Big Brother 21 – Nomination Results! “I’m just kind of embarrassed by her response.”

Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household Winner – Tommy
Have note are: No Have nots this week, Jack, Tommy and Jackson were given punishments as part of the veto.
Nominations are: Cliff, Kat & Christie
Power of Veto Players are –
Power of Veto holder –
Power of Veto Ceremony –
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5:07pm – 6:33pm Big Brother blocks the feeds for the nomination ceremony. When the feeds return all the house guests are in the living room.

Tommy has Nominated: Cliff & Kat
Christie is also nominated from field trip.

Tommy to Cliff – I am so sorry. Cliff – you know, nothing changes what we’ve got. We’re playing a game. Like I told you beforehand we’re good. If I go out the door on Thursday, you and I are still tight buds. I don’t take the game as a personal thing at all. Tommy – good. Cliff – I’ll play, if I win, that’s good. If I don’t whatever, we’re buddies right? Tommy – yes. Cliff – no we’re coll Tommy.

Holly to Tommy & Cliff – I am just kind of embarrassed by her response. Jack – that was classic Kat. “Its alright. I’m just on my period.” Nick – I didn’t know what to do when she started crying. I gave her a pat on the back. Cliff – there’s not much you can to, just give her some time. When my daughters cry its not because they want me to fix something .. they just want someone to listen to them vent a little bit. Its a stressful game.

Boat room. Kat is crying to Jackson and Jess. Jackson – if I hadn’t won today I would be right up there with you. There’s still the veto and there are 3 nominees. You went from a 50/50 to 33% chance. As long as Christie is up there that takes her vote away.. where she would have voted. Kat – if Christie comes off I don’t want to be up there against Cliff. I don’t want to campaign against Cliff. Jess – you don’t have to campaign against him. Michie didn’t campaign against Jack. Kat – I don’t want to be up there against Cliff. Jackson – we will cross that bridge when we get there. If you want me to play in the veto I will for you. Kat – thank you. Jackson – I don’t want you to go home. Kat – I think I have PTSD from it.

Cliff joins Kat and Jess in the boat room. Cliff – I hurt when you hurt. Kat – I am embarrassed that I cried. Cliff – its okay, its a game. Kat – I hated seeing my picture up there next to yours. Cliff – everyone understands. That’s what makes you kat. You’re full of passion and emotion. Kat – I don’t really want to be up on the block next to you. Cliff – there are three people up on the block.. we’ve got two chances to win the veto. Worst case, its just a game. I am not sure what Tommy would do if he won (veto). Jess – I think she would take Christie off. Cliff – maybe it depends on how tricky he wants to be. If we’re still up there I will probably go. Kat – I don’t want you to go. Cliff – everyone but two of us will go. Jess – no more crying, no more taking game until the veto is played. Kat – I am sorry I cried. Cliff leaves. Nicole joins them. Kat – I just don’t know who Tommy’s target is.. me or Cliff. I am sorry that I cried during the nomination ceremony… I’m embarrassed. Nicole – its okay. One step at a time. Kat – I just don’t want to go to the jury house with Jack. That would suck. Christie joins them and hugs Kat.

6:59pm Bedroom. Christie starts crying – this just sucks .. like why does there have to be 3 nominations.. that’s not fair!!! Nick – it could have been like vote for your favorite house guest to get safety. Christie – Its just f**ked up! I am sorry. I don’t want to be the victim. Nick – its okay, its not like you’re up because of something you did this week. Christie – With Tommy HOH I was like .. this is a week that I won’t have to worry … and it was out of my game play and out of my control and it just sucks. One of the reasons I decided to keep Jack is I just believe in karma and I believe in when you stay true to yourself the universe or god rewards that and has your back in return. .. and I am just like pissed at that .. like why do I even believe in it .. Cliff – you don’t know that you won’t still be rewarded. Paths are interesting and rewards you get aren’t always the ones you expect. It means the success story becomes that much sweeter.. Christie – you’re right.

Christie – and I feel terrible for you and Kat too. Cliff – there are only going to be two of us at the end… and the rest of us will be hugging and laughing. Its just a game. Its a stressful situation we’ve put ourselves in. How many people would kill to be in the position we’re in.

7:22pm Bedroom. Kat and Nicole. Kat – Like I know that Tommy had limited options but he still picked me. Nicole – you have a right to be angry. Kat – at the beginning of the season I never would have thought that Tommy would have put me up. I thought we were cool. It doesn’t make me angry .. it just makes me sad. But in his defense I did verbalize that if I won HOH I would put him up. He’s not wrong. Nicole – I am glad to see you better.

7:40pm The house guests are lazing around chatting about random things.

7:52pm – 8pm Storage room. Kat, Jackson and Holly.
Kat – I don’t think I’m f**ked. Holly – no I don’t think you’re f**ked at all. I think Cliff is the target between the two of you. Obviously tomorrow will be telling if anyone wins veto. Kat – if Cliff wins the veto and its me, a replacement nom and Christie.. Holly – you still wouldn’t be f**ked. I think you’re fine either way .. its just who’s better to go Cliff or Christie. Kat – probably Christie. Holly – I think so. I don’t know. But Tommy still wants to work together. Kat – you b***hes have my back right!? Jackson – Yup! Holly – Duh! Jackson – goes without saying. Kat – because if I have you and Jess.

8:20pm Boat room. Jackson and Holly. Holly – I’ve been more and more worried about perception. I just need to stay true to myself and really be careful of things. And knowing how things are edited and spun. Jackson – same. Holly – I need to not talk about how much Christie is frustrating me. I need to stop and not be negative. I think we just need to lay low and be neutral. It sucks because between Christie and Cliff its going to be two very opposite sides of the house and we will have to choose. But I don’t think its worth having this conversation fully until after tomorrow happens. If Christie takes herself off then.. F**K! .. but then it would be easy.. if we should stick with the same side of the house .. it would be a little sus (suspect) if we didn’t. Jackson – very. Holly – it might make more sense if we go with Cliff’s Angels .. but do not tell Kat I told you that. Don’t tell anyone. Jackson – I won’t tell anyone. Holly – it might make sense to go with Cliff’s Angels and turn that into 6.

8:40pm Bedroom. Christie and Nick.
Christie – nothing can be done till after the veto. Nick – best case is you or Tommy win this f**king veto. If I win I will take you off. I don’t give a f**k. Because I don’t’re not going home. If it makes me a target next week, it makes me a target. I still don’t think Cliff will come after me next week. Christie – I can’t believe Michie won. Nick – he f**king killed it! I have so many ideas in my head. You guys kicking me out of the alliance is the best thing that could have happened because now I’m good with a couple people on the other side and I can swing some magic. You just have to trust me if it comes to that. Sis joins them. Sis – what are you worried about? Christie – Michie and Holly are voting me out. Christie – worst case scenario is I go to jury with Jack. If I stay on the block I am getting voted out. Nick – I will tell Cliff to pick me if he gets house guest choice. I just won’t win it, I’ll give it to her (Christie).

9:10pm Christie and Jess. Christie is crying. Christie is crying. (its going to be a long week if Christie stays up on the block.) I will talk to whoever the f**k I want to without it being a question. I feel like that is so annoying.

9:40pm Nick and Nicole. Nick – If I tell you this and you tell anyone I will never trust you again. Nicole – I promise I will not say anything. Nick – I am telling you .. if you f**king bury me from this I will never f**King talk to you again. Nicole – you’re scaring me. I wouldn’t bury you. I told you I respect you so much in this game and I want to see you at the end. Nick – when Holly was HOH she said it was Christie’s idea to put you up. Holly said that she wanted you up because she wanted to give Sam the best chance to stay and number two .. Holly told them that if you went up she wanted you to go. And Tommy and Christie were the ones that actually talked her out of it. I didn’t want to tell you because I didn’t know who you were close with. I found out 5 days ago. Nicole – from? Nick – Tommy. Thats why you have a big desision with this vote. Nicole – I don’t know who to believe. Nick – me.

10:10pm – 10:40pm Tommy’s pasta dinner is finally ready. The house guests sit down to eat. HOH room. Tommy – I really don’t want the noms to ache

10:55pm Bedroom. Nick tells Cliff – if someone House Guests choice picks me I will take that person down. And I already explained that to him (Tommy). And if it was me and you at the end I could just let you win it. Cliff – I appreciate that and I might just do that. I would love to do that if you’re willing. I would love to have you in my corner.

11:10pm HOH room. Tommy, Cliff, Jess and Nicole. Cliff and Tommy are talking about which seasons of big brother they’ve watched / which were your favorites.

11:23pm Bedroom.
Christie comes out of the diary room and is crying again. Christie -its the contrast of you winning, Jack leaving and now being on the block. Its okay its just really high and then low. Tommy – its okay, we’ll get you off.

11:43pm – 11:56pm Christie, Tommy, Nick and Sis chatting. Christie comments again about how she thinks Jackson and Holly are voting her out. Tommy – don’t even put that out there. Christie – I’m not, I’m just saying it in front of you. Tommy – I heard you say it out loud down stairs too. They talk about how Jess needs to go. Christie – I really really really hope if that if I come off the block that Cliff stays because Kat is so f**king dangerous and the fact that no one sees that. Nick – I am going to take you off tomorrow and then I am going to convince Nicole that she is the bottom of the totem pole.

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leg kick leg kick ohhh myyy goddd i love you all so much i love you and you and you its like so hard to put anyone up im just trying to do whats best for everyone cause i just love you all so much and like im just bursting at the seams with so much love i mean i love jack in fact i love all the evicted houseguests i love christie i love cliff i love kat i love nick i love julie i love cbs i love my mom i love my dog i love the mailman i love you simon and dawg soooooo much!!!

Franks fumes

Who does he think he is Judy Garland or something……

Franks fumes

Crusty is in such denial she thinks America hates her because she went after Jackjaw for his anti woman behavior and Tommy thinks by winning the veto people will love her again……wow.


A Rockette….. lol

The Corey's

So if noms stay the same christie goes home right?


If holly knows !! About kliff angels..
She and Jackson needs to put the personal feelings aside and get kliff out.. it will even the house and holly and Jackson will still fall in the middle

Brother Love in the houseeeeee

Riiiiigt. Okay Brother Love. (any wrestling fans know who he is ). Lmaoooooo.


Cliffs response to the situation in the title of this post is perfect!!! What a wise man. All men need to hear this message.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

He has more wisdom and accurate perception than these fools who make it “good versus evil”. Even though I don’t buy into Christie’s whacked philosophy, there’s some truth to “karma”. Viewers DID see some nasty behavior and that was pay back. No self awareness AT all.


It’s the proof of the thinking of the two different generations. “It’s someone else’s fault” as opposed to “I take responsibility for my own actions”

SD Bird

RN on the Feeds –
Christy saying how it’s so much harder this nomination is because earlier ones were just not that real/important/not expected.

This is who is in the Boatroom:
Kat is crying & it is her 3rd time up – 1st week, next time, almost sent home from blowup & today.
Jess & was a Nom
Nicole was a Nom & nearly went home

So, it’s important NOW that you, Christy are OTB

Franks fumes

Welcome to Crusty’s world where you are but a mere crumb.


Sis has to wear a chicken costume? That’s it?! Please tell me there is more to her punishment.

Ovi's tongue

Nick has gained a new found appreciation of chicken.

So annoyed with dumb players

Lmaoooooo. Ewwww

Last Season was Better

Kat needs to win the veto. You suck Tommy putting her up

Dalia Hobelman

Tommy is on the radar can’t stand him

Franks fumes

Tommy happy time is going for AFP by putting up the fan favorite lol.

BB Crusty Crab Shack

The BB universe MUST manifest an anybody but Crusty, Pis, or Timmy veto win


Or nick.


Def NO NICK! He is full on with them.


Christy and Kat cry fest? Get the mop bucket ready it’s going to be a long week till Thursday.

Dalia Hobelman

Oh shut the hell up Christine you big wuss lol


Yes Please shut Crusty the hell up. My god there are Billions of people in this world and she thinks it should revolve around her. Cliff or Kat please,please,please, for our sanity win the veto and send Crusty to her soul mate Jack in Jury!!!!!!!!


Who thinks production will make this pov comp a “road kill” comp? Where they all go in one at a time like the Jet Ski comp and Christy wins?

I have no bird, I have no bush

Don’t manifest that!

Franks fumes

I’m looking for the individual comps where they can manipulate in private the results they want……Cliff /Kat could go if the Grod gets her way. Notice how her favorites are horrible people from the East coast….because that’s where she came from….she and Kass choose horrible people from the South too they just usually don’t get the Crusty type treatment lol.

I have no bird, I have no bush

First of all, Simon and Dawg, thank you for cleaning up the comments section. It feels good to come here and read comments about the game and not hateful comments by people with gross nicknames!

Secondly, Cliff is being so kind to Kat and Christy, even though he’s on the block and needs some comforting himself. At least Kat feels bad about Cliff being on the block. Christy is just whining because she’s finally been brought down a peg. She’s acting like she is the first person to ever go on the block. I really hope Kat doesn’t get evicted! I don’t want Cliff to get evicted either, although I think Jack would benefit from Cliff being there. Can you imagine Jack listening to Cliff’s Notes? If Christy comes off the block, I don’t think there would be a replacement, so as long as she or Tommy don’t win, I think things will go well this week.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

My husband and I were laughing about this. When you’ve been through surgeries, deaths of parents, job changes, long distance moves, many many elections and even a war or two, and for me, menopause – it’s a fricking game! Christie is a moron.

I have no bird, I have no bush

Christie is really ungrateful (no pun intended). Seriously. She has something that no one else in that house has: a friend from outside the house. Every time I wonder about a houseguest’s behavior, like why do they cry so much or how can these two be in love after a few days, I remind myself that these people have no emotional outlets or familiar support systems that they would rely on. They simply can’t behave like they normally would, because they’re in a completely unfamiliar environment. The houseguests don’t act normally because they’re completely outside of what is normal. But Christie has a familiar person with her. She has a support system, and yet she is still all over the place. This must be how she typically behaves, and that’s exhausting.

Summer Gowen

I really wish either Tommy or Christie would slip up about knowing each other and someone hear and spread it. I really hope Christie goes this week. I think Sis will vote her if still on the block secretly as she don’t want Kat in jury with Jack alone

Miss Conception

I hope that Kat is aware enough to mention this so that Sis hears it. ” Gosh,after thinking about going to jury and being alone with Jack ,would not be bad at all”. Kat………….Stir that pot!


Cliff – “Paths are interesting and rewards you get aren’t always the ones you expect”

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

“It’s not fair”!
Finally something BB has in common with real life.

Kat’s alien bitch

Christie’s reaction is everything I thought it would. Self-entitled. Truly a grade a narcissist

Not happy to see Kat up. She brings fun and entertainment. I will miss her

But I think Christie is headed to jury. I try to remind myself not to hate: these are flawed people playing a game

But I just can’t stand phony self-righteousness


Big brother should let the house guest play and keep America out of it. Our votes should not influence a game we are not involved in. This just killed one of my favorite all time shows we are fans not living in the house under constant scrutiny oh and don’t get me started on the abusive jackson

Goodbye Jack

This game is nothing more then manipulating the hamsters in the cage whether it’s America or Production dropping hints in the DRs. Actually enjoying Cristie’s reaction. The universe has spoken!


I think America’s Vote is great! Takes me back to the first season of Big Brother when America voted on who to evict. No matter who you like or don’t like, it’s great seeing nods to the early days.

Shur nuf

Christie sure is an ugly crier…..

BB Crusty Crab Shack

and an ugly eater……..

An ornery mouse

I just had a terrifying thought – what if Jess were the other nom instead of Cliff? It’d be a full on block basket-case triple-play. I bet at least one of the three would be losing it at all times until Thursday.

I know it’s a difficult psychological situation in the house…… but I still have a hard time understanding those who play this game and seem to equate the block and potential eviction with death in the real world. For some reason, certain personalities seem to lack the ability to step back and put things in perspective.


As long as Christine stays on the block, my favorite (Kat) should be OK. In fact, Cliff winning the veto “may” even be better than Kat winning it. It will keep their side stronger going forward and Jackson and Holly won’t have the option to vote him out. Holly will work hard to ensure that Jackson does NOT vote out Kat, Jess or Nicole. If Holly is named as the replacement Jackson will not only vote Christine out, Tommy is a dead man. (Figuratively of course.)

Example: Christine / Kat / Nicole on the block.

Jackson, Holly, Cliff, Jess vote to evict Christine
Sis votes to evict Kat
Nick votes to evict the Alien


Nicole wins it and takes Kat down…leaves Holly, Nick, Sis, and Jess as possible replacements…most likely Holly goes up.

Summer Gowen

Sis doesn’t want Kat in jury house with Jack so she may vote for Christie. And not say anything. Nick needs gone ASAP still hoping people find out Tt and Christie have known each 7 + years


In no world does Michie and Holly vote out Kat. Michie is always going to vote out Christie. We just need to make sure Christie, Tommy, Sis, and Nick do not win veto. That’s the most important thing today.

Ovi's tongue

Christie is going to spend a lot of time this week spinning that nasty nose ring around in her nostril.

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

That poor ring.


Christy: “ I just don’t think it’s fair. I shouldn’t be on the block this way.”

Big brother every season: Expect the unexpected . Duh

Christy: “ I just don’t get it. I believe in karma and good things coming to us for doing good things.”

Two weeks ago: part of a group that did not let people enter the hoh room because they were part of the “outsiders” and aligned herself with people that said and did some pretty rude things. I guess the universe answered Christy.

BB21 Fan

putting quotations around things people said implies that’s exactly how they were said. Wording is everything. Please get it right because your quotes are wrong and that’s how not smart people make not smart decisions in understanding. Maybe if you took a second to actually listen to what people said instead of jumping on the bandwagon and picking out your favorite parts from people you hate then maybe you’d understand that people aren’t actually saying what you think they’re saying. And making things up on the internet to make a person look bad is called Slander and is against the law. I’m so sad to see what type of people are on this site. GREAT SITE, BAD PEOPLE. NASTY COMMENTERS

Don’t care who you guys like. TOMMY and CHRISTIE are great players and seemingly great people, just like everyone in the house. My opinion so deal with it. Thumbs down if you want. The amount of people on this site trying to bully others with a different opinion and speaking so nastily of people in the house, which by the way you know nothing about, need to calm down and take a chill pill. Its a game and people are trying to win some money not your praise so stop acting like what you say on here actually matters. Take me home Julie.


It that you, Crusty??

BB21 Fan

No just a fan of this site, the show and TOMMY AND CHRISTIE

The Quiet one

People hear what they personally hear, process, and repeat. It’s not done vindictively by anyone. What would be the point? But there does seem to be enough feeders that heard the same thing that Dawg and Simon are saying. All of our prejudices influence what we actually hear. I guess I process the same as Simon n Dawg because I seem to agree with their quotes. I don’t think people are bullying on this site but r just stating their opinions. If you don’t agree with them you get to give a thumbs down. That’s it, my rant is over.

BB21 Fan

Actually if a thought goes through to try and make someone feel bad and another person continues with that same thought that makes it premeditated and it is a personal attack on whoever they are talking about. Just because you didn’t like my comment you didn’t need to thumbs down so yeah you were personally trying to make me feel bad. Do you even know what bullying is? Maybe if you realized I was just stating my opinion as well and the fact that you aren’t the only one with an opinion then maybe you wouldn’t have taken the time to defend yourself on a comment you didn’t like.

BB21 Fan

Also just because more than one person had the same opinion about something doesn’t mean what they think is right. If 99 out of 100 people answered one way on a question and only 1 person answered another way that doesn’t automatically make the 99 people right. The one person could have the correct answer and 99 people just disagree with it. I know everyone has a right to disagree with my opinion as I do with theirs but the moment you dislike a comment when you could have just done nothing if you disagreed shows that you think you know better. I love talking strategy and that’s all I’m trying to get back on this site. All I hear anymore are people trying to cut down people they don’t like. Your comment would have been warranted if it wasn’t to try and say what I said is wrong.

Yellow dog

Yep – nasty comments about nasty people. It is my hope that they someday read these comments about themselves and get a little self awareness

BB21 Fan

It’s not your job to tell a person how they can and can’t be just because you don’t like them doesn’t make them nasty oh Mr. Judger of the world


You might want to leave this site if it upsets you to see people say bad things about disgusting people.

BB21 Fan

everyone is saying oh it was our opinion. So was what I said so get over it. if you really didn’t care then you wouldn’t have commented.


So you come on a BB fan forum (one of the best by the way Simon and Dawg) and call out people for THEIR thoughts and call them names “NASTY COMMENTERS”, “Not smart people”, etc. GTFOOH!

BB21 Fan

ha see just another cog trying to hurt someones feelings. get over yourself I said it was a great site and you’re obviously not smart. (this is an opinion, which we both can have) I don’t dislike comments because I disagree with them.

BB21 Fan

Everyone has an opinion, including me genius so yeah, I have a right to think and feel anyway I want about anyone especially vindictive people trying to state that my opinion doesn’t matter over their’s. If you read my comment then you know that I only stated facts and if you can’t deal with that then maybe you should stop commenting. Just because I don’t like someone hating on someone they don’t know anything about and calling them out on it doesn’t mean I was saying you can’t do it. Just because you can clap doesn’t mean I can’t clap back.


Nick says that he is sure he is getting picked tomorrow to play in POV & Christie tells him “I am gonna manifest the hell out of that. I hope you do.”

So – just to balance out the fairness in the universe we should all manifest the hell out of Nick NOT getting picked and Christie remaining on the block post POV. And I’ll send in a little wish for Nicole to play POV & win it just so she can pull either Cliff or Kat off the block & be safe at the same time especially now that Nick plans on threatening her! Hell while I’m at it I’m manifesting the backyard loud talker to show up & out Tommy/Christie’s 7 year relationship I mean after all Christie & Tommy don’t like unfair game advantages right?

Also — Nick tells Christie he can get her another vote to stay (Nicole) and that if Nicole doesn’t vote that way “he’s DONE protecting her” THAT is so laughable – as much as it’s hard to believe he could be more unsavory as a person or player he continues to set new lowly standards. Christie after all is the reason Bella left – remember her Nick?

Meanwhile Nick speaks to how getting kicked out of Gr8ful was best thing to happen to him b/c it got him in on the other side. But now that Tommy is willing to work with him & he has Sis to himself w/o Jack he’s prepared to burn the side who took him in & kept him safe He’s willing to threaten the person who was kindest to him & just went to bat for him last week with Jess/Kat saying he was trustworthy. His plan is to threaten Nicole if she doesn’t vote to keep Christie “THEY” will stop protecting her. He’s already started this conversation with Nic saying she has to pick a side – implying HIS side and turn against Cliff/Kat/Jess.

Just shows how shortsighted Nick is & how poor his house read is b/c if Christie stays on the block there is no way Jackson/Holly/Nicole/(& yes even Jess) vote to keep her. I almost hope Nicole sets him up for the blindside b/c that’s what he deserves so next week he’ll join Tommy as the biggest targets in the house.

Oh and Christie has already started burying Holly (she is telling some truths & half truths BUT she’s leaving out how she has said 10 times worse against the very same people). As she works Jess she once again swears on her sister’s life. Man Christie’s sister must be a cat b/c she’s died at least seven times this season on Christie’s promises. I do worry about Christie getting to Jess b/c she does seem to have illogical pull with her but hopefully Jess shares this with CAs who tell H/M allowing them to reciprocate with truths on how Christie found Jess disposable & was fine cutting her loose at any time.

BB Crusty Crab Shack

Wow, not only is Nick a pervy creep, he’s the house bully threatening Nicole if she doesn’t vote his way….. I hope the hell he leaves in DE

Red in Blue

Does anybody know for sure? Is Christie’s sister still alive?


I am more disugsted with Nick now (did not think that was possible) after the way he talked to Nicole saying “If you tell anyone I will
BURY you!”

Easy there slimebucket…this is Big Brother, not The Godfather.

PLEASE BB Gods…don’t let Nick play in the veto, and pretty please with sugar on top send Crybaby Crustie out..the..door!


I think, should Nick actually make that pitch, Nicole will be thinking “bless your heart, I’ve got a side and this week WE decide who’s going home”.


Nicole already has a side and THEY decided who went home last week so I’m glad Nicole voiced outloud that Nick was scaring because Nick’s method is not going to break Nicole from Cliff’s Angels. Likely she will tell them the tactics he is pulling and showing who is is really trying to work with. I’m not even sure why Nick thinks he has Nicole under his wing to begin with.

Grumpy chat

Nick is a jerk.

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

I can’t wait to hear how Jess responds to the bs Christie is telling her right now,hopefully she’ll fill someone in so we know it’s not working.

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

Now Nick is trying to get in Nicole’s head.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

But why does that even matter? The Six hadn’t split yet and Nick isn’t part of the Angels.

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

Nick is with Christie Tommy and Sis.If they flip Nicole or Jess they have the votes to save Christie and control who goes.


And Christie just lied to Jess that she didn’t know who was going OTB but more importantly she outed to Jess that Kat is the target b/c she said “Tommy said Kat is the common denominator between all the alliances”.

Um hello Christie you’re telling this to the girl who has refused to give into all your shadiness so don’t you think Jess will be even more fanatic about protecting her BFF in the house? The ONE time Jess is guaranteed to not take Christie’s side will be if she’s up against Kat AND now Cliff/Kat will also know Tommy lied via this information. I mean it is BB – people lie but for Mr. I Love you this will hurt his game.

I’ve been saying this for a while this season in particular the players aligned hurt their own allies worse than I can every recall.

Feeds are crazy atm as Christie is pouring it on thick to Jess burying Holly while Nick is literally grilling Nicole and being EXTREMELY AGGRESSIVE with her (basically threatening her). Hopefully CAs all get together & download these conversations to see how close Tommy/Christie/Sis/Nick are & then decide to tell Jackson/Holly so they make a concerted effort to ensure Christie stays on block and leaves next week.

For Nick to be threatening Nicole is sooooooooooo out of line especially to join up with people who initially wanted her out & were the driving force behind taking out Bella & shifted vote to keep Nicole just to go against Nick/Bella so they could be the targets.

This makes me want Kat to win POV so when Nicole goes on the block & Nick can’t stop it from happening (although she is supposed to be in a F4 with Christie/Tommy & Sis if she does what he says) it will show how full of SH*T he is.

SD Bird

In The Target Room

Tommy, Christy, Sis & Nick all agreed not to strong arm/blackmail/or reveal information to the Outsiders until after the Veto was played.
If Christy comes off, they can save their tactics for a future need.

*Immediately, Christy seeks out Jess & ‘spills secrets’. But . . . . she is looking for info too. She is surprised by some of Jess’s questions . . -*Tommy pressures & attempts to blackmail Nicole to come to ‘his side’.

Hopefully the Outsiders continue to simmer while the reactionaries boil over.

Holly & Jackson are in a pivotal position. Christy may have overplayed by running her mouth, thinking Jess is new to this data download trashing Holly.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

It’s totally fair Christie. The universe has spoken.


IT’S NOT FAIRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!! The cry of preschoolers around the planet who don’t get their way. Oh, and Christie.

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

Someone needs to talk me off the ledge and let me know where Nicole and Jess’ heads are at because if any of the Angels pull a Cliff this week they are all dead to me and I will jump on the Christie train and ride it all the way to the end.

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

Seems like Nick really likes baby carrots.


A bit of a rant coming (tonight’s feeds got me worked up!

How this group of Tommy, Sis, Christie and Nick are acting right now is precisely why last week in the HOH felt like such a breath of fresh air. Tonight the 4-some all AGREED to not threaten the others & keep ammunition to do so in their back pocket to use later and then did this:

*Threatened Nicole (Nick) that she has to vote with him & take Christie off the block & insists she joins his new alliance of him/Sis/Tommy/Christie & possibly Cliff or he’s done with her. The irony of his argument is she’s no better than 3rd elsewhere BUT he’s telling her she’s his F2 (& we know he wants to go with Sis also to F3) but he’s the ONLY one in that group who’ll take Nicole past 5th or 6th so she’s in worse shape with that group.

* Discussed threatening Cliff that if he wants to stay he HAS to work with them (same group of 6) or he can leave this week (“Want to stay in this game? If you want us to keep you, we are good until six.. If you dont want to stay, you are going to go home”.

* Trashed Holly to Jess (Christie) & to Nicole (Nick)

*Bad mouthed Kat for not keeping Jack after she was kept (Christie – um b/c you wanted to take out Sam not b/c you wanted to keep Kat)

* Trashed Jess over her desire for the females to advance in the game & in a F-Bomb filled rant discusses why everyone else needs to leave & how HE & this group will dominant in true Jack like fashion: “None of these f**king dorks are taking us out. Get the F out of here. F*ck your f**king Black Widow bu**sh*t. I f**king will f**king self evict before Jess gets me out of this f**king game.:” (oh please let Jess be the one to take him out). Notably, there are at least as many occasions Christie has spouted this same pro female message to the ladies.

*Nick has guaranteed he’ll win POV & told Tommy/Christie he’ll take her off block but told Cliff to pick him & he’ll take him off the block (but is playing Cliff as he has no intention of removing him from the block).

* Called Cliff numerous nasty names (Sis mostly)

* Typical hypocritical Christie on why Kat has to leave b/c of unfair advantage the trio has “them motherF’s knows each other”

Hopefully Cliff’s Angels download the information (threats/lies) they took in tonight so they know prior to POV what’s up & then discuss with Holly/Jackson what that group is doing & come to an agreement those 4 (Christie, Tommy, Nick & Sis) need to be the rest of their targets. Seriously, I;ve only stopped short of watching a full season (the nasty group that winter) but if this is the F4 I’ll be out at F5 or possibly sooner.

Incredibly on a day when two of this group competing in the FT have realized (as has everyone in the house) it’s b/c they are disliked they elect to act worse. Holly was already discussing what the perception of her was prior to this & how she wasn’t proud of some of her actions. Jackson is trying (although we can’t forget his earlier actions) & at least he’s making an effort to be a better version of himself. Case in point when Michie came up to HOH tonight Nick said “Are you going to “dump” on Holly tonight?:” Jackson responded Don’t talk like that. “She’s not a dumpster”.

Speaking of Nick he’s in full on HOHitis mode & is feeling all powerful. I never was a fan but given how much I dislike others I’m a little shocked that he has moved up to being the player I despise the most in the house. But he’s earned that ranking and then some. Nick seems to be channeling Jack and thinks he is the new alpha dog. And why is that? What has he done particularly well? Seriously? He’s threatening people, played every side of the house, played the rat repeatedly sharing secrets to both sides and all that could be me just not liking the “type” of game he’s playing. Yet, as a human being he’s intolerable. He crawls on top of every female or the ones he finds attractive (plus Tommy), He says disgusting things on the same level as what the two J’s have (and some even more disgusting), he constantly spouts inappropriate sexual comments thinking he’s funny, disparages people with personal slights, grabs at people inappropriately etc, etc, etc.

I know Tommy is the priority boot but Nick is one of the most despicable players ever to play this game and the more power he THINKS he has the WORSE he gets. To that end, Hope the alternate Christie/Nick universe prevails tomorrow & she stays on the block followed by something occurring where he gets exposed and revealed for the nasty piece of work he is.


Amen to all this!


The good part of this is that Nick will never get a job working with children again.


The actual fact is that there is a whole country out there that doesn’t watch this show. And those who do are probably not the people who hire child shrinks for their hospitals, clinics, etc. Misbehavior on this show doesn’t wreck a person on the outside, that is our fantasy but not true.

There were some cases where the lousy cast member was in the public eye and lost their jobs for that reason. But they were pretty extreme cast members too and made the TMZ type press for weeks on end. Nick is just a quiet loser with a rotten personality, I imagine he will be on the block and then forgotten soon.

Although the thought of him counseling anyone (let alone kids) is horribly depressing.


I’m as frustrated as you. Like you mentioned…there is a big diff in people who are shown what they have done and act differently…and those who don’t. I didn’t hate Nick…I just never cared. I now full on dislike him and really hope soooo bad that Kat just wins this damn thing today and shuts them down.


Christie is so jealous that Kat is more “popular” than herself. I really hope Christie stays on that block it would make for an interesting week.


Yes Nick, Christie is definitely on the block because of something she did. America hates her and her minions.


I never did like Nick, but now he’s leaning into the demonsion of dislike I have for Crusty. People…STOP LISTENING TO HIM!


Ummmm. Jackson knew about the “angels” before all of this

Chris Masse

Why did we vote in the field trip. Christie lost and is on the block where she should stay. Why can she be taken off. What was all our voting for. Sis got a penalty which she is still wearing and on Saturday night she got more penalties added and Christie gets off ?


I hope Christie is out this week. Won’t have to watch her smack her food all over the place anymore. I think Bella and Nick are perfect for each other. When they show their true selves they are both very nasty unlikable losers.

BB21 Fan

Agreed, everyone is just finding any little thing they can to dislike him.