Big Brother Spoilers Have nots move in “This must be Cody’s it smells like a girl”

POV Holder: ? Next POV Aug 9th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 11th
HOH Winner 1: Nicole HOH Winner 2: Christine
Battle of the Block Winner  Frankie/Ca;eb Next HOH Aug 15th
Original Nominations: Nicole’s Noms (Caleb & Frankie) Christine’s Noms (Zach & Donny)
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots Donny and Zach
POV Players Christine, Zach, Donny, Nicole, Caleb, Derrick

BB16-2014-08-09 17-00-28-931

4:55pm HOH Frankie, Derrick and Cody
Frankie is saying at this point he would vote Zach out he’s not even looking at him
Cody says Zach is being stupid. They agree the worst part of being a have nots is the bed the slop is bearable. Derrick adds that it’s a good week to be a have nots having peanut Butter is a big plus

BB16-2014-08-09 17-01-19-666

4:53pm Have nots Nicole, Zach and Donny
Donny and Zach move into the have nots room.
Donny – this must be cody’s it smells like a girl
Zach is happy that at least they get Peanut butter this week
Donny agrees warns that peanut butter constipates if they are not careful.  say they can put the peanut butter in with the slop. Donny propses they make peanut butter oatmeal cookies..

Zach thinks he’s been gaining a lot of weight so maybe being a have nots is going to help him lose it.
THey are guessing the POV will have some punishments because theres only 2 have nots.
Zach mentions how the BOB was the one competition where working in a pair makes it hard than by yourself. Caleb sitting out actually helped Frankie win it.
Nicole – it’s like it’s staged
Zach – It’s totally staged for sure not only that it was so close in the end.. it couldn’t have been closer.. it was great for them but still bullsh1t.
Nicole – it’s weird how one competition changes everything
Donny – and it snowballs.. there’s light at the end of the tunnel;
Zach – one of us three have to win the veto .
Zach – F***g Victoria is such a joke I hate Victoria
Donny – we’re the minority
Zach – I f*** hate Christine.. she is the biggest floater in this game she is a bigger floater than Victoria
Donny – there’s two people that have never been on the block that has to show you they’re in some type of an alliance they never get nominated
Zach agrees..
Donny how cold does it get in here at night
Nicole – At three they kick it in.. 55
Nicole says Frankie, Christine, Cody and Derrick are up in the HOH
Donny laughs tells them he knew a long time ago all those people in the HOH were in an alliance together. Zach says he was friends with them all he knew they were together.
Donny hopes “they” (the other side of the house) get all their plotting done while he was asleep case he wouldn’t trade it he would rather have his sleep.
Donny “Kids get your sleep at night there’s a lot of bad things that happen while you sleep” (See image below of Donny)
Nicole thinks it will be the counting veto

BB16-2014-08-09 17-00-38-934

5:09pm Frankie, Caleb, Derrick and Cody
Talking about Donny’s POV wins. Derrick says sarcastically if Donny wins POV again he’s never putting him up on the block Donny can just stay here..
Derrick – the guy hasn’t shown us one weakness.
Caleb – he’s only won one HOH
Derrick thinks Donny is throwing comps.
Caleb doesn’t think so why would he he know he’s a target
Cody doesn’t think anyone is targeting DOnny
Caleb say she is and Donny knows it.
Frankie says he’s with the guys
Cody says Donny is making plans to turn on the 6
Derrick says if Victoria goes up they get out DOnny, Caleb agrees.
Frankie prays that Christine backdoors nicole
Derrick – I don’t see that happening.
Derrick will not use the veto. Frankie thinks the only way the nominations will change is if Frankie/Donny win it.
Christine comes in starts hugging COdy.. and giggles.

BB16-2014-08-09 17-19-15-144

5:18pm Victoria and Nicole
Victoria is shocked everyone is trusting Frankie again
Nicole – I had to blow up his game.. now the jokes on me
Victoria – sucks the outcome that happened.. Caleb being stubborn.
Nicole – every HOH i’ve had i’ve been gusty with.. i never played it safe..
Nicole says “They” purposely screwed over Hayden because he was a threat she says he played a great game
Victoria says that afternoon (Wednesday) they pulled her aside and told her to vote out Jcoasta
Nicole – so they lied to hayden and I.. I don’t know why I wish HAyden would have won that HOH .. he would go after Christine and Frankie..
Nicole – god please let me win this veto and do the right decision with it..
Nicole – I’ve won HOH 3 times but only got it once.
Victoria says the only person she trusts is Nicole and Derrick and if he leaves she doesn’t think she can be emotionally stable..
Nicole trust Derrick to.
Victoria – He’s loyal he doesn’t manipulate (LOL)
Nicole – Oh my gosh please let’s get him (Frankie) out of this house.. “
Nicole – he scares me right now he’s changed so much..
Victoria – he was going legit crazy.. sitting in front of the oven watching the pie crust rise..
Nicole – Christine is scared of him right now
Victoria – I don’t know
NIcole – it could be an act
Victoria – Christine played all of us.. she literally played all of us
Victoria – from week 2 i have been wanting Frankie out..
Nicole says she doesn’t have anyone in the house
Victoria you have me
Nicole I have you to..please don’t tell anyone what I said I don’t want them to see me as weak.. I honestly believe you are a vote for me always and I am a vote for you always ..
Nicole – I heard Frankie was running around telling everyone to vote Hayden out..
Victoria – I think CHristine wants me gone
Nicole doesn’t know what Christine wants she’s not telling anyone.. Nicole thinks the target is Zach but you can never be so sure because Christine did vote to keep him
Nicole gives her a summary of the event that led to Jocasta going home. Nicole blames it all on Frankie.

5:38pm Nicole explains some of Frankie
Nicole says she will never forget what Frankie looks like at the table when she said he was promising to work with her and HAyden then backstabbed her
He said to her “Sorry I didn’t accept your offer “ he had a smirk on his face. Nicole explains that she never wanted to work with Frankie he followed her and Hayden around for weeks . they FInally agreed and they backstabed both of them.
Nicole – He had that Devil look on his face sorry I didn’t accept your offer.. and then he comes in here and says I’m really sorry we need to work together we both have nobody “
Nicole – That’s why I said at the nomination Ceremony

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BB16-2014-08-09 17-41-09-126

5:40pm Derrick and Cody
Derrick – Do you think it’s going good with the Frankie thing
Cody – Yup .. unless Caleb f**s it up
Cody – Bro I don’t buy for a second the whole Christine Frankie thing.. But Nicole is starting to sketch me out with the whole like Playing Alone…

Derrick says if Donny pulls himself off and Victoria goes up they have to have a sceriious conversation because Derrick thinks it might be better for their game to keep victoria.
Derrick points out the Nicole wants to work with them again because she has no one else, “There’s no doubt in my mind you and me sniffed it out.. her and Hayden were playing us against Frankie and Christine”
Cody says Nicole and Hayden were fully honest with them about the stuff Christine and Frankie were saying.

Derrick if Zach wins POV Victoria goes up Donny goes home.
Derrick if Donny pulls himself off Victoria goes up it’ll be interesting..
Derrick If i get one more whiff of him throwing us under the bus .. gone.. and I’ll live and die by the consequences..


6:26pm Feeds on Jeff POV COmp underway

8:23pm Still doing the POV 


“The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie

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Thanks guys !!

Simon & Dawg, I don’t know who or why anyone would ever give you guyz a TD, but I think I speak for most of us when I express my appreciation for both of you guys & your tireless effort. Best site Period…………..


Crossing fingers. Hope Donny wins.


Hope so too, but with the way Big Brother is this season Donny will lose, Caleb will win POV and Donny goes home. And then Frankie will win the next HOH and Nicole goes home. And then Caleb will win the following and Zach goes home. Final 3 Derrick, Frankie, Caleb, or Christine, Derrick, Frankie. Both very grim prospects.

Nothing is turning out the way I want it too. Just when BB gets my hopes up high, things come tumbling down. Exhibit A…….Frankie now a god in the house.



I agree. We always have great ideas and then they blow up. Pretty doomed right now the way it’s going–smart-asses dominating the good and honest people.


Ideally Nicole wins the veto and takes off Donny. She’d like to take off Zach, but I think she could anticipate that no one will vote him out over Victoria. V is the only person Christine, as outgoing HOH is going to be willing to put up. Then the TA best scramble to get V to agree to go up as a pawn, because if not, it is them who decided to not do the task, not Donny.

If Nicole won Veto and took Zach off, it is still a chance for him to say, well why can’t we get someone to volunteer and vote them out, that’s another win. We know Derrick is super greedy for it, and since he’s the one calling all the shots by lying to everyone about everything people are not doing, then he’d be the one to make it work.


Anyone else dislike Derrick, Frankie, Cody and Christine so much it is unbearable just to watch their ugly faces. Omg, we have Porky Pig, a cockaboo, and a rat in the house along with a male stripper. These four really do belong together. This year the decent people go to jury whereas the scum of the earth, Derrick, Frankie, Cody and Christine along with Production rigging wins BB. Nice to see that both Nicole and Zach both know that the BOB competition was rigged by Production. If I was Nicole, Donny, Zach and even Hayden and JOcasta I would tell BB to go and f themselves and walk out the door. Let them try and have a season with no one in the house and shout it to the rooftops that they left because it was rigged!! Let Moonves try and explain that away. CBS the network for rigging and losers!


I would love to see Donny win America’s Favorite just to see the shocked expressions on everyone’s faces (Frankie & Derrick’s especially )


It’s obvious Donny will be America’s favorite, he is a good geniune person. Funny they think Frankie will get it, when out here it is the complete opposite!


I’m afraid that even if everyone who votes for America’s favorite DOES vote for Donny – production will still flip it around and announce that more people actually voted for Frankie rather than Donny. Production will try to manipulate EVERYTHING they can get away with.


The more Frankie talks, the more he confirms that he is using his sister as an advantage because that is ALL he talks about. He also bribes the idiot houseguests by saying, “When we get out the house, you can come with me to…” And that is HIGHLY annoying. And what he said to Nicole is disgusting.


It magnifies the whole shitty situation.


What did he say to Nicole? I missed that…


Probably means “He had that Devil look on his face sorry I didn’t accept your offer.. and then he comes in here and says I’m really sorry we need to work together we both have nobody “


I’m sorry OMG, I beg to differ with you, the more Frankie talks he makes a complete Old donkey ass out of himself, he evidentially is not comfortable in his own skin. I hate to speak ill of the dead but I really don’t think his GF would be proud of Frankie’s actions, then again some people when they are raised thinking they are special they will mess on anyone that get’s in their way. I bet you in Frankie’s life he probably is a lonely little pink top woodpecker.

If Donny loses he wins because look how many people are pulling for him people he has and will never meet. To Donny that will probably mean more to him than anything else and if anything good comes out of this the ones that were left behind with Donny, Nicole and especially Zach will have learn a lesson of civility. May God Bless Donny and give him the strength to carry his graciousness on. TEAM DONNY


I think they would be more shocked if zack won AP. I hope he does, hes the only one worth watching.


Zach is entertaining but doubt America would vote in a spoiled obnoxious frat boy, why encourage bad behavior?

Thank you!

Thanks so much for all the constant updating. I missed Wednesday’s episode but it didn’t really matter because I knew everything that happened because of this website. You guys are the absolute best! 🙂


Yes, Simon & Dawg – your site is the best Big Brother site. Thank-you for your hard work and dedication. I’ve already made my donation but would like to acknowledge your good work.
I also want to thank all the people who post on this site. Many of you make me laugh out loud and I enjoy hearing what other people are thinking and seeing in the game. Having so many opinions and differing perspectives only increases my enjoyment (no matter what CBS does to screw things up).
Thanks everybody…


I agree. Best site.


I’m not even watching a good part of this season. It’s so stupid and so manipulated. It’s as bad as when they kept evilamanda last season. If anyone in the “alliance” wins this season, I will be thoroughly disappointed. Totally Team Donny, Nicole and Zackattack!


Totally agree, production is so obvious about wanting Frankie to stay, rigging the BOB comp. baiting Victoria to say who her favorite female singer is in diary room, even though they knew that from previous conversations in the house, what else to they feed and bait people with in diary room. I hope nicole, donny, and and zach get to the end, and can not wait to see derrick, cody, frankie, and christine out the door.


i tottliy not agree so burn and nicole is hot


you are so right and so awsome


so you are cool but not cool are a dada of A kid named alexm

Does Frankie's rug match the drapes?

If you miss an episode, TVGN re-airs them on Friday nights starting at 9 pm est.


Is Pig Nose still thinking Nicole is playing him…..Talk about smartest player.


Is it really necessary to attack someone because of their physical appearance? it shows what type of person you are…..were you on BB15? You fit that mentality.

Christine's Big Honker

Hey what about my nose?

I Smell BACON!!!!

The more suited word is: Pig Snout

And, no Derrick is not the smartest player, he will NOT make the final three, you can stick that on your refrigerator!

Teri B

What is the “counting” comp?


I think it’s the one where u look at a small amount of objects, then try to guess how many there are in the larger group.

Teri B



Come on ZachAttack!!!! Win that POV!!!! I don’t want Donny to go, but I want Zach to stay more. “At the end of the day” I want them both to stay!! *fingerscrossed*


Christine’s husband better be getting those divorce papers drawn… The way she acts around Cody, it;s only a matter of time before she goes too far, she got the hots bad for that dude..


I doubt a gay guy would go for Christine, Zach or Caleb seem more Cody’s type.


Unbelievable how she’s behaving on TV. She even said “I love you Cody”. I don’t know what her husband is going to do, but I wouldn’t put up with it. Not only is she ugly as sin, but also an asshole who apparently doesn’t care what it does to her husband or her own reputation. All I know is that he can do better.


I liked her at first, but when she started humiliating her husband, she lost me. What she is doing as a married woman is sick


Did Chris say her husband is blind? I hope he has some loyal friends that tell him exactly how she is acting. Money or not I don’t see how he can be happy being made a fool of on National TV.

Tim is A Jury Vote !!

He is just waiting, not showing her his whole card yet,
to she if she wins the money!
Then he can divorce her punk ass, and take half of her winnings 🙂
He’ll for sure have my vote as Americas Favorite Player!! LOL…


I will not be surprised if her and Cody end up “DOING IT” at the HOH bed this week.

Bees Knees

Best case scenario: Donny or Nicole (not sure if she’ll use it on Donny but I hope she does) win POV and Hayden comes back in the near future.
Worst case: Donny goes to jury house but gets voted back in because America loves him. That’ll give Derrick and Frankie something to think about


Naive Nicole still trusts Derrick. He’ll talk her out of using it.


The best case scenario is that Nicole wins POV and Donny convinces her to take down Zach, and then just as the POV ceremony is about to end, Donny whips out a Diamond Power of Veto and Christine is forced to nominate Derrick.

But who am I kidding, Allison Grodner would never let that happen.


The returning HG may not be voted in. It may be an endurance competition where the jury members play an HOH competition along-side the HGs and then the one who wins comes back into the house immediately following the competition. (That’s how it was done for BB Canada)


Same as last season.


What happened to not voting out “Team America”, Derrick and Frankie, huh? I hope if one goes the “twist” is over.


Agree. The most useless twist ever.


This sums up Cody: “Donny – this must be cody’s it smells like a girl”

^ that right there is one of the reasons I’m team Donny! Win the POV Donny!


Best outcome would be Nicole winning pov, taking Donny off the block, and Zach staying.
Go Dingus, Wildcard, and Beard!!!!


I’m getting so sick of how stupid these people are! No wonder production needs to leave hints! Victoria saying how loyal Derrick is! Lmfao! Nicole is a fool to trust Derrick and Cody. As is Frankie! He’s trying to go back on this alliance crap which in truth has been over for awhile now. Frankie needs to team up with Donny and Zach and sway Caleb to get Derrick, Cody, Christine, Victoria out of that house! Then get rid of Nicole then Caleb. Donny and Zach can both get money if they take Frankie to at least final 3 where he’ll win America’s vote.


The only person in the house that doesn’t trust Derrick is Donny. But Donny’s downfall is he fully trust Cody, to the extent he would vote him to win the money over anyone but Nicole. As he said today to Nicole.


I know and it’s soon frustrating! I pray Donny gets off the block and he Zach really put their heads together to convince Nicole, Frankie, and Caleb to evict Victoria who will probably be nominated by Christine since she’d probably never put up her unrequited love Cody.


That’s not what Donny said. He said he thought about saying to Cody I’m voting for you to win as Donny left the house. He was going to do this to mess up Cody’s game. But it was a momentary thought and he wouldn’t do that because he is a man of honor.


Nope. He said it clear as day.

Watch the feeds at 12:50:25. Living room camera.


Oh and the sabotage part was written incorrectly. He said he would tell Derrick he had his vote on the way out, not Cody.

He trust Cody.


Well we all know that actually IS loyal to her. But not a manipulator? Haha!


are you reading the posts? are you looking at youtube! NOBODY CAN STAND FAKIE AND HIS DESPERATE ATTEMPT to corrupt people with famous names!! He’s just gross!


There are just as many people who like him. Between his and his sisters’ followers I’m pretty sure he could win it. And it’s not like it’s a bad thing if Donny and Zach are the final 2.


Hopefully Donny wins it. There needs to be a power shift pronto. Donny is starting to be aware of derek and cody of not being nominated hopefully he does something about it


Donny has said this numerous times. He’s known, just no one was listening because they were in alliances with them.


Yeah but he just told Nicole today he would vote Cody to win the money, unless he was sitting next to Nicole. He trust Cody, not sure why.


Yeah, i have no clue either. i think he doesn’t see Cody as a threat like Derrick because Cody is just along on Derrick’s coattails like he said as (not those exact words, but gist) to Nicole today. Maybe he sees it being the final two of Derrick and Cody and he was saying in a runs about way Derrick wasn’t getting his vote?


Donny didn’t say that. He said he thought about saying to Cody I’m voting for you to win as Donny left the house. He was going to do this to mess up Cody’s game. But it was a momentary thought and he wouldn’t do that because he is a man of honor.


Wrong. Simon wrote that incorrectly. He said Derrick, to sabotage his game.


If by some miracle Nicole, zach, and Donny make it through this week it’ll be a miracle but lord knows I’m praying! If those 3 could form an alliance and somehow pull Cody in (highly unlikely) I think they could make it to the end!


Unlikely indeed lol. Derrick is playing Cody so well! He’s going to convince him to keep Victoria. Little does Cody know about the big knife Derrick has planned to stab in his back!

Big Sister

DIAMOND POWER OF VETO!! (For the second time–sorry for yelling, but I am so totally frustrated with the way things have been going…)


There is part of me hopping Nicole wins veto and takes off Donny but we never know so I hope Donny wins it himself! GO DONNY!!!!! Derrick is such a hypocrite, a pussy and he’s the rat himself that we don’t see! A**hole


God I hate Derrick. Please let Zach win this. I like Donny, but he doesn’t have the power to take Derrick’s game down. We need a little chaos in this house, and Zach is the only one delivering.


Zach HAS to win America’s Favourite image the looks on Frankie and Christine’s face’s. It would be A HUG F U TO BOTH OF THEM!!


If Derrick, Cody, Victoria, or Christine get close to the final 2 I’d be so disgusted. None of those vipers deserve a penny. I’d rather Nicole or Caleb not get there either, both have had poor games. Her naive nature and his delusional one.

Ah we’ll I guess if Hayden comes back he can at least go after Derrick and Cody before being evicted again.

Captain Crunch

Nicole – every HOH i’ve had i’ve been gusty with.. i never played it safe..

Really Nicole?? Didn’t you just nominate Jocasta last week and you let Derrick and Cody manipulate you b/c you’re so naive.

Be Real

She put up both Zach and Frankie when no one else would. As for Jacosta, she needed to put up a weak player to better the odds of her remaining HOH. Take a look back at the nom history and you will see that she is the only one that has had enough balls to even attempt a power move. People call her naïve, but she is smarter than you think. She saw through both Christine and Frankie. As for Derrick, I would have trusted him too up until this week. It’s unfortunate that she didn’t catch on when him and Cody screwed her over, but he is a pro after all. He is trained to gain trust with people that have no business trusting him and Frankie made himself the perfect fall guy to take attention away from the fact that Derrick and Cody were the ones to actually played her.

Team Zach

Cody is a MORON. Is he even considering why Derrick wants to keep Victoria? As Lydia (BB11) would say, dumb hoes get cut at the end. Cody, you are a DUMB HOE.


Production isnt letting Donny get evicted.


He will have a chance to get back in the house. I production would keep Zach over Donny if it comes down to that. For the Frankie Grande effect.


when did Zach throw derrick under the bus. so annoying. they think they can do whatever and its justified but Zach oh…he is plotting and throwing their names out there. ….while you sit there saying you want to hit him and have tried to send him home like 5 times

Chilltown 4 Life

That’s what’s funny. The flaw in Derrick’s game is his paranoia. He doesn’t look at every angle. He has just a “Plan A”, then gets paranoid about it, and makes the wrong decision at the end. Unfortunately, Zach seems to be his target, but he is already saying it’s “iffy” if Donny comes off, and Victoria goes up. A replay of last week when they could’ve gotten rid of Zach, but paranoia crept in Derrick’s head. Derrick has a good social game, but his paranoia, and not having a plan B, C, D for each week will be his downfall.


I had no intention to vote for Donny as America’s Favorite. But now I don’t want Frankie to get it.


So who is your choice?


Donny has defended his position in the game and not offended anyone but I think America’s favorite should be Nicole for her tenacity , she is not stupid and tried to make a big move. It’s not her fault the boys will cut anyone’s throat just to go to the final five. Five against 2 , her and Haydon was a losing battle. The time to garner votes was when they had people . Sadly fear ruled this house and the bullies and liars win….with the help of BB. Nice people are not as interesting as scumbags like Frankie I guess?


1) Donny is the smartest person in that house, period. Why can’t anybody else see that. 2) Derrick is packing some serious Dan mist because he is involved in decision in this house and yet everybody (except wise Donny) keeps trusting him. 3) Donny, Zach, Nicole, need to team up ASAP. 4) WTF is it with Christine and Cody alway needing to touch/cuddle/scratch/hug. Seriously, wtf?

Big Sister

Simon, can we have a moratorium on the big pictures of Frankie with each post? I know this sounds petty, but it seems like it has become the “Frankie Show” instead of BB16.


I really hope Nicole is just bsing Victoria that she trusts Derrick, but sadly the girl is clueless. How many ways do you need to be told Derrick isn’t to be trusted! He screwed you and Hayden over (your rationale alliance) and Donny is telling you Derrick is running the show.

Sigh Donny Fanatics

She thinks frankie was the whole master manipulator the whole time no matter how much donny tells her she cant seem to put two and two together that derrick played her.


Donny is big brother 16 for me and my friends cause if he goes we go


I don’t like to see the girls ousted and upset but come on Nicole you saw it with the other girls unless you thought you were special. I can’t believe Nicole still trusts Derrick. Actually I can.Some people see what they want. She can’t be trusted in the game in any further. I guess she thought what happened to others including her participation in the Amber campaign couldn’t happen to her. Derrick literally was one of the people who went into the other room when Caleb won HOH but I guess he was invisible to Nicole or maybe Hayden wasn’t there to help her put it together because that’s the only way it would land and stick. And Victoria no words being emotionally dependent on someone she just met 30 days ago and she’s not even in romantic relationship with him. You don’t have to be loud or confrontational to be a strong female just use your head and not get mind f*cked by strangers who aren’t going to share the money with you and your family. There are some teenage girls that could play better them. It’s like they defaulted to the men until it was too late with the worst being Amber, Nicole, and Victoria with Derrick. I hope Donny can win the POV for himself and if not Zach. Nicole can not be trusted 100%.The best case scenario would be for her to win keep herself safe and pull of Donny. But that’s too much like right. And at this point although Donny is my favorite if he does go. It’s not all dead yet. Maybe Zach can stay and maybe Donny can come back in if it’s “America” voting for an evicted player to return after getting away from them for a minute to mentally recoup lol


Frankie is plain evil. No single redeeming quality. And yet he acts as if he had been wronged by Zach. Unbelievable! And yet they keep falling for his BS.


How is Frankie any different from anyone else in the house except Donny?

Zach and Frankie have done the same thing to each other. If Zach cared about Frankie as much as he’s showing he does and feels so betrayed he should of thought about his actions.

If he planned on always taking Frankie to the end, then you’d think he would have told Frankie he was going to throw him under the bus in an attempt to get closer to Derrick/Cody. Did he do that? No he left his partner to speculate and become paranoid. Even still, last week Frankie didn’t want to evict zach until Derrick/Cody lied and convinced him Zach was against him.


Frankie, has officially lost his mind. I can’t watch the live feeds anymore. He is nauseating!
Frankie to Caleb: America (is mad) at Nicole and Zach for trying to get me out.
Derrick to Frankie: No wonder we had such good food as ‘have nots”
Frankie to others: We’re having so much fish because I’m a pescetarian (diet excludes land animals and birds, but includes fish, mollusks, and crustaceans in addition to fruits, vegetables, plants, legumes, nuts etc)
Frankie to Derrick (re Zach): I’m giving him a day. (re Zach’s attitude)
I’ll have to rely on my daughter to watch….at least until school starts….then I’m done with them.
Please let this be an extended version of “Punked”. There is no way this is actually happening for real……come on out Ashton Kutcher.


People think, and I would have to agree that Caleb is very boastful of himself. He doesn’t even come close to Frankie. Frankie is nauseating. Oooo, Ariana Grande is his sister. The only reason I even have a clue who she is is because my 5 year old grand-daughter thinks she is wonderful. She very well maybe but Frankie get off her back. You are so far from wonderful, you are the complete opposite.


Now I get why Nicole has been one of the most favored. Come on Nicole, Donny, and Zach. #DINGUSBEARDATTACK


“There’s no doubt in my mind you and me sniffed it out”

Or production told you. Could have been that.


Did seem Derrick might have been paid to flip that vote. He came out of the shower supposedly after “thinking about what Caleb said,” then went about convincing everyone to change their vote and blaming Caleb.


How in the world can they not know that Derrick is running the show? {he has let a lot slip the last 2 days} Caleb is loyal, he can be smart in the comps, but boy is he dumb when judging people. I cannot figure out how Nicole can trust Derrick? Zach is a mess, but I actually like him, he is not kissing any ones’ behind . I
Devin told them the truth, and everyone goes oh well, and Derrick got a free pass. Donny I think has told them about Derrick, and it is like they have cotton in the ears. I have never been so frustrated with a season!


I don’t truly think she does. Not after the convo with Donny this a.m. However, she can’t do anything about it.

Zankie Pankie

Zach and Frankie need to kiss and make up already. Their relationship was one of the best things about an otherwise bland season. :/

Poor Poor Zach

The photos of Zach are breaking my heart. He has been quite the character this season but I think he was genuinely hurt by Frankie betrayal. I agree with most on here that his best game move would be to team up with Donny and Nicole.

Pig Nose

Everyone talks about Derrick has a big nose. What about Nicoles nose? Her nostrils are very narrow and upwards like a pig too. Now we have pig twins in the house,


You have a very unnatural obsession with noses. Take your meds now


I pray that Nicole actually wants to go after Derrick and Cody but isnt showing her cards to anyone. She knows she is alone. If she tells us in the diary room that she is after Derrick and Cody she is a smart player. If she really trusts Derrick, she is as naive as every one says.

new to BB 14

Nicole,Donny,and Zach need to go all pirate on the rest of the house and literally start cutting throats LOL

Donny as Jack Sparrow
Zach as the handsome once upstanding member of society now pirate
Nicole as the once helpless damsel now murderess privateer

Then after they take the house they storm out take production kidnap Julie chen and sail for the carribbean with their booty arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhhh!! matey that’s how it be done

You put a ring on it remember?!?!?

Does anyone else thinks that Derrick and Victoria are crushing on each other??? He’s always defending her and lately he’s been wanting to keep her off the block. She’s a nobody in the game and can win any comps. Why is she still around???

…and for Ratine, she better start thinking about her talking game plan now for when she gets back home to her hubby.

Why Victoria is still there...

Derrick wants to keep her so they can be Final 2. He will win next to Victoria

You think?

Why else would a married man want or need an audience while taking a shower. She apparently, didn’t follow his instructions when he told her “you just get your beauty rest”

WTF Christine?!?

Have any of the houseguests said anything to Christine about her over the top Cody cuddling? I know Hayden mentioned to somebody that it’s messed up, but has anyone asked her wth she is doing? Remember when she came in the house? “Can I shared a bed with a girl? I’m married.” Where’s that chick?


Now Cody could be that chick she was looking for, I remember seeing Cody wearing heels doing the dishes, he is more feminine than most girls. But Christine is doing some bad stuff being too touchy


Does anyone know who won POV?


I wish they’d hurry up so I can go to sleep knowing the results(I’m on the east coast), but I guess I shouldn’t complain sine you and Dawg barely get to sleep this season.


Zach did. Guess Donny will be going home but would love to see it be Vic.


simon if Donny goes home we are done with big brother only bad people stay derrick in cody should go on the block if they don’t the season is worst then last year cause Amanda an mcare went on the block if Donny goes that mean derrick got his way in we are done


Could you do me a favor? Pick a unique name and use it so I know which posts to skip over. Every time I read ones of your posts a few of my brain cells spontaneously explode and ooze out of tear ducts.


Going back to this Wednesday – Derrick was the biggest promoter to evict Zach. Did you see his expression when they were all in agreement and then went to Calib with their decision and Calib said, ‘No,’ we’ll lose the numbers if you do that. Then Derrick did a 180 and, like it was all his idea, told everyone they couldn’t evict Zach because they would lose the numbers. Calib was the one that saved Zach.
One more thing. Now the Frankie has come out, I wonder if Calib won’t cozy up to him thinking that Frankie might help him with his singing career. Calib even gave Frankie an extra hug. Calib the Singing Cowboy.


max I hope Donny


It takes a lot for me to get discouraged with a BB season.. But this is getting ridulious, Frankie is proabbly the most conceited and low person.

I propose we play a game to distract us from this horrible turn this season has took. In honor or NFL starting up let’s post our FANTASY BB List!

Mine would be:
boogie (just cause you can’t have only one member of chill town)


Dr Will, Jeff, Zach, and Danielle Reyes are my all time faves!


Nicole still wanting to work with Derrick and Cody kills me x1000000. She has to know that Donny was telling the truth about Derrick not being trustworthy. The girl wants Zach out even though she was informed (and it’s also quite obvious) that Zach is not actually in the guys alliance anymore and he told her everything. She’s so naive, it hurts. And it’s also funny how she’s all “I know Hayden would go after Frankie and Christine” when Hayden has announced that he will gun for Derrick and Cody if he returns.

Dream scenario: Zach/Donny/Nicole wins POV, Zach/Donny/Nicole align, Nicole (who is know in a “F2” with Christine) gets Christine to nominate Derrick or Cody, and get one of them voted out.


I just had a sickening thought…Frankie on the next BB All Stars. Shoot me now!


Hate or strongly dislike pig nose, Ratine and Pink Cockatoo. Production by helping these three freaks is ruining the show forever. I cannot stand to watch the CBS show and see their ugly lying trash talking faces. Hope they all face karma when they get out.


zack won pov im happy for him but im done if Donny goes home im done big brother is not a game for good people so why we watching derrick got his way what a joke