Big Brother 22 All-Stars week 6 review and eviction results

Another fun week in the Big Brother 22 allstars house. Dani won this seasons WALL Head of Household competition and Nominated Kevin/David. Her target was either one with a slight preference for Kevin. She also floated out the idea of putting Tyler up if Veto or Power is played. A couple hours after the nomination ceremony David uses his Disruptor power forcing Dani to nominate another person. As planned she took this chance to get Tyler on the block. At this point the target still seems to be Kevin but the idea of Tyler going is being suggested.

The power of veto is played and miraculously Da’Vonne wins her first competition in 3 seasons. Dani now wants Kevin to go and wants Da’Vonne to not use the veto. Telling Da’Vonne that Tyler is the target and trying to set up another fake alliance call they sly5. Da’Vonne not willing to lose another person uses the veto on Kevin. Nicole and Dani can’t believe the nerve of Da’Vonne going against what they want the fake alliance sly5 is on shaky ground. Dani nominates Ian in his place. Ian is now the target and will be evicted tonight. Don’t believe the CBS edit Nicole was going to fake campaign for Ian to save face to the public.


For a Big Brother US season I have never had the feeds cut so many times. It’s pretty bad right now seems like production is trying to hide a lot more than usual. Hide things like a room full of people making fun of Autism, Memphis speaking in general, Covid, wall yellers, drones, Diary room manipulation, pregame alliances, quiting the game, alcohol, the list goes on and on. Use to be just music and Diary rooms.

Dani and Cody? It’s hard not to notice the change in demenoner when Dani converses with Cody. Some people will call it a nothing more than a friendly relationship, brother and sister banter perhaps. Others would say she’s smitten for the douche canoe. I’m unsure. It’s nothing like BB16 Christine. Cody did say on Season 16 that he thought Dani was sexy. Funny enough Christine said the same thing about Dom. Link

Is there any hope? No. Find your happy place and roll with what’s left. Kraken.

Results from the show

Tyler gives a shoutout for his Jewelry store and Angela’s cookbook

Christmas Votes to evict Ian
Enzo Votes to evict Ian
Da’Vonne Votes to evict Tyler
Cody Votes to evict Ian
Kevin Votes to evict Tyler
Memphis Votes to evict Ian
David Votes to evict Tyler
Nicole Votes to evict Ian

Ian Evicted

Head of Household Competition

The show ended before a winner was known. Next Thursday a “BB legend” moves into the “neighbors house” (Derrick, Dan, Will, Paul? what will Grod torture us with?)

6:45 pm Feeds down..
7:45 pm Feeds no..
8:45 pm Feeds no..

9:00 pm no feeds for you .. Feeds no

9:12pm Feeds are Back! Memphis WON HOH!

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There is a Petition to remove Memphis for comments he made about Ian and Racial Slurs towards David


They should, he’s a piece of ……




I agree!!


Glass houses.

Mob Mentality Kills

“…and Nichole” isn’t a racial slur.

Man in the Mirror

Let he without sin cast the first stone.

another name

Given the number of incidents of beyond questionable behavior over the years vs. the actual number of removals, I don’t generally buy the network’s statement of policy.
I mean, they intentionally cast people that could be problematic, and tell them to wipe their social media instead of saying we want nothing to do with problematic. In the past they have anticipated problematic behavior for press to capitalize on publicity and ratings.
I actually don’t believe that Memphis used that word. BUT did they use the same sophisticated equipment they used last season to determine that Jackson and Jack weren’t saying problematic things that were hard to distinguish because someone was behind them washing dishes very noisily?




Isn’t coon a racial slur?

Cultural Diversity

Not in Cajun country. Look up coonass.

Not Your Usual Bear

Cajun country is not the center of the universe. It’s a harmful slur. He should know better. He just doesn’t give a damn.

Open Your Silly Eyes

It’s not the center but it’s a place. He was literally talking about that place. He was using a word common to that place, that is used by people of that place. Next up: people get mad that there’s actually a country named “Niger”.

There’s plenty of things to dislike about Memphis, no need to make things up. Same goes for this “David’s a ni–” bs when it’s obviously “David said Ni-” and so echoing the comment made just before his, like people often do.

Made up drama is boring drama, I prefer mine real.


I saw the clip. He said it. TMZ even played it and it was their opening topic of the show. CBS always protect certain people. People are not stupid. He should be removed. They had some kind of Diversity Training or whatever they want to call it before the show began. I would hate for another racist to win this season


What did Julie say ” Don’t judge or you too will be judged.”


Yeah was she referring to her husband or who? LOL


Many quickly jump on the bandwagon and believe something before its ever researched… then quickly want to burn them at the stake. It’s unfortunate. Now that lie will sadly stick with Memphis for years to come. ( he has many true inappropriate remarks also) In today’s climate I do believe CBS did investigate. If there was something that horrible said… he would be gone. IMO


He should be kicked off


So more cancel culture BS. ?

Golden Gate Granny

I would never go to a site with that kind of a name. “cheatsheet” Really?! YeahhhNO.

OH… I have a bridge for sale. Go to


I believe he said what he’s said about a million times. David is an idiot.

Like Literally ... Yoyoyo

And, David IS an idiot LOL


Does anyone not what happened following the HOH win tonight???? The houseguest were saying Memphis and David had a shouting match? Enzo was asking David was what Memphis said a derogatory word/ statement? (Feeds cut)
Now all the house guest are whispering and their cutting them off.


Nicole trying to persuade Memphis using emotion was funny.


for me Cody and Dani act more like brother and sister

Team New School

Isn’t that called incest? 😉

Julie Chen

Incest. A game the whole family can play!


not when they’re “acting” like brother and sister


10000% agree


as fake as i knew the nicole edit was, i do think she should have forced the tie and she and dani should have jumped ship on the committee. it’s pretty clear they’re at the bottom of the alliance and they’ll run out of alternatives if they stick with it. at this point cody has so many shields it’s really hard to see him not go all the way to the end (the bitterness of the jury will ultimately determine his fate).


I was thinking the same exact thing, she should have forced Dani to break a tie

All Stars???

I was thinking “What a fake be-otch.”


If anyone knows any of these people personally can you please tell them they make a boring TV show and most of them are awful people.


Cody is playing the best.

Dani, Nicole,Day, Ian,Kevin and David vs Cody, Memphis, Enzo and xmas.

Dani and nicole would have the numbers….oh well

Game fan

you neeed the comps wins not just numbers

Rockstar's Daughter Birthday

Rock on Ian! Too bad Da’Vonne. Get to steppin!

Bottom Feeders

You’re next Day.


its like the more i watch BB, the worse it gets hmmm


Dani is beautiful.

I hope she wins just to see her right to the end!

Meow Meow

Maybe on the outside.


beautiful where? the more I look like her she has this mean and evil look lol
evil d……….


Haha!!! You think evil dick is cute. Ewwwww, get your eyes checked or better yet, PUT THE BOOZE DOWN! No more kraken for you tonight.


Tonight she looked incredible

Committee Rules

So who goes next? Dani, Kevin, Day or David?

Greasy Fingers

Nicole goes when/if Enzo or Cody win HoH.


I don’t understand how Ian went from knowing so much and playing so much game before Kaysar left to all of a sudden being buddy buddy with the committee

Golden Gate Granny

The magic of Hollywood.


Nicole needs to be the next in the Jury. She has won the game before. Cody and Nicole on The Block!!

Moon Crickets

Dream on!

Golden Gate Granny

That’s my dream too. Spineless ho.

Corn Pop

Dani should of used her power.


i don’t hate dani as much as many people here, but her not using it makes me really want her to go this week.

Golden Gate Granny

That would have certainly tanked her game faster.


They already knew about it. Why not help her alliance?

Golden Gate Granny

Not everyone does. It would quickly take her lyin’ ass to the Train Station, Yellowstone.

Game fan

most of the house doesent know.
lets say david would of won that hoh… she could of offer to use her power
on him in exchange to keep her safe. daviv would of done that


Okay… I take back everything I said earlier today…after playback… Memphis totally said the N word…and Ian came out way too cool. He was definitely playing up his autism. Ugh! So annoying! I need a drink!


Not according to CBS about Memphis but you may be correct about Ian playing possum.

Team Janelle

I’m not a Memphis fan but I don’t think he would be that stupid.

Michele Smith

I think he said newbie


David is an idiot. That’s what he said


Whew!! And to think I was going to lose sleep over this tonight. Am I ever so glad you were on top of it, Inspector gadget!


I’m glad you guys have noticed the stars too!
I thought I was going batsh!t.
They are prob trying to offer some form of protection for these people they liked enough to invite back but I hate it ?????

I wanna see everything.


Explain the Stars. I must be missing something.

Golden Gate Granny

I’d rather stare at the house bricks than ever see (especially hear the music) fish or stars again. Something in the house 24/7. Even the dead pool duck, I don’t care. The. House.

Apparently they’re gonna wait til it’s done airing wayyy over here (West Coast) before we find out who wins HOH tonight. Pffft. (Glad I watched my Canadian feed tonight… I forgot how much I love your commercials up there, btw. lol)

Team New School

How come Da’Vonne can start early and that’s okay?????


shes black

another name

It’s not okay and I think she knew it. That’s why when she took the step off she stopped and flipped her hair. She knew she jumped the gun.


Hopefully Kevin will win


Best outfit? Most whining? Quantity of tears?

Golden Gate Granny

“The Kevin” of all future seasons instead? (If BB has a future here)

another name

Legend moves in next door?
Oh I guess Derrick has to come in and rig some more??
Or Dan to give Memphis some more help??

All Stars???

I hope it’s Dr Will. I’m sure it will not be Boogie. Maybe Janelle makes a return appearance!

Team Janelle

If it’s Derrick uggghhhhh

All Stars???

ZINGBOT! Probably can’t go in this year due to Covid.


Why not he ‘s already wearing a mask?? I hope it is ZingBot a week of snarky comments sounds great to me…. It really isn’t big brother till Zing comes in!!


I have a sad feeling that it is just zingbot or heaven forbid, Jesse.




Scole>>>> buuuuu let me fake a good crying for Ian…….. sssssssss Im so sorry more fake tears……SSSS ok now let check myself at the mirror and praise myself for being the queen of fakes ssssssssssssssssssssss

Tamberlyn M. Richardson

Two things ….

Nicole F fake tears in DR voting out Ian – – 10 seconds later checks mirror & re-enters living room with no sign of tears (pluuuuuuuuzzzzzzzzzze).

This ” Big Brother legend who is moving into the neighbor’s house to shake things up” next week better NOT be Derrick (or Dan) b/c that would be supremely f*cked up.

Maybe they could send in pregnant Rachel Reilly. Normally she would be the last person I wanted to see (or hear) in the BB house HOWEVER – – Nic F was the reason she got booted off TAR & also why Janelle had an issue with her & called her a “rat” so having her in the house might genuinely stir up some crazy sh*t.

Dr. Will would be true preference since he wasn’t involved in any pre-game scamming nonsense & he’d also give genuine advice (OR SHADE) as necessary.


Absolutely not Rachel if she is pregnant. As far as legendary, I am trying to picture who they may be talking about. Someone who some may say is legendary others will just be annoyed be; For example, Derrick wasn’t legendary, he was just in a house of lemmings

Tamberlyn M. Richardson

Yeah – if they wanted to make the fans happy they’d bring Janie back in but that’s unlikely. The ONLY true legends IMHO are Dr. Will and Dan and maybe Danielle Reyes (although she didn’t win she’s still a legend — but she was asked to play in this one & said no so doubtful).

As long as it’s not Derrick – if he moves in Grodner risks losing a huge portion of the fan base who are already annoyed by all the pre-gaming.

Team Janelle

Yes, Derrick was just on a season of idiots but some actually believe he’s good. I’m sure he believes himself to be legendary lol. Makes me wonder if that’s why he was so involved in the pregame alliances, which made me dislike him even more

Game fan

she didnt want to come to the leaving roon crying,
cause then it will be too obvious she didnt vote to evict tyler..
cause she wont be crying if ian is safe!

Golden Gate Granny

Which “Legendary Player” do you think/hope is moving in next door???

***Please let it be as obnoxious of a neighbor as it gets!

One Opinion

The cast of BB15


Frankie Grande

Pots And Pans

A legend…in his own mind.

Tamberlyn M. Richardson

This is the first time I’ve missed the down vote lol (not at you just at the suggestion of ever having FG back in the house)

Boring Ass Season

1000 thumbs down!!


hopefully its Paul so he can teach these “All Stars” the number one rule in BB,…..


Open Your Silly Eyes

That was definitely a winning strategy. It made the viewers feel good too!

another name

Rachel Reilly, so she can have a televised birth during a veto comp.
Imagine Nicf’s face.
I’m not actually hoping this. Just thinking humorous.


Whoever it is may end up being controversial with 1/2 the fans applauding and the other 1/2 cursing so hard it would make Genghis Khan blush. If it is Derrick, I hope a plane overhead dumps a whole bunch of blindfolds on the property

Kay Sar

George from S1.

All Stars???

Chicken George? I liked him. He made me laugh.

Barney Rubble

I hope it is Zingbot!

All Stars???

Did she say “Legendary player” or “BB Legend”? I honestly don’t remember. But I think it’s time to Zing these houseguests!

Golden Gate Granny

BB Legend. It just finished airing here in Cali finally so I’m now able to say for certain.

But honestly I don’t think it’ll be Zingbot, an obnoxious Otev, or the like. I’m throwing my chips in on a past player. Hopefully 1 of the 2 associated with loud heavy metal guitars.


I’m that case, it’s Josh! Banging pans and screaming.


It won’t be Josh I already read he is in filming for the Challenge 36. Along with KC winner of BB20 and Fessy of Foute

Pots And Pans

It would have to be Jessie. He hasn’t been back for a while, and he was coming back almost every season at one point


Maybe it’s Dani’s Daddy…Evil Dick!


Was just thinking that!


I would love to to Evil Dick again and he was also a pots and pans guy!!!!


YES! Champs and cigarettes please!

another name

I don’t think evel dick is allowed to appear anymore.
due to the incident where someone put one of his tweets on the bottom of the screen that included profanity. the staffer that put it on was fired. i think dick was put on the list.

Miss Impression



The giys who helped nivole get her princess tuggy nickname?


Jack or Jackson

Starry night

Bet Dr. Will is the new neighbor. To really shake them up it should be Janelle.

Team Janelle

Yes! I’m all for that

Pots And Pans

Scott Long from Season 5, who’s last name was misleading


That would rock I would love to see Dr. Will or Dan back. But with Memphis still in the house I would prefer Will.


I can’t TELL you how much I appreciate your recaps as well as KRAKEN acknowledgement! Dawg and Simon, you are my heroes, and THANK YOU for letting me know when I need to pay attention or run away. It HAS to get cut-throat soon, RIGHT?!?! #TEAM JAYSAR


Maybe it’ll be zingbot!

Soul child

That’s who I was thinking too

Team Janelle

Does anyone know when the neighbor moves in? Did she say this week?

another name

I think it will be shown on Thursday’s episode. So any time before Thursday? I know. I know.


I think it would be funny if one of these neighbors replaced the soon to be evicted houseguest. Then we would hear and see real tears.


 (Derrick, Dan, Will, Paul? what will Grod torture us with?)” I’m calling Jessie Godderz.


Isn’t he doing wrestling right now? Not sure it would be him


Butterscotch!!! Lol


Rachel and Jessica will give birth at jury house

Franks Ex-Girlfriends

If this is BB’s version of “All Stars”, I am afraid to know whom they consider a “Legend”

another name

William Collins. The first person ever banished (evicted) in Big Brother 1?

Franks Ex-Girlfriends

That sounds about right…


I’m expecting a pregnant Rachel to hang out in the house as a neighbor but not compete. Seems to go with the theme of 2020.

Roisin Dubh

Dude, I’m PRAYING that it’s Rachel. You want to see Dani just flip the F out and pull Nic’s card, put her in that house.


Dani and Rachel are friends outside the house – Dani has talked about it on live feeds a bunch of times.. SHOCKER!!! Rachel and Nicole on the other hand, well we all saw how that played out this season with Janelle. I hope it’s not Rachel because I really don’t want to have to watch Nicole cry for ANOTHER week straight.

Tamberlyn M. Richardson

Dani is also friends with Janelle outside the house. Or …. WAS lol

Nah- Janelle is too classy to be that way the only person she’s not keen on & was consistent about it pre game – in the house — and out of the house is NicF.


Janelle has been acting like a 13 year old on social media. She is obsessed with Nicole


I get your point, but the mean girl in me likes to see Nicole cry.


Get your life jackets out floaterrrss!!

Roisin Dubh

Just found out she’s pregnant. Damn it. I swear if it’s Derrick, I’m done with BB for who knows how long this time.


Hate seeing Ian go. One of my favs.


Me too, but I’m rooting for Tyler for the win. I know it’s a long shot with Dani, Nicole and Cody so close. Cody would do better to keep Tyler over either of the two ladies because they could beat him with jury people.

Nicole the Rat Queen

Funny how Shicole is crying all these crocodile tears now. Maybe she should’ve stood up for Ian when everyone was laughing at him instead of joining in to be one of the cool kids. Same goes for Dani.

Shows how fake these so called influencers are, I hope life as they know it is over. Buncha do nothings.

Night Nurse

I’m glad to see Ian go. I liked him up until this week. He is as clueless as they come. I don’t understand his hate for Day, Kevin, and David. He probably thinks he played a better game than them. He did absolutely nothing. It is unacceptable to lay low in an all star season.

Hobby Girl

Oh dang! Well isn’t that just so cute.. Dani and Cody were matching in outfits tonight. Maybe the neighbour is Dom and he is here to break up the LOVE TRIANGLE!! LOL

Tamberlyn M. Richardson

You just made me spew coffee everywhere LOL

Teresa Metts

Okay…so totally off subject, but I have to ask what might seem like a stupid question to some of you…hahaha. Who/What is GROD?…inquiring minds want to know…=D

Franks Ex-Girlfriends

Allison Grodner is the Executive Producer

another name

Looks on social media:
BUT BUT BUT Nicf pinkyswore with Ian on the first episode. lots of pathetic broken hearts Emoji and crap…
My brain:
unless her pinky and the rest of her fingers were wrapped around another piece of his anatomy… she doesn’t give a shit.


My guess is that the “legend” will be Ian. The jury house will be the neighboring house to BB. It would keep the houseguests quarantined to the CBS lot with Covid. So, Ian moves in next door.

Wish Paul was there to finish 2nd again

I wish they would use this unusual situation to let the jury live in the house. But that would change the dynamics of the game, so I understand why they don’t.

I like your theory and would be interesting to see how that works.


Julie Chen deserves an Emmy for calling this group all-stars with a straight face.

The Beef

And wow was she kissing Ian’s ass tonight or what? I mean, I like Ian, and thought he played really great when he won his first time through, but honestly he kind of sucked this time. I was wondering if her over the top fawning over him was just part of the CBS attempt to smooth things over with the public after several of the HG’s made fun of him just last week for his mannerisms. They certainly went overboard trying to rehabilitate Nicole’s image, over the last three episodes, what with all the crying and “I must save Ian” horse shit, when we all knew she was voting his ass out, which is exactly what she did. Julie’s ass kissing just seemed to be more of the same, although I could be wrong about that. Maybe she does just respect him that much.

I agree

I was thinking the same thing. She was really over selling it and for that reason she seemed kinda fake to me.
Sure Ian was a good man. He wasn’t a great player though. All he did was sit around and fly under the radar for the most part.
She even was at a loss for words at the end. It was annoying


I don’t like this idea that voting out POC is racist. Cut it out. Win some stuff and control the game.


Bet the guest is josh with his pots and pans


Or Jesse! That would be fun….. or annoying… not sure which….


I hope it’s ZingBot a whole week of him and his smarmy comments would be awesome!!

Tammie Davidson

Hey quick question how long are the powers good for. And what is Christmas powere. Thanks

Tamberlyn M. Richardson

I think they were all for 3 weeks including the week they got them. So this would be the last week they could use them.

Christmas’ power allows her to block a replacement nominee – For example if someone used the POV she could block them from putting her (or someone else) on the block.

Tammie Davidson

Thank you so yhis wpuld be the last week for the power to ve used

Golden Gate Granny

Feeds just came back!


Who won?

Tammie Davidson

Sounds likw Memphis won

Golden Gate Granny

Memphis got HOH. There was another house blowup. And HOH picked Have-Nots this week.

So annoyed

I’m so disgusted that he won. Can’t the 3 pull out a win? Seriously. Wtf. They will never have a chance to do anything because they just don’t win. We’re any of the three even close to winning? So annoyed.
I’m guessing every week they are kicking themselves for not aligning with J&K

Tamberlyn M. Richardson

David definitely didn’t win b/c he said ‘there is no justice in this game’ & it must not be Xmas since Kevin said Xmas looked mad she’s a have not.

UPDATED to add – MEMPHIS won HOH (so David’s comments now make sense) & this is the worst possible scenario for the trio since everyone knows Memphis will nominate two of the three and the other one will be the replacement nom.

One will leave regardless b/c there’s no way now that the Committee would keep the trio in the house b/c of numbers. Nicole will be banging that drum all week long.


It’ll be Day and David of course. Here we go again…

The Beef

Except it’ll be worse because it’s Memphis doing it. *sigh*


The more I think about it, I’m thinking that maybe the neighbour’s house is the jury house, and when they mean that a legend is moving there, I feel like they might be referring it Ian.

Big baby

Memphis won HOH


Twitter saying Memphis won HOH.


Wow, Memphis won HOH. Another repeat week. Smh.

Big baby

More So people such as yourself deciding to whine little sissies about players such as Nicole still being in the big brother house or deserving of being in the house this season or deserving of her win from bb 18.

Back in Big Brother 18 HOH PART 2 in the final 3 James said that
he got smoked like a cigarette by Nicole. I mean the then fan favorite James
that everyone adored even said he got smoked like a cigarette by Nicole thats a fact; you got completely played son and smoked like a bong!
Have fun complaining about people you don’t like being in the house longer.

Soul child

Oh fun another boring week. Let me guess David and Kevin.


Please no spoilers lolol

Roisin Dubh

Why do I get the feeling that Cody is gonna get him to put Dani up?

Ms Taz

Does Memphis and Davonne have a f2 deal?


My guess is that it’ll be David (because he CLEARLY can’t stand him) and Day (do I even need to say why?), backdoor Kevin. Main target David. I mean come on….. it’s Memphis.

Tamberlyn M. Richardson

Cody and Xmas are have not’s picked by David and Day respectively. And Cody does NOT want David to be the target — (despite the issues between Memphis/David) he wants Kevin & Day separated. Dani already trying to work the target to go against David instead.

Clearly, she believes she can salvage the relationship with Day and hence Kevin. Cody knows both Day/Kevin would target him and he’s mentioned previously Kevin has placed second on several comps but he’s also not thrilled by Day stirring up things with her conversation (you know like — playing the game).

Which of the two Cody pushes as the target will tell us how much he trusts Dani b/c he knows fully well some of the intel Day has repeated had to originate from Dani & the fact Day didn’t pick either Dani/Nic to be a have not is telling after they both just screwed Day over with the vote. Well in fairness they are all lying to each other but continue to maintain they’ll work with each other.

Meanwhile, Memphis – Xmas playing backgammon have a discussion where Memphis notes Day is the one in the trio he’s least worried about. Then Xmas reminds that she stirs up sh*t and how she has a great memory (ie: for those types of comps which are coming up) and likely also a bit of pettiness from Xmas since Day made her a have not.

Between Xmas/Cody I think as much as Memphis may prefer to target David after convos I think the hit list will shift to 1) Kevin 2) Day & 3) David. We’ll see

The Beef

How long before Cody gets tired of Dani’s shit, and pushes to get rid of her? He must recognize by now after she went rogue to “get” Tyler, which was against his and the alliances best interest, but clearly in hers, and now she continues to try to protect Day, who Cody wants on the block. He has Nicole and the rest of the alliance to fall back on. Why keep someone who continues to work against you, plus you know she’s someone who will not hesitate to backstab you without notice, if she thinks it’s in her best interest to do it?

Given what you said about the intel Day has repeated coming from Dani, I think Cody is ripe to turn on her sooner rather than later, especially if she keeps pushing these things that favor her more than him. You’ve got to work WITH your alliance, and right now, Dani seems to be working with a sledge hammer more than with finesse.

As for Day not picking Dani or Nic for have nots, that should be plain enough for you. They are females, and even though they screwed her over, she will still try to work with them for that reason. It’s most likely the reason why she believed Dani over Tyler when she lied and said she never said she was going after Bay and Day. Day believes in race first and gender second. That’s why Kevin and David are her #1’s, and Dani and Nicole are her #2’s. Her vote in jury will be based on the same thing – not on game play whatsoever. It’s why she voted for Nicole to win BB18 over Paul. It’s who she is.

another name

In case this Saturday’s wall yeller is here….
might i suggest you yell
“nicole voted to evict tyler.”
If feeds are going to go down for hours, like they do every weekend, we might as well get some REAL tears and scrambling out of it.
evil grin.