Cody says I’m putting up Frankie & Christine. I just hope Caleb doesn’t say anything to Frankie.

POV Holder: Chrisitne Next POV Sept 6th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Sept 1st
HOH Winner Caleb Next HOH Sept 4th
Nominations: Nicole and Victoria
Have Nots Derrick and Nicole
POV Players Victoria, Nicole, Caleb, Cody, Christine and Derrick

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-04 13-32-20-518
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1:15pm Big Brother blocks the live feeds for the HOH lockdown. When the live feeds return – Victoria and Nicole shower in the bathroom and start getting ready for the live show tonight. Derrick and Frankie are in the kitchen. Derrick tells Frankie that he loves him. Frankie says I love you too. Frankie realizes the big brother gave him new pink hair die. Caleb is unpacking his HOH basket after moving out of the HOH room. Derricks eating at the kitchen table. Derrick, Caleb and Frankie discuss what the HOH competition might. They all don’t think it will be the endurance wall. Derrick says he thinks it will be something more like being on a swing and hitting a wall. Frankie says but that’s a big set up. Derrick says the wall is too. Caleb says that’s a lot of set up in the backyard to have all of that. Derrick says it could be a question HOH, the veto and the wall on the back of the yard for the second HOH. Frankie says we got this sh*t. Caleb says I feel good about it.
Big-Brother-16-2014-09-04 13-43-05-856

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1:40pm In the fire room – Derrick and Cody talk. Derrick is wrapping up his thigh with a bandage. Derrick tells Cody that he was talking to Caleb a little while ago and he was dude we got this final 4, we’re good. I told him that my head was just spinning last night making sure we’re making the right decision. I didn’t mention anything about our conversation. I just said I was wondering who would be better for our game going forward .. either Christine or Frankie. Derrick says that Caleb said that Christine does nothing for any of us, there’s no need to keep her. He said that Frankie can’t be trusted. Derrick says just be careful what you say to him. Derrick says I just told him he knows how I am and I just get paranoid and was running stuff my Cody. He definitely said he doesn’t trust Frankie though. You just need to be careful what you say to him. Cody says I just hope he doesn’t say anything Frankie. Derrick says he won’t. We got to f**king win tonight. Cody says I’m putting up Frankie and Christine. Derrick says if Christine goes home then Frankie knows you put him on the block. Cody says then he goes home. Derrick says so regardless of who goes home the other goes right after. Cody says he can’t just put up Christine with Victoria because if Frankie wins the veto he can use it to take Christine off. Derrick says with Frankie & Christine up ..if Frankie does win the POV which he’s capable of doing then he pulls himself down and can’t take Christine down.

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-04 14-00-46-642
1:55pm – 2:10pm In the bathroom – Derrick shaves off his facial hair. Frankie joins him and saves too. Victoria says wow Derrick! Frankie says look how much thinner you are! Meanwhile Cody has gone back to sleep.

2:20pm Derrick comes into the bathroom with Frankie to trim his hair. Derrick asks Victoria have you seen Derrick? I’m looking for him. (Because he looks different without his facial hair.) Victoria laughs. Derrick asks Frankie to put some makeup on him to cover up his bags under his eyes. Frankie says you’re going to look 1 and a half. People are going to be like who’s that fetus. Frankie says okay look at me? Wow so pretty! Derrick says I would never do this every day. Frankie says Brad Pitt does it. Derrick says I don’t feel any different. Wow my eyes look.. Frankie says like you slept. Now don’t tell anyone and see if anyone notices. Derrick then starts trimming Frankie’s hair. Frankie says I realized why Donny was so bad for us and team america.. its because to be a team america player you have to have an impeccable social game. Derrick agrees that’s what hurt us. Frankie says everything we accomplished was through social. They talk about the money they lost because of Donny.

2:40pm – 3:15pm In the bathroom – Victoria talks to Derrick about her speech. Victoria is nervous and can’t remember what to say. Derrick tells her that she’s thinking about it too much and is going to mess up. Victoria practices her speech. Frankie says that’s good. Victoria asks you heard it? Derrick says you said it out loud. The house guests continue to get ready in the bathroom. Cody and Christine are sleeping in the earth room. Derrick starts trimming Caleb’s hair.

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Derrick and cody have a waaaaay better chance keeping christine over frankie, Shes loyal to them to over caleb and frankie pretty much since the beginning. they both can beat her in final 2 where as victoria might wi because she was floated on. Maybe Cody will have some balls tonight if he wins hoh and gets frankie out for goooood.


Now that Derrick knows who everyone is putting up he will throw the game yo them. He don’t want blood on his hands I think he foes want Frankie out, and he knows Christine wants to be the last girl. She will go after Victoria.

Redo mama

I know it sounds crazy but I hope Christine wins HoH tonight. Think she is the only one that gives Derrick the boot!!! Then Frankie…. I don’t care who wins at this point as long as it’s not Derrick or Skankie.

Let’s see some drama!!!!

Pinnocchio Obama

I wish Big Brother would let America vote out a cast member.


I so totally agree with you


why can derrick save but Donny couldn’t do you get that

pants on fire

Derrick grew his whiskers in the BB house…Donny came in with his so it was like his “trademark” look, I guess. They didn’t want him to alter his looks for whatever reason. Probably to hype the “fear the beard” that was becoming stronger
as Donny got more popular.


Nice job deciphering what the poster was trying to convey!

Thank You

I did not know quite how to say that!


Donny explained it one night, on the feeds. IIRC he doesn’t normally wear a full beard but let it grow out for his audition or audition tape. I think he said he wanted to cut it even before coming into the house but because he was picked to play the game based on that look BB told him he couldn’t. Seems fair to me.


So in other words, Cody will be putting up Victoria and Christine.

waka waka

…and all week they will discuss getting Frankie out, only to evict Victoria.


Awwwww Zeenie……you’re killing me! Hahahahaha


I think Zeenie is spot on. So true


New cure for insomnia: tune in to BB16 live feeds.

Same here

Maybe you can tell me what Victoria and Nicole were talking about at around 4:10 am last night when Victoria said ‘it was a complete lie’? I couldn’t make out what the subject was or what they were referring to and laughing about? INSOMNIAC – if anyone can answer, you can. Thanks – and get some sleep.


Wish I could, I fell asleep before then because it was so boring. Thank god. You should get some sleep as well!


dawg why is cody there he do everything derrick say now don’t get me wrong Im no fan of Christina but she will never put cody up he losing a lot of fans I hope hate to say it I hope Christina wins tonight in put up two boys
like she said

Lawon's Special Power

8 fans is not a lot of fans. Although to Cody it’s a lot but it’s really not.


Cody is putting up Frankie against Christine?


Maybe there is little hope for this homewrecker after all. I actually would root for him – slightly.


I nominate the remaining houseguests for the boiling water challenge.

Girldragon Slayer

Ha! Thanks for the laugh!! That was funny.

A Crying Shame

There once was a time where all of us BB fans would be counting down the minutes in excitement,
anxiously waiting to watch the final double eviction of the season!
Here’s my number: 702-600-4209 (Karla)
Somebody just text me the results instead please…


You said it! I’ll be getting the results right here!


Yeah bbfangrl, me too!
Thanks, you just reminded me to donate to Simon & Dawg,
because after last nights cartoon episode, I honestly can’t take it anymore…
Plus this site has always been way more entertaining with shared thoughts and comments from other BB fans,
not to mention Simon & Dawgs own creative, hilarious, edits of their own!


I couldn’t agree more Karla. How about instead of watching this stupid mindless show we just have phone sex instead. I think I already have your number.:)

Just kidding sweetheart. I would never harass someone like that…who do you think I am Beast Mode Cowboy?


i appreciate the little comments by S&D as well (always in brackets). Please please please keep those up, they are far more entertaining to read than what these people are actually doing in there. 😉


I also will be getting the results here because it is useless to watch these worthless and degenerate human beings. We all know that it will in all probability be Victoria or Christine that go and to be honest after Nicole goes who cares. Skankie and Derrick are CBS picks so they will not be going anywhere because Production will make sure the “I think it would be funny to Gang Rape a Virgin”, and “Pig Snout who thought it was funny” are staying put no matter how they must rig it to ensure that happens. Just way to disturbing to have to watch those two after knowing what they have said about women on this show and what they want to do to them and that CBS/BB just let them get by with it and do not make them abide by BB rules about violence.


Even after hayden drilled it into her head derick and cody she goes back to trusting and confiding in derrick. What a shame. This season has completely sucked. Usually always look forward to elimination night in passed years but this year that hasnt been one week where we didnt know 100% who was going. Theyre all sheep besides derrick. I dislike derrick but dont hate on him. Hes surrounded by complete morons which besides victoria who is hands down the dumbest, not even a part of the game. But then theres Caleb. I was beyond creeped out how stalkerish he was with amber but beyonr that there is sometjing seriously wrong with this dude. He is so stupid. He is beyond loyal to a fault. Does he not realize there arent 4 winners. Theres only 1. I would say he has no balls for not making any big move but i really think its more than that. He lacks brainpower to realize to make the move. I think if he had even some brains hed have the balls to make a move but nope. He just still keeps talking about getting the alliance of his to the end. And then what dummy????? This cast of morons has really bored me to death all season. And hearing julie chen saying hey its most twisted season ever!! Lol. Wtf is she or cbs talking about. Its the most boring and predictable season ever. So disapointing and boring. No one in that house to even root for. Of everyones thats left i think im now rooting for cody who i disliked almost the entire season. But hes the least annoying of anyone left. Wow. What a joke of a season. Thanks alot cbs.


True Caleb is loyal to a fault. And he was in the army? Unbelievable, instead of taking out the enemy (Frankie ) he taking out the good guys (Donny Nicole ). They could have help him. Where did they get theses rejects from? I will say the head of the snake is the one that has not been on the block, Derrick.


just because donny and nicole are nice means nothing.. no one seems to get these guys were alligned. Why vote out the people you trust, over someone whose a wildcard in your since its the finals nows the chance to turn on eachothert, but they have more trust in eachother than they did with donny or nicole..unfortunately.

I loathe Frankie

Last year Julie and BB production were all over Ayarn about her racist remarks. What about Frankie and his rape comments?! Frankie keeps getting a good edit. It’s bullshit. They need to cut the cord on Frankie and that needs to happen tonight. Also Caleb is very delusional! You will not be famous! Check your self!


Frankie definitely needs to go tonight. His perverted actions on the show are extremely inappropriate and he needs to go straight HOME – not to jury where he can fester and pester the decent folk. Also, The Delusional Cowboy was telling Nicole (on joker’s feeds today) that he thinks Amber may kiss him on the lips at the finale. If she doesn’t, he plans on kissing her on the lips. Somebody better clue that guy in to leave her alone or he may have a sore cheek or a security detail with a restraining order waiting for him on national TV. He also may need a straight jacket before the end of the finale. He is NOT going to take her rejection well.


I think that Frankie has a wierd obsession with rape. A night or two after the disgusting Victoria comments, he was going on about rape scenes in movies. He was making Cody noticeably uncomfortable, and the more uncomfortable Cody got, the more Frankie went on about it.


He also wanted Cody to take Amber to a room and “fuck” her. To humiliate her before they voted her out. Dude is sick in the head.

Frankie hates girls

I’ve gotten the impression all season long that Frankie straight up loathes females, unless they’re related to him and/or famous. He’s made more misogynistic comments than the other dudes combined, along with all these rape “jokes” and personal attacks of the female HGs. None of the other guys have used the c-word (that I’m aware of). There wasn’t one girl in the house he actually liked, or even one he didn’t find something to trash them over. He seems jealous of the girls, as though if they weren’t there, he’d be getting all the flirty and petting attention from the other male HGs. Thus, as his perceived competition, he can’t stand them. Why was the goal to get rid of every female HG? Even when the girls that are there (and were there together at various points) aren’t working together, they always talk about the numbers in a guys vs girls scenario….”if they get rid of frankie, it’ll be 3:3″ etc., despite the fact that Victoria is obviously always going to vote with Derrick, not make some power girls alliance to go against the men. Just as Brittany was not working with Nicole, Christine was not working with Jocasta, Pow was not working with Victoria, but all the girls must always be seen as threats entirely bc of their gender. And returning to Frankie in particular, he also said that gay men are born gay, but gay women choose it as a lifestyle choice…wtf?

The Pink Hair Surprise Gift

Poppies…Poppies. Poppies will put him to sleep. Sleeeeep. Now he’ll sleep.

Redo mama

Cody says he’s gonna do something… does anyone believe him?

Big brave Cody

He is like a baby dinosaur. All baby roar and no bite.

Gillette Shaving Cream Company

Nope, not hiring Derrick as a spokesperson – well, maybe if he wins. Oh, who are we kidding – Donny is in our sights – his shaving would increase our sales tenfold.


Derrick a spokesperson ? Nah. For who tBB17 The League of Cowards

Frankie Grande is a WITCH

I went against my better judgement and decided to check out Frankie’s YouTube channel. I couldn’t get past ten seconds of one of his videos because it was making me feel motion sickness. He comes off as someone who smokes meth in his real life and just spends all of his time filming himself and believing he’s a “star”


Frankie is a Buffalo Bill type from Silence of the Lambs, Except he’d have a twink in the dry well. it rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again

i'll believe it when i see it

they are all horrible players. i can’t take anything they say seriously. one minute i’m reading the feeds and thinking finally there will be some action and then they wuss out and change their minds. there’s no more battle of the block and i highly doubt they’re going to do another buy back, so why the heck do they get scared and think “this isn’t the right time”. if caleb had put frankie up instead of victoria they could have gotten him out because cody, victoria, and derrick would vote to send him home (who cares about christine) and then there would be no more need for speculation of whether or not he’d take them to the finals because HE WOULDN’T BE THERE. they already admitted that nicole hasn’t been doing that well and not to mention at this point the only person victoria wouldn’t put up is derrick, so why do they act like it was so urgent to get nicole out?! they aren’t that smart because a smart player would think hmmm, nobody in the jury house really likes any of us, so maybe i should make a big move and send one of the guys home. because once/if they get to the final 4 as all guys then it doesn’t really count as a big move, it counts as a, well somebody has to go home and it can’t be me move. ugh. they are so annoying and frustrating.


You know that feeling when something exciting is going to happen? Isn’t it amazing? But then it falls through? And then the disappointment you feel? That is BB16


Best Post of BB16! 😛


I almost wonder if Christine is the only one with balls enough to put Frankie up? Maybe I want Christine to win HOH? I’m not a big fan of hers for the most part. I will hate it if tonight’s comps are geared to help Frankie win. I love how Cody acts like he is going to win the HOH for sure. What has he really done? LOL. My only hope is that it will be a really good last few weeks when they start turning on each other. I did like derricks diary sessions last night I have to say.


Derrick’s actually laid it out exactly how he is playing those idiots. LOL…. I would like to see their faces when they view his DR sessions. He deserves to win – he has controlled everybody in that house all season. His big mistake may be taking Victoria to F2. That jury may be bitter enough to give him 2nd to show how they feel about being used all season. Then again, they may think if they were dumb enough to let him control their every move – give him the money.


Tonights HOH comp is a quiz about Cher songs and quotes from Glee.


Hilarious comments like that, is why this site the best!
Can’t stop laughing 🙂


Cody PLEASE stand up to Derrick and put up Frankie (if you win HoH, that is). It’s far past time you begin to play your game, not Derrick’s.


BB16 Official Motto:
Here I sit broken hearted, came to sh#t and only farted.


LMFAO hahahah


I love that saying. I first saw it on a latrine wall in Vietnam in 1971 and still laugh at it.


men derrick an Frankie sill talking about Donny
saying he not America player that piss me off
talking about the misson he didn’t do what about
the misson yall two clowns didn’t do
thumbs up if you vote Donny team America
thumb down if you cant stand derrick an frankie


Anyone know how much control production has over the houseguests image/character on the show? I remember Frankie asking Donny what he was wearing on finale night and him saying production took all of his button down collared shirts, and also him saying he hopes he can shave/trim his beard in jury house. So obviously they wanted him to portray the popular duck dynasty character on the show, but I never realized how far they actually go. And I’m sure they told Nicole to keep her glasses, etc. Does anyone on here have more insight into what exactly production controls as to houseguests image?


I have been wondering the same thing.
Also, it seems like they have all been given clothes from the same store to wear instead of their own clothes. The only time they are allowed to wear their own clothes is eviction night? Why bother even bringing all of your own belongings if you’re not allowed to wear them?
So much for individuality.

it bothers me

how sites that cover Frankie’s “fall” to hated HG seem to think getting rid of Zach was a good move. it was the WORST move. he got rid of his best ally in an attempt to please the house, all it did was shown he had no problem cutting you loose way earlier than expected and was heartless in the process. then he tells everyone his stupid secret, its like he used Zach as a way to “make up” for lying about being Ariana Grande’s half brother, which is just…why do we care? her half brother? I mean boogie said it best on RHAP, no one cares if you are related to someone famous. no one cares especially when you have never heard of the person. I had legitimately never heard the name ariana grande.

I hope Frankie is gone tonight. I can’t stand watching him, hearing him, any of it. mute doesn’t work because I still see him. please, remove him from my TV. you should have told Zach, handed him a power and got rid of the cancer awhile ago. right your wrong, goodbye frankie

Caleb's Reflection

What’s RHAP?


RHAP is “Rob Has a Podcast”… You’ll find it on Survivor’s Rob Cesterino’s site “Robhasawebsite”… Featuring excellent podcasts right after each Big Brother episode.


I know everyone hates christine but she’s 2nd or 3rd place that has the most wins ands shes been very competitive the last 2 weeks. If she wins HoH tonight, I have a feeling she’ll nominate frankie and caleb and backdoor derrick if veto is used. She’s keeping cody for sure. I don’t think she’ll put up Victoria at all


I don’t think she will have the votes to get Derrick out, so I can’t see a back door working. Who will vote him out? Not Victoria. Not Cody. Not Caleb. Probably not even Frankie. Derrick is looking good for tonight.


I wasnt implying derrick would be leaving…he would just be the only other option to put up if frankie or caleb came off cause she aint putting up victoria or cody


how Frankie seriously thinks he has had fan encounters in the past

before BB, fans…of his.

his fans. he has fans. he believes he actually had fans because of a youtube channel and half a sibling. amazing


“Frankie says I realized why Donny was so bad for us and team america.. its because to be a team america player you have to have an impeccable social game.”

uhmmmmmmmmmmmmmm no.


I was told by the fly swatter that I needed to enter the house – so I’m going to try to catch him.


if you like Donny thumbs up
if you think Frankie an derrick should of never
being on team america thumbs down


That should be two separate posts because I want to thumb up and thumb down and you can’t do both!

Fuh Q

I know! Just found that out myself. Feel like a dope! hahaha

BB Cesspool

Still blaming Donny over TA failure? They didn’t lose 5k because of Donny or people that like Donny, they failed because the play was an idiotic idea and it sucked. The idea alone wasn’t worth a penny let alone 5k. Most of the TA missions weren’t executed by them to begin with. They just let the Houseguests be themselves and behaved the way they always did like clock work. If it wasn’t for the HGs personalities the “seeds” they planted wouldn’t have made a difference. TA missions to incite arguments and what have you is easy to do with a house full of people with explosive-loud mouth-obnoxious-shit stirring-insecure-rowdy personalities. So really TA really didn’t have to do anything, they were themselves and let others do the same.
And of course they also didn’t get the last 5k ’cause we don’t like them. With or without Donny they are ghastly creatures.


I’m so sick and tired of Derprick and Fakie blaming Donny for not winning more money from Team America missions. Donny had a conscience and didn’t want to do anything that would hurt another player: and to mess up his game. Want to blame someone? Blame it on you two slimy greedy bastards! Oh, and Fakie, PS…you DO NOT represent the gay community; and in fact, you DO NOT represent any gay community in the USA or Europe. LGBT folk have enough problems as it is; and we don’t want YOU as our spokesperson!!!! Bring on Survivor, Big Brother Australia, Big Brother Canada, and Big Brother 17 with players that are not chickenshits!!!!!!


You go, boy!!! Love my Kenny!!! Muah!!!!


Is this Kenny from BBCAN2??? The original beard? Can’t be.

Fuh Q

Now Kenny was the best representative and wish there were more like him on shows like this.


Didn’t team America not do ONE challenge because Donny said he wouldn’t do it? I can’t blame him either. It would have hurt his game and he’s just not an asshole. They lost the last $5000 because Frankie is an asshole and thinks he has talent…can’t wait to see your face when you realize you are one of the most hated house guests EVER!


there was a different challenge those 2 refused to do due to it not being good for their game, even tho imo it would not have hurt their game at all. had something to do with flipping the votes, which could easily have worked, and the two nominees it really didn’t matter that much who went home. One of the tasks they failed, because they chose poorly about trying to get an argument going. there wasn’t anyone for zach to argue with, or they chose who he should argue with poorly. They failed only one task because Donny said no, it wasn’t a good idea. They all agreed the other one wasn’t a good idea, nothing to do with him. There were 7 tasks, the complete failure where TA, and production (and Donny) all agreed about what the task should be, but D and F refused to do it, even tho, again, it really did not matter if Nicole or Donny actually went home at that point. It would have been a clear win, in other words, that those two and only those two decided against. They did win 4 out of the 7 missions i think. They believe they won 5, because they think one of the ones they failed was a win.


So, last year Amanda and Elisa left on this double eviction – yep, no comparison – no Andy the rat – (well maybe pink boy) – BB14, no comparison – so we’re left with what? Oh, Victoria on the block with someone – what a hoot if Victoria pulls a win – oh my – did I really just say Victoria pulls a win.


PLEASE!!!! Let Frankie be evicted tonight. I am tired of seeing him walking around like he is better than everyone else… to me it just looks like he has a dildo stuck up his b u t t.

Derrick Had Face Hair?

Hey does anyone know where to watch a live stream of the eviction tonight?


derrick be talking to the camera tonight watch
then my tv gone to go to mute in im say what what you saying men


im not from the US buttt- didnt america vote for that task? if everyone loved donny as much as they say, why would you vote for that. I remember seeing that option and thinking thats bad that would screw peoples game up..just a thought!


I watched for 3 seasons I forget with 4 to go someone wins hoh and that knocks it down to 3 then don’t they have like a double comp where both winners face each other for hoh so the same person could win back to back hohs in this case only


Pigs don’t have whiskers, so of course he shaved…Now all he has to do is shave his head to complete the transformation…


Production is working hard to edit Derrick into being seen as another legendary bb mastermind in their attempt to save what would otherwise be called a waste of a season. They have used the “holla” situation to coin his new nickname DadBot and repeatedly drill it into everyone’s head. Not to mention that I’m sure they are the ones that planted the seeds into Nicole’s head that he is the Dan Gheesling of the season. Even Derrick mentioned how much he loves those guys, production, and it’s obvious now that they are heavily invested in him winning the season. So it will be interesting to see if they are able to accomplish that and how far they go to do so.
Derricks new strategy moving forward seems to have dropped his ace in the hole Victoria in favor for an all guy final 4 (did you notice the obvious late edit of this to last nights show?). Now he wants to get rid of all of the girls bc they threaten his chances since they are seen as weak and easily beatable in final 2. By keeping an all guy final 4: he maintains appearance of loyalty to bro alliance, the bigger target Frankie is still in the house, and HE is now the only one left seen as weak easily beatable to be taken to final 2. Plus, he’s worked on Nicole and Victoria to campaign for him in jury. Pretty smart, I will say, if he pulls it off.


Wanted to add that his plan to keep Frankie could backfire bc Frankie is dying to be the first, only, person to put Derrick on the block and if he doesn’t have the votes he’s gone. As much as I can’t stand Frankie, and by can’t stand I mean want to gauge my eyes and ears out every time he’s on the screen, he’s the only person to pit against Derrick to keep things at least a little bit interesting moving forward.

I Hate Frankie!

And of course CBS will not let their precious social media mogul be evicted tonight:

Another Anonymous

The comments on there are hilarious. If you haven’t seen the photo yet it’s a pic of a gold button that Julie tweeted with the text “Not only do we have an exciting #DoubleEviction 2nite on #BB16, but I’ll announce a new twist! Here is a sneak peek!”

team coconuts

what if its some sort of coup de ‘etat power to save nicole??!

Girldragon Slayer

I can only beg at this point, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE


Is Victoria even allowed to play in the HOH anymore? Do they even tell her when its happening or just leave her in the bathroom putting on 7 lbs of lipstick?


” Victoria talks to Derrick about her speech. Victoria is nervous and can’t remember what to say.”

Just say what we all know you’re thinking “Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all? Princess Victoria”


I mentioned once before that Freaky’s constant hyperness (not a word) and constant jumping, etc., reminds me of cocaine or some type of illegal med? But certainly BB would go thru the contents of their stuff they bring into house, right? He did mention taking all these Advil and other pills. Can illegal drugs be made to look like over the counter pills?
I agree that last night Derrick finally presented an enlightening speech, giving his thoughts re Nicole spilling her feelings re acknowledging that she sees his game. Love Nichole but those few words gave Derrick something to think about. And thus then he wanted her out before she tells others how he is controlling them.
Have been wondering, Is there any way that Derricks buddies back in the police force could be getting info to him? Like a an earplug that is connected some way, something wireless, that his associates in the force can keep him informed of what the public is saying? After Donny was gone, Derrick seemed to suddenly know we love Donny. Also, we all were complaining that no one goes to DR to give their strategy but suddenly last night Derrick gives us his? I have experienced psychopathic personalities, we all have I assume, and nothing is beyond what they will/must do to win. And if caught lying they immediately come up with a story that seems plausible to cover the lie. hmmmmm.
Seems to me something fishy is going on here?


Please note !! I am NOT WTF …I am Abdala233. How in the world did WTF come up as my ID.??
Wanted you all to know something is not working correctly in our IDs.
I left post re Freaky’s pills and Derrick and ear plugs.


People in production are telling the houseguests comments that are being said about them outside the house. How else would they know everyone loves Donny. Frankie made a comment two nights ago that he can’t say anything at the after party without a lawyer present. They must have told him about the uproar about his “joke” about Victoria. Production is a big part of the Big Brother game. It is not all the houseguests making decisions.

Caleb's Reflection

How in the world did Caleb manage to get picked for the show…his racist and homophobic comments were known before BB started, you know his fag comment and calling the President ” A Muslim Monkey ? I don’t like President Obama but I would never speak that way and I wouldn’t tolerate people around me talking that way, it’s disgraceful and he shouldn’t be rewarded .


Oh boy! Now my original post, mistakingly under ID of WTF, has been deleted. what’s up here!
What I had said is: Freaky’s over the top actions and energy and hyperness, any way he could have snuck some type of speed/cocaine into BB. Probably not.
Any way Derrick could be wearing/using, as earplugs, a device by which his ‘guys’ on outside could keep him informed re how public feels re the game?

:( imisszach

I wish I didn’t want to watch this pathetic show with them sorry disgusting people mainly Derrick and Frankie

Go Victoria

Oaky, so I have nothing else to hope for!


I don’t want any of the idiot house guest to win HOH, but someone has to so Victoria do something. For once play like is the last day of your life.


Suggestion for BB. At each HoH comp, the first two out have to clean the kitchen for the week. This includes washing dishes and putting all food away. The next two out have to clean ALL the non-carpeted floors using a steam cleaner (Shark?). If the floor cleaners find any clothes on the floor, they have to place these into trash bags and have production donate them to a local charity. Also, the steam cleaners use a hand steamer to clean the showers and toilet.

Benefits: HG’s won’t throw comps; house would be cleaner; might stop the ant infestation that seems to happen every season; give some HG’s tasks to relieve boredom.

HG screening should include eliminating any candidates who have an eating disorder or medical problem, i.e., Freakie who claims to have a circulatory problem who “can’t” stay in the Have-Not room.

HoH sleeping arrangement: Only one additional HG allowed to sleep in the HoH room, HoH winners choice. (Unlike Freakie who thought it was his “right” to spend way too many nights there.)

Do I think any of these will happen? Well no, but these might help keep future seasons, if there are any, more interesting to us BB fans.


I love your suggestions, Kent! You should put them on as well. Maybe they will get a clue. Good on you for this kind of thinking, maybe you could/should get a job on BB and come up with some new challenges as well. Bravo!


Supposedly there will be a twist announced tonight. When this was tweeted there was a picture of what looks like a bronze egg in a glass case.


There’s a twist!!!!!!!!

Save Nicole BB
Save this season CBS


Big Brother should really be proud they chose Derrick and Calib this season. What a great representation of “those who serve and protect.”