Big Brother 17 – Is America’s Player Twist Making a Comeback?!

big brother 17 america's player

Last night on the live feeds at 3:35am James was called to the diary room. There was nothing unusual about that however less than a minute later the live feeds return from being blocked and there’s a diary room audio leak.

DIARY ROOM AUDIO LEAK – James “What!? America’s Player Card!” Production “Congratulations!”

Listen to the LEAK using FLASHBACK: Time Stamp = August 7th, 3:35am cameras 1 & 2

As far as I can tell James wasn’t seen on the feeds returning from the diary room and it looks like he went straight to bed after coming out.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-07 12-20-53-160

From the sounds of it CBS is bring back the America’s Player Twist. It’s possible that James was joking about it being an America’s Player Card when he found a card in the diary room or it could be the real thing. We will have to wait until the upcoming episodes to find out what CBS reveals. If it is true, James will be given tasks to complete throughout the week and if he succeeds at completing them he will earn a certain amount of cash.

We first saw the America’s Player Twist back on Big Brother 8 where Eric Stein was chosen by CBS producers to be America’s Player from the start of the season. During his diary room sessions Eric was given tasks to perform that had been chosen by the American public through a voting system. The viewing public could vote on which task they wanted America’s Player to complete by casting their vote either online at or via text message at the end of the Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday episodes. The tasks given to Eric on Tuesday dealt with Thursday’s eviction, Thursday task dealt with the Friday nominations, and the Sunday task varied. The tasks he was given must be completed in order to win the cash prize at the end of the season. The prize was structured so that for every week that Eric completed the assigned tasks as America’s Player he was rewarded with $10,000.

A few of the tasks given to Eric Stein were:

  • Which of the two nominees do you want America’s Player to vote out of the Big Brother house?
  • America’s Player needs a challenge. The HouseGuests each have their quirks, and Eric is about to develop a case of sleepwalking. Into which HouseGuest’s bed should he crawl tonight?
  • Eric needs to instigate some drama in the Big Brother house. This week, he’s a secret vandal. Whose personal property should he covertly target?


Here is a detailed list the tasks Eric Stein was given to complete as America’s Player in season 8.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-07 11-13-12-303
Tell us what you think of the diary room leak? Do you believe James is really America’s Player or is it nothing? If it is real you can expect to see America’s Player Tasks on the voting portion of the live feeds.

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Team Edward

America’s Player= zzzzzzzzzzz. There is going to be enough drama to come in this house. We don’t need gimmicks.


Question for everyone. If there’s an “America’s Player” wouldn’t we have to vote for who we want. Since we haven’t voted yet, not sure how it could be James. I’m not sure how things work.


What about when we voted for who we wanted as our Final 2 last week or 2 weeks ago? What was that for?


I really hope it isn’t coming back! That twist is stupid and it ruined Eric’s game!


If he is America’s player, then America might have the choice of which houseguest he has to evict, just like Eric had to evict who America chose. I hope BB is not trying to pull a slick one, because they want to keep a certain houseguest.


First thought that came to me-Is production trying to save Van? Seriously hope they don’t bring back that lame twist. Production/AG needs to have the fans/feeders come up with new twists to add to the BB game. These regurgitated one trick pony twists are lame. As previously posted, there will be plenty of fireworks this week to keep us entertained.

another name

Had a different first thought than saving Vanessa.
Thought perhaps production was trying to manufacture a more heroic image for James. In show edit he’s coming off just fine, but, in feeds he says some incredibly vulgar things. Just think about some of the ridiculously offensive crap that comes out of his mouth.
Explains the fifteen minutes with cody and derrick. What did they have to say? Oh yeah, James is the man, and the girls look good in bikinis. Don’t give them any credit for having any brains whatsoever, just look at their bodies. That entire fifteen minutes didn’t have to be in the episode. There was more than enough plotting, planning and arguing going on five hours before air time that could have been put into the episode. Having seen last minute scrambles for votes make it to air in previous seasons, the only reason they included the cody derrick barbecue was to manipulate viewer perceptions.
I think the only reason that James would be picked for America’s Player is to highlight James so that production can have a focal.


vote for James to crawl into Shelli’s bed!


How is he “America’s player” I sure didn’t vote, did you?


Someone has to be voting on something. Like when did we vote for the hula hoop. Spin the bottle ,play charades. But yet the card says Houseguest the fans have voted for such & such. So who’s voting ???????

HOH's Before Bros

There are a lot of things to vote on the After Dark show, but I don’t recall seeing America’s Player as one of them. Besides, isn’t it a li late for them to bring that in? If they do it now then I’m with previous poster who said they (AG and minions) want to keep a certain someone (V) safe….Complete BS!

Jackie the Troll Doll

We voted for those things on the feeds. This week we voted for the houseguests to get a blow up shark for the pool. I thought maybe that was what the card was about and James was simply making a joke. ? Nobody has voted for James to be AFP. I personally think if that sexist pig get’s it with no vote, I’m over BB. There really is no reason for production to start manipulating the game now. The side the “fans” want is in control and Vanessa will most likely leave.


There was a vote for those things. The vote was on the live feeds. There is a tab at the top that you go to for voting.


Omg Simon that picture of Becky you put in last Post looks exactly like Jim Carey’s character Fire Marshall Bill on In Living Color….ha ha “let me tell you sumthin”


If it were coming back wouldn’t America vote for who they wanted to be its player? Why outta everyone would producers just pick James. Unless it’s like what BB Canada did where one houseguest is required to do a task and if they are successful then the whole house gets a surprise.

Ariana Grande licks doNUTS and hates Americans

CBS production’s Allison Grodner always has a list of persons that she wants for the BB house each season:

1. someone with a southern accent
2. a black person
3. an intelligent person (someone with a high IQ, or one who knows how to control and manipulate people)
4. a pill-popping psycho whose pressure cooker heat is on high
5. a nerd/geek
6. an Asian
7. a deviant (this year there were three)
8. girls who look good in swimsuits (with voluptuous mammaries)
9. boys who look good in swimsuits (with six-pac abs)
10. a surfer dude

The rest are a mixed bag of:

1. An overly tattooed person
2. A goth
3. A cowboy
4. A super muscular guy who has protein powder running through his arteries
5. An older, very likeable, humble and funny man
6. Someone with a profession that makes them more adept to the BB game, so much so that they have to lie about their vocation
7. A narcissist
8. A chemically imbalanced person.
9. A drama queen/king
10. A super Big Brother fan/student


Who are the deviants this year? And the past several seasons?

Token Flaming Homosexual

What about me and stereotypes? I am here every season..

Pubic hair on Jackie's Areola

LMAO, ha, ha, ha.
That is so funny, keep it up donuts, love your posts!

Ariana Grande stinks!

I want to hope and BELIEVE James is the America’s BB17 player! 🙂


Why now? Interesting that Julie never mentioned anything on last night’s show but as soon as Vanessa is targeted by Becky this happens.

Member of the Ant Farm

Dont know about Americas player but it does seem as if production became a player. Is it just a coincidence that just when it appeared that one side of the house was going to get steam rolled, they did away with the BOB and had a HOH endurance that fit James to a tee and then one that fit Becky to a tee!?!


Why? So they can abandon this twist like the takeover? This season doesn’t need any twists to be interesting.


I am doubting this.

First of all, America hasn’t actually been requested to choose anyone. Second of all, the DR session would have been much longer as surely there would be a lot of discussion and questions between James and production on this.

Second, this was in the middle of the night when the secondary crew was in production. Surely the first line crew would have wanted to reveal this to James.

Third, CBS would have teased this on the live show to garner viewer interest. It doesn’t make sense that on Sunday’s show they would say, by the way, we have chosen James to do something. And Sunday and Wednesday are without Julie so don’t really have an ‘announcer’ to reveal this.

This sounds like James making a quick sarcastic comment and the production guy jokingly saying congrats. This doesn’t add up so it cant be real.

I survived last seasons BB

NOOOOO to Americas Favorite Player…I wanna see the newly forned group of James,Jackie,Meg,Johnny,Becky run off Vanessa, Shelli ,Austin and Twins… The tasks could totally screw that up


Fuggut !!!

they better not...

finally going to get rid of vanessa (or worst case shelli) this week… they have the four votes on lock to finally give the weaker side of the house some power in this game… if james votes the opposite it will be blamed on jmac and stop the 6th sense from crumbling this week… just let shit happen big brother!

Just me

I kinda hope they do bring it back. Especially with this paranoid group! The thing is, they need to make sure the tasks aren’t the type that will mess up someone’s game. Plus, James is already the house prankster, who better to choose?

Just me

I kinda hope they do bring it back. Especially with this paranoid group! The thing is, they need to make sure the tasks aren’t the type that will mess up someone’s game. Plus, James is already the house prankster, who better to cho


Hardly doubt they would pick James. Jmac all the way!!!


If they bring back America’s Player I can assure you it wouldn’t be James. It would be JohnnyMac or Steve, possibly Meg as the dark horse. If it’s back and it’s James, we know this thing is rigged.


Here is what I think… and I would not put it past production. Save Vanessa and Shelli by making James into a target with an opps Diary room leak. I would think that is true if it went on the house speakers…. too. Not the first time production leaked a diary room session. We know production does uses the diary room to influence votes and nominations. Part of me knows why.. they need Vanessa and Shelli because the strategy part of the game would die without them. You need that villain because for every vindication “Yay… they got that A-Hole out.” you need the comments that makes your heart sink and you loose a good person like Donny, Nicole, Jason or Da’Vonne… you nee those when a Vanessa or a Shelli does go… you are that more euphoric.

Personally I like Vanessa… I know and whatever. I would prefer Shelli go’s. I just want Vanessa to get to the point when she has to shift gears and start taking out Austin and the twins. I fully realize that may happen after Meg or James go… but oh well. What I really want, but has NO hope of happening now, is Vanessa to team up with Jackie… that would have been epic. Unfortunately unless Vanessa wins PoV and takes off Shelli… Vanessa is in a really bad spot this week because at best for her against Steve or Shelli she is looking at a 4 v 4 tie and she will have to pressure Becky into booting out Steve and that requires a safe Shelli. If Vanessa and Shelli survive this they are AllStars and a huge upset….. and I really don’t like Shelli, but f they both survive… WOW.

What BS

Last week James gave up the 5000.00 prize and took the veto. He said that would have helped his daughter. Now if he is chosen American player he’ll get 5 k for a stupid task like hiding Vanessa’s knit hat. Convenient don’t you think…


The reason James would likely be chosen is because to the houseguests he is least likely they all think hes just slow and dumb (personally I think its an act cuz yes in front of the hg he says things days later and always last yet always puts two and two together, could spell better than the ones who call him dumb with one of them being one of the smartest in the house (education wise; Becky) and makes bold moves the smart way and uncomplicated unlike ALL the others yet they all still think hes the dumbest) plus there has been speculation all summer by the hg about America’s Player where the likely culprits under suspicion have been Steve, Vanessa, JMac, & Austin all of whom are still there and totally obvious targets, then there’s the twins and Jacky whom were twists themselves already so it wouldn’t be them, so that leaves Basic Becky, Ditzy Meg, Shelly (which is public enemy number one & already a step away from eviction and freaks out over every little thing), & then James (whom gets along with everyone, none of the hg would suspect him, America loves him atm, will throw comps but will win every single time he has to yet none of the hg still hasn’t pointed that out, & is the only guy in an all girls alliance) thats why James would be likely choice.


So what if they picked James because of his daughter at least he’s playing the game unlike half of the house and he at least deserves to win something to help him unlike the floater that will likely make it to final 2 by doing nothing.




Agree why not James he can pull this off better than anyone else. If he doesn’t like the task he can choose not to do it. He is smart enough to figure out the pros and cons.


Did any of you crazy read what Simon wrote? He said just like season 8 production picked someone (Eric) to be America player, so they more then likely picked James as well. James is the most likely to actually do the tasks and he is playing the game so I would be fine if he was America player.