“she’s going to be a 1 women psychotic show the entire week”

POV Holder: Steve POV Competition Aug 8th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 10th
HOH Becky Next HOH Aug 13th
Original Nominations: Shelli and Steve
After POV Nominations: ? and ?
Have Nots Meg, James and Jackie

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-08 18-42-33-427_jpg

6:39pm Julia and Vanessa
Julia doesn’t think Vanessa is the target.
Vanessa hopes now but she’s not sure

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-08 18-58-22-374_jpg

6:43pm Twins are talking about their comics liz was the “Bad” twin Julia was the “Good” twin.
Liz says “Julia is a bit ditsy

Just chit chat going on..

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-08 19-04-10-178_jpg

They construct a voodoo doll. The twins bring up the voodoo doll they found that Audrey had left.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-08 19-22-02-316_jpg

7:20pm Jackie and Meg
Jackie – Oh my god I want VAnessa on the block so bad
Meg says Vanessa is freaking out “She’s crazy she’s the mad hatter”
Jackie – HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I love it I f****g love it
Meg and Jackie “Help us America we’re trying.. we’re hanging on for dear life”
Meg says Austin and the twins are likely to make a deal with them she doesn’t see them coming after their side “We have the numbers” .
Jackie – YEah they’ve never won
Jackie – We have Steve on our side
Jackie says they can get Steve to take Austin out. (Zoing!)
Meg adds they can’t forget about Shelli.

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Big-Brother-17 2015-08-08 19-32-05-819_jpg

Jackie says she’s going to “Burst out Laughing” when Vanessa gets nominated
Meg laughs at Vanessa trying to convince them to get Johnnymac up to make sure Shelli goes. She told her the house will never vote out Johnnymac
Meg – Dude, You’ll (Vanessa) vote Johnnymac out
Jackie laughs say it’s so perfect that Becky is the one doing this
Meg – So random
Becky comes in.
Meg – She (Vanessa) came flying in to the have nots, FREAKING OUT
Meg explains Vanessa’ pitched to get Johnnymac nominated.
Becky says Vanessa grabbed her right before the POV told her to make sure everyone is still in on the plan.
They have a laugh at how crazy Vanessa is getting.
Becky asks if Vanessa is up
Jackie – no she’s sleeping
Jackie – F*** it we run this sh1t
Meg – what a random three.. so random

7:38pm Vanessa and Johnnymac
Vanessa wants to talk to him once the outside is open

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-08 20-11-35-845_jpg
7:42pm HOH Jackie, Meg and Becky
They start rehashing Vanessa asking “The plan stills on” They have a laugh about Vanessa being a “Mad hatter”

Meg mentions Shelli picked Vanessa to play in POV not Vanessa
They realize how ridiculous it is Vanessa saying she’s going to vote out Shelli if Johnny mac is going up.
Becky says she’s putting Vanessa up and her and Shelli can campaign.
They start comparing stories from the season and uncxover Vanessa has been bullshiting them a lot.
Becky – This b1tch has gotta go

James joins them.
Becky starts chanting about Vanessa going home this week. Warns them though that someone is coming back in the game so none of them flip out on her. Becky is willing to take all the heat on this one.
Becky – the best thing right now is say this is my personal decision..
Becky – stay calm let the b1tch do her thing, trust me
Meg – you going to talk to Shelli before
Becky – not before.. after..
Meg – Austin
Becky – After
Becky says her “Ammunition” to get Vanessa out will be Vanessa throwing Clay under the bus so quickly
Adding Vanessa is all over the place cite pas game behavior when Vanessa wanted to take Austin out then Jason goes home and her Turning on Clay and Shelli.
Becky – I have a lot of sh1t on her for reasons why (To put her up)
They tell Becky she’s got the votes to evict Vanessa on lock.
They have a laugh at Vanessa trying so hard last week to keep Shelli. Well this week all her convincing worked they’re keeping Shelli.
Becky – she’s going to be a 1 women psychotic show the entire week
Becky says them being calm will anger Vanessa more.
Jackie – She’s studying up the a$$ to win that Comp (Next HOH)
Meg – to put our a$$ up
Becky – “Her and her fu*king word.. Give me your word, you and your fu*king word ”
Becky impersonating Vanessa “Give me your word”

They agree to pull Shelli in this week be super nice to her and try to drive a wedge between Shelli and Austin.

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Big-Brother-17 2015-08-08 19-48-23-739_jpg

7:45pm Bathroom Vanessa and Steve
Vanessa says she’s nervous she’ll go up against Shelli.
Steve – Freaks and geeks we have the vote s
Vanessa – No do the math we need the 5 and Johnny Mac will vote to keep Shelli
Vanessa starts to cry says she had a great strategy but wasn’t fast enough
Steve – We’re on a TV show on a parking lot

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-08 20-19-11-458_jpg

8:18pm Bedroom Austin and Vanessa
Vanessa asks him to go talk to Becky and tell her Vanessa and say “The twins and I want to make a double eviction deal”
She stresses they he has them to know it’s the four of them.
Vanessa – Austin I need you please
Asutin – I know I know..

8:21pm Austin heads up to the HOH to tell Becky about the double eviction deal.

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Ugh I don’t really get the Jackie, Meg, Becky popularity. they are so classless and making personal attacks for no reasons. like Becky shut up! you were a rat till two days ago

Meg's Cleavage ( . ) . )

Makes no sense at all I agree… Then again, if half these BB fanboys that love this twats are as bad as Steve, does it really surprise you?

Dear MissSogyny

Anger problems much? More than 2 much caffeine, Mommy problems or Napoleon complex? Poor Messa has to go on the block after putting everyone else up over and over with lies she made up about what she hears through walls, what “someone” had told her. She never got blood on her hands she blamed everyone else including her period for her nom’s, Clelli, Austin being in love, and drove everyone apart with deception. Now even Audreys got more credibility!! We’re all supposed to feel sorry for Vanessa, bc they’ve all compared notes, ID’d her lies, they’ve all been victims. You rag on Becky for confidence that comes from being on block and victim of Vans rat lies, & blame others for joining forces, refusing to run scared anymore-they’re not babbling and spraying themselves with disinfectant like you-know-who?? I’ll take Becky’s “boring” work and travel stories before Austins James constant perv insults and Vanessa’s narcissitic self serving rants. Chill out, now she’s on the receiving end of all the Karma she’s put out. Careful, all that hate, jealousy and nasty language will rot your brain like it did your heart.

Bored Man

The only people she needed to not lie to in this game are her alliance members that she didn’t nominate to benefit all of the floaters that have laid around giggling, telling sex jokes, and talking about their alliance as recent as 1 1/2 weeks ago that hasn’t existed since the 2nd week.


Well said, MissSogyny!


Exactly, she was leaking everything to Clelli this time last week.

The trouble with Tinder and random casting is that a lot of people who play the game like its high school/Abercrombie stockroom (this is exactly what happens, and worse) vs. strategy/game board come to life (which should be what it is) get in.

Ugh, if only Jmac was not so close with Becky.


You don’t get that some people have different opinions than you? Color me surprised. They really are not as bad as you are making them out to be. Shelli and Clay spent a week of saying nothing but crap about James last week.


I am not even going to defend Clelli because they were so very arrogant, but ok, the difference between Becky and James is this:

James knew he had Clelli broken/out, he knew he got them good, and he didn’t gather…say, John and Steve in the HOH to verbally ridicule and laugh at Clelli because he already knows he got them on game play.

Becky is still ridiculing Vanessa when she’s knows she’s got her down on her knees. And she’s doing it in a very mean spirited way. She’s not a very….gracious winner.


I’m not a big fan of Becky’s tbh. She is just helping my favorites get further in the game. She isn’t a very gracious winner and I honestly wouldn’t mind if she left in the DE. Still she is helping James and Jackie this week and getting out Vanessa.

I also like Meg’s personality a lot but, let’s be honest here, she does not to deserve to win. Not unless she starts massively improving in comps.


Totally get where you are coming from. James and Jackie have a good shot if they get past the DE. But they really need to be more aware of Becky helping Shelli since Shelli will gun for one of them soon, and she will have the votes.


Are you kidding me? I can barely even read the post their behavior is so pathetic. I wasn’t a Vanessa fan but now I hope if she goes to jury she comes back and takes everyone of them out. Especially Jackie carrying on like a two year old. Honestly Jackie sounds as obsessed with Vanessa as Austin is with liz. What a physco. And do not even get me going on Becky and Meg. I KNOW Meg isnt talking shit in the big brother house. That bitch is painfully awful at this game. She should just sit with her fat red mouth zipped.

Becky is hot

Becky is gorgeous

Becky's jacked teeth

Becky is a joke. Her ass is grass soon. Enjoy your power trip. Jackie, Becky, and especially James don’t give a sh*t about you.

Becky's jacked teeth

Jackie, Meg and James….oh well you get the point.


once vanessa tells the others about becky’s 2 faced ways, becky will be on the outside again.


Vanessa has zero credibility left. She’s told too many lies and bullied too many people. Vanessa can’t tell anyone anything that will change anyone’s minds or mitigate all the damage and chaos she has caused. She will attack Shelli and Shelli will attack her, and we will all be the better for it.


Fire Marshall Bill I mean Becky needs to step down off her Pedistal that she put herself on and get ready for the jury house….we can only hope…


Clelli, VaMessa, Austwins treated EVERYONE as EXPENDABLE demeaning their game, their worth, playing emotions. Clelli “boo hop our love is more important than your life” Millionaire VaMessa “Go back to your mom’s basement bag boy Jason”, James, Steve, JMAC, Meg are repeat pawns to further or game…stop pretending because VaMessa applied 7 times, and is DJing after running out of other things to do, or desperate interior designer Shelli or Football player Clay or Chester Molester Austin are anymore worthy, honest, “gameplayers” than retailer Becky. These flakes are relationship obsessed not playing for money to donate to charity. They’re all trying to change their lives. Shelli & Vanessa tears aren’t anymore genuine than Jason, Audrey or Days. Clelli, VaMessa, Austwins gloated as much or more when they won, laughed while they stabbed their friends in the back played dirty took their power for granted. Can’t wait for them to see the feeds and realize all the $hit they talked behind their backs. Becky is a rat for playing two sides while the 6th Sense and Vanessa has final 2 with everyone?? Don’t be sore losers, it will change again, or not. Remember Austwins haven’t won anything yet, Liz herself says it sucks to suck!


The Austwins haven’t made any moves at all except to go along.

Top Gun

Jackie, Meg and James have done nothing but trash talk the whole game. Becky has gone full blown power Crazy and is cocky as he##; I hope her game blows up in her face. And what has Meg done in this game, nothing! I Hope both Becky and Jackie go on the block next week. I would laugh at that. And I hope floater Meg is taken out in the doubles.


Agreed. Apparently everyone is loving the gross side of the house this year. Vanessa, Austin, and Shelli at least are playing the damn game and not making derogatory comments about anyone. I actually hope Shelli or Vanessa wins big brother. People were kinda shitty to them.

Top Gun

To be honest Vanessa’s has only made moves to protect her group, it has gotten hr into trouble and she is a bit crazy, but she’s played the game. What has Meg, Jackie, Steve, Johnny and the twines done, nothing really. Becky gets Hoh and goes power crazy, and is probably the one I dislike the most because of her attitude. I am hoping her and Jackie get to stepping this next week.


Vanessa is in this spot because she first tried to protect the twins – who told her they would do anything for her if she helped them, then she saved Austin after he lied and made his own lame-*ss move with Jason – and Austin told her he would do anything for her if she didn’t evict him. Now that she needs their help, they’re busy doing yoga exercises in the living room and chatting with the Goblins. Man up Austin and start thinking with your other head.


Vanessa saved Austin because Shelli reminded her that Austin will do whatever they need him to, whereas Jason was not a fan of theirs and will try to get them out.

I think Becky gloating is a bit childish but Vanessa’s demands on having everyone’s word, the fact she and Shelli have run the house since week 1, and makes deals she will only honor if it helps her has created an atmosphere of “we’re free!” It’s like there was a wild fire heading towards them but now the winds have changed and they are rejoicing.


Actually I shouldn’t be surprised. Becky brags about EVERYTHING. Hell she was even bragging about her shampoo and how it cost $60, I’m sitting there thinking why? You’re hair doesn’t even look good lol and why would you even tell people that? I hope she goes on de cannot stand her.


I could not agree more. I used to really like Becky until now. At least whenever Vanessa or Shelly were HOH, they NEVER trash talked the nominee, ever. In fact they have never talked bad about anyone at any time. Becky, Jackie and Meg have all become unlikeable to me so it has become hard to root for them. These are the type of girl players I have always disliked in seasons past. At least the other side plays nice, maybe stupid sometimes, but still classy. I am back on the other side! Meg get off your @ss and play the game. Obviously she is only playing for second and I would rather see Steve take that place.


Meg finished second just behind Steve for the veto.


I agree. They are so foul mouthed and I am so sick of them. At least Austin, Shelli and Vanessa are mature. Meg, Jackie, James, Becky, and even when Jason was there – do absolutely nothing but talk shit.


I dunno, I was happy for James when he was HOH but Becky/Meg/Jackie together is not that pleasing. Becky hasn’t actually been personally screwed over by Vanessa. I feel like Jackie/Meg actually lost a very good friend so i get why they call V a bitch, its totally justified. Becky is playing up things to belong to whatever groups she wants to be in. Same thing when she was with Clelli.

I really hope Becky doesn’t win BB as I still hate her game.


Not true. They all live in the same house and have a preference for who stays and goes each week. Just because Becky is quiet doesn’t mean she hasn’t been affected by Van’s decision. The week she was co-HOH, I believe she was duped as she wanted Audrey out. From everything I’ve read, Becky and Jmac figured Van accurately and the two of them have been most livid.


Wasn’t Becky duped by Shelli that week during their co-HOH?

She is laughing at Vanessa and kissing Shelli’s butt.

Becky's jacked teeth

Becky put a paper bag on, your face is nasty. Puke.

Ariana Grande licks donuts and hates Americans

I used to think that Becky wasn’t that attractive. But now that it looks like she’ll be able to get Vanessa evicted, she is beautiful in my book.


No she’s still unattractive. Only now we see she’s even more so on the inside. Cannot wait till she’s out.

Bored Man

The only reason why Meg and Jackie were screwed over by Vanessa (her loyalty was with her alliance and she maintained it) is because Meg and Jackie are floaters who thought they were still in the week one alliance and had no idea Vanessa was working with anyone. That’s not anyone’s fault but their own. The fact that they still don’t know Vanessa, Shelli, Austin, and the twins have been in an alliance is still their fault, but that’s the life of a floater. Always in the dark and crying when plans don’t just effortlessly fall into place.


They are such a vengeful bunch of mean girls. I don’t think Shelli uses any foul language and is playing the same game. Clean your mouths girls and remember, it’s a game, not a sorority.

Power Corrupts

Oh Jackie, “We run this f***ing” house”. For the purpose of clarification you do mean James & Becky have been running the house the past 2 weeks?? Cuz, I’m watching and I’m not sure what you’ve brought in terms of game play to this point to be so full of the false confidence you currently possess. History tells us that such bravado usually means you’re the next out (i.e.- double eviction). Don’t get me wrong, I’m enjoying this year a great deal, but me thinks you may be putting the cart before the horse young lady….

Jackie's Potty Mouth

The only thing Jackie is good at is that she has always been running her mouth. Useless ho


If Vanessa and Shelli go there’s no one left with half a brain. As someone said before the conversations are like listening to a bunch of teens at middle school party. The maturity level is exactly that. Becky on her high horse acting like she’s the smartest girl in her class can’t be anymore annoying. Let’s hope Vanessa pulls a rabbit out of a hat and stays. Get the Children out so the adults can play BB.


Why would anybody want to keep around two people that only have half a brain? I like all the others that seem to have their full complement of gray matter.


I seriously cannot find anyone I actually want to win this thing! I do not care for a lot of what Van and Sheli have done/said but at least they were playing the game, after they leave all the remains are morons/floaters. I guess I’ll have to hope for a JohnnyMac win because all the rest of these people are a waste of space…BB stop recruiting and casting pretty idiots and get back to the way you started!


It drives me a little crazy that everyone thinks the only ones who deserve to win BB are the schemers or those who create the most drama. That’s one strategy to play the game, but there are no rules that say that is what you must do to win the game. Why is it not considered a strategy to be the likable one? After all that is what saves a lot of players, Jmac is a case in point this season. If I’m not mistaken many of the winners of BB were given the money for not being the one that ticked off most of the jury. Example, Jordan BB11, she was a nice girl, but had no strategy and was terrible at comps, but everyone liked her better than Natalie. Accept that not everyone is going to try and be the lying backstabbing scheming strategist and give them credit for playing their own game of laying low, being nice, and getting farther than the schemers by doing just that.


Right, but John and Steve are examples of nicer people with weaker strategy who have stayed quiet. The thing is Becky/Jackie/Meg aren’t really great examples of that given what we’ve seen the past few days. They aren’t vile, but they are hard to root for.

And Meg really should just sleep or go into a vacation home and get a memo on who to vote for at this point because she’s done nothing. It’s hard to root for that.


Have you watched the feeds? Johnny Mac is crazy like a fox, and he has strategy out the wazoo! He wins when he needs to do so, is likeable, and he lays low the rest of the time.

Bored Man

Yeah, people pay for feeds so they can here dick jokes and whoever comes up with the best one get the $500k. I’d pay double for my feeds to hear some good dick jokes. Once James wins the $500k hopefully he won’t have to go hogging anymore.


I personally don’t care who wins Big Brother at this point as long as it’s not Shelli, Vanessa, Austin, and the Doublemint Twins!


I’m going for James he might be crude but that doesn’t bother me.


“They have a laugh at Vanessa trying so hard last week to keep Shelli. Well this week all her convincing worked they’re keeping Shelli.” This line right hear made me spit up my drink a little lol.

This meltdown is absolutely phenomenal, and Vanessa hasn’t even been BD yet.


I agree the meltdown will happen and be crazy but I cannot get behind these three girls acting like this…I haven’t seen Shelli or Van make fun of then in this manner even when they were in power. And Becky I’m pretty sure you butt is only here because of them so you really no reason to be so mean just to fit in with the mean girls…I can see the Ambercrombie mentality coming out now!


Yeah it’s hard to tell why people say nasty things in the BB house Becky.

I mean you have vile despicable people like HG from season 15 (Aaryn, GinaMarie, Amanda, Spencer, Andy, etc) who seem to just be terrible people to begin with.

Then you have the Meg’s, Jackie’s, Becky’s, Vanessa’s, and Shelli’s who I don’t think are horrible, but develop… HOHitus?

Vanessa/Shelli and crew developed the God complex, and have talked s**t about HG when they went against what the Sixth Sense wanted (as if the house is just suppose to roll over, and die for them).

Jackie/Becky/Meg developed the mean girls attitude, because they were outplayed, lied to, and blindsided repeatedly (Meg’s lost Day, Jeff, and Jason).

I don’t get it though. I mean unless I was trying to play the game and make someone think I was with them by listening to them talk s**t about someone else I couldn’t seen myself talking so much s**t. I mean I love sarcasm, and joking around, but never with the intent to hurt someone.


What do we have a thread of sour grapes Vanessa fans because she may get her’s? These girls get excited in private because things are going their way for a change. Guess you all forgot the 4 week reign of princess Vanessa and Shelli. The jumping up and down. The lying then changing targets to backdoor the girls friends like Jason. The arrogant laughs as they stomped HG after HG under their yoke. The whole lot of you hypocrites can go pound a hoop!
READ this thread they talk about being kind to Vanessa when she goes up. Vanessa has been a pure snake and any names she has been called are richly deserved especially in private.
1st time I’ve actually gotten cranky at contributors this season. I’m a cranky old man by nature. I just never expected the reaction to 3 underdogs celebrating a little bit of a win. When did BB and OBB become political correctness 101. Every HOH basically has it’s less than nice side. Smug comments accompany power in this game. Power breeds arrogance no way around it. It shows folks uglier side and since non of us are perfect I suggest you check the mirror 1st. Then I’d remember it’s BB not Sunday school. It’s a fun week regardless who goes and you know there will be fire works we should all be having a great time. If your a Nessa fan she has a good chance to return if she does get evicted. 🙂

Still no dog in the fight. Johnnie Mac starting to look a little scrappy though!


Excited=calling names
“In private” in the big brother house? Lol oooookkk Stan. Lmao


No, they talked about being nice to Shelli this week and isolating Vanessa since they need to get Shelli on their side.


WAH!!! What show are you guys watching!?!? Welcome to Big Brother you ding-dongs…damn if they do, damn if they don’t.

Meg's Cleavage ( . ) . )

Hate vanessa for her annoying behaviour, at least she is entertaining and trying to play Big Brother.. These nobs (becky meg and jackie) are acting like their “hard work” has earned them the right to talk trash about the others, people who have been playing the game from the beginning. It’s amazing that these three are favourites among fans.. What are we, always on the side of the mentally retarded? I hope somehow Vanessa destroys these fools next week though i’ll admit it doesn’t look promising.. Plus she is acting like a lunatic right now which is a shame, she is so cool when playing Poker!

Who Cares

Who cares about Meg’s Cleavage, I mean really, it’s not like any of you are dating her but I bet if she won that prize money and You had a chance to date her you wouldn’t care about her Cleavage. Who cares if they call them (bitches) one side of the house call them bitches the other sides lies plus uses (mama on the bible), let’s just enjoy BB cheer for the one you want to win and leave it at that. O, one more thing before you talk about someone else LOOK at YOUR SELF!!! Enjoy!!!


I care. It’s sweet! Sweet as in BAD ASS BOOBIES!


This sucks…I don’t want Vanessa to go. I cannot root for “the underdogs.” They annoy me to no end with how dumb they are. And I can’t stand James getting a golden edit on the tv broadcast. He spews out so much disrespectful comments that it ruins his character for me, i don’t care what moves he makes. Why all of a sudden everyone’s favorite? Give me a break.

PLease to do someone to save Vanessa! I hope if either one of them goes, they come back and win it!


I hope so too Jem. I love BB and respect the players who actually are strategic and play. This game does involve deceit not sure why that’s surprising to some but the immature nasty behavior is just annoying to take in. Let’s hope Vanessa can work her started and turn it around. Would love to see Becky (or Jackie and her foul mouth) go at the DE.

Pissed off Fan

Your Pro-Vanessa comments are pissing me off

Happy Fan

Awwww don’t be pissed off. Maybe you need a little nap and when you wake up you’ll feel alllllll better.


Why would a Vanessa fan be upset? After this show she gets to go home to her mansion (which is quite beautiful btw). She has the last laugh over those 3 ding dongs either way 🙂


Gee, but you are rooting for an underdog. She’s gone. Get used to it.


I’m sorry but Becky the rat has become quite the mean b!$ch! All Meg and Jackie do is talk crap about people and now Becky is too. Hmmmm I wonder how Meg and Jackie will feel when Becky drops them as fast as she can to just Shelli’s butt!!!!


I think I would like Vanessa as a person if I were in the house, but I’m glad she’s likely going to jury this week. The way she seems to think that she plays morally bothers me a lot.

On RHAP, Sophie from Survivor SoPa mentioned that she thought Vanessa might end up in a Coach situation, where people will hate her not because she’s a liar and manipulator but rather because she refuses to acknowledge that she’s a liar and manipulator.


Thats a really good point. She STILL hasn’t apologized to JMac or acknowledged the Jason screw over fully. I mean her strategic theory was decent, but she doesn’t seem to get that she needs to smooth things out with people or pretend to be sorry and be a bit more humble.

I wonder if she will indeed return. I remember Zach, Jocasta, (???) playing? I don’t remember how many people play to come back in, but I guess both DE night people get to play.

Shelli won’t leave so quietly, they think they can get rid of her, probably take a few more weeks since she’s got Jmac and Becky,

Foreal tho

Everyone is all “yeah, Vanessa is going home. The other side is in charge. ” did you hear Jackie, Becky, and Meg? How are they any different than when Shelly and Vanessa were winning? This actually is becoming boring because we know 100% Vanessa is out the door. Next week will be more of the same unless the other side wins.


It’s different because the “outsiders” are worse. One thing I’ve always like about Shelli and Vanessa and Clay is that they don’t say horrible, personal, insulting things about people. I know Vanessa doesn’t take responsibility for her big moves and manipulation, but she doesn’t sit around and demean people either. That seems worse to me

vanessa land

wow she’s getting desperate…


Alls they need is Jackie, Meg, James, J-Mac to vote for Vanessa and her oversized green beanie/crown to go home and she will be gone. Only 8 votes so if they only get those 4 votes Becky will break the tie and send the tweeker home… Feeds are gonna be off the hook this week????????????????????


In the words of The Nature Boy..,,Wooooooooo!

That’s all I’m gonna say.

Bb anonymous

Bye bye Vanessa !!! I can’t wait to see you now campaigning against Shelli lol

Ms Retta

I don’t think Austin nor Vanessa will be able to intimidate Becky this week. So refreshing to see how the tables have turned in the last couple of weeks. This has been one of my favorite seasons in a while. I’ve actually had a few instances of yellin “.Yes” at my tv screen. Now after Vanessa lets get Shelli, then Austin and the twins out, then may the best player win!


I want to see Vanessa begging for her BB life like she has forced everybody else to do. Despite her crazy claims, she hasn’t any moral ground to stand on. And James and Becky haven’t bullied anybody into taking loyalty oaths like the ‘other side’.


Don’t they already have a double eviction deal with almost the entire house against J Mac, Shelly and Steve? What would offering a newer deal do but to signify Austin Vanessa and the twins are all closely aligned?


And let the Vanessa scrambling begin…. now! Oh Van will def need strong anxiety meds after this week. I just want to hear Becky tell her to take a seat! Her face will be priceless, along with the blind side that her crew will feel-kinda like when Jason was put up. Pathetic how she has Austin do her scampering for her. She is on melt down mode! Nobody needs ya to work deals Van, Becky can actually work a deal with Austin & twins without ya.


Keeping Shelli was the nail in her coffin. She exposed her allegiance and in doing so subsequently landed her over-gaming, narcissistic, over-medicated, ass on The Block. Adderral might give you an edge for cramming and taking a final exam in college, but in big brother you just look like a paranoid fool. Go ahead Vanessa’s friends and thumbs down my comment. Your very outnumbered here.


Crazy Train Van has Adult ADD so takes the meds to calm her and help her focus. But you can just look at her and tell when she’s been off the meds. At one point even Austin was telling her she needed to take her meds. But the meds slow down her thought process and Van would rather ride the crazy train than think clearly.

The really funny thing is there is nothing different in Sithe Lord Aud’s game than Sithe Lord Crazy Train game.

An ornery mouse

Vanessa is an intelligent girl, but she’s simply too high-strung to be good at this game. She has run all over the house, putting herself in the middle of every conflict, making deals she never intended to keep, and insulted the intelligence of her housemates.

After she pulled a 180 as HOH and threw Jason up and spent all last week undermining James’ wishes, does she honestly believe anyone in the James, Meg, Jackie, Becky group believes a word she says? Considering her actions these past couple of weeks, she actually thinks these guys are gonna believe she’s gunning to vote Shelli out over Johnny? Shelli JUST picked her to play POV for god-sake.


I really want to see Shelli go. The absolute frenzy that would occur when Vanessa doesn’t get voted out would be epic. Vanessa is irritating, but Becky is worse. At this point, I hope James wins.


Go James!

Becky is ugly inside and out.


Fugly with a capital F.

Geez Louise

I’m glad to see Vanessa is going on the block and excited to watch the drama go down! But my daddy who was a football coach used to stress “don’t talk too soon or too much”. Getting cocky(especially before the game is over) will only lead to you getting a humbling wake up call. I’m still glad they are sticking to their guns but they better calm down before they get bit in rear end….

Chill this Town

its so freaking refreshing to watch an HOH nominate some people and stick to it. don’t get me wrong, I am not supporting the initial nominations as it was super risky, but I am totally in favor of standing by what you believe

James set the tone by putting up Clay and Shelli, now Becky has followed, right when I felt just like James that she was a lost cause…Boom. Making a huge move, and not only that…is taking ALL the heat for it and saying screw you to the “blood on your hands” BS.



Don’t count your chickens before they hatch, people! I wouldn’t be surprised if Vanessa convinces Steve to NOT use the veto on himself..leave the noms the same so the Outsiders would have to vote off Shelli. And if Shelli gets evicted, Jmac and Becky will go after JJ&M along with the Freaks & Geeks!


Steve will use that veto come hell or high water. He may be socially awkward but he’s not a complete moron.


Poor Becky she has a bad case of HoHitus… symptoms, head swelling, poor taste and megalomania.
Part of me is disgusted by Meg, Jackie, James and Becky but another part feels that Austin, Shelli, Clay and especially the twins did the same crap when Jason and Da’Vonne went home…. they were just as unnecessarily slimy. So it is about par for the course this Season.

Poor Vanessa she now is trying to rely n Austin making a deal that includes her… yeah not really going t happen… he is a bit of a weasel that has ridden her coat tails but has already decided it is time to cut her loose.

I am going to miss Vanessa.


Stay strong, Becky!


Yesssss bye bye venessa! I hate her ugh! And I hope Liz and her creepy ass boy toy Austin is next.


Last week looked solid for Shelli to go. It isn’t over til Vanessa is headed out the door, there’s lots of game to be played this yet this week. The do not have a solid vote count. I don’t see the Becky, Meg and Jackie as being mean as much as just tired of being whooped and trying to give themselves confidence, albeit at others’ expense.

Ariana Grande licks donuts and hates Americans

I totally agree with you, they’ve earned the right to splurge on calling Van what she is, a hypocritical, lying, backstabbing, untrustworthy, egomaniacal b!tch.


Revenge of the Nerd Hurd is expected and deserved! Vanessa Austin Clay Twins call the underdogs stupid, creepy, losers, ordered them around with threats like minions and completely ostracized them like typical middle schoolers. Twins go on and on about Austin smell, Jackie ugly face, Jason and Clay got personal too. Don’t get me started about the Audrey pile on. Deceit and cutthroat gameplay is revered but returning namecalling is now unacceptable, only when directed back at Vanessa?? Nessa Clelli fans-now we can smell YOUR desperation and fear. It doesn’t look good on you.


Wow, they called them “creep, stupid, and losers”??? When? Give me an approximate date so I can go back and watch it on the feeds.

Of course you won’t do that, because that never happened. They never said anything like that. You’re on a comment section of a blog lying, and you’re calling people middle schoolers? lmfao Please just go take a seat, you’re clueless.


Oh run to the HOH Austin you muppet! Tell Becky you and the twins have been with Vanessa all along and the 4 of you want a deal. ROFL You moron you 4 are part of an 8 person deal now cut the other side loose because Van is in scramble mode. Austin’s not a terrible guy. He’s just a 260 pound lummox. BB IQ is well below 60 and that’s not good.

Word of caution about a returning HG was very well said and timed. Adding to be kind to Vanessa after POV ceremony shows the outsiders are learning touch. Big ups for some of the things said in the thread. Add J Mac got a clue instead of getting steam rolled by the Van express it’s been a glorious week so far. The three targeted are doing ok. Shelli needs that 4-4 vote. Just shut up and let Van explode say nothing that moves 1 person to Nessa’s side. It’s razor thin and 3 plus days. It’s more drama than the final of the Bachelorette! For those that watch that show. 😛

Well this is starting to resemble a very good season. I’m not doing triple summersaults but look at the number of responses here at OBB I think were all getting juiced. And virtually no hint of the trolls the plagued BB Can 3. Get rid of BOB this dam game is to good the way it was without it. Shot out to Kasting for finding underdogs with fight!


Where did all this Vanessa Shelli love come from? Are people’s memories really that bad? The whole 6th sense sat around for four weeks talking crap about everyone and just cruising along thinking (foolishly) that they would just continue to win and never have to face up to their boorish behavior. Shelli and Vanessa would sit in that hoh room so smug and self righteous when in truth they lied and manipulated every day. Which I don’t have an issue with.. But just own it.

So now that they are feeling the pain for a couple weeks they wanna cry and say how unfair it is? Lol give me a break… You reap what you sow . And whether u like James Meg Jackie and Becky or not they have more then earned the right to feel good about their current position and take a few shots at the people who were taking shots at them.:what comes around goes around and right now .. It’s going around


I didn’t like the whole sixth sense alliance because it was making the game boring. But at least they didn’t act like these 3 idiots are acting. I feel like I’m watching 3 middleschool rejects at this point.

Lovin It

I love Vanessa and Shelli will be on the block together! I love Vanessa is hopefully going home because yes she is a bully! Calling James a bully! Homegirl look in the mirror! I don’t care for Becky at all! But I love she is getting up the 2 girls who ran the house! I get why they acting they are acting the way they are! It’s their time to finally not get screwed over! But yes Becky needs to stop! She is the girl who tries to fit in wherever she can and hopes people like her. It’s pretty sad! I like Vanessa in the beginning and was pulling for her but I can’t stand her anymore! I would be like day and if you like me great if not I don’t give a shit! I’m not pretending for no one. This is a great season! Love the split votes!


James, Jackie, and Meg are better off keeping Vanessa. Once Vanessa is gone, the 3 of them will be everyone’s target. Shelly will have Austin, the twins, Jmac, and Becky, whereas, Vanessa is Jmac and Becky’s target. Once Vanessa is gone, who are most people in the house going to target? Becky will be more loyal to Shelli than JJM.


what planet are you on? becky is with MJJ.. vanessa staying is WAYYYYY worse for meg/jackie/james. vanessa has control of 5 people in the house(shelli, austwins, and steve) all of which want meg/james/jackie/becky gone. how is keeping vanessa a better game for them? if anything taking out vanessa breaks the chain that controls shelli austwins and steve.


I do see your point, but I think Shelli, JMac, Becky and Steve will 4some up and then…I don’t know who their target might be: Austin? Shelli would want James out, but Becky might not be on board for that re: Jackie and Meg.


Steve you stupid coward backstaber call you mommy ask here what you should do


That is right James, Meg, Jackie use that rat Becky. I can’t stand that girl. I can’t wait to see Becky get sent packing and watch her cry. Hopefully James does it.

Shelley (not to be confused with Shelli)

Vanessa was in power and made everyone in the house scared. Now that they have her right where they want her I can understand them dropping the B word here and there. Hell, I even called Vanessa a crazy b myself… and Austin a desperate b…. who cares!

This is the one week the underdogs can feel comfortable… let them clown her ass. They will all be friends after the show is over… isn’t that what always happens?

I want Vanessa to go home. It will be nice to see the twins start stepping it up. I wonder how fast they will dispose of Austin.


Accidently gave you a thumbs up. Sorry no thumbs up for the middle school philosophy.


Steeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeve. (They can’t remember whether or not Steve winning is a good thing)

Steve tv

Vanessa’s talking to Steve about strategy and votes…blah blah blah, and steve says, We’re on a TV show in a parking lot…LMAO…gotta love him ..

The Ninety Percent

Look, I see a double standard… a group of chicks band together and they suddenly become the “bitches” of the season. I mean, c’mon y’all. Vanessa has been playing these guys as fools for the entire season and someone was able to finally figure her out before she walked off with the game. She was going to take these guys out! Where were you all when Clay, Jason, and Da’Vonne were all calling Audrey a psychotic bitch? Most of the comments I read from those weeks agreed with her. I know Vanessa was an early darling of us live feeders for her game but her manic behaviour is what’s doing her in. People think Shelli is paranoid… well, Vanessa is no less paranoid herself. She has scrambled every week and tried to make deals. She played too many angles in the house and eventually ran herself into a corner. I can’t wait for her to walk out the door!


This comment nails it. Do any of us live in nirvana, where no one has hateful feelings towards those who they see as bad characters? I doubt it. People are just as nasty if not worse in your average office setting or neighborhood community. And just take a look around at all the negativity being posted on these boards. But these girls are considered ‘mean’ bc they exhibit human nature? Sounds more than a little misogynistic. People taking issue bc of their own stereotypical biases against females.

Bored Man

She doesn’t really have manic behavior, she’s just being compared to a house full of floaters that have laid around giggling, telling sex jokes, talking big, and crying when their plans don’t just fall into place without them having to put any leg work into making sure they go through. Compare someone playing a game to someone laying around telling fart jokes and another going to bed at 9pm and one would look crazy.

Top Gun

Jackie, Meg and James have done nothing but trash talk the whole game. Becky has gone full blown power Crazy and is cocky as he##; I hope her game blows up in her face. And what has Meg done in this game, nothing! I Hope both Becky and Jackie go on the block next week. I would laugh at that. And I hope floater Meg is taken out in the doubles.


OMG these people are so boring. 🙁

Yo Yo Yo

This game is going to be boring without Vanessa. She does so much scheming..
Most of the gamers are gone…just floaters are left (and they are not that bright).
Shelli is the only one left after Vanessa leaves that is actually playing.

I want to see Vanessa sweat this week..fun watching this play out.
I’d like to see Steve or JMac in the final two.

Ariana Grande licks donuts and hates Americans

If I were in a dentist’s chair and heard Jmac talking (a cross between Pee Wee Herman and Zed of “Police Academy”) I would high-tail it out of there!

Ariana Grande licks donuts and hates Americans

James is playing the game too.

Ariana Grande licks donuts and hates Americans

James is playing the game too laid back, he needs to get more involved with Becky and Jackie.

OOPs, I pressed send to early on my last post.
p.s. Thought you were slick, didn’t you, yes I mean you fugly!

Ariana Grande licks donuts and hates Americans

I like it, I like it:

Becky impersonating Vanessa, “Give me your word!”

Ariana Grande licks donuts and hates Americans

Little king James:
Today, Vanessa, next Shelli and tomorrow…Ze world!

Ariana Grande licks donuts and hates Americans

Does anyone think that Vanessa will be able to convince Steve not to use the power of veto?


Not a chance IMO. Steve would be way too freaked out.


well steve said he would throw that veto, but he didnt. so… i dont see him NOT using it. but hey you never know, this is BB, expect the unexpected.


Absolutely loving the new alliance (Kind of?) Shelli John and Steve. If Vanessa leaves there’s going to be so much established trust between them. Hard to tell where their heads are at but feel John did enough work to have them have higher trust in him than Vanessa. Going to be fun to watch Vanessa freak out.


I LOVE BECKY, not only is she taking all the heat for taking out a big target, but she is keeping her alliance safe by doing so, unlike vanessa. its like night and day. vanessa will sellout anyone just to save herself, becky just did the complete opposite, i respect her so much.


She is a rat. Number person I don’t want to win. Along with Vanessa, she has enough money.

Asian Hillbilly Bossman

Oh Vanessa, you’ve got brains, which will take you far, but it’s the soft skills that take you to the end. This will be Jeff, and to a small extent, Jason’s redemption who both got caught up in the Vanessa melee.


I don’t agree with Jackie/Meg/Becky calling Van a b$$$h either but there’s one name much worse nowadays. It’s calling someone a BULLY! Van has done in numerous times and couldn’t be more wrong. That label these days will destroy a person and she’s wrong for it! That being said as long as it’s her or Shelly going who cares? As always Derek for BB ALL-STARS!!!


I dont get all the hate towards Jackie/Meg/Becky. They were not attacking Vanessa personally but they were only making fun of Vanessa’s gameplay, and tht can be totally justified because they are really frustrated as Vanessa had lied to them a lot and evicted their closest friends (Jeff/Jason/DaVonne).


I understand Jackie and Meg. But Becky, come on. She is nothing but big fat rat.


Vanessa evicted their boys Meg lost jason, Jackie lost Jeff. And these grils are nothing without their better halves.


Vanessa needed an intelligent, thoughtful confidante to counterbalance her manic style. Instead she got Austin, Shelli and Clay.


Everyone here seems to think Vanessa is doomed
It does not look real good at this point … but this is BB
Everything can change at the last second
Vanessa’s only hope is to get FnGs vote and James = 5 votes
Let’s not forget that there is a high probability that James is now
Americas player? Could we get to vote on who James votes for?
But Austin being the wussy that he is might vote with “the house”
Even if James is not AP I think Vanessa might be able to swing his vote
This is an opportunity for James to complete last weeks mission of evicting Shellie
Then again Vanessa just might meltdown this week … I hope not
BB go a couple blocks down the street to the cannabis club
and get Van a fattie to smoke and calm her down … ditch the pharmaceuticals
Also, I can’t stand Becky .. what a two faced B**** … I can’t even watch the feeds this week