Big Brother 18 Week 2 Nomination Results

POV Holder: ? POV Competition July 1st?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 3rd?
HOH Paulie Next HOH July 7th
Roadkill Competition Winner: ?
Original Nominations: Paul and Bronte
After POV Nominations: ? and ?
Have Nots ?

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-01 11-34-42-579

11:33am HOH 8 pack

They had the nomination ceremony Paul and Bronte are on the block. The plan is to Back door Victor.
Corey says nobody in the house is going to be for Victor because they know if they are they are next.

They mention Roadkill, paulie explains the way the numbers are and they way they’re group is set up it doesn’t matter who wins Roadkill.
They all start bashing Jozea for saying he makes money off his hair and his looks.
Corey – it was so bad dude..
Frank – i’m going to make money off this hair when I get out
Corey – and he was saying all these people are going to want me with this crazy hair..

PAulie says doing it this way is “Sweeter” not giving Victor a chance to save himself. THey have to make sure the house is on board to not put Vicotr up if they win Road Kill.
Corey – who do we want up
Paulie – doesn’t matter.. pick somebody out of our pool.. .we got a bunch of strong people.
They agree Victor is impressionable they can get him to ‘Bite on to anything’
They all have a laugh that Victor hadn’t said 5 words to them then now he’s up here wanting to talk about soccer and game for hours. Asking Paulie to link up.
Corey – those guys just don’t use their brains man… I don’t get it..
Tiffany points out that Victor is going to dissociate himself from Bronte and Paul, it’ll show the house how fake he is.

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Big-Brother-18 2016-07-01 11-32-23-574

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-01 11-30-29-577

11:30am Paul and Victor
Victor – they are trying to backdoor me.. if you win the veto then I go up so I won’t have a chance to get myself off.. I don’t have a chance to play.. does that make sense.. it’s a backdoor move.
Victor tells him the best case scenario is for him to play in the Veto and win it.
Victor knows he’s the target.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-01 11-45-33-141

11:45am Michelle and Nicole
Nicole is happy that Bronte is on the block but she’s nervous. Says that Paulie is now starting to tell her things she wants to hear.
Nicole – he knows how to play people… I dunnno… but… I know franks up there he had a lot to do with this
Michelle – he was up there till 6am .. Paul was up there till 5 or 6
Nicole – ohh
Michelle – they made a deal with him to be a pawn
Nicole – i hope not… I want to go up there but it’ll feel sketchy.. I want to know whats going on.
They say Victor gave Paulie a hug.
Nicole – “He’s super happy… He doesn’t know what a backdoor is”

They are glad Bronte went up over Natalie.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-01 11-58-26-725

11:55am Paulie, Tiffany and James
Paulie says she told Bronte he’s Backdooring Bronte

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-01 12-04-54-731

12:00pm Nicole and Natalie
Talking through the Victor drama and how things got blown up.
Big-Brother-18 2016-07-01 12-05-58-758
12:08pm HOH Paulie and Zakiyah
Talking about some parts of the conversations he’s had with Paul and Frank last night till 6am.
Paulie Says Paul is the only one in the group that they can talk to, “The house wants your back they want Vic gone”

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-01 12-12-16-764

12:21pm HOH Paulie, Victor and Zakiyah..
Soccer, video games.. Etc etc.. chit chat..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-01 12-33-15-482
12:32pm Paulie and Vic Playing chess.
Paulie is willing to leave the nominations the same to get Bronte out.
Paulie says if Veto is used Natalie is going up
Victor – at this point I’m at your mercy.
Victor is pushing for an alliance where they can “Pass the baton” and keep winning HOH’s
Vic says the only 2 people he trusts are Paul and Corey
Paulie says he trusts Frank and Corey.
Vic- you and me are the strongest players in the house.
Vic warns him that James lies.
Vic brings up the brigade.
Paulie gives him some advice to start being nice to everybody. people will forget things.

(Maybe these 2 team up form a bro brigade or maybe Paulie is going to stick to the original figure 8 plan)

12:53pm Feeds cut to trivia.. HAve nots comp or roadkill?

2:55pm Still blocked..

3:40pm Nothing yet…

4:30pm Still nothing..

5:14pm Feeds for you… NO!

5:59pm feeds off forever

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Boys v. Girls

If the Newbies win Veto, it’s a girl, Bronte going home, Frank’s BFF Paul isn’t going anywhere.

Stop singing!

Thanks Frank for spoiling the eviction surprise! I don’t trust him at all…


I hate the “team” theme…every season they find a way to ruin a potentially great cast. Allison Grodner loved Frank before, let’s see what hoops she will jump through to keep him this time.

Canadian Kev

Personally, i think they made a mistake; Frank should have not have convinced Paulie to change his initial noms, Vic and Paul.

The backdoor is risky. I don’t see it going well.
I like the 8 – but they’re getting far too comfortable.

It’s strange to be rooting for the majority for a change..

And that is probably why i think something will screw everything up.

Frankly Obvious

Frank’s agenda only, he wants Tiff & James out he tells everyone esp. Paul. Frank’s first plan to put up big-move explosive Tiff or James as a pawn fake “comp beast” to keep the Veto – both shot down so this is his Plan C. He can’t stand any girl who has any personality at all, Bronte had her own power over Nat & Bridge. So Frank will begetting out Bronte, Tiff, Day, James, Nicole so the 8 blind mice Newbies Paulie/Corey/Zak, Paul, Natalie, Bridge, Corey, Vic follow him to the Finals.

Canadian Kev

Thanks; i still think it’s a mistake, over all – for Paulie.
But i see what you’re saying about Frank.

I like Frank more this year than i did in S14 (though i’d have been happier to see Boogie come back, than Frank) – but the whole misogynoist shit is just that.


Though to be fair to Frank, Bronte is irritating. But she’s cluing in. As is Natalie.

Though i think the whole spying thing totally fucked Bridgette.

Frankly Double Standards

I get it only the chicks are “snakes” and “bitches” while the guys are playing like “master boogie”. Frank doesn’t explode on guys cuz only the girls deserve it. And he’s got a hall pass to admire Bridgette & Natalie while the girls are skanks. He explains all his moves in detail to any guy in the house while Tiff or anyone else can’t all a question workout his ego getting bruised enough to through punches. Tell me besides Day which girl he talks strategy with, those physically attractive enough to bring out his protective side. He threatens to eviCT Tiff for asking a question while he throws every bodies game utb because he needs to confess all the team secrets to Natalie and promises to protect her from the block no matter who she votes for. Frank prefers men, Jozea was a girl who didn’t need lessons like Paul, and Paulie has already told Victor Bronte is getting voted out. Oh yeah, and Frank is also intimidated by children so oops, it’s gonna be Paul, Victor, Paulie & Frank F4. Paul talks about slapping bitches, Frank talks about punching bitches, and only chicks on their hit list, but don’t take it personal, LOL!


Remind us why Paul wants to give Michelle melanoma & Derrick bullied Victoria to tears for her votes to drag her along to finals? He was a classic psycho with Boogie, Frank learned from the best. We’ll just say he was traumatized from his season as Boogies pawn b*tch.

Welcome to Big Brother

This is a game. Derrick didn’t bully anyone. You’ve got to be kidding me.

Tiny Thumbs

Franks is trying to play like Derrick. Get all of the strong girls out first, and buddy-up with the guys so no one will put him up on the block.


I swear, Frank is screwing up things left and right. Ugh I wish Paulie would backdoor him!


Frank is a punk, mouthing off to bitches. Have some respect.

A Clockwork BB

Uummmmmm….please tell me you were trying to be ironic with that comment, because if so, bravo, it’s ok to like and laugh with your post…if not, my god, you sir, are an idiot.

CAPT. Obvious

“Frank is screwing up things left and right. Ugh I wish Paulie would backdoor him!”…
My God! The only thing worse than houseguests who don’t know anything about the rules of the show are blog commenters who don’t know the rules.


Rules? We don’t need no stinkin’ rules!


I’ve been watching big brother since season 4. I know the rules, but thanks for playing. The point must’ve went over your head (surprise, surprise). The point is frank is an ass and needs to be sent packing. The back door reference is simply because that’s what frank keeps pushing. I didn’t like frank before, and like him even less now. He needs to be booted right after Paul, and bronte


Sure it’s risky as far as getting Vic out, but regardless of how it plays out, someone from that group is going home. And if Vic never winds up on the block, it could lead to a crazy week of feeds as we truly have real campaigning going on. Even if Bronte is sent home, it’s still a successful week.


it’s not strange to be rooting for the 8-pack, all the newbies except Corey are incredibly unlikable. Every one; Natalie is the best of the rest so far, and that’s only because I really don’t like the way Victor treats her. I was pulling for either Day or Nicole once they appeared, mostly Day – love her!. I do hope the backdoor of Vic happens – he’s detestable, and so is Paul.

Defenseless Goat

Yeah sure Corey is likeable, same guy that finds it funny when he and his douchey frat boys try and set a goat on fire. Calls things “gay” like a middle schooler. He may not be aggressive, but an immature toolbag he is.


Ahhh, I had not seen/heard that side of things yet. Okay then. It does seem the deck is stacked in favour of the returnees then; they certainly don’t have much competition in the new crew.


Omg is that true??? Please tell me it’s not. I can’t even…. The vision is embedded in my brain. Makes me sick:( I’ve always felt that something is off with him. His stares and off the wall inappropriate comments. Ugh hate him now


Sorry for the double post duh


Come on…really did he try to set a goat on fire? Tell me it’s not true! I can’t even stand it. The vision is embedded in my brain. I’ve always felt something is off with him. He stares and gets a weird look in his eyes and says strange inappropriate comments. Pathetic human being if he’s capable of that. Ugh

Poor Goat

If Corey had set a goat on fire here in Arizona… Sherrif Joe Arpieo would throw his ass in jail…Twisted Jackass. Can’t wait till he’s gone.

Kurt Angle

Oh,Its true, its damn true. He told the story to other HG’s.


He told a story about a guy in his frat who got wasted and tried to set a goat on fire. He was laughing like it was funny, but he might have just been laughing at how wasted the guy was.


The way you think it’s black and white that everyone in the 8 is great and all the rest are vile is absurd. I like and dislike some on both sides.

Natalie's Boobs

Simon where is my gif?

Unbattled Block

Without the Twist of Roadkill, this is the best play odds wise. But Hey if Paul or Bronte goes over Vic that’s perfectly good. They peg way higher on the annoying scale

Frank's F2 is Paul

Frank is taking the hated Paul to Finals, no one with kids, no one with personality, no one with friends on Jury, no women with a girl-power vote, that leaves Paul who he shadows, trains to be nice, teaches him BBRules, gets strategy approval from, tells everything. Just like Frank was himself, Paul will be the permanent pawn so he appears to be working with 8-pack + Pauli & SpyGirls Paul hates.

Unbattled Block

Your giving Paul too much credit, even as Frank’s shadow F2. He can’t be nice, can’t keep his mouth shut and can’t play a social game. His ego writes checks his gamesmanship can’t cash

That's Why Frank Loves Him

Frank wants an idiot like that next to him in F2 so the Jury will hand the money to Frank. See Derrick’s game.

Frank & Paulie Are Training Them

Transcripts show Paulie & Frank have spent considerable time training them to be nice, learning the rules and letting them do their talking.

Big Jim

It’s time for a girl to go before it gets too lopsided


So what if it’s lopsided? It might be interesting.


Are you 10 years old? It ends up ‘lopsided’ in the end doesn’t it? Either all the girls are gone or all the boys (less one). So your logic is infantile.

CAPT. Obvious

It’s just the way of the world. No one wants to see a bunch of ladies take over the house. Ratings would plummet. Think about it, who has better ratings- the NBA or the WNBA?
Men’s golf or women’s golf?
The only time a womens competition is viewed more than the men’s version is if they are in revealing outfits(I.e., beach volleyball, gymnastics, ice skating, ect).
Yeah, there’s some people that would say it’s better because that’s their blinded reality, but at the end of the day, 75% of the viewers will tune it out.
Not being an a-hole, just stating backed up facts.


Thats probably what they said about Frozen and other female-lead movies/shows; that no would watch that s*** because its all about the women.


Thats probably what they said about Frozen and other female-lead movies/shows. That they would suck because its not about a man. There are not more male viewers than female viewers, so its kind of stupid how they think if its not about men then no one would watch it.

Natalie's Plastic Boobs

Not if they all wore bikinis over their jumbo floaties and jiggled their way to Final 2, Paul fingering them during comps & Corey lighting goats on fire when the frat house alcohol is served!


I’m not sure if they are real, but I’m 100% certain they aren’t made of plastic.


Facts? There are no “facts” when it comes to a situation that has never occurred. Misogynists might tune out but Neanderthals have mostly died off so there aren’t many watching anyway. I would love to see a final six all women. Women are so vicious with each other that the fights and backstabbing would be epic tv. Also be interesting to see how they would treat each other with no men around to fight over.


I watched a little bit of After Dark last night and was shocked to see Jozea in the house, spewing his normal crap. Did they already have the battle back competition?


UH???? The AD I watched last night didn’t have Joz in it at all.


Are you sure it wasn’t a replay? He wasn’t in the house last night.


I must have been dreaming then!!!!


That’s more night terror than dream.


After this week we need conflict within the 8 or it’s going to get very boring.


I agree. I’m actually rooting for someone other than the crazy 8 to win the next HOH so we don’t have such predictable nominations.


Right. Plus I like a couple on that side more than some in the 8 anyway.


if anyone other than 8pack win the next hoh, they also have to win roadkill or the hoh noms will all end up staying anyways because they don’t have the numbers. Welcome to the bb18 twist!


You’re assuming they’ll all stay solid if they don’t have HoH. I really doubt that.


of course i’m assuming they will stay solid after losing hoh, that was the entire point!
The 8pack doesn’t need to win hoh, just roadkill.(they have the numbers)
The revolution needs hoh and roadkill to get someone out

i wouldn’t assume they will stay solid after losing both hoh, AND roadkill!


If someone other than an 8 pack wins HoH, the 8 pack will splinter. They’ll see it as their shot to remove a threat without…blood on their hands.

I’m sorry I didn’t want to say it. I haven’t heard it too much on the show this season.


“If someone other than an 8 pack wins HoH, AND ROADKILL the 8 pack will splinter.”

i fixed your quote for you! (why is everyone forgetting the bb18 roadkill twist?)

The Roadkill Twist FAVORS the alliance with the most numbers! ( did no one watch bb15? )


I’m A ok with Bronte going home this week in the off chance Victor avoids post veto nomination.

I don t mind wither way

Worst case scenario Vic gets to play POV and wins it…in that case Bronte is going home…a chill week for me coz I d gladly let them both be eliminated the same day


14 left- 3 noms, HOH and 10 vote. 8/6 split and Paulie HOH. For a girl to go you need 3 noms thus a 5-5 split and Paulie breaks the tie. If you take the 8 and think they’ll vote out Bronte over Paul if Vic is safe watch DA work to get the girls to evict Paul.
The season is already in the danger zone for the guys. I’m very surprised Mr. Eudy and James don’t get it with the team concept. DA, Zak and Nicole will pull girl power early and gut the 8 in the process. As long as they have 1 guy up on eviction night the guy goes home if Vic or Paul were to go this week. DA is the real snake and she hasn’t even showed her fangs. Vic(BBAD) made more sense than any of the guys last night regaurding the girls position.

Fun F9 guesses…………..
Vic- think he gets evicted and returns.(Eudy if he is 1 of the 1st 5 beats Vic maybe)

I really think at this point it’s going to be a girls season IMO.

Natalie's Boobs

BB15 had 3 guys evicted first. Then the final 5 was 4 guys and 1 girl. It was weird.

They're Real and Spectacular

This isn’t BB15! The team concept allows throwing comps which allows folks from actually competing. James and DA are throwing so 8 controls HOH and noms. If 2 guys go next there would likely be 1 of 2 things with 12 left. The team concept gets dropped or you’ll see a shuffle to 3 teams. This could be as little as 4 guys and all 8 girls. As long as 1 of the noms is a guy the guy goes if all the girls vote together.

A lot will likely be production perception of the season. If 4 guys go out 1st four they might just scrap teams after 4 weeks. If not the girls are going to be hard to beat.

sunny dee

not sure of the point of focusing on the gender of remaining HGs. Aren’t the girls also competing to win? Aren’t they also in the house? Or do some of the viewers think they are just filler for the guys to end up at the end, or be # 3 in F3?

Start thinking like a BB fan and start backing up the team or the group or the girl most likely to win, instead of assuming they are only there to be props for the guys, or votes, and all fully expendable.

i also think it i bad advice to say don’t put vic as a nom. let him play, because after all he might be playing anyway if he gets picked, and guess what, he gets to take someone off the block and save himself. when he is on the block if he wins then he takes himself off, no one else. this whole try for back door or don’t let him compete idea is illogical, if you want someone gone, or especially if you are ok if another nom goes home, why stack the deck in favour of those two? you also put people on the block to take away their ability to vote, so you have a pair on the block, so neither one of them can sway the votes to keep the other.

it’s not rocket science, it is just math.


Tiffany might be out before then with her mood swings.


It’s not about her mood swings. Frank admitted last night his problem with tiff is he thinks she’s going to try to “fill Vanessa’s shoes and make big moves.” He feels like that big move is going to be taking him out.

Same with Da. She overexaggerates and even sometimes flat makes things up about Tiffany simply because Tiffany is Vanessa’s sister.

Tiffany is obviously very smart as well, but I don’t think she has it quite like Vanessa as far as strategic game moves. I think Vanessa’s poker background helped her a lot in big brother. But yes, Tiffany has gotten emotional a couple times because of the way Frank spoke to her. Other than that she hasn’t had mood swings at all. Most of the girls in the house have cried already, but Tiffany is the only one that everyone seems to freak out about crying. Again, must be because of Vanessa.


Someone outside the 8 needs to get HoH next week. It would be interesting to see how the alliances would shift.


Does anyone else get the feeling that Laquisha (Z) might hang out where pro athletes do to get her money-grubbing ratchet hands on half their money with her ‘ass’ets. Mm hmm. Paulie is way too classy for her skanky self.


Zip it, Skippy, before you embarrass yourself any further.


just becareful who you put into redemption room

Natalie's Boobs

The houseguests have no idea about that.


we all know pack 8 dont wqant jozwa back in so why not put 2 semi strong copetitor has pawnsd to play and get back like james or nicole

Daenerys Eats her Nephew Victor the Jon Snow Wannabe

James sucks at comps. Sorry.


you dont whgat kind ofcompetition memory or endurance


Paul doesn’t seem nearly as bad now that losing Jozea has humbled him tremendously. People might actually start giving him a chance if he can learn how to play BB & keep his mouth shut. Nobody wants to see all that cockiness, especially from a newbie, or should I say “fake” confidence? I just hope the power shifts next week so this season doesn’t get boring.


Lmao, Paul is still scum. Says his biggest scandal was fingering a girl in spanish class. True or not the fact it came out of his mouth is classless.


It’s sleezy obviously, but still not as messed up as Corey laughing about standing there watching one of his buddies try to set a living animal on fire… But plenty of people are still rooting for him lmao not to mention I guarantee Paul never did it anyway. He just wants to be “cool” but he’s going about it all wrong. Definitely doesn’t seem like that bad of a dude, IMO.

Min O'Pause



My hope is that Paulie’s plan works out and the get Vic out… next week I do hope that someone like Paul wins HoH and they take out Frank… After Victor go’s I really wish they take the opportunity to take out Frank. So say Paul wins HoH and puts up Corey and Paulie and somebody like Bronte, Paul or Natalie wins Roadkill and they put up say James. The the POV is three players that can win the PoV and they replace either Corey, Paulie and James with Frank. I think that it would be simple to point out that Frank was almost impossible to get out his season and Frank is the type of player with a great social game, physical attributes and brains that makes him someone that you may have problems taking out later. The real trick is to expose all of the backstabbing Frank has done to the other vets, that might take some trickery that these houseguests don’t have…. but Frank in the house I hate to say = long boring summer.


i bet a guy goes home just like bb canada 4 aka sausage fest


Anyone think Paul is playing up the newbie thing?
I saw on BBAD the other night they were talking about the “reset button” and Pandora’s box. Paul said “yeah I learned all about that today, because I didn’t know” he said it with a sarcastic tone and an eye roll.
As if to say – of course I know what those things are, but letting Frank and the others “teach” me the game makes them feel important.

Maybe it’s part of a strategy?

Michelles weird back mark.

Michelle said to Paul “why are you even here?” when he didn’t know what Pandoras box was so that is why he was smiling when he said “yeah I just learned today”

He has no strategy he is just a wanna be who was teased as a kid and this first time in life he has had friends and is trying to keep them by trying to fake that he is cool.

He says “fuckin” every other word cuz he thinks thats how to sound “cool” Really just sounds like a sad lonely little boy begging for people to like him.

I feel bad for him every time he says it.:-)


Ahhh, gotcha. Thanks.


Yeah thanks so much for the dime store psychoanalysis.

Min O'Pause

Some people are just born to be assholes. It’s their place in the cosmic plan…or whatever.


I knew a guy just like Paul in high school. He transitioned into a female and now works for the circus as the bearded lady.


Well, the guy has got Little Man Syndrome.


Would love to see Paul go this week. It would screw up Frank’s plans (I like that idea) & we’d get to see Josea fight Paul to come back in the house. (Provided Josea wins against Glen)

Hey Simon…any idea of when they are going to play the redemption competition?


I’m not sure when they’ll play the redemption comp will likely be taped and played on the Thursday episode.


Thanks Dawg!


Here’s hoping it involves stacking things.


july 22nd is the date

Jake K.

Hey Dawg,

Not to step on yours or Simon’s toes but CBS just put out a press release there will be a special Friday night July 22nd episode that features all the head and head battles and reveals the winner (and likely their entrance back into the house)


they should have played like real remdempition islland style until they got down final 5-6 and got back in


That makes sense. Instead of doing 1 competition a week I guess they want 5 possibilities of who returns to remain on the table for as long as possible.


yup that is right

Backdoor DR door

Ok so Paulie all the sudden got gung ho on the backdoor thing after a DR visit.

Victor the clueless lump also knows they are trying to backdoor him.

Hmmm what production is up to with this? Why steer Paulie to do it and also tell Victor it’s happening. I guess more possible drama. But yeah. No way in hell lump on log Vic figured it out on his own.


James all the way!!!!!

I see dead people

James needs to cut Paul’s beard off in his sleep for his next prank.

Jack Mayhoffer

I can already see Frank getting far. Production likes him and they’re just going to rig the comps for him the same way they did for Vanessa last year.

I put Triple sec in my Sangria

Simon, I know u work 3 jobs, but I would really like to see your HG ranking chart, unless there is one I can’t find it 🙂 thx!


Not sure why i keep hearing ppl saying the backdoor is risky… No its not… How is it risky? Victor either plays in the veto or he doesnt. Where as if hes on the block he plays no matter what…
Worst come to worst, victor gets picked he plays pulls paul off, than they vote on Bronte.. Who cares, win, win..


the risk is that Victor gets picked to play in POV and wins it – bc then he will get to take one of the nominees off AND he can’t be the replacement nominee. (The POV winner can’t be nominated). Chances are, if Victor won, he would take off Paulie, so Paulie will likely not be able to get either of his major targets. Even worse, he will have to nominate someone else in the house, likely someone he wants to work with bc there’s not that many other HGs left on the other side of the house, which is just more “blood” on his hands, so to speak. He would probably have to nominate Natalie, but as you can tell, people on his side of the house, are starting to like her and wanting to work with her.


I dont think it s that risky…even if Vic wins and Paul will be safe, they can just vote out Bronte..which d be still pretty good….Paulie doesnt have much to lose this week since he doesnt have too deep connections with anyone. I even think bronte going home could be probably a better outcome for him coz Vic is a big target that d be dealt with next week for sure, while I m not sure that if Vi goes now whether Bronte still stays a target.


I do agree with you, that they could send Bronte home and that going after Victor isn’t necessarily the best move. However, there really is no guarantee that Bronte will get sent packing. Paulie has to nominate someone else and there is no reason to think that everyone will or will not rally to get that nominee out. Let’s say for example he nominated Corey, things happen over the week, and Corey goes. Now anyone who is friends with Corey is also mad at Paulie.

More importantly, I have strong feeling that if Paul, Bronte, or Victor win HOH next week, they are gunning straight for Paulie. We see Victor and Paul talk a lot and kiss up to him now, but I don’t trust them one bit, they seem like the exact types to go against whatever deal they make or whatever trust they build this week. I don’t think that it was the best idea for Paulie to go straight for Victor first without a solid alliance behind him, but now that he has started all this, and talked so much about wanting to backdoor Victor, his best move is to get him out (and pray he doesn’t come back).


I dont think going after Vic is good for his game, he could bro down with him and just go for Bronte…Vic will stay a target for the other side, and the other side will be a target for Vic…why do their dirty laundry , especially when the numbers of guys are falling and truly the guys in the house need numbers if they want to surivive coz they lack brains. And worst come to worst he still can put up Natalie, actually taking her out d not be too stupid coz rn they want her to stay but wont be too mad if she goes up… but give the girl a few weeks and she could be sitting pretty….she can be dangerous..probably the most dangerous players of that side of the house.


meant to say Paul – not Paulie

No backdoor for me

Doing it the back door way is risky if you don’t have the protection on you

Anonymous Guest

This backdoor idea doesn’t make sense to me or am I missing something? If Victor is picked for the veto and wins then he will take Paul off and both will be safe.

Guys v. Girls

Exactly. It’s a gender game now. Guys will keep stirring crap like the Natalie-Victor-Nicole who’s dating who to fracture girls group. They’ll threaten to evict girls if they ask questions like Tiff and they’ll put’em on the block if they’ve got kids like Day, and spill the beans on votes like Zak late Wed pretending is not selfish… at least those are Frank’s excuses for breaking his promises to his “team”… Paul just wishes melanoma on them like Michelle… that’s 5 hits on the girls in 24 hours. The new Fatal Four is Frank, Paul, Victor & Paulie. Corey & James are their disposable chick wranglers.


Bc the chances of Victor getting picked to play in the veto are about 30%, which are not the greatest odds, and then he would have to win the POV comp, which if all things were equal (which we know they aren’t bc everyone has different skills and each comp is targeted toward specific skill sets) for arguments sake, then he only has a 16.7% chance of winning it. The odds are not in his favor, but hey, this is BB, anything can happen.


the chance of victor winning tho is small, there is never really a pure 100% backdoor in BB, you can almost always find a way to save yourself. but this the closest thing they got to backdooring victor. POV could be a mental comp, a puzzle, etc. where Victor won’t be able to use his physical advantage.

Simon dawg help

Hey simon dawg I no you posted something a link on how Canada can get the live feed can u post that again but explain to me what I need to do to get it ones I open the link you posted thanks


To get the live feeds to work if you live in Canada:

– Purchase a $25 American Express prepaid credit card from Shoppers Drug Mart (Only the American Express card will work)
– Sign up for the live feeds using our link:
– Enter any US address and Zip code
– When it asks for your payment info put the American Express card number in and use the 4 digits on the front right hand side of the card for the security code.

Next you need a VPN to trick the CBS website into thinking you’re accessing it from the US.
1. Sign up for your VPN subscription.
2. Download Hide My Ass VPN and install it. (You will be prompted after signing up.)
3. Open the program and enter your subscription username and password.
4. Click on the “Protocol” box and select “Open VPN”.
5. Click on the “Quick VPN location change” box and select any USA location.
6. Finally click the “Connect to VPN” button. That’s it!
The CBS site now thinks you live in the USA.

For more info on how to install / use the VPN here is a help guide (just make sure you’re connecting to a USA location instead of a Canadian one)

If you have any issues just ask Simon or I and we’ll be able to walk you through it. 🙂


I never understood why Canadians or people from all over the world have to be so tricky to get BB Live Feds. All that should matter is that you pay for the Live Feeds and not what country you are from. I live in the USA and I can’t watch BB Canada because it does not play here and I can’t watch your live feeds without jumping through hoops, the same thing that go’s for any Big Brother… I just do not know why channels that are non subscription channels do not just allow people to watch them Internationally.


yet american love to watch BB canada live!


It has more to do with licensing rights and copywriting laws than anything. Global profits aren’t that much of a priority especially given the small number of foreign watchers.


yet i lovbe to many sites to watch for that isnt cbs lol


Gosh darn it! Stop stealing our feeds you Canadians.

I swear to gluish messiah I’ll resuscitate you and then shave your eye brows off!


you think they play remdemption room just there down final 5-6


Uh…. do what now?


play liker it real survivor style with houseguest knowing who winning

Min O'Pause

Understand what said you I am not.


play 1 on 1 week comp until final 5-6


go watch survivor


I don’t like the “backdooring victor ” nonsense ( why not put up victor & Paul up so it guarantee that they won’t have a chance to save each other and one gets evicted)
I would like to see frank’s plan backfire cause he’s obviously trying to make a final 2 with Paul.
Another thing is how come victor knows that James threw the hoh & is getting backdoored I have a feeling that production is telling him or something because he’s really doesn’t anything about bb and is only good at the physical / endurance comps .


Putting The main target up guarantees them to play in the veto comp, but being only week 2 Vic has a very low chance of even playing in the veto comp.

Victor is the main target this week with Bronte being the secondary target if Vic wins veto. So it doesn’t matter if Vic wins and takes off Paul!


Paulie wasn’t invited to join the 8-Pack and as far as I know he doesn’t know anything about it. Wonder if that would change things if Paulie found out. Could see someone like Frank or maybe Tiff leaking it to him if it would serve their purpose.

Jake K.

Fridays are going to stink especially if the RK Nom ceremony is later on as well. Tons of fish….over it -___-

Jozea coming back

Big Brother rigged it. Redemption competition will be “sword fighting”.


if the comp is about walking on water or turning water into wine, ya

Welcome to Big Brother

Some of you are funny. It’s so early in the game for all of the freak shows to come out. This is BIG BROTHER. It’s a GAME. The point is to WIN the game. WINNING the game takes getting into people’s heads, manipulating them, sometimes lying, etc. Comparing things like Derrick lying to Victoria and Those ass clowns talking about punching girls, setting animals on fire, etc. are not even reality. I don’t understand how you people are not able to separate yourselves from being upset with people for playing the game.


Why should we buy the LIVE FEEDS, when during their free time when they are trying to entice us to buy, the FEEDS are down for 6 hours during the day?


Need a rules check…does the roadkill winner get veto ten regardless or just if his/her mom wins veto?


The roadkill winner nominates a 3rd nominee. That nominee plays veto. If the roadkill nominee wins veto then the roadkill winner secretly nominates the replacement. If anyone else wins and uses veto, the HoH nominates the replacement.


Need a rules check…does the roadkill winner get veto renom regardless or just if his/her mom wins veto?


Feeds back an Victor won!


It’s rigged! This will be the year that a girl wins. The negative crap about race,Females , is all to get us angry. Therefore making certain a minority or a female ,or both win.