Jackie “Vanessa’s the bully. I’m going to give you a standing ovation when you backd**r her.”

POV Holder: ? POV Competition Aug 8th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 10th
HOH Becky Next HOH Aug 13th
Original Nominations: ? and ?
After POV Nominations: ? and ?
Have Nots Austin, Liz, Julia

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-07 01-39-12-939

THE PLAN – Put up Shelli & Steve with Johnny as the fake backdoor plan when in fact Vanessa is the real target.

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12:05am – 12:20am HOH room – Becky, James, Meg and Jackie. Jackie says I honestly feel safer with Shelli in the house than Vanessa. Becky says I do too. Jackis says then we can keep a good rapport with Shelli telling her we’re going to keep her safe. Becky asks if we were to win the POV who would we remove Steve or Shelli? Jackie says if we leave Shelli up there, the other side might vote her out. Unless you have Johnny Mac and Steve to vote Vanessa out. Meg says we only need 4 votes this week. Becky says Johnny Mac isn’t going on the block, we have his vote. We have 4. IF we get a shot we take Shelli off because Vanessa will still go off with that being the case. Then we keep Shelli in our good graces. Becky says pretty much the most important thing is we don’t say the V word (Vanessa). James says definitely keep her in the loop. Becky says we tell her the plan that Johnny made himself a threat today and we need to rectify that. It makes more sense to backdoor John. She’ll love it! She’ll eat that sh*t up! Meg says when Jackie and I woke up we decided we don’t give a f**k any more. They talk about a jury member coming back. Becky says ever thing that went on today was perfect. Everything she did as HOH, she taught me I have the right to change my mind. Jackie asks what if Vanessa wins the veto and takes Shelli off the block. Becky says she won’t she is so self absorbed. Becky says we just keep feeding her the plan, the plan, the plan. Jackie says even if its a tie, you break it. James says the whole fight just seemed too perfect. Becky says it feels too perfect for me to take Vanessa out. Becky asks do I tell Shelli there is a backdoor target in mind. They agree not to. Becky says I say there were a lot of ruffled feathers last week. Becky wonders if she tells Shelli before or after the meeting. Meg says right before. Meg says that Vanessa is the crazy one. Becky says that Vanessa made me scared as sh*t about you guys when I was on the block. She really didn’t want me to be close to Jackie. Jackie says she’s the bully. I’m going to give you a standing ovation when you backdoor her. Becky says from now till the veto meeting we do not drop the V word. If she smells blood in the water she will freak out. From now till then she is our friend. Meg tells Becky to have a good talk with Shelli. Becky says I won’t tell Shelli she is going on the block till tomorrow. They all head down stairs.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-07 02-04-44-139
12:38am Austin and Becky heads up to the HOH room to talk. Austin asks you looked a little puzzled down there did they change your mind or something? Becky says oh no quite the opposite. The plan is still the plan. Austin says as it should be because I would hate for them to change it. Becky says no not at all. So what happened with the fight this morning? Austin says I was just worried everyone would make you go back on it, which would put you in a bad position. Becky says not even close. Austin says you saved my a$$ with Jason by agreeing. So next week, double eviction, I’ve got your back. 100% next week and the twins too. Becky says it makes more sense for me to do Steve and Shelli. Austin asks are you concerned Johnny Mac will win the veto and use it on Shelli? Becky says no. Austin says no that sounds fine, sh*t. Becky says that Shelli is so nice but things got so messy last week. I know they wanted to keep their love together. Austin says I forgive her for her bad judgement. This gives her a fighting chance. Becky says obviously if we can freeze the noms that would be great. Big Brother blocks the feeds.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-07 02-15-31-294

12:45am When the live feeds return Vanessa is up in the HOH room with Austin and Bccky. Becky fills her in on the plan to put up Steve with Shelli. Vanessa says you’re going to put up Steve to have less blood on your hands. Becky says that Johnny Mac doesn’t talk an offensive game he talks a defensive game. It makes more sense to put up Steve with Shelli and if one of them wins the veto put up Johnny Mac. Vanessa asks do you have a preference in terms of a target? Becky says that she feels for Shelli and if she pulls herself off then she will put up Johnny Mac. Ultimately you guys are the ones voting. Monday I’m clocking out. Vanessa asks do you know what you’re going to tell Shelli? Becky says no. I love Shelli but this last week go so dirty. I know some of it was driven by Clay but you’re guilty be association. Lets just be nice to her and not antagonise her. Vanessa says well cool, I respect you for sticking to it. It will be hard but we did all make an agreement. Becky says I will tell Shelli right before the nomination ceremony not tonight. Austin leave so Vanessa and Becky can talk alone. Vanessa says I just wanted to talk to you alone because obviously Austin doesn’t know about “The Generals” alliance. With Clay and SHelli on the way out I am very isolated in this game. Do you still feel low on the totem pole? Becky says no, I feel good to be in the group with the four of them. (Jackie, Meg, James, Becky) Vanessa says obviously you know how good I am at sticking to my word. I will get blood on my hands and do whatever it take to keep my word. What I can offer in return is I’ve had 2 HOH, now you’ve had 2 and we’ll have kept each other safe. I would like to make some kind of deal individually. Becky says I am done with deals and alliances. I don’t even want to hear the words again in my life!! Its not my style! I think the only deal I made was to keep you safe till jury. I wouldn’t even drop the A word with Jackie. I like to play organically. Vanessa says okay I can respect that. I like the short term, here’s an action plan. They create a fixed game plan in a game that moves. Vanessa says I think of it differently in that it adds a cushion with people you can trust. Vanessa asks do you mind not telling Shelli that I know. Becky says okay. Vanessa heads down stairs.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-07 02-32-09-816

1am James fixes the plugged bathroom shower.

1am HOH room – Johnny Mac comes up to talk to Becky. They hug and he congratulates her. Johnny says I made a mess out there (HOH comp). Becky says here is the deal. Pretty much I’ve thrown people off the trail that you and I are close. Meg, Jackie and James know this and are not going to say anything. So please whatever I tells you pretend you don’t even know what is going on. I’m just going to tell you shut your mouth and you’re good for the rest of the week. Johnny says nice! Becky says I’m sorry I f**king hate Vanessa! She is the one and only person I want to see leave this game. I really am going to put up Shelli and Steve. I have good reason for both. But neither will be going home. Johnny says okay. They only part that you, Jackie, James and Meg know is that Vanessa will be the replacement. The twins and Austin have no f**king clue. Johnny says alright. They think you’re the backdoor. That Shelli is the target. And I think the twins and Austin will be more than okay to have Vanessa get backdoored. Johnny says so what happened today its great because it put a target on her. She flipped out on me and looked like an idiot. The whole vote thing was going and I told Clay its better for my game if you stay. The funny thing is that he had just seen me talking to James. So he thinks James put this idea in my head. James did not tell me a thing about game. He didn’t care which way I voted. He was just freaked out on his own. Since week one I had had a problem with Vanessa. I really did come up with it on my own. So Clay goes up to Vanessa and said you should go up to Johnny Mac and tell him you’re good with him because he really doesn’t want to keep Shelli here. I told Clay that I felt like Vanessa was going to control Shelli. Clay told Vanessa that James got into my head saying she is going to control Shelli. So she goes off on Jamea, James goes off on Clay. The best part is she asked me who said it. I said yeah I said it I’m coming after you. She asked why are you coming after me? I said I don’t know I came u with it on my own. I was silent and then Clay finally jumped in and said yeah I made it up. Becky says that Vanessa’s word is sh*t. She has no idea, She is with nobody in this game because she changes her targets, changes groups, she blows up people’s game and the whole time she runs around saying everyone is after her. You’re stressed because you do it to yourself!! Johnny says she is just a really smart Audrey. Becky says no she is smart and dumb at the same time! Johnny tells Becky that he told Steve he isn’t comfortable with Vanessa here. Steve almost asked me if I am close to you. Becky says perfect lets just ignore each other this week. And you have to make sure Steve knows he is not my target. Becky says right before the veto we will tell Shelli and Steve they need to win and that they’re going after a big fish. Johnny leaves.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-07 02-41-29-071

1:10am Comic bedroom – Vanessa tells Austin that Becky didn’t want to make a deal or anything. Did she make a deal with you? Austin says no I just said I’ve got her back next week during double eviction. She was like that’s all I wanted to know. Vanessa says see she didn’t even ask me that! I probably the backdoor target. Austin says whoa! You think?! Vanessa says whatever we have the votes. Austin says we have the votes. Vanessa says not if I’m up against Johnny Mac. Oh yes. Austin says no you would. Vanessa says she flat out acknowledged she’s in a 4 person group. She is the worst game player ever. Austin asks she said that? Vanessa says yes, she said its nice to be a part of a group that’s known. Her and Jackie, Meg and James. She said it. Austin says she didn’t say it to me. She told me she felt more connected to me and the twins. Austin says just win the veto and keep it the same.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-07 02-47-59-053

1:10am Shelli comes in to the HOH room to talk to Becky. Shelli says obviously last week was really sh*tty. I don’t know what to say because I don’t know where we stand. I know that James painted me a huge target. I’m way more vulnerable than I ever have been. I need you. I need anyone. I just really need to know where we stand. Becky says someone is a bigger target than you. Shelli asks who? Becky says that she told Meg, Jackie and James that we would not breath a word of this to anyone. We were going to let you know last second because this person is very good at social. And they were worried with you being emotional .. they would draw it from you. We want Vanessa out bad! How do you feel about that. Shelli says she is someone I’m close to so I won’t throw her under the bus. Becky says if Vanessa hadn’t been stepping up this morning and in the backyard. She went on a riot about you guys. Vanessa will flip on the people she is close to. She was in the backyard passing out pitch forks. I am sick of her grouping bullsh*t and then changes the groups. She preaches about her word! F**K her word! She does it each week forming deals and groups to keep her safe. She just said she was independent and wanted to make a deal. Becky asks are you going to tell her? Shelli says I am not going to tell her. I do care for her and don’t want to be in this position obviously. The way that she.. what happened this morning .. that she was trying to tell me that Clay was turning on me. Becky says she took you into a room for 15 minutes and she got you to question a guy that you’ve been in a relationship for 50 days. Shelli asks how long has she been doing this to you? Becky says since week 2. I don’t trust her with my life. She needs to be backdoored. Shelli says backdoor doesn’t always work. Becky says it will be you and Steve. Big Brother blocks the feeds. Shelli asks if I pull house guest choice it would be really weird I wouldn’t pick her. Becky asks has anyone done something nice for you. Well think about it maybe John. Becky says Vanessa is bat sh*t. It will be on me, my blood. Think about who you want to be with in the game. People think about you as a free agent. Vanessa made an a$$ of herself again. She is so radical with her targets, no one knows who she is going to go after. Shelli says this makes me feel better that I am going up and she knows it so I can read her.
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153 thoughts on “Jackie “Vanessa’s the bully. I’m going to give you a standing ovation when you backd**r her.”

    1. The plan was to tell Shelli the plan. With Johnny Mac as the backdoor. They want her to know she isn’t the target – the only thing that changed was that Becky spoke to Shelli last night, instead of today.

      They planned to tell Shelli all along.

      Now as to why Becky spoke so much about Vanessa.. that’s a whole other story.

      BUT – now Becky knows that Shelli knows – and can guage her level of cooperation. She asked Shelli not to tell Vanessa. It’s a good test of trust. If Vanessa knows, then everyone will know even with Clay gone, Shelli can’t be trusted. But if she keeps her yap shut, then she might be welcome to work with James, Becky, and Meg.

      Which will insulate her from Austin and the twins, when the voting comes down.

      1. Shelli has proven already that she can’t be trusted. No need to test her trust again. Tell her she is being nominated, but there is no need to tell her who the real target is.

      2. Let’s face it. Becky didn’t talk to Shelli about Vanessa because she has a master plan to manipulate and test her. She told her because she had diarrhea of the mouth. Becky might be athletic, but she is not good at this game. Her day will come. She may take out Vanessa, but that doesn’t make her a good player.

      3. I don’t think Becky thought it through that much, I think she was talking to Shelli and got caught up on the moment and just blabbed about backfiring Vanessa out without wanting to tell Shelli the whole plan. Shelli is probably the worst person she could have told. Not only does Becky obviously have trouble keeping secrets, but she is pretty bad at this game.

  1. WTF:

    Vanessa says obviously you know how good I am at sticking to my word. I will get blood on my hands and do whatever it take to keep my word.

    I hope they all remember how good she is at keeping her word!

    I do give cred to Becky for telling Vanessa “I’m done with deals”

    1. First Jackie,now Becky telling that viper bully Van to go shove her deals up her green beanie because they are a joke! Hell yes-reality check Van, your alliance may be stupid to your ploys but we got your card & are about to pull that card & expose your hand that was so over played-karma at its finest. Game over! Can’t wait to watch Van ” scamper” & watch her lose her mind!

  2. Kind of hope Shelli leaks it to Vanessa so Becky doesn’t try to work with her. They need to finish the job and make sure she gets out too. Don’t let her snake her way back in.

    1. I think without Clay, and her support, Shelli might be easier to watch. Especially if Vanessa goes home. Then she’s going to have to either work with the outsiders, or work with Austin and the twins.

      Becky seems to have calmed her down, so maybe she’ll feel grateful to her (Becky) for keeping her (Shelli) Safe.

      Then again, maybe she wants to castrate James. I guess it can go either way; but i’ll say i find Shelli a lot more interesting without the Ken doll hanging around.

  3. Well I was on board with Beckys plan until she told everyone about it…let’s see how Vanessa wiggles out of this one now.

    1. It’s not looking good for Vanessa right now. But, she does have Austin and the twins to possibly win the POV and leave noms the same. But if Van is on the block, she’s pretty certain to go home. She could get out of it though. Weirder things have happened in the BB house.

    2. Well, her first trick was to run to Austin and lie about what Becky said to her. I am sure there are more tricks ahead this week.

    3. Not a big fan of the backdoor plan. Wish she would’ve just thrown Vanessa and Shelli on the block together and let them fight it out for veto. That way if Vanessa wins veto (which she might very well do since she knows she’s in jeopardy this week and will fight hard) she could only save herself. Now she can win veto and save Shelli and the whole plan is toast. It is certainly fun to watch though.

  4. I’m not sure about this backdoor plan. Becky is depending on Autism and the twins voting Vanessa out. As Shelli pointed out to Becky, they don’t always work. If she really wants Vanessa out, she should put V up with Liz. There’s 10 HG’s left and 6 get to play for Veto. So V, Autism, and twins have a good chance at one or more could play for veto, and if they won it and if Shelli and Steve are on the block, they would not use it. Goodbye Steve. With Liz on the block you neutralize the Autism twins, If one wins veto and takes Liz down you put up A or J. With V and one of them up you split the S5 votes and have a good chance of evicting V, If not the Autism twins are weakened.

    1. That’s not true, Becky has the votes and she knows it: James, Meg, Jackie, & John

      She only needs four and she’ll be the tiebreaker as the HOH.

    2. I totally agree with you. I’m a Vanessa fan so happy that Becky hasn’t figured out what you just said … which btw is the Jmac plan.

      1. if on purpose, I agree, completely not cool. But when I saw it the first thing I thought of was auto-correct mishap. Not trying to make excuses for that post, my son has autism, but just trying to be open-minded.

        1. Don’t go throwing me under the bus.

          This is about the 100th + time XTC has called Austin Autism. About a week or two ago someone else threw me under the bus, and I’m still not to blame.

          I know this because Tyler knows this. I caught XTC misspell his name as Austism in a post so I know it’s not my fault.

    3. As long as Vanessa doesn’t win Veto, this plan will work. Four votes – Jackie, James, Meg, and JMac… versus the Twins, Austing, and Shelli or Steve… and Beckie will have to be deciding vote :-)

      1. Bet money pov will be mental and Van is a beast at mental. If she’s picked the plan will most likely go out the door. Also Van now knows what Becky is planning. Bad mistake on beckys part. Will be interesting to see what “plan” vanessa comes up with.

    4. Totally agree with your voting strategy, except, they’re expecting the double eviction this week. She doesn’t want to risk making Austin or the twins mad and having 3 people gunning for her.
      The worst result in this situation is a tie.
      JMac, James, Meg and Jackie vote Vanessa/Shelli.
      Twins, Austin and whoever’s still in V/Shelli vote Steve.
      Becky casts the vote to get out Shelli/Vanessa.
      Whoever is gone is gone. Whoever remains goes back to Austin and the Twins. Austin and the Twins give her a pass because she didn’t put them up. Her alliance gives her a pass cause they need her, her only enemy is whoever pulled themself off the block Shelli or V.
      End result = one enemy, versus putting Austing/Twins up and leaving 2 or potentially 3 enemies in the game.

  5. I think she should put up Shelli and Vanessa front door. Because if Vanessa wins POV she takes herself off, but if she is not nominated if she wins POV she can take shelli off. Then her and Shelli will be safe. That would be a wasted HOH. At least if u put them both up there is a chance to get one of them out.

    1. It’s like Vanessa’s convoluted plans are contagious. Why this elaborate ruse? You don’t trust Shelli or Vanessa then put them on the block and watch how fast they try to cannibalize each other. At this stage, it’s better to just throw up your target. Worst case scenario with her on the block and she wins veto, you aim for another of her crew.

    2. Not ENTIRELY true. If Vanessa wins POV and take Shelli off, that will just guarantee either Austin or the twins go up as replacement. She won’t use it. If she does it’ll totally burn all her bridges. Austin will NOT let her use it or she’ll create 3 instant enemies.

      1. No, Vanessa will take Shelli off because they will be fully expecting Jmac to be going up in place of Shelli. So, in all probability, we should be looking for a Jmac/Steve on the block in the end!!

      2. Actually, Becky will be the surprised one if Vanessa takes Shelli off block. Her plan will have backfired because they expect her to put up Jmac.

  6. I’m not at all confident that Beckys plan will work. She practically told the whole house. If Vanessa plays for veto, wins and takes Shelli off the block they both end up safe, then what? I doubt Shelli is going to keep this from Vanessa. I think Becky should have left Shelli in the dark and maybe put Vanessa up along side of her. I hope her plan works because I’d love to see Vanessa gone.

  7. No, it’s smart to tell Shelli now, so that when she “saves” her ass, Shelli will not go against Becky. But Damn! Vanessa KNOWS she is the BD plan!!!! That crazy ass, medicated freak of nature can smell blood in water!!! Love how she said, oh well, I still have the votes. Wow! What kind of lawyer-gambler math are you doing?

    1. The way you talk about Vanessa is disgusting, “freak of nature”? She’s just a person who overstrategizes and overworries. She is still a nice person who’s just trying to play a game (although too hard, I agree). All these low blows people are posting and the houseguests calling her crazy and a b*tch and other worse names are just vile. Middle schoolers.

    2. Vanessa always assumes she’s the back door plan – every week, without fail. This week is no different. She will act like she is, and try to cry her way out of every situation, while trying to push the blame for everything onto someone else (as Jmac said yesterday).

      The only difference is, this week she actually IS the back door plan. But she is, because of her paranoia each week. Eventually it had to catch up to her.

      And notice how we’re all going on about it? Just yesterday i personally, was screaming for Shelli to be gone. Now i’m almost unconcerned about Shelli.

      Also, when Becky “saves” Shelli, that might get Shelli working with the other group. It’s either that or Austin and the twins, and Austin is not much longer for this game. Shelli could replace Austin with the twins. If only to go after James.

      But it would be wiser for Shelli to align with the others, despite her anger at James, at this point.

      Whatever, as long as Vanessa goes – if only for Simon and Dawg’s sake.

      1. Hmmm I watch the feeds daily and I don’t think Van has ever TRULY felt like she was the bd plan. Not for the last few weeks anyways. And I don’t care what you say, she DEFINITELY knows now after talking to Becky. All becky did was give a very manipulative HG a heads up for the week. Not smart. She should’ve just played along with Vanessa and tried to keep her calm. Becky is already the house rat anyways, what would it hurt to simply agree with Van about the alliances? All she had to do was tell the others what was said. Instead she gave Vanessa a chance by giving her the heads up.

  8. Becky thinks she has it all figured out. Vanessa “switches groups”. OMG these people STILL don’t see 6th sense?! What in the world would it take?? Do we need to pay a plane to send them a message? Good Lord….

  9. WTF? Why is Becky telling Shelli the plan? Watch Vanessa scurring around Audrey style now making up lies and tearing the house to shreds. Stupid move Becky. Stupid move.

  10. With Vanessa’s manic and paranoid gameplay, does anyone else wonder how in the holy hell did she win 4 million playing poker?

    1. Poker doesn’t require a lot of human manipulation or interaction. You try to get a read on how people play strong hands versus weak and try to hide the strength of yours. You run the scenarios of what they could have with what’s on the table, which explains Vanessa’s endless talks. They have a busted flush or they getting a straight? They only play about 15% of the hands in any case.

    2. Google Tony G vs Vanessa R. It shows a video of Vanessa winning a game of poker. She is calm and quiet in the video. The guy ran his mouth, and she was calm and handled herself like a pro is supposed to.

  11. I love it, Becky forms her master plan and Vanessa figures it out after one conversation. She has no idea who she’s messing with.

    1. whats vanessa gonna do with the information she got? she’s already in an alliance with everyone in the house, so thats out the window. the only thing that can save vanessa is VETO, and she cant really guarantee herself winning it, especially if she’s not picked for the veto comp.

      i dont see the problem with becky telling everyone who she’s with at this point, they(becky, james, jackie and meg) were already targets to begin with and they know this. its not a shock to anyone but the people who want to be shocked by it. this might be the very first BB open alliance that makes it to the end(Not very likely).

    2. Vanes didn’t figure out shit – she is just paranoid and every WEEK assumes she is a back door.

      This week, it just happens to be true. Vanes knows she fucked up the Jason thing – then kept fucking up this past week too.

      There is no great master figuring out the plan based on one convo. Just a realization of where she stands in the house due to her behavior

      1. She compared what Becky said to her with what she said to Austin and concluded that she was the backdoor target. Becky still thinks Vanessa has no idea.

  12. im all on board with getting rid of vanessa but why in the hell is becky telling everyone the plan and why is she telling them she’s in a group with meg, james and jackie?

  13. I am shocked that everyone seems to be ignoring the 3 headed monster in the twins and Austin. Helllloooo? That’s THREE people in ONE. And Becky is scared to go after them? Oh brother. They are going to make it to the end with this is the style of play. And I would HATE to see Austin make it to the end. I wouldn’t mind Julia, but Austin? No thank you.

    1. Agree, agree. Why is she not making a deal with the rest of the house to keep her safe during double eviction, in exchange for taking out Austin or one of the twins? This whole get Vanessa out maneuver is strictly personal, and paves the road for Austin and the twins to a majority vote in the next couple weeks.

  14. This is soooo FUNNY!
    Vanessa ince again making deals:
    “I would like to make some kind of deal individually.
    Becky: I am done with deals and alliances. I don’t even want to hear the words again in my life!! Its not my style! BOOM! lol

  15. Vanessa has/had so many alliances hahaha.
    1. Sixthsense
    2. Freaks and geeks
    3. Dark moon
    4. The generals
    5. Vanessa/Clelli
    6. Vanessa Austwins

    1. It’s hysterical how Becky shut that shit down with the quickness when Van tries a last ditch effort to resort to the “Generals”. When Becky was all about it, Van gave her a half assed assurance regarding that alliance & now she wants to go all in hahaha! Seriously Van,sit down you over played your hand! Get her Becky!

  16. Vanessa’s favorite words:
    1. I didn’t do anything
    2. I’m good at sticking to my word
    3. Blood on my hands
    4. I respect you for that!
    5. Who is your target?
    6. Who is your target next week?
    7. Let’s make a deal
    8. Let’s make each other safe
    9. What can I offer you?
    10. Seriously? Youre going to go up there and throw my name under the bus like seriously? I would never do that to you *cries* thats it i’m done

    1. And when those 101 clichés don’t work she’s uses
      1. I’m tired
      2. They scrambled my brain
      3.I’m on my period
      4.No one lies to me (I’m the only one who gets a pass)
      5. I got blood on my hands saving you
      6. i heard someone is putting you up
      7. I need more disinfectant spray
      8. Spew rant with googly eyes
      9. My 54 alliances will save me
      10. I goofed and threw you under bus
      11.I “slipped” and outed the alliance

      Doth thou protest too much. Vanessa never really listens to anyone, has no intention to work as a team, does not respect anyone, doesn’t own her cray cray but humiliates everyone else.

      Poker players who talk too much lose. She might have found a game she can’t talk her way out of because it requires building some genuine trust with someone not threats intimidation and double speak deception. Likability, warmth, predictability real security are qualities lacking in her game. I used to admire Vanessa’s game then we got to know her better. Even her sobbing over missing her girlfriend was a manipulation, she’s no dummy, she’s playing a cold reptile masquerade.

      Own it like it for what it really is, it’s your vote. Not everyone has to like it. Some like to watch pythons devour live animals, for some it turns the stomach. Whether Becky makes the right moves or not, get ready for the feeding frenzy, Vanessa Shelli will show their true stripes or scales!

  17. I don’t like back door plans either. I would nominate Vanessa with Steve, and have Austin or one of the twins as a back door option just in case.

  18. Nahhhh I wouldn’t be too worried about Shelli. She feels alone after Clay left. I think Shelli is probably gonna try and chill out and not make herself noticed this week. If Vanessa finds out by chance she will probably freak out again, run her mouth and give people even more of a reason to target her. It seems there are 4 groups going on sorta. James, Jackie, Meg, then Van, Shelli, and formally Clay, Austin and the twinsuhhhhh, and Steve Becky and Jmac. The shifts in power have been very interesting this season. Not to shabby, not bad at all.

  19. Cut to 3 months from now Meg, James, Jackie and Becky finish watching all the episodes from this season.
    James: “So did Vanessa and them guys have a six person alliance?”

    Meg: No, why would you even think that?

    Jackie: I don’t think so.

    Becky: There’s no way they could have hidden that from us.

  20. Vanessa already knows she is the backdoor plan she doesnt need Shelli to tell her. You can’t read Vanessa saying “I am the backdoor plan”.

    Becky is as Vanessa said a horrible game player.

    Lmmfao at you all when Nessa is still in the house next week. Enjoy your misguided excitement haters.

    Will be a fun week watching Becky get herself one step closer to being back at the mall folding clothes.

  21. Becky has the right TRAIN of thought in wanting to put up Vanessa. I certainly hope that the train has left the station for Van and that she is evicted next week. If Becky doesn’t strike now against Van and Shell, she’ll be railroaded by them eventually. Becky was a beast at the HOH comp, she must’ve really trained for it!

  22. Vanessa is the Amanda of this season. PSYCHO!!! And Becky it’s not a secret if you tell everybody about the backdoor plan. Why haven’t anyone considered splitting up the twins?

  23. I’m surprised Vanessa is naive enough to think she has votes if the she is ( and she is ) the backdoor target. Man I hope she goes home this week!

  24. Things backfired last week and I have a feeling things will backfire this week.

    Vanessa saved The Twin twist, Austin, and Shelli. Also, she has been giving Steve more confidence in himself. Lots of people owe her. Should be interesting how it all plays out.

  25. Pawn?! She doesn’t have the freaking numbers to use pawns! Put your two biggest targets up or else the pawn will go home!

    I’m going to have a stroke…

  26. Becky says I’m sorry I f**king hate Vanessa! She is the one and only person I want to see leave this game

  27. Steve is just so blah. He is a weirdo who needs to go. Just a random a-hole who is happy to be hanging out with cool kids.

    If they have any chance of winning, they need to stick to this plan. Slowly tear them down.

  28. So Steve is going home Thursday.

    Some of them should have very little faith that people that don’t really have that deep of a connection with really wants to work with them in the game at this point. Like in the case of Becky with the twins, I get she is trying to have some sort assurance of protection. But who is to say anyone will keep their word in the house at this point and with how the season has gone. It’s too late in the game for that and that’s on reason James didn’t even leave the option open to put up Vanessa and Shelli up as a duo, thinking he had some glimmer of hope to try to work with Vanessa and the house even after what Audrey said about a big alliance seems evident.
    I hope Becky’s plan goes through especially after she beasted out that comp.But I have my doubts. I’ve always kind of liked a couple of things about her ,but she’s missing that edge I wish she had. She only really has it when she really dislikes someone or something they did. She seems to be a person who doesn’t like certain principles she believes being crossed .But she’s leaving too much wiggle room and seem to be underestimating both Shelli and Vanessa. She’s not fearless enough to put Shelli and Vanessa up with an option to put one of the twins up as a back up. I want to see what happens in the next day or two. Right now, with Clay gone, Shelly star may rise even higher than before esp. if they get out Vanessa. I always thought maybe she would have been more likable without dragging him around with her claws in him.They both had entitled attitudes as one and he was being a straight up immature lazy ass. But individually, I can see Shelly integrating herself back in and being hard to get rid of with some of them having such a high school mentality in how they view their role in he social in there.

  29. If Becky pulls off Shelli and puts Vanessa as a replacement Here are the votes

    Shelli-Votes For Vanessa to stay
    Austin + Twins =Vanessa to stay
    James ,Meg, Jackie Johnny Mac =Vote for Steve to stay

    Becky breaks the tie and votes out Vanessa
    Either way its a 4 way vote so even if Vanessa wins it another 6 th sense alliance member will go up…. (Austin and twins possibly )

  30. Best lines from this update that has me lmfao:

    “Steve says I’m nervous tonight and then I hate you tomorrow. Nighty Night you bit*h! See now I’m practising!”

  31. Becky says I’m sorry I f**king hate Vanessa! She is the one and only person I want to see leave this game

    Now THAT works just fine !!!! Stay on that path Becky !!

  32. I hope Shelli takes this life line and rises from the ashes. I’d still like to see Shelli, Becky, and JohnMac in an alliance together. They can throw Steve in for a F4.
    Just please get rid of James, Meg, and Van.

  33. “Steve whispers to himself that he would have the votes if he was sitting next to Shelli. This folks is why you throw comps to look like a weak competitor.”

    Oh Steve! And we thought your argument over the past few weeks — saving Austin, then Shelli — was to keep the bigger targets in the house?

    But I do agree that he should have the votes against Shelli or Vanessa.

    1. The numbers are dropping so it’s time to start removing the big threats. Plus Steve wanted some left for him to put on the block for a final speech boost.

      I mean you don’t want to say your biggest move was beating Meg in a comp…

  34. I sure hope this plan works. My mind is so worn out by all of this back and forth sh!*. I feel like I’ve been in a competition.

  35. Kind of impressed that Vanessa knows that she’s about to get backdoored, without anyone telling her. But the true test comes on whether she can wiggle her way out here.

    If Becky really wants to accomplish anything, she should just straight up nominate both Shelli and Vanessa at the same time. Steve and Shelli is very risky. If any of the twins or Vanessa win, they can keep the nominations the same.

  36. Honestly it doesn’t matter if Vanessa figures it out and starts running around trying to twist everyone’s thoughts. She’s done way too much lying, flip flopping and just talking in general. Everyone has her figured out at this point and realize she is too much of a wild card to keep or depend on her word…. Unless she wins veto she’s done .

  37. another HOH that doesnt see the bigger picture. SHELLI AND VANESSA ARE TOGETHER, if vanessa wins POV and saves shelli, SHE CANT BE NOMINATED. who are they going to target next? it cant be one of the twins or austin because they will stay due to van alliance. such a waste. here we go again taking out a floater instead of an actual target, how incompetent. SHELLI AND VAN NEED TO GO UP TOGETHER.

  38. Thank you Simon and Dawg. I gave in last night and bought the live feeds through your site. I appreciate the hard work.

  39. Once Shelli goes on the block she is going to run to Vanessa and tell her everything Becky told her. Vanessa will freak out of course and go crazy trying to get Becky to target someone else maybe even Shelli.

  40. Why is everyone sacred of the twins seriously? Who cares if Austin and Julia are coming after that person, they can’t even win shit so get out Liz or Austin ugh! One of them is going to win Big brother 17 if they don’t get them out ASAP!

    1. For sure Austin isn’t winning anything. I’m kinda surprised how bad he is at comps actually. BUT the twins arent too bad. I could see them winning one. But Austin NO. lol

      And that’s been my point: Why in the world aren’t the threesome being dissected? They were worried about Clay and Shelli duo but are ok with a threesome staying in? lol So stupid.

  41. I don’t know how stupid of a move it is really. Becky isn’t dumb enough to put one of her votes up on the block this week (Jmac, James, Jackie, Meg). So she has the votes regardless to control who goes. Telling Shelli the plan gives her enough reason to vote her out if she spills the beans and doesn’t get pulled of the block. Even if Steve does end up going home, it’s a still a hit to the 6 even of Becky doesn’t realize it. I see Becky being smarter then James in that if Vanessa does with the veto and pull shelli off, and Austwin will have I go up in her place to void losing one of her own numbers.

    It is not the most graceful plan, no denying it. But I have a feeling Beast Mode Becky with manage to keep all the power this week. If she pulls Steve and puts up Vanessa all on her own, I will be die hard Becky all the way to the end. The best players this season have only just started playing. And the ones who played early are taking the most heat. I have issues with the rat game, more so when it’s a floater ratting and not someone with a solid alliance like Vanessa. But remember folks, Becky like binged on BB hardcore before coming in her. I see a patchwork blanket of different strategies coming from this girl and so far it seems to be working for her.

    Everyone seems pretty mixed on this, but I like Jackie. She might not be the best player but I don’t know there is just something about her personality that I can’t help but love. Maybe it’s because she seems to be actually enjoying herself at the same time as she’s playing the game. The two don’t usually go hand in hand, but is rather one or the other.

  42. I’m not sure that Becky should have sd so much a to Vanessa to Shelli it may come back to bite her the butt. If Vanessa win pov she could use it on Shelli and they both will be safe. Her only chance would’ve to plant a seed of doubt with Vanessa that Shelli is playing both sides. Vanessa paranoid as azz may not use the veto on Shelli bcz she will come up with a 1000 scenarios. Vanessa looks like she having a mental meltdown!

    1. It doesn’t matter…worst case, the votes will be tie and Becky will vote out who she wants. She will not put up James, Meg, Jackie or John, no even if Van saved Shelly she will put up Austin or one of the twins. The vote ends up a tie. Becky and her side is sitting pretty this week.

  43. Becky is way too full of herself. She’s very conceited … She thinks she is the smartest person in the house. She constantly talks about herself and her accomplishments. She will get in her own way of this game. She talks about Vanessa being in everyone’s game when in fact that is what Becky has done. She takes way too much for granite.

    1. And the fact is, she thinks she has everyone pegged, but yet cant even see a large alliance right in front of her face! It’s so annoying. No wonder shes been laying low, and playing the rat. She has ONE conversation with Van, and Van knows immediately wants happening! Becky is just bad at this game.

      1. Exactly. This HOH will make her big ego BIGGER. She can say hateful things about Vanessa but underestimates her strategic game play. She’s much more interested in her attempt to look clever and crafty in this game than playing with discretion and humility. Which she desperately lacks.

  44. “Vanessa says obviously you know how good I am at sticking to my word.” LOL was vanessa really serious when she told becky this?

  45. steve has got to be the stupidest BB player ever if he throws the veto thinking he has the votes to stay, even stupider than meg. one thing is good, seems like the entire house is mad at vanessa, FINALLY.

    1. it seemed they were going to vote out shelly last week but they didn’t even manage 1 vote

      there will be alot of big talk but in the end nothing much will happen

      1. well clay was going to self evict anyway, he threaten to physically hit james, and he kept telling everyone to vote his ass out, this isnt the same situation. once veto is played or not, it will determine who will leave. the possibility of a tie vote is very very high this time around, so HOH will have control. and steve/shelli/vanessa all want to play the game, unlike clay.

  46. Hey Simon, I was wondering why in the grid of 16 BB HG photos, you don’t include Jace?

  47. I have a feeling Becky’s BD plan will backfire – it’s too risky to have only Shelli OR Vanessa on the block, too many variables working in S & V’s favor and against the HG’s that need them gone!

    I don’t have feeds so I miss a lot, hope it’s an interesting week none the less.

    Side note – Shelli was wearing her competition runners (along with all the other HG’s except for James and Clay last night). Her smugness and fake tears sickens me…

  48. van is allin time to dig in win the veto and its bye bye to becky no clue should have kept her mouth shut now van knows shes the target and shelie will tell van bad move becky

  49. When the feeds left off yesterday, it seemed like Jackie, Becky, JMac, and prob Meg were all going to vote to evict Shelli (despite Clay asking otherwise). What happened at the last second that made them vote to evict Clay? Does anyone know???? Was James pissed?

  50. Just a reminder to everyone: If you are able, donate to Simon and Dawg. They do a great job!!! I’ve relied on them for years, ahd hopefully years to come. Thanks

  51. What’s wrong with Becky??I think she’s got running of the mouth disease…First she should of NEVER confided in Shelli. Second She should put up Liz and Shelli with a backdoor of VanessA. If the nominations stand without the veto used, it would be jackie, james, johnymac, meg, voting out shelli, and austin, julia, liz, vanessa voting out steve so the deciding vote would be Becky, and I don’t know how she’d go with that. Come on Becky don’t you know you got to break the twins up…they’re all gunning for your side of the HOUSE!!!

  52. This is gonna blow up right in Becky’s face, just like that train did. Becky puts up Shelli/Steve and just watch Liz or Julia or even Austin or Vanessa get the POV. Vanessa stays in the game. This is a train wreck waiting to happen !!

  53. At this rate its going to be Vanessa & Shelli in the Final 2.

    Becky is playing this all wrong. Stop telling EVERYONE the plan and stop trusting Shelli who you know is up Vanessa’s knit hat. There are still too many variables and loose canons for her to try to backdoor Vanessa. You can’t trust Austin and the twits (not a typo) and if either Shelli or Vanessa win the Veto you need a brand new plan. Put them both up or put Shelli up with someone like Liz (like James should have done last week) so you have more control over the possible scenarios.

  54. Since Vanessa figured out that she might be the backdoor target, wouldn’t that look bad on Shelli because Becky might think that Shelli spilled the beans to Vanessa? Ugh.

  55. although it frustrates me that Becky completely ignored the plan and opened her big mouth….

    I think it could be a good thing. if Shelli is taken off the block, they can put up a twin. I still believe the best move this week is to somehow remove a twin/Austin from the house. the more weeks they go allowing a solid group of 3 to vote together….you are handing them the game…

  56. Simon or Dawg,
    Thank you so much for everything you do. I watch the live feeds but it still hard to really understand what is happening. I like how you summarize everything.
    I do have a question though, Do you have a timestamp for when Clay and JMac were very first talking before everything blew up.
    Thank you

  57. These morons have not figured this game out at all. Becky is one in a long line of HOH’s to get HOHitis. You are not a dictator as HOH, you still need the house to vote out your target, contrary to what Jackie might think. If the play is either Shelli or Van, put them both up. If either wins POV, put up Liz. Worst case scenario you break up the BIG 3 person voting block of the twins and Austin. I can’t believe that no one is even targeting that group of three. At least you can get another member of the 6th Sense out of the house. The fact that James Jackie and Sweet Meg have not figured that out is mind boggling.
    BTW I think Van just made a final 2 deal with herself. That should cover all her bases.
    Thanks Simon and Dawg!!! Great site

    1. Exactly!! I still crack up every time I think of Jackie saying “everyone has to do what James says”! Lol what? He no longer had a bit of power. Drive me crazy! And stop trying to Backdoor! Just put two people up that you wouldn’t mind see go home and pull up another if one of them gets taken down. Jeesh!!!

    1. WHOA! Thanks for letting us know about it!! I didn’t hear that last night!? I just flashed back .. that’s crazy! It sounds like they’re bring back america’s player.. interesting!!

      July 7 3:35am – James “What!? America’s Player Card!” Production “Congratulations”

  58. Becky’s plan is too risky. There are a lot of things that she can’t control. Just put Vanessa and Shelli up. If Austwins win POV, they won’t use it because they wouldn’t want to risk one of them going up. That way, if Vanessa wins POV, she still has Shelli on the block. The drama would be incredible with the two of them on the block front door style.

    What I don’t get is why she would swear James, Jackie, JMac and Meg to secrecy about her plan and then tell Steve and Shelli about the plan. I like that at least she told Vanessa not to tell Shelli she is going up against Steve and told Shelli not to tell Vanessa she is the backdoor option. I think Vanessa has figured it out anyways.

    I knew that Vanessa was going to get herself into trouble with her need to control everything and stir up confusion. She made it really obvious that she wanted to keep Shelli in the house, with all of her pointless drama she made herself a target and didn’t change the outcome. Clay still would have begged to be sent home, Shelli would still be in the house, and she wouldn’t have pissed of JMac and James. Now she is the biggest target because she just couldn’t chill out and let things play out without trying to control everything. Nothing she did made any difference to the outcome. She was so scared of DE, which didn’t happen, and it all might have cost her the game. I knew this would happen sooner or later, never imagined Becky would be the one to try and take her down. Now we will see how Vanessa plays when she is in danger and not in power or manipulating the power.

  59. Shelie is one of the strongest players both socially and competitively yet someone always seems to be a bigger target. That is how she will end up winning this game. I think Becky sees this and wants to ride her coat tails. Becky told her the plan to see if she can be trusted and if she can watch Becky hang on her. As far as Vannessa goes she has ruined her game with her emotions and paranoia. She believes your either with her or against her there is no in between.

  60. Becky should put up both Vanessa and Shelli on the block to start with, then if one of them gets taken oFf the block with a veto, put up one of the Autism trio on the block as a pawn. This would ensure that the remaining person (Van or Shelli) would be evicted with almost a unanimous decision.

    If Becky doesn’t do this her week as HOH will be a waste and I have a warning for her:


  61. I watched a really awkward conversation with Shelli and the twins/Austin. I think Steve was there too. Shelli was telling everyone about how Clay looks exactly like her brother, her brothers are so hot, Clay has the same gestures and quirks, he is so adorable, I love him. The reaction from the twins was kind of like my own reaction: shock and ewwwwwww. I can’t believe she hasn’t picked up on how creepy it is that she is attracted to someone that reminds her of her brother, she really shouldn’t be admitting it on the live feeds, because it is icky. I was calling them the Lannister twins before I knew Clay looked like Shelli’s twin brother. Now I just can’t shake the comparison. At least we don’t have to watch Clay anymore. He was real douche last night, he pretty much called Meg a ho on tv. Even Julie was shocked.

  62. I can see Austin and the twins making it far. Austin has changed his game since Vanessa almost put him up and judas was outed. Both sides have other targets and everyone sees them as 3 votes. Liz might get used as a pawn for Austin and Julia’s votes but I’m seeing one of those 3 in final 4 if not better. They are laying low now and making no enemies. Everyone wants them on their side. They can just sit back and let the 2 sides fight it out. Everyone thinks they will vote the same in jury so no one wants to be the one that sends them to jury. I like jmac and Jackie better than jmac and Becky. I see Jackie being much smarter than Becky if she could just win I would love to see how Jackie handles a solo HOH.

  63. I thought last week was awesome, but this week could potentially be one of those moments , that you have at a restaurant when you have just eaten and are completely full, but then they show you the desert menu and you suddenly have room for that three layer chocolate cake…. This week is that desert!!!

  64. The funniest part about Clay leaving is that he probably would have won that HOH if they didn’t vote him out and the 6 would have been safe. LOL

  65. It’s true Vanessa has gone from brilliant strategist to batsh*t crazy, But if she does leave, I’ll probably forget about checking the feeds. Why watch Meg, Jackie and JMac sleep all day while the Austwins whine and work out. Becky is a super rat, but rats do win BB

  66. And by the Two-Headed Dragon I mean Shelli and Vanessa. Come on, how many lives does the orange tan face have and I’m tired of Vanessa’s musical numbers. Perhaps that’s why she’s not a billionaire by playing poker and only made around 4 million. She plays the same game over and over so it can work on new people but eventually people catch on. And not to mention her behavior after a minute of not being control. She does not handle stress or pressure very well. I hope she goes, let her be the end to her own demise.

    They both got carried away and took a bigger bite than they could chew the moment they sent Jason home. They didn’t know how to hold back their power trips ultimately did this to themselves. Shelli saving Audrey so long and Vanessa making fake deals left and right and of course they gave themselves away with the final blow of Jason.

    Good Riddance!

    I hope neither win POV and if a pawn is up, the pawn goes down and Vanessa goes up.

  67. It’s not surprising that Becky’s thought is backdoor. It’s what she wanted to do when she was co-HOH with shelli. Becky wanted to backdoor Audrey for insinuating that Becky was racist. The only problem is that this is the stage of the game where things can go haywire. This is the point where pawns can go home. Let’s say Austin or twins or Vanessa play in pov. let’s say one of them wins and chooses to leave the noms the same. Then you’ve got two decoys on the block and your plan is ruined.

  68. God my brain is so much more ruthless than these people. Me personally if I was HoH this week and Vanessa was my target I would have flat out put up the twins and use Austin’s feelings against all three of them to get what I wanted. Like last week to insure Shelli went home I would have used the veto and put up Liz so I was guaranteed the votes I needed.
    Easy steps:
    1) Fill in James, Johnny Mac,Jackie and Meg that Vanessa is the target and you are putting up both twins to force some hands…. and lock in those votes to be used to evict Vanessa and say that I am using those locked in votes to pressure Austin and the twins to NOT use Vanessa as the Houseguest choice because if they do, it is just going to send one of the sisters home…. because if she wins it and saves a twin the other is going that week. the 4 votes are locked in and I will do it. (Honestly the way the game is going what do you have to loose with a little heartlessness.)

    2) Pull Austin and the twins into the HoH to make a deal. If Vanessa comes up with them “Vanessa we can talk later I just need to talk to Austin and the twins if you don’t mind. I will fill you in on it all later.” then point out to the twins what the deal is. I am nominating both twins the veto will be used to save a twin and Vanessa will go up as the replacement nominee. If one of them gets Houseguest choice chose Austin because if they pick Vanessa and she wins PoV then I will replace a twin with Austin and a twin will go home and as far as I am feeling knowing what I have just told you it is like saying that you are OK with your sister to go home to save Vanessa, I have (4) votes locked in that is a tie, I will choose to evict one of the sisters in that situation and I do not believe that is the case. You do not tell Vanessa because if she knows and I find out, and I will because people in this house can not shut up… a twin go’s home. This is just business do not tempt things just to save Vanessa’s game because one of you will pay the price…. Have a nice night.

    3) Nominate the twins

    4) Have the PoV used to save a twin

    5) Say goodbye to Vanessa or a twin if they call my bluff.

    Doing what Becky is doing leaves too many holes to not guarantee what she wants. If you want Vanessa out or to take a Big Dog like Shelli out… you need to play it like a Bg Dog… It’s not personal just business.

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