Paul “If you win this comp (HOH Part 1), we’ve won because he’ll throw that next comp to me.”

HOH Part 1 ? HOH Part 2 ?
HOH Part 3 ? Final HOH Winner: ?

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-14 18-10-51-114

6:05pm The live feeds return to the final 3 in the kitchen – James – congratulations y’all! Final 3! Nicole – I can’t believe it. James – we all had our strategies on how we got here. I want one of those jury members to say floating as a negative because in case you didn’t know floating is a strategy now. Paul – the longest season and we made it. James – Rich Meehan said this was a tough season and they knew it. They put this cast together. Paul – Don’t hold back I told myself. I did not change one thing about myself. I put a filter in my mouth. I didn’t change my personality, I just didn’t call people c**ts day one. Paul – we all need about a year of sleep, rest, detox. Nicole heads to the bedroom to rest.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-14 18-18-37-285

6:20pm Paul and James are talking in the kitchen. James tells Paul – I got you man. They shake hands. James – we just have to finish it up. Paul asks the final 2 get to be on the view? James says no. Paul – oh really just 1. No, like Cody and Derrick were on last year. James – I don’t know. CBS can do whatever they want. Paul – do you think you and me will be on the Bold and The Beautiful? James – I hope so. Paul – Vic is going to be so happy to see Corey walk into the jury. James – Natalie is going to be pumped that we’re not walking into the jury.

6:25pm In the bedroom – Paul and Nicole alone. Paul tells Nicole – James told me he would rather have me and you up at the end because I can beat Nicole. So if you win this comp (HOH part 1), we’ve won because he’ll throw that next comp to me. Nicole – okay. Paul – win! Nicole – I’ll try! I’m going to try!

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-14 18-28-20-255

6:35pm – 7pm The final 3 are in the bedroom talking about last season, making it to final 3 and their families. James – well we all lost our partners. Nicole – will you and Vic be BFF’s outside of here. Paul – we’ll be friends. I don’t know about BFF’s. We both live very different lives. What about you and Corey? Nicole – yeah, I hope so. Paul asks James what about him and Natalie. James – I’ll be faithful and loyal if we start dating and she gives me a shot. I’m not going to lie if she tells me she wants to be just friends it will hurt. But I have good vibes. Nicole – some times you have to spend time away from someone before you know how you really feel. James – exactly. I told Vic to get that message to her, so I’m sure she’s excited about that. I’m definitely going to go visit her regardless of if we’re together or not. At least then I’ll try. Paul – you never know till you try right?!

Paul and James in the London bedroom. James – lets finish it up! Paul – you don’t think she will do good in this comp do you? James – probably not. She’s going up against two ___ horses. Paul – I’m ready to tear sh*t up. Do you think we should strategize? Or one of us just win? James – just one of us win. Paul – she is going to try to scheme. James – I’m locked up tight. James – you saved my a$$ .. plus I think you deserve it. James – I’m really hoping I can win this endurance. I think you’ll be way better at the mental than me. Paul – I think we’re both good. Lets go balls to the wall. James – we need to treat her with the mentality that Corey’s still here. We have good odds.

7:10pm Big Brother blocks the feeds.

7:40pm – 8pm The feeds return – Nicole tells James – I’m bored without Corey. James – I know how that feels. You know he’s in your corner. He’s got your back 100%. Nicole – yours is good too. Nicole says We’ve kissed a jillion times in this house obviously… secretly. We got really close the last few days.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-14 19-51-42-728

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Unfortunately it doesn’t matter what Paul says, neither one of those two will choose to bring him to F2.

Nicole take a shower!

Nicole the only thing that stinks more than you, is your game.


Oh, how I wish it were Paul and Victor in the final two. They both deserve to win the money. Nicole is playing the dating game and James is playing wheel of fortune.

Big Sister

Get your votes in for Victor every day, people. I feel that is the only way to try to salvage this season.


Victor and Paul on the next Amazing Race!!!


I think Paul knows that and he’s simply covering his basis. He needs to win this HOH.

Misty Beethoven

Who the hell is Rich Meehan? (James mentioned him in post)






And another thing…CBS -All newbies or all vets. Not fair to bring in the vets unless they are hosting a comp or telling the houseguests that they are stinky pigs.

Yet Another Hillary Lie

This final HOH comp is going to be war.


I had such high hopes for James when this season started. It did not occur to me that he had only come for summer vacation and to collect per diem.


Well James is final 3 no matter how he got there. If laying low and not winning gets you to the end you can’t get mad at him. That’s his strategy just like Derrick he threw comps laid low, he just manipulated more and probably lied more.


Earlier on, I thought so too. I told myself that he was playing “the long game” and waiting for the right time to “show up.”. The right time came (and went) when he could have won HOH, but gave it to Nicole b/c she needed “a letter from my mother.”. What about his daughter? For that matter, Nicole’s need was no greater than anyone else’s. James has been in a daze for weeks. Letting Nicole have that HOH landed him and Natalie on the block.


True but James letting Nic have HOH still benefited him. She ALWAYS had his back


Paul FTW… Vic AFP


I hope Paul isn’t really taking Nicole I think she would have the votes of Paulie Z Da Bridgette James and maybe Meech after Paul called her a c@&!? He has a better chance winning and James.


Puuuhhlease don’t tell me Paul is not going to try and beat Nicole in the 1st comp? I hope he is just pretending cuz if he trusts her for even a second then he doesn’t deserve to win this game and I so want him to win it!


This whole season was a Disaster with too many socialpaths in one game. I would not invite one of these people to dinner with the exception of Vic or Frank. Did you watch the fighting at the jury house tonight? Take note as it appeared more of our narsastic culture here in the US. James your no American’s choice-shouldn’t you be a father? Holly Molly!


He is a father and a loving one at that. He even has stepped up to be a father to child that’s not his. Why do people have to bash people by bringing thier kids into it? If you’re not a fan, that’s fine. You dont have to be an @ss.


Corey’s eviction speech was so silly made me laugh, saying “I’m going to go 1st base with Nicole” seriously gtfo with that crap. You’ve already went way past that with Nicole many nights under the covers, doofus.


So you would rather it went like this….

“You’re wrong Brah. Nicole and I are going to third base.”

Corey drops his pants and everything is cut and replaced by rainbow bars with the words, “Sorry! We’re experiencing technical difficulties.”

Same Anonymous

lol that would be funny indeed


ROFLOL ha ha ha


nicole says we got “really close” hmmmm, guess she and corey went to the bumper cars too.

Dump Da

20 AFP votes in for Nicole.


Hello Nicole’s mom!


Oh boy the thumb downs are gonna beat records on this one.

Captain Crunch

Hopefully Paul wins the final HOH and sends Nicole home even tho James doesn’t deserve to be in the F2 because he did nothing all season.

sunny dee

i think one year they started the first part of the final HOH comp on an episode then the After Dark (or for live feeders) saw the whole comp that way. then everything got shut down for the other two which is fine, but i liked watching that final comp. that was the year dan told danielle to drop out (yeah, it’ll be fine, don’t worry about it) then she was gone lol


That was great:)


Please stop recycling the same houseguests to play Big Brother. Get back to the basics wherein evicted means evicted, the fans have little or no prior knowledge of the players, and the game is re-energized because the houseguests are fresh, new, unknowns.

No Way

Actually I would like to see an All-Star season with a cast of the top two or top three from every year. The most skilled players competing against each other for an even bigger cash prize. I would be okay with that.Otherwise I agree with you in that it should be all new cast and should include a real mix of Ages and lifestyles.I would also be up for a competition with a cast on a global level competing against one another. Doesn’t matter which countries but just a good mix.


Who do you think Paul will take to the final 2? He is basically telling both of them he will take them.


Probably James, if he wants to win by a landslide. At this point, anyone sitting next to James could win, even if they weren’t on the show. Anyone who was James-adjacent could beat James, just by showing up for the finale.

Lurker 1216

The locked away jurors do not have the same all-seeing knowledge as we feeders. I predict that Paul barely (5-4) would beat James, while James would beat Nicole by a 5-4 margin. Similarly, due to James’s influence, Nicole would take a 5-4 win over Paul.

Double D

James has 3 easy votes…Nat, Brig, and Mich…Mama D is a possible and if she brings Z with her, James wins

sunny dee

i think Day is a lock in for james. And if james isn’t F2 she’s not going to vote for nicole if she can avoid it. it’s a good reason to get vets out before jury actually, in case vets in jury are close with vets in F2, which is the case of day and james, same season and same alliance big friendship, obviously in touch since their season, etc etc. much more of a connection than the conspiracy of james meeting up with nicole and figuring out a strategy pre game.


IMO there’s a good shot of James winning against Paul. Even though Paul is clearly more deserving, he was a dick to the majority of the houseguests and let’s face it this year’s houseguests seem to be petty af.

Maple Leaf

Correct me if I’m wrong, was Paul’s family the only family that had a bio shown on BB. He says “I didn’t call people c**ts day one”, that’s a lie. He has said some nasty stuff. I do feel though that he has played the best game.


Paul means Not on first day! Maybe day two tho


And production’s season long set up is almost complete. Convince Paul to drop out of the HOH competition and it’ll all be secure. James STILL thinking he’s got ANY chance with Natalie and even planning on stalking her after the show. WOW. This is the most ridiculous season ever. Shaking my head. . . . . . . . just shaking my head.

skeptical onlooker

I want to believe that Paul is leading Nicole on..about being in final 2 with her. But…something tells me he is serious.
The whole season..Paul was the one who questioned the sincerity of Nic/Corey..James/Nat etc.
Has he lost all sense of reality? He heard the bullhorn….why can he not put 2 and 2 together?
To have come this far…and make the mistake of taking Nci to final 2 ( that is if he’s in that position) will be such a shame.


People in the jury house seem far more positive on James than Nicole. Perhaps Corey or Victor might change that. But James is not necessarily less than dangerous than Nicole. And who says Corey himself might not vote for James.

From the outside looking in I agree. James seems so hapless and not at all like someone throwing wins. Just someone incapable of winning. That includes the wall comp that he was struggling on before making his deal with Nicole. Just the most incompetent person in a failed alliance who is the last one to merit attention. So knowing what I know he would be the last person I would vote for pretty much anything.

But Paul being on the inside perhaps might see something that the jury also sees. And that might just be that on a personal level people seem to get along with James more than they get along with Nicole. That James is someone the jury wants to vote for. Nicole is someone they would have to be talked into voting for.


Even though Nicole is the one who doesn’t deserve to win, I think she makes final 2 and those dumbasses in jury give her lying, backstabbing, whiney ass the money!!! Anyone but Nicole PLEASE!!! If she wins, I’ll never watch BB again. GUARATEED!!!!!

Jeezus & Nem

Agreed. Anyone but Nicole. They seem to forget how she slithered up to Adam and convinced him to bite the apple in the Garden of Eden… and look where that got us. But I digress.

Voting wise, taking Nicole would be a huge mistake. IF jury gender lines influence the vote at all, taking Nicole could spell trouble. Nat and Bridgett have said many times that if a woman is in F2, she will get their vote, she is guaranteed Corey’s vote, Z (as commanded once again by Paulie) will vote Nicole, as would Paulie. And even Da, who personally does not seem to care for Nicole, is now respecting her game…. thats 6 votes.


AnyoneBUTJames for AFP

Well one thing I’m happy about, I won’t have to worry about seeing James, Z, Paulie or Day on BB ever again. I’m sure BB is going to wipe them all off the speed dial.


Is hoh comp tonight? Can we watch it on live feeds, anybody???


Paul is using Vanessa’s playbook. Final two with both of them. Interested to see which of them gets to “Steve” him. I will say this….. I never expected these three in final 3. 2 vets and the second most annoying player of the season. The first being Jozea. If Paul is sitting in final two I don’t think he can win with a majority female jury after his use of the c word. If it’s J/N in final 2… I think Nicole wins.


Oops I forgot Cooorrreeyyy lol


Guarateed, I love it. ha ha


“I want one of those jury members to say floating as a negative because in case you didn’t know floating is a strategy now.”

And that’s why BB hasn’t really been good in a long time. It used to be floating was a minority strategy, just a handful a year….now, it’s the vast majority. If this online deal has any shot at being interesting, it should ban superfans.


In recent seasons, big personalities such as Jace, Joey, Devin, jozea, etc were voted off first. For that reason, we’re seeing more people float until half way through. Mind you, Paul is loud and was an early target. The fact that he survived is a true testament of his gameplay.


I really hope that the deal that Paul made with Nicole was motivated by revenge. I think he would like to send her ass home with nothing. James has proven time and again that he isn’t a good competitor, and no way he would get a majority of the jury’s votes to win. I think he wants her to feel secure so he can “cut off the head of the snake”.

Nicole n James made it to finals..

BIG frigging SURPRISE *rolling eyes*

So NOT cool and tis just not a fair game AT ALL!!


It’s not the backstabbing it lying that makes me hate Nicole ( that’s what I love about bb) it’s her not owning up to it and hiding even in the diary room…she’s a weak snake & I want the winner to own their game


I don’t think Paul would lose against Nicole, he has the gift of the gab and can be very convincing. I believe he will have a great sales pitch if he makes it to the end, he just needs to get there.


The only way Paul is in F2…he has to win HOH1 and HOH3.

No matter who wins……..they will take James. Paul is just “misting” Nicole in case she wins.

He'll nah

No he di-int! lol @ the jury house fight. Soooooo awkward

The Roach Coach

So happy for Paul!
Couldn’t stand the kid at first, but as soon as he backstabbed Paulie I was on board for him to win it all!
He was a lot of fun to watch, going from not having a clue on how to play this game, to gradually getting better and better every week.
He certainly deserves the win over those other 2 who were more consumed with trying to cop a feel all summer…
The last 3 weeks Nicole did step her game up, but too little too late for me, when Paul was fighting scheming winning and playing all season long…
James, he still hasn’t stepped his game up… Paul please take James to the end, he’s Victoria.
Nicole made a major flaw sending Vic out on Coreys HoH, there is no way Vic wins the HoH or veto Paul just won.. But thanks ya fruitloop Dingus, otherwise we’d be watching James and Nicorey right now, and I’d be done with this show!
Go Paul!


Bear with me while I describe an alternate Big Brother universe:
James awakens from his deep coma and decides that the per diem check is simply not good enough. He decides to try his best and wins Part 1, throwing both Paul and Nicole off their respective games. Those two duke it out and James, having rested up since Part 1 of the HOH emerges victorious in Part 3. He takes Nicole to the final 2. How does the jury vote? Of Meech, Zakiyah, Bridget, and Natalie who will nurse grudges against Nicole? Paul, Victor, and Paulie only held on to James b/c they didn’t respect his game enough to consider him a threat. What outcome do you foresee? It’s ridiculous, but just play along…


I just can’t. Lol my brain won’t comprehend that scenario.


I hear you. The part of me that was such a huge James fan before this season could not resist releasing a fantasy version of events into the atmosphere. Let the healing begin…; – )


I have always like James but I think Paul played a stronger game. I do think Paul would be wiser to take James final 2 since the jury house is all women plus Paulie and Vic and I think the women would favor Nicole over either one of them.

Dull Bike

Poor James! Natalie has established herself as being a really hot commodity because of the exposure she has received by being on this show. I predict that she will receive some serious offers to be on other tv shows as well as many romantically inclined proposals………..$$$$$$$$$$!

No more

I have not watched since we got to watch Loosy Goosey Nicole and party boy Corey flopping in bed. Check in here to see if she is gone but it looks like I am done. Took the dog for a walk so it was a good night

Vic or Bridgette for AFP


Aaaaaaand James goes and drops Rich Meehan’s name. James- the CBS insider — talking it up all the way to the end. I hope this guy goes out 3rd, Vic wins AFP, so his head can deflate enough since he’ll be wearing Les’s ass as a hat once this is all over with, to be on Survivor/ TAR. Pathetic.


20 votes for Vic, just to cancel your votes out 😉


Me too!

F2 Pact

Just my humble opinion: Nicole and James have been secretly trying to support each other throughout the entire season, and they will take each other to F2, if they win the comps. Paul doesn’t realize that he’s on his own.
May the best man or snake win 😀


20 votes to Vic every day. I think Paul will win against either of them. His speech will seal the deal.

not a james fan

Oh yeah James don’t worry I got your back. So when has that helped anyone? He’s just a useless piece of crap that doesn’t deserve to be there. According to him every cheque in BB can bounce so he doesn’t have loyalty to anyone. Probably bounces on the outside too. Seriously what do people think about this self centered piece of shit that he’d be AFP What did he do Corey and Nicle should have stuck to original plan and gone with Paul Vic and them final showdown. Ugh it just makes me crazy James final three


Irrespective of who wins this season, Victor deserves to be AFP. I just wish he hadn’t let peer pressure persuade him to be such a jerk and throw those beads at the ladies during that nomination ceremony a few weeks ago. The guys got him all pumped up to do it, but when he did so, they looked at him with disbelief and you could hear the choir of crickets. It was a bad idea and I would like to think it is not representative of Victor’s true character.


Peer pressure sucks. Especially w/ alpha-assholes. It wasn’t him.


Nat wow thar dress when she arrivedat jury mmmmm


Who actually deserve to sit beside Paul in the F2

Thumbs up for Nicole
Thumbs down for James

Backseat Driver

“Deserves” is too big of a word playing BB.

Backseat Driver

I hope it’s Paul picking James for the F2 because NOBODY on that jury would vote James for the win!


I’m not so sure about that James has some fans in the jury house. Natalie Meesh, Davonne,Corey & Bridget. Looking at the Jury I almost think Paul might be better taking Nicole, she doesn’t have a lot of fans on the jury.


Oh no BBAD is just a rerun of Sundays HOH!!! Damn. It. Big. Brother. You. Sleazy. Ass. Hole.


Hate hate hate saying it, thumbs down yes I know thumbs down. Down! DOWN!….James for the win. People hate Nic (for some damn reason), Paul said the “c” word to Meech & James fell in love. Awww…..thumbs down. Lol. James could win by simply doing “Not a Damn Thing!”


And Da saying Paulie got her to act out of character for her. Ummmm yea. Whatever. That was her true character. Hair flipping and straight up crazy. She’s just managed to contain most of it. As disgusting as Paulie is. That was ridiculous. She needs some anger management


Paulie is such a creep. What a douchebag.


When is the first part actually being played. Will it be on live feeds ?


First HOH or luxury comp going on.

skeptical onlooker

The fight between Da and Paule was pretty ugly. Hard to focus because I was waiting for the animal pelt on Paulie’s head to jump off and scratch Da:)
It did seem to me that Da’s anger was because she felt Z had turned her back on her. She’s really angry that Z has not been her BFF..especially as Da feels Paulie made a fool of Z on TV.
Z looked her usual angry self. I don’t know why she’s always mad at the World.
Nat lying..saying she was always the target.
Paulie doing his usual slow clap at Da. He just comes off as slime.
Da keeps referring to how short Paulie is. I don’t think a person’s height is ever a factor in life..but Da seems to know to go for the jugular…Paulie obviously has a hang up about it.
I think Vic will bring calm to the house. Paulie will have a guy to hang with…because at the moment it’s him and Z against the rest.
Z is obviously in love with Paulie. And he may be with her. But it will never be a match in heaven. Too many issues between them.
So happy that Paul has a shot. I think he needs the money…sure…his parents have made it..but paul seems to be someone wanting to make it happen for himself.
23 years old….and already trying to make something happen.
I’m voting everyday for Vic for AFP. Just bothered that CBS will rig this for James:(


Feeds are off too. Assuming they are playing part one of HOH.

Just... Wow.

I lost any game respect (if I ever had any) for James after seeing that POV comp. He is a vet and knows there would be a Days comp and he didn’t even attempt to study the days?!? He doesn’t deserve to ever be allowed back. That all by itself was just an insult to the game period. Smh.