Big Brother 18 Cast Interview Roundup

Three sets of interviews have came out, K-frog, Jeff’s CBS live feeds, and Sarah’s ET Canada. The ET Canada ones are pretty sparse in content and Jeff’s are alright. The K-frog ones have a bit more substance, They are voice only but are probably the best. You’ll get to find out that Victor doesn’t make his own food at home his MOm and Sister do it in exchange for workout help, he wouldn’t share his head for 5 thousand dollars. Paul says he studied to be a lawyer and he’s athletic having studied martial arts for many years. He was once a chess/guitar teacher for kids. Paul add he can beat everyone at chess.

Updated interview : Hollywood reporter released some text interviews you can read about them here.

Sarah Winner from Big Brother Canada 3 interviews the BB18 houseguests for ET Canada.

  • Victor says he applied for the show 2 years ago and didn’t get cast, was salty because of this
  • Michelle knows who Sarah, Zakiyah didn’t know.
  • Paul’s excited
  • Corey expects something to happen
  • Glen is nervous about losing his temper
  • Zakiyah will call people out in a split second and doesn’t mind getting dirty
  • Bronte is going to target emotional players
  • Jozea is all about the drama “I’m going to bring as much drama as the world can suck in… like a sponge”
  • Corey is going to stay away from drama
  • Paul is going to lay low for 3 weeks then go into “Insane mode”
  • Tiffany’s going to cut throats
  • Bronte lies all the time
  • Bridgette isn’t going to lie she’ll win it her own way
  • Bronte brings up how she’s going to give out favours for the first half of the game like the mafiosos do. She’ll bank on those people paying her back those favours. .
  • Victor is open to a show mance
  • Paulie isn’t going to have a showmance
  • Zakiyah and Natalie are both game for showmances, Natalie said in her Jeff interview she won’t have sex on Zakiyah says in her interview with Sarah she won’t have sex.
** Get the Live Feeds click the link below **

Sarah interviews Paulie Calafiore and Tiffany Rousso.

  • Tiffany says she’s not playing as emotional as vanessa, she the chiller sister (A glimpse of Vanessa during Season 17 going through some emotions )
  • Paulie says Cody was a beast in season 16, Paulie mentions how Cody did the honorable thing by taking Derrick to final 2 instead of Victoria. If you remember Victoria would have been is guaranteed win for Cody, Derrick on the other hand was a guaranteed lose.
    Paulie doesn’t know if he would have done the same thing.
  • Tiffany isn’t going to lie about Vanessa.

Sarah talks showmances with the Big Brother 18 cast

  • Michelle is down for a showmance , adds she won’t “pull a maddy” and have two showmances (Maddy was on Big Brother Canada season 4)
  • Glenns doing what he has to do to win the game. His fiancee is upset about this decision
  • Bridget has a boyfriend waiting for her
  • Paul is 100% ready for showmances “I’m a sucker for babes.. You want this mess you can have this mess”

This next series of interviews is done with kfrog. The full interviews including text can be seen here . I liked these interviews got to see how annoying some of them are.













Below are the CBS interviews with Jeff, They are Geo Blocked. If you want to see them in Canada grab a VPN service. With all the geo blocking of services nowadays it’s almost a necessity for Canadians here’s the link to the service I used. I did short summaries of the Jeff interviews here for teh most part they were so so


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Jimmy 64

Hey Simon
I think they are going to add 6 returnees
99 days in the house it makes more sense 6 instead of 4
What do you think?




I’m watching all these interviews on youtube and I’m enjoying myself. A lot of likeable people this year. At least, that’s my first impression.

Pinocchio Obama

Simon it always surprises me that the vets are not the first ones voted off.

I can hear a TRUMPet

I heard that this year they won’t have a “battle of the block”. That’ a good thing. I think that the list of 4 returnees is a good mix that will add drama to the house. After hearing the interviews by Jeff of the 12 HGs, they seem like a good bunch. Can one of the twist be that Bronte is a transgender? She has very broad shoulders and from the side view, looks just like a guy, just sayin, not hatin!