Nicole “Sitting next to James is the equivalent to taking Victoria. What has he done?”

POV Holder: Paul POV Competition Done
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Paul Next HOH finale
Nominations: Corey AND Nicole

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10:45pm Bedroom – Nicole asks what do I do from here? If Paul tries to work with me is that something I should do? What do I do? Literally if James makes a deal with you to stay in the game .. just know I am completely okay with it. Paul.. I asked again if he is going to use the veto and he isn’t going to use it. He told me Nicole stop asking me. He said Corey’s a strong competitor, I have to have him go. I was like you need to talk to him then because he deserves to hear this from you. Corey – yeah, that’s fine. Nicole – I don’t want you to think I am doing anything behind your back because I am absolutely not doing anything behind your back at all. Paul just told me that I am staying and he wants Corey to go. He wants me to kind of work with him type thing. Corey – that’s fine. Nicole – he doesn’t want me to tell you that. Corey – what do you mean work with him? Nicole – not work with him but take me to final 2. Nicole – I want you to help me. Corey – its so obvious .. go win that endurance comp or mental comp .. you’re going to have to win two .. or get one of them to take you. Just give it your best. Nicole – we haven’t been apart for 92 days. Its going to be weird. Its going to be weird without you. Its going to suck. Its going to reaaaaaaaalllllllllyyyyy suckkkkkkkkk!
Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-13 22-57-07-095

Nicole – I’m just not good at like … if I did make final 2 .. I’m just not good at speaking. Like answering questions and stuff ..I black out. Corey – just be yourself and act like you’re having a conversation. Nicole – what was my biggest move? Corey – your biggest move was.. Nicole – I could say could be breaking up that five person .. me and Corey were completely by ourselves. We convinced Natalie and Michelle to put up two of their own alliance members and then after that I won HOH and got out Michelle. kept her, sealed the deal and then started working with Victor .. that bought us two more weeks of safety. They it was final 5. Corey – that’s good. I don’t know what to do in my speech tomorrow. Nicole – I’m just going to compliment you and then tell James to do what is best for his game brah! Nicole asks what Paul said to him. Corey says that he said he thinks his odds are a lot better with James and Nicole. He said he knew I would get a lot of votes in final two. And that he and Vic are cool with what went down.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-13 23-20-01-923

11pm Corey asks between Paul and James who would you vote for? Nicole – Paul. I think sitting next to James is the equivalent to taking Victoria. What has he done? I don’t think they’ll (jurors) see it like that but if you can make them think that .. I mean what has be done. Victoria was even more loyal, you know. Paul is playing a very good game. Corey agrees. Nicole – I would vote for him. That’s why I wouldn’t take him. sssssssSSSsss He’s expecting me to though. SSSSsss Corey comments on how he doesn’t think he’ll be able to sleep.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-13 23-23-24-778
11:20pm – 11:35pm HOH room – Corey joins Paul to play cards. Paul tells Corey – I think you will definitely get America’s Favourite. Especially in a house full of savages. Corey – it would be nice but I’m not banking on it. Paul – Zakiyah gets it .. what the f**K!?! Paul tries to help Corey with is speech – Nicole I might have lost that baseball comp but I’l sill going to hit a home run with you. James joins them. They play cards.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-13 23-30-58-615

12:05am – 12:30am Nicole joins them. The final 4 are all playing cards.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-14 00-03-22-235

12:40am – 2:30am Paul tells James – He (Corey) kind of figured (he was being evicted next). Nicole was like just talk to Corey because he’s sad. So I talked to Corey and he was like I get it. Good move. I would have done the same. Paul – we’re not killing the guy. James – its not like when he leaves the house he gets shot by a firing squad. They head down to the kitchen. Paul and Vic talk about what the final HOH might be like. They head to bed.

Nicole and Corey chat about random things and past events of the season and then go to sleep.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-14 03-21-31-154

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216 thoughts on “Nicole “Sitting next to James is the equivalent to taking Victoria. What has he done?”

  1. I know he has so many fans, but he is so focused on hating James that he s gonna make the stupidest move since bb16…Nicole has – Corey, Paulie, zakyah, James, Natalie…DONE! why d heck would you take her over James? Do you hate money? Coz if you do just send me the money you ll win if u ll listen to me and get over your stupid hatred and take James.

      1. Ok so I have read all the conspiracy and thought some went overboard but after last nights episode I believe some now. I now think that the production teamn were out to ruin Meech notice her comic and it was at the cente of the board so you saw it the most and it was the worst. How did Paulie, Z and Jozea not get comics that bad especially Paulie. Paul speech was also used to clean up Nicole’s rep by saying Corey has never gotten to first base with her we all know that’s not true even on the live feeds when Vic and Paul saw the condoms come on they knew then. Someone also slammed the boards for all these there talking about the good old days on OBB. What about the good old days on bb I have never seen it this heavily edit and control before notice even the live feeds keep going ou when they think the guest are going to say something that goes against what they want to portray. We saw the live feed last night was terribly edited.

        1. @Pablo I notice that Paul has now found is sunglasses and Jeans hmm possibly had they been a bitter cleaner in the house they would not need to accuse people of theft Just saying. Probably why Vic never lost anything. Vic clean other houseguest not so much.

          1. Personally, I think Meech did take things – she openly admitted to Nat that she was taking Paul’s pants – and once she was evicted, she was made to give back anything she may have taken. Victor was surprised to find a bottle of cologne that was missing from his second eviction, Paul finds his glasses…all after Meech left.

            1. I have the life feeds never saw that .I heard about I searched all over for Real proof because I thought wow that’s crappy. There are actually articles written about it which I find amazing and they all said there was no proof. So show me the proof or I think it was made up to cause drama at Michelle expense and the production team does give them lines they have all said that . She would never know how she was being perceived; they probably told her she was being funny. Also how would you know production made her give it back that definitely was never on live feeds.Don’t say you got info online because people make up Sh!t all the time. Maybe Frankie and Production is really out to get Michelle Because like Michelle said HES a media MONGUl and we all know Cbs loves frankie.

        2. I saw Meech’s cartoon too- and thought wow, production does not like this girl! My guess for fight in the jury house- either Bridget and Meech, or Davonne and Paulie over Z!

          1. The jury is stacked with chicken head broads. Birds of the same feather flock together. Differences with be put aside! Better get out Nicole. No dude, will have no chance with this broad in the house.

    1. Oh I definitely think Paul would keep Corey………. no way he has the votes to beat Nicole in final 2 but watch he will keep her its in the script!

      1. Corey and Nicole have the audacity to be upset and grill James as to who he is voting out!..Did they once fill him on the plan to vote Natalie out?

        These two have laid in bed playing under the sheets all summer.they lied, backstabbed others with no remorse.. but cant handle when things do not fall in their favor..

        I think its hilarious that Corey is giving Nicole attitude..and Nicole is pretending to consider volunteering (we know she wont) …sorry Nicole..Corey will probably dump you after James votes him out…

        Team Paul for the win!..
        Vic will be so happy to see Corey’ s lanky ass walk thru those jury house doors!

        1. You people are ready way too much into what the players are saying and completely flipping the script to hate on the ones you don’t like. It’s hilarious – Nicole is the best choice to evict but I want her to win so I don’t mind but it’s getting personal with you fruit loop dingus haters lol #Ssssssssss

        2. I saw someone wanting Paul and Meech to go on amazing race is that really happening I would LOVE to see those Fireworks If it really is happening but Victor and her would be a better team. Miss you Victor!!!!!

      2. I think Paul is just BS’ing Nicole about F2. Hopefully he’s just covering his bases in case she wins out. She’s definitely the strongest competition he’ll have left so the odds are if Paul doesn’t win and gets to decide who to take, Nicole will. I think both of them plan on taking James when it comes down to it.

        1. I agree! I don’t think you can take anything Paul says at face value. He is trying to ensure if he doesn’t get HOH and Nicole does she takes him not the other way around. I bet he knows she won’t but worth the try. I also don’t think he hates James, again it is all talk.

      3. Paul thinks that he can beat Nichole. He hasn’t seen that she’s actually behind most of the evictions for this season, keeping her and Corey safe. He’s looking at Corey’s comp wins…not game play. I don’t know why these boys think that just comp wins can win the game…

        1. What show have you been watching? Nicole behind most of the evictions? Pfft. She got Meech out (no brainer and not a big threat to actually win the game), and Nicole helped get Natalie evicted on Victor’s HOH, and helped get Victor out (for the 3rd time) on Corey’s HOH. She refused to be a pawn on Paul’s HOH which Paulie finally agreed to, so no help there. And before that, I had forgotten that Nicole was even in the house. James on the other hand had a direct impact in Victor’s first eviction when he purposely threw the log competition to leave Victor (a huge threat) vulnerable. He took out Frank (a huge threat again) when James won his HOH. James utilized the vote suppression ACP to effectively disarm Paulie when he set up the take down of Zakiyah. Then James practically ran both Natalie’s and Meech’s Co-HOH to set up Victor for the 2nd time, and actually was the vote that sent Victor packing again. James threw the HOH to Nicole on the wall because he thought they were in an alliance and going after Paul/Victor again, so that he could compete in the next HOH, which he thought was going to be another double eviction night. James successfully stayed under the radar all season while helping or actually pulling many strings. He let Natalie take the heat when James and her were on the block together and he stayed in the game. James correctly let the house vote out Mama Day, even though he was working with her, so that more light would not be shown his way. And the icing on the cake, is that he hasn’t had to win any of the final HOH’s or vetoes in order to stay in the house. And will probably be taken to final 2 with either Nicole or Paul. James has been friendly with everyone and hasn’t participated or gotten involved in any of the trash talking with any other houseguest and kept it pretty honest for the most part. Yes, he has flip flopped on alliances, but hey this is Big Brother after all. Does this sound familiar to Derrick’s game last year? You bet it does…

          1. I am not a James fan, however he is in the best position of all of them. Nicole’s strategy was clinging to Corey for attention . She did nothing,in fact , she had to ask what her biggest move was and they struggled to come up with one. Paul would be a fool to take Nicole and not James. Paulie Z Corey(just because of friendship) Bridgette DaVonne (just because female) would all vote for Nicole not for good game play. That being said Pauls failure to see beyond “friendship” and his hatred towards James he just might take her. Hopefully he’s talking out his butt to throw them off?

          2. Nichole not only wanted out Michelle, Victor and Natalie. She wanted frank, davonne, Bridgette, jozea and tiffany. Remember them? She may not have been HOH for all of those, but she made sure they left…deny all you want…she outplayed the rest of the players.

            1. Those are all valid points. The Nicole haters don’t want to hear the truth.

              On a side note Corey is going to have an entire week to catch up on all the Scooby Doo episodes he has missed.

          3. If he could articulate that to the jury as well as you just explained it James would have a great chance to take the win, but so often when he tries to talk he is vague and he assumes you know exactly what he’s saying instead of spelling it all out so there isn’t any confusion. I hope he can just lay it all out.

      1. Corey or Nicole being evicted would be a redemption for this tampered with/wrongly edited season..

        They laid in bed all summer, and arent deserving…Paul has been the ONLY player left in the house for weeks..
        Vic is a great comp beast but played with his heart…cant do that in this game…

        I still see James and Nicole as final two (CBS made their picks)

        Still cheering on Team Paul.

        1. I called it… Paul is just as much a cbs golden boy as nic & James. They love the story line of 1 of each whatevermance in the F3. In fact I think Paul has been shoved down our throats from day 1. I am sure if someone tallied up all the airtime, Paul would have the most… with all those stupid catchphrases. I always thought they wanted him to win. hashtag gimmeafuckinbreak.

        2. Am I wrong to feel that Paul is talking to much? I would of luv’d to see SSSSSS ‘worry’ a bit longer than she had to. Sure hope he takes whats his name….ummm…Jamesy

    2. In That Order says:
      September 7, 2016 at 6:37 pm

      Tomorrow: Natalie
      Next: Victor
      Then: Corey…

      Final Three: Paul, James, Nicole

      James wins final competition, and takes Nicole..

      Final two: James and Nicole.
      **Remember this post when it happens**

      — In That Order

        1. Your joking right? Paul doesn’t have anything in the bag. Paul and Nicole are both so stupid they haven’t even considered the things they say out loud to each other….James kept TWO people safe the majority of the game, was on ZERO radars, was the guy everyone came to talk to. He has basically played the same game as Derrick. It would be suicide for either of them to take James. Paul and Nicole were CONSTANTLY on everyone’s radar, made so many shady deals EVERYONE wanted to get rid of them, NOBODY ever thought of evicting James or Natalie until there was nobody left…They’re so stupid they actually kept James and got rid of Natalie all because they thought Natalie was screwing over James. Did nobody notice Natalie TOLD JAMES exactly what she went up and told Paul and Victor, its entire possible there was a purpose to that, just like its entirely possible James and Natalie’s “tension” was all just to push James a little farther…..He played hard last time and it screwed him, its entirely possible he decided to play this way coming back in since actually winning things didn’t help him….Do you geniuses not actually notice when he loses, he doesn’t appear to be trying very hard. Even the morons in the house have noticed that, they’re just too busy talking about what Einsteins they are to consider that would be a massively good game to the jury

          1. I have to agree that Paul is in a pretty good position right now. I think if it was me I would want Nicole to go over Corey.

            1. First HOH comp = endurance. something we know for sure Nicole excels at, and Corey does not. So, first HOH goes to whoever they decide to win, paul or james. If paul was confident, he would throw it to james to ensure that james is in the final more complicated hoh comp.

              2nd HOH comp, could be some sort of puzzle or that wall thing, knowledge of stuff going on in the house, and the knowledge of days. from chatter it sounds like this POV was day based, so it may not be round 2 HOH comp, so who knows. It does tend to be a combo of speed and knowledge and putting something together in some way, in which case paul has a good shot, but not necessarily against nicole, more likely a better shot against corey.

              any way you look at it it would probably be better, for paul, to have corey in as F3 to compete against. I mean, again based on chatter, the POV was baseball related and corey did not win it, so?? paul just may have the arrogance, and short memory span, of assuming he can beat a girl, over an athlete. corey’s athletics have not necessarily been an attribute in some of the comps.

              plus this made my day:

              Nicole – I would vote for him. That’s why I wouldn’t take him. sssssssSSSsss He’s expecting me to though. SSSSsss

      1. @ In That Order Yep saw that happening when they started turning Paul and Meech against each other. I think that went to far though. They had to make Nat and Meech bad guys because Paul was thinking of taking Meech to finale 3 and Meech would have saved Nat so after that whole fiasco I knew it would be in that order as well. They had to have someone other than Paul to take out Vic because Paul had never planned on taking Vic so now he can look loyal to Vic and the same goes foe Nic and Corey. Don’t be BB America or Mind F

    3. Paul is lying to Nicole. There’s no way he would take her over James. He’s securing her jury vote by emphasizing how little James has done. Paul and Nic both know they have to take James..

    4. Corey and Nicole cheating for final
      Hoh. He ask her what she wants his answer to be so she’ll get it right. Then feeds cut. If they don’t cut Corey out of the hoh questions then that will be unbelievable.

      Cams 3/4 12:54pm

  2. I hope Paul wins the whole game, but if Nicole is in final two she could win because production will push the jury to vote for her. Its been 5 years since a woman has won, and a woman has never won against a man ever in BB US.
    Idk hopefully the jury really picks the player who had the best game.

    1. So BB gets a female to win, they only way she did it is by targeting all the women, and saying she can’t work with women. Seriooouuusssly.

      1. Lets just see what happens this last week. Maybe someone will actually go on a roll and earn the win.

      2. Because all women should stick together regardless if one of them wants the other out.

        Most of the women wanted either Nicole or members of her alliance out.

        Bronte wanted Nicole out
        Da’Vonne wanted Nicole out
        Michelle wanted Nicole out
        Natalie wanted Nicole out
        And Bridgette well she just wanted Paulie but Nicole was with Corey and Paulie.

        Not to mention she got Jozea out and helped Victor.

        Some men don’t get along with other men and sides with women like Kevin (s11). If Nicole was a man no one would call her Anti Woman or a whore.

        It’s ridiculous.

    2. But Paul hasn’t played the best game of the Three. That’s Nicole. People just don’t like her.

      She made it how many days until she was nominated? 90? She constantly had her name out people’s mouth and constantly spun it towards someone else.

      Paul has always been sitting with a bigger target. If it’s Paul Vs Nicole, Nicole wins she’s played better than he has. If it’s Paul Vs James, Paul wins its that simple. Nicole is beating whoever she’s sitting next to.

      1. Imma let you finish, you are right. People in here won’t agree because they don’t like her. I’m not a fan of hers, but I cant deny what she has done. You could tell she even has davonnes respect for “running the house”.

  3. Julie said there was an explosive argument in the Jury House….who do you guys think the argument was between? I think Paulie probably verbally attacked Natalie.

    1. Yea, Based on their history in the house that would be the obvious guess.

      HOWEVER, I’ve been predicting Zakayah vs. DaVone blow-up since they entered the house. Personality wise, they are actually polar opposites. And after Z went back to snuggling back up under Paulie in the Jury House, I think she lost the respect of all women in the house who tried to defend her.. especially Da. And knowing Da, this probably sent her over the edge and her mouth could not be restrained any longer.

      Could get nasty and personal… But should be VERY entertaining.

    2. I think maybe Meech spilled the beans to Z about Paulie telling the house about the amount of times they had sex in the house without condoms. So, it could be Z and Paulie fighting and Day may have jumped to Z’s defense

        1. Exactly! By the time CBS is done with the edit, the “fight” will be shown with cutsie music playing to Paulie and the girl’s having a pillow fight.

      1. lmao Frankhole. My Jaw dropped when I thought you really were in Nicole’s favor… there is such a small SMALL Nicole fan base anymore, I believe. In a perfect world, Paul wins, bc again, out of who is left, he played the most. James and Nicole only played periodically, whereas Paul basically played all season (and mainly bc he linked up with the MESSIAH in the beginning, his BIGGEST mistake.) Lets hope, for my sanity’s sake, that Paul wins… or my poor toddler son will cry and wish he knew how to say “shut up mom, it’s a TV show… “

  4. Paul, you do realize Nicole is taking James to the final 2? Remember the mega phone where he said Nicole and James are in a pre alliance? You and Vic were in the yard.

    As for Corey, where is the fight in you? It seem that you have already given up. Spending 92 days in the big brother house, I mean Corey has to campaign with that money on the line?

    1. Exactly! I can’t decide if the overall lack of hard core campaigning this year is due to productions heavy hand in determining the final 3, the general laziness of this year’s houseguests, or HGs being turned off by Paulie’s campaign strategy?

  5. Paul has to win the final because no one will take him. They all know he’s played the best game. So here’s hoping that Paul wins the final comps and is smart enough to take James. I really hope he’s just blowing smoke up Nichole’s a&@ right now. He’s proven himself to be pretty intelligent so far. Let’s hope it lasts. He really deserves the win.

    1. You’re right nobody takes Paul to the final with them. Paul needs to hang on tight in part one of the HOH competition because it might be his only shot to stay.

  6. If Nicole stabs Paul in the back AGAIN, she will never live the name of Snacole down. She will be known as Snacole in BB history forever.

      1. She can’t win by doublecrossing Paul. Paul, Vic,Nat, and Meech would vote for James. I’m sure Paul and Vic could convince one more juror to vote against the Snake.

    1. Yeah she probably shouldn’t have agreed to the final 2 if she didn’t plan on honoring it. You have to think about jury votes, and Paul could vote against her for breaking every alliance she’s had with him. Lol

      1. How do you NOT agree to a final two deal? Has that ever happened? The HOH/Veto holder asks you to be in a final two and you’re gonna say no?!? LOL, I dont think that would work out very good.

      2. At this point in the game the final 3 will all have final 2’s with each other in hopes that if they don’t win the final HOH that the winner will take them. Steve and Vanessa had a final 2 last year and Steve didn’t take her. Look what that got him…the win!!

      3. Nicole went straight back to bed with corey and told him what she said SHE WOULD NOT about the convo between she & paul. About the final 2 & everything and said should she take james and corey said YES U HAVE TO TAKE JAMES…so she has already decided to screw paul again if given the chance….paul better get her out, cuz I believe she has more backing with production than corey. Man I hope she doesn’t win.

      1. If she’s F2 my TV will be on mute during her speech. If she wins, TV goes off right away. I won’t be watching any interviews of her.

      1. one can only HOPE Paul betray’s Nicole, as she and Corey have done to people all season. They deserve a porn star contract, if anything. They already have the “sexon live feeds” accomplished. That’s all they desrve,

      1. Ok but what’s his speech going to be? I took out Frank, and followed Natalie around like a love sick puppy all summer. Oh and this ain’t my first rodeo, also I’m a straight shooter?

        I just can’t even see James being able to come up with a good enough speech to sway anyone unless they’re voting out of vindictiveness.

    1. James helped take out frank and Vic (although Vic came back, but James did take him out). James has jumped back and forth between alliances and still made it to the end. Is he the best player? No. But, in my opinion he has done just as much as Nicole. If not a little more.

      1. I agree. and he weakened Paulie by taking out Z with his coupons. Paulie was MAD and James took it. Paulie was out next. James helped that happen imo.

  7. FFS ! WHAT is Paul thinking??? He HAS to take James if he has the chance. The problem is production is going to push Paul to take *darling* Nicole.
    I am PISSSSED!

  8. I hope Paul wins the next HOH, if he does not win, James & Nicole are going to take each other to the Final 2. Paul needs to take James to the Final 2, I have a feeling that if Paul takes Nicole to the Final 2, that would be a big mistake, he has to think about the Jury Votes.

    I just get the feeling that the Girls in the Jury house will vote for Nicole, even though she spent the most of the show laying in bed and being boy crazy over Corey. The Girls have been saying it is time for a woman to win, even though Nicole has not done very much, she really does not have any big moves to say that she made in the game.

    Paul has been playing the game since day 1, and even though he can be annoying and never keeping his mouth shut, out of everyone left in the house, I really do feel Paul deserves to win over James, Nicole and Corey, I also hope Victor wins America’s Favorite. James has been banking on winning it again, James has done nothing this entire game, he has been a total Floater, all he has done is run behind Natalie and thinking he was in a showmance.

    If you noticed when Julie spoke with Natalie, Julie call Nicole and Corey a Showmance, Paul and Victor a Bro-Mance, and Julie called James and Natalie a Romance. Natalie was fake when she said that she will wait and see what happens when James is out of the house, if they actually date, Natalie also told James in the house, he will always be her FRIEND ! She also told him that her friends are going to tease here about being involved with James, that should have told him, in Natalie’s eyes and her friends, James was not the kind of man that she has normally dated. Natalie would have been all over Victor, if Victor would have given her the time of day.

    Please let Paul win the next HOH, and let him decide to take James to the Final 2 and not Nicole, I don’t think the people in the Jury house will vote for James to win over Paul, Paul will have his speech together and he will blow James away when they discuss what James has done in the house, compared to how Paul has played and been involved behind the scenes in almost every eviction. James and Nicole both cannot match his speech.

    And for CBS, please stop bringing Derrick, Jeff & Jordan and Rachel back on the show. Jeff showed his true colors the last time he was on the show, and the way he behaved was not good. CBS is in love with Jeff just because he is a nice looking man, but he is not the same person he was when he was first on the show, I can’t speak for America, but in my opinion, Jeff was a total Jerk the last time he played Big Brother, I was no longer a fan for Jeff.

    Please, please, Everyone vote for Victor for America’s Favorite. Victor busted his butt in competitions, he may have been naive and did not have the best social skills, but he did not bad mouth people, he provided himself to be a loyal person, he really does seem like a genuine kind hearted and good person. James does not deserve to be America’s Favorite again, he did absolutely nothing this time around on this season of Big Brother.

    Note to CBS, when are you going to change up the Competitions ? It is really ridiculous how all of the houseguests who have been watching the show, they know what comps are going to be played, CBS needs to put more into creating new competitions, instead of the dumb Twists that do nothing but mess up the games of the good players in the season.

    Change the Competitions, and stop bringing back Vets, or family members of the people from the previous season, get some people who will play the game and stop saying I am voting with the House, or this is what the House wants. Get some people who are strong competitors like Victor, people who are not afraid to go and do what is best for their game or their alliance, get people who do not think they are going to be stars after they are on Big Brother.

    Get rid of the Twists, Get rid of the same ole same ole when it comes to the Competitions, I’ve been watching Big Brother from day one, I look forward to Big Brother every Summer, it would be nice if you would broaden your search and get people who are a little older, or more mature, and have a back bone and not afraid to make big moves in the game. People with the skills like Dr. Wil and Dan, people who will come in and actually play the game like they really want to win the 500K, stop bringing back Vets, for the next 3 summers, let us have a new cast, then maybe do an All Star Big Brother for the summer of 2019.

  9. I think Paul is lying to her. With only a week left to play and a few other HGs to deal with, it’s far easier to lie and keeping it straight. Promise each HG you’ll bring them and they may bring you, I mean Nicole just admitted to telling Paul she will bring him, even though she has no intention of doing so. I’m sure that’s what Paul is doing. Really, James is in the drivers seat here. It’s a mad dash to see who can bring James to final 2, and even though I’ve hated James gameplay, it does assure him atleast 50k and that’s still effective gameplay.

    1. If Corey goes (likely since James is the only vote), James is in the “cat-bird” seat.

      He’s only been focused on AFP & never really believed he’d win. Paul or Nicole will bring him to F2. This, at least, gives him a shot at the win (unlikely).

      So……at best – James wins $500K. At worst – he has his stipend $25K, $5K from a comp, & $50K for second place = $80K. A lot better than AFP or second place alone.

      He can’t lose. And I’m glad. He’s in it for the money (same as I would be)….but then again, so is everyone else!

        1. You’re correct. The F2 do not receive their stipend on top of winnings. However, the vets may have a different deal with cbs. It was my understanding that they get a flat amount just for making it to jury. So I’m thinking the vets get that amount no matter what for making it that far. I could be wrong though:)

  10. I agree with yall the fact that paul thinks because he tells nicole he doesn’t want to take james then she shouldn’t wow, it’s crazy to me he’s willing to risk taking himself by beating corey in the 2nd hoh and then beating james in the final hoh over hoping nicole takes him to final 2, I’m at a lost for words he can’t know how the final 3 works or something!

  11. Know what was hilarious? Paul hugging Nic, Cor and James after he won HOH. *They were NOT happy…but Paul was ecstatic.LOL.
    And then…Paul won veto. The comp was a baseball themed days comp…and Nic/cory were sure Paul couldn’t win a days comp.
    Fool studied..and…heh..heh..heh..won.

    1. Those hugs were horrible! Felt sad for Paul (hated him in the begining), didn’t have Victor to celebrate with. Friendship!

  12. Nic whinging to Coreeee..
    They lost the days comp to Paul. OUCH…they studied so hard…and errr..lost to Paul. Vic would not have won..should have kept him.
    LOVE IT!!!…YES PAUL!!!!

  13. Well I guess things are still going according to the script….. Why are you guys all excited ? CBS HAD THIS UP N DOWN ROLLER COASTER PLANNED FROM DAY1……. Nicole n James will be FINAL 2 just like most of us expected last month when we caught on to them…..PAUL WINNING WAS NO MIRACLE, HOW ELSE WAS THEY GOING TO GET RID OF COREY? Thumbs Up if you think the game was scripted for a Nicole n James Final 2

    1. I was thinking the same this was Production’s way of getting rid of Corey. There is no way they are going to let Paul be final 2. James or Nicole will win the last comps to go to the end.

  14. It’s funny listening to Nicole explain her biggest game move to Corey!!! They did nothing the whole season until final 6……. She beats James n Final two easily and Paul has to see that!!! PAUL BEATS THEM ALL FINAL TWO NONE OF THEM WILL TAKE HIM…. He just made a deal with a SNAKE

    1. Is to move an inch or two on the bed..

      She’s fine squat thus far!!

      If not for production rigging the game for James and her whiney self, they would have left the game eons ago.

      She has done squat less lying around in bed all frigging season.

      Just saying.

  15. And once again the Sssssssssssssnake ssslithered up to the HOH room and talked the HOH into keeping her.
    CBS picking Nicole go win is the same as that awlful Andy win. She is so unlikeable!!!

  16. I don’t think Paul has any intention of taking Nicole to F-2 any more then she does. They both have to realize taking no game James is a clear win. As much as I hate to see James win anything for such poor decision making and lame pranks it is the lesser of two “evils”

    Paul should win the first physical comp for HOH over Nichole and James, Nicole wins the second mental comp over James and we have seen Paul can go toe to toe with questions/answers with Nicole so obviously he needs to win that one if he is to win the game.

    Production plans? same as above with Nicole winning the final comp and taking James to F-2? That would suck for those of us who thinks Paul deserves the win over Nichole but after what we have seen this season I damn sure wouldn’t be surprised if that was the outcome.

    Come on Paul! You want to be our boy? win first and third comp and give the finger to production. Let us know you never cared

  17. I hate to admit it but I agree with The Snake on this one: “Sitting next to James is the equivalent to taking Victoria.” Except that he is even less good a player than Victoria. She was completely oblivious but always wanted to be in the game, whereas he deliberately decided to float, never to actually play the game he’s in. That gives him an edge over Victoria as the worst BB player in history.

    The only positive scenario in this season would be Paul winning it all but I very much doubt it will happen : (

  18. Nicole thinks she is this great player compared to James. He did have his hand in taking out Frank, Paulie and Victor. He is not the best player but he is no Victoria. She is giving herself way to much credit, thinking she is so much better than James. She has not had to struggle in this game like Paul has. I think she is the one who has been riding on coat tails (Paulie, James, Corey and help from Production). Also Paul could be playing Nicole on taking her to final 2 but wants to take James instead. Paul deserves the win on best player, compared to these two.

    1. Exactly. If Nic had her way, Paulie would still be there. She didn’t “see” why the others turned on Paulie. Probably still doesn’t. She actually tried to use their turning on him as a reason to be disloyal to James and Nat. She thought Paulie was the nicest guy next to Corey and James. (blech)

      She was always paranoid that James was behind a lot of moves, so why does she think differently now?

      Yes, James had a part in getting Frank, Paulie, and Victor out.

      Nic was handed at least 2 of her HOHs. Even she and Corey couldn’t come up with what her good big play was. If she says her play was to manipulate Meech and Nat to vote put Paul and Vic up, that will piss Vic off even more and he will now forgive James more.

    2. The HOH room should have been enveloped in smoke on BBAD last night with all the puffing Nicole and Paul were doing as they discussed being each other’s “Final Two.” It was incredulous the way Paul rhapsodized how wonderful Nicole is, great friend and gameplayer, etc. I kept thinking I must be really tired because I’m hallucinating that he realizes Nicole is the right person to take to the “Final Two” because “We both have enemies in the Jury House.”, and she’s agreeing w/him. James is just too well-liked in the JH to take the risk to ride w/him according to their BS with one another. It really would be a true “Expect the unexpected.” moment, if either one of them didn’t choose James to ride shotgun into the Finale.

  19. I’m hoping James goes out third, Paul wins and Vic gets AFP. There is no room for someone like James in the Sitting Ducks pond!!!

  20. To hold all the power, Paul is in a funky spot because Nicorey and James have no loyalty to Paul, only each other.
    While I can see the purpose in keeping James safe (he has become the perfect F2 partner), maybe Paul should’ve tossed Corey and James on the block, thus forcing Nicole to show her hand?
    Fingers crossed Paul plays this strategically and goes to F2!!

    1. Wouldn’t that have priceless? Making her choose between Corey and James and maybe show she has a deal cooking with James. Still tough for Paul to do that and if she votes out Mr. no game he is up against Corey and Nicole in the final HOH comps. Corey may be dumb as a box of rocks but he could win the first physical challenge forcing Paul to win the second and third to make it to the end. More of a crap shoot then if you have that first one in the bag and all of the pressure is on the other two for the second one. I hope Paul does win and take ole Jamesy to F-2 and maybe Vic can get AFP. James getting 2nd I can live with more then him getting AFP. More $ yes but the sham that he is a fan favorite makes me ill. Also give Vic a little loot for working his azz off and being an overall good guy. Works for me!

    2. She’s so infatuated with Corey she’s already planned her wedding in her mind. She has talked before about her morals kicking in. I don’t think she could vote her fantasy husband out.

  21. So funny watching Corey’s pruned up mug watching James tell him he’s gonna do what Paul tells him………….later Bruh!

  22. Nicole brought up Victor last night and Corey became standoffish again with attitude. Why do you even care if she talks about Victor? Victor has already been evicted and you don’t have to worry about her taking him to final two. If you have no feeling for her, then let the girl down easily so she can save herself from embarrassment. You’ve done enough to damage her already by sleeping with her. She came in with a broken heart and she was emationally damaged enough to think rationally. Nicole is an adult but she’s been coddled her whole life that she’s baby like. She’s now in for two major breakups in one year and this one is going to be way worse because Nicole is always the one in control. I feel bad she fell for Corey from the start. She gave in so quickly compared to Hayden and it could be do to falling in love quickly and losing Corey. Please have compassion for her not on a game level but on a personal level. I don’t respect a lot of her game choices and some personal choices but at least be respectful.

    1. I’m not so sure it is Nicole’s heart that is going to be broken. Last night when Corey told Nicole that they have been together 24/7 for 92 days and it’s going to be so hard to be separated Nicole didn’t even acknowledge it and changed the subject,

      1. Actually on after dark, I remember it was Nicole saying they had been together 24/7 for 92 days and it was going to be sooooo haaarrrd to be away from Corey.

  23. If I was James, I would make a deal with Corey. If Corey wins the final HOH to take James. James would be guaranteed a Final 2 spot. James gets the final vote on this HOH. James has a better chance to win the whole thing with Corey next to him because they both did nothing. James took out Paulie. A lot would vote for him just because that fact.

    1. We heard you the first time!!
      I’m definitely team Paul however I’m mature enough to realize and admit that Nicole has obviously played a good game since she’s made it this far! Yes.. We fell in love with victor watching how sincere he was about playing a loyal game! But if you’ve watched enough BB you know that usually doesn’t mean much! Everyone calling Nicole a snake and going on and on and frickin on about her being in bed w Corey is getting old!! Until you’ve been locked in that house for 3 months you have no idea how you’d play or if you’d get a little bored and wanna get a little frisky lol! Some of you are hilarious!! GROW UP PLEASE! Stop hating on Nicole! Stop assuming production alters outcomes! And please GO VOTE VIC AFP!!!

  24. As much as I want Paul to win, I don’t think he will with final 2 against Nicole or James. -Nicole will prob have Zakiyah, James, Corey, Paulie, Possibly Bridget and Natalie, I’m not sure bout Natalie I know she say she wants a girl to win but she blames Corey and Nicole for her eviction. James will have Nicole, Corey, Day, Natalie, and Michelle.

    1. I’m not sure Da’ would vote for James against Paul. She’s pissed that James betrayed her and voted her out and that he knew it was happening. They were supposed to be working together. And even though Paul put her up to backdoor her, I think she’s still more betrayed by James. And while Nicorey are friends w/James, I’m not positive they would vote on a personal level for him tp win. I think they might feel if they can’t win the $500K, they will at least give it to someone they feel played a great game. I think they would reward Paul’s game play. So I think James’s only votes for sure would be Natalie and Michelle.

    2. I think that Nicole will have a harder time with the Jury than Paul or James. Paul deserves the win. He made it through the evictions 6 times and won some comps. Nicole is counting on the girls that she helped to evict to vote for her? I cannot see MEECH, Dayvon, Bridgett,Zahiah, or even Natalie choosing her to win. That is half the jury. Victor will vote for his BOY, Paul. If James is Nicole’s Final 2, he will vote Nicole. Paulie may vote for Nicole, because of Cody. I see the women voting against her. It will be interesting to see.

  25. I just can’t understand why people say James hasn’t played this game! He took out Frank a big threat and helped turn the tables to get Paulie out another huge threat. He was the sole vote for Vic second eviction. That’s three big threats in the game. Now what the hell has Nicole done?????

  26. Corey snapping at Nicole in bed after convo with James…….what a little bitch….oh thats right his Momma didnt raise one of those!

  27. There is no way Paul could risk keeping Nicole off the block. I think she would evict james and keep Corey if she had the vote….no too risky.
    Paul knows damn well he needs to pick James for F2.
    That will be the moment to tell Nicole it’s payback time, this is for vic, and for loyalty….and of course, friendship.
    After Corey won HOH and James scurried to NC, They had to justify betraying PV, so they started talking on the feeds and Nicole was whining about the dirty game that Paul and Vic were playing. Totally negating all the time final four was hanging out, basically saying PV were not good people, and. play sooo dirty…..rewriting history and Who the hell is she to judge game moves? Hiding in bed for two months, hiding behind a guy, doing “akward stuff” under the covers, and whining and complaining every time you need to put up the rats nest and spend five minutes actually participating in the game….throw out a couple of well placed lies and then back to the snake den….who played the dirty game?

  28. Paul might actually stand a better chance of beating Corey and James in the final endurance comp versus James and Nicole. Corey has never been able to endure those Gino’s due to his height. Then he could still beat Corey in the true or false part two versus Nicole. She’s good at both those comps. Just something I think he should consider to get to win final hoh and take James to F2

  29. I really think that James should vote out Nicole. I think she has a better chance at winning one of the final HOH comps. She’s good at endurance and the mental comps. Corey, on the other hand is not. I think Paul has a better chance at beating Corey than Nicole and I think that Paul needs to win the next HOH or he will not make final 2. He need to be the one to make the decision, not Nicole, not Corey and not James because I don’t think any of them will take him to final 2.

    I am so glad that Corey and Nicole will be broken up this week. That makes me happy and I can’t wait to see Vic’s face when one of them come walking through the door.

  30. Jury part is dumb … Final 2 should battle it out, in an epic 9 ( so no tie) event battle royal . 2 hour finale, where it’s mental, physical, ect … Head to head : super bowl . U don’t see the nfl have 2 teams left and all the losers that those 2 teams beat, choose ? Ehh … I like my way better . A last second sprint to beat the other guy or girl 5-4 would make great tv . It’s early in day, let me think about what I’d do with jury house next .

  31. oh look final 3 and Nicole and James are still there. Just like we were told before it started.

    Reality show at it’s best.

    *turns page of the script*

  32. I cannot believe he thinks he made a final 2 with Nicole!!! Have you learned nothing, Paul???!! I wish he was sending Nic to the jury house today! Unbelievable. Vic is going to be pissed when he sees that Paul got Corey out over Nicole.

    1. Ew lol yes they do and they were surprisingly making out last night. But Nicole keeps pulling away. Nicole never lets Corey really kiss her because of the cameras. Corey handed her condoms as a joke the other night and she got paranoid that the viewers would see her as less than innocent. She wants to leave it to the audience imagination if she’s a virgin. Oh girl the audience knows you aren’t a saint like you try to portray. Stop trying to be something you are not and own up to it.

  33. Victor did an interview with The Hollywood This is a small summary of the interview.
    Vic was asked various questions about the Nomances in the house. He was asked about him and Nat and he said Nat was not his type of girl plus romances were just too stressful in the house; he prefer the Bromance. Z was too controlling for Paulie (I beg to differ) and that Corey was going to break poor Nicole’s heart because he doesn’t want a relationship after the season is over. He was asked maybe him and Big Meech in a relationship. He laughed and said that would be Paul. Lol. He was asked what hurt him the most and he answered being put on the block by Nicorey because he trusted them. He was also asked why had Nic never been on the block. Derrick won without ever being put on the block. Vic became agitated and upset with the interviewer and told him/her that they were being very condescending. He said Nic was never on the block because she appeared to be quiet and not a threat ( Hello, Snake). There were other questions, but that’s all I can remember so early in the morning.

  34. Paul tells Nicole not to tell Corey about their final 2 deal.
    Nicole tells Corey about their final 2 deal….
    If i’m Corey i’m going to James with this info.
    James should evict Nicole and guarantee him in final 2.
    You’re SOOOOO strategic NICOOOOOLLLEE!

  35. As a BB fan, this season has proven to be very disappointing because of the constant interference from Production. We’ve always known that Production riggs most of these seasons, but to have it blatantly thrown in our faces without even trying to hide it and the contestants admitting that their “Parents”(code word for Production) told them to do this, that, or the other is totally disrespectful to us as fans.
    We all need to go to and bombard them with our complaints. Also let Julie Chen and her husband Les Moonves know that we’re tired of this and we won’t be watching if they keep up these shenanigans. Please fire Allison Grodner

  36. I’m trying to decide if the jury will vote personal or vote on game play or if it will be a combination of both. I hope Paul doesn’t leave his fate in anyone else’s hands (in other words, don’t pull a Dan and throw the comp assuming that either of the remaining players will take him to final 2.) Paul has to win it for himself in order to be sitting in one of those chairs on finale night.
    I definitely think Paul should win against James or Nicole and I do think he could win against either of them but, taking into account that some jurors may vote based on personal feelings I think he actually has a better chance against Nicole. As for Nicole, I get that her strategy was to stay in the background while other people took shots at each other but it’s hard to prove that strategy to a jury. They look at it as floating while everyone else played the game. Her first strategic move she can claim is taking Michelle out and, even that will seem like more of a personal than strategic move to the jury. She has said that she is not taking Paul to final 2 and ironically, I think she might actually do better against Paul. If Nicole and James are final 2 the only votes she is guaranteed to get are Paulie and Corey. James is guaranteed to get Natalie and Michelle. DaVonne’s vote probabaly goes to James. Zakiyah knows James is partly responsible for her eviction but also felt betrayed by Nicole so that’s a toss up. Bridgette is all about girl power but doesn’t really respect James or Nicole so that’s a toss up. It comes down to Paul and Victor. If Nicole blindsides Paul he doesn’t get time to go to jury and decompress. He gets screwed over yet again by the same person that has already screwed him over and doesn’t have time to separate personal from strategic. Victor would probably still be stinging from the betrayal that sent him home and then seeing Nicole do the same thing to Paul, well those could be the other 2 votes that guarantee James the win,
    If Nicole took Paul to final 2 she would at least start with 3 guaranteed votes-Paulie, Corey and James. She might be able to get Zakiyah because, even though they weren’t on great terms when Zakiyah left, Paul and Zak really didn’t have a relationship in the house. Victor is a vote for Paul and DaVonne, Bridgette and Natalie would most likely vote for Paul but there is a little wiggle room there if one of the final 2 makes a better argument. The wild card would be Michelle. She hates them both equally so she might just flip a coin.
    I just don’t think Nicole will win against either of the 2 guys. I think she would have a better chance against Paul because of having 3 guaranteed votes. But I also think Paul has a better chance against her because if Paul and James are in final 2 I don’t believe Nicole would vote for Paul. I think in that case James would have Nicole, Paulie, Corey, Natalie and Michelle for sure. I actually believe that because this game has been played so personally that James is the most dangerous one to sit next to in final 2.

  37. Let’s be real folks! Why would Paul make a final two deal with Nicole? Also why would James keep Nicole? Nicole is better in mental comps and better in endurance comps than Corey…… Final 3 is questions and Endurance!!! James and Paul would crush Corey in Both…. In James Case Corey and Paul would both take him Final 2 over the other…. Can anybody give a few good reasons why these guys should keep Nicole?

  38. There is not enough cheese on the planet to go with the amount of whiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiining that Nicole is going to put us through now.

  39. Look at Nicole last night/this morning, she is so stressful. Poor baby. Nicole must have listen to Phil Collins song about Corey, “one more night.” Sadly Nicole, this is their last night together and it is so depressing…NOT

    Paul still has a long way to go if he wants to win this game.

  40. I see Nicole/Corey back to their regular routine, back to laying in the bed pouting when things aren’t going their way.
    I think Paul has no chance to make it to Final 2 unless he wins a comp. and not depend on Nicole or James taking him.
    Now Corey is feeling how Victor felt being the block and evicted. I guess Paul’s mom didn’t raise a B!#ch either.

  41. I find Nicole saying that James has done nothing in the game quite comical frankly. She has 2 HOH’s, the first being the one where being on the losing side gave a member of the team the HOH. She has 2 POV’s, one being the one James gave her because of her whining. We can discuss all day long whether James would have lasted, but the bottom line is that he came down to give it to her. On her one legitimate HOH she took out Michelle. James took out Frank on his HOH, and was instrumental in getting Paulie out as well, as he was in getting Victor out once. Both he and Nicole have been on the block only once. Nicole and James were both in a showmance, but the difference here is the fact that James didn’t have the likes of Paulie and Corey protecting here for the first part of the game. Nicole completely isolated herself and spent at least half the game in bed with Corey. She lied to and backstabbed more than anyone in the house, and everyone knew it. James did most of his work on the sidelines, unknown to most. I don’t know what the heck Nicole is smoking to refer to him as “doing nothing” while saying that she has worked so hard. Staying hidden in this game is in fact a strategy, and obviously it worked out for him. Yes, after seeing Victor work so hard and win all these comps. to be evicted final 5 stings a little, while Nicole and James remained in the game. But that is Big Brother. Last night when Nicole went upstairs to talk to Paul, she hushed him up so she could tell him exactly what James had said and even embellished it as well. She makes herself look like the poor victim, and is the first person to rat someone else out for her benefit. Her pretending to Corey that she would sacrifice herself for him was absolutely laughable. She would give up her firstborn child before giving up that 3rd spot. These comps should be interesting viewing and, as usual they all are going to take each other (in their own minds) to the final. For James supposedly doing nothing this season, he has ended up in a pretty good spot………………just saying.

  42. Im not saying this is what i want to see happen, but James has all the power right now. So……..James needs to vote out Nicole tonight, if he wants any chance of winning. First, He will gain major points with jury for voting her out as a big game move. Second, Nicole is James only competition when it comes to endurance. If he votes her out, he has a much better chance. Third, if he goes to end with Core he has a chance with jury. If he doesn’t see this and make the right decision tonight…..he deserves what he gets. His loyalty should be with his daughter at this point.

  43. If Paul really trusts Nicole to take him to F2, after what happened with the final 4, I would be so shocked. HOPEFULLY I will see his DR’s and he will say he isn’t really depending on Nicole, and just saying that to her in HOPES she keeps her word (which she obviously won’t). ANY F2 that doesn’t involve Paul would be a TERRIBLE ending to this season. Paul deserves this the most out of Nicole, Paul and James. Nicole might be productions favorite, but hopefully they realize a lot of fans are pissed she has made it this far. I pray Paul isn’t banking on Nicole keeping her word, she never has this whole season why would she now?! James deserves F2 more than she does. Paul told Nicole that James doesn’t deserve F2… But if he was smart, he wouldn’t let Nicole go to F2, bc she has played more than James, thus ensuring more votes. I hope his DR’s show a different intent with all those comments… :-(

  44. So curious to see what the Jury thinks of the remaining houseguests. I really think it will have a lot to do with the loud jury members swaying the others.
    James – no I don’t think he did a whole lot this season, but he had a target on his back from Day 1 since he was a vet and he managed to pretty much skate to final 3. Seriously, the HGs thought Natalie was a bigger threat than James. That in itself takes a bit of skill. Would have been nice to see him win some comps, but he prob would have been voted out over Natalie if he had any wins.
    Paul – he’s had a good social game and at the same time hasn’t been mister nice guy. I think his biggest accomplishment was attaching himself to Vic and Paulie, both were comp beasts so they kept him safe, and he managed to sneak from one side of the house to the other without anyone really catching on.
    Nicole – like James, coming in she was a vet. She had a target on her back Day 1, and whether you like her or not, let’s be honest, she won comps when she had to (up until this week), and she was very good at putting ideas in other’s heads but making them think they came up with it on their own. She (they – her and Corey) teamed up with James/Nat at the right time, they were or at least seemed to be the targets when Paulie got caught, and dumped them for Vic/Paul at the right time. Some will call that disloyal, but if they didn’t get rid of Vic last week it would have been just plain dumb. James and Corey prob would both take her to final 2, and all game long it seems she had a tight relationship with them (even if her and James were on opposite sides of the house at times, they never targeted each other), so I believe she was somewhat loyal to those two. Sounds like Paul is even considering taking her.
    All in all, I don’t think it’s going to be a landslide win for any of the HGs. I believe their answers to the questions on finale night, and the discussions between the jury members and Dr. Will will play a huge part in how the jury votes this season.
    At least it should make for an interesting, nail biting finale!

    1. Making yourself not look like a threat is no skill…. I don’t get why people think floating is a strategy. It isn’t as there isn’t anything to plan. All you have to do it either suck at comps or (as he claims he does) throw them. Then when all the good competitors and loud mouths take each other out try to win a few comps when there isn’t any competition left.

      1. Floating is 100% stradegy. Ask dr. Will and Jun. They both won using it as a stradegy. Floating should not be confused with coasting. Two completely different things.

  45. Okay…okay to all of this analyzing the Final 4………THE REAL FUN is when we find out tonight what blew up in the jury house!!

  46. Evict the Snake and let the 3 men battle to the end. She’s acting so sad that Corey’s being considered for eviction. The Snake is fake.

  47. Why Paul would think about F2 with Nicole is beyond comprehension.
    She’s a vet for starters and decent at comps. The jury house is stacked with girls salivating at the fact that they will finally vote for a girl to win.
    It’s like the guys were there to prop Nicole. Were they instructed to protect her at all cost? I don’t get the logic.
    Starting to write an ODE to when I used to care.
    Glad this season is coming to an end.
    Congratulations Nicole/ James on your wins.
    Could not be more obvious if it walked up an slapped you. Pre-planed and predictable much?

  48. James has played an exceptional game this season, employing the weak character persona all season, knowing he would have a target on his back from the first day. He only won one HOH, which he really didn’t want, but used it to take out Frank, the house terror de jour. He voted Vic out only to have it nullified by the capricious Jury battle back. He used his rocky showmance with Natalie to generate sympathy with the other HG and it also saved him from eviction when they were both on the block, without even campaigning when arguably he was the bigger target. Now the remaining players are convinced they must take him to F2 if they want to win, but I don’t think that’s a slam dunk either, depending on how the jury members feel about them. Paul has been shooting his mouth off all season and was right in the Executive’s “braintrust”, whispering in Paulie’s ear, and we know how poisoned the female jury members are against Nicole.

    As for those people who want someone who “has played the game”, well, those players historically LEAVE EARLY. The big personalities, the big mouths, the dickheads, the comp beasts who win everything, are rarely there at the end. It has been shown time after time that is NOT the winning strategy. Unless there are game tweaks that allow them back in or protect them artificially, those people typically aren’t around at the end of the game. In fact, buybacks are designed to put stronger players back in the mix.

    The best strategy is the one that gets you to the end.

  49. 20 20 hindsight clearly shows that Corey should have voted out Paul on Tuesday and not Vic. Someone posted before that the remaining HOH and POV comps after Vic was voted out for the third time would mostly be mental comps and this proved to be true when Paul won the HOH and POV comps on Tuesday (Sep. 13th). Vic would not have won the HOH comp for sure. This mistake will cost Corey or Nicole dearly today when one of them is voted out.

  50. On one hand makes me want to say that’s what you get for voting out Victor. With jury votes all of their odds were better against him than Paul. Dumb game move imho. But with what’s left.. Nicole for the win!!! She has played the game and just because she’s a little annoying doesn’t mean she hasn’t. If she is sitting at F2 then hands down she deserves it!

  51. If Nicole gets to F2, she wins. Too many feminists in the jury, she will have Corey, Paulie, and the girls. Especially if she’s with Paul. They all hate Paul. He’s been the BIGGEST back stabber in this game, ( if last nights “let’s win this” lecture to Nicole didn’t convince you, nothing will) and he’s fooled most people for now, but if they have the opportunity to compare notes, the truth will come out.
    Nicole has done less than all of them but she is the girl. That’s her only advantage but will they (James & Paul) figure it out?
    James, contrary to popular belief, hasn’t screwed anybody. His speech is simple. “My strategy was to not win comps, go along with the house, even if it was against an ally, all the way to the end, my motto was what the majority wants, and it got me here”.
    Paul may have a disadvantage with his wealth. Most of these players NEED the money. He was very bragadocious about his mansion, butlers, cars, lifestyle. That might hold some Weight with some of them.
    Nicole’s game was dirtier than James, but she was sneaky about keeping it unknown. He was too upfront about it. The smart move would be to evict her. But they won’t

  52. Cor to Nicole: I would have never thought I would meet somebody one billionth as amazing as u. Ur heart is as big as ur bun..a couple of other things. Corey: ur super cute & attractive.
    Nicole: UR super cute & attractive. I think this is freakin cute but also heartbreaking that it’s going to end once Nicole hears of him wanting to break up with her. Victor intentions were malicious and to break them up and he egged on Corey about being single. He said in post season interview that Corey wants to be single why would he say that probably so it gets back to Nicole. Victor wants Nicole and that’s why he’s so curious to see if they will date post show. Victor always talks about the after party so he can get Corey to say things he normally wouldn’t say about Nicole. Corey cares about Nicole more than he leads on and cried before his goodbye message and after. He’s a big mushy loveable baby and hopefully Nicole treats him better post season because she hasn’t really been affectionate or loving to him all season. She’s been very cruel and heartless to him and tried making him jealous with Victor. I think that’s where he started questioning her motives. He has said a lot of sincere sweet things to Nicole but no one catches it and makes it seem like it’s a One sided relationship. Corey does like Nicole and all his talk about being single is a bunch of crap and its to protect his heart from being broken. He doesn’t really know where she stands because she shuts down emotionally when he talks about future plans with her. Paul said he doesn’t want to go to the after party because has girl already, so that means most of them won’t either. Corey has said he is visiting ubly when he was with Victor and Paul.

  53. Folks….Paul doesn’t decide who goes tonight. Yes, he can get in James ear and sway him, which will probably happen since James seems to have a difficult time making wise game choices for himself, but James is the only one with a vote. Not Paul. I can’t wait!! Do we see James really play? Do we see him hand it to Paul and Nicole?

  54. Nicole would be stupid to take Paul to final 2, Paul would be stupid to take Nicole to final 2, James would be stupid to take Paul to final 2 but probably cant win against Nicole either. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with Nicole telling Paul ANYTHING he wants to hear to get her further in this game. People on this board want to bring “lying” up as a bad game move… This is Big Brother. Lying and scheming and strategy is all part of it. Every person left in that house has “played the game”. They have all played different games but they have all played and they ALL deserve to be there for whatever reason. The jury is filled with bitter evicted house guests so who knows how they will vote. Natalie will vote for James in hopes that she will get some of his money afterwards… and Victor will vote for Paul because of loyalty… and those are my ONLY set predictions of how the jury will vote. I think Paul deserves AFP out of who is left because he was the most entertaining this year… his security checks were awesome, his Pablo float was cute, he’s been vicious to others as well but, he’s kept things interesting and entertaining above the rest. After listening to conversations on after dark and the stunts these boys have pulled outside of the house, they have all shown low moral characters and lack of ethics… Nicole for the win. I dont care who gets 2nd but leaning towards James for his daughters sake. Paul for AFP. I hope CBS puts Victor and Paul on Amazing Race together… I’d watch that!

    1. I think we are in the minority on this forum when it comes to Amazing Race. I enjoy Survivor but Amazing Race has scenery I will never have a chance to see before I pop my clogs. I also enjoy learning the different customs but the tasks the duos are given are ssssssssssssssssssssssssso funny. I did not care for it in Rachael and Brendon’s year as Rachael was always crying and whingeing but then what else is new. Vic and Paul would add so much fun to the show. I truly hope they are cast for the next one. For now I hope Paul wins BB and Vic wins AFP.

  55. I think deep down Nicole is ecstatic that Corey is getting evicted tonight. She already told him that she wouldn’t win next to him and now she doesn’t have to worry about choosing someone else over him. If Corey made it to the end I am afraid he would win over James and Paul but it would be sooooo awesome if James flipped the switch at the last minute and voted out Nicole! However, we all know that he would never betray Nicole like that because he doesn’t know how to play this game for himself! If Corey was to stay, James would actually have to make an effort to win a comp because he wouldn’t beat Corey in the final 2. Final 4 and he is still using the excuse, “whatever the HOH wants…..”. If he had any balls he would just say, ” i haven’t made my decision and I need to figure out what is best for my game. I’ll let you know later!”. Instead he pulls this pansy a** act, “oh, this is so hard to choose”, “tell me which one of you to pick”, “I don’t know what to do”…..blah, blah, blah

  56. Nicole says, “I think sitting next to James is the equivalent to taking Victoria. What has he done?”

    NICOLE …. James has pretty much done the same thing you have done all season only with a lot less groping under the covers.

  57. Please someone tell me Paul isn’t being straight with Nicole with his final two deal with her. I’m hoping he’s lying to her, wins HOH again, puts her up and gets her out. She made another F2 with him, then turns around and tells Corey she is really taking James. I want her to know what a back stab feels like.

      1. Oh thanks so much Anonymous for that information!! I’m so happy to hear that! I’m in Canada, unfortunately can’t get the live feeds, but I’m reading everything everywhere. Thanks!
        Paul for the win, Vic for AFP!!!!!

  58. I do not believe that James with his background was ever a Correctional Officer.

    I pulled this off the SC Department of Corrections site:
    Please be advised that if you were convicted of a crime with a maximum allowable sentence of one year or more or a fine of $1,000 we may not employ you as a Cadet/Correctional Officer.
    In SC 2nd DUI is $2000 he had his second before he stated he started that job… some other violations also that would have exceeded that amount. Dude just lies and lies.

    he may have lied on his application but he would have been caught by a background check. He has it on his Linkden profile… it is sad. I did not care for James much last Season… but I have NO respect for him after this Season… he is a real scum bag.

    I think dude lies way too much. My hope is that Paul wins the final HoH and the Final PoV.
    As much as I dislike Nicole she does deserve it more than James… Paul deserves it way more than James… I would die if Nicole backstabbed Paul and James won the Season… because the only votes she gets is Corey and Paulie.

    1. I don’t know what the hiring process is or what the qualifications are for either state… but it could be possible that he was a corrections officer in Texas.

      (just saying.)

    2. Wow. Somebody elected you to run background checks on houseguests? You are working for the State of South Carolina penal system? You must hate James really badly. You are also a bigger scumbag than James could ever be.

  59. I’m definitely hoping for a Paul in any possible scenario and I’m hoping he’s doing what past winners (like ED) have done… which is: follow along, nod and stupidly say yes, ma’am/sir to production and then doing your own thing when it’s time.

    I give the remaining HG’s much respect for doing what it takes to get to this point. It’s a matter of using whatever is advantageous to your game so that you can proceed. But it irks me that Nicole talks crap about Paul possibly taking James to F2… saying that it is the equivalent of taking Victoria. But then in the same sentence she says she would do the same. HYPOCRITE MUCH? They all lie, cheat and back-stab… but I’d be a much happier fan if they owned their sh*.

    I would love to know at some point in the future, when these people are no longer under contract, (because this season has been under so much scrutiny and controversy) what exactly was pressured upon certain HG’s or how they were motivated by production.

    Assuming Paul wins… Vic for AFP!

  60. Paul has a waaaaaaaaaaaaay better chance of final two if Cory STAYS. Cory is too big for endurance, and he will never win a battle of the brains.

  61. Am i the only one thinking that James is pulling out a Jordan (season 13)? Btw if Nicole is in the final 2 she wins FOR SURE. Nicole against Paul would have Nat, Corey, Z, Paulie, James and probably Da and Bridgette. So if Paul doesn’t win HoH and take out Nicole, she wins…. and she DESERVES IT. You can’t blame her for backstabbing and using lies (this is big brother), you can’t blame her for staying in bed because if she had a way stronger game she would have probably been evicted and would be in the jury house (obvious examples: Da and Paulie, too hard too fast). So here for Nicole victory <3

  62. Snake-ole has managed to manipulate Corey (he won’t campaign to James to save himself).
    She has managed to manipulate James (he won’t vote to evict her).
    Paul trusts Nicole. Or does he? heh heh ^_^

    Oh James, please vote to evict Nicole.

  63. Nicole you big dummy. Why did you keep Paul? You said it yourself, he is smart and he can talk so much game to convince the jury to vote for him and on top of that he wins HOH and POV lol you dun goofed

  64. My thing is with these BB jury, I don’t know how they are going to vote. They have too many personal feelings involved and that may get in the way of voting for the one who actually played the game. We may not like how each of the Final 4 played, but they are in the Final 4 for a reason. I don’t care who wins, but Paul is most deserving of the win.

    1. No way the jury votes for a floater to win. While America may “vote” for James as AFP, most of those in the game have little respect for him. He would only win in a Final 2 with ultimate floater Corey (who, over past 2 weeks has done more in the game than James has all season)….ironically he could make this happen if he was smart, but he sucks as a game player & will not risk making Nicole mad at him.

      Paul wins if he is Final 2 with any of them. Nicole wins against James.

  65. Nicole – I would vote for him. That’s why I wouldn’t take him. sssssssSSSsss He’s expecting me to though. SSSSsss Corey comments on how he doesn’t think he’ll be able to sleep.
    Laughing so hard………….lololololololol. Simon and Dawg are the funniest people!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    She is a ssssssssssnake.

      1. I think one good thing about the season ending is the end of the stupid political rants in the names like this example. This is a site to comment on Big Brother NOT your ignorant rants.
        A side note, however-I am pleased the discusting, “bedroom” references were finally banished. Thank you to the site moderators.

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