Becky “Only have 4 boys left! They wanted a strong woman this year, but SH*T!”

POV Holder: ? POV Competition Aug 8th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 10th
HOH Becky Next HOH Aug 13th
Original Nominations: ? and ?
After POV Nominations: ? and ?
Have Nots ?

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-07 09-37-50-032

THE PLAN – Put up Shelli & Steve with Johnny as the fake backdoor plan when in fact Vanessa is the real target.

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Is America’s Player Twist making a comeback this season?

9:15am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. In the kitchen – Becky asks is havenots first, then noms? James says yes. Liz notices all the ants in the sink of dirty dishes and freaks out. She grabs the raid and goes to spray it but Becky tells her she’s going to hurt someone. We need to clean the dishes first and then spray. Becky says the ants are all after the slop!

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-07 09-59-36-075

10:25am A twin and Becky Talking about keurig and how expensive they are. Becky lets us know keurig is really big in Europe she lived in Germany before. Becky says if she drinks Coffee when she laying in bed it doesn’t work. It really works when she’s moving. “I notice it when i’m in the store” Becky says she takes “Mental Breaks” at Starbucks while at work at abercrombie.
Austin milling around. Becky tells him he can eat some of her vegtables. “I have so much kale, I have so much spinach”

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-07 11-13-58-009

10:49am – 11:45am Austin and Becky Austin has just finished making two giant omelettes. Austin – Why did they wake us so early. Becky – we need to pick have nots and the nominations. Austin comments how much food there’s left in the house this week. Becky thinks it’s because Austin was a have not and Clay wasn’t eating a lot because he was on the block. They talk about hearing production building in the backyard and how it could be for a have / havenot competition. Becky tells Liz I can’t believe we only have 4 boys left! Liz says dude what the f**k! Becky says I know they wanted a strong woman this year .. but SH*T! They got it! We don’t have one flusey girl. Never! A flusey girl stuffed into this house. Liz says except Meg. Becky says every girl except Meg. She’s not flusey, she’s just funny. Liz says I know, its crazy. Becky says we’re hair, we’re nails but we don’t f**K around. Becky says its really weird to see Clay’s picture black and white. Becky heads up to the HOH room. Liz tells Austin she is going to cry if there are have / havenot competitions from here on out. I can’t be a havenot again. We just got off it. Liz asks what if I get stuck with Steve!?

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-07 11-45-16-761

11:47am – 12pm Comic bedroom – Vanessa tells Julia that she slipped when she was talking to Shelli in the bathroom. I told her don’t worry Freaks and Geeks has your back. I recovered by saying we were brainstorming ideas for an alliance name and talked about calling it beauty and the geeks. And she would be the beauty. Vanessa asks Julia about her conversation with Becky. Julia says that Becky said she wasn’t coming after us. Vanessa says she didn’t say that to me. It was a terrible conversation. I think I’m her backdoor target, not Johnny Mac. If Shelli wins POV I am going up 100%! Did she make a deal with you? Julia says yeah she said if I don’t put you up will you promise not to go after me next week. Vanessa says she told me no more deals. No more alliances. WHat is she thinking?! This is big brother you have to make deals. I got so much blood on my hands for everyone else. She told me she feels great about James, Jackie and Meg. What a terrible game player?!!! Who admits they’re in a 4 person alliance?!

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-07 11-53-56-917

12pm All the house guests have been told to get up in preparation for an HOH lock down. Looks like Big Brother will lock the house guests in the HOH room in order to set out the havenot food. It sounds like Becky will be picking have nots.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-07 12-01-36-704

12:05pm Big Brother blocks the feeds.. looks like its time to setup the havenot food..

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Becky is wack, idk why she told shelli the whole plan, I hope she doesnt relay this info back to vanessa, but atlrast shes smart enough to realize james meg and jackie have her back in this game


I hate when people ask for likes… if you agree

TorontoVegan (the real one)

This plan to backdoor Vanessa is not going to work. Becky will nominate Shelli & Steve, and the nominations will stay the same after the veto comp is played. I hate to say it, but I see Steve going home on Becky’s HOH. I cannot believe Becky is making the same mistake James made last week. For crying out loud! Put up two strong players – Shelli & Vanessa. If the veto is used, put Liz on the block as a replacement nominee. Becky had her last HOH wrangled from her by Shelli. I hope she doesn’t throw away a great opportunity to make a big move.


I agree with you. I don’t think Becky should put up Vanessa though. It should definitely be Liz and Shelli. Tell Liz is a pawn and she’ll definitely have Austin and Julia fighting for her; those two will do anything to get Liz off the block. If veto is played, take Shelli off and put Vanessa up; they’ll definitely have the votes to get Vanessa out. If veto isn’t played, then it’s fine if Shelli goes…or even Liz.


Becky just couldn’t contain herself…diarrhea of the mouth. Hopefully Shelli won’t go to Vanessa with anything that Becky told her last night to save herself from eviction this week. Although I think Vanessa is playing the game, she is playing her game while telling people she is helping them. Vanessa is helping Vanessa. How many times after being given information has Vanessa said why would they say that, they are blowing up MY game. And for Vanessa to plant the seed of everyone being bullied, that is poppycock. If anyone is bullying, in a roundabout way Vanessa is the bully.


I dunno, a bully is a person who exerts a lot of force (physical usually) or threats to get what they want. I don’t see Vanessa as a bully as much as a badger. She also plays victim.

She basically badgers the house guests into listening to her, and I think that’s partly why they are very very tired of her.
Jackie and Becky are just being very dramatic and both sides throw the bully thing out too much. Like they called James a bully and he was freaking HOH. The nature of BB is to manipulate and trick. There are no honest people in this game.


You are correct in your term of bully. No Van has never cornered anyone & forced physical violence upon them. Badger may be the better word. I was using Van’s bully label, in the way she tried using it when referring to James(which was a bold face hypocritical lie) about getting votes. At least James never pressured/told JMAC how to vote or he needed to throw comps. That is why I referred to Van(based on her term of the word) as a bully. Just wanted to be clear.


Sorry,no round about way that Van bully’s people-its blatantly obvious to anyone who is not one of her mindless minions(I mean really, she was willing @one point to throw up Austin). Van(Shelli/Clay too) told JMAC, to throw comps-he had been pushed to do it-no choice, throw the comp. This chic wants to throw the label bully around when she is the #1 house bully.


Exactly right. Van is the only “bully” this season.

Jackie the Troll Doll

“Bullied..?? These people are grown adults. They are not 7 year olds. They aren’t even teenagers. Mmkay..they are not bullied. Get a grip. At what point does someone become responsible for their own game?

Ariana Grande licks doNUTS and hates Americans

Becky said, “Only have 4 boys left! They wanted a strong woman this year, but SH*T!”

She is wrong, CBS production wanted a tranny to win this year, and everything was on track till Audrey’s demons started coming out, then CBS realized that Audrey was giving the Transgender Communicable a bad image so they had to let her go.


You really are a moron aren’t you.

Ariana Grande licks doNUTS and hates Americans

Was it the Freudian “insert” (Communicable) that got you all hot and bothered?


All trans get me hot and bothered. They really know how to work the pole. I love my pre-op fudge packer her name is Peg


Hey Simon can we PLEASE get rid of bigots like this from this site? It seems like every other comment from this creature is homophobic and bigoted.


Its your site and I think you guys do a great job, but i dont favor censorship. Adults should be able to tolerate different opinions and if you dont like what someone posts challenge them on it. But no to the subjective censoring. Thats just my opinion.
Great spoilers! thanks for all the work!


Dawg, that comment was directed towards Toronto guy, NOT u or simon. Just wanted to make that clear

Susan Whelan

Great post. These trolls that ask for censoring are the first ones to cry foul when their first amendment rights are violated yet jump for joy at the opportunity to violate other, in more ways than one!


Geez.. PC police at it again. If u don’t like a post skip it, don’t read it. Who made you the judge on what should or shouldn’t be said?

Vanessa's stinky, ugly a$$ cap

I’ve seen where someone makes an inappropriate comment about bible toting or bible quoting HGs. Yet no one asks for that to be censored!!!

Why are Bibliophobes so intolerable….And so hypocritical that they want everyone censored except those that lambast Christianity? They shout tolerance, yet they have none themselves. That my friend is HYPOCRISY at its highest (or should I say lowest) level!


What I don’t understand is why all the animosity? licks donuts was making a very good valid point and there was nothing wrong with it. Those complaining just don’t have anything better to do. Maybe they’re internet trolls, they should be censored.


I wholeheartedly agree censorship is wrong. People should be able to exercise their own discretion and be capable of seeing the falsity of other ideas. With that being said, Simon and Dawg have to create some filters. If this site continuously allows troll comments that are not related to the game, then people may stop coming to their site.. That would be no good.

SF 49ers

Ditto, downright vulgar and indecent comments should be censored. So should spam and internet trolls. But censoring someones opinion just because you don’t agree with it is absolutely insane and straight from the Dark Ages.

Dr Will M.D.

Will everyone please chill out. Everyone has an opinion and should have it voiced. I am totally against censoring. If you don’t like a certain post you have two choices:
Skip it
Or reply to it and show your difference of opinion


I survived last seasons BB

Think about how much this game changed from last Wednesday

You had 6th sense mowing Everyone over..With a sugary showmance couple..a pair of twins and Austin, and Vanessa happily playing Everyone against each other..You even had Steve as a seventh

Against three underdogs and two non-commital Players who looked more inline w 6th sense..

Now The showmance is split and at least one more 6th sense Player is headed home..There is a new 5 person alliance of Outsiders..and if all goes well,,Vanessa will have a meltdown greater than Chernobyl..on the way out

It’s been a great 8 days !!

Canadian Kevin

Yes it has! It’s great!


Its been a great turnaround and I love Vanessa in “scramble mode” and she is sinking her own ship. All this “I got blood on my hands for EVERYONE” Bitch please! YOU wanted Jeff out, YOU wanted Jason out so you can keep Austin around so please own your lying decietful game for once. So glad she f’d up with Shelli about “freaks and geeks” and yes I think Becky maybe should have kept Shelli in the dark but if Shelli is smart she will NOT breathe a word of it to Vanessa. The veto ceremony will be epic if they can put her ass on the block!!!


She told Shelli to see if Shelli tells Vanessa or Austin (which she more than likely will)… either way, it doesn’t matter. If she tells them they can get her or Vanessa out. If she doesn’t they can get vanessa out (because no way will Austin vote Liz out.).

I survived last seasons BB

They have the tiebreaker vote no matter..Also Shelli is smart enough to know if She talks to Vanessa than She goes home. Jmac,James,Meg and Jackie are going to go Becky’s way..No combo of ther other side,if two are on the block, can defeat that

BUT..It would be a disappointment not to see Vanessa go

Shut up Becky

Shelli will go STRAIGHT TO Vanessa with the info; no one in that house can shut their traps! Dumb game move. Vanessa will talk nonstop the rest of the week now


When Shelli agreed to not tell Vanessa that they were planning to back door her, she mentioned something about Vanessa trying to convince her that Clay was turning against her right before the vote. I don’t watch the feeds and if it was mentioned on here, I missed it. Does anyone know what she was talking about?


Becky = dumb shit kicking hick

Steve and Smelli up no backdoor with Vanessa ever works. Swear to god it’s the moron hour after HOH these days. Gonna be the worst HOH waste of the season. Shelli out the door if no POV save. If Van goes up Steve goes to jury 1st. Other than the kini and the rat Becky is a useless waste of space. Great kini though 😛


Agreed. If want Van out, best to put up Van and Liz. If noms stay the same, Van goes guaranteed. If Van wins veto, put Shelli up and Shelli goes (not a bad second choice).

Worst case is Shel and Steve up. Van wins veto and takes down Shelli (Van is safe as veto holder). Then a twin or Austin goes up. And that is OK I guess but a very vanilla outcome. Meh.


I would love to eat your “veggies” Becky! Do you have any re-cobbed corn? That is my favorite.

Jody H

No. If Vanessa goes up, they have the votes. They will make it a tie. And Becky will say Adios Muchacha. The only chancy part is if Vanessa or the twins get the POV and keep Noms the same. Then Steve might go home. But it’s still way possible for Shelli.


Steve won’t go home against Shelli, Vanessa or Austin/twins. If one of the “6” is on the block, they only have 4 votes. Meg, James, JMac and Meg are 4 votes and they are on lock for the biggest threat, which isn’t Steve. The 6 don’t have the numbers this week. Becky is the tie breaker vote.


Okay, I am having problems getting onto the live feeds. It keeps popping up that I need to download the Adobe Flash, I already have it. Any suggestions on what I should do next??????? Please keep it clean!! LOL


Why would Becky tell Shelli all that shit about Vanessa last night…?

Ariana Grande stinks!

Imagine that! Liz is calling out Meg while her and her sista (Jiz Tweens) are the whores of the century!

As Jason said it, Liz is whoring herself in a showmance with Austin –whom she doesn’t like!– for a check — which is nothing else but a definition of a fluzie #LizGonorrhea


By far hilarious coming out of the house whores(not referring to her having sex per say but allowing Austin to touch on her for his protection-gross)mouth. Liz letting Austin kiss,paw on her,snuggle,flip her around wrestling,etc. She loves to play the showmance card when it benefits her but then denies she likes Austin. Everyone is laughing at ya Liz-seriously sit down!


Nice double standard….

Jody H

Simon/Dawg I always love your site. And I just donated what I could. Also if I buy on Amazon through you, can I still use my Amazon Prime?

Jody H

Really, saying I gave a donation? Why would you thumbs down that? I don’t understand people.


Who’s ready for a BBVanessa Meltdown? Head for the hills, The Dam is about to break!!!

BB fan

If Steve goes it wouldn’t be so terrible. That would leave 5 on one side and 5 on the other side of the house and then game on!


5 on each side is not a good thing. Whoever wins HOH can put two people on the block to eliminate one vote, so really 4-3 on the voting.

Ariana Grande stinks!

Love ya Beck! Love ya Jacks! LOVE ya James!

is it just me

so the rat the idiot and the perv hmmm speaks volumes

BB fan

If Steve were to go it wouldn’t be that bad. It would leave 5 people on one side and 5 on the other side of the house and then game on!

Becky's Caboose

this is my best angle. hold on and climb aboard!

Poor Jackie is running out of c*cks to put in her mouth.

EZ does it

I think you mean Clay!!!!!


I actually believe that Becky will be able to convince ANYONE in the house who wins POV to pull Shelli down for the bd Vanessa plan.
EVERYONE on “her side” wants Vanessa out, and Austin and the twins have proven that they are EASILY manipulated. If one of them wins POV, all she has to do is point out to them how it will be better for their game, and the other side won’t be gunning for them if they go along.
The ONLY way this may backfire on Becky is if Vanessa wins POV.


I just wish Becky didn’t want so badly to work with Shelli…

is it just me

yes the outsiders have a real good track record of making plans and seeing them through, just like last week
i can see many ways it will go wrong and im sure it will only question remains is how funny will it be
once everyone finds out Becky is a rat and has been selling out the outsiders for a while im pretty sure the plan will go much like last week’s plan


if vensssa not pick for veto tomorrow she going up I don’t see nobody change becky mind nobody
yes venssa playing a great game but she got to know you cant make deals with everybody in the house
cause it will come back when you have to nom from your hoh that’s why I always say 7 people will be to much you need 6 or 4 in a team the numbers be even I kind of want venssa to go to jury to see people play their on game next I hope its one of the twins


Vanessa: Cannot Compute, Cannot Compute…


I have no idea why they are bothering with a backdoor plan. It’s like she’s trying so hard so be sneaky and blindside Vanessa as if Vanessa isn’t already going to be scheming as if she were on the block. Vanessa isn’t like Meg, Jason, or Day. She’s not going to wait until she’s on the block to move to protect herself, she’s already trying to cover herself and make options.


Not sure what Becky’s strategy is on telling Shelli her plans. Either she is doing it to see where Shelli stands, which should be freakin obvious, a trained monkey could figure that out! Or, she’s just a dumb a$$.


Honestly, I don’t care if Vanessa knows she is the backdoor plan…honestly, what will she do???..spread my lies, beg, plead..???…its just going to make her panic and go crazy and spread more ridiculous lies that they don’t believe anyways….she can spread her lies all the way to the jury house…


Vanessa is in a tough spot this week. What would she do if she won veto? She has F2s with both Shelli and Steve now. If she uses it on one, the other will be pissed. If she uses it on neither, both will be pissed.

You can make as many deals as you want in the BB house. Just don’t get caught.

We’ll see if she plays — and wins — veto…..


I know how you think and I know how you play the game. Sweetheart I would end your game when the rest of the house guest wouldn’t. I’m not scared of you, Shelli is your puppet SWEETHEART!!! You haven’t heard the last from me on this blog Miss Vanessa!!! PUNK ASS TRASH BOX!!!!! Now where is Julie Chen!!!!!!

skeptical onlooker

Vanessa standing around..looking very uncomfortable in her skin..and shutting up for once. Yeah….she’s scheming…she knows she’s in trouble..and can’t figure out what to do about it. Yet.
Her *game Theory* is probably sound..on paper…or in short games..but not in a house..where paranoia rules…and for such a long time. The game keeps changing..and Vanessa is not stable enough to change gears.
A note here. She’s falling apart. Spraying her hair with disinfectant (LOL)…slipping up with Shelli re the geeks and freeks.
If she does go on the block…all hell will break loose. This is the calm before the storm.
I wonder if Becky deliberately let Vanessa know about her alliance with James et al.
And what a slap in the face for Vanessa when Becky said no deals. Whoa. How DARE Becky turn her down?
Vanessa knows she is in deep trouble . She HAS to win the veto.
Yes..Vanessa moans about what kind of game Becky is playing. Imagine..actuallytelling someone about your alliance.
In this case ,however…I think it’s brilliant. Becky showing she’s not scared..and as Vanessa’s favourite saying is * Do the Math*..well…the math comes into play. That’s 3 votes already against her,.’Some MAJOR sucking up going to be done. And..of course..Vanessa will spill the beans about becky being a rat. It won’t help her though.
James, Meg , Jackie and Becky are solid.
And..I’m guessing the twins will trun on Austin..if he doesn’t win something soon. They’ll figure out that they’re carrying HIM!!


i guess if you don’t have feeds you can’t vote for things or see if they are voting for anything.

I wonder for those who do have feeds can you let us know if there is voting going on or not? I am wondering why or how they come up with the random have not extra foods ideas, etc lol

and didn’t we see Becky’s HOH style the last time she was HOH, running around tell every single person who her target is, except the target, then falling flat on her face because it didn’t happen? You’d think she’d be more pissed at Shelli for letting her think that their targets were the same, but nope.


No. No votes except a vote on which to give the houseguest: a pool noodle or inflatable shark. Lol. Dumb.


Still want her gone. I hope Vanessa wins POV then Shelli gets evicted. Then there goes clay and Shellie’s plan!!!


Vanessa has a way of getting herself out of most situations, so it’ll be interesting to see how this all unfolds. She basically controls Austin and the twins so there’s 3 votes for her immediately. The rest of the house has shown themselves to be equally malleable too. Just look how they all first wanted Shelli gone,then Vanessa started her campaigning and got Shelli to stay.


Maybe Becky now has a “reason” to just put Vanessa and Shelli up on the block. If Becky tries to backdoor Vanessa, it is going to fail because you never reveal the backdoor until the POV is played. I don’t think James, Jackie and JMac are going to feel comfortable with her blabbing about the backdoor plan to Shelli after asking them to not tell anyone. I bet she has never watched old school BB without BOB, and MVP, just the last few seasons that they gave her in sequester, not traditional BB.

The only way her plan works the way she wants is if Vanessa isn’t chosen for the POV or if she plays and loses. If Vanessa isn’t on the block, wins POV, she can save Shelli and be safe too. Then Becky has to piss off Austwins and nominate one of them, making 3 more enemies. Becky will be vulnerable at DE.

Even if it all blows up in Becky’s face, it makes James a little safer going into DE. Him and Jackie need to lay low and work on connecting with JMac. It looks like James might have a power because of the “America’s Player” DR leak, but it is probably just a stupid task that hurts his game in the long run. I wish they would just let things play out. I loved it when James won HOH last week, I loved it that Clelli is over, I was even happy that Becky won and that ADC and JMac is safe this week, but I don’t want to see them steamroll to the end any more than I wanted the 6 to do it.

Austin is a rapist

Simon, Dawg, have you seen the way inapropriate fondling on the feeds of Austin to Liz last night (2:56 am) ? I read somewhere he put his hands under the cover on Liz to somewhere that she did NOT approve and made her gasps/react surprisingly….?

Beast Mode Cowpie

Vanessa is way too smart to NOT figure out what is going on. Becky making deals with the twins but telling Vanessa “no deals”? Bad move. Plus Shelli knows, so Vanessa will find out one way or the other. Then she will fight like hell for veto and cut as many deals as she can (and plant paranoia seeds) to get some of the others to keep the noms the same if they win. I think there is a very slim chance that this backdoor plan will work out the way Becky wants, but we’ll just have to watch and see.

holy moly

if shelli spills the beans then she proves she can’t be trusted