pepper too don’t hate lol

The Beef

Anybody else recognizing the irony of Whitney “loving” the idea of three “strong white men” going out early, but getting sick to her stomach because Brent wants to level the playing field and evict a woman after two straight weeks of having men leave? I just don’t see how this makes Brent a bad guy, especially after the conversation last night between Kyland, Whitney and Hannah, where they openly discussed the possibility of the women working together to evict ALL of the men, and leaving Ky as the last man standing, before the women settle things among themselves. Brent may be a damn egomaniac, but that doesn’t invalidate his point that after Frenchie leaves tonight it will be an 8-6 advantage inside the house for women over men, and the men better recognize that fact before it’s too late and they get picked off one by one. Meanwhile, Azah, Britini, Whitney and Allyssa have done nothing in this game to merit staying, other than apparently being female.


Whitney and others would be trying to prevent the women going out in droves like previous seasons without there being an actually named woman’s alliance. There are a few women to keep your eye on gamewise


You’re right about Azah, Britini and Alyssa doing nothing in this game but Whitney won a comp to be captain of her team.