Big Brother Spoilers – “She didn’t look at you like a friend she looked at you with love in her eyes”

POV Holder: ? Next POV Sept 6th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Sept 8th
HOH Winner ? Next HOH Sept 11th
Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?
POV Players ?

BB16-2014-09-04 19-05-31-637

7:05pm Living room
House guests are trying to figure out why Christine got so many boos. They think she crushed people in the Diary room. Derrick brings up Christine saying nobody at her work liked her she told him they thought she was evil. Frankie chimes in says he knows Christine said mean things about his family. Derrick explains when a house guests “Crushes” people in the DR  the audience is populated by fans and those fans get pissed.

BB16-2014-09-04 19-16-13-069
Victoria leaves the guys all start hugging “we made it final 4”. Frankie asks when they should “Britney” Victoria. Says maybe after the the Veto. Derrick “We’re not going to crush her right right now I want to tell her hours before the vote. “..
Derrick says last year Aaryn didn’t get that booed he cannot understand why she was booed so much. Derrick thinks that it’s scary someone can get booed like that. Derrick – “She wasn’t a racist”
Frankie is all of a sudden saying he understands why Christine got booed she said HORRIBLE things to him and Nicole. Victoria joins them says she’s certain Christine said horrible things about her.
Frankie adds that it’s not Live Feeders hate her nastiness was on the episodes.
Frankie – they gasped when I won the Veto but I think it’s because I won something, “She was so close to beating me” Derrick couldn’t tell if the fans cheered when he won the HOH.

BB16-2014-09-04 19-19-57-441

7:19pm Living Room Everyone but Derrick
Frankie says he’s going to be honest with Cody. He tells him America looks at Christine’s relationship with Cody very badly on camera.
Caleb and Victoria agree.
Frankie – Nobody faults you for what you are doing.. you are playing a game for 1/2 a million dollars it’s a little different when you are married.. You are a good comforting friend
Frankie – I my opinion she didn’t look at you like a friend she looked at you with love in her eyes.. It’s possible she was in love with you
Cody – I wouldn’t say that
Caleb – I wouldn’t say in love with you she liked you
Derrick comes back from the Diary room
Cody – I didn’t act crazy different with her I wasn’t jumping on top of her
Victoria – she’s married and you are single
Caleb – you are single
Caleb – She looked at you a little but more of a friend.. the world sees you as playing the game.
Caleb adds that Cody acts the same way with all the girls but Christine only acts that way around Cody.
Frankie – Exactly she looks at you as more than a friend.
Cody – we’ll see when I walk out if I get booed.
Derrick – go in the DR and talk to them about it
Caleb – they’ll tell ya
Frankie – it was the way she looked at you that the world thought was wrong not the way you looked at her
Caleb – you will not get booed
Cody – I wasn’t expecting to hear booed
Derrick – I think there was more than that.. She said some really mean things about people in this house..
Derrick brings up Nicole telling him about how horrible the things Christine says.
Frankie – You guys we had a villain and we didn’t even know.. and she’s gone.

BB16-2014-09-04 19-41-41-589

7:41pm Milling around
Frankie keeps bringing up how everyone gasped when he won the POV. Frankie explains that he had won 10 seconds before Julie said.
Lots of speculation about when the
Frankie says Christine’s boos were worse than Devin.
Derrick and Victoria say Devin never got booed.

BB16-2014-09-04 19-44-52-661

7:44pm Reset button on the memory wall
Derrick says he won’t push it tells them it must be Pandora’s box but this late

BB16-2014-09-04 19-46-35-417
Derrick – You Obviously know Why I did what I did..
Victoria hugs him “I love you”

8:06pm Everyone but Derrick in the kitchen
Still trying to understand why Christine got booed so much. Frankie thinks it’s because she said HORRIBLE things about his family and sister.

The HOH is Tonight. Feeds are free for two days –> Try It Free! Subscribe now to the official BB16 Live Feeds

BB16-2014-09-04 20-31-48-620

8:29pm Have nots open ..
The button is covered by a Plexiglas case they don’t know when they can open it.

8:32pm have nots Derrick and Caleb
Caleb says Frankie told him he’s going to throw the HOH so he can play in the next one
Derrick – OK Frankie you do that

8:40pm Fire Room The 4 guys
Caleb wants to tell Victoria that they have a final 4. Derrick tells them there no game to be talked this week.. He doesn’t want to crush Victoria until right before the vote. Says there is no need to.
Frankie wants to because it will make good TV.

8:49pm Fire Room everyone
Derrick says the people watching the show are probably happy because they got out someone they didn’t like and wanted out for weeks.

8:58pm Fire Room Derrick, Cody and Derrick
Talking about the HOH coming up they seem to think it will be endurance. Caleb says he will be scared to put Frankie up if he wins HOH because he can win the POV.
Derrick – that’s a heavy weight title fight right the… Battle of the beasts.
They solidify their final 3

9:20pm HOH competition has begun

What Julie said about the twist

If That button is pushed in the coming days then next weeks live vote will stop live on the air The two nominees Will immediately come off the block The Game will rewind and the entire week will be replayed that means next week’s nominees could go from being on the block to becoming head of household. It’s a week you do not want to miss as we are full steam ahead to the finale. Tune in Sunday to see who is the new Head of Household To see this Big Brother Rewind twist unleashed on the houseguests and to witness the return of Big Brother legends Jeff and Jordan for a surprise announcement. Then to make way for the NFL we are changing our schedule for the rest of the season.

POV back up for grabs Tuesday 8/7c then the Live Eviction will be Wednesday 8/7c will another house guest be evicted or will the game stop dead in it’s tracks.

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Captain Crunch

im calling it, someone is gonna want to push the button and daddy Derrick is gonna talk them out of it.

I hope im wrong tho.

Eure ka!

Derrick’s powers of persuasion are down-right skeery. Maybe someone can break free from his spell, but I kinda doubt it.


Victoria is certainly under Derricks’ spell. Why is it that she can see that Christine is married, but she doesn’t see that Derrick is too? That girl is going to go berserk when this is over. I swear if she wins, she will give the money to Derrick.


i hope victoria pushes the button. She’d be dumb not to. for one thing, ‘the gang of 4″ are going to tell her hours before the vote that they had planned to take her out all along. Strong motivation for her to push the button, why not, nothing to lose, already leaving and i bet she’d be curious to see if it will help at all.

We’ll see, probably not, everyone is a Big Baby.

Victoria's Psycho Eyes

Your second sentence has a few too many words – she be dumb; period. Has she made a move in this game besides eating, breathing, mirror gazing, asking what people think of her, cutting her own hat? I’ll wait……


Victoria is the dumbest big brother player ever and she needs to stay away from males

Derrick's nostrils

Before this can happen, Someone needs to tell Victoria there is a button and then show her how to push it. Oh wait, she needs to choose an outfit first


Sunny dee, I think there’s something that may be wrong in your analogy. Derrick has no intentions of telling Victoria hours before the eviction because he has NO plan to evict her. Watch the feeds this week. He will be telling her not to even look at the dang thing, she’s his partner, do what I say, I promise you, you will be rewarded in the end…….


Agreed. Derrick is only telling the rest of them that he wants to get rid of Victoria. He’s already scheming to take her to the end. That’s been his main focus all along.


This is CBS’s save for Frankie. If Frankie gets on the block, production will hint to Caleb that it would mean big bucks for him. So of course Caleb will push it.

Michael Angelo

CBS is invested in keeping Frankie around…there’s no doubt about it. It was initially to placate the Arianna fandom. Now, I believe they want to keep around the villain in the house.

Another Anonymous

Does anyone else think that the button was placed there today so if Frankie went on the block tonight they could save him? The people left aren’t just the bottom of the BB barrel they are seriously awful human beings.


They all pushed it. Lol


Tmz reporting Christine left the show. Don’t want to go to jury.


wow unbelievable. frankie won the pov safe fro the double eviction… wow such a boring season… fakie is showing off and saying how he’s in the final 5. like who cares, he doesn’t even deserve to win the game, he’s not even a BBFAN, i bet he never watched the show. If it wasn’t for his sister, he wouldn’t be even in Big brother

I Hate This Season

I pray to god they all get boo’d when leaving – literally not a single person left I like
Especially skankie , his sister must be embarassed by this point


The Witch is Dead!!


Same thing I tweeted out earlier…LOL!


Frankie won’t be booed if he gets evicted. The live audience still laughs every time he talks to Julie. So either there are still idiots out there who are entertained by him or BB packs the audience with people instructed not to be mean to the pop star’s brother. ugh….


I hope if Frankie is evicted, the audience is full of Lesbians. You know, those people that chose to be gay.

Big Sister

Even if, God forbid, Frankie wins, I want the audience to boo until Julie asks them to stop! His bubble needs to be burst.

give me a break

Frankie is not a hated villain, he is an annoying game player…..what will the audience reaction be to other house guest.
Cody :will get booed for being a Homewrecker
Victoria: will just be ignored for being a waste of a house guest player
Derrick: the audience will be asleep..for derrick being so boring
Caleb : will get claps because Amber obsession happen so long ago..but will quickly remember how creepy he was when Julie reminds the audience
Frankie: will be 50/50 because him

Irked by the stupidity!

Actually Flakey is hated on an epic level and it goes far beyond the BB blogs. Get your reading up.


Does that bitch really think that Christine got boo’d because she talked crap about his sister? Get off your high horse man and jump off your sisters ass! She is talented but she ain’t god!


I don’t agree that Frankie should have been allowed to use Ariana’s name at all. It’s an intrusion of the real world into a closed house, which to me, violates the rules of the social experiment. The disclosure of that information most definitely impacted the game and ensured Frankie’s ability to continue. Whatever ratings Frankie generates for CBS, I’m thoroughly disgusted with Big Brother’s production team for allowing it.

I have no doubt he will make it to the final two, with production’s help.


Can’t believe this pink haired tool thinks Christine was booed because she talked bad about him and his family!! I can’t wait for him to be evicted and walk on that stage with a big smile expecting applause, and have the audience boo louder than ever!! In his delusional mind he would probably say they are booing because he’s no longer in the house hahaha. Get this guy out people or this will be another season to forget like BB15 where Andy won! (I actually had to google who won last year!)


Frankie can’t figure out why the audience gasped. Because they saw he had yet another chance to take control of the game. But he was too busy looking at how his behind looked in the mirror. As Frankie is playing for charity, he must think he’s on Celebrity Apprentice . So stuck on himself he thinks Christine was booed because she said something bad about him and/or sister. Where does BB they find these people?


Frankie probably LOVED that the audience was laughing at everything he did. But I’m guessing it was more laughing at Julie’s annoyance of him.


Hopefully Frankie wins Hoh & puts up Derrick & Cody


I understand that mostly everyone dislikes Frankie but at this point he is the only hope of putting Derrick on the block.


He won’t. He has a bone to pick with Cody. Derrick has (seemingly) convinced him that Cody was the sole architect behind backdooring him during Caleb’s HOH. So I see him nominating Cody (and playing it off as a pawn) and Victoria.

give me a break

I hope so too….the different between Frankie and Derrick is….that Frankie is fighting and winning competition to stay in the game, he is always nervous…..Derprick and Homewrecker Cody are never worried….Derprick never try’s to win h.o.h or p.o.v unless it has to do with money….and if somebody else wins money like Caleb…Derprick complains about it……At least Frankie fights to stay…even when Caleb refuse to play with him on B.o.B he still fought..and tonights Pov he fought…While pigs in a blanket Derrick…does shit….the only thing Derprick does is talk to the camera…Derprick needs to go…followed by Homewrecker Cody…

Michael Angelo

If Frankie wins BB16, I will turn in my gay card. I’m extraordinarily embarrassed that he is part of the LGBTQ community.(It is a travesty that he’s part of the human race, but…) I’ll take Derrick and Cody over that vile douche any day.


Mr Angelo, I’m going to be honest with you. I’m an older southern belle and I don’t know any gay folks. I’m so happy to see that he is not representative of the community because I would be ashamed to say what I was beginning to think of how gay people act. Before Frankie, I thought everyone was just normal folks, but when Frankie said he was representing all gays, I became very disillusioned. I now believe he is just a deranged individual.


I am not a Frankie supporter, and I was of Derrick’s in the beginning (later switched to Team Beard), but you make an excellent point. He is definitely playing the game more aggressively than Derrick and had in many instances, as much social pull.


derrick reminds me of pigs and piggy banks
I wish Devin was in this house


Devin being in the game would have made big brother interesting.

Are you Devin?

You must be Devin…


To be honest with u am not Devin nor do I even know him


🙂 is clearly not Devin. Seems to be more like Victoria

Jimmy 64

Derrick said to Frankie that his sister was leading the boo’ s
for Christine . Sorry Derrick Frankie ‘ s sister was singing the
national anthem at the Green Bay , Seattle game tonight.

Eure ka!

Ariana has been ALL over media lately. Her star is meteorically rising but the only way it may help her brother is for the America’s Player vote. God help us all.

Ariana's auto-tune

I wouldn’t call that singing.


I was skeptical about the girl but she can sing after that national anthem i was like ok cant take that away from her. I dont like Frankie but Ariana sangthe national athem pretty good there was no auto tune at all…so to say she cant sing is bs

Big Jacket

Well, now that Toucan Sam is gone, I can’t wait until Fakie goes out.

Pig Cop Bacon

LOL!!! She also reminds me of one of those cheap crappy church puppets.


She reminds me of Miss Prissy in the old Foghorn Leghorn cartoons.
“That’s a joke, ah say, that’s a joke, son.”


Chilltown – Closed For The Season

Jimmy 64

You know somebody is going to push that button.
My guess it will be Caleb or Frankie .


Victoria should hit the reset button shes going to the final 2 no matter what and now when she gets asked what was her biggest move, she can say i pressed the button.

Another Anonymous

That might play a bit better to the jury than “My big move was tearing up my own hat.”


wonder if someone can push it and it not be known to eviction night and they not know what the results of pushing the button is till Thursday night that’s something I think honestly if Frankie wins hoh and put up derrick and cody production would then tell derrick push the button because I don’t think they like Frankie either what do you guys think


I missed the end of the show & am confused…who is HOH now?

You're Lost

There is no HOH yet.


Frankie is the new HOH

Jimmy 64

They have not played it yet


at 10.46 central time nobody

Team Frankie

At this point I kinda want Frankie to win as it might amuse me that all those morons that “really need the money” let the guy who doesn’t really need it get it. They let him slip buy so many times. If he wasn’t such a douche, he really would be a favorite considering all the comps he has won and how he turned it around a few weeks back when he had one foot out the door. That’s how I’m rationalizing a potential Frankie win.


is funny and amazing how dumb all this house guest are “wow”
If Frankie actually lied about giving his “money” to charity then I wish the worst of life for him.


Frankie isn’t there for the money, he’s trying to get famous. He doesn’t need the money he leads an overprivileged life already. I think he would follow through with donating his winnings because not doing so would make him look like a huge douche and prove his naysayers right. He wouldn’t give him the satisfaction. The part that doesn’t make sense is all the moments in the house he forgot to not be a douche on camera. Maybe it really is impossible to go in there all summer without your real self showing through. He’s not as good an actor as he believes!


Frankie may donate $100 to a charity. He is there to audition. He is prancing and I mean prancing because he walks on his tip toes and is constantly performing and using different voices. He is showing America his talents ??? so someone will offer him a job. I think he is so wrapped up into himself he is not even aware of the others in the house.

Waste of a week

It will be pushed and nothing changes .. The target is “Victoria” and whoever the real target is wont be told so when the week is reset nothing changes.


I only hope the reset button is pushed if Frankie wins HOH..and watch him throw a hissy fit..otherwise this season will be even more dragged out.


Lol Reset Button designed for Frankie and Derrek. Team America’s tasks for this week are both super bad. Dream scenario Frankie wins HoH, Reset Button is hit and dethrones him. Cristine’s boos were so bad but ain’t gonna lie I smiled when that happened, that girl was spineless and just a horrible person in that house. I would seriously love for Frankie to leave with boos coming down. This guy seriously thinks he is super loved…


I didn’t think either of the missions were that bad, too easy to win for me. I want the one hardest so they don’t win it as payback for voting their fellow TA member Donny out.

Which one is everyone else choosing????

give me a break

I don’t see Frankie getting booed…he’s not a hated villain, he is just annoying…..Homewrecker Cody will get booed…


And let the fireworks begin! Wow, Christine got her comeuppance tonight. What a wakeup call. She is in for one rude awakening as are the rest of them.


I bet they’re all worrying about the BS they pulled on the people in the jury. Could a light be going on in their heads?
Caleb’s must know his Hollywood career is officially in the toilet. So is Frankie’s TV (or Broadway) hopes.
Victoria will check her hair in the mirror and spend a whole 10 minutes rethinking her “friendship” with Derrick.
And Derrick? He’ll stroll to the win after fooling everyone with his humble manipulations.


Ooops I forgot Cody. But let’s be honest, doesn’t everyone?


said thing is they just think Christine said bad things doesn’t have anything to do with them that’s what they think promise you its to funny


Probably Frankie and Caleb continue to be as delusional as ever. Leave it to Frankie: “She’s hated because she said horrible things about ME, and my SISTER!” Caleb’s probably thinking, “She only had eyes for that dinosaur, not BMC! America hates that!”

I actually feel a little sorry for Christine, it must be miserable to have so much hate coming both from of you and towards you. I feel a lot sorry for Tim and Christine’s family.

Eure ka!

I think one of the only reasons that I am masochistically still watching this season is so I can see Frankie’s reaction when he finally makes his inglorious exit. I hope my gratification is merely delayed and not completely arrested. He CAN’T win, right?

give me a break

When Frankie leave….ratings will drop dramatically until finale night…watching Derrick, Cody, Caleb, and Victoria finale four…will be like watching paint dry..


Wrong Frankie! The villain is still in the house…


I think in the end, someone pushes the button, then attempts to run out of the room it is in (have-not), but the button-press will lock them in the room.. . 😉


Now that would be something.!! The person that pushes the button is locked in that room until after a new HOH contest is over. Actually love this idea too bad it was done a few weeks ago and save us all this boredom we have been having to endure.


Someone better push that damn golden skittle….i dont even care whos on the block…i need excitement.

Derrick has a daughter

Omg… It’s totally a skittle!! XD XD XD

Derrick's nostrils

LMFAO Golden skittle 🙂


Maybe Frankie Christine got booed because she was on YOUR alliance!

I cant wait for Frankie’s Boos I wish I could be there when it happens.

I hate to say it but I’m team Victoria.


Victoria has talked shit about people and has been a puppet the whole season…she is a airhead idiot im ok with anyone winning other than Victoria…her winning would be 10 times worst than Andy….you people would rather some one who hasnt done anything the whole season win rather then people who actually played the game….yes the season was boring but its more productions fault for the stupid BoB….if youre team Victoria you cant be a true fan if this game imo.


It’s funny how Frankie refuses to consider that America might hate him. “They’re just surprised I won” No, they hate you.

Jimmy 64

Frankie is in for a rude awaking when he finds out
America hates his guts

Professor McGonigal

Dear Frankie,

Please STFU.

Thank you,
The National Association of STFU

Sheet pan!

Does America really hate Frankie or just the feeders hate him? I think that he gets a fairly good edit on tv, even with the ” rape” thing, I don’t think he will get booed, but god how good would it feel to see his leprechaun face turn whilst getting crushed, one can hope. I don’t like Christine at all but it was with mixed emotions that I witnessed her downfall tonight, I pity her. Shoulda listened to Donny !


I figure most audience members are feeders. But as for America, my 9&12 year old granddaughters are only allowed to watch the show. No insight, no game talk, or much, anyway. At the beginning, they both ADORED Frankie. And when they found out who his sister was, they were beyond excited. FRANKIE ALL THE WAY!!! And now, they LOATHE him. The past four weeks, all I’ve heard is how Frankie is getting mean, and nasty, and “he’s not like his sister” I believe if 9&12 year olds are that observant, and they were star struck, then ALL of America has this clown down as just plain evil.


it was most likely a sigh of frustrated failure that he heard. An overwhelming PG rated ooooohhhhhh ssssssshhhhhhoooooooooooooooooooottttttttttttttttttttttttttt. Followed by a silent wtf, forehead slapping, and pffftt sounds.

in other words, you dumb bunnies, you had TWO ideal chances to back door frankie, and he’d already be gone.

Is the golden button actually called ‘reset’ or is that just what we are calling it? BB seems to have a lot of cash lying around this year (5K in different comps, 5 K x 3 for the TA tasks, etc etc etc), so maybe it is a button to secure a place as F3? wouldn’t THAT be funny if Victoria really does push that button.

Chief Wiggum FTW

Seriously. I can’t wait for Skankie’s boos. He’s an egomaniac. He has the body of a 14yr old boy and the face of a 60yr old soap opera actress.


my 20 votes for Team America went to the hardest one A to get folks to fast so the chances of another $5G will be too hard for them to complete.


Yeah but with “A”….Frankie and Derrick still get to sneak food….I hate that part. As for picking “B” that seems too easy as they stay up all night pretty much anyway. The only hard part is actually getting the to look for a rodent. I’m torn which way to vote…please, someone convince me which way to vote.

Butters Mom

Vote A. Because I said so.


Caleb will push it/


Caleb may talk about pushing the button and brag about he is going to do it. But he never follows through

Never Heard of Ariana Grande

I think it’s too late for the reset button. All the people with any fan support are already gone so I doubt if anyone will care whether the button is pushed or not. It’s probably just there in case Frankie is going to be evicted, then the producers will tell him to push it and he will get another life.

USA Today mentioned that Big Brother’s ratings had declined this year. I don’t think Frankie drew the ratings they expected.

As far as what went wrong with this season, I think the Battle of the Block helped ruin it. It caused all the girls to be put up early because everybody was trying to make sure their nominees were weak enough to lose. This left a heavily male dominant house, which has been done to death in recent years. This year will make 8 of the last 10 won by men.

I think Grodner should be fired and someone with new ideas brought in to shake things up so hopefully next season won’t be so predictable with one group dominating the entire season, no power shifts, nothing but unanimous evictions and all men at the end. One more season like that will probably get it cancelled.


Yep! The battle of the block completely ruined this season! It allowed the big alliance to win week after week, since they could always throw it. Total waste of a season!

Any mouse

Yep, the BOB, the double HOH ruined it, but don’t forget one more thing…….Ariana Grande, Frankie should have never been allowed to even mention her, it seriously changed the game…….he would have been gone weeks ago , instead it cast a spell on Caleb and to a lesser extent Victoria

Butters Mom

I hope the rest of those boys get just as many boos as Christine got when they leave or when they win… whichever comes their way.


I could be wrong, but I don’t think Derrick will get that many boos. A lot of BB fans recognize he played a great game. And I don’t think he played a malicious one. And Caleb didn’t either. I know that a lot of posters hated him, but a lot of super fans respect Derrick’s game. That’s assuming he gets evicted. If he win’s, he won’t get booed. But hey, I could be wrong. It wouldn’t be the first time.


But remember how bad Caleb was back at the beginning when he was stalking Amber and the way he would talk about what a women’s place was in the world.


Yes. That is a very good point. He totally creeped me out. He is arrogant and totally dillusional. Not to mention self absorbed. I was thinking about Amber ‘wake up and smell the restraining order’. She is gonna need it. Ok, I say you are right on that point.


When two people are on the block after the veto ceremony I think there’s NO WAY someone won’t push the button because at least one of those people know there’s about nothing left to lose! The button has got to be pushed and production will make it happen because its possibly the only way this week will get really interesting. I’m pretty annoyed that they couldn’t have thrown that in this week for Nicole…

Pig Cop Bacon

Tonight was one of the most boring episodes yet. They couldnt even fill the time they had alotted after double pov and hoh. It was like watching dead fish. It felt like a complete disaster!


Counldn’t agree more. Usually this is the most exciting shows of the season! I didn’t even watch the end.


I hope you’re right Simon. As long as Derrick gives his permission…

Mean Girls, BB Edition

SIMON, 1st a big thanks for all you and Dawg do to keep us informed! Yeah, the button will be pushed*****probably by Caleb. He won’t be able to resist it; he’ll probably say he did it while he was sleepwalking. This reset button should have been introduced around 2 or 3 weeks ago, if it was going to have any important impact on the game. But why would Production do anything that would make good sense this season?


Some folks on twitter felt Christine did not deserve to get booed. I disagree. At least 10 times Christine made fun of how Amber left. Despite also being backdoored unanimously by her alliance Amber made a classy exit from the house. Christine grabbed her bag and didn’t hug anyone. She said and did many awful things in the BB house because she enjoyed it and had 0 remorse about it. Now she can look forward to spending the next two weeks with people in the jury who dislike her as much as she dislikes them. You can be ruthless in this game, but she took it to a another level.

Jimmy 64

Christine became hated because of the way she treated
Nicole her only true friend in the house. You don’t treat
Americas sweetheart like that.


Bet those that don’t understand the boos don’t watch the feeds or BBAD or even read much at the fan sites. The way CBS edits things you don’t get to see all the bad things a person does if you watch only the broadcast show.


Besides the show ending, watching them get evicted to negative reception is the only thing I look forward to.


First, they were perplexed at not winning AP money for that stupid Broadway Play. Now they obsess over the booing. Is this the least self-aware group ever?

We don’t like any of you! We don’t want any of you to win! Your hair looks ridiculous! Yes, you will be booed! No we don’t want to follow you on you tube! No I don’t want to watch you on Amazing Race and won’t buy your CD! No your family won’t be proud of you.

Okay. I feel better now.


I don’t know if Victoria is a good source on what is appropriate or not. I mean…she is folding Derrrick’s clothes and all…and constantly says, ” I love you” to him….. Derrick, you’re gonna wanna hide yo’ kid, hide yo’ wife..cause Victoria isn’t going to come back to reality well.


I wish Scotty could beam me into the BB house so I could tell them its not just Christine, you are all unpopular.

Donny's visor

HAHAHAHA! Yay Christine! Now you’re going to the jury house to join the people you hate! How utterly uncomfortable that will be for you and deservedly so! No friends in or out of the house…take this as a life lesson and learn from it.


Oh they will be nice to her. They are the “nice kids” remember? The evil ones are all still in the BB House….

State trooper

Did I see Cody tear up a little when he voted to evict his big brother girlfriend? He still looked teary eyed when he was waiting for the voting announcement. I pity the jury house when Christine enters, she will become the “scorned woman” and try to come clean; not enough soap and water.


Please vote for Mission A so they won’t get anymore money. These people are up all night anyway so they would get the money if we vote Mission B. Vote A so no more TA money.


totally agree! PLEASE VOTE A!
If it’s B, they may as well be looking for Skankie as the rodent

The beard

Wasn’t there something close to this twist in Dan and Ian season to allow coaches to play the game?


I think Victoria will push the button. It’s gold, shiny and who else would be impulsive enough to push it. If Derrick upsets her it’s push the button time.

It’s sad I’m rooting for Victoria to win 500k. Not playing the game is actually a strategy; she just has to convince the jury that they hate the other person more..


No strategy is her strategy

The beard

I think people are having to much faith in Vic,im not so sure she will know how to push the button if it comes down to it.I can see her not understanding how the button works, maybe she gets the opportunity and just stares at it with her glass eyeballs hoping it will go down,and then later on explaining to everyone if she knew how to push the button she would have.

The Frankie Button

I am here to make sure Frankie gets to the finals, He is the most popular houseguest ever!!!!!! btw that is sarcasim


Grodner, i hope you read this you selfish miserable bitch… fuck you.


I just laughed so hard I fell over backward in my chair. This is a true story. Sacred the shit out of my dogs…

Love to hate this season...

Oh, well said!


It’s sad, but at this point I hope Victoria wins.


Frankie lives on…


It would seem that derrick won HOH based on the comments. I am sure the collective “gasp” from the audience was the disbelief that NOTHING is freaking going our way this season. Ugh!


I thought the crowd cheered when derrick won hoh???


can the two nom push the botton if not I don’t think it going to be push
unless derrick up their
derrick boos when he get out will be so loud next door people will come knock on the door in ask what that nose when can here you way down the sreet


Let’s be honest – Victoria is going up and Victoria is pushing the button. Why? Because she has nothing to lose and everything to gain from the unknown.

Ariana Tweets tonight.....

“was sure @frankiejgrande would be done tn. #bb16 holdin on by a thread. killing it tho. hope he’s doing ok in his mind n heart! must be hard”

Yeah, it appears he’s always hard honey with all the groping and what not, and now he’s down to almost all men. Is this heaven?


Yes Victoria. Lol

pants on fire

Someone get Christine a bandage…she’s got a boo boo!!! Zing!!


Now that is genius!


Take in how conceited they are, they dont even consider that the first person boo’ed that loudly is the first person evicted from the tighter-knit Bomb Squad. It’s not just about Christine you jerks. But I guess these are people who think we hate Zach who was actually the first voted out…

And Frankie, as much as we disliked Christine, she’s not the villain here.