Vanessa “That’s a dirty move! He has no grounds to ask for that!” – Steve’s deal with the twins

POV Holder: James POV Competition Aug 29th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 31st
HOH Vanessa Next HOH Sept 3rd
Original Nominations: Meg and James
After POV Nominations: Meg and Julia
Have Nots Johnny Mac, Julia, James, Meg

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-03 12-26-47-648

12:20pm – 12:40pmThe live feeds return from being blocked for the HOH lock down. Steve, Vanessa and Austin are the last ones moving out of the HOH room. James and Meg are in the kitchen making / eating slop. In the bedroom – Julia asks if people are going to question her not coming in till day two. (Julia references being in the house for the total amount of days since they started) Liz says no one is going to question that. Julia leaves. Austin curls up with Liz. They comment on Steve being worried. Austin says he thinks he’s covering him self for next week. Austin says maybe James promised him safety. And he’s just making sure you guys are good. Liz says yeah. I just don’t understand why he’s worried. If I do win HOH and put up two people and one comes down he would be the only option left as a pawn. right? Austin says yeah. And he knows that. It doesn’t make sense just for that. He doesn’t fully trust Vanessa’s vote so he doesn’t want to be on the block. Liz says yeah. Austin says Johnny Mac said he doesn’t trust Vansssa or Steve any more. He put all his cards on the table. If he puts them up and one of them comes down he might put one of you (Twins) up. He said he isn’t going to put me up frontdoor or backdoor. I didn’t even ask him.. he just said it. Liz says its okay with James we have the votes. Against Steve or Vanessa. Austin says I don’t think Steve would vote against us if he was off the block. They talk about not over or under throwing the comp today (The one they practised in the backyard yesterday).

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-03 12-34-55-458

12:45pm – 12:55pm Bathroom – Austin tells Vanessa that Steve made a deal with the twins.. no front door and no backdoor on my next week. Keep it to yourself. He doesn’t trust your vote maybe. If you’re not on the block. Why does he need that from them? Is he going to throw it?! He said he is just going and covering all his bases. Is he worried that I told them about conversations I’ve been having. Vanessa asks he said that to Julia. Austin says yeah. Vanessa says he is doing the math that James wouldn’t be next to Johnny Mac. That’s kind of a dirty move. He realized he is going to be the pawn next to Johnny Mac or me. He has no grounds to ask for that .. he already gave his word. Austin says he said he wanted to clarify. ..And as if Liz is going to say no. I didn’t tell Liz I was going to tell you. Vanessa says just between us. Austin says chess moves… Do I make a deal with James now are after if he wins HOH. Vanessa says if he wins HOH then give him the go ahead. (To take out a twin) Austin says if I win I am going to have to backdoor him and break my word. If I backdoor him then he can’t do anything but not vote for me in the end. Maybe we just force Steve out. Vanessa says the easiest move is to put James up next to Johnny Mac. I don’t think you need to make the deal unless you think you have to. Austin asks do I have the votes against Julia? I need Steve or Johnny Mac. I would need to make a no backdoor deal with James. Vanessa says he’s already broken his word before. Austin says its more incentive for him to keep me around to keep the other twin in line for him. Austin says that Julia asks if I was voting for her or not. I was like what?! Vanessa says she just got paranoid if you wanted to make a big game move he could. Austin says that’s not a big game move. They were questioning me if you had said anything about it and I said no way. Austin says thank you. That’s not a big game move. Taking my own players out.
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Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-03 12-49-41-297

1:10pm – 1:25pm Comic bedroom – Steve tells Vanessa he did not sleep at all. Vanessa asks why you’re not a target I am. Steve asks how far are Austin and the twins going to get in this game. Vanessa says she is almost positive they’ve going to get broken up this week. Steve says but they’re half the people in this game. Vanessa says she doesn’t think Liz is trying of it (HOH). Steve says that James and Johnny Mac are trying like hell for it. I don’t think James would come after you. I really don’t. Vanessa says hopefully not if he’s smart. Its a terrible move for him. If I win HOH I wouldn’t go after him. Steve asks what’s different from last week? Vanessa says there were two of them. Steve says I didn’t go to bed till 6am. Vanessa says its a bad move to take a shot at them (Aus-twins) right now. Steve asks why? Vanessa says we’ve been through this! Next week is different. Steve says James has more incentive to go after them if Julia is still here because there’s 3 of them. Vanessa says yes it makes them a bigger target. Steve says he is sick because it is 100% stress induced over the vote. Vanessa says this stays between us.. you know how I was a economic major.. I wrote my thesis on game theory. The study of strategic decision making. I am telling you dude you have to trust me on this one. I ran all the variables. Steve says you better not be f**king me. Vanessa says I am not. You have to look at the past, I haven’t f**ked you. Steve says but I’ve f**ked you. Vanessa says but I forgave you and we’re moving forward. There is no sure thing. No guarantee but I ran the numbers myself. Austin joins them. The conversation turns to physics, global warming, over population, etc..

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-03 13-11-02-240

1:40pm – 1:55pm Steve says do you know who won’t be camping on finale night! Me! Austin says you don’t know. Steve says no, I will probably have a hotel with my parents. Steve asks with who would I go camping with? Austin says a groupie. Steve says he doesn’t think so and thinks America will hate him. Vanessa says worrying about whether America loves you or hates you is futile. Steve says he’s had a lot of unreciprocated interest from relationships. Austin says so have I. Vanessa asks if they’re going to try and win tonight? Austin says I’m going to try but its going to be a crap shoot.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-03 13-47-23-431

2:10pm – 2:55pm All the house guests are relaxing / napping. Steve alone in the comic bedroom says there will be 7 people left at the end of today. (6 will be left after tonights double eviction) Steve then sit in silence staring at the wall.

3:20pm Feeds are down won’t come back until after the Live Double eviction

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  • “Goblins/Gremlins” = James and Meg
  • “The Generals” = anyone allied with Becky
  • “SOS” (Students of Sound) = Steve and Vanessa
  • Rockstars = Steve and Jmac
  • AUS-Twins = Austin, Julia and Liz
  • “Austin’s Angels” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Vanessa
  • “Brass Tacks” = Gobins and Austwins
  • The new “Brass Tacks” = Aus-Twins, Meg, James + Vanessa
  • “Freaks and Geeks” “The Scamper Squad” = Aus-Twins, Vanessa, Steve
  • “The new Freaks and Geeks minus Vanessa” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve, Johnny Mac
  • “The Authority” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve

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Is the ball game they practiced for the SECOND HoH or the first? I am thinking second.

another name

I thought it was a lot like the power of veto comp used in the double elimination. Maybe it will be the pov comp tonight?


Yeah I am thinking question first hoh and ball game for pov.

BB Groupie

I can’t wait to have sex with Stevie! He is soOoOo cute! Then we can pick each others noses! I hope he lets me change his diaper!


What the hell is the matter with you? That’s kind of unnecessary.

BB Groupie

So you don’t think Steve’s a Cutie Pie?




SAVE GRANDMA, SAVE GRANDMA, SAVE GRANDMA, SAVE GRANDMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Double D

NFL football on tonight…check local listings. Your CBS station might be showing the game.


Not here in Arizona, there is no mention of a Football a Game. DirecTV in Arizona, shows Big Brother coming on at 8PM.


Football is on here in Ohio! Need to find a stream. Anyone?


Many times it will come on like after 12AM so check the guide and tape it. Always tape the show scheduled directly after just incase it’s not exactly on time since football is unpredictable. Or watch On Demand tomorrow.
So if it’s listed to start at 12:30AM, tape the show coming on at 1:30AM so if Big Brother doesn’t start until 12:45, you’re covered. Hope this makes sense.


Yes thank you. I just irks me because it’s not the same as watching it live.


In Southern Cailfornia , CBS has football at 9:00, but KCAL has Big Brother at 9:00, which is owned by CBS.

Update DR Fairies Helping Meg

DR is calling everyone in for talking heads scripts before the eviction, Meg says they make her feel bad for not campaigning. She’s not motivated to fight, she just feels like an idiot. You’re right Meg.

Steve is still mumbling about how stupid he is for following someone else’s game theory. You’re right Steve.

Vanessa & Austin can’t believe Boy Steve is negotiating with Twins to stay, and Twins can’t believe he’s thinking about his game, how disloyal. We’re putting him up, who does he think he is, he’s going as a pawn, we’ll backdoor him. We warned you Steve, keep asking permission to breathe, now you’re getting evicted.

James, been nice knowing you champ to Meg. Way to give up everybody.


You’re confused about what game theory actually is. Steve can’t be following “someone else’s game theory,” because game theory is a branch of mathematics. It would be like saying Steve is following someone else’s math. In math you are either right or wrong. Whether you’re following someone else or not, the right answer doesn’t change.

Steve doesn’t necessarily have the right answer, though…

Butters Mom

But is it the right answer for Vanessa or for Steve?

the coreys

No grounds to ask for that? Lol, he could just go ahead and evict Julia tonight instead if you prefer.

Austin isn’t very bright


Banging head against wall…somebody do something. Pleeeeeaase.

Canadian Kevin

I hope Jmac wins, then James wins. Enough with vanessa and austwins winning

Roll Tide

Accidentally pushed thumbs down. Hate the twins. Steve needs permission to breath? Arrogant mean girls. Hate Austin, he is playing BB, He isn’t playing for sex.

Roll Tide

Accidentally pushed thumbs down. Hate the twins. Steve needs permission to breath? Arrogant mean girls. Hate Austin, he isn’t playing BB, He is playing for sex.

Houseguest wannabe

Imagine that. Someone makes a deal that does not involve Vanessa and that is a dirty trick. Pot and kettle would say…. Vanessa making herself look silly. Again.

Pinocchio Obama

You are right. Vanessa tries to control everything and so far she is doing a pretty good job of it. Everything will change tonight though.


Like if James wins first hoh, Vanessa is 100% gone unless she wins pov.

View from A Broad

Wow, that could happen if she’s on the block with an Austwin. And if she goes, there goes the hope of a female winning this season. It’s amazing as this was a season of very strong females and weak males, much like the season of Survivor when that female tribe dominated but the lone male ended up winning. It’s just so sad how women cannot put their jealousy and cattiness aside and work together. We see it time and time again on reality shows. Also, women are so much smarter when men aren’t around for them to act dumb around. Rachel and Jordan both won their season after losing their showmance partner. It would have been interesting to see how long Shelli lasted if she had stayed instead of Vanessa.


Vanessa will not win that bowling ball POV comp

kathie from canada

I’d love to see Vanessa booted in the double eviction! That would level the playing field with the house guests that are left as they have all shown equal stupidity in a variety of decision making situations since week one. With her remaining in the house it would be a cake walk for her to win the season. No suspense at all.

I survived last seasons BB

Vanessa says…………. I am telling you dude you have to trust me on this one. I ran all the variables.

What She conveniently DIDNT tell Him is that She ran them for Herself..and Herself only


People get mad at Vanessa’s lies, but everyone lies in this house. James lied to Shelli and Clay? But that didn’t seem to be a problem for everyone.

Again, that’s Steve’s fault not hers. It’s his fault if he drinks the poop shake she serves him, not hers.


I don’t get mad that Vanessa lies but I get frustrated that the minute she’s called on it she starts her fake crying and calling them bullies that are attacking her and being mean. The guys then start to act as if they’ve been beating her with a stick and beg for forgiveness. Steve is the worst for it. Vanessa has thrown him out there several times to go on the block either as the target or a pawn but Steve’s the one who’s the bad guy because most of the house wanted her out and Steve went along.

The guys need to realize she’s faking her tears…especially when there are no tears.


Definitely not her fault at all. But I don’t think it’s the lying that people dislike about Vanessa. James tends to know it’s a game. Vanessa takes it to an unnecessary level with her crying , shifty plans, self importance, and flat out arrogance.


Sort of like Meg?
Instant hate button I’m sure.
But Vanessa we kept you and went against Becky (because Shelli was a bigger threat to James at that time not because they wanted to keep Vanessa). Tears.
We were never going after you (except when they originally agreed with Becky, and last week with the brass tacks before Vanessa won the veto). Tears.
I’ll tell James to put me on the block instead of you if he wins head of household next (James told her when they discussed it before she went to Vanessa not to include renomination after veto because it wouldn’t look good if he broke another deal). Tears.


Frustrating and annoying to watch probably, but not unnecessary if it’s working.

Froot Loop Dingus

She’s run all the variables except that tonight is double eviction. Her head will explode not having a day to manipulate. Hope James win veto and puts her up with Liz.


Actually I think she’s prepared for de. She’s talked about the fact that there’s a good chance it’s tonight. If she thinks there’s a chance, then she’s already ran every possible scenario known to man.


Blah blah blah…round and round we go. Where we stop only vanessa knows . Can’t tell anymore who I dislike more, the witch or the pussys

Pinocchio Obama

Valar Morghulis


Valar dohaeris


Me nem nesa.


Come on Steve, do what your gut is telling you to do, don’t listen to Vanessa….had hopes for a blindside tonight, but once again Vanessa pulled a Derek and screwed us out of a good show. Really hope James wins the HOH in DE, he’s the only one who has balls to make a move.

Steve's Mom

I don’t understand how Vanessa can tell Steve that she studied strategic decision making, and he doesn’t see that as a huge red flag that everything she is telling him is purely for her own game. If he goes against her and votes out Julia, he knows Vanessa will get mad. Why? Because it would hurt her game. I really hope he doesn’t honestly agree that voting out Meg over Julia is what’s best for his own game.


I love it!! DAWG is 4th place and SIMON is higher than the twins & AUSTIN!


What is the matter with these people? Talk about drinking Vanessa’s Kool-Aid! If Steve and Jmac would just get on board with James and Meg and vote out Julia, they can get rid of Austin, Liz and Vanessa with no problem. I’d never make it in this house — I’d be tempted to punch Vanessa in the throat and tape the twiiiiiiiiinsssssssss mouths shut! That would certainly get me evicted by production.


They would throw me out to. I would try to break her saying like who’s munching on your girlfriend while you are in here huh. I hope James wins HOH and puts her up against Austin one of them comes down then put up Liz. And keep reminding her who’s munching on your girl. Now take that. boom


That’s really mean and ugly. But I LOVE IT! LOL No one deserves it more than Vanessa.


Really torn about who should go? I really think Julia should go. When Meg thought she may have a chance yesterday she brought up to James again about getting rid of Johnnymac!
I just don’t understand Meg. She reminds me of a twin when she is all over the place. I think James will play so much better with out her. James was even saying maybe they made some mistakes but Meg adamant that they had not. Well James you have made a mistake(like Jackie ,Jason and Jeff) its listening to MEG. It maybe better for James if she goes. I would love to see James and Jmac as final 2 and one of them winning the game the other AF. It would just be great to see nice guys win.


Is meg still leaving or do you think Julia will be going? I’m hoping it is Julia these houseguests need to make a big move or the twins Austin and Vanessa are final 4!

Vanessa La Loca

If Steve doesn’t flip after Vanessa confides her Economics/Game Theory BS, he is a moron. Vanessa is a self-proclaimed goddess and Steve is worshipping at her altar.


Hi Dawg! Love your site! You and Simon rock! I hate to ask you this but it never pertained to me before so didn’t pay much attention. Can you please post where we can watch the live broadcast tonight? My local station is showing football so BB isn’t scheduled until 1:30am! Thanks in advance!!






Steve IS a contributor to global warming and as to population control….


Hahaha Vanessa has no ones back but her own. She is hiding behind Julia but that doesn’t mean it is in Steve’s favor to do so. Vote her out now Steve come on!


This is about natural selection. Vanessa thinking about only her self doesn’t make her bad….its just one way to play the game. However if steve cant open his eyes and see it then he NEEDS to be picked off…..natural selection.


Meg is gone, people. It’s been decided.


Why the thumbs down?? Meg is gone for sure. I’m surprised anyone even thought it was going to be any different. Look at every week before this.


Is double eviction tonight?


Thank you! Should be a good night!


Unless it’s James…didn’t he pack up his things when Meg was packing hers


Thats not exactly true. James packed. Good chance he will be going. Perhaps the packing was a bit of foreshadowing.


mebbe James is packing for a camping trip with Meg?


Why does CBS continue to have evictions on Thursdays when they know the show will be pre-empted in some areas due to firkin football.


It’s all scheduling, in order to move to another day other shows would get preempted and depending on the price of commercials on that day for that show it could cost some big money. Plus the areas getting preempted are not huge and producers know you’ll find a place to watch.


Living in the West Indies, I have no other place or time to watch. I cannot access CBS from here, the links Simon gave last time did not work and my local CBS station does not carry it at a later time. My only option is to ask someone to log on to Skype, point their computer at the tv and I will watch it via Skype. — in my dreams.


Vanessa is someone who i can definitely see going into a deep depression after this show is over. She’s an emotional mess in this house, i can’t even imagine how she’ll be when she gets out and realizes how much people despise her. I’m kind of worried for her in a way.


You reap what you sow, I hope Karma hits her like a dump truck.


Karma? She’s just a contestant on a gameshow.


For playing big brother?? Pfftt get real.


Karma will certainly slap you in the face for wishing bad on someone…hate em or not…You never wish anything bad on someone all in the name of Karma.

is it just me

she will cry behind the wheel of her bentley all the way to the bank to cash her cheque
once cashed she will cry all the way to the casino to gamble it
i’m pretty sure she could care less what viewers of the show think of her


LOL, you people really have know idea who she is. Still can’t believe know one recognized her in the house. She has been on tv a lot more than her big brother air time.


They’d only recognize her if they were poker fans, which I don’t think this crew is. Also most players wear sunglasses, hoodie, etc, aka The Unibomber look, so I don’t think it’s a big deal they don’t recognize her. But it would have made things much more interesting if someone did in the beginning of the game.

Poor Boy

I am more worried about Steve. Vanessa will have the 500k to console herself with. Steve on the other hand thinks he has a shot at AFP when most people actually think he is creepy, kind of disgusting and/or a huge baby.


That’s because he is creepy, kind of disgusting and/or a huge baby.

The Pot Calling the Kettle Black

OMG – Are you kidding me!! So, it’s OK if Vanessa and Austin make deals with everyone and know they have to break them, and/or lie to people’s faces but poor, stupid, gullible Steve is dirty dealing when he finally gets up the guts to force the twins hands to not put him up or backdoor him! For goodness sakes Steve play your own game, you can’t rely on Vanessa or anyone else to get you to the end. Why would anyone take anyone’s word for anything in this game – everybody’s gonna lie at this point to get what they want.


“Vanessa says this stays between us.. you know how I was a economic major.. I wrote my thesis on game theory. The study of strategic decision making. I am telling you dude you have to trust me on this one. I ran all the variables.”

I tend NEVER to trust someone who’s only argument is “I went to school for this”…. Either they’re lying or a know it all.. Don’t trust them types.

When Julie tells them it’s a Double Eviction, Jmac and Steve might wake the fuck up… As of now, they believe it’s a normal week…

I know it wont happen but....

Wouldn’t it be nice if they told the HG’s it’s a double eviction beFORE the first eviction tonight?! Maybe then Steve n JMac would vote out Juiceless.. One can hope


When do they tell them it’s a DE? Isn’t it usually at the beginning of the show? I honestly can’t remember.

is it just me

me neither, i never trust anyone who says “trust me i went to school for this” when i see a doctor i don’t want to hear anything but “trust me i have lots of experience i practiced stitching up cartel enforcers in the back of a meth lab in tijuana.”

Misty Beethoven

I am slightly horrified that I laughed out loud at this!!


Actually double might make Steve want to vote out Julia even less than now.


I will repeat again steve does not have balls. And his mom is wrong he is a mom’s boy because he cannot stand up and vote against them. Its a game you win cut austin/liz down and if vanessa did not approve backdoor her and send her home she cannot say anything to you for what you did.

Pee Wee Herman Twins

What kind of bizzaro backwards assed show am I watching??? Total new age twilight zone stuff here. You know it’s bad when the only ones to recognize the trio triple threat is the trio!!! Yes, James and meg are clearly the biggest threat in the house. What morons! I will be shocked if someone besides the austwit peewee Herman trio acknowledges the trio threat and will sh*t a brick if they actually do something about it!


This is truly the biggest bunch of stupid idiots that have ever played this game.


They aren’t stupid they are just playing scared. Vanessa has them all twisted up and not sure what to do. The guys left are just so timid and let an assertive woman dictate the pace and direction because it’s easier than challenge her on it.


LOL. She ran all the variables and this is the best decision. This is child’s play for Derek, I mean Vanessa .if he is even impressed or buys that bullsh*t she is telling him. So there is game theory that also includes random personalities , twists, personality combinations in the Big Brother house. Not that I blame her, but she’s just exploiting that fact that there are spineless people in the game who work against their own interest.And who can’t spot a lying manipulative seedy b*tch in the game selling them a false dream of safety and loyalty. Or if they can, it doesn’t matter because their perspective is so stunted don’t know when to flip or even know how to connect with others to band together even if it’s for a week or two. She was just going off on him and there he is thinking she’s a good train to attached himself to after already doing her bidding for her by getting out one of her biggest threats. Anyway, I can’t believe there are twins in the house at this late in the game with the opportunity to take them out and it’s being passed over. But it’s not like the king of late game floating and throwing comps Johnny Mac likely gave him any incentive to act like a young man who is in college instead of a hit man in the mob doing the Don’s work for him thinking he won’t get rid of you in the same fashion he’s done the others.


How can steve not see that getting rid of Julia is better for vanessa’s game and not his? Otherwise why would she be trying so hard to keep the twins. Stupid, stupid, stupid. As a so called genius and big fan of big brother, why is he needing her approval so bad? James for Fan favorite this year!! The only one capable of making decisions for himself outside of vanessa’s influence.

Pee Wee Herman Twins

At the end of the day, good poker players don’t make good big brother players. Pitifully stupid fourth place loser.


Hmm I wonder why some of the best past big brother payers disagree with you? Almost all of them have said Vanessa is playing the best game. Well all the ones who have been asked or voluntarily voiced their opinion

Truth bomb

You know you have a bad big brother cast when meg is one of the favorites.


I agree this season has gone downhill- maybe, hopefully, mercifully, there will be some surprises and shakeups tonight to save it. But it has still been much better than last season. 16 just flat out sucked!


Is meg still going home? Plus is the show at 8 tonight? :O Thanks πŸ™‚


The Live (Double!!) Eviction show is airing at 9pm EST
Who knows who the hell is going home in the first eviction…Steve can’t seem to make up his mind and JMac will only do what Steve does.
All I ask is if it is Meg to leave, either James win HOH OR whoever does win it just send him to jury with Meg.
This group that is left is sad, sad indeed


I don’t get why JMAC is not trying harder to convince Steve that getting rid of Julie is THEIR best move, he simple has to give scenario’s like Vanessa does. JMAC to Steve, lets talk this out, If Liz wins, who’s she going to put up James/JMAC, if Julia wins, up James/JMAC, if Austin wins, that’s right James/JMAC, so if either I or James wins POV, who do you think will get back doored? You Steve who is 4th in the Austwins, or 5th in the Vanessa/Austwins, is that a risk you want to take? Commence FLIP!


The fun part is depending on when DE is announced it could actually impact the vote. I think Meg is still a huge favorite to leave tonight but the DE could shake some webs out of some players ears and the wool off their eyes.


Van is going to write a book?
Derrick should have written one at least it wouldn’t change direction every chapter or paragraph for that matter.
She is a dud, had her and Derrick played together he would of had her pegged day one, hell if they played together he could get her to evict herself.


I wonder why jmac changed his mind so a showmance and twins related by blood are scary foes than james and meg who suck at mental comps. Steve taking james and meg to final 4 you will clobber them because they have not study the days. And finally soon or later you have to win hoh because the trio won’t take you and vanessa could win or not because she is safe. no matter what. If steve thought to himself I am 5th in the group because they did not want vanessa as a pawn. Steve is an idiot and ian took risk when he have to.

Pee Wee Herman Twins

It is getting far too painful to watch what’s left of this moronic cast ignore the 800 pound gorilla in the room aka austwits/nessa. And the award for the Most Simpletonian Big Brother Cast Ever goes to. …..SEASON 17!!!


Did you watch BB16?


BB16 is like the Star Wars Christmas special…no one acknowledges it except for the fact it introduced Boba Fett.

Pee Wee Herman Twins

Nessa has them all paralyzed with fear. I just don’t get it!

Mr Pickles

I have refrained from commenting up to this time because I’m confused as to who I want to root for. I did like Meg and James until they kept Vanessa. They just don’t seem to have any idea what is really going on in the house? I mean it’s a small space to not notice who is with each other most of the time

Mr Pickles

If the show does continue after this season I would like to see them change the rules so that the outgoing HOH would be exempt from eviction the following week. That way maybe people wouldn’t be afraid to make “big” moves knowing that they can’t play for HOH but knowing they were safe for the next eviction


Mister Pickles is Cutting Peoples’ Heads Off!!!!


But then there would be no risk to winning HoH and you’d be safe for two weeks. You could conceivably win every other HoH be safe in between and never speak to another HG until the final 3. Safety for HoH the following week would weaken the need for a social game. Lack of safety for the HoH is part of what makes the game interesting. When do you make a big move? Do you trust your allies to keep you safe next week when you can’t keep yourself safe? Is it better to throw this HoH and try for next week?

I’d hate for the game to focus almost exclusively on comps to determine strategy.


I had so wanted a flipped tonight, but I don’t believe it will happened, To be fair, Meg and James did a lousy job of trying to flipped the vote. They did not offer Steve any incentive to flip the vote, and the worst thing, James even said to Meg “he will probably tell you he promised his vote to Julia”, Steve did not mention his vote,{he basically was telling her I am open to a deal} and Meg was too incompetent to ask, or make a deal. JMac would like to flip the vote, but it seems he is having problems trying to explain to Steve, that keeping Julia is bad for his game and good for the others.
The majority of these players have never seen BB, and they just don’t know how to play. I hope next year {if there will be a next year} they bring in real players, no actors, just people who love the game. Please let them be mature, have and IQ, a personality, and not on a lot of medication. Just sane normal people. This makes the best entertainment for the viewers.


Not sure if my ? Came thru. Who are the real players and who are the actors?

Bobbleheaded Pee Wee Herman-faced Twins

We love to blink our eyes, shake our head uncontrollably, and snap the Z formation when we talk in the DR. And if you really look at us, we are eerily similar to Pee Wee Herman. And our voices make us sound like drag queens. Go twinsuh!

Dude Bro

This season is a real drudge through the mud. It started off great, but really lost steam over the long run. Right now, in a house full of narcissistic douche bags and entitled brats, there’s only three people that’s win can be justifiable.

James- The dude has always been on the losing side of the house and has surprisingly made it very far, he’s made big moves with no regrets and would deserve every penny of the 500k.

Johnny Mac- While he isn’t the most active or willing of the house guests, the dude is just a nice guy. Sometimes he looks like he would rather be home than in the house. Haha.

Vanessa- Let me start off by saying that i do not like Vanessa, she has bullied her way to the top and continued to play victim all season long and it just pisses me off when people do that. As a player, she has made strategical moves that kept her and her allies in the game. (Sorry Clay and Shelli.) If she wins, it’s a dirty win.


James should be apologizing to Clay and Shelli as much as Vanessa.
I would not saying Vanessa’s played a heroic game. She hasn’t at all. She’s rolling around in all that blood she says she’s spilled. But i’m saying his heroic game moves have involved a lot of backstabbing and deal breaking that he really didn’t have to do.
He didn’t have to make an alliance with Jace the day before the pov ceremony. He didn’t have to make the wall deal with Shelli, then break it. He didn’t have to tell Becky he’d vote out Vanessa if she nominated her, then after Meg’s suggestion flip the script.


OH fer chrissakes! People! Do something to change up this game!!!!


If steve use simple logic the twins and austin are tight. And they will put steve as pawn instead when she outplayed you for a pawn in austin hoh.

Backseat Driver

I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and they are showing BB on an alternate station here……The CW. Must be owned by CBS.


“Steve says he’s had a lot of unreciprocated interest from relationships. Austin says so have I.” What a shocker.

NYC Goblin

It’s funny how a lot of people here says j-mac and Steve should align with James and Meg and took Autwins-Nessa … It looks easy from outside but don’t look realistic since there’s no connexion between them . I def would really like that happening but this guys are -Steve/Jmac- it looks like they’re not thinking ahead .. Steve is just a puppy of Vanessa and j-mac is just non existent game-wise. I’m excited for tonight and see something to wake them up but I think the worst case scenario will happen: Meg and then James out.. I will def be voting for James for AP .. The only one who had the balls to put who he wanted… He made mistakes? Yes he did. But he played for what he believed. The rest I can’t say that, Vanessa has worked her brain for them so she’s the one who should get the win … Aghh just throw up a bit just writing that.


Who are the real players and who are the actors?


The real players are Brady and the Pats.

Butters Mom

I think she meant actor wannna be’s… not actors. Some were scouted and never applied to the show.


DE…vote out Julia… shock and make useless Austin, Liz and Vanessa for hoh comp….James wins hoh and it’s see ya Vanessa. Too bad Johnny and Steve haven’t been leaked info about a double so that scenario could sink in.


Do any houseguests suspect tonight is a double eviction or no?


can someone post the link for tonight episode if anyone have a link to global tv canada network it should give the live stream at 6pm.


Florida panhandle is showing the damn football game instead of BB. Every damn year they do this!


Steve is America’s Favorite. America’s Favorite turd!!!!!

freud's cigar

Meg came out of the d/r this afternoon complaining that she always feels like she’s not fighting hard enough when she comes out. It makes her feel more hopeless.
The fairies can only do so much.
They’ve been calling in players left and right for 24 hours. After each d/r visit flip talks seem to begin around the house.
What more can the fairies do when she’s having pillow fights and laying in her dentist chair instead of going out there and fighting to stay?
As of this morning Steve and John had said the vote was to evict meg.
By 3 ish steve was alone in a room. feeds cut around twenty minutes later. who knows what muttering he got up to before the feed cut. lol.
It would be extremely strange if the decision changed after the feeds cut. I’m sure a lot of people on here would applaud it. I’d raise an eyebrow and wonder who got the fairy dust.


I believe Jmac and Steve , (who are in a final 2) have talked.. Julia has now promised both of them she will not put them up, if her or Liz wins HOH… They are not stupid, do they really think they would put up Austin , Van or their twin against James?? They now know the twins are lying to them.. I think they may keep Meg