Big Brother 18 Cast Interview Summaries

Earlier today the Big Brother 18 cast was revealed showing 12 NEW houseguests. There was some surprises, Vanessa’s Rousso and Cody Calafiore siblings. This jives with some of the rumors we heard earlier this month (Frank, Nicole, Davonne and James maybe). Continuing with these rumors we would expect 4 more houseguests to be revealed during the 2 day premiere. Maybe coaches, maybe blood vs oil vs water, maybe vets dunno… All I know for sure is the rumor I made up about JEJO being on the show is false, sorry my bad 😉

Some pictures were released of the house showing a international theme, more will come when Julie Chen does the ET tour. We have a fun week ahead before the three-hour two night premiere, with two hours on Wednesday, June 22 (8:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT), and one hour on Thursday, June 23 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT), on the CBS Television Network.

Check out the interviews done by Jeff on the Live Feeds —-> check them out here
This is the first time I’ve sat down and listened to the Jeff interviews in full, it was fun. I wonder how these first impressions will match up with the first week on the feeds. Right away I’ll say I’m liking them all would have liked some older people but whatever it’s Big Brother.

Below I made some notes from the houseguests interviews, tried to highlight anything that stood out. Some of their voices are already getting to me, LOL. You’ll notice Cody and Vanessa’s siblings sound just like them. Tonight I guarantee I’ll have green beanie nightmares (“Incentives.. the incentives must align.. they must.. if the incentives don’t align .. trust.. your word.. “)


Paul Abrahamian

  • A fan from when he was a kid has seen a lot of seasons
  • Will shave the beard week one to stay in the house
  • Claims to be Cool as ice
  • Single for a few months
  • Wants to party and have a good time
  • Is going to be wild and “Do it all”


Zakiyah Everette

  • Fan since season 3
  • 3rd grade teacher Teaches 3 year old re-school teacher
  • Is single and ready to use her Looks and flirty ability to get far
  • says her mouth can get her in trouble, isn’t afraid to voice her concerns
  • Needs the money will lie and manipulate
  • Claims to be a mental player


Bridgette Dunning

  • Is a big fan of the show says the last few seasons were great
  • Is shocked that she’s in the diary room “I didn’t know”

  • Owns a cat “Hercules”
  • Has a boyfriend “Everything is cool, no showmances in the plan”
  • “I think i’m going to be great at this”
  • “I’m a bad liar.. I’m going to have to work on that.. I might have to play a honest game”
  • Has a dark side that only her closest friends or “mean people” have seen. Doesn’t like bullies or people that are condescending.
  • Win the game and have america hate you or lose and be loved?
  • “I’m going to win and people will love me because of it”

Michelle Meyer

  • Of course a BIG BIG fan of Big brother.. Cites being an international version fan (I think this is the one “real super fan” of the bunch)
  • Is planning on going to hawaii with her family if she wins
  • Has no problem lying and backstabbing people
  • Identifies herself as a “Superfan” says she’s not awkward like the other super fans, she’s “bubbly” and “ready to go”
  • Her greatest accomplishment so far in life is becoming a dietitian
  • Says she’s going to give out shoutouts this year “If I can”

Paulie Calafiore

  • Brother’s Cody Calafiore from Big Brother 16 (Known as the player that gave Derrick 500K)
  • Isn’t going to hide his family as he’s got a tattoo Calafiore on his abs (apparently Cody has this to)
  • Wants to play Cody’s social game, “One of the best social players to have played the game”
  • When asked if he would be satisfied with second place (hint hint his brother handed the win to derrick) “I would not be satisfied with taking the 50 thousand dollars”
  • When asked Win the game and have america hate you or lose and be loved?
  • “Image and relationships can be repaired over time”. Would rather being hated as a winner than loved as a loser.


Victor Arroyo

  • Doesn’t want to leave the house with any regrets
  • Is a manager of 14 people considers this with his physique will give him an edge. Says his degree in finance will also help. Calls himself “the triple threat”
  • Is single, “I will definitely use that to my advantage” Mentions playing like Cody did with the girls.
  • Says he has poor cardio and wants to have everyone like him. he considers these two attributes to be negatives in the Big Brother game.
  • Says he’s a Latin guy with a Latin mom “Of course I can cook”
  • When asked Win the game and have america hate you or lose and be loved?
  • Wants America to love him

Glenn Garcia

  • Has a fiancee and 9 year old daughter
  • Will flirt, “do what I have to do” to win the game
  • Greatest strength is he’s a chameleon, “I may be older but I can blend into many different types of ages”
  • Says his mouth will get him into trouble.
  • Will do anything to win the money, “It’s mine already”
  • Wants to “PLAY” the game stay all summer. Wants to be a legend and win the game.
  • When asked Win the game and have America hate you or lose and be loved?
  • “Win and be hated, too many nice guys win this.. If you don’t like it I don’t care”

Tiffany Rousso

  • Is Vanessa Rousso’s (BB17 professional circle talker) sister.
  • Plans to keep her sister to herself but if people start calling her out on it she won’t try and hide it
  • Says she’s been watching BB since teenage years “On and OFF”
  • Likes season 10, 12 and 13.
  • Plans on being less emotional than her sister says her sister was the best in season 17
  • Says her downfall is she’s super competitive she will never throw a competition, “I’m hoping to lay low the first few weeks and not win too many competitions”
  • When asked Win the game and have America hate you or lose and be loved?
  • “Win and be hated, 100%”


Bronte D’Acquisto

  • Studying to be a mathematician says she can’t do simple math but can do “Integrals like nobodies business”
  • Is not a Big Big Brother fan, “New fan”
  • Is single and will be flirty, “I’m a numbers girl I look at odds and statistics”
  • “Money can be send but love is forever, I’m driven by money not for fame not for buys, I will stop at nothing”
  • Wants the money to get her Doctoral degree, wants to hide her academic accomplishments
  • wants to win using math and science
  • When asked Win the game and have America hate you or lose and be loved?
  • “Hated by america.. I’m sorry america.. I have great friends and family what I don’t have is hald a million dollars.. I need money”


Jozea Flores

  • Got into Big brother during Season 17, “It’s such an amazing show”
  • Says he’s going to play hard
  • Is single, left behind family and friends
  • Says he’s going to be true to himself and know his strategy “To the max”
  • Jeff says he looks “terrific.. And athlete” Jozea says he’s going to be a “spartan”
  • Last time he cried was when someone stole special Puerto Rican food from his fridge
  • Can cook but might keep that to himself
  • When asked Win the game and have America hate you or lose and be loved?
  • “I’ll win this whole game and have america hate me… everything is riding on this”

Natalie Negrotti

  • From Venezuela and loves the colour pink
  • Is a fan of Big Brother but doesn’t watch a lot of TV’s, after the last 2 season she’s started really liking the show.
  • Says her not knowing the game will be an advantage, “I want to create an all girl alliance.. But make sure it doesn’t turn catty and mean”
  • Says she’s “Single as a pringle”
  • When asked Win the game and have America hate you or lose and be loved?
  • Doesn’t want America to hate her but also wants to win the 500K. “Definitely whatever it takes, I won’t be sleeping with anyone though… if I have to lie I’m sorry mom i’m sorry dad I’ll lie”


Corey Brooks

  • Single, will use that to his advantage “Whatever to win”
  • Loves the show has seen 3 or 4 seasons, “Definitely a fan”
  • Will miss his roommate’s, dog and the kids he coaches
  • Says his house is called “the frat house”
  • Says his physical attributes will make him a target but thinks his social game is also on point
  • Is worried he’s too nice, doesn’t think he really has any negative that will impact the game
  • Corey says he teaches kids baseball so his reputation means a lot to him.
  • When asked Win the game and have America hate you or lose and be loved?
  • “Lose and be loved.. My reputation is important to me” his career is more important than 500K
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so we can get cbs all access this way? how much does the vpn thing cost? does it effect normal everyday use for other websites etc..


also are you going to be posting video this year on this site? i think bb17 you couldnt right?


I feel like casting just went around and tried to find doppelgangers of former hgs.. Come on CBS get original!

Team Tiffany all the way! She seems like a more cutthroat version of Vanessa
Next pick: Jozea- only guy that didn’t seem dumb as rocks (besides maybe Paul- but think Paul will get on my nerves with his ego shortly)
Michelle- Christine/Nicole put together but more bubbly- which will probably get on my nerves, but if it doesn’t I see some potential there
Paul- will either be very good or very obnoxious- giving me Austin vibes, which is NOT good although Austin was a decent player
Paulie- not so bad, easy to look at, but Cody’s brother so that is a huge black mark
Kitayah/Victor/Glenn/Clay (I mean Corey) don’t have the BB mentality, think they will be eaten alive but at least one of them will be drug pretty far to the end
Least Fav: Bronte- girl has got to go quick! Natalie- annoying with glitter on top Bridgette- oh please don’t talk anymore (Meg on speed)


After watching the ET Canada interviews and Hollywood reporter interviews, I take back my opinion of Jozea. Way too overconfident for someone who really knows nothing about the show.


Zach hasn’t posted on social media for a long time. Wonder if he’s part of this?


The person who leaked Tiff and Paulie being on also leaked that the 4 returnees are Frank, Nicole, James, and Dayvonne … so I’m guessing that is factual info


Oh great that sounds fun ????

Min O'Pause

Suppose whoever leaked this could mosey down to Georgia and find out who got killed by Lucille? #Nonotglenn!

Pinocchio Obama

I can’t wait to get started. Thanks Simon.


Looking forward to keeping up though onlinebigbrother this season. *waves*


I knew something was up with Vanessa’s sister when I looked at her twitter about two weeks ago and it said something along the lines of “I’m glad the school year is finally over and can’t wait for the summer break”, but now that tweet is deleted and there’s a tweet that says that her school must be the only one that hasn’t let out for the summer because she still has a week left. It looked pretty fishy and now I know why.

Anyway, Tiffany owned Sequester 2.0. It was like watching Vanessa but not quite as amped up.

Smart Guy

Duh! I forgot to put my name on my comment. I must be rusty. :-/

Detective Derrick

Nicole posted about the cast interviews a couple hours ago.. don’t think she could do that if she is coaching.

Could be a family member posting for her though


Dawg, Simon,
I just checked out CBS site and it looks like they are allowing Canada to subscribe to all access..i was able to sign in with my email and password from a few years ago…and the option is there to sign up for All Access ..with 1 week free…just have to put in credit card info
i didnt do it yet but there is nothing saying Canada cant.
just to let you know we dont need the VPN thing.


ya will do..probably sometime over the weekend..hope it works..i remember last year it definitely said U.S. only…this year i cant find that anywhere..
fingers crossed..


Unfortunately, it will let you into your old account but it won’t let you sign up for the live feeds without a US credit card (Or the Amex prepaid card). You also still need the VPN .. I’ve signed up for the feeds with the Amex prepaid card I bought at Shoppers Drug Mart and can access the live feeds but if I don’t use the VPN the access is blocked.


I think Zakiyah said she is a pre-school teacher and teaches 3 yr. olds.

Jake K.

Of course the cast is Ken and Barbie-esque like it has been but I appreciate a bit more of the actual diversity in cast members. I don’t see the typical surfer dude or blonde girl so that is good. I actually liked most of this cast on hearing them speak however it’ll be a bit before we truly know how they are. I did also appreciate there is a decent amount of LONG TIME fans. Not just Michelle (who seems to be the super super fan who I think is my favorite thus far) but others as well. The girls seem to be strong personalities this season and I foresee one of them winning as the guys are more macho-like fillers. It hasn’t been since Season 13 for a woman winner in Rachel let alone since Season 11 when Jordan won where a girl won who wasn’t a returnee. Zakiyah, Michelle, Bridgette, Tiffany (in no order) are my picks to win in no particular order. If I had to pick a guy, it’d probably be Paul.

Some people are upset about the relatives but let’s be real….Paulie looks very similar to Cody and has the tattoo so it’ll be interesting to see how he deals with being a (most likely) early target. And Tiffany is awesome…I can see her being as much of a mastermind as Vanessa but being MUCH MUCH more level-headed. I still think Nessie, despite how annoying she was, is Top 5-10 best to ever play with her only weakness being her own paranoia. If Tiffany can do the same game without being as forceful and paranoid she has a strong shot.

Interested to see the returnees. A lot of speculation that it’ll be 6 (not 4) returnees as Robyn Kass (@Kassting) put 18 emojis up before the cast release. More so, we had 17 house guests last year in a shorter amount of time. This season with a record 99 days just seemed to fit the HG count of 18 for some reason. I’m sure there will be a live feed leak in the next week and we will have a bit of a better idea if it’s only the supposed Nicole/James/Day/Frank like rumored or if there is more. I still find it interesting CBS released that 4 returnees were cut for four of the newbies especially with those cut being Kaysar, Daniele, Ian, and Shelli. This season doesn’t seem quite clear yet and I think something fishy is going on.


I agree. Can’t wait to see Vanessa’s sister in action. She may be nothing like her though. My sister and I are complete opposites. Will be interesting to see.


I’m super pumped for the season to start, been going through BB withdrawls BAD!

Jimmy 64

I know most people think there are only 4 past guess coming in
But don’t be surprised if 6 come back.
They had 17 last year 18 if you count John twice


all simon and dawg fans meet in the “onlinebigbrothercom” chat room in the feeds 🙂


I hate them all! What a shity people. I think the Ken will do finale for sure.

Pinocchio Obama

I think Jeff does a great job with these interviews.