Big Brother Over The Top VOTE For the Final Houseguest


Big Brother Over the Top? What the…

It’s this falls online only version of Big Brother. Apparently EVERYTHING will be on the feeds, Competitions, “Some” Diary rooms sessions etc etc.. There will also be a weekly update show produced on the feeds..

Simon and Dawg will be watching and reporting on this show. The amount we do will be based on how good it is. If it’s Glass house sorry folks but if it’s not WHOOOO WEEEE can’t wait! So grab a Jar and join us for another season 🙂

We have no idea how this show will work out. I want to be optimistic and say since The GROD is not producing it there will be fewer twists and generally less bullshit. There’s the real potential to be this to be the greatest.

First off we get to VOTE for 1 Vet for the season the choices are Jason and Jozea. I’m putting my support behind Jozea.

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What does this mean?
It means the fans vote for evictions which in my opinion is not a selling feature 🙁 Do cat people watch teh feeds? we’ll soon find out.

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What does it mean?
It’s like net flicks but for just CBS shows…

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You get CBS all access for Big Brother LIve Feeds the website and stream works flawlessly, I watched a Billion hours of feeds during BB18 and only twice had issues which were most likely cause by me being forced to use a VPN.

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After bb 18, I wouldn’t sit thru that if BIG BROTHER PAID ME!!!


I think we found out what a sham Big Brother was. Yes, too much Production interference. Even Evel Dick believes that Production had their hands in it. We have seen the proof through out the whole show that this was for Nicole to win. The people who say we are just bitter, don’t want to open their eyes.

Shakin Up the House

BB rarely turns out the way I want it to but I still enjoy watching it also. However, your website definitely makes it more enjoyable. Thanks!


smh oh well i guess if evel said it then it must be true.. i cant stand the constant complaining i mean if you dont like it turn it off seriously the negativity is so boring and honestly its not healthy dude you need to let it go.. thanks for another great season simon you and dawg are the best!!!


Simon do you really think there wasn’t more influence this year than others?
This one and Rachel’s were pretty sloppy from productions part, seems like when they get their pets together it’s a little more of a produced reality show.
This is why I don’t like mixing vets with new people production has a vision of how the season should go and what the story line is going to be and usually it sucks.


I think that the manipulation was more heavy handed this year than in previous seasons. Also that they made several errors in letting the house guests talk about the interference between them. Plus, Natalie’s shifting targets from the Nicole/Corey camp to Victor/Paul was far too abrupt. They should have fed her and a James a line and had her begin to question her trust of them first.


Last nights season finale was terrible I’m sorry but I think someone interfered with a lot of the voting only two people who voted for the best player was james and vic and james voting for paul was a huge statement paul didn’t choose him to go with hi yet he still voted for who played the best game very upset with production and the interferance Nicole layed in bed all season until corey left she deserved not to even be in final two sorry to say

Hillary Clinton: No Cigar

Julie Chen said in the after show interview with Jeff that she thought Paul lost the game with his answers to the jurys questions.


Agreed! If he had shown even the slightest bit of repentance for his behavior towards the females he would have won it.


Bridgette said the jury did mock votes before the final vote and basically they already had their minds made up before speeches. She said it would’ve been 8-1 if he took James.


Simon, I’m confused. We have CBS All Access. Now, can we watch the OTT show by episodes, or is it only live feeds?

sunny dee

it was a nail biter ending, haven’t had one of those for a long time.

i didn’t hate the F2 and i haven’t felt that in a long time either.

warmed up to nicole again after she got out of bed. i thought it was hysterical that she couldn’t answer the final comp questions because she hadn’t stepped out of bed to actually talk to anyone in the house. paul kind of had an excuse as someone always on the block, and getting blockitis people would avoid him plus he’s louder than they are, they might be talking he can’t hear cuz he is talking

final questions are so random anyway, it literally is a guess. i can’t stand the final question comp, i think it is a crap shoot, so might as well just do a crap shoot.

in the end i wish paul had gotten one more vote, as usual the jury tends to disappoint, but i only wanted him to get the vote cuz he got there by working very hard, and because he won his way at the end. To me, being taken is never ever as important as being the taker. if i was on jury , that reason would account for 50% of my vote. he won to ensure his F3 status, he won to ensure he would only do the last comp, and he won to ensure he was F2 and chose who would go with him, and when he chose he still stuck to his word.

for the new show i would vote for Jason, because i think he would get more viewers than jozea. Jozea was not around long enough, jason was in his season, plus he had a memorable cast and still stood out. jozea and other cast members will almost always be overshadowed by the paul/ vic combo.

Benghazi: Hillary's Only Accomplishment

If you get the chance checkout the final interview Jeff did with Paul. I’m not sure if it is here but it is on the CBS website for sure. Paul does not sugar coat anything and gives straight up honest answers. It is very funny.

Thanks for a great season Simon & Dawg.


CBS – Seriously, let these people play without so much foul play by production. We live feeders heard way too many comments that prove that you have your favorites and help manipulate the game, which was quickly switched to the fish tank, we heard production call Nicole “Darling” and we know that you ruined Natalie’s game by telling her she needs to work with Nicole and Corey. You are not being fair to those who came to compete, gave up their jobs, families and basically 3 months of their lives to give you good TV ratings in the summer. We aren’t stupid and you continually forget that.

CBS Fail

Done forever with BB. Worst production has ever been, I cannot imagine on online version being less rigged than this season was.


Me either, cancelled the feeds for good today. I am seriously considering not watching ever again, I’ll see how I feel in a year but cancelling the feeds was a big step for me bc I always watch them. Seeing Jozea’s and Jason’s stupid faces as MORE returning HGs just put me over the edge on an already nauseatingly awful night. Done!


Me too! And when you hit cancel it ask why you’re cancelling I said “Because I finally realized how fake it is, it’s just like wwe. Hire a new production team that doesn’t script the entire “game” and I’ll watch again”.


Lol – the format seems like the international big brother version or big brother 1 where the viewers get to decide stuff and winners.




I think the viewer voting evictions and winner is not a good move. Maybe this is an experiment for the producers, but it removes important elements that the houseguests have to consider, like the opinions of their housemates. It’s going to be a completely different game, with lots of pandering to “America”. I doubt that that will be a good thing.


Simon will you be posting the Backyard interviews ?

Racist Trump enjoys mocking handicapped

I don’t understand why CBS doesn’t allow people who is already subscribed to cable and paying for CBS access the only BB version. There is no in hel I would pay another extar to watch only one tv show. Just dumb! I know people are greedy and corrupted lile racist trump but seriously CBS you are just too much. Congratulations to Scole I guess being a snake give you advantage sssssssss lol kiddin di you guys saw Moses crying so hard cause losing to scole? Feel really bad!. I also i dint missed when corey and paulie were hugging so hard I feel like they were close to make out and do the ……… on live TV yep they are gay………….Vive le amore!


But at least you’re apparently a smart one, so that’s a-ok!! Give it a couple hours and the couple of Trump trolls that haunt this place will reply to you under tons of names and easily get around the like/dislike limit of 1 per person. It’s just a couple of racist Trump lovers with way too much time on their hands. Unless they aren’t wealthy (and I think it’s safe to assume they aren’t) they are voting against their best interests, at the potential expense of all Americans. Too bad the mods don’t discourage their shit… I imagine this place would have a ton more traffic. Trump would destroy America if elected, and this is coming from someone that has always voted republican.

Benghazi: Lying Dependocrat Hillary's Only Accomplishment

It is pay to play. Being a Lying Hillary supporter you should understand that.


Please remember we are more than a two party system. These two candidates that big business has pushed out in front of us suck and they are both liars and cheats. We need to pay attention to the other candidates and push for another party to get some power so we have a greater selection in the future. Also, how is it we have a system where a person can make a living out of just being a politician. Let’s look at putting term limits to the house and senate and do away with career politicians.


If you are referring to the Tea-baggers, and Libertarian… Republican. If you are referring to the Green Party or Canada… democrat.

Hillary Lied Four People Died

Ride for free Dependocrat says what?

I see

So you don’t like Trump for being “racist” but, it’s ok to say jokingly that 2 guys hugging are gay?…I wonder how you would feel if Trump said “I saw Hillary hugging a woman, oh man I bet they’re gay” You would call him a homophobe Yada Yada and change your name to something related to that. I’m sorry I even said anything on this site because I love it but, I just had to.


Joking about Corey and Paulie’s hug escalating to a smooch is significantly different than supporting no right to Healthcare for same-sex couples, don’t ya’ think?? Apples and oranges. You betcha’.


Denying the rights of a grouping of people based on ethnicity, religion, economic status or sexual preference is something Hitler would commend.

Lying Arrogant Hillary Lock Her Up

Shouldn’t you be erasing emails about the people you left to die in Benghazi? I can sure see why this ahole troll is a Hillary fan.


Ummmm….Nicole Sucks!


Well, I’m not sure how others are voting, but since clearly Da and Nat voted bitterly knowing Paul was the better player I will do the same. I will vote Jozea over Jason. I don’t like either Jason or Jozea though. I rather vote bitterly though. Da hates Jozea and Jason is her friend. So this on logical conclusion.

Unbattled Block

It’s like a choice between foot fungus or hoof in mouth disease


Good point. I’ll vote jozea too. Lol. I’m not giving cbs any more money for feeds since they want to be so fake, so I don’t care who is on there. But good point about Jason being sell out Da’s friend.

Jake K.

This is the Australian-type of Big Brother which is a USA/Canada and International version hybrid. There is safety competitions (like veto) and HoH competitions with nominations but the public is the voting feature. The goal of this, I would guess, is for the houseguest to be as entertaining as possible. It could either pay off massively, be sucessful, and allow the viewers to keep their manic and crazy favorites in while simultaneously watching how the houseguests balance strategy with viewers or it could be a failure where it becomes Glass House 2 and viewers push whatever returner (Jozea or Jason) all the way to the end. Regardless I will be tuning in because of my insane fandom but the outcome will be polarizing – either one of the best seasons or in a class lowers than BB9 (the season that shall not be named)


So let me see. My choice is between one person, Jozea, who makes me want to slit his throat or between Jason who makes me want to slit my own throat. I guess I choose Jozea. CBS better have a business model where they pay people to watch that show rather than vice-versa or the whole online only thing is simply not going to work.

Benghazi: Lying Dependocrat Hillary's Only Accomplishment

Now that was funny.


Arguable outcome . Most outlets today have it 60% -40% Paul today . Agreed . If you have played ” games ” in your life, Paul was the choice . But he was “perceived” as a jerk by some, and these days, mean is out . Was he robbed ?! Yes. Was it a total railroad? No, simply because we as viewers knew that jury was salty . Paul gambled and lost . I respect he took the high road, but on day 1 it’s about being yourself and winning 500k . He did an Amazing job all the way until the last turn . He made his mind up pre maturely, to ditch James . If it was only 50 k prize and second got 25 k .. Then screw it, I’m gambling and taking Nicole …. But for 10 years with of workin 40 hrs / week for 25$ hr = 500k …. No way … Don’t care how rich he seems . But Paul’s a gambler, and as much as he seemed to win the hand, Nicole pulled the Ace on the last hand … Bitter jury .. Thee end

lol what?

It wasn’t a bitter jury, there was a bitter juror, Michelle!


Paul made a really poor decision to take Nicole. He gave up 450K to take the “high road”?? It’s a game! He played the end to lose. I don’t think Nicole deserved to best him, but he beat himself in the end.


Still PISSED!!!!


Good, “your boy” was a dooooooche!

Racist Hillary Stole 6 BILLION dollars from the Haiti earthquake fund

I vote for Jozea, strictly for entertainment’s sake.

Only can wish

Jozea will be more interesting to watch. He is a bit much, but I can deal with watching him. It will be interesting.
I have been watching BB for many years. I don’t know any of these BB HGS players personally. I’m not bitter about who won or lose either. The problem I’m having is how much involvement production had in this season. It’s was so noticeable that the HGS was telling us what was going on.
It’s no way in h$LL Nicole should have won. I honestly don’t think Paul had a chance with Nicole or James. Davonne, Paulie, Zakiyah, Natalie and Corey voted for Nicole. Paulie, Zakiyah, Natalie, Michelle and Corey would have voted for James.
When Julie introduced the jury, Da’Vonne was first, when it was time to cast their vote Da’Vonne was first, but when it was time to reveal the winner Da’Vonne was last to reveal her vote. Production had to know how the jury was voting to make it interesting at the end with the tie breaker. If the reveal of the votes started with Davonne, James vote would not have matter. Even the audience was alittle shock that Nicole won. Now since Nicole won, I hope she get a stylist to buy her a new wardrobe, because she needs one. I hope Paul realize sometimes he can’t always say what’s on his mind. He’s the type of person, to take him as he is. Either you love him or hate him, there’s no in between.
BB better get it together for next season or they may lose viewers.


You guys are the best, thanks for all the hard work. I will give the new show 3 weeks b/c I got one month free, but if it’s anything like this season, I won’t waste the money. Hopefully they have better players, that don’t still live with mommy and daddy.

Never Not Nat

Why did I vote for Nicole? BB gave me 2 keys and they both said Nicole!

Am done with big brother, but love Simon&Dawg

I guess nobody remembered that Nat said she wanted a woman to win Big Brother, & even if it was Snacole she would vote for her…that’s what sucker more than anything was knowing that if he took that POS, all the girls would vote for her (well most because of the pact to make sure a girl won)
I bet they’re all gonna regret this after watching the season & seeing what a snake she really was….ugh! SO glad this is over!


Exactly. And can you imagine how many seeds production planted with Paul. They were foaming at the mouth to get a female winner, even if she wasn’t the best player.

I wonder if they realized there would be that much backlash though? Twitter went nuts against Nicole and how the show is rigged. Makes production look bad.

Jumped The Shark

Probably a few seasons ago but this was ridiculously pathetic! As mentioned above about Da voting – production made James last so he could try to save face about the pre-season alliance and vote for Paul instead of Nicole.


I’m not heavy on the conspiracy theory, but think you have a point, especially since I think James would do whatever Production asked of him, considering he seems so invested in being a “reality star” (wants to be on other shows, etc.) He considers CBC his employer.

Poor Nicole

Had to have production give her $500K, since she cannot make it as a nurse. How does someone only work part-time as a nurse? My mom is a nurse and everyday is asked to work overtime. Nicole cannot pick up shifts at the hospital if she is working at a Doctor’s office? Once licensed by the state Nicole can work at any facility as a nurse. My mom once worked for 3 different places for several months.


And how old are you? You can work part-time at most professions even nursing usually that is what happens so benefits do not have to be paid. I get your mom is wonderful but stop the character assassination, it was only a game. And apparently Nicole did something right, she is $500,000 richer than any of us.

Doesn't Play The Game James

things did not work out for me I guess my strategy or lack thereof did not go as planned by production

another ex big bro fan

gone back and forth over the years watching and then not watching but after this ending pfft


See ya next June.


None of the HGs listened to my warning! And sure enough the snake and lames were there in the final 3, if not for your boy wining it would have been them two sitting at the end.


What about my warnings! I get that the houseguests were not allowed to discuss what I told them but no one made any games moves based on my information!

Suck James

I’m no fan of Jason, but since Jozea revealed that story to Paul about waking up in Paris one morning with each of his fists inside a different guy that dude just makes me want to vomit. Jason it is.

On the fence about BBOTT

I just threw up in my mouth a little.


I guess we know who’s never been to Paris..

racist trump enjoys scamming the poor and blue collars

I was thinking all night why scole won. and why would Natalie and davonne who dislike scole would support her? So do you remember when moises was asked about insulting women and calling them names just like racist trump? so I believe Moises biggest mistake. Rather than apologizing and pleading for forgiveness for insulting women, he refrained himself as just just being authentic and being who is he inside and outside the house. In a few words he is a bigot to women and he was expecting to get their votes LOL sorry Moises bigotry never pay. Congratulations Scole ssssssss. She seems to smart to blown up her winning. Hopefully she would invest it. I’m so happy Victor won America favorite!


I like you!

Lying Hillary Diving in the Polls & on her Face

You guys were great as the internet trolls in the HOH comp this year.

Hillary Lies Matter

You were thinking? That must of been funny. Nicole won in a vote of her peers. Get over it.

Jeezus & Nem

I was always told to never speak bad/negative things into the universe.. If you do not want a thing to happen, dont say it will happen. I’ve forever learned my lesson. This is what I posted last week:

September 14, 2016 at 9:05 pm
Agreed. Anyone but Nicole. They seem to forget how she slithered up to Adam and convinced him to bite the apple in the Garden of Eden… and look where that got us. But I digress.

Voting wise, taking Nicole would be a huge mistake. IF jury gender lines influence the vote at all, taking Nicole could spell trouble. Nat and Bridgett have said many times that if a woman is in F2, she will get their vote, she is guaranteed Corey’s vote, Z (as commanded once again by Paulie) will vote Nicole, as would Paulie. And even Da, who personally does not seem to care for Nicole, is now respecting her game…. thats 6 votes.


I missed on Bridget.. But, why, why why, was I right about Da?!?!!.. sucks.

Simon & Dawg… Thanks for a great season anyway.. Until next year – PEACE


The last two Girls who won needed 2 chances smh


Da’vonne has tweeted asking us all to vote for Jason. GREAT! I’ll make sure to vote for Jozea… we’re even now.


im done with big brother the wrong person won I think pual should of won
how can we tell as fan that big brother not rigged now for that outcome of vote
at first I didnt agree with my friends about it but now I do how pual didn’t win the
game he won the last 4 comps in a row that’s why I will not watch big brother never again for what they already
got they winner nomatter what us fan say


Everybody that says Nic was helped by production, and Paul deserved the win, well guess what… Paul was in on it too! Everyone is fucking in on it, its an entertainment show, and ratings come first! Seriously, they all have 6 degrees of separation, they are all recruits looking for fame. I wonder if the casting directors even bother traveling to the BB auditions lol. There are also things that you cant explain, like why Paul and Vic just pretended the blow horn didn’t even happen? As a fan, you know deep down, they are all just wannabe actors, and they are getting paid well. It is staged and not scripted, BUT the DR is so scripted its not even funny! The more ratings they bring in, the more “airtime” they get, and in turn, more “coaching” goes into helping them. Everyone is most likely walking away with a great stipend, and more money comes with more airtime. (You can be still be voted out but get lots of airtime). CBS has lawyers they would never want to fuck with too, plus BB is probably decent pay. Nicole was a favorite right from the beginning, so of course she was assisted. The new format for OTT caters to this idea as well. The more popular the house guest, the farther they go. Its all about the ratings.
In saying all this, I watch and try to pretend its real, because I am crazy, and really enjoy it. It is totally fake though, and IDGAF


new Big brother No Event Blackouts 24/7: Unlike the normal broadcast version of the live feeds, the Over The Top live feeds will have no blackouts during competitions, ceremonies, and evictions.
Incentive For House Guests to Stay Awake: There will be multiple things to keep the House Guests awake at all times to make sure viewers have something to watch other than sleeping.
Fan Vote: There will be some sort of Fan Vote to give the viewers power like never before.
No Jury: For the first time since Head of Household was introduced in Big Brother 2, America will vote for the winner of the season.
Safety: TB

American in Canada

I suppose we can’t access this new BB from Canada??

barb johnson

who knows? obviously BB doesnt appreciate their loyal friends. now you have to sign up to all access to watch even if you dont have it and also have to pay for it. bb will lose a lot of fans over this

Myster E

Simon & Dawg, Thank you for watching these crazy people 24/7 and posting what happens. I will not be watching BBOTT, but will return for next years regular BB.

Racist Hillary can't walk on her own and the grown ass woman needs adult diapers and a colostomy bag for her sh*t, which she is full of

Good riddance James, hope this is your last rodeo.

At this rate it wouldn’t surprise me if you end up on the FBI watch list.

About to upset people

What kind of choice is that amongst the houseguest to return. Did not like either one of those two. Why not just tell people not to watch?

Corey's Burnt Goat

Karma is a bitch! No Final 2 for you, eh, brah? Be sure to go easy on your meds because you will surely be grinding your teeth as you now have to go on all these vacations with Nicole since she won and now has the money to take vacations!


Really ” lol what ” great name by the way . ( sarcasm) it wasn’t a bitter jury ? I’m pretty dam sure it was . If you read my comment that wasn’t even the point. Careless who won . Bottom line he took the wrong person to a ” fickle jury . Is that better ? It’s a comment sight, loser . I don’t agree with all of them either … But that’s my opinion. So your take is what ? Nicole should of won ?! Ok great . Wow . Your an incredible handicapper of games with that pick . I always see you commenting on other comments. Slow your role clown .

Shan Elizabeth

Maybe this is a.silly question but is it likely or possible that the episodes will be loaded somewhere to stream ? Or the only way to see it is to pay all access and watch live streaming? Thanks.


I don’t think it was a Bitter jury, I think it was a sexist jury.
I heard several of the ladies say “girl power” “time for a girl to win” etc..
I think Nicole got at least 3 votes ONLY because she was a woman. (Da, Brigette, and Natalie) maybe more.

The press and message boards would be going crazy if Paul had won and several guys said “oh, I just voted for him because he’s a guy”


Bridgette voted for Paul. I knew she would vote best game because she actually has a brain.

Hillary, murderer of Vince Foster and aider and abettor of her husband's many rapes

The only satisfaction of Nicole winning is that James voted for Paul out of spite and she still won! James was counting on 25,000 dollars from AFP, which he DIDN’T get!!!!!! and he was also hoping for 50,000 dollars from somebody picking him for second place which he DIDN’T get!!!! And he’s hoping for Natalie’s love in a relationship which he WON’T get!!!!!

No political agenda

The worst part of this season for me was the dumb ass political names that were used by idiots that thought they were funny and clever trying to shove their political views down our throats while we were trying to enjoy reading other big brothers fans comments. There are plenty of political sites to go post your stupid bullshit on. You won’t possibly sway my opinion on my vote for president by making up an idiotic political name on the best big brother spoiler site. However I do laugh every time I see one of these names and I get a mental image of you typing it in and laughing to yourself, by yourself, like ” hehehe I got em good with this one!” –cking loser. Both candidates suck ass anyway and we will all pay for it when the newly elected takes office. So respectfully go suck a bag of dicks and leave your politics out of my Big Brother.

Hillary: The Gold Standard for Corruption

Somebody needs a safe space. Welcome to the big bad world.

I found it pretty interesting that in all the final interviews everyone said they would play the game again.


Was this the same jury from the O.J. case?


I almost fell out of my chair… still laughing


I seriously wonder if Da was paid to vote the way she did. When July asked the Jury on stage who they thought the last person out of the house was? Da said i don’t care as long as it isn’t Paul.she has consistently showed support for Paul until she put her key in the box. Sounds like a last minute reminder “Da you are a vet and we want a vet to win. So please vote “vet””


Thinking she was paid for voting for Nicole also.


Jason seemed like he could mix it up a bit so I would vote for him over Jozea but I ain’t gonna be watching anyways. There are only so many things I have to waste my money on and CBS All Access aint’ one of them!

just wundering

Maybe it’s just me, but it sure looked like when the jury pulled their vote keys out of the bags there was only one key in there, except for James who obviously fumbled between 2 keys. Wonder if they had to make their decision early, before final speeches were given.

Pablo Has More Game Than Paul

Sorry about losing the $450,000 Paul but maybe you can be in the next Hobbitt movie.


Saw Paul in some people’s videos and Periscopes and he was having a real good time!! He was partying hearty and drinking and all the party goers were screaming “Friendship”!! I was happy to see him happy, even though I’m still PISSED, but getting over it


To all Da’Vonne Fans; right now she is filming “The Bold and The Beautiful “. Dont have a release date yet. I don’t have any information as of yet if any other HG’s will be filming with her (pretty sure some will). Sure hope Paul and Victor are filming


I heard that Victor and Paul will be on there also,


Wait…..Da’Vonne has fans????

Reality Check

So I have been hearing rumors that Nat Nat and James are pretty much done. Nat saw video of James bad mouthing her. The other thing I am hearing is Nat’s Twitter friends include Glenn, Tiffany and Liz Nolan but not Jamessy.

Poor James, your showmance or fakemance with Nat cost you the game and the APF and your reputation.

I could be wrong on these rumors…

Froot Loop Dingus

Ever since i saw the abbreviation for Big Brother Over the Top (BBOTT), It made me think it was an abbreviation for a gay hook up app… Bareback BOTTom.

Then I saw Jason and Jozea and now I can’t help but think it’s an all gay online big brother, and I imagine it will be a pervy hook up show. And believe me, they are 2 people I would NOT want to see having sex!

And be warned haters… I’m gay… so hold back your outrage!


So big brother over the top includes 1 returning houseguest. And america votes on who to evict. Yea wonder how this will go…….


Michelle said to Dayvonn in front of Nicole’s mom with intent for her to hear, that her daughter didn’t deserve to win and that Dayvonn ruined the plan. The girl has no respect for no one.


Wow!! That was mean. Where did you get your info from?


Well…..she’s not wrong.


Nicole said it in an interview that Dayvone had to apologize to Mrs. Franzel on the behalf of Michelle’s behavior. I don’t care if she hates Nicole but that’s not okay to treat her mom that way. Michelle threw a tantrum and never gave Nicole any eye contact or a congratulations to after winning. Michelle is a poor sport while everyone else in the cast gave Nicole support. I think it’s beyond game and more of a personal attack on Nicole. Corey asked Michelle to cuddle before he knew Nicole liked him and Michelle would play with his hair and give him back massages. James & Day interrupted Corey and Meech Flirting one time saying Nicole liked him a lot and Nicole would not be okay with them cuddling. At the time he thought Nicole liked Victor and he was getting mixed signals from her. But once he heard Nicole liked him back he courted Nicole instantly. Corey and Michelle had a good relationship like the cat milk every morning.I think he might have lead her on and Michelle probably took it as more than friendship. Just like how Michelle crushed on Frank, she had that jealousy issue with Bridgette. But now she’s found a new obsession in Nicole. Michelle said in a backyard bb18 interview that she would only be hanging out with Corey and his mom. She followed Corey on Twitter and Corey hasn’t followed back. Corey and Nicole went to the after party holding hands together and stood by each other side the whole time and so she’s probably more envious of her now.


Michelle doesn’t have to give NicHole sh*t, CBS already gave her a half million she didn’t earn.
People who constantly are given things in life expect others to be happy for them but for the 80% plus of us that earn our living we simply call it as we see it, ain’t much different than holding a card board sign begging others to take care of you.

Just saying

Michelle should have directed her anger at Nicole not her family. Nicole signed up for the show not her mother. I get get it Nicole burned a lot of people and Michelle took it personal but Corey did the exact same thing but worse he called her ugly and jealous. Nicole never made comments like that about any female cast mates. But Corey pretended to be nice to get jury votes. Nicole who didn’t kiss Michelle’s ass to get jury votes. She just left it like it was and still won with a house full angry jury members. Once they leave the game it should be done and you don’t have to see these people again but since they live so close I think Michelle will harass her.

Andy Lepine

This has personally been the most frustrating season of Big Brother for me. Whenever something good happens, something screws it up. There are a few major factors I feel.

1. PRODUCTION FAVORITES: It’s clear they favored the returnees, and they used as many safety nets as possible without blatantly “rigging”; even the DR telling Nat to work with Nicorey was pathetic.

2. DERRICK. Tbh i never want to see Derrick ever again. Not only did he ruin his own season with boredom, but he was super-relevant this season aswell “Thanks to Paulie, Nicole, James etc…” and it once again had a major influence on how the season went down. Derrick needs to go away.

3. BAD CAST. The tried to cast newbies who would fold under pressure (Zakiyah as a screaming example) so that the returnees had an easier road to the finals (I guess this could tie in with number 1 a bit). But also note how different the cast of Survivor and Big Brother is. Survivor knows how to cast their people, and all Big Brother does is cast Cute, dumb, and boring OR very loud and annoying men, and extremely dumb and incompetent women.

This season to me was a huge blunder, and it was CBS’s way of saying to us “We don’t give a shit about you fans”.
Sure they did the “Care package” shit; but note the casuals totally took that over and us REAL fans really had no say in the matter.

Big Brother plays to the casuals so that is can stay on air, and it makes the show pathetic. If they go out of there way to please the TRUE FANS, the casuals will follow”; and Big Brother fails to do that; and this is why we have a shitty season year after year; because they’re delusional about this show. Very delusional.


So did anyone see a clip after the show of Paulie and Z at an after party and apparently Bridgette’s aunt got into a fight with Paulie? Idk whether her aunt was crazy, but i didn’t care he deserved it. He’s still the same disgusting pig as soon as the show ended which is no surprise.

As for Z i have no respect for her stooping that low with to be with him, hopefully she takes a hard at herself in the mirror and realizes she screwed up, but i doubt it. I seriously hope this is the last time we hear from both of them and anyone else from that despicable Calaforie family again and their 15 minutes of fame will finally be over.


This season was a scam. Pure Fraud.


I feel bad for all of the HG’s that quit their jobs not knowing that most of them never had a real chance of winning fair and square


BS, it just didn’t go the way you wanted.