“I really think it’s Best for the house, She’s a dangerous player by getting her out I weaken everybody”

Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household Winner – Tommy
Have note are: No Have nots this week, Jack, Tommy and Jackson were given punishments as part of the veto.
Nominations are:
Power of Veto Players are –
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Power of Veto Ceremony –
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8:53 am Tommy and Sis

Tommy – I think my speech will be something like this. Last week taught me how dangerous being in an alliance can be and I’ve .. And I give everyone in this house my word that I will not be using this week to build or rebuild any alliances. Instead, I’m working on individual relationships however it got me thinking of the opposite. the flip side. People who are not in an alliance but have good working relationships with everyone in the house. That’s the player I fear the most.
Sis – That’s good

Tommy – Then I will just say I’m sorry you guys are up on the block. It’s nothing personal. it is totally game, I’m excited for you both to play the veto. and if you have any questions come tell me or something like that.
Sis – That’s literally perfect and it’s not like they are blindsided. they get a chance to play
Tommy – You both get a chance to play.
Sis – Whoever wins.. wins
Tommy – Whoever wins, wins. I love you both it’s truly not anything personal just someone had to go up
Sis – That’s really good.
Tommy – And then I talked to Michie and I asked him if he could give me his word that he’ll vote how I want him to vote.
Sis – Good
Tommy – I’m not going to do it with holly, just Michie and Nick.
Sis – Ohh why not Holly?
Tommy – Because I want them to know I think they are separate players and I don’t want to put Holly in the position that she, well here’s the thing. This is what I learned in my one on ones.
Tommy – Nick gave, and I don’t know if he was going to stick to it or not but Nick and Cliff gave Jess their word at the start of the week that they would vote how she wanted them to vote. So at the start of last week, they basically were already going to vote out jack
Sis – Already knew

Tommy – So I’m going to pull Nick up and I’m going to say I found this out I don’t know if you really had any intentions of sticking to it. I don’t care moving forward. I know that I’m good with you but it got me thinking. Would you make the same promise to me? If I promise you I am not putting Nicole on the block will you promise to vote how I want you to vote?
Sis – he did say he was going to vote Kat out.

Tommy – You, Christie, Jackson, Nick
Sis – maybe Holly, I’m sure she’ll vote whatever you, Michie wanted.

Sis – how did Jess’ talk go?
Tommy – great. I just gassed her up
Sis – I feel that no one is going to come after you
Tommy – Nick did tell me and you that Cliff was going to come after me if he one
Sis – I told you
Tommy – oh that was you sorry
Tommy is going to tell Cliff he heard he’s Cliff’s target. He’ll add that he doesn’t care about that he doesn’t want Cliff to go home, “I want to know where you’re head is at moving forward”

Tommy is wanting to drive a wedge between Cliff and Nick. He’ll hint that he heard from Nick that Tommy is on Cliff’s radar.
Tommy – kat I frickin love you, We were working together I see you working with Jess, I see you working with Nick, Cliff, everyone,
Tommy goes on about telling Kat he has no idea who she would put up “You are allied with everyone”
Sis thinks she would go up “we never talk game never”
Tommy – She’s dangerous, She’s a dangerous player by getting her out I weaken everybody

They think Jess will join with Cliff and Nicole and Nick will come to them.
Timmie – I f*ing love Nick and I want to trust Nick
Timmie – Nick is good for our games moving forward, I love him
Sis – I feel like I can trust him
Timmie – I think you could
Sis – I don’t know how much he’s playing both sides.

Tommy says from his One on Ones they all knew about jack’s masterpiece deal
Sis shocked “They knew about the deal”
Tommy – they did. kat said that to me Jess said that to me
Sis – that means Nick was telling them everything
Tommy – maybe not everything

8:51 am Nicole and Jess
Nicole – he said his decision is what’s best for the house
Jess – he said the same thing to me

9:27 am Sis and Holly Caking on the makeup
Sis tells her Tommy wants to talk to her.
Sis – I have no idea what he’s going to do
Holly – zero idea
Sis – it’s hard he likes everyone
Sis – I wish the double was last night I really want to get it out of the way.
Holly says she feels like she doesn’t belong anywhere in the house so she might be easy picking in a double.

9:54 am Holly and Jackson
Holly is speculating that Kat and Cliff are going up. She’s worried that Kat is the target.
Holly – Tommys not on my radar, He dangerous but he’s not on my radar. Christie is.
Holly – Cliff wouldn’t throw us under the bus would he

10:01 am Nicole and Jess

Nicole complaining about Jat telling Tommy that Nick told him Kat and Cliff are going up. Nicole doesn’t think Kat did it to spite her.

10:25 am Noms not on the screen.

10:39 am Tommy and Holly
Tommy says he wants the 5 to stick together but he doesn’t want to talk about it this week.
Tommy says they can’t make the other people feel like outsiders.
Holly says the “outsiders” are closer together than they are letting on.
Tommy – YOu don’t have to worry and neither does Jackson. It would be really stupid for me to put a number of mine just to appease the house
Holly says Jackson his back, “he’s a risky pawn”

Holly again tells him the other players are closer than they are letting on.
Holly- I’m always good with you
Tommy – you are one of my favorites we’re so good and we’re always on the same page.
Holly – I love you, trust you, have your back, Love SIS, trust SIS, HAve her back, Michie same sh1t, I’m still going to function as a team but I need to work through things with one person (Christie)
Holly says it should all be water under the bridge because it’s a game and people “say stuff”

Tommy – I think I know what I’m doing for noms. it was in my gut. them ore I piece things together I think it’s the only way I could go.
Tommy – it’s okay to have two people in the house pissed at you.
Holly says she trusts his nominations.
Tommy – I really think it’s Best for the house and myself honestly
Holly- do what feels good gamewise and with your Gut.

11:10 am Feeds go down for field trip

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The feeds are down for the field trip or noms? If the field trip, who are the people who got picked?

Summer Gowen

I know jackson is safe and Christie is on block, not sure who got punishment. Nick is telling tt every thing he knows about cliff angels. He needs to go.. he floats to who has power.

Summer Gowen

Sis got punishment


That’s awesome !! How did you find out ?


Nick is a rat and his chickens will come home to roost – I’m guessing sooner than later.


This week can be redeemed if Christy ends up on the block. Crossing my fingers

Summer Gowen

She is on the block and crying and freaking


Sooooooo happy with the results. This is EXACTLY what I wanted after hearing Tommy got hoh and would be immune. LOVE IT!


Simon and Dawg. Were the feeds down when they took the 3 voted out to do whatever? Or was it shown who was voted for before feeds went down? God I hope either (at this point) Crusty and Nick are 2 of the 3. Nick just keeps going with who has the power and I hate that kind of sniveling player (Tommy is another…but he’s HOH…soooo)


Christie is on the block.
Sis got punishment.

All and all, a good day.


Analyse is so boring. No depth. Zero personality. Since she’s on Tommy’s “team” and he’s HOH, we all get to suffer through endless hours of her talking about absolutely nothing. Unless by some incredibly fortunate twist of fate she ends up going on the field trip and losing the comp, this is gonna be a LONG, boring week.

My Girl Sis <3

Ya but she is pure eye candy for the feeds, and the camera operators love her. She is absolutely freaking gorgeous, and has the cutest voice. i thought Haleigh from last season was the most gorgeous girl to be on BB but Sis has her beat by a slight edge.

BB Crusty Crab Shack

U must be into werewolves too

Hairy Lover

it would be a full moon in my bed every night HOWW HOWW HOOOOWWWWLLLLL!!

Say what?


Franks fumes

Haleigh was way more attractive and not nearly as stupid…..I liked Haleigh she just couldn’t get Tyler interested lol…..


ONLY looks…I like Sis a bit more…but her personality ruins it


are you serious? her and Fez were the dumbest players to ever play this game

Fruit Loop Dingus

Couldn’t agree more. I didn’t even know that lamps can talk.

BB Crusty Crab Shack

We get to hear how much she hates “motherf**ker Cliff, Jack was the best sex she ever had and how big his di*k is……again, this woman is vapid and brings nothing to the show except being a shower accessory for Jack and now maybe Ick

Franks fumes

She has the personality of a fleshlight.


Sis and Nick, the most ineffectual people in the house, have both attached themselves to Tommy. Tommy would be smart to bring either one to the end, he would easily win against either of them.
Tommy did hit the nail on the head, the people who have strong relationships with everyone in the house are the ones who will win. Too bad he didn’t figure that out earlier in the game. I feel like he has burnt so many bridges with the 8 and then the 6 and didn’t realize his error until last week. I hope Cliff or Nicole make it to the end.

Franks fumes

Overrated looks as well she’s certainly not ugly but the whole package is less attractive due to her $hitty attitude and lack of scruples….and boy she’s super dumb.


Can Tommy be included in the field trip if he is Hoh?



Just me

No, it had “ineligible” on his picture when I went to vote last night.

Fruit Loop Dingus

Unfortunately, not.

Dalia Hobelman

Holly I annoying too ugh her sis floaters

Fruit Loop Dingus

Yea, I remember when I had my first beer, too.

Dakota Barb


Franks fumes

I’m ready for her to go…..how can she hold her head up with all her hat spackle on her face.

Just me

It’s been over four hours and the feeds are still down. No idea who was selected for the field trip. We’re just going to have to wait to find out.


Jackson won the field trip, Sis came in 2nd, and…….. Christie lost!!!!

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

Seriously?Don’t toy with my fragile heart.


Jackson won safety, Sis has the punishment, and Christie is ON THE BLOCK!


Can christie take herself off the block? or will she be on there no matter what? :O


Veto could probably save her, so Kat will win it.


Only by winning veto or someone else using it on her, I would guess

Long Time BB Fan

Christy came in 3rd and is on the block. Yippee!

CBS - Caucasians Being Stupid

This season is themed on summer camp — no one goes on a field trip during summer camp.


depends on the camp. some very much do. it’s not uncommon for a sleepover camp to bus campers to the occasional event like a baseball game or something.


That’s not a summer camp, that’s a summer orphanage.


Christie’s on the block! Yass!! I manifested this lol.


We all manifested this. Thanks to Christie for forcing this on us. If she hadn’t been as nasty as she’s been, she would not have been on our radar


Jackson is celebrating winning the comp and safety.

Sis has the punishment.

Christie is ON THE BLOCK!

Fruit Loop Dingus

Jackson won safety
Sis got punishment
Christie IS ON THE BLOCK!!


Welp looks like it was Jackson Sis and Christy on the field trip and apparently that was the order of finish. Here is to hoping one of the outsiders wins the veto and leave Christy’s butt on the block


I’m so annoyed we can’t see the feeds (going on 4 hours) b/c I want to see how the hamsters NOT going on the FT reacted. Surely if they know one gets immunity, one a punishment & one on the block they (like us) will view two bad things meaning let’s send who we don’t like on FT.

Plus I want to hear if they understand the likelihood that Tommy/Jack were in the three expected to go but removed b/c of HOH/eviction.

It’s annoying we can’t witness the banter b/c production then just serves up “their version” of events. Remember the good old days when 24-7 live feeds actually meant LIVE feeds? We used to be able to watch all the comps and weren’t constantly shifted to WBRB messages.

So annoying how much production has ruined BB between terrible casting by Robyn Kass plus the total shiftiness and heavy production hand of Allison Grodner. I long for the old school BB when there wasn’t all these production addled twists and a better age disparity in the cast.

If you had your druthers & could be the casting director or producer what would your big change be?

Mine would be:

1) half the house would be 30 years old and older
2) good cross section of nationalities reflective of society
3) of the 16 players to be cast minimum of 12 would have to have watched 3 seasons & experienced live feeds or not be eligible to be on the show. I know they could waffle & say “Oh yeah I’m a super fan” so give them a quiz where they have to answer questions which would prove they’ve watched the show and know about live feeds.

1) return to 24-7 feeds where we see ALL the competitions
2) only ONE (if any) twists & those would be voted on by the public with ample time to have an impact and not shelter production’s pet.
3) All timed competitions would be shown on feeds so there would be no ability for production to change the times to suit their desired outcome.


I don’t even understand why they charge for it….BBCAN is free.

J e t s jets jets jets

Hiding the comps on the feeds doesn’t do anything except not let us see the competition. We within 5 minutes the results what the outcome is. We pay to have the feeds we should be allowed to see them.

BB Crusty Crab Shack

Yes!!!! Crusty OTB!! Punishment for bitchy Sis! The Universe has spoken!


Watch veto comp will favor Christie.


Christie lost the competition and is the 3rd nominee


I saw that. Michie won and we got Sis as the third nominee. Congrats everyone.


HAPPINESS — Jackson won immunity, Sis got punishment & CHRISTIE is ON THE BLOCK.

BEST outcome possible. There are BB Gods!

Christie is complaining she couldn’t physically do the competition AND stupid Nick has already told Tommy to pick him for POV that he’ll take down Christie if he wins it & also told her the same thing. I wish this was Nick blowing smoke but he says he doesn’t care about showing his cards to other side. He’s also conveniently cut Nicole off his F4 to now be Sis, Christie, Tommy & himself. Personally, I can’t wait for his ass to go up & out the door too but they need to take out Christie this week (since they’ll have the opportunity) given Tommy is safe & then target Tommy & Nick in DE alongside so they take out one of them next week.

Here’s hoping Nick DOES NOT get to play in POV & one of Cliff or Kat win POV which means one of Nicole or Jess (who Tommy promised not to nominate would have to go on block as replacement).

Also of note — Tommy has figured out the public don’t like his side of the house as he says Jack or I likely would’ve been the third person on the FT if not for eviction/me winning HOH (wonder if that will change how he plays out this week).

Anyway big time YEAH that the FT worked out how (most of us at least) hoped it would.


As long as Christie is on the block come Thursday, the votes will be there to evict her.


Tommy and Sis would run to Jackson and Holly, even if the couple vote to send Christie home.

With Christie out and no chance for Tommy to play HOH next week, he could be in a very tough spot after his HOH week. I wonder how Chrisite on the block and Jackson safe will influence his plan….does he jump ship on Christie and look to make deals for his own safe passage next week?


Not so far. He & Nick seem to be very tightly aligned and Nick is telling him to pick him for POV & he will remove Christie from the block (which all that is going to do is make him a big target for Michie/Holly/CAs).

Tommy is still going to put up Kat/Cliff with Kat being his target BUT she’s telling him she won’t vote out Christie so he might shift during the week – we’ll see.

Now everyone who ensured Sis went on the FT & channeled Christie’s universe to get her on the block needs to channel the same energy so one of Cliff or Kat win POV tomorrow.

To your point, I find it kind of shows Tommy’s lack of game sense to have Kat & Cliff on the block instead of Nicole (though I’m glad she isn’t) b/c both Kat/Cliff could win & have proven their mettle in the past.

Watch it be a puzzle (where Kat excels). The other comp it could be at this stage is hide the veto so hopefully Kat & Cliff have thought of brilliant hiding places. All I know is I’m hopeful one of Kat/Cliff win POV (or Nicole or Jess play & win POV to take one of them down). THAT would make me quite happy b/c it would force Tommy to put up someone else AND it would mean Christie stayed on the block.

I’m still not sure I buy into Nick telling Tommy he’s “all in” with them, Sis & Christie going F4 b/c it would expose him to the rest of the house & increase his target — I just hope he doesn’t get picked for POV. And, it’s probably only two others playing since there are 3 nominees and they don’t typically have more than six play in POV.

J e t s jets jets jets

There’s only one reason Nick wants to be F4 with them. It’s because it will give him more time to get into Sis’s pants/chicken costume.


he should jump ship and leave christie behind. even holly acknowledged christie is the force dragging everyone down.


Is this not almost exactly what we were manifesting earlier? lol :p We need Kat to win pov to be the boss (I’ll leave off the second word cause I’m a dude and it would be inappropriate haha) she is and take herself off.


christie’s on the block lol

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder


Summer Gowen

Christie thinks field trip was so unfair… but as the saying goes is big brothet expect the unexpected… guess she forget that


Tommy is NOT doing a very good job up in HOH in his chats – he’s clearly thrown by who was selected for FT. Going through his conversations here are the mistakes he’s made:

1. Hasn’t figured out Jess role or attachment with CAs or that 4-some is together.

2. He told both Jess & Nicole they weren’t going on the block (as he also told Holly/Michie prior to FT) and he told Jess she would NOT be a replacement. That’s a dangerous statement b/c imagine if Nicole plays (as she is his replacement choice) & wins POV since she’ll take down one of Cliff/Kat. Then Tommy would be forced to replace with one of Holly, Jess, Sis or Nick ALL of whom he promised wouldn’t go up. (My guess is he would put up Holly but it could be Jess bc you know he’s not putting up Sis or Nick).

3. Tommy overplayed to Jess, Holly & Nicole (and even told Kat) how important it is to get Christie taken off the block after his repeated denials they were playing separate games and not as close as everyone thought (this proves that wrong). Tommy had a shot of potentially rekindling the 5S but IMHO his panic over getting Christie taken down especially to Holly (and especially when she sees Kat on the block) will only serve to sever that possibility moving forward.

4. Tommy asking Jess to NOT use the POV & her saying she won’t is a little worrisome – if the POV picks go how they do in Canada they won’t have houseguests choice for this draw since only two names will be pulled from bag to get 6 total POV players. I’m hoping for Nicole & Michie to be drawn (anyone but Nick or Sis in truth).

5. Eventually CAs will have a download of their Tommy convos & it will come out he told them Friday night they were safe & then reiterated it on Saturday so his statements to Cliff/Kat about having to switch gears on his noms given the FT will be proven false.

6. Tommy keeps taking Nick/Sis in rooms to talk & it’s not going unnoticed which is going to increase their targets.

EVERYONE except Tommy/Sis/Nick are happy Christie is the third nominee (we should get more details as the night progresses but for now they are all trying to downplay the fact those 3 were chosen due to being unpopular- but they KNOW that’s not the case).

For those non-Christie/Tommy fans (raises hand), the best case scenario is one of Kat/Cliff come off the block as it forces Tommy’s hand to put up a replacement nom (you know the guy who says he loves everyone). MOST IMPORTANTLY keep Christie OTB so she can go join her BFF Jack in the jury house.


As long as Christie is on the block, Tommy’s HOH is ruined.

If Cliff and Kat join her,then Jackson, Holly, Nicole, Jess will vote Christie out as they are all better aligned and more trusting of those two than they are of Christie and Tommy. If I’m not mistaken, they have all mentioned Tommy being their #1 target and Christie #2. To eliminate Christie on Tommy’s HOH would be too tempting for them to not pass up.

With Christie up on the block, Tommy has at most 2 votes (Sis and Nick) for who he wants out. If that’s the case, Nick will become their #3 target soon. Jackson will probably be around for a while…