“I feel so bad Ian. I can’t do it anymore I’m exhausted because I feel so guilty I’m all cried out.. I’m loyal to the committee”

Head of Household Winner – Dani
Have nots – Da’Vonne, David, Ian
Nominations David, Kevin, Ian and Tyler
Power of Veto Players are – Ian, Kevin, Dani, Tyler, Enzo, Da’Vonne.
POV Host: – Nicole
Power of Veto holder – DaVonne
Power of Veto Ceremony – Da’Vonne used the veto on Kevin. Ian nominated in his place.
Powers – Christmas, Dani, David
Live feeds —-> Grab your Live feeds here. Try it free.
Rank the houseguests —-> Big Brother 22 Ranking

10:32 am Enzo and Dani
Enzo – in my season people would just take it ok I’m going
Enzo – this season people area really fighting for sh1t.. I’m like Enough.. enough ..
Enzo – I’m like Ian you’ve won this game already get the f** out that’s it.
Dani – he said If I go home now it’s going to be humiliating it’s going to prove the people that said I didn’t deserve to win for something.. I’m like you beat Dan
Enzo – you slayed one of the best now get out of here YO

12:45 pm Da’Vonne and David
David says he told Ian he would vote to keep him because Ian doesn’t have the votes either way, “I don’t think”
Da’Vonne points out that they will if David, Nicole, Kevin and her vote for Ian. Dani will break the tie to keep Ian.
David – BOOM put it on Dani
Da’Vonne – you can’t switch up last minute you can’t
Da’Vonne – you’re going to do it right? if now you are putting me and Kevin in a bad situation
David – Yeah.. alright. I get it I’m going to do it

12:45 pm Da’Vonne tells Nicole David’s vote is to keep Ian
Da – he said yeah
Nicole – really
Da – he said yea
Nicole – my mind is blown

12:51 pm Ian and Kevin
Ian saying that David told him last night he’s voting for him “Why would he do that he’s got no reason why would he lie to me”
Kevin – he might have been instructed to do that by the boys because he has an alliance with them.

12:53 pm Kevin and David
Kevin – does he have your vote
David – Yeah
Kevin – for real
David- it’s going to be split.. Dani will show her cards..
Kevin says if David backs out then Tyler stays he’ll be pissed at them.
Kevin – you swear David
David – DONE DONE it’s done

12:53 pm Kevin and IAn
Kevin – stop crying.. if you show your cards he’s going to back out..
Ian – F*** I have a chance..
Keivn – he wants Dani to choose..

12:55 pm Kevin and Da’vonne
Kevin confirming David is voting to Keep Ian but will back our of Ian shows his cards..
Da’Vonne- this is going to be crazy
Da’Vonne tells him to tell Dani to make sure she hasn’t told Cody or Christmas that David is voting to keep Ian.

12:57 pm Kevin and Dani
Kevin – have you told anyone that David might be changing her mind
Dani – no
Kevin – not even Christmas
Dani – no
Kevin – he shook on it he said he wants you to make the choice
Dani – to make me look like a jerk .. I can’t stand that guys he’s so fake.. he bugs me a lot.. as long as everyone is in I’m fine.
Kevin – will you vote Tyler out
dani – yes I told you I would

1:04 pm Dani tells Nicole that David “hates her so much” because he wants her to break the tie.
Nicole – what do we do?
Dani – I don’t know
Da’Vonne joins them
Dani – Day I’m scared..
Dani – I’m down to do this I am i’m just scared..

After Da’Vonne leaves. Nicole talks about how she’ll vote Ian out. they try to figure out how she will play this to save face.
Dani didn’t use her power.
Dani – I just want him to go.. just go (Ian) this is very stressful..
Nicole -torturous

Nicole – I’m so sorry I feel so bad Ian. I tried so hard.. so hard.. I can’t do it anymore I’m exhausted because I feel so guilty I’m all cried out

1:14 pm Nicole tells Ian to not get his hopes up. Ian knows says he has a 10 or 20 percent chance..

1:21 pm Nicole tells Christmas if the vote is 5-3 she’s going to act upset that Ian is gone to make them think she voted to keep him.
Nicole – I’m loyal to the committee
Shitmas – we just have to get through these three weeks and we’re golden (Ohh shutup)
Nicole says it’s best for her game to keep Ian but it’s best for Dani and the Committee’s game that she gets rid of Ian. So that is what she is doing.

**** Nicole is not voting to Keep Ian she is going to say that a power was used to steal her vote. ****

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another name

The new tagline instead of ‘expect the unexpected.’

Game fan

Yeah but it’s still better than 8-0 vote
Sh** might get real

Golden Gate Granny

The suspense is still there, though, until their faces are directly voting/talking to Julie. Will these hamsters have ‘shot myself in the foot hinkyitis-voteism,’ forget which alliance they’re supposed to REALLY be in and whoops themselves come voting time? Stay tuned….

P.S. Much gratitude to you and Dawg! Sooo much! What. A. Nasty. Week!

Golden Gate Granny

P.S. FEED WATCHERS: Is it just me or is David getting more condescending every day? His toddler game skills/know it all attitude is really getting under my thick, mutt, skin.

Rockstar's Daughter Birthday

Is it just me or is your picture a dime Granny?

Golden Gate Granny

What is a “dime” Granny?


Yes, he is 100% petty as hell. ? He thinks he’s a Mastermind, but is so lost in Big Brother. Just like with Ian, he was telling him how to play, campaign. Plus trying to pull off the, ‘did YOU use the Power on me’, thing.
Answer: “Um, Yeah. because who would ever want to save myself and your game is just so epic”, said no BB Player ever

Michael Higgins

Is this Memphis stuff on tmz true?

The Other Shay

I listened to the video a handful of times, and it sure sounds like he was saying the N word.


It doesn’t sound like it at all. You’re just hearing what you want to hear. If something is so garbled that you have to question what you heard then the quality isn’t good enough to determine. In cases like that the evidence isn’t valid enough to convict them in the court of public opinion. It would be wrong to do that to someone. I’d side with that Memphis is a reasonably intelligent human being that would not say that word knowing what would happen.

Reasonably Intelligent

Wouldn’t a reasonably Intelligent human being also know what would happen if he made fun on someone who has autism? Maybe he isn’t reasonably intelligent. He wears a great hat too. FYI.. there are highly intelligent people that have been caught using that word, so Im no sure why you’re convinced that he wouldn’t. I mean he loves David and Day. Maybe you are not hearing something that you don’t want to hear. That can work both ways.


then listen more

Rockstar's Daughter Birthday

You can’t really make out what he is saying.


He says “dude, David is an idi….”

He was gonna say David is an idiot. Listen to the conversation. Cody is talking about things both he and Memphis this is really dumb of david to do. Hence the idiot comment. Memphis is a dick head but he didn’t start to call David the “n-word”. Im so sick of this cancel culture.

PAblo BB Fan

Yes Memphis and Cody are racist

Same Ole Same Ole

Cody is a douchebag, without question. But I don’t know that he has done anything to be deemed a racist.


Some people think everyone is racist. The problem with that logic is that if everyone is racist than nobody is.


No. Just the Twitter Mob doing their thing, actually all social media. If who they’re pulling for isn’t winning-they will go through heck and high water to find any grievance, usually imagined. They manipulate followers and build an attack mob because their favorite player is being outplayed. Big Brother will soon end because of all this. Besides, who would want to play and be crucified by vicious lies? I wish HG’s would sue for libel/defamation . It gets media clicks, so TMZ and the like will put it out there, and 99% of those complaining about these incidents don’t even watch the feeds, nor know what is going on. Live Feeds are aired less all the time because of these attacks. Get used to watching lots of rescue animals to the Big Brother Theme. There will be more of that & less of Big Brother Live Feeds, and who can blame them? I just don’t see Big Brother surviving much longer.


Ug, any chance the next person who wins will put up Dani and Nicole? If so, I’m rooting for that person to be HOH. Sick of those two. Why does Nicole whine so much?


last i read, i believe david, kevin, and day were are planing to put up dani/cody…anybody heard different?


Putting your allies on the block is the best way to get the truth though!

Golden Gate Granny

And losing your allies. And being outed for being disloyal to anyone else. Oh what tangled webs…

Meow Meow

That is called the FOUTTE method.

The Beef

If she were to do that Simon, she would cement her legacy as one of the worst players of all time! Surely she wouldn’t put either David or Kevin up for any reason, not when she has so many obvious targets on TOS, that’s working against her.

Game fan

I think that’s just david. Why would day do that?
Day is definitely doing Christmas


That would honestly be great! I don’t fully trust that they would do this though. I can see them backing out.

Rockstar's Daughter Birthday

It doesn’t matter because David, Kevin and Day are not going to win anything.


Maybe Cody? He’s ready to make a move and he prefers to be lossless to Enzo and Memphis.

Game fan

Tyler might, but if he gets 3 votes against him , he would go after those 3

The Beef

He might go after those three, or he might go after Dani/Nicole. He may just be tired of having to look over his shoulder at people in his own alliance, so why not target the two who are clearly targeting him within his own group? The other side is down to just 3 people now, so now might be a good time to cut one of those two (especially if it’s Dani) and get rid of someone who is really after HIM specifically.


I remember Enzo say a while back he would put up Dani & Nicole. But things change so much. I know someone said Cody and Nicole. Maybe it was Kevin.


wow nicole is a sss sss ss sssnake


That’s what Janelle said all the time. Someone who would stab their “friend” in the back like that, I wouldn’t be an any alliance with them. I have a feeling Ian’s going out the door speech will be better than Kaysar’s. He was closer to the core, and has more secrets.


I hope so..anything to shake up this game


This is nothing new. Nicole backstabbing her friends is what she does best.

Game fan

That’s a game
Ian did that to boogie as well
And actually threw Nicole under the bus in this season a couple of times..

Nic F2

This is where Nicole sewers her game just enough for others to consider her as someone to sit next to in Final 2. I really hope she goes through with the ‘someone must have stole my vote with their power’ lie.


Meow meow – in my season people would just take it ok I’m going this season people area really fighting for sh1t.. I’m like Enough.. enough .. >>>>this how losers and floaters think and why meow meow chances of winning are very very slim LOL

Ssssscole tells shiiitmas if the vote is 5-3 she’s going to act upset that Ian is gone to make them think she voted to keep him. (gee sccccole you tried so hard to fix your image of being a good girl and not a bully and you failed miserably, what about taking first some acting class so you can convince people you really care for Ian lol)

meow meow> Enzo – I’m like Ian you’ve won this game already get the f** out that’s it. Exactly he won and he is fighting til the last minute to win a second time. Meanwhile meow meow didnt win once but he believes playing the same same from past season might get him to the big prize LOL what a fool.

Backseat Driver

It would be so much better if the houseguests were not permitted to tell who they are voting for! Production would have to hand out “Depends” to everyone…..


like in uk or australia


like where BB was cancelled


After this season it wouldn’t surprise me to see it cancelled here in the U.S…


Do they have old versions of BBUK or BBAustralia on a website for free anywhere? I’ve been able to find BBCan episodes on youtube and am currently making my way through season 3, might be fun to watch some others. Also, if any Non-English countries have season of BB w/ subtitles I would watch those too (eventually), I’m not against reading while I watch shows.


I have watched them all. BBUK is my favorite even over our BB. I watched them all on YouTube.


They aren’t supposed to tell. They are very lax about enforcing it though. Throw in a I’m thinking or I’m targeting so and so and you’re good to go.


I just turned on All Access feeds that I shut off on August 17th and they are working? Nicole is talking to Shitmas. Nicole’s new Gray hair color looks awful. She has it in a neck bun and she seriously looks like the Warner Brothers Granny (Emma Watson) the only think missing is Tweety Bird. I still can’t take listening to Nicole’s whine and Dani’s valley girl voice. End of Rant


Feeds have been down for hours in the evening every day since saturday from my experience turning on feeds


I am going to laugh if enzo throws a vote to keep ian

Viviette Medenilla

That’ll be the most exciting thing that happened this season!


If that happens, Dani will think it was Nicole and she’ll use her power to play HOH and gun for Nicole. Which would be awesome.


now that be hilarious!!!

Tamberlyn M. Richardson

Theoretically, it seems like a possibility but in truth it won’t happen. Enzo HAS to have considered this thinking he could pin it on Nicole to turn Cody/Dani against her. The problem is Enzo doesn’t fully trust Nic to not also throw a vote and that would lead to Tyler leaving.

In that event, he’ have lost one of his biggest allies and pissed off Cody enough to change his position in the game as he’d no doubt move up the boot list. There would be no one to blame his vote on either since Memphis/Xmas are so hard core Committee they’d never throw a vote and would likely start damaging furniture the minute the vote was read lol.

Had this been a DE then I could’ve seen the potential for the flip and claims of ignorance after the fact but in this situation there’s no way he’d risk it.

Game fan

He also doesn’t fully trust danni to break the tie in Tyler favor.

PAblo BB Fan

Let’s pretend this happens

By a vote from 5 to 3 sorry mrs Angela you have been evicted from the BB house

Mrs Angela >>>>>> buaaaaah no no I’m going home I’m not staying in the jury house all by myself!!!! I miss my hubby!!

Angelo>>>> you sit your bumzzz down there til the end we need money to pay the rent!!! California is not cheap!

Too Much Cerveza?

Houka is that you?


I don’t know why, but I see this happening.

Lady E

I know he wants Ian out of the house, but it would be funny if he threw another hinky vote! Then he’ll play dumb again and accuse somebody of doing it LOL

Golden Gate Granny

He won’t. He wants/needs Tyler too much. Nicole is the one to be concerned about… no one else knows what’s truly freaking her out. Her image, sponsors pulling CBS permissions through her (no longer) representation, and how it relates to Ian.

She’s the one I can’t wait to see vote. She’s also the one I can’t wait to see get voted out.


That would be too much of an advanced game move for this group


So is just about anything…


Nicole the snake strikesssssss again. Please no one out there tell me that this even shocks you!!
I do not understand how this girl actually has fans and that people like her or why she even made it to no stars 2.

Kats Alien Bitch

She made it to stars because she won.


1) Nicole has spent the entire week crying and “feeling bad” about Ian, but has made zero attempts to save Ian.

2) No houseguest should ever listen to BB gameplay advice from Kevin. I’d take advice from FOUTTE before Kevin.

3) I’m hanging in until the end of this season, but this show needs a complete revamp for future seasons. BB20 was the only “new school” season that I absolutely loved.

Golden Gate Granny

Couldn’t agree with you more! (For years now actually.)


Don’t understand how everyone who is not in an alliance with a POC or votes them out is now an automatic racist? Davonne literally voted against Nicole A because she is white. SHE SAID THAT. She told her she can’t vote against David because they have the same skin color. That’s the very definition of racism but nothing is said about it.

And to be clear I am NOT defending Memphis. He obviously has race issues and should be expelled from the house.

Kats Alien Bitch

Davonne said she was voting out Nicole A because she was white?
Got a time stamp for that?


you can just go back to prior posts on this site. Or Duck Duck Go it. Yes. She said it. Not just once either.

Dakota Barb

I am so glad you posted this! I’ve been thinking, everyone has been so quick to point out Memphis’ supposed “racism” while COMPLETELY ignoring Day’s racist comments! I think this is what one would considered reverse racism!


It was also on the CBS show.

another name

If Tyler goes through with pulling David aside before the vote in front of everyone, won’t that set off Da’vonne’s radar?
I mean… really? Not in production land, but in reality. sideye.
If Da’vonne was being Da’vonne that would have her switch her vote and leave David in the wind.
Last night drunk Xmas wanted to force a tie. To get back at Dani. She now knows there are three votes. She wouldn’t. But funny. Back to 4-4. no shot it happens. just humor.
Enzo throws an Enzo vote not knowing Xmas is going to, in order to nail Nicf. Now 5-3. No chance it happens but that would be hilarious.

I know. It’s going to be 5/3. We are not going to be getting nice things in terms of an HOH that breaks the Committee up. Come on. Storyline is adding up to a Committee with underdog Enzo.

another name

Nicf. What is her biggest big brother fear? Other than a women’s alliance.
Nicf’s fear is having someone actively target her.
She’s afraid David will actively target her. She’s already asked 3 people for protection.
Nicf’s preferred game is to stay beneath notice as much as possible.
I don’t see this altering the vote. I’m just saying if something screwy were to happen with the HOH, the person most likely to crack is Nicf.
Again, I’m expecting the HOH to be predictable.
the furthest I’m willing to go is Enzo wins, everyone gets their hopes up that he will pull a move that alters season trajectory (forgetting his last HOH) and he does the exact opposite of course altering.

Game fan

Enzo is not really an underdog.

another name

He’s not a member of the Committee. The alliance that has been in every episode d/r about 20 times in the past while. That ostensibly makes him an underdog (as in the last non member standing once they get finished with the current arc).


Of course Nicole, being the lying snake that she is, might just vote to keep Ian, and blame that on a power or someone else.

Cody for the win

You can tell Nicole is not going for the win now. Which non-winner would ever vote to make her a double winner if she’s sitting there in F2 with anyone other than Ian.

If she’s going to vote Ian out, then she’s just playing to stay in the BB house longer until she makes it to jury. Ian is her biggest shield and she can only burn that shield in F2.


She made longer in the house than janelle (my favorite)..i don’t know her purpose now other than being the one we love to hate 🙁

Golden Gate Granny

OMG. This Game! This House! These people!

No one can say THIS week has been boring or predictable.

Game fan

People still do actually..
But i agree with you.

Golden Gate Granny

Those would be the kind where you say “The stars are shining bright tonight!” And they respond, “The sun is shining too bright.” Lost in their own head and not seeing what is right in front of their face.

Or just to be contrary. Ya know ’cause “everyone’s doing it.” *eyeroll*

Tamberlyn M. Richardson

So…. as of 5:45 pm the trio is voting out Tyler and believe Nicole is too forcing Dani to break a tie and keep Ian.

David changed his vote based on Ian telling him he would take him to F3 and possibly F2 and shook on it.

Ever scheming Kevin went to Dani to confirm and TOLD HER what David was doing. This so Kevin can push David in front of him as target b/c he implied David is only doing it so Dani has to break the tie and show her cards. Kevin confirmed with Dani (lie) that she hadn’t told anyone this information. (reality – it’s already made it’s way to Nicole— Cody— Tyler — you get the picture).

The key here is the trio believe Nicole is keeping Ian — she IS NOT. While we’ve dealt with whining all week from Nic I wonder how much of this is real. Seeing Ian fight so hard to stay and making far too many threats for it to ever come to fruition you have to believe part of this is acting by Nic b/c Ian staying would only mean she’d have to go through this entire thing all over again the next time he went on the block.

The plan is for Tyler to pull aside David just prior to the live show and have a chat. Then when the votes are revealed Ty will find a good moment in front of everyone to hug David and thank him for his vote with the intention of making Day/Kevin question if David really voted out Ian.

The back and forth on this is almost comical as Day/Kevin plan to nominate Cody/Dani if they win HOH with Nicole as the renom but for some reason are buying that Nic/Dani will both vote to keep Ian and can be trusted (HUH?).

Plus we know Nicole will go to her jury grave (if we’re lucky) saying she voted for Ian to stay and Dani will blame David too saying it’s not my fault I never got to break the tie.

This isn’t even a matter of Day or Kevin wanting to play with Ian as when informed Ian was crying Day said ‘whatever – let him cry’ and Kevin told him to stop crying so David doesn’t change his mind.

We’ll have to wait and see how Ian reacts when leaving – – he’s threatened so many people at this point it’s hard to know what he’ll do. He might walk out humbly, he might blow up the Core Four, he might yell at the trio, he might turn on Nicole, it’s hard to know but hopefully we get some sort of drama. Personally, I’m hoping he sees through the ruse & calls out each of Nic/Dani & Cody.

Since Ian will be off to jury Julie won’t tell him how the votes played out and the goodbye messages should be a treat b/c we know Nicole will lie in hers still hoping for his vote.

IMHO a few things cemented Tyler staying (and throwing David under the bus). First, David and Tyler’s talk last night where he refused to tell Ty how he was voting and since he was a little drunk got into a back and forth with him. It’s fair David has some reservations with Ty but he also was responsible for sharing information and blowing up Ty’s game early on.

Another was Ian’s frustration at the possibility of being the first to jury led to him making way too many threats. Whether it was blowing up people’s games, holding grudges, leaving jury, not giving a vote etc it was far too many threats for the large group to want to keep him around. Up until he went on the block Ian had successfully hid in the shadows never fully showing his intelligence, or social nature and was throwing comps.

The main reason though is Cody — he worked Dani like a fiddle to ensure Ian was the replacement nominee and then each of Enzo/Memphis (by extension Xmas) and his true F2 (Nic) to ensure Ian would be the target. Enzo suggested taking out Tyler to Cody stating neither Ian/Ty would target them and perhaps it was a good opportunity. But, in a moment of Derrick-like clarity Cody explained that if they kept Ian and he was put on the block with Nicole then she would have Ian and likely Dani’s votes and would only need two of the trio in order to evict him.

Enzo could’ve recognized he was sitting in the best position in the house and seen that as an opportunity to throw a hinky vote forcing Dani to break the tie BUT there are a few reasons why he won’t. He can’t be sure of trusting Nicole to vote out Ian and if the vote shifted to 5-3 to take out Tyler then Cody would know the votes came from Enzo/Nic b/c neither Xmas/Memphis would be able to contain their rage. He also knows by keeping Tyler it would be a guarantee vote for him should he land beside pretty much anyone whereas he couldn’t have that with Ian.

If this was a DE the result might be very different b/c there would be no time for Production to interfere or change the plot narrative.

While you can feel for Ian, the reality is he had ample opportunity to switch the direction of the game for weeks on end but elected to stay connected with Nicole and do her bidding. We know Cody is her true F2 “production” alliance and Ian was only there in case someone put both former winners on the block b/c in all likelihood he would be the one to go.

Now we await Ian’s exit and the overall hope Day or Kevin could win HOH so something different than Grodner’s plan occurs — Sadly even if that were to happen something tells me they’d find a way around it.

Golden Gate Granny

And all of this can flip and reflip depending on what’s going on behind all those cute puppies, kittens and olddd annoying *ahem* music. What a week!

Moon Crickets

Dream on.

Tamberlyn M. Richardson

Care to elaborate?

Moon Crickets

You think Day or Kevin could win HOH????? The committee will feast on Day and Kevin.

Tamberlyn M. Richardson

LOL — I didn’t say I believed they would — I said “the overall HOPE that they could”. Those are two diametrically different things.

Day won her first competition in her third season that is at the halfway point so the odds aren’t in their favor especially with everyone else not throwing this time (although if I were Enzo I might – no need for him to win & screw up his position)

Game fan

Enzo would you be ok with leaving?
No they won’t shut up , they will fight
It’s the game
It’s not your original season when you had only matt who cared about strategy
So.. deal with it , play the game ( try ro think for new things to say other than i don’t care yooo ) and you shut up

Hinky Vote

See ya later!

Team New School

1) Ian already won. He is a smart guy and knew coming in that it would be hard to win a second time. That is why he (and so many more) aligned with Nicole. She is probably the only person he could win against.

2) Ian has played no game this season. He has thrown comps (or been too ill to participate and then made a miraculous recovery as soon as it was over). He did this the season he won, and he mentioned in his d.r. that he didn’t want to win until he had too. He just waited too long.

3) Ian is friendly to Nicole. No one else, just Nicole. His pact with David is worthless. He will put David up as soon as it helps him.

another name

Ian tried to play a game. Then there was a house meeting called by production.
Suddenly Ian isn’t playing at all.

another name

As of October 5, the nomination episode will be on Monday instead of Sunday.
(viacom press release)


Just a thought, but we’ve seen Enzo throw out some random votes already this season. Lets say by tonight’s vote, Enzo + The Committee are sure that they will all vote out Ian and keep Tyler, leaving Day, Kevin & David on an Island by themselves w/ a 5-3 vote, which is their goal.

But what if Enzo, armed with this information, decides this is a perfect time to shake up the house and put Dani/the Committee in a tough spot. He throws his vote to the other side of the house and it comes out 4-4 forcing Dani to choose. If she votes out Tyler, the Committee is probably done (despite what they’ll say to each other) and suddenly Enzo is in a much better spot or she votes out Ian and loses Kevin, David, Ian & Days eventual jury votes. Enzo could easily pin this on Nicole and probably wouldn’t even have to, the whole house would think it was her.

Also, despite what Nicole says, if production really has made her aware of losing sponsors and that fans feel she is insensitive to Ian’s condition, I find it reallllly hard to believe that she is going to vote him out. I guarantee you that even if she does decide to, she will make a big scene of it on live TV during her vote. She’ll fake cry and do the “Oh my gosh, Julieeee, this is sooooo harrrrrrddd, I dont know what tooo doo..blah blah”. Because of that I could see her making a completely “emotional” vote and last minute deciding to vote out Tyler to keep Ian, possibly trying to blame Enzo for the fourth vote.

But what if Enzo also already throws a vote as I mentioned above and it ends up being 5-3 and Ian stays? It would be interesting. Though I would rather have Tyler stay. I feel Ian will be with Nicole until the bitter end and I want whoever has the best chance of taking her out, not someone who would never betray her!

All random and unlikely scenarios but Enzo has some power that people in the house don’t seem to be considering this week. What are all of your thoughts on this?

Zac McKracken

David may not be a good enough player to even be in the Bottom Feeders alliance with Kevin, Dani and Day.

Rockstar's Daughter Birthday

I hope Cody wins HOH tonight. Seeing Kevin and DaVonne on the block will be great.


I don’t think too many people will agree with you on this one.


Omg Enzo..please do your crazy throw away vote this time..even if Dani evicts Ian..make her squirm

Team New School

Nicole is such a whiny b&*(h. (And Ian isn’t much better.)

another name

Say it with me: this is going to be bullcrap piled high.

At least they didn’t show Enzo as a Committee member this time in the recap.

Nicf cries. Oh ffs. A total my sponsors will hate me fix it Grod edit. eyeroll. Gonna be neck deep in this Nicf d/r crap until the vote.
Dani Da’vonne talking. Dani saying she still wants to work with Da… when?? Whaa?
Suballiance finally introduced. Well at least 4Prime. So now the show has 3 alliances to make things make sense this week.
Memphis Ian vote talk: yeah. Like that was ever going to work. Ever. Ever. p-shaw.
Dear Ian, if you are in a final four alliance, an alliance mate never puts you up as a pawn with 11 left. d’uh.
Cody is really trying to save Tyler for a totally different reason when he talks to Nicf.
Nicf diary won’t make sense with all this save Ian stuff.
The Nicf D/R will make no sense with the vote shenanigan plan.
Christmas: Ian. Enzo: Ian. Commercial. Da’vonne: Tyler. Cody: Ian. Kevin: Tyler. Memphis: Ian. David: Tyler. Nicole: Ian.
They got the 5-3 vote that has been the object since feeds returned Sunday put into action today.
Dani not replaying. We knew that.
3d puzzle making.
Da’vonne jumped the gun on GO someone will say something about this later.
Who wins to be shown on Sunday. We’ll know significantly sooner.
Grandpa appeared to be in the lead.


Let me get this straight. To keep Ian is better for Nicole’s game, but to get rid of Ian is better for the Committee’s game, so Nicole is going to vote against her own interest for the Committee? Dumbass.