Sarah “We’ve been optimistic all throughout the game even when we didn’t have anything.”

POV Holder: ? Next POV May ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner Sarah Next HOH 3 part finale is next
Nominations: ?

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-21 06-26-03-384

8:30am – 9:30am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. The live feeds are blocked. When the live feeds return – Sarah and Brittnee are in the kitchen. Sarah asks so what does that mean… veto comp and ceremony today? Brittnee says I don’t know it could just be nominations. Sarah says yeah I guess it could just be nominations. They wanted it to be ceremonial. Brittnee says she must have really wanted me out judging by their reaction. Brittnee asks Sarah if its going to show that Naeha didn’t trust me? Sarah says I don’t think so because she was all over the place. Maybe. And Willow for sure. Sarah says we’ve been optimistic all throughout the game even when we didn’t have anything. Its easy to be optimistic now especially with you babe! Brittnee says its just so close. Sarah says so frigging close. Sarah asks so that means I won’t be on jury? Brittnee says not in jury house. Sarah says on jury but not experience the jury house. Big Brother blocks the feeds and when they return. Brittnee says 45 minutes eh!? Big Brother says house guests please go to the head of household room.

9:35am – 10:40am Up in the HOH room – All the house guests are in the HOH room for a lock down. Brittnee says I wish you could have seen more of my pictures of my friends. You saw my New York friends but I’ve got some from Calgary too. Sarah says Yeah I guess this is the last HOH. Sarah asks are they moving the couches? Brittnee starts whispering as she studies past events of the season. Sarah helps her remember days and events. Brittnee tells Godfrey you’ve been on the block 4 times now! Almost as many times as me. Ash says after this week it will be 5 times. Godfrey says you were always there to save me though.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-21 06-38-03-649

11am The HOH lock down continues. Sarah is taking a bath and blowing bubbles. Brittnee joins her in the bathroom.
Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-21 08-01-41-423

11:04am Big Brother blocks the feeds..

1:10pm Still blocked ..

2:05pm – 2:20pm The final 4 are in the HOH room still under a lock down. Sarah is wearing her heels. Sarah says okay Big Brother we’re ready. Ash asks what time is it… 2pm? Sarah says yeah they probably gave us the food at like noon. Sarah says I’m nervous for this and I shouldn’t be.

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I like Godfrey, but I’m hard pressed to think of a scenario where he beats any of these three girls.


Then you don’t know the jury well. My bets Godfrey wins even next to B or Sarah. The jury will bro down till the end


I think he could beat Ashleigh with a good argument, but yeah, probably not Sarah or Brittnee under any circumstances


I’m not a Bruno or Sarah fan or hater, and I think people are blinded by who they like more. What Bruno did yesterday was pathetic and if you can’t see that you’re also pathetic. Sarah saying she would poison the jury was also pathetic, and if you can’t see that you are also pathetic. Lastly, what makes Bruno’s situation more pathetic is that he actually poisoned the jury. We will never know if Sarah was actually going to go through with her threats, so for now she is less pathetic. If she ends up going to jury and spreading poison too then we can finally conclude that as far as jury poisoning is concerned, both Sarah and Bruno are equally pathetic.


Now THAT’S what I call an accurate rant of the highest order! LOL!
I couldn’t agree more.


I haven’t seen the episodes in awhile now, what did Bruno do? Was he spreading how “poisonous” Sarah was to the jury? If so that is messed up. When he was evicted he acted like he would vote for her, because she was finally able to get him before he got her.

It sounds like this is going to be one emotional jury besides JP and Sindy. Finale night is going to be crazy!




When Bruno got into the house, he told Willow that Sarah voted her out. Yes, it was true, but his presentation was calculated to inflict the most pain. Willow was devastated (OTT as usual). Bruno just did it in an unnecessarily cruel way without sharing Sarah’s thought process. No, he isn’t responsible to present her “points”, but he didn’t have to totally sucker punch Willow either. Very disappointed in Bruno.

I would also have been disappointed in Sarah if she had done something similar, but we’ll never know how she would have handled it.


I am sure there was editing, he could and probably did tell her more than what the camera told us


Bruno said himself on the show that he was off to jury and would lie or slant things the way he wanted to…there ya go, Bitter Bruno….how old are you guy? Grow up and get some perspective, the vagina is your friend 🙂


Bruno has the nerve to call Sarah poison, I think he is the one that is poison. You usually call people the names that most describe you. Bruno is an evil women hater.


So you are an evil woman hater then, got it!


Sorry about the imposter posing as me who replied to you, I would never just respond “pathetic”

So when Bruno got to jury, everyone was surprised and in the chaos, Willow jumped and celebrated “Sarah is still in the house, YES!” then Bruno responded “You won’t be happy about that in a minute.” The when Bruno filled them in on what happened on the triple he told Willow Sarah voted her out, which is true, but he didn’t explain Sarah’s vote. Willow broke down, cried a lot. Privately he said his game is not yet over and can influence how people vote, then says “I feel no guilt about it, this is big brother, lets play”


The thing about it is that in a week Willow will find out anyway. If not Pili or Zach, then Sarah will get to explain to Willow (if she makes it to the finals that is) what happened during the question period. I am sure that Willow will be asking that question to Sarah. Not to mention that if Willow really thinks about it, if the three of them Zach, Bruno and Godfrey wanted to save Willow, there was noone to stop them. So how Bruno framed it was just totally unnecessary in the long term.


Emotional impact carries a lot of weight. His intent was clearly to turn Sarahs one sure vote for Sarah. He knows Willow is very emotional and was calculated for fullest impact on this point. This said a lot about Brunos character as there was little reason to intentionally hurt Willow to sour her on Sarah.

Go Godfrey

I can see that there are emotionnal viewers as much as there are emotionnal players! 🙂 Pathetic is a strong word, I don’t like to be called pathetic just because I don’t have the same opinion than others… As much as I don’t like when a player call another player “idiot” just because they didn’t play their way. My two cents.

It was a game move, a bitter game move, but it didn’t poison the entire Jury (Kevin, JP, Sindy, are just more likely to give their vote to Sarah because she looks like she’s not afraid of cutting throats, and rationnal players love it). Zach and Pili know what really happened. So… Bobby and Willow are poisonned, that’s all. Keep breathing guys! 🙂

Peace and love xxx


What Bruno did was tell the truth…she did vote out willow…lol
He doesn’t have to get into why she did…he might not even know what Sarah did the two weren’t exactky talking or even listening two one another that week….
As for people being Blinded how about the fact Sarah said she would poison everyone in jury so he didn’t win…she’d kill her self she said…it was an expression obviously but this is a father and she would lie and poison the jury so he didn’t win….
Sarah is ridiculous…….if you don’t see that, you must be wearing so heavy a$$ shades yo!


Okay Sarah won HOH….Is for sur going to Nominate God and Ash….If Ash wins POV and is the deciding vote does Brit go home for sure or would Ash think about getting rid of God?? Thoughts??


Zach pretty much got into her head that she should target B/S and go with God. At the BBCan Global website (HG secret), God revealed that his ideal F2 is Ash/Pill but Pill’s gone so Ash it is


There having comps today? Wow things are moving super fast this last week. If Ash wins POV, the Britt is headed to the jury house. If Britt or Sarah wins then Ash is gone. If Godfrey wins? I’m not sure. It would be easy for him to Coast to the final 3 with the Fembots, but Ash may be the only girl he has a chance of beating if the jury votes on game play rather than emotions/bitterness.


I don’t know if anyone caught the double meaning in Godfrey saying to Britnee, “you were always there to save me though.” I love the fact that Godfrey could be hinting that Brit will be the one that could be leaving this week. As in she goes up on the block to save him if either him or Ashleigh wins the POV.
I think I’m team Godfrey at this point because he has done nothing, yet he is still here. That means he’s doing something right. Britnee deserves the win as well for all the blood that she vot on her hands, but my personal favorite is Godfrey.

Everyone deserves to win in that house right now including Ashleigh. I know some might disagree with me, but if not for the twist, her alliance would still be in the house and she would have been sitting pretty. Britnee would have been gone and Sarah would have been in real danger. Ashleigh has won competitions and believe it or not, but these past 3 HOH’s hasn’t been physical so God and Ash wasn’t likely able to win since their strength is physical competitions.

Mel B

You like Godfrey because he did nothing and yet he is still there? In your words he must have done something right? Sounds like Sabrina…didnt help her much in the end though….I guess we will see if his social game gets him the win although if I was a super fan like many of the jury members claim to be I am not so sure about that.


I guess what I meant was that he hasn’t won any competitions, but a POV to save himself when he was actually the target up against Jordan. Every week that the diaper alliance was up, he was always mentioned as one that should go up to leave, but the way that he is laying it low and keeping himself out of target range has made him safe week after week. I understand that Big Brother is a game of strategy, and I feel like everyone has a different way to play the game. The way Godfrey has played has kept him in the game which is why I think he has a chance at winning. It could be a jury that votes bitter or a jury that votes on game play, Godfrey has an argument for both. The way I see it, Godfrey is really smart and I believe that if he is able to excel in his argument in the end, he could win it all.


It’s becoming more and more how prevlant week by week how rigged this game is for Sarah and B, if you can’t see that then you are truly blinded by your love for the two!


they aren’t blinded by their love, you are blinded by your hate.


The passion really bubbled up this year. Here in the comments it felt more like a US season than a Canadian season. Almost like how things were for BBUS15.

All sides of the fan base had their fair share of irrational comments on why their favourite player should win. My opinion is they all deserve to win for different reasons.


And last year was rigged towards Jon because the HOH competitions are more physical eh? Also during the final HOH comp they opted to make the questions about the events in the house to screw Neda and made Jon win??? That’s how illogical your statement is.

Sorry but if you can’t see that they have the most wins among the housemates left then you are truly blinded by your hatred for them. Granted Canada (production if you insist) gave them a huge advantage of the super power (something that the viewers already know even before we saw that Sarah and Brit are going to be the underdogs) but their recent comp performances speaks for itself.


So does anyone know how the week is going to play out?


watchout for sarah she will win it know!


Important Announcement:
Live Feeds will be down for the season on Saturday afternoon. Thanks to everyone for watching all season! #BBCAN3


I’ve been on team Sarah and although her game is not perfect, I’m impressed with her read on people. Ash is clearly the underdog in the F4 and if she wins this veto and the last HOH to secure her place in the F2, I think that’s not bad of a case for someone who 1) was on the block in F6 and F5 (the main target), 2) being the last surviving member in her alliance and 3) winning comps all the way to the end. When Zach was still in the house I couldn’t respect her as a player but on her own and she pulling all these feats towards the endgame, I’ll tip my hat off to her. Godfrey is entertaining and I enjoy seeing him on the feeds and in the DR but he’s just that, …good TV. Everyone has their own take on the twists this season but for me personally an absence of a ‘Derrick’ this season is a definitely a welcoming change.
To Simon and Dawg, you guys are amazing! Great job with the updates!


Wow, you do get delusional in that house, Sarah and B didn’t get handed anything….yikes
We didn’t complain when things didn’t go our way…B was pretty good at that but sarah didn’t complain….she complained everyday in that house until B was given that power…….
Whined, cried, bR he’d….that girls ridonkculous…….