Memphis “She [Christmas] is F**KING CRAZY DUDE!” Enzo “She is going to go f**king crazy if she wins.”

Head of Household Winner – Cody
Have nots – Kevin and Enzo
Nominations – Kevin & David
Power of Veto Players are – Cody, Kevin, David, Tyler, Enzo, Nicole
POV Host: – Memphis
Power of Veto holder – Cody
Power of Veto Ceremony – Veto was not used. Noms stay the same.
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7:55pm Living room. Kevin and Dani.
Kevin – That’s what I was thinking .. Man, I can’t even imagine doing… like a .. it would be so hard to do it a third time. Because like the second time feels like an honor. And the third time is like an .. HONOR AGAIN!? Dani – enough already. Kevin – right because the second time you were like.. Dani – totally but then the third time being on All Stars is different. Kevin – Did they tell you it was All Stars? Dani – yeah. What did you ask? Kevin – I didn’t ask anything. Dani – like this isn’t like one of those trashy.. half returners right!? Because I am out!! I would never have done it! NEVER!! Kevin – okay so maybe I am getting it all out of my system.. I am getting me second ask.. which is truly like thank you and its All Stars. Dani – yeah. Kevin – so that is why it feels different for me. Dani – now you can retire. Kevin – yeah. What if it was like ULTIMA Edition.. 1 million dollars? Dani – I thought it was 1 million .. I was pissed!!! I was so surprised especially after survivor just did 2 (million). I was like no way it hell it won’t be a million. We’re suckers! Kevin – they’ve given away like $35,000 in cash.

7:50pm HOH room. Memphis and Enzo.
Memphis – DUDE, everything is f**king money man! Enzo – I know. That’s it YO! Memphis – Got to keep Christmas on the rails dude! She is F**KING CRAZY DUDE! Enzo – that’s why I was like YO YO whatever you want to do .. that’s it! Memphis – She is like .. f**King intense! I am like look, I am all for you taking your shots but think about … what I don’t want her to do is .. she can take her shots but she can’t be getting her a$$ put on the block. You know what I mean!? Enzo – YEAH! Memphis – I am like be careful! She is funny man! Enzo – she is intense! I love her though. Because I know if its a double and wins she is taking a shot YO! I just know it! You know what I mean?! Memphis – yeah. Enzo – she is going to go f**king crazy if she wins. Look at her right now .. she looks like f**king Mini mouse and sh*t. She is f**king out of her mind and I love it! I am excited for tomorrow man! She is f**king crazy. Big Brother blocks the feeds. Memphis – If you’re talking about Nicole .. then you have to have Tyler on your radar too because that f**king dude is going to win some sh*t. Enzo – because he will probably snake you. Memphis – if he goes on the block he might f**king win POV. Enzo – easy man.. like don’t sleep on him because he’s been in 7 POV’s and only won one. Like that don’t mean sh*t. Memphis – because he doesn’t want to win them! Enzo – that is what I am trying to say. He doesn’t want to show his cards. If you’re in the final five .. he’s got to beat out 4 people. Its not that hard man. Memphis – I think the majority of comps he’s played in this year .. he threw. I don’t think he wanted to win. Ezno – but when he wanted to win it .. he destroyed it. He destroyed it Bro! You know what I mean. He has a thing for David. Even though David voted him out. I hope the vote is 6 – nothing. Or then someone is trying to work jury votes. That’s what I said to Coyd if its one or two .. you know who it is. I am like dude (David) you better win HOH or your sh*t is done! Big Brother blocks the feeds.

9pm Bedroom. Christmas and Kevin.
Christmas – I checked out a little while today .. I went home in my head. And I was just trying to think if its a double next week.. Kevin – its going to be a triple! Christmas – what do you do in a triple!? Kevin – I don’t know but.. Big Brother blocks the feeds. Kevin – whoever keeps me I am going to know. Like if you keep me I am going to be like Christmas what do you want me to do. I am going to consult you if I win HOH. If David wins what is he going to do? Christmas – I don’t know what he is going to do. Nobody knows what game he is playing. Kevin – Including him! Christmas laughs. Kevin =-

HOH room. Tyler and Memphis.
Tyler – has what’s her name been all over you today? Memphis – what? Tyler – Has Dani been all over you today? Memphis – yeah, she is exhausting Bro! Tyler – She is f**king! She is losing it. She senses some sh*t. Memphis – Well she should kind of I guess. But you know what dude she senses it because she is making it like that! Tyler – I know. Memphis – its the same thing that we used to talk about with Janelle .. You’re creating it! This game is so funny like that. I am like you’re the one that’s doing it. Tyler – you build your own conscience and then you’re guilty about it so you have to cover all your sh*t. She tried to tell me that Memphis thinks you’re his biggest competition. I was like oh okay?! She is trying to get me to come after you and Christmas. I am like what?! What the f**k. Memphis – she is so off her bases too. That is the kind of sh*t that she should .. not that she should know .. like I feel like she talks too much. Tyler – too much. Like she thinks she is getting in by saying that sh*t. Memphis – she did the same sh*t to Christmas. Big Brother blocks the feeds.

9:35pm – 9:48pm HOH room. Memphis and Christmas.
Christmas – Double.. I have to talk to David and make sure he isn’t going to do anything f**king dumb! Memphis – I would definitely talk to him. For sure. Christmas – well Dani is doing her before eviction rounds ..and like buddying up with everyone. Memphis – she is so annoying! Its crazy dude! Christmas – Like she spends the whole night before with the f**king block mates. she has never even talked to David and she is hanging out with him. Memphis – yeah she is so obvious.. its nuts! I talked to David earlier about the week and it was a good conversation and I don’t think he would put me up .. I mean he made it clear that he wouldn’t so.. and that was after .. I mean he kind of just came out and said it. I was like I am keeping you here. Like I am voting to evict Kevin. Christmas – Enzo is good with both of them .. and in my opinion .. whoever is staying ..I want to make sure one or two of us have them in check! Memphis – yeah for sure. I mean I think Kevin is going. Christmas – I mean Kevin is going around making good offers. Memphis – all it takes is me, you and Enzo. Christmas – I think David is easier to bring along. Memphis – I don’t like the idea of bringing him along but I think its better to get rid of Kevin. Christmas – you don’t think it would be a triple? Memphis – no I think that would be too messy. Christmas – I don’t care if we bring David along for another two more weeks. He can’t be final four. Memphis – I don’t want him final five. Christmas – I would personally like to see the girls (Dani and Nicole) out first. I just think that Nicole is a very nasty player at this time. And Dani is just irritating the sh*t out of me and I don’t want her to think she is getting one over on us. Memphis – I feel the same way. I think that Tyler would go after them too. Christmas – I just don’t want to give Dani the opportunity to go after us because she would put you and I up. Or me and Tyler up. Memphis – well we have the votes. Lets so what happens I mean I am gunning for it. Christmas – same.

9:58pm HOH room. Cody and Memphis.
Memphis – everyone is getting f**king antsy man. Cody – they are? Memphis – yeah. Memphis tells Cody about his conversations with Christmas and Tyler.

10:47pm Christmas builds a blowup tower..

12am Enzo and Kevin are off being havenots and get to eat..

2:15am HOH room. Dani and Cody.
Dani – who would you keep over Enzo and Nicole? Cody – oh my god I don’t know. Dani – I feel like Enzo would be more helpful in the game but Nicole would be less of a threat around so people wouldn’t go after her. Cody – oh god who would put that.. Dani – I think that scenario would happen after a veto after the original noms. Cody – that would be bad but its something that could absolutely happen. Dani – also Tyler doesn’t have a final two with me .. he doesn’t have one with you.. so he has one with Christmas. Cody – Tyler didn’t come into this game and have zero final twos. Dani – no there is not doubt. Cody – like I don’t think he has one with Enzo. Dani – he definitely doesn’t have one with Nicole. Memphis wants him out so.. Cody – definitely not Memphis. Dani – Unless him and David have a final two. Cody – I respect him a little bit more than to just gone to David for a final two. Dani – yeah he 1000% does. That would be so good to cut Christmas and Memphis. Cody – yeah she needs to get cut!

3am All the house guests are sleeping..

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another name

Okay. So if they didn’t say tomorrow is a live eviction episode, they could take 8 hours to film the 2 hour eviction episode.
This timing does change what they could do logistically, because they don’t have to worry about live errors.
Just making sure i’ve said that, because my main stumbling block on how they contend to do a live triple has been the live part for a skeleton crew they’ve been running for live episodes.

It looks on feeds like Nicf has 100% backstabbed Dani, but is saying that Dani backstabbed Nicf first. Sideye. Nope. Just another Nicf nicegirl edit conjob conversation. Dani, while loyal to nobody but Dani, has been most loyal to Nicf in the game. Every time Nicf backstabs a woman (count ANY of the times she has done it), she has used some cockamamie illogical defense that they did it first. It’s crap in 76.9% of the cases where she has used the excuse, but every single time that excuse has made the edit.

another name

But then…


and the Oscar goes to >>>>>>>>

I even cried when I watched it….


Scooooooole pls girls take some acting classes and do a better job with the crying lol

Jumping off the BB tower

I can’t stand NicF, she just needs to go, like crawl back under a rock and just go away. She whines, and says I can’t win comps…the gtfo JS the point is to win.


Xmas is now her BFF….so cute lol


I do believe that Nic and Cody are going to be the final 2.


Whatever is the worst possible outcome will happen. Nicole and Cody final two with Nicole winning is the worst so I’m betting that is what goes down.


Nicole is a winner this season just for having gotten this far without a single under the sheet conference. I mean there was pregame alliances, production assistance, and probably other shenanigans but no ham-fisted negotiations.


Yikes!! Don’t think that and Definitely don’t say it out loud! Ugh! Yuck! No!!

another name

As Nicf is crying out of worry for the ‘double’ tomorrow, and Dani is consoling and hugging her, I wonder if the face Nicf is giving to the camera is actually guilt. Oh, it can’t be guilt. After all, Nicf already said it was Dani that struck first (it wasn’t, Nicf has been amping up her Dani attack since before Dani’s HOH, when Cody informed her that he and Dani had a fake final 2, and Nicf took offense that Dani would be so underhanded as to have more than one final 2… with the same people that Nicf has multiple final 2 deals with).


Nicf probable got her way in life by tears and crying a lot. Pathetic is my only thought on this spoiled child. She needs to grow up.


They could do it like Canada did it, 3 nominated and 2 go out


But then I don’t get how that would be called a triple eviction. Triple eviction = 3 evicted, imo.

another name

kevin is eviction one of the triple.
in Margaree’s scenario, the next hoh noms 3 people. after veto there are three noms still on the block and houseguests vote on which of the three to keep, so two people leave plus kevin equals triple eviction in the same day.


I think Nicole is jealous of other women in general. She has that young persons disorder (jealousy) that she hasn’t outgrown yet.


if the triple fails to be exciting, then this season is definitely a Zilch!


They’re already aware of it, so the excitement is gone just a new script written,


100 thumbs up to this!!!!

Out of Sequester

OK, so I notice that Kevin’s name is no longer under his picture. They DID evict him Tuesday night???


It’s just a mistake on Dawgs graphics. For some reason Kevin is missing. Lol


no the brain worms ate the name

Out of Sequester

I figured, but with this season…I got blocked on the Big Brother 22 Facebook page for what I’m not sure. All I know is there is a ton of hating going on toward players on that page, none from me. Maybe they got tired of me talking David up and not down.


names seem to have been randomly disappearing all season. at one point dani’s name was missing and i was bummed to discover she hadn’t self-evicted.


It would be so great if David stays and wins a HOH and then can brag “a newby” evicted a seasoned “allstar???” hopefully named Memphis(AHole)…sigh

Oops, I Foutee'd again

This is a sign of how bad this season (and the rooting value of gameplay) has become….As much as I dislike Dani, I now see her as an underdog (still a bitch though), and am actually hoping she’ll win one of the HOH’s and get rid of Cody/Nic/Christmas. Really hoping that someone spills to her about her supposed “bff” Coins, and all the stuff being pinned on her by the professional/perennial victim. Am shocked that Coins hasn’t uttered her kiss of death phrase – she’s “uncomfortable” with Dani in the house, but maybe I’ve missed that. The only hope I see for this season is that the triple gets at least 2 of the Committee members out.

The Beef

How can somebody, who came into the game with the serious advantage that Dani had of pre-gamed alliances with Cody, Nicole, Memphis, Enzo, Christmas AND Tyler, be considered an underdog? She’s had every advantage that strong alliance, and the other side alliances built from it have provided to her, has never once been under any serious consideration to be put on the block, and has yet to face any real adversity in the game, other than to have to nominate four players on her HOH, part of which was her own fault for who she chose to re-nominate (Tyler) when David used his power and took himself down.

If she’s an underdog, it’s because she’s played sloppily, talked too much, and told too many lies about and to too many of her own alliance members. So she’s made her own bed. Now she has to lay in it. Nicole is one person who doesn’t like Dani’s shenanigans in the house. If she was the only one, it might say something about Nicole, but she’s not. Everybody is on to Dani’s lies and “seed” planting, so that’s on her.


Bye b*****. U r just a Dani hater. She’s playing big brother is lies is part of the game duhhhhh

Dropping a Deuce in Frisco

I thought everyone was a Dani hater.

The Beef

So you tell me nurk, why is it every single person in that house is talking about getting Dani out? Every single one, except Dani herself, and Kevin who is going home in the first eviction tonight! Even Nicole, her final 2 and Cody, her OTHER final 2 are both talking about evicting her ass, yet you want to call me a Dani hater for posting the truth that she’s played a sloppy game and lied too much about her own alliance members?

Nobody knows how it’s going to play out tonight, but her name is high on a lot of lists, and she herself is responsible for that. You can get mad at me for pointing that out if you want, but that doesn’t change her position in the game one bit. She may go tonight, or she may skate by, depending on who wins HOH, but she’s not going to last long in this game – not with as many people after her as she’s got right now. And not when even her final 2’s want her out as well!

BBAS2 baby

i just realized something… Cody constantly licking his moustache is literally what Matt bb19 was doing all the time


ya but Matt was licking leftover cereal, Cody licking his snot.


How are they going to decide “Who played the best game?”… they have all been messy and won lucky HoH and Veto comps. NONE of them are any good at Big Brother… that is the tragic part. They pre-gamed the Season and formed a mega alliance very soon and the ONLY reason they are solid is they were all in 10 different alliances… if any of the other 9 stuck together they would be congratulating themselves for keeping that one together.

We are past the mid way point and NOBODY has made a big move… mostly because they are all like they were in Season 16… cowards. They are afraid to make that move so every week we get the spineless “It’s what the house wants.” The house does not want it… they are sheeple.

Even if they manage to get out a major player… can they call it a big move getting out Dani or Christmas???? Is getting Tyler or Cody out a big move… when they do it as a group effort and the only reason for doing it is they ran out of disposables. Those are not big moves when they ostracize the person they are evicting… correction hide in the HoH all week…. so NO real big moves. No real gaming…. just Meh… the Season is Meh. I would have rather had 16 total strangers quarantined than this lack luster D-List of BBlebrities… and David. This Season is bad. For the first time EVER I want Rachel Riley in the house screaming “NOBODY GETS IN BETWEEN ME AND MY MAN!”

another name

So. Season recap:
This season on big brother, a pregame alliance was brought into the game in order evict the non big alliance pregamers with the full support of biiiiiig brother.
Week after week evictions are decided before the veto is played and nominees are mocked for campaigning and trying to play biiiiiig brother.
Finally, as ratings are tanking, production attempts a save by calling for a surprise triple eviction… that production then warns the house guests about two days ahead so that they can strategize.
All this and less on this season of whyyyyyy bother.

Kats Alien Bitch

I would add – Much of the season features a bunch of guys in an alliance talking about how cray cray the women in their alliance are.


That’s classic BB all while the women hate each other and do the work and take out each other for the trash talking men in their own alliance while the women wonder why these guys keep making it to the end. Nicole is a pro at that cover game and will probably make it to the end again.

Friskies Cat Food

If you read around the web, now the cast is trying to back track saying there’s no way it’s a triple, they wouldn’t be told (yeah right)! Production is trying to save face after being hammered on social media.

another name

just like two weeks ago until yesterday they had people leave the d/r and conveniently have conversations about how bad pregame cheating is, and how they all never talked to anybody… after weeks of telling us they talked to each other beforehand.

Friskies Cat Food

Forgive me Dawg and crew, but reading around the web, it seems like production is asking the cast to act like there’s no way there would be a triple eviction. They’re really playing it up all of them are talking like “there’s no way they’d tip us off, they want the reaction” and saying “I bet they drag out another normal week”. The people @ the network must really think we’re fools, they were taking a beating on social media and sites like this and they realized “Oh yeah, this season does suck, we maybe shouldn’t have tipped off the biggest twist of the season!!” and now they’re trying to cover their butts.

Friskies Cat Food

Just my thoughts on how they could make the game more interesting for a season or so. Since the game is already labeled Big Brother, why not use the memory wall as a selection board that randomly picks the nominees, eliminating the HOH. That way alliances will be broken apart more quickly, possibly even making them pointless and the potential of having 2 so-called beasts face off for survival is more likely. Sure there would be other details to cover like how the replacement could save themselves if an original nominee came down by winning, but it would sure beat this boring snoozefest!


Sounds nice or the HOH can nominate 1 person , and we voters could nominate 2 so there are 3 on the block . Then voters could evict 1 house guess .


Randomly? There is no random in this game anymore. That would be just another way to control the outcome.

Christine M Ahrens

Goodbye dani, chrisas and david

expecting nothing

GAH! i want NicF to go to jury tonight SO BAD. i bet Ian and Day have lots of questions about that vote flip ?
who would put her up tho? possibly Xmas, Memphis or Enzo. but they would all put her up with Dani and in that case it’s buh bye Dani. the only way i see her actually leaving in is if she’s otb with Cody and the only person i see doing that is David. so GO David (yeah right)
My actual prediction for evection tonight is Kevin/David/Dani. I want Dani to stay simple cuz in order to do so she will have to win HOH or Veto which would be interesting to watch. please someone (anyone) use a damn veto tonight, give us blood! let’s get messy!!!

Dropping a Deuce in Frisco

i’ll just be happy if Kevin and Dani get the boot tonight.

another name

While i was driving home, I thought to myself, isn’t it speaking volumes that the one week the people left in the house point to as being the stand out week for them is the single solitary week where they were forced to evict a white guy, so they just so happened to choose the guy on the spectrum that so many production faves got bashed by the public and their own sponsorts for degrading? Funny that, four people get roasted on a spit, one prod fave loses influencer branding… and the guy they were making fun of because apparently his presence was so traumatizing… is the one that gets evicted. hmmm. yeah, okay. riiiiiiiiiiiight. See what they did there?

Bye Davone

Geez! The most exciting day of the season and no feeds, no updates. Nothing….wah,wah, waahhh. Can’t wait for tonite. Always thought there is too much downtime week after week.


You can wait shit leave some surprise relax


“Enzo – I know. That’s it YO! Memphis – Got to keep Christmas on the rails dude! She is F**KING CRAZY DUDE! Enzo – that’s why I was like YO YO whatever you want to do .. that’s it!”

—- Honestly, I hope the readers of this site would throw the guys running it, just a few dollars for having to type something like that! I know I did! Yo!

another name

yeah, shit like if there was like a thing kind of thing like shit where like they could like do something like shit you know to show like how much like they like shit llike that like kinda like thing. Shit, like yeah.

blink. blink. blink.
I actually have no idea what I just typed… but i think it may have been an actual conversation in the HOH this week.


Feeds were down all day.

another name

Just like many of the fans… for weeks.


I changed my mind, I’m going to vote for Tyler as AFP. At least he is trying to play the game. Christmas is too but she is just nasty.