Becky “If Vanessa is going to use it we have to make Austin and the twins pissed at her”

POV Holder: ? POV Competition Aug 8th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 10th
HOH Becky Next HOH Aug 13th
Original Nominations: Shelli and Steve
After POV Nominations: ? and ?
Have Nots Meg, James and Jackie

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-08 11-35-25-809

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11:20am Vanessa says that she applied to be on big brother every year since 2011 (Big Brother 13). Steve says I didn’t know that. Vanessa says I told you that. I applied every year except 1 year I think since 2011.

Vanessa tells Sheill that she is giving her her word that if she wins she will take her down. I’m going to try really hard to win it. If it comes down to the two of us you should make an outlandish guess to let me win and I give you my word on my mother that I am taking you down. And then I can save both of us which is excellent. So if it comes down to the two of us.. I know that takes a lot of trust but.. Shelli says that really does .. OH MY GOD! Vanessa says think about it.. and I would never give my word on my mother and lie. Shelli says give your word on Mel (Vanessa’s girlfriend). Vanessa says I give my word on Mel. Shelli says and on your dogs! Vanessa says and on Bear and Maverick! Shelli says I feel better about that now. They both hope its the counting competition.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-08 12-00-28-324

In the kitchen – the house guests talk about the past BOB competition. James says he wanted to wave to John & Jason but knew Jason would be like “F**k You!”

11:40am – 12pm Havenot room – Becky, James, Meg and Jackie. that she likes Johnny Mac and would prefer Vanessa to go. I am really worried if Vanessa pulls down Shelli that Johnny will go home because he’s won more. I was like no, no, no that won’t happen. So if that’s the case we will vote out Steve. Can someone volunteer to go up next to Steve since everyone would vote him out. Meg says but if it stays the same we don’t want Steve to go home. Becky says we want it to stay the same (if Vanessa wins it).. if Vanessa is going to use it we have to make sure Austin and the twins are pissed at her because she did use it. So I’ll put it between then and just hope it works. Jackie says one of them has to go home. Becky says If Vanessa wins we’re f**ked. If Shelli wins we’re okay. Becky says if its the stay or fold just keep passing till its down to you two. Becky leaves. James says you have to risk it to get the biscuit! Austin joins them. He says if its the counting one he is going to try and go under a little bit .. if you want to go a bit over. I will always try to go a little conservative, unless I know it for sure. Austin leaves. James says f**king Austin and the twins owe us big.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-08 11-44-54-686

12:10pm Big Brother blocks the feeds and switches to live feed highlights.. Its likely the Power of Veto competition is starting now..

VETO Players: Becky, Shelli, Steve, Vanessa, Meg, Austin

1:15pm Still blocked

2:20pm Still blocked

2:50pm Still blocked

4:00 No FEED NO

5:27pm NO

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BB Drafter

Steve, please win this veto.

Jesus, Becky!!

Was Becky asking One of James, Meg, or Jackie to volunteer to go up if Vanessa wins and talked Shelli off? Did I read that right???!!! Are you kidding me Becky? That train f’d you up girl!


yes she was. if james,jackie or meg go up they will go to jury. steve has the votes to stay if its him vs any outsiders. the only way I see steve going is if its steve vs shelli. becky will break the tie and vote steve out over shelli.


That’s really getting “blood on your hands,” Becky… way to go, puttin’ up one of your self proclaimed alliance members…

I miss Jason

Dang, this is a long Veto. The counting ones dont usually take that long and I think its still too early for the OTEV comp……wonder which one they are doing?

Me too

I went to the movies and watched Fantastic Four, which was not that good by the way… y’all’s money, and they are STILL playing Veto!!!! this is crazy!!


I feel like we should play charades while we’re waiting or debate something, lol. Whos a better player Jenn City or. Meg. What do u guys think of BB19 Biggest Busts….like the houseguest would be ppl like Meg, Jen City, Donny…..feel free to add. Just killing time


I read that too… and I believe that’s what’s gonna end up happening: James or Jackie as a renom and going to jury.

There’s just something about Becky not wanting to work with James/Meg/Jackie. Like maybe she doesn’t want to be viewed as misfits or whatever. That’s one thing I don’t like is when the houseguests talk about who’s AFP by how many times people get diary sessions. It’s popularity contest.

If either Steve or Shelli comes down I think Becky will probably put up James.

I thought it was great that Becky nominated Steve and Shelli with Vanessa as a backdoor plan because I thought she wouldn’t mind seeing any of those three go but then when she kept talking and talking, it just became so convoluted I know her HOH is gonna be a bust.

TorontoVegan (the real one)

Maybe Becky’s plan all along was to backdoor Jackie, James or Meg. I wouldn’t put it past her. She has played both sides for a very long time, and maybe she has finally chosen a side. I am not a fan of their gameplay, but I would hate to see Jackie, James or Meg leave on Becky’s HOH.


I had a vision Jackie’s going home.


Couldn’t agree with you more, Becky can’t seem to fully align with Meg, James, and Jackie bc I think she feels most loyal and connected to Johnny Mac and that’s where her allegiance lays, even if she and he aren’t always operating as an alliance.

Tbh, the fact that Becky said she didn’t want to nominate Johnny bc he would go home (bc he’s won too much? No he hasn’t) but is willing to nom one of the other three ( who everyone knows would also go home) is telling James, Jackie, and Meg exactly where Becky’s loyalty is.

TorontoVegan (the real one)

I keep waiting for Jackie, James and Meg to catch on but they never do. It’s sad, because I think they will be duped for the third week in a row. How many times will they allow themselves to be made to look like fools?


And this is why they shouldn’t have left Trainwreck alone in the HOH room!


i’m sure their lack of interest in hanging out with her all day in the HOH room, when they were eager to get up there and stay up there when james was just there. i’m also sure she felt like an intruder they were anxious to have leave when she did go up there?

all it will take is for austwins & shelli or some combo of that to hang out with her, show a little interest in being in the HOH with her, and that’s just what she needs to say, ok, meg, up ya go. because everyone else is the one she would talk to to figure out who is the least like to get voted out if they are beside steve/shelli whoever is left.


No from what I saw from the feeds she telling them that if Vanessa brings down shelli then one of them 3 (Austin & the twins)have to volunteer to go up


If Vanessa wins veto and takes skelli down does that mean since she uses it on skelli that Vanessa can go up?


No, if you use the veto on someone you are safe and so is the person you took down


Fingers crossed….Steve or Becky. You gotta win this Steve. Then watch Vanessa try and talk him out of using it.

Canadian Kevin

I’m ok with ANYONE winning the veto – except Vanessa and Austin.

The two on the block will save themselves, and everyone else is on board with the plan.

It’s only Vanessa and Austin that are the problem children in this scenario.

It sucks that Shelli picked Vanessa – but her reasoning was kinda sound – and she hasn’t told Vanessa the plan yet, as everyone expected her to.

So there may be hope that if Vanessa goes, she might work with the outsiders.

But then she might work with the twins.

I just wonder; if she does that, will the twins stay loyal to Austin, given both their feelings for him.

Shelli is a proven shield with two HoH’s. Austin is useless, except at being a stalker.


Hopefully Becky realized Shelli just screwed her over for Vanessa. Becky has to know Shelli is more lined up with Vanessa than her. Plus Becky should realize her plan was idiotic at this point. Neither Austin nor the twins were going to use the veto. If Vanessa won, Becky’s plan was over. There were too many holes for her plan to have a reasonable chance to work.

Now hopefully anyone other than Vanessa or Austin wins the veto so Vanessa can go up. Becky’s gotta cut Shelli loose because Shelli’s not going to work with you.


Doesn’t Matter if Austin wins. Vanessa can still get back doored if he uses it.


Austin won’t use it for two reasons: fear one of the twins goes up and Vanessa doesn’t want him to use it because she’s afraid she’ll go up.


Once again, sound reasoning. I just wish JMac over Meg is all…or Jackie…or freakin’ ANYONE but Meg!


Geezus PLEASE don’t let Vanessa win it! Or Smelli! She said she’d throw it to the Loch Ness monster! FAWK! Becky I swear To GOD……ugh


Sometimes I think Vanessa is the only one with a functional brain. I’m not sure these other people could solve a 2nd level Sudoku puzzle. Do they get tested beforehand for the ability to reason? Maybe it’s time to bring players in from other countries.


i totally agree with all you said. ALL of them have a train of thought that is extremely questionable..


They are all on prescription drugs no wonder they are all over the place.


I believe they do get tested. Low score wins.


How about instead of getting the twins pissed, you put one up so you still have the numbers Beck? Just a thought. WHY THE HELL would you stick up someone you are aligned with after all the shit the other side lied to you about?



Well if the comp is who gather the most flies around their crotch Vanessa is going to win crush it.


I personally don’t likE Vanessa but that comment is uncalled for. Sad it made it through and posted.

to each their own

when I was a young lad working for other people I would say I didn’t like this and I didn’t like that but it wasn’t my business so I started my own business made my own rules I guess the advice would be is you can always start your own blog and for whatever my dear you cannot I suppose in the meantime if you don’t like it don’t look at it basically keep it moving I find myself disagreeing with others as well but I will most certainly not regulate someone else’s business I just say my piece as it pertains to what’s going on in the house or thumbs up or thumbs down will do as well


one word to describe the lad’s reply: toothpick

Elsa from Frozen

3 words to mrs. Walters ” Let it Go”


Wish I could like this 1000 times. She controls the votes this week. Johnny, James, Jackie, Meg and she breaks the tie. If she puts up one of her own to give control over to Vanessa I would genuinely consider it to be one of the worst BB moves of all time and definitely put Becky among one of the worst players of all time.


Problem with that is, after last night, there’s no guarantee where Jmac will be on eviction night. He’s gone in to full big time BB PARANOIA!!!


For those of you want drama, and give kudos to Vanessa being in every HOH’s ear or hand in it…..would it be supreme drama her on the block against Shelli.. throwing Shelli under the bus or others to save herself….best drama is Vanessa scrambling for her BB life ….wouldn’t you then give her credit at that point…id like to see her tweek her ass off for the rest of the week…
Besides if she wins POV so what, drama today, not tomorrow, they decides who goes up and out with little drama…and no guarantee that her or her alliance will win anyway on Thursday.

Member of the Ant Farm

Come on!!! Who doesn’t like drama!! Vanessa for the POV!!! Let’s see some more scrambling!!


I would rather see the drama Vanessa would cause bybeing on the block.

TorontoVegan (the real one)

Why do I feel like Steve will be going home on Becky’s HOH? I can’t believe I was actually excited about this week. I really thought a big target would be evicted. I can’t believe that JJMB (Jackie/James/Meg/Becky) wasted another HOH.


So? Any news on who won?


I was watching Jackie, Meg, James in Havenot last nite and its a shame theyve made it this far…they really dont have a clue about this game. They were talking about if ur name is drawn to play one week in veto, can it be drawn again another week??? And Meg was the only person who knew the correct answer??? Then they kept complaining about putting a plan in action at the beginning of the week and then it changes by the end and its not fair. Jackie was saying how there the good people and they shouldnt have to deal with all of these lies……….ITS BIG BROTHER!!!! Its just frustrating because there are many fans that would love to be on this show and these 3 complain all day and don’t even know what show they’re on.


Watch this veto be a poker based comp.

Member of the Ant Farm

You gotta know when to hold them, know when to fold them…


Know when to walk away…and know when to run!
If it is the poker one…it would be so cool seeing Vanessa lose at her own game
But if she is on the block..and talks her way out of it…or somehow gets Steve to not use veto…
She will be my Favorite to win the game! (Even though I can’t stand her)


Agreed. And if she can actually convince Shelli to THROW the veto to her instead of Shelli winning it, THEN YES, YES, Vanessa deserves to win this whole game.


If it is the card one then Allison Grodner is trying to save Vanessa. They have a lot of games they could use. If Vanessa does not win she is in trouble. After all, Vanessa is suppose to be the winner of BB17. I personally can’t stand her.


Surprise surprise, good ole honest Van swearing on her mother yet again bahahaha! Her poor mom’s life getting used for her daughter’s lies. Oh wait didn’t honest Van just promise her most loyal minion Steve, on her mother’s life mind you, that she is saving him? Keeping it honest & classy as usual. Someone just posted how Van is loyal to her people-really, how can she save both Steve & Shelli?
The look on his face if she saves Shelli over him will be priceless. At least JMAC was honest to Steve about keeping Shelli, unlike back stabber Van. What a complete joke it is about Van being loyal to her people-she will throw them to the wolves at any cost. Don’t have a prob if that is her game,but let’s stop the out right,hypocrisy,& BS about playing an honest & true game & keeping her word. Just own the fact you are a vile,treacherous,back stabber & I can at least appreciate her owning it!


I was thinking along the same lines as you, then I had to “think like Vanessa” and realized that she is NOT LYING at all!!
She told the truth, whichever one picks her, she will save. Had Steve drawn HG choice and picked her, she would have honored her word to him.
It’s all about words…….


Hey HeadDr, instead of working yourself into a tizzy over nothing maybe you should read more carefully? Or just actually read what’s written instead of what you wish was written.
Vanessa told both Shelli and Steve that IF they picked her to play veto as hg’s choice that she would save whoever picked her to play.
Get it??
“Hey Steve, if YOU pick me to play and I win it I will save you. But if Shelli picks me and I win, I will save her”
“Hey Shelli, if YOU pick me to play and I win it I will save you. But if Steve picks me and I win, I will save him.”
“Swear on my mom, girlfriend, dog and whatever else. ”
See? No two-faced lying. (yet)
No back stabbing. (yet)


Agree that she meant she’d save the one who picked her as HG choice.

Random thought:
Just wanted to say if I were playing BB, I would not put any more credibility into the whole “swearing on X person’s life” than if a HG just said, “I promise that …”

I probably *would* say it (even when I was lying) b/c for some reason people put more stock into those words being used… but really, do we think if a BB player swears on his/her mom’s life and then breaks the promise that the mom is gonna suddenly drop dead.


You can promise anything,to anyone on BB as long as you cross your fingers behind your back as you make the promises!


Vanessa please win the veto! i wanna see the other side scramble because they were not smart enough to think strategically about this and then last night they decide to go through the difference scenarios. you are playing BB. if you can think strategically you should, you should not roll the dice and see where it lands.. like if Vanessa goes at this point there is gonna be so few strategic thinkers left in the house..


yeah, sorry other side, but the van group is actually playing the game, bottom line. they are the ones who knows who is with who, and who is outside of that. the meg group is still unclear about austwins, i do not get that. also austwins talk a lot of game, meg group doesn’t or when they try, they are usually quite wrong.


They are so stupid! Let’s be honest, the only REAL drama we’ll get, is when the ‘strategic’ side of the house has to start taking out each other. THAT’s when I’ll be poppin’ some popcorn!!

Shelley (not to be confused with Shelli)

Jackie is strategic… she just needs to win a HoH so she can execute.

Meg is an idiot in this game. If she won HoH she would probably put up James and Jackie and say “this way… know one can say we are working together”.


she hangs onto grudges big time tho. She grudges that Jeff got played, and evicted. She grudges that vanessa, already proven to be sketchy, didn’t keep a late game huge alliance which was already stupidly big, then she also grudges over ‘whywhwywhwywhwy did liz put her up, as in why did austin put her up.” think maybe it’s because you hid under the covers for a few weeks, plus you grudging over Jeff, and what, maybe opening your mouth to talk to LIz at least once or twice might have helped.

you can’t play BB based on grudge revenging. You lose something, you get knocked over, you pick yourself up, take a look around and figure it out.


If it’s the stay or fold counting competition Vanessa will win. She will take Shelli off the block and Becky’s HOH will end up being a trainwreck. This is why you always make sure that the people you put on the block are both people you are prepared to lose. The only way this works out for Becky is if she wins or Steve wins. Hell could freeze over and Meg could win, but if it’s playing the odds, Vanessa is a shoe in.

Straight Shooter

Ugh, houseguests…be smarter. It’s becoming excruciating to watch you. And yet, like a true rubbernecker, I cannot look away.


Lol so true, guess I’m a rubberneck too 🙂


Wanted the underdogs to win it. Now I want Vanessa to win so that Becky can get off her high horse and scramble. She is going to regret double eviction if one of the 5 alliance wins it.


Nervous!!! Come on STEVEEEEEEEEEEEE!!


Meg or Steve FTW!!!! They are due to win something


People are going to hate on me and dislike this comment but HOPEFULLY VANESSA WINS THE POV!!!


Yes I’m with you! I want all hell to break loose!


Vanessa winning will make it boring. Becky might flop around like a fish on land for a bit but then put up someone pointless thinking she’s got numbers and her pawn will go home.

Vanessa will win

And that’s why you throw your 2 targets up there together.


Am I the only one that wants Vanessa to win and pull down Shellie? I’d love to see the house squirm for being dumb enough to not out Vanessa and Shellie up together. I mean, JMJ just don’t get it! “Vanessa has been getting close to the twins”. Really? U.S. Since day one!


I am so rooting for Van and Shelli, Usually the guys run the house and everyone thinks they are calculating masterminds – Finally two females who are smart enough not to hate each other, work together, and truly have a handle on this game – AND EVERYONE WANTS THEM OUT – I don’t get it !! You go girls !


If Vanessa wins the POV then Becky has to do exactly what James said last week. If you play the POV I will put up Austin or the Twins….. This will then cause a rift with Vanessa and them and in the end she will not save Shelli.


go van go!


I bet if Steve wins the veto, Vanessa will convince him not to use it and keep the nominations the same and make him believe he ‘ll be safe…


Did I read correctly, that Vanessa swore on her mother to both Shelli AND Steve, that she would use the Veto on both of them? If I’m correct, she is a bigger POS than previously thought…


Dawg be careful the Nessa haters don’t like it when ppl post the truth about Nessa. They like to spin everything to “Vanessa sucks” or when they really desperate they cut on her appearance:-)

Haters gona hate. Nessa just dominates!

No Double Standards

Can’t readers express opinions and predict or hope Vanessa gets voted out, just like Vanessa hopes others get voted out?? Vanessa uses lies, personal backstabbing, egotism, elitism, ratting or so called playing for both sides, humiliates others, diagnoses other players neuros ie. Audrey Jason Jeff to get what she wants, yet you demonize readers and attempt to edit this blog or censure others with accusations of bullying and using bigotry card. Vanessa was going to start LBGT alliance then evicted Audrey and Jason after scapegoating them for using her tactics. Start your own blog, and block everyone who doesn’t agree with you, see how many readers you get. Free speech is free speech, same rules should apply inside and outside house.




Vanessa is actually playing BB. She’s brilliant. Why hate on someone who’s spinning circles around clueless players. Isn’t that what this game is about? Trying to win?


How sad that we can’t just enjoy this social experiment because we have to be so suspicious of production meddling!


That was really stupid of Becky to ask, “unless anyone wants to volunteer” um… Does she not count? Does she not realize the numbers are on her side, unless an idiot (Meg) volunteers to go up against steve????? Once again, another week that started off promising… turned to Sh*t!


I hope one of them volunteers!! please god let one of them volunteer. the sheer stupidity would be hilarious to watch

Jody H

James could always do what he suggested. Go to Jury to stop any others from coming back. ROFL


though becky putting meg up would make me giggle with excitement, thats really not smart of her to even consider. they need to keep their numbers up for double eviction. even if meg is a doorknob, she’s still a number to them.


Maybe you should wait until AFTER the POV to declare it another wasted week. Hopefully it will work out as planned…here’s to hoping!


Yikes! Scary picks for Veto. So long as Vanessa doesn’t win, everything will be okay.

Austin I think would keep the noms the same.

Becky/Shelli/Meg/Steve (I hope) would use it.

Vanessa has a 1/6 chance of winning. *shivers* I’m just going to be positive, and pray she doesn’t win.

Hell maybe even Meg might surprise us (unlikely, but you never know).

If noms stay the same, then Shelli goes, and that is still a successful week.


“this is Big Brother, and in the words of the Boogie, you can bounce checks in this house.”


Becky can’t seriously be thinking of putting up Jackie/James/or Meg if Vanessa wins Veto (which I pray she doesn’t).

Throw up a Twin and be done with it. So long as someone from the other side of the house leaves, you’ll have better chances in the DE.

TorontoVegan (the real one)

Becky cannot be trusted. Jackie, James and Meg should have realized this weeks ago.


These people are so stupid. If venessa wins and saves sheli, they should put the twins or Austin on the block, either way they have the votes! Becky is an idiot ughhhhh! She’s telling one of her allies to volunteer to go up?? Seriously???


One of her “allies”.. she has been “allies” with them for 3 and a half hours. until yesterday Becky was flip flopping and ratting as her full time job…


Vanessa wins and Becky tells the Austwins that if she uses it they go up and one of them goes home. Then let everyone see that Vanessa and Shellie are a new power couple. Or at least make Vanessa choose beteween Shellie and the threesome.

Ballerina Girl

Who are freaks and geeks?


who are the SOS??? steve was talking to the cameras and mention Freaks and Geeks…and SOS?????


They are all the various iterations of alliances, groups or deals. Vanessa’s in most of them with different combinations of HGs with differing levels of commitments. You need a flow chart and Vanessa’s dictionary to really track it.


Flowchart.. really? Its actually pretty simple
6th sense = Austin, liz, Julia, clay, shelli, van
Freaks and Geeks = Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve, Van
SOS = Van and Steve
No flow chart necessary.


Then here’s the 6th sense plus Steve as Vanessa was trying to hide how close she was to him from Shelli/Clay. Which is still continues because Vanessa admitted she slipped up with Shelli mentioning Freaks and Geeks to her, she tried to add beauty in there to include Shelli. Then there’s Steve and Johnnie Mac+/- Becky, Gremlins, Dark Moon (not really), whatever they are calling James, Meg, Jackie, Becky. Misfits with Jackie, Meg, and James.




My favorites are James and Jackie. I hope they survive Becky’s trainwreck HOH and DE. They are the only two on the other side that have any brains at all, I just wish they would stop listening to airhead Meg. I have a feeling that Steve is going home this week. What a waste of an HOH, and she will have burned pretty much all of her bridges. She might even be stupid enough to put up JMac, and he could go home if that happens. Vanessa would make Austwins vote him out, and Shelli is the deciding vote. Choo choo choooooo

AKA Twistin' ....

Well I’m glad Clelli-minus-1 feels better now that the John Gotti wannabe swore on her girlfriend and dogs since swearing on her mother’s life wasn’t good enough. I’m amazed at the character flaws in these people.


If Shelli and Vanessa have been shown on the feeds that they know how to pick houseguest choice out of the bag, then why doesn’t production do something about it? It really isn’t fair. It sounds like this isn’t the first time they have used this, they mentioned it before and after the pick today. I guess production doesn’t want to give us a drama filled week of Shelli and Vanessa on the block.


Shake the friggin bag?…no?


Here’s hoping that Becky will go think on it and realize how screwed up it was for Shelli to go through with picking Vanessa, realize the numbers aren’t guaranteed there over one of “her group”, and puts up one of Austin or twins!!
But, Becky, although she tries to act like she’s got it all together and knows what will go down, she is completely blind to the connection of those six!
And then, here’s hoping this won’t even be an issue because STEVE wins VETO!!!


Trying to relax here,,,,,
STEVE has this! If it’s numbers, Steve has this!!
I’m rooting for Steve!

Can’t wait to see a Shelli/Vanessa in the chairs!!


If Vanessa takes off Shelli then Becky’sonly play should be to put up Liz. She should then have votes to evict Liz or at the worst a tie. Still a waste of an HOH but at least Steve doesn’t go home.


If Vanesssa were to win pov put Liz up


Wait .. I must have missed something. Vanessa and Shelli know which chips are houseguests choice? First I’ve heard of this. How do they know?


They can probably feel the chips if the chips are engraved (maybe you can feel the small engraving groove), it would be the longest engraving, rather than shorter engraving for each person’s name.


This seems like paranoia or overthinking that Shelli or Vanessa is omnipotent.

The chips are just printed, and if the little grooves exist, then they have always for every single pick. So basically the other HGs have been stupid to not feel for Houseguest Choice?

becky ditzy

HEY BECKY your in charge if vanessa wins it., and takes shelli off put up LIZ HELLO>>> you are not doing yourself any favors by putting JOHNYMAC UP….I want to reach in the TV and ringt your neck…Do something BOLD>>


I’m by no means a Becky fan, but I am thinking she does not wan to ruffle Austin and the twin’s feathers. As is, she would have Vanessa and/or Shelli mad at her in that scenario, throw in the twins and Austin and that’s a lot of enemies to have going into a double eviction


this is the plan these bunch of idiots could come up with if vanessa wins veto? make the austwins pissed at vanessa? LOL i dont believe it…. where are they getting these ideas? did they all get hit by a train? I MEAN WTF?


I know, I know….Meg loses. Shocker!


God, I hate these long poV challenges. I have a feeling that Vanessa is winning the PoV and Shelli and her will be safe even though I really want it to be Becky winning it against the odds… Austin will not use the PoV because Vanessa is more important to him that Steve or Shelli. If it’s not used I doubt Becky will pull the trigger on Shelli, she will get scared about DE and evict Steve…. I hate this.
TBH Vanessa is still my fav and I want her to stay.. and my preference is that they send Shelli home… but jeez this is nerve wracking… so I guess Go Austin (I think I threw up in my mouth a little).


It’s pretty simple what Becky has to do if Vanessa does win the veto and wants to take Shelli off the Block. She tells Vanessa, if you save Shelli then Austin or the Twins is going up. This is exactly what James told Austin and the Twins that if either Clay or Shelli were saved one of them would go up. This would really squeeze Vanessa as Austin and the Twins would demand she not play the Veto on Shelli..


Too bad Becky is not that smart!! she thinks Austin and twins are with her for the most part. She has no idea they would vote to keep Shelli.
Only hope we have in that case is if James/Jackie get in her head and convince her otherwise.
But Becky is STUBBORN as all get out!!!

Becky --> miss "know-it-all"

I notice via the live feeds people hardly go up to hoh’s room during her reign..

There IS a reason for that. She yaps 95% of the time, dominating the conversation, as if she’s queen, and come forth as “its either MY way or take the highway.” NUTS!!!

She farked up her game badly, simply by being too proud … not once did she hear ANYONE’s idea as to who to put up.

Right from the start, she is TELLING to whom it may concerned HER nominees. Its her downfall. She should be prepared to take all consquences that are going to follow suit.

Trifling with vanessa without a solid, concrete, full-proof plan will just add to her own demise.


I noticed that when she won HOH with Shelli and it really bothered me. Instead of letting others talk and listen, she just kept saying “there is one person we all want out (i.e. Audrey)”.. woman you are HOH, you do not need to volunteer anything to other house guests. on the other hand, you should be trying to get as much info from them as possible


I am anxiously awaiting the POV results when I have so much work to do. I need a life but I like the excitement this season is bringing


I don’t know how the heck they can go through so much in a day!!
How to know you’re too invested into a game……
There’s no way I could play right after being told I’m playing, sitting here right now, my stomach is in knots, feeling sick, and getting a nervous headache!

brazen boy

I cheered when James put up Shelli and Clay…but, now I’m rooting for Vanessa and Shelli! I love BB!! And I do miss wstching Clay on TV….that man needs to be on TV…so hot


If Vanessa wins I hope Becky goes out during the double eviction. There something in her social that reminds me a little bit of Amber last year. Without realzing it, it’s like they think they are too good to fully commit working with certain people in the house when in acutaluty they don’t fit or belong in the side of the house they consider to be more desirable. Some people work against their onw interest in there by carrying some of the same attituds they use to function in their own little worlds. She should have put them both up and went from there. Or at least listened to “her side” of the house this week.


Who picked house guest choice, was it Steve or Shelli? I know that Vanessa is playing for Shelli, but did Shelli pick her name or did she get house guest choice and decided to pick Vanessa?


Thanks Dawg! Not a good decision if she takes off Shelli, because Austin said if he loses one of the twins his alliance with Vanessa is over.


Must not be a “counting” POV liked they hope. That wouldn’t have taken this long. Which one could it be????


Maybe megs peg legs fell off


Ooh I bet it’s that comp where they have to match up one room to another. Could be anyone’s game (except Meg) lol