“I’m going, to be honest, I’m not talking to a soul today. Nothing is real in here, nothing.”

Head of Household Winner – Jackson
Have note are:
Nominations are: Christie & Sis
Power of Veto Players are – Christie, Sis, Jackson, Nick (Christie picked), Holly (sis pulled), Cliff
Power of Veto holder –
Power of Veto Ceremony –

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9:09 am Tommy and Sis

Tommy – they have to believe you are a number for them. By the end of the week.
Sis – he really based it on what I said?
Tommy – that’s what he said
Tommy explains when Jackson overheard Sis and Christie talking. it was that conversation (before HOH) that made him believe Sis was putting him and Holly up.
Sis – I wouldn’t f*ing put them up
Tommy – that’s how they felt after hearing that

Sis asks why isn’t Nick going up
Tommy – Nick is another strong male competitor if you knock out another strong male competitor you are more exposed.
Tommy – if he makes an ally with Nick he might have Nick fighting for him
Feeds cut

9:27 am Feeds back the power of veto Players are Christie, Sis, Jackson, Nick (Christie picked), Holly (sis pulled), Cliff
Tommy – I’ll be hosting so good energy (YES YES YES)

9:29 am
Sis – I’m so mad
Tommy – If Nick wins he’s taking you off even though she picked
Sis – he’ll leave it the same
Tommy – maybe he will I dunno
Tommy – after thinking about it and talking to him (Nick), SHe (Jess) probably made a deal. One of the two have to go home
Sis – she didn’t make a deal she was telling us so much sh1t last night.
Sis says she’s not working with Holly”if I stay or If I go”
Sis – the one person I didn’t want to get I get.
Christie joins them “It sucks”
Sis – you’re going to win
Christie – I know I’m winning

Christie – I’m going, to be honest, I’m not talking to a soul today. Just so you know Nick’s working with Jackson and he has been. Every single piece of the puzzle came together last night
Christie – Holly slipped in the meeting the other day he’s been making deals with Jackson since the beginning before the HOH competition
Christie brings up Holly saying that Nick threw the HOH comps
Christie – Nick has thrown every game so far he’s come in second
Christie – If I go trust each other
Christie- Kat told me before she left.
Christie – If Nick is there no one will win over him he’s a snake and he’s playing every single person in this house in an alliance with Michie and Holly, I’m telling you this because I know.
Christie – I’m not surprised though I never trusted Nick NEVER
Christie – I need to shower I didn’t even shower yesterday I’m such a dirtbag
Christie – I’m just pissed.
Sis calls Holly weak “She sais she would never choose a guy over us. that b1tch said a whole but of sh1t about me .. why is it bad when I say something but she goes around saying 3 things”
Sis – it’s f*ing weak

SIS – I know you don’t want to hear this but every day the more sh1t I hear about Nick it all just makes sense
Christie – well we’ll see when we watch it back
Christie leaves
Tommy says he thought Nick threw the HOH too
Sis – I know
Sis – why do you think he’s not up there on the block
Sis – I know I’m up there because she’s the target but I still have a chance to go
Sis is certain that Nick is working with Jackson and Holly because he won’t be the replacement nomination, he never went up to begin with and he threw the HOH.
Tommy – why is that a bad thing
Sis – he was talking all this shit and now I’m on the block for it.
Tommy – you’re right you’re right
Sis says if Christie wins the veto “what happens’
Tommy – that’s why I want you to stay cool
Sis says even if she stays in the game she’s not working with Jackson/Holly he’s going after them.

9:35 am Christie back calling Jackson and Holly Liars. Adds that they have Tommy’s back their intention was never to get the 5 back together.
Christie – it’s all lies (OMG you had a final 6 formed against them)

Tommy says why were they so quick to jump ship again after hearing one thing
Christie – it is what is it you can’t get upset there’s not point getting upset it’s just a game.

Tommy – why am I on the block literally for what I said at the moment
Christie – if I win the veto they may try to punish you and send you home

9:40 pm Jackson and Holly in the HOH
Holly – I said good morning to Sis this morning she completely ignored me
Jackson – yeah same
Holly – then I pulled her chip, I guess she wishes she said good morning.. or not
Michie – did you see her face when she pulled it .. HOLLY

Jackson – she’s a sore loser
Jackson – when things don’t go her way
Holly – yeah, cause it doesn’t happen often
Holly – we’ve been close this entire game. it’s day 60 and you can’t say good morning..

9:41 am Christie and Sis
Christie says he needs to team up with Jess. adds that she knows Tommy has Sis’ back but…
Christie – he doesn’t care about anything else other than winning.. you just need to look after yourself you need to fight
Sis – I can’t stay in this house with f*ing holly
Christie – I can’t be in the same room with her it’s hard the inauthenticity pouring out of her pores
Christie – if I win this veto I’m meant to stay if I don’t I’m meant to get out of this hell hole of snakes.. it is a game.
Christie – I’m so sorry.. we’re in this together and I feel bad it has something to do with me
Sis says Holly seems like the type
Christie – I knew from week two her and Jackson was going to go that is why I didn’t want to work with them.

9:45 am Tommy and Nick
Tommy tells him they think he threw the HOH.
Nick – there was no way beating him in the competition I tried really hard I had no energy
Tommy – if you tell me something I’ll believe it

9:47 am Nick, Christie, and Sis
Nick – why are you questioning me…
Christie – it seems really strange that she’s on the block. it’s not strange I’m on the block it’s strange she’s on the block..
Sis – I’m not mad at you I’m on the block for my own reasons
Christie – it’s strange you are not on the block
Christie says Holly said Nick threw the HOH.
Christie – you were the one that came up with the deal .. (the 6 person last week)
Christie – everyone is whispering when there are deals made (sucks you’re not part of them )

Nick says all he did was went up there (HOH) and they told him he’s good.
Christie reminds him that Holly “was trashing him” last week
Nick says he’s getting upset. “I’ve been nothing but transparent”

Nick – at this point if you don’t trust me. put me up. it’s nothing but tiring for me I still get questioned this is bullshit
The girls deny
Nick – you just said it all adds up

They go back and forth on Nick bringing up tidbits of evidence that Nick is working with Jackson and Holly.

Nick – you guys trust Holly more than I do
Christie says she doesn’t “I had faith in Holly as a girl”
Christie goes on about how Holly was all for the girls “No showmance” will get in their way

Christie – who is your target, Jess?
Nick – yes
Christie goes on about how Nick is good with everyone “You got to understand why it’s unsettling”
Christie – If I win this veto because I’m going to win this veto is Holly going to vote her out (Sis)
Nick says Who Jackson wants gone she’ll vote that way.
Christie – that contradicts everything she’s said which is gross
Christie – it sucks if you win it I’ll go home because you won’t use it
Nick – I’m not using jit because of SIS I’ve had more loyalty to her than you
Christie – I’m going home
Nick – if he doesn’t put up Tommy.
Christie – I need 4 votes.
They count the vote she would have three.
Nick – you don’t think I could get Nicole to Swing a vote
Nick warns them that “Jess has voted every week the way the HOH has wanted”

Nick – If I win and take SIS down he’s not putting Tommy up and you are not going home
Christie – ok, you would really vote to keep me
Nick – I swear to god as long as you’re not beside Sis or Tommy
Christie – ok
Nick says if Christie goes the next target is Sis or Tomy, “you going is not good for my game. ”
Christie – I just don’t want to see him (Jackson) in the end

Nick – Kat was burying me. I’m sick of getting buried I don’t drag anyone else’s name even if they’ve done f* up sh1t

Nick – I hear a bunch sh1t and I don’t question you guys either
Christie claiming she’s never questioning Nick.

10:28 am 
Christie crying – Nothing is real in here nothing.

Sis – I’m just hurt. I really value people’s friendships
Sis now crying going on about Holly “playing a catty game”
Sis – I would never play a catty game like she is
Tommy says they are feeding each other and getting ramped up “both of you might stay or one of you will be here don’t dig the other person into a whole”
Tommy is trying to pull a meeting together with Holly..

11:07 am Tommy and Christie
Christie – I feel really bad for SIS
T – I know, but she did things too
Christie – she’s taking it like personally
T – She’s very quick to jump ship
Christie – she feels so personally attacked
They agree it’s not personal.
T – he wants you out and that gets rid of a vote for you and adds a vote for you to go. It’s strategic that’s why he said to her I do trust you I want to see you safe this week
T – I still think it was stupid because it burns a lot of bridges
Christie – does it really
T – yeah it does. It burns Holly’s game
Christie – she’ll still stand by him
T – he’ll be the first to go and until she goes she has someone to hide behind. It’s kinda smart
T – it’s gross
Christie – it’s gross it’s not who I am (y’all were hiding behind Jack ZOMG)
Christie brings up having a conversation with Holly where “being an independent women means so much to her when little girls are at home watching”
T – I do think that is true both things can be true (T dropping sense on sour grapes)
T – you too, jumping ship you have to be careful how quick you are. Just because you heard something after that conversation doesn’t negate that conversation

Christie – I hate this game so much
T – no you don’t
Christie – yes I do. I hate how it challenges us. I hate how it makes me doubt myself
Christie – I fear getting out of here how everything is perceived. How I am perceived. My own emotions my own words
Christie – it’s not about winning. I don’t even care. it just sucks.
Christie – I thought I would be better at it I really did. I should have known
T – don’t talk like that you are a good f*ing competitor. If this (veto) is remotely mental you have it
Christie – yeah or Nick
T – you are going to be fine be strong and believe in yourself
Christie – my heart doesn’t feel that honestly

11:44 am SIs, Christie, Nick, Cliff..

Nick talking about how he’s going to run up and jump on Bella as soon as he sees her.
Sis continues to rub his back.

12:30 pm Michie and Cliff
Jackson is explaining his nominations how it removes one of “their” votes and Keeps, Jess, Nicole, Holly, Cliff in the house to vote against Christie

Jackson fills him in on the conversation he overheard in the have nots room between Sis, Jess and Christie. Sis was saying “they have nobody it’s just them two.. they don’t win HOH they don’t win Vetos it’s just the two of them “(Michie and Holly)
Jackson – Tommy has worked with them but he’s never come after me
Cliff says if he wins the veto he’ll do what Jackson wants, “I’m solid with you”

12:38 pm Christie and Sis
C – there’s still hope for us both to stay it’s slim. The best option is to keep it friendly I know it’s hard for you
C – don’t stay angry
S – yeah
Christie thinks that Jess will go up not Nick. “she’s a girl he wants a girl to go”

1:46 pm Before the feeds go down .. RV crew chatting about past event pre-feeds.

2:00 pm Power of Veto has begun

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Swaggie's Missing Brow

I’m beginning to think that BB producers are somehow hacking into confidential psychiatric files looking for prime candidates to cast.

I actually wonder what it would be like if they actually put normal people into the house?


Yeah like back in big brother 1 n 2 when u could hear the cameras rotating…ah the good ol days


this is the norm of their generation . self centered , me me me . i am a victim(even if i caused the harm) no personal social skills and likes and retweets run their lives. no sense of actions and words have consequences , because it is never their fault. they all DESERVE enter wahtever you want. they make me want to throw up ! i come here to see the ninsense of the week . i cant look at or hear these tools .


I still think we should start our own hashtag for them ; hashtag# Generation Asshole


Sorry, I disagree about this generalization. I (67 yrs old) do volunteer work with some amazing folks in this age range (20-40 yrs old) to help the homeless. They are thoughtful, kind, and willing to think of others before themselves. Don’t let a TV reality show influence your thinking. It’s just supposed to be entertaining. Even if it is guilty entertainment on my part!!


Yes Christie you are a dirtbag, but I’m sorry…you def trusted Nick!!! And I love how livid she is with Michie and Holly about never wanting the group back together. As Simon said, they formed a 6 against them for the love of God!


Oh yeah she is def a hypocrite !!


She is most definitely not a “dirtbag”, thank you very much!!!

wendy barrantes



Christie said herself she was a dirtbag, you are denying her identity you dirtbagaphobe

I second that emotion.

I agree.. she is a bag o dirt…

Feeds Gold

tommie is annoying the f-uck outta me

over and over obsessively saying to christie and sis “you need to make up with hollie”

shut the f-uck up tommie

they dont want to be fake

let christie and sis work with who they want to work with


I gave this a thumbs up cause I agree with you in theory…but that is not why they don’t want to make up with Holly. It’s just cause they’re butthurt right now lol :p


Too late because they are already fake.


Crusty and Sis not being fake is rather the definition of oxymoron.


Omg….I just can’t EVEN with these 2 lying, drama-filled, poor sports!

Certainly by now even production is sick of Christie.

BB Casting Call

I think Tommy is.

Your Killing Me Smalls

I don’t see production wanting Chrstie to win it all, its their problem child Jackson who they have been favoring most of the game and its right in front of everyone’s face but people are so focused on Christie and Tommy to even see it. He gets good edits, He’s been on the block twice & safe and then america’s vote and he’s safe, and putting him in a akward showance to make him seem less of an a$$. Talking to him telling him not to talk crap abt ppl and then picking a comp he was good at right after safety to make sure he wins. Flipping an alliance in his favor to keep him safe for weeks goin fw. It’s so obvious they want douche guy to win this whole thing. He was going to put up Cliff/Jess until production told him NO! Look at who was picked for veto, all in his favor.

Kraken and eggs

Saying that BB is a reality show is like saying Trump is a decent person….there has been countless seasons and shows where we, the viewers, sometimes got an unintended look behind the curtain….Grodner has her hands in pretty much everything….


Truth hurts huh?


I also come here to avoid the barrage of politics on TV, radio, news. No need Kraken and eggs for your comparison post.


Thank you!


The only way Jackson wins it all is if is against Holly in the end because the mean girls will not vote for him after this. The only person they hate more is Holly. No way Christie lets the jury vote for Jackson to win.


I used to really love BB, back in the days when I only watched the 3 shows, didn’t know about groups like this, didn’t watch BBAD, and before all access. I believed the “story” CBS edited into the shows. It was such an entertaining show. Nowj, I start the season with high hopes. I actually liked every one of them when I watched the interviews before the season started. Then I learned what they really were like. I will continue to watch, even some BBAD but canceled access. I love this board! Thank you, Simon, for all your hard work. This is the first place I check in the morning &several times a day. But to be honest, I miss my naive days.


The Washington Post had an article about the difference in the live shows and what the feedsters see. The problem will remain until it becomes financially difficult to maintain the façade.


Saw that…


If the rumors are true about his mother hiring a lawyer then I’m sure BB is doing whatever they can to help him win. I’ve watched Big brother since season 1 and this is by far the worst group of people. Everyone in here is going on and on about Christy and Sis yet NO ONE thinks that Michie and Holly’s behavior is disgusting. He is the most self centered egotistical a$$hole that this show has had on.
Pease let his a$$ sit on the block next week.

g Love

Allegedly bc his Mommy is posting on Twitter, etc saying he’s getting bad edits. She’s defending her child, I get it, i hear she’s threatening to lawyer up. Sadly her son doesn’t seem to treat women other than his Momma with much respect, he’s his own special kind of boy. Anyhow, CBS seems to be leading him on a much nicer image path than his original chosen one.

Dalia Hobelman

Geeze these two cry babies everyone has been on block some more than others and they get on block for legitimate reason and they act sore about it lol

Feeds Gold

bb production if youre reading this…

if you want drama, maybe offer tommie $10k to stop his constant irritating mediating of sis

i want to see her free to do the f-uck what she wants to do and say what she wants to say

freedom for a free spirit


maybe if she pulled her head out of christie *ss she would be able to breath on her own


OMG! Pots…..meet kettles!


Awwww! Come on Crispy! U can’t create a world of fake alliances where half the house is saying it’s fake for the past 4 weeks, live in the fake alliance non alliance but really is an alliance benefit from it, THEN get mad when that non alliance doesn’t work for your benefit so u say its fake??? She swore she was being quiet last week and is STILL running her mouth. As much as I can’t stand Nick he has a point! If it was all about the girls then why is Kat gone??
And of course Sis doesn’t make sense cause shes a pawn! If Jackson is thinking clearly he would put up another threat but clearly he has deals. If sis stays up she goes home. If Crispy stays up she SHOULD go home however we know how “scared” of Christie some of the house guests seem to be of her n Tommy. (Yet hard to believe no one has put together they know each other cause shes “all for the girls” but protects Tommy??)
Plus they ALL “decided” to “respect” the HOH and do what they wanted and now its different?
Look, It was all good with the 8 the fake 9 with Sam and the 6 shooters now NEW six does not include them. Get over!!
It’s kinda like how Crispy told Jess “it wasn’t personal. Its game play and working with the people I’m closest too”
After calling Michie “gross and disgusting” she is sad it’s her and Sis?? #KarmasABit*h
Let’s hope veto give us some more.defining answers

BB Casting Call

Jackson or Holly winning the veto would be a great message from the universe to Christie.

I just love Tyler from BB20

That would be awesome. I will be beyond thrilled if Christie is evicted. I wanted her gone week two.

V bb fan

I’d love it if Cliff won. It would help him build trust with Jackson and show he could pull his own weight in the 4 person alliance of him, JJ, Holly and Nicole. Plus seeing how the others would treat him before and after Monday would be entertaining.


Let’s hope it’s not hide the veto cause Crusty, Sis, Nick (was it Nick?) maybe had all at one time told each other where they would hide or where to hide the veto so they would not be found so they could theoretically ‘cheat’ the comp and I guess play a clean and loyal game. To prove, here’s the sarcasm again sorry, that they were meant to come down and I guess prove their halo shines the brightest.
(Yeah, if you have wings, cause you think you’re angelic, you have to have a halo right?)


Yup – I’m just dying for Christie to be still on the block begging for votes & the hamsters saying “sorry, it’s nothing personal, but I just can’t keep a 4-some together & I’m just doing what the HOUSE WANTS” lol


Substitute universe for the house and watch her crack. She may pull an Audrey.


Timmy, you and your &@:/ meetings.
They don’t accomplish anything.


When’s the veto comp?


I think on Monday?

Cancel this season already

In a few hours

Quiet 1

Serious selective memory of their own cattiness!! A week of them swearing they hate them and will put them on the block (Holly and Jackson ) and now they are the victims. YUCK!

BB Casting Call

The new age….the millennial.


BB Casting Call. They picked the worst of that Gen to play. My son is a Millennial and not even close to being as bad as they are…stop lumping

BB Casting Call

Holy F@$&, can they just send both Christie and Sis…reading this update has proven to be enough of them in the house and their ways of thinking.

BB Crusty Crab Shack

LMAO @ Sis being mad at Holly “ for playing a catty game.” Sis’ intelligence is limited, I know… obviously isn’t familiar with the word “ hypocrite “ yet. She has said several times how she hates this game; I wish she would walk out the door hand in hand with Crusty with gross Nick sniffing from behind


“Nick sniffing from behind” Hilarious comment!

Tide Pods for Supper

Who the hell thumbs downed that it was a great comment and the guy is a total creep


It’s more hypocritical than Sis knows. Christie and Tommy harped on and on about Kat and Holly knowing each other when Jack was there…. Tommy is related to Christies EX and they knew each other before the house.


This is straight up bullshit! Christie did nothing to deserve this!!!! America was right to send Jackson on the field trip…. what a piece of scum!!!



boy… starving for attention, are you?


Awe! Look y’all, Christie has a fan.


That’s Christie’s sister from the hospital.


Oh she survived

1. Piano falling on her head
2. Safe falling on her head
3. Falling off a cliff
4. Getting hit by a taxi
5. Boomerang attack
6. Wild boar attack
7. Random arrow attack
8. Golf ball hitting in the head
9. Killer clowns
10. Killer bees
11. Flying axe
12. Falling out of a helicopter
13. Sharks
14. A very happy dolphin
15. Another piano
16. Lawn darts
17. Wild boar came back
18. Stingray attack
19. Fall down the stairs
20. Zombies

J e t s jets jets jets

Was she chased by a coyote?


Lol…sorry you’re so angry right now. And most of us on this site…insert a random symbol in a cuss word. Not that ya have to. :p

BB Crusty Crab Shack

Hahaha, thanks for my first laugh of the day

Allies Mom

It would ramp up the drama this week if Nick would win the veto and take Sis off then Jackson puts Tommy up. That would be feeds gold.

House Stark

Does Nick even try to win anything?


Tommy just got called to DR & he’s hosting so I guess no Zingbot this week


isn’t zingbot usually at 7?


Last year it was this week I think

BB Crusty Crab Shack

Just hoping that Zingbot gives a “fake” reference to Tommy ; a poor hygiene/ perv reference to Nick; “ mean girl “ reference to Sis; a “ clueless” reference to Jess; a heavy make-up reference to Holly


zingbot’s definitely gonna reference nick’s lack of fidelity to bella (though it may be a lame cuddling with tommy reference), but i doubt it will call tommy fake, sis mean, or jess clueless as all those could be interpreted as having game implications. i am hoping we get a reference to cliff being a sellout. unless nicole finally wins something zingbot will potentially pick on her for never winning (though i’m hoping it goes after her fear of birds).


Michie just said to Holly that he really doesn’t want to put Tommy up…but if Nick wins and uses the veto on Sis…then he will have no other choice. He’s not gonna risk someone else. And the veto comp might be starting verryyyy soon. Let’s go Michie, Holly, Nicole, or Cliff!!!!!


Sis – “I’m not mad at you I’m on the block for my own reasons”…uh…for being a lamp? An end table? oh wait no no no, for being the sex stool. Girl is so unreal (so is Christie)

Let It Go Already!!!!

So what she had sex with jack! Grow up already. Funny how u love to go on and on abt sis but yet michie gets a pass sleeping with kat week one, and then holly and not a word abt that sleezebag!

BB Crusty Crab Shack

I thought Sis’ relatives might be on here…makes sense now


Oh no…don’t even go there. I am 60 years old and have watched it since the first season. Playing out your sex lives on live TV is nothing more than porn! And we have all laid into Jackson and Jack for how they were behaving.


Throw Nick under the bus. Run him over. Nick pretty much asking why a bus on top of him and Crusty saying she didn’t drive the bus as she’s having her lunch break in the driver seat. Pretty typical. Then about to tell Nick no Nick you drove bus that ran you over. I was polishing my wings, like you see here like with my tears that like I’ve been so good I had to hide from everyone cause I’m so good.

Is that what Crusty sees in the mirror or thinks America sees when we look at her? All this blatant bu&&s#gt.

Swaggie's Missing Brow

I think Nick threw himself under the bus. Not necessarily game wise but career wise. I can’t imagine any parent allowing him to counsel their child.


Haha Christie is such a whiner shut up and play Big Brother…I don’t get this season why everyone is always saying “this person lied to me” in not so many words did the forget this is big brother? Sure Nick is playing both sides Christie but what do you want him to do be put up on the block to save you and Sis. Also why didn’t she pick Tommy Nick just told Christie point blank he wouldn’t take her off…please please don’t let crazy Christie win veto she’s the only one at this point that would take herself off!


Power of Veto still playing, huh? Hmm… could production be playing one of those where they are not competing at the same time? Therefore we have to “believe” who they claim is the winner? Christy sure sounds confidant that she is winning… Just sayin’.

SD Girl

She did come down from the HaveNot Room a changed person.
Meditation fine.
Napping okay because others have done it.
Veto coaching??
The Fix could be in.


Could be right, but do they usually have a host for those?


I think these 2 little girls are going to be in for a rude awakening when they get out.

BB Crusty Crab Shack

They’ll still be in denial: Sis- “ I refuse to believe twitter hates me!” Crusty: “ I love you so much America.”


Feeds down for POV — wonder if it’s the chemistry/paint comp where they have to recall colors shown. Hope so b/c that means everyone does it together, so no room for TPTB manipulation. I’m not sure Michie will fair well in that comp & Christie always says she has a photographic memory (UGH).

I’m pulling for a Nick win so he removes Sis & Tommy ends up on the block & he gets to experience his F2 turning on him. Happy with any of the 4-some leaving tbh but as much as Christie drives me crazy if I was in that house I’d want Tommy out since he’s the glue between each of the quartet as well as outside the four, His interactions with everyone this week is really driving that point home.

Based on HOH conversations I think Nick realizes he (or Tommy) could go up if either lady comes down so he’ll probably gun to win the POV & then tell Sis if he uses it that Tommy is going OTB in order to get her to stay up with the promise they’ll keep her. This means unless the ladies win it themselves noms should stay the same In that event Christie leaves 5-1 (Tommy) or 4-2 if Jess pulls a fast one.

I believe Tommy is most likely the replacement in almost every scenario b/c he is Christie’s F2 (which Michie knows). I just don’t see Jackson taking a chance of putting up Nick b/c he could leave over Christie. The only difference is I think Jackson’s target shifts to Tommy if Christie removes herself.


I like the way u think ie. Tommy knowing what it’s like to be on the block so he can feel the real manipulation the house suffers. But is Michie brave enough to do it after telling Tommy he wouldn’t?
Well he didnt say he wouldn’t back door Tommy but did tell him he wasn’t his target.
Here’s looking forward seeing what shakes down with veto

Swaggie's Missing Brow

I’d like to see Cliff somehow stumble into winning the POV.

Keepin It Real!!!

Go Christie Go, get this veto win! You can do it girl…

Chichi Riviera

Crusty’s nose ring must be beside itself with worry!


Well, Christie is crying in Have Not room, so assuming she didn’t win Veto – YAY!!


I can’t figure out why everyone here is so in love with Jackson. He’s a complete tool. Christie is annoying but not deplorable like Jackson. Cliff, have you all forgotten what a weak HOH he had? Holly, sent Sam out. The entire cast is awful. Christie and Sis could both leave this week and this season would still suck.


Jackson is not a good person. He’s taken the chastisement from the field trip/DR talks and he’s doing a bit better. He’s still a tool. He’s getting high marks this week because he put up Christie. Next week we’ll probably hate him again.

Creepy Nick

@ Trixey,

You’re right. Both Jackson and Nick would of been perfect for VH1’s Tool Academy.


YAYYYYYYYYY Michie won!!!!


Simon, fyi, the grid shows Day 51 with Kat instead of Christy as nom…