Big Brother 17 Episode 2 Results New Houseguests and The Amazing Race

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Last nights part of the Big Brother 17 première introduced the 3 new twists as well as the first 8 houseguests to enter the house. The first Head of Household competition was played, Audrey had an announcement and the girls Davonne, Shelli and Audrey form a day one alliance. Keep in mind that the two part première was not live the houseguests entered the house last weekend. When the feeds start tonight we’ll have a lot of catching up to do.

3 twists to start the season

  • Fan favorite twist -> Battle of the block is back
    (Two HOH’s are crowned and they nominate 2 houseguests each. Those two pairs compete in a competition called the battle of the block. The winning pair is safe from eviction and the HOH that nominated them is dethroned and eligible for nomination after the Power of Veto is played)
  • Secret only we know about (Twin Twist, one of the houseguests have a identical twin. the other houseguests have no idea. the house guests will take turns spending time in the house. If they survive the first 5 eviction they earn the right to both play in the game as individuals. Possible twins are Johnny and Donnie mac or Liz and Julia Nolan
  • BB takeover (New twist each and every week. when houseguests hear the BB takeover jingle they have to meet in the living room)

First 8 houseguests to enter the house

Davonne, Shelli, Clay, Austin, Audrey, Meg, Jace, and James.

First Head of household winner is James

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-25 17-12-11-933

Last 6 houseguests enter the house

Liz, Becky and Steve are the first 3 to enter. The second batch is Jason, John and Vanessa.

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-25 17-19-22-167

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-25 17-26-47-142

Special guest Phil Keoghan joins Julie Chen and introduces the First BB takeover twist. He’s bringing Jeff and Jackie from the Amazing Race 26 to play in Big Brother.
We now have 16 house guests.

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-25 17-40-35-340

Second HOH Winner is Jason

Vannesa Sits out.
HOH competition is played it’s endurance type.
Steve first one out
Jeff second out
John Third out
Becky Fourth out
Liz Fifth out
Jackie Sixth out
Jason wins HOH

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Before the Show started we were treated with some Feed leaks..

Big-Brother-17- 2015-06-25 18-27-11-486

Live Feed Leak – 4:33pm – 4:43pm
On Cams 1 & 2 Shelli is in the bedroom talking about not being able to work-out in the hallway like that. She comments on how Audrey has cute stuff. Audrey says she wants to win HOH so she can get more hoodies and stuff. Shelli complains that her shirt with a wolf howling at the moon was taken away. Like what the hell?! Audrey says these people are unpredictable! Audrey says when she was in the bathroom with me you and Jeff .. and he made a comment about Clay. BB blocks the feeds. Audrey says it’s like you find a coin and put it in your pocket for a rainy day. Shelli says she likes that analogy. Audrey says we could use that if we wanted?! Shelli asks from this morning? Audrey says yeah. Meg joins them. Audrey says I did not bring sexy underwear! I don’t need it. The cameras then switch to the bathroom where Steve goes to the washroom and Clay heads into the shower to change. He then brushes and blow dries his hair. Vanessa comes through and asks if havenots can have coffee. Clay tells her they can.

The other cams 3 & 4 show James in the shower.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-06-25 18-43-58-838

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90 thoughts on “Big Brother 17 Episode 2 Results New Houseguests and The Amazing Race

      1. What analogy was that? I gues I missed it as I fast-forwarded through tonight’s “eye-gauging” insipid episode.

  1. Welcome to Big Brother Hall of Fame Class of 2015
    The first inducted is Rachel Reilly Villegas
    The Second inducted of Hall of Fame Class of 2015 is the Lifetime Achievement Award Recipent……….Simon & Dawg!! Congrats to you to Class of 2015 Big Brother Hall of Fame Lifetime Achievement Award!!!
    The third Inductee will be the next HoH Competition.

  2. The only time they have cast an articulate black woman was in BB1. Again just the typical loud mouth typecast this year.

    BTW, Jace has already become annoying. At least last year’s typecast surfer dude type Hayden was funny.

    1. Totally agree with you about Jace… he has already got annoying and that is just from watching the show. I hate to imagine what he will do to the live feeds. As for Da’Vonne, you don’t think she is intelligent and articulate? I think she is pretty spot on so far. As for loud, maybe, but I feel like there are a lot more loud cast members than her: Jace, Jason, Meg???

      1. I agree that Jace is annoying & I like DaVonne but considering that she is a poker dealer & said that she could read people easily – I thought it was kinda funny when she didn’t believe that John was a dentist!LOL! Though he does seem rather hyper & jumpy – I’m not sure I’d want him working on my teeth!

  3. And the season 16 repeat begins….can this get anymore boring???…so far this is just a carbon copy of last season????

    1. At least the cast seems way better than last year, i don’t think there’s any way it can be as bad as last year, just my opinion. I really hope i’m right.

    2. Well we basically have gotten intros and HOH x2 that’s it. 1st noms Sunday on TV. We’ll know that and a lot more here :P Looks like 5 episodes before the 1st eviction week 1 has barely started. BBUSA 16 was a sleep fest most people agree. They haven’t had a power nap yet. Don’t forget were getting edits up til now who knows what could/has happened.
      Open up the back yard looks like a good season for kinis…………..DAM!

    3. oh stfu pls im sick of people every single season crying that “this is the worst season” blah blah blah go away

  4. I’m so disappointed to find out that CBS has denied access to the live feeds by Canadian Viewers … Almost makes me not want to bother watching this season!! :-/

    1. He reminds me of Ragan Fox too much. I prefer people who lay cool and don’t try to bring so much attention on themselves. Same with Jace, actually.

      1. Yes! Jason is already annoying and obnoxious. He’s a mishmash of Ragan Fox and GinnaMarie from Staten Island. I wouldn’t miss him a bit if he got evicted sooner rather than later.

    2. Why can’t they cast a “butch/straight-acting/gym-rat” gay guy for once. Tired of seeing these “Nelly” stereotypes! So glad I DVR’d tonight’s episode – that HOH challenge was so LAME!

      1. I should have prefaced this description with an “out of the closet” butch/straight-acting/gym-rat gay guy!

      2. Big Brother Canada had a butch gay man. I know it is annoying how they choose Houseguests but Audrey is the first BB Trans Woman so who knows. I do know a ton of masculine Gay men that audition for Big Brother, one even told me something that I do not believe to be true, he stated that they would have cast him if he was straight because they had someone for a showmance for him. Now that would blow up the airways masculine gay male showmance or attractive lesbian showmance… LOL. That would be great, though for the record I despise showmances… I only really liked one Jeff and Jordan…. the rest ugh make it stop.

    3. That kid is already annoying the hell out of me. Psst…. Someone please tell him he’s not a black woman. I have no doubt that I will be hating him by episode 3.

  5. Great twist by phil but wrong cast members there is a ton of tar that are better than them. I wonder is jeff probst will come by give a twist like that maybe shane power is back or jim rice who knows. Or even a coach twist brings old houseguest. Expect the unexpected. If the twin is liz she probably will be a target on week1 but I think those tar are out the door before week 5 they probably suck. It should have been someone who understands the game and those two are clueless. So there is 17 houseguest this season and maybe more.

  6. Welcome to the Big Brother House, Amazing Racers! At least one of you might as well not bother unpacking! Enjoy your 1 week on the show!

    1. It’s not your imagination. I already said that a few days ago. It’s pretty funny, but he looks/acts so much like Pee-wee. One of the girls said that tonight, too.

  7. The Amazing Race house guests literally just ruined the game for me. I didn’t like them on the Amazing Race and I do not like them on Big Brother. Seriously, you couldn’t have chosen anyone else?

    1. The girl seems cool. The guy should have been on Beerfest as one of the funny looking German drinkers (the two big dudes).

    2. I know! I was waiting for that chick to start laughing like Fran Drescher! Where do they find these “fame-hoes!”

    3. There certainly are more popular and interesting choices from the past season of The Amazing Race. My thought is that out of all the couples, they were the closest thing to a love connection. Stupid reason if I’m right. It would have been much more interesting to see Hayley and Blair. The house guests might even actually buy that they didn’t have an alliance.

  8. honestly I would have much preferred 2 former Big Brother players returning, there are plenty who would have jumped at the chance to return, I really don’t know these people any different from the rest. not much of a twist for me at least..

  9. Sooooooo we have Taylor Swift…….Suzanne Somers ……Pee Wee Herman…….Ogre………Mr. Miagi ………..Hillary Swank……….all playing as houseguests. Anyone else notice?

      1. Austin reminds me of the actor Christopher Lloyd who played the professor in the “Back to the Future” movies.

    1. I think that James looks more like Ken Jeong…who plays Mr. Chow in the Hangover movies, Jace reminds me of Joseph Gordon-Levitt with long hair (like his character in 3rd Rock From the Sun…but all grown up), and Vanessa looks like Donatella Versace…before age, sun damage and plastic surgery got a hold of her. Oh, and Jason reminds me of a young Alan Cumming.

  10. Any Canadians here getting a black screen for the live feeds and no fish (except for fish in the smaller camera boxes but unable to switch cameras)?
    And anyone know of a possible solution to this?

              1. I found feeds online for the last few years of BBUS so I think they will also appear this year. I’m still searching though and will try to post a link here if i find something.

                Best to check message boards like this one sometimes links pop up but they can’t be publicized for obvious reasons.

  11. Since they have Audrey, the first transhuman to play BB (that we know of at least) I think they should also have a real guy on guy hook-up/bromance – Clay and Phil would be perfect! I wonder how many guys washed their crotches (woodies) in cold water after Audrey spilled her “T” last night? The expressions on their faces after her story said it all.

    1. Don’t tag me as a “hater!” I say, “to each his/her own!” I wish Audrey all the best! I was just commenting on the guy’s reactions her to her “truth!” Its not something you see every day in real life or on the boobtube! Times they are “a-changin!”

      1. I’m gay and progressive and Audrey blew me away as a Transwoman… I would never have guessed in a million years she was a transwoman…. she is gorgeous. Listen most people do not live in Urban areas and this may have been the first time these guys may have met a transwoman, I always believe in giving people the opportunity to grow. I am ecstatic she is on the show… I am cheering for her.

        1. Same here. If the goal was to become a woman, it’s a success. She’s good looking and feminine. I never would have guessed. I like her attitude, along with a few other girls’. I’m a guy, but would like to see a strong women’s alliance this time.

  12. Wonder if Audrey’s next big reveal is that she’s a decathlon champion from the 1976 Olympics?

      1. Thanks. Just got the oil changed on my hair. Like to do it every 20000 miles. Routine maintenance ya know?

        1. Say Dave, on average, how many times did you have to bring Liza’s “hip” to Jiffy Lube for an oil change? God Bless the old girl!

  13. Quote from Simon’s synopsis above: Audrey says “I did not bring sexy underwear! I don’t need it.”

    I’d like to ask her, “Audrey, please define sexy underwear,” and “why don’t you need them?”

  14. Make comments without see the live feeds it’s always a shot in a dark but:

    Apart from all negative considerations about the amazing race couple the two seems very decent for now, and its other ingredient for the show (will a big target survive?). And Jackie seems another strong girl and emotional to. These girls (and Jason) are a cocktail of drama ready to explode in everyone! :-p

    Jase over the top! Annoying was hell! How kind of drugs he´s taking? You are going home so soon…
    Dentist /Steve/James – team awkwardness. I’m not dislike at all but its hard like to. I hope they are entertained and intelligent.

    Clay- I hope a epic battle over him. It’s ridiculous but!

    Davonne – girl for all I see in these 2 episodes you only mistake it’s the alliance with two narcissist snakes (she probably are to but she is funny at least). For now, rotting for her.

    Vanessa – im not gonna lie. I am very impress with all Vanessa’s achievements. But I don’t fell the vibe… social skills? I’m very intrigue to see her to colors.

    Jason- entertained and drama queen. The pet. But annoying. If you want the money you don’t act like that…you want be famous only and you will (in big brother world ate least).

    Becky – Hilary shank. I think we have 2 transgender.

    Well, lets the hunger games begin!!!!!

    1. I agree with all your points and I haven’t seen the feeds yet. I’d just add the women all seem very ‘plastic’ this year. I guess I like more natural looking women.

    1. Thanks Simon! It’s great to be back. Best place on the web for BB fans to comment and congregate. You guys kick ass!

    2. It’s good to be back Simon and thanks for hosting this website again this year. It is fabulous, the best!

  15. First Shelli then Vanessa and now Jackie. Why don’t people tell them how orange their faces are. Vanessa might be sporting a fake tan but the other two look like it’s the make up. I wont be surprised if my television implodes from the orange hue if this continues all season long.

  16. Audrey Middleton’s face is definitely manly, it would put Burt Reynolds to shame. Here are a list of manly facial features:

    1. Audrey’s large bones that form the brow are that of a man, a naturally born woman has much smaller brow bones than a man. This is something that cannot be corrected by plastic surgery.
    2. The nose with the large bump in the upper part betrays the feigned gender. This is something that the plastic surgeon could’ve corrected and I would run and get a refund before the warranty runs out.
    3. The square jaw line is definitely male.
    4. The facial expressions are definitely male.
    5. Especially when Audrey rolls its eyes.

    Here are some other manly features of Audrey:

    A. Big feet for a female!
    B. Square shoulders!
    C. No hips whatsoever!
    D. During the show, when Audrey took a big gulp, you could definitely see a man’s adams apple!
    E. Huge hands!
    F. The length of fingers in proportion to one another!
    G. The voice, close your eyes & hear Audrey talk, you’ll know that it’s a man’s voice!
    H. The walk is not that of a man, neither is it that of a woman, it is that of a man feigning to be a woman!
    I. Has no waist, and like I said earlier, no hips: hence, no hourglass figure!
    J. Audrey Middleton forgot to epilate the areolas.
    K. It is said that the eyes are the window to the soul, Audrey’s eyes scream at over 150 decibels, “Hey, I’m a man, my DNA is that of a man and I had my penis surgically removed.”

    1. This is such a disgusting and transphobic comment. Completely unnecessary. What are you doing with your life?

  17. I keep looking at them all happy now, but little do they realize at the moment that tears, fights, hate, and disappointment is coming for many.

  18. So if i heard correctly are Austin & Jace comparing themselves to Dr. Will and Boogie and Liz to Janelle. I think these two have been secretly hitting the crack pipe. Hopefully they’re the first two to go especially Jace because he is annoying as hell.

  19. I have watched BB for a few years now, but I always feel a bit confused by its timeline and the way they edit the episodes. The fact it airs just 3 times a week also doesn’t help much. Also, just as an example, the way HOHs have to inform the house of their decision with those pre-establish scripts (One of my duties as HoH is to nominate…) and some other stuff alike just makes the whole thing seem a bit “rehearsy.” So, here are some questions for you BB specialists:

    – When did they enter the house? On Monday or Tuesday? Having in mind the time the 2nd HoH competition took time (during the night), it’s just impossible that it was recorded on the same day it aired (Thursday) or the day before (Wed). Also, so many snippets from their time in the house have already been aired in Thursday’s episode. It’s impossible they’ve only been there since Wednesday.

    – This 2 night premiere was actually recorded in one single day, right? I mean: it doesn’t look like those first 8 houseguests had spent the night in the house and woke up to meet the other 8 on the following day. My guess is that tapping started early in the day, and by the end of the night they had already recorded the entrance of both groups and both HOH comps.

    – Julie’s interaction with the house: most of them are totally done in post-production, right? I mean: it sounds totally unnatural. “Steve left the competition,” “Jeff was taken by the UFOs”… it’s impersonal and when she congratulates the winner, we never hear s/he thanking Julie back as it happens in some competitions that take place live during some of the broadcasts. Also, when they showed The Amazing Race host addressing the two girls that sat during the HOH, he did call them by their names, but the message seemed to be previously recorded. I also have the same impression watching Julie delivering some info to the houseguests.

    I totally wish they would let us vote to evict at some point in the game… some characters are just too much and are really unbearable. I hope they put us out of our misery if another “social media mogul” reveals himself at some point in the game. But I guess the several timezones in the US, besides the overall format BB has taken in this country, makes it difficult to ever allow voting from the audience. I just wish production values were just for the competitions and not for the overall dynamic… sometimes I’m under the impression they are rehearsed. 2 years ago I heard that producers asked Helen to re-do her line inviting people to join her for the nomination ceremony, because she sounded too happy the first time. That’s BS… they should not instruct people on how to behave, even if for something silly like the fact I just narrated.

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