Big Brother 16 Spoilers Rewind Episode


Most of the time twists rarely work out on BBUS and they end up BORKING the game. With that said as far as twists go I didn’t mind the BB rewind it’s a reasonably even twist with exciting feed potential. The timing though was horribly wrong. They should have pulled it out during the Zach, Donny or Nicole evictions, one of the BIG fan favorites. Instead it happens near the end of the season and doesn’t give us anything other than one exciting episode on TV.

Depending on what happens after tonight’s show we could see some fireworks during this last week of feeds. The group of four guys are going to have to turn on each other. How will they handle this could be interesting. Final week Live Feed Sign up

Summary of the Week

  • Christine is evicted gets boos as she leaves. Remaining house guests are shocked by this it becomes a major concern for some of them Mainly Cody. Wild speculation as to why Christine got booed consumes the week’s conversation. For the most part they decide it’s because she was “Crushing” them in the Diary Room.
  • Frankie wins HOH
  • The house decides to push the golden button, Most players are excited about it (Frankie and Cody). Derrick is nervous about it
  • They have no idea what the button does and much of the week will be spent speculating
  • Frankie nominates Victoria and Cody the target is Victoria
  • POV is played. Frankie wins
  • Veto Ceremony is a day early, Veto is not used target is still Victoria
  • House guests find out Wednesday night is a live eviction
  • Derrick is getting Victoria to lie about Derrick’s Jury votes and say she is not close to Derrick any more because he lied to her and isn’t giving her a vote this week. Victoria explains to Frankie that Nicole told her everyone in the jury hates Derrick because he back stabbed them. The hope is Frankie takes Derrick toe the end because he thinks he’ll get the Jury vote.
  • Derrick calls this a “DAN move” says it’s just like the BB funeral. The validity if this claim remains contested.
  • Victoria knows she’s going to be evicted but doesn’t know the rewind will save her. Unless she wins HOH/POV she’s most likely going home anyways.


Victoria would have been evicted if is wasn’t for BB Rewind

BB Rewind..
Cody has to wear the dinosaur costume again.
HOH is replayed tonight.
HOH and POV are the same competitions from last week.

Sunday the Jurors return to the house for a bit. POV winner is shown
Tuesday is eviction leaving final 4 in place
Wednesday second eviction bringing us to final 3
Friday Special episode

BB16 2014-09-10 18-37-37-684

Caleb wins the HOH

BB16 2014-09-10 18-36-40-617

Cody back to being a dinosaur

BB16 2014-09-10 18-38-14-179

BB16 2014-09-10 18-37-09-008

Caleb is the only one really happy

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228 thoughts on “Big Brother 16 Spoilers Rewind Episode

  1. unless Victoria or Derrick(can’t play I assume) wins HOH, Victoria is gone tonight. period. its just so easy in an “unexpected” twist to go with what was the original plan

    1. Just goes to show how desperate CBS is to make this season somewhat entertaining. They are actually tossing in random made up twists in hope someone will make a big move. This season is sooooooo boring that Julie has to stick her head into a box with spiders.

    2. Stupid worthless twist because all they are doing is redoing last week’s episode which was tailor made for Skankie because it is about balance and Skankie is a dancer which is an insult to dancer’s everywhere. COULD CBS/BB make it anymore obvious that their chosen one is Skankie. They are not even trying to hide that the entire show is rigged for him. Lord, makes me want to puke. How in the world are they letting him stay on the show after he suggested raping Victoria. I mean he suggested committing a vicious violent criminal act and just one of his many this season and why is he not evicted. How can Chen or Moonves even allow this perv to stay on the show. Wonder if the comments would of been suggested about Chen’s son if Frankie would still be on the show. They sure are not the epitome of what a good parent is by letting someone stay on the show who suggested rape to anyone’s child!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. Is there any possibility that BB/CBS will let the deranged perv Skankie get sent out of the house??? Probably not but life and dream and hopefully a miracle will happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If Caleb gets Frankie out of the house then he will be who I hope wins the entire show unless Victoria goes with him to Final 2 and then have to say hoping for Victoria because the poor girl is going to need counseling after finding out that Frankie suggested that they Gang Rape her!!!

      1. After everything that has went on this week with the NFL and the player getting banned for beating and hitting his fiancee, you would think that CBS/BB would of kicked Frankie out of the house for talking about punching NIcole in the mouth and gang raping Victoria. What does CBS need a house to fall on them to know that even talking about violence toward women or anyone for that matter should never be tolerated or accepted, and by CBS doing nothing they are in essence approving of Frankie suggesting violence toward women. NFL did nothing and now the FBI is investigating so does that not make CBS sit up and take notice that even suggestions of violence toward women is wrong, and hope CBS gets hit with major lawsuits because no matter what they signed going into that house talking about hitting and gang raping makes it all null and void! CBS needs to step up and get him out because anyone that suggests things like that has something wrong with them, and the women in that house should never of been subjected to it.

        1. frankie is now 0-1 in the new comps..caleb will put up cody and victoria no surprise…oh wait derrick will say what about all frankies wins and caleb will be like yea i need to put him up if he doesnt win pov we get rid of cody and if he loses you win 500k cause im taking you to the finals where you cant possibly beat me, can i getta a hollar for 500k..guess derrick daughter is going to an ivy league college

        2. i think caleb would have won this comp last time except one fell he had to restart. i figured the ONLY person who could beat frankie was caleb am glad to see that happened.

          but seriously a rewind, with same comps? am i the only one who thinks that is lame? is the POV going to be the faces with the same faces, and is that not ridiculous, like 3 minute end times? stupid. i don’t know what i was expecting, but suffice to say, it isn’t this.

          i agree with everyone who thinks this should have happened sooner in the game like at least 8 people in the house, cbs. it has been designed if frankie doesn’t go home, now he has a chance for F4 HOH, and Derrick didn’t have a chance yet again in this HOH, and yet again could be up for evict. anyway everyone willl say victoria is the target and that will be that, even having played the face game before she still won’t get the right answers in under 10 minutes.

    4. Caleb puts up Cody and Victoria. Derrick wins POV (he almost won last time), takes Cody (or Victrina) off the block. Caleb has to put up Frank. Only Derrick and Cody (or Victarrhea) can vote. They vote out Frank. Done.

    1. Hey neighbor. I live in Phoenix, Or. I already saw the show online. But for the future, the link is: Catch the new live show on Sunday at 5:00.

    1. If BB really wants that, then I’d guess they do an HOH comp like the one in season 14 that Danielle won: they had to hang from a pirate ship holding on to a bar, and it was geared towards (lighter) girls.
      This would be sort of poetic, since Victoria has become to Derrick what Danielle was to Dan.
      I’m afraid Frankie would still beat her, so I hope that’s not the case.
      I would also question the use of saving a girl that’s grinning and excited about being part of a plan that INVOLVES HER GETTING EVICTED.
      She’s even surpassed Danielle by far, and that wasn’t easy to do.

  2. I’m wondering if Production thought that the boys would expose turning on one another. Like maybe Frankie would expose how he really wanted Cody gone and then turned Caleb against him as well and then they tell Cody just before the vote that he’s going home. That would have made for good tv to see the look on Frankie and Caleb’s face to see that they showed their hand and got exposed for nothing. But alas. that didn’t happen and although behind closed doors there was some backstabbing they stuck together and all chose Victoria to go. I guess it will still be interesting to watch even just to see the look on their faces but I wish Frankie didn’t get to play. The more airtime he gets the more I don’t like him.

    A little late on the twist Production

    1. I was really hoping they would have voted, but Derrick upsets the apple cart and votes for Cody to leave. Then Frankie would have had to be the deciding vote to evict Victoria. (A big nail in his coffin). Derrick would have had no problem smoothing things over with Cody and Caleb!

  3. Victoria I believe will get her wish tonight and live another week in the house,while Cody makes another emotional goodbye exit close to that of Donny just not accepted in the same manner as his cause of being Derrick’s goon,his no chance taking ass and his cozy ways with old bottle caps I only have 4 eyes for u even though I’m married surround sound laugh.Just my thoughts but this is big brother so who f in knows what will take place.

    1. I wonder how long it will take for Victoria to remember she is supposed to be mad at Derrick? Can she really pretend for a week?

  4. When Christine walked in jury house and nobody got up to greet her was among the funniest things ever! She finally got them up by mentioning the DVD, LOL.

      1. Best line of the season by far! Made Zingbot look like JV by comparison! Gotta love Donnie. That one zinger should make him a lock for AFP!!!!!!

      2. I didn’t get it. What did Donny mean by asking her if she had an attorney?

        Donny mimicking Christine’s laugh was the absolute funniest thing ever!

    1. 100% agree with Christine in jury getting cold shouldered I mean what did she expect them to do?Yeah its Cody’s side piece that hates everything and everyone and was mean basically to everyone in their Dr gb’s.Gosh darn Chris we missed you and that Demonstrative cackle of yours.Dont usually like jabs and poking fun of someone especially to their back, but must admit maybe I’m a lil bias but Donny was not only funny but a lil mad tonight with his impersonation Of her and his opinion!Also nice of them give back Zach the p hat for his bd,So he could rub it in Vic’s face 1last time!!!Considering that was the Warriors major triumph of the summer.

    1. Donnys true colors have shown. He always said his goal in the house was to become beloved by America. Now that he’s out, he’s shown himself to be a catty, sadistic, hurtful human being that pisses on flowers when no ones looking. He relished in putting down Christine. How do you like your hero now u fruit loop dinguses. Zach was funny as ever and will be a star!

      1. Hero? I never said he was my hero. One of the last places I am going to turn to for a hero is a partially scripted reality game show. You on the other hand, appear to take this show very seriously.

        So on that note I will give you a hug and let you know that it will be alright. *hug*

        Oh, one last thing, good attempt at a troll….almost convincing. Keep trying and you’re bound to succeed! Then you can finally put it on your resumè.

    1. I’ve been saying it… Derrick has been playing the game… It’s not personal, it’s a game. He has been manipulating them all equally and he has made no personal attacks.. Just playing the game!

      1. Donny has always had a wonderful dry wit. We just never got to hear much of it because Fakie and Derprick forbid anyone to talk with him.

  5. That was really mean of them to ignore Christine when she came in the jury house. WOW, I cant believe such butthurt people. Its just mean and they all were playing a game ffs.

    1. Christine spent all of her time in the house spewing hate for everyone but Cody. Karma just bit her in the a$$. No sympathy from here.

      1. Is doesn’t matter Kathie. It wasn’t right to not even greet her.It was more then awkward is was bullying to the fullest. “Lets make her feel like nothing and ignore her” bunch of mean kids. Jocosta is the biggest fucking idiot there in the jury house and shouldn’t even have been in the game. Mrs preacher should have been the first one to “forgive ” and reach out …no?? Isnt that what she preaches about. Pffftt Butthurt people in there. Everyones favorite Donny, nice comments he made. BUT hes sooooo nice and never did nothing to anyone right. Sure dude, you just suck at the game and got the pitty vote from a pack of slack jawed locals just like you guys.
        Its all about money so vote for Frankie. His sister is famous you know.

        1. I think it all was scripted but these “nice” people were just plain petty! As a pastor Jacosta should have led them to at least greet Christine. No need to hug and fall all over her but get up and say welcome, tough break or something.

          I have always thought that Donny carefully laces truth and vindictiveness in his analysis of people and situations. He blends them so well that it’s hard to see where one starts and the other leaves off.

        2. You’re right they should have all stepped up and said hi…*rolls eyes*.

          She had no problem bashing people so she shouldn’t be surprised when no one gave her the time of day. Just wait until they read what she said. “It was all game” Thats the excuse you reach for when you don’t want to admit you were a muppet, heard the loudest boo of all time on Big Brother, and now realize…oh yea I was being filmed 24/7. She even said the same things about Donnie in DR sessions. It was game, she was ALWAYS personal. If it was all game she wouldn’t have reacted the way she did and would’ve taken getting evicted in the double eviction in stride….oh thats right she stormed out because she got played.

          Donnie, also was the first person to notice her and say something to her at jury. So please keep being pissed at Donnie over jury actions of which we only saw 8 minutes of. Because those 8 minutes were worse than what Christine did or said all summer.

          Like Victoria….you are delusional.

      2. Exactly. There is a difference between forgiveness and refusing to take any more crap. Because the people in the jury house have the bigger hearts and brains of all the houseguests, Christine’s vitriol was not game play and it stings more than it would have for the others and they will have a more difficult time forgiving her than the vapid and oblivious people left in the house.

        She walked out of the BB house silently and walked into a silent jury house. I can’t think of a better example of karma than that.

    2. She deserved the cold shoulder at the jury house! She was the reason why Donny Hayden n Nicole got evicted. She hated Zach especially when people outside the house yelled they loved him. Christine told the guys not to tell Zach. Let’s not forget how much she talked badly about everyone including Julie Chen! Jury members have a right to be bitter in the jury house lol

    1. Exactly! The first time he said it was at the end of last week’s live show, when they put a picture of the button on the monitors for the houseguests to see. He said it almost instantly! Someone is telling him something because it has never been used before, how or why would he guess that right away?

      1. Frankie is a super fan. He recognized it as the reset button that they used to bring the coaches into the game a couple years ago. Remember, Frankie called it a RESET button, not a REWIND button. Production didn’t tell him anything.

  6. Is Christines actions not between her and her husband?. Anything about her game play wasn’t that bad at all. Donny is a little prick. SEE not so nice is he, just like the rest of them!

    1. When you carry on like that in front of other people you make it their business. Most people don’t want to see a married women constantly cuddling with a single guy.

  7. OMG back in the costume poor SOB. It sucks Derrick doesn’t get to play in the HOH. Frankie couldn’t look happier. Listen to his cockiness.

    1. Isis using that name is a disrespect to all Americans. My son is overseas now and it sickens me that you find fun in using that title.

      1. Bettie I wish your son comes home safely. Thank him for his service. And I do agree. We need to watch the names we use. Watching the president now I can only hope we are not getting into another war.

        1. Are you two for real? I have been using this name for 3 yrs now. How dare you say that to me. You don’t even know me. Maybe you should look her up. Isis, as in THE ALMIGHTY. Not ISIS. You are rude as all hell.
          Considering this is about Big Brother.

      2. What the hell..
        No disrespect, but how do you know that’s not their real name? I’m sure they didn’t purposely choose that name to show support for those Isis imbeciles.

  8. I’m on the West Coast, but do most of my “watching” on this site. So did they only reveal the rewind or did the also play a new HOH!

    1. As Derrick went up to vote the alarm went off and they rewound the clock. Right now all of them are playing the seed and shovel comp that they played last week.

  9. Dan might not have won stuff but he sure knew how to talk to people. I think that’s what the comparison to Derrick is about. They both have that “power of persuasion” thing about them and people for some reason people listen and want to listen. MADNESS!!!

    1. The difference is that mostly everyone in the house this year was either asinine, too worried about fame/what they were being perceived outside of the house like/or cuddling/talking smack about others instead of game. Dan actually got himself out of sticky situations, and I don’t think Derrick has really felt any heat yet. I mean, he hasn’t even been put on the block yet and it’s almost final four!

  10. Glad to see Crusty get the cold shoulder when she went to the jury house. It’s a dry run for what she can expect when she goes home.

    1. Hahaha!!! I laughed so hard when they shunned her on the patio!! Hey Christine–you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet!! Victoria did a nice acting job, too!

  11. WOWWWWWW! Now we know production has rigged this whole thing. They want Frankie to win. Complete and utter fucking bullshit.

  12. Why does Frank find it necessary to show his “pantomime” face? That is what a child learns in acting 101 in summer acting camp; now we all know why he is a “struggling artist”. Frank, you have officially failed to win the audition…again.

    1. I know! I was so annoyed having to watch him on the couch tonight. I am starting to wonder if he even knows what reality is anymore. Everything he does is to get attention, like a little kid. Man! I wanted to slap his bobble head so bad tonight! He looks like such a fool.

      1. Looks like everything will stay the same; Cody and Victoria on the block and Victoria goes home EXCEPT Frankie gets to play for the next HOH whereas prior or the rewind Frankie would have had to sit out the next one.

        Reset is just another Frankie-CBS collaboration.

  13. Pointless episode. I’m actually super pissed. I thought something amazing would happen, but as per u suits nothing but a dissapointment.

  14. I’m annoyed that its the same comp. YES I realise that its a rewind but the same comp FACKKKKKKKK. Now Frankie the egotistical creep will win again but this time make a different choice as to who goes up. This burns my buns.

        1. Isis is the name of a Goddess. I know that ppl are upset over the terrorist group but we need to remember that the name Isis was around long before they were and is not only the name of the Goddess but also people’s first names. Positive energy and prayers for military & civilians that have to deal with the terrorist group. I’m sure that no disrespect was meant on Isis’s part. Let’s not give into being afraid of a name given by others to describe Islamic State (can’t remember the other names) so much so that we jump on our fellow posters who are commenting on Big Brother.

  15. 1. Does Jeff have to come back and propose to Jordan?
    2. Do Frankie & Derrick have to redo the Team America mission to get paid?
    3. Will Izzy come back into the house?

    Tune in, next week, same BAD time, same HORRIBLE channel to experience BIG INSANITY
    (Doing the same thing over again and expecting a different outcome)

  16. I am having a good time watching Cody and Caleb for the last 2 days. My God what hams lols. The Karate chopping of the button and the starring at him in the shower. Cody on top of the chair bahahaha Hilar.

  17. in the original comp, Frankie was slow and steady, but both Caleb and Cody had a good chance–they were really close. All of them know what to do, now, so I think they may beat him out if they don’t rush things. Frankie was between the two of them last time so he knew exactly when he didn’t have to rush–he could just coast to the end. This time, he’s separated by Victoria, so he’ll not have as good an eye on what they’re doing. I think any of the three of them could get it, but maybe a slight edge for Frankie because Caleb and Cody are prone to panic and bulldoze through.

    But, speaking of game, I don’t think Derrick and Victoria are going to be able to maintain the pretense of being mad at each other for another week. She’s going to fold because she needs the emotional support. Also, if Derrick wins veto this time (again, they were close–but who knows) and takes Cody off instead of her? I think there’s some potential for Derrick’s game to blow up.

    1. As I do not have feeds I cannot confirm but thought I saw DePrick and Violet hugging when Julie told her she was no longer on the block.

  18. realistically, Frankie got lucky in the hoh first time. caleb knocked a ball out with 4 left. so Frankie winning isn’t absolute.
    now that everyone knows how well he did in pov, and how the game works, they’ll study the houseguest pics more closely and try to move faster.
    so I will remain optimistic that the do-over won’t be exactly the same week we just saw.

    1. If you seen the end of the show, Cody seemed to be even with Frankie and he was running faster on the beam. Also, they have to change the faces on the Freakshow. Don’t they?

      1. given that most of this years players seem to have at least two faces, I doubt it will be that hard to jumble up some more.

  19. I think if Frankie wins again, he will put up Derrick and Cody. I think the reset button made him nervous to do anything big. Keep in mind he knows there was a plan to backdoor him.

  20. Had Donny been the way he was tonight in the jury house like that while he was in the game,he definately would have won the game!! Hilarious…you got a lawyer,lol

  21. Is it me or is Julie sucking up to Frankie? Just ignore his pathetic attempts at chit chat and move on. Don’t engage and he won’t get more camera time.

    1. It’s not just you,I’ve been thinking the same thing!
      She said in an interview that she likes his flattery and it boosts her self esteem when he compliments her…..he is fake as can be,I don’t believe a thing he says.

    1. LOVED Donny! LOVED that Zach got a new hat too! I canceled the live feeds long ago but would definitely pay for live jury feeds! lol

  22. I think derrick play a great game but his biggest mistake was not getting Frankie out when he had a chance
    I think Frankie will win this hoh in will win next week hoh to go to the final three once he in the final three its no stoping him BIG MASTAKE DERRICK SHOULD OF GOT HIM OUT YOU WAS TO WORRY ABOUT DONNY I CALL IT KARMA

  23. Best thing is they turn on Frankie tonight and he goes home and he gets booed worse then Christine and then he wines about it!!!! Can’t stand him anymore I can’t watch BB because he is so annoying!!!! GET HIM OUT!!!

    1. It was revealed in Simon’s update that Caleb won. Did any of you catch how much more rain was falling on them this time around? Much harder and colder. Frankie said, “oh, cold!”. Caleb loved the rain last time. Maybe CBS is saying,”Frankie, exit stage left “. Doing a happy dance right now. But yeah……probably won’t change anything.

  24. What takes them so long to put the feeds back up?
    They were almost done with the comp when the “so-called-live-show” ended!

  25. Of course dans not going to say anything bad. He isnt there to tell the truth hes there being paid by cbs and big brother 16 to promote cbs and big brother 16.

    Do you have a lawyer lmao!

    1. Either way it was good to see Dan. And the comment Julie made about comparing Derrick to Dan made me want to scratch her eyes out. (Yes, my inner cat person was offended!)

  26. Fakie might win hoh and put up different people but I think Derrick will win veto if he’s on block or take Victoria off if he’s not then fakie will have to put up Caleb and Derrick and Vic will send Caleb packing

    1. and if they get voted out tonight..i dont want to relive everything again for the week and just knowing Victoria is going home…boring! if they at least try to get one of their own out then they would have used this rewind in a good way but doesn’t look like they will..snore!

  27. If Frankie wins this hoh again, I’m not watching the show anymore…it would be a waste of my time watching such a boring and predictable season…ON Sunday’s episode, when the BBREWIND button was shown to the houseguest, Frankie’s DR was sooo fake, claiming that he was a super super fan of the show -_- WHAT A LIAR, TRYING TO BROWNNOSE the show. HE WAS LIKE “A BUTTON MEANS PUSHING A BUTTON”,WHAT AN IDIOT -_- HE DOESN’T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THE GAME,

  28. You a stated & I also heard Julia say it, Special episode Friday. I am not finding it in the list guide for all shows. Did she say what time? I am not finding it.

    1. Do you really think Caleb is going to put his buddy Frankie up? I’d love to see it but would much rather have seen Cody or Victoria win because we know they would have put him up.

    2. I hope he puts on his big boy pants and makes some big moves……This is their second chance to back door Frankie. Listen to your brother Caleb, he is a smart man ;)

  29. What they should have done with this twist is coach them to vote out Cody and then wait until after the vote and he gets up to leave stop it at the door and rewind! Then just think of the conflict between all the boys! That would have been a great ending! And loved Donny’s reaction to Christine coming in and what he said to her about needing a lawyer was priceless! Looks like Donny grew some balls!!! Loved it!

    1. 100%!!!! Now that would have caused some stur-up in the house. True feelings may have been exposed and paranoia would have been rampant in the house.

  30. didn’t Julie say last Week the whole week was supposed to be replayed in one night.

    I would die of laughter if Frankie went home without an Audience.
    That would be too perfect.

  31. Thank Heavens someone other than Frankie won HOH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Here’s hoping he’s evicted next Tues !!!!

    Anyone but Frankie FTW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  32. Now they need to make sure Frankie doesn’t win POV

    Want to see that disgusting bastard booed by the audience on his way out the door

  33. yeah, my humour is pretty dark and sarcastic, so I enjoyed the lawyer comment. and other viewers probably loved it as well.
    however, either the ‘aw shucks I’m just a nice person’ routine was a production created character and the lawyer comment is the real person, or the comment was a production created / suggested line to give the viewers the vindication they wanted. maybe both.
    not that it matters, but production worked really hard to make the viewers sympathetic to Donny as an underdog. showing his good ole boy goodbye messages at the end of each eviction and then directly asking each evicted contestant, ‘so what did you think of Donny?’ added to the episode music soundtrack that followed his lonliness and misery. the poor bullied player that never made any attempt to change his social situation but gained more and more adoration from the public for enduring it, all backed by the appropriately heart wrenching soundtrack music. what’s not to like?
    yeah, he’s probably a nice guy, and voting for him as America’s favorite is most likely what will happen; the pessimist in me can’t help wondering just how much of his character presented in DR and editing was sincere, and how much was just production doing what production does.
    yup, I overanalyzed one little ‘got a lawyer’ comment, and that’s where I landed.

    1. Well if you kick a dog long enough he’s bound to snap at you. Donny was treated incredibly badly by Christine so I’ll forgive him his little zingers which were mild compared to the nastiness she spewed about him and the other HG. His line was hilarious and she deserved it. I for one still believe he’s a great guy who has every right to give back a little of what he got in the house.
      As far as his social game goes? He tried and they either got up and left, refused to even speak to him or ran back to each other like little babies crying foul when Donny “dared” to try and play the game.

      1. as far as I know, viewers and feeders have a lot more information about who said what about whom behind their backs and in DR. therefore just how much does Donny actually know about what was said about him.
        he knows the things that were said to his face.
        just like Victoria doesn’t know that PEZhead suggested a gang rape, Donny doesn’t actually know a lot of the stuff that was said about him.
        for this reason alone I don’t ascribe to the ‘well they were so mean behind his back so they deserve it’ philosophy.
        as far as the ‘he tried but no one would listen’ argument I’m of two minds. yes, somewhere around the time hayden was eliminated he started to try to talk to people. yup, once there weren’t enough players to form a strong alliance to overtake the bumsquad, that’s when he wanted to talk. but for the weeks before that, he was more interested in not disrupting his sleep routine than actually forming better social bonds with the rest of the house, who talked strategy and plots more at night. for 500k maybe staying up an hour or two later wouldn’t have hurt.
        I know everyone likes Donny as a person (and I truly don’t dislike him), but as a player his complete strategy was to play for America’s favorite. probably not a popular opinion, I know, but not all opinions can be popular.

  34. Now, let’s see if Caleb’s grown a pair & puts up Frankie. Doubt it – the “boys to the end” mentality is crazy! Best case scenario, he puts up Frankie/Victoria. Vic wins POV, takes herself off & he puts up ? Frankie still gets voted out, though!! Biggest problem with this scenario is Vic WINNING POV!!! Besides, I think it’ll be the same ol’, same ol’ – Vic vs one of the guys & Vic goes home. UGH! Put us out of our misery, PLEASE, Caleb!!
    Another point – I agree SO much that Donny’s comment asking if Christine has a lawyer was WONDERFUL!!! Loved the jury house!!! And what a neat present for Zach – a pink hat!

  35. OK, Caleb winning HOH, we did NOT expect(1st actual unexpected thing to happen all season), So unless Caleb actually become Beast Mode Cowboy for the 1st time this season, and puts Frankie up, expect Cody and Victoria back on the block…… They should’ve just evicted Vacancy already, instead of wasting a week for no reason,…

    Everyone but Victoria will know how to do the POV… Derrick did 2nd best, so maybe he’ll win, and they can vote out Frankie? Fingers crossed!!!

  36. Seriously, Caleb is going to have the same conflict he had before! He doesn’t want to step on Frankie’s game because of the things he believes Frankie can do for him.
    Here’s my guess.
    He’s going to say, “With respect to Frankie’s picks, you, Cody and you Victoria, on the block.
    Don’t shoot!
    I’m just saying, I don’t think Caleb will put on his big boy pants!

    1. @ Seriously, that’s exactly what I was thinking. Wasn’t that ultimately why he didn’t backdoor Frankie when he had the chance? Because he thought the audience and Ariana’s fans would hate him for sending Frankie home? The only thing that MIGHT change his mind is that he knows Frankie has more wins, and maybe sending ‘a beast like Frankie’ home would strengthen his resume for the jury if he gets to F2. For Caleb, it’ll be choosing between $500k or his delusions of fame.

  37. he would put the same nominations up so Frankie doesn’t play as hard in the Veto. As long as Frankie doesn’t win, he gets back doored. If Frankie does win then they send Victoria home and no blood on your hands. However, I doubt this happens.

  38. Caleb, you got a 2nd chance to do as your brother told you, and “Put You Big Boy Pants On”.. It’s time to pull the trigger on Frankie… Time for a BIG GAME MOVE..

    1. They were joking to her about her crush on Cody. He asked if she had a lawyer insinuating that her husband would want a divorce when she got back home. Lawyer = divorce lawyer.

      1. Thanks Seriously, anon, & J Lynn for answering the question. I might even have to watch the episode just to see Donny wise-crack her.

  39. I know all the Frankie-haters (aka everyone) won’t like this but… Caleb is better off targeting someone other than Frankie. Will Cody or Victoria will take him to the F2 over Derrick? Nope. Would Derrick take Caleb to the final 2 over Cody or Victoria? Nope! No one is picking Frankie to go to the end. He only has himself. The smart thing to do is pick off one of the Derrick-Trio. If Frankie leaves, that leaves Caleb versus a 3 member strong Derrick-Trio and Caleb at the bottom of the totem pole.

  40. I think the boys (exception of Franki) might be targeting Franki next week since they now know how ‘dangerous’ and competitive he is (especially winning 3 comps continuously). Caleb will conspire with the guys to use Cody as a bait/pawn and Caleb will nominate Cody and Vic. They will pretend to lie to Franki that Vic is still the target. I envision them competing so well so that Franki doesn’t win the POV. Anyone who wins (Cody, Derick, Caleb) will then take Cody off and put Franki as the replacement nominee.But I know Franki is smart enough by now to know he is THE TARGET so he might do everything in his might to WIN POV or else he knows his game is OVER. Trust me, Caleb will nominate Cody and Vic with the intention dooring Franki (in case he doesn’t win POV)

  41. Will tuesdays eviction have a live audience i hope so u wanna here some frankie boos. It also sounded like julie said a weeks worth all in one night so by that someone is going home tonight.

  42. Cody needs to put the pig faced cop on the block so he knows how it feels. I cant believe these people are so stupid. Derrick must be putting drugs in the water, they all basically said they want him to win the money? So how it that game play when someone is just handing you the winnings? Game play what game play, no drama, no excitement nothing.
    Also when Derrick thinks he is losing he attacks viciously. You remember how awful he was to Donny calling him names etc.. I have no respect for Derrick as much as I hate Freaky Frankie I wanted him to win to shack up the nominations. His only hope I think is for him to win the veto. Good luck Freaky!!!! I mean Frankie

  43. Caleb’s already suggested Derrick should go up & “take one for the team” which means his head is still on getting Vic out (so far). Hopefully, Derrick wins Veto, takes himself off & Caleb puts up Frankie who then exits. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!! Give us one good thing to cheer for here at the end of a crappy season!

  44. When Victoria started yelling “Where’s my Suitcase? Where’s my Suitcase?” I Thought holy crap!. The Silly idiot is going to self evict because she’s worried the twist might hurt her precious Derrick.
    I swear she could be the Victoria Fischer to Derrick Buttafuco.

  45. Does anyone think BB is trying to right their wrong in this game, by doing the competition over again the week Frankie is HOH in hopes that maybe he’ll leave this week? And what about the jury members briefly coming back in the house? What’s the deal with that? I’m all for it, but let’s be honest there’s a lot of bitter people in that jury house. If they get any opportunity to talk to the house guests that still remaining in the game on a personal level, they would just love to try to sway Frankie and possibly even Derrick to get voted out next. Cause if they do, I’m totally going to be watching that day! Nice move Big Brother! But again, wish you were smart enough to do rewinds and such a few weeks ago. Just saying.

  46. Ok They would be stupid not to get rid of Frankie now! It is tactically the best move seeing that if they get rid of Victoria this week and Frankie wins HOH next then he only has options to get Caleb Derrick and Cody out. Draw first blood Caleb cause you might be next. Now if Frankie does go home I kind of foresee Victoria making it further along than we think cause they all will think they have a better chance against her than any body else, except Caleb who is delusional about his status in the jury.

  47. case outcome, was a Frankie HOH win, the 2nd worst outcome? Caleb.

    why? he won’t put up Frankie. no matter what he says, at the end of the day, he actually believes his “up and coming” career as a singer will be helped by being friends w/ Frankie. smh. why I loved Zach’s comment about knowing he wouldn’t EVER do anything like TV or modeling, and that this was it. I can’t stand the delusional HG’s.

  48. The #BBRewind is a huge bust! Not liking they have the same competitions, and Caleb winning HOH is the same as Frankie winning.
    However, I do agree that Frankie HAS to be backdoored…nominating him upfront with a chance to win VETO simply shows Caleb’s/Derrick’s hand.
    Fingers crossed that Derrick or Cody can win VETO and remove someone from the block (yes, I believe nominations will stay the same).
    How funny was Victoria’s reaction to the rewind?? All she wanted was her suitcase!
    Jury House looked peaceful and happy, and I almost cried when Zach got a pink hat as a birthday gift!!!
    Donny is going to hell for the attorney remark but it was too funny and love how Hayden knew the exact reason Christine got booed.
    Looks like if Derrick makes Final 2, he’s the winner…the jurors have nothing but respect for his gameplay.

  49. Anyone wanna make a bet on WHO will be sleeping in the HOH bed? (Has he ever NOT slept there?!?!?) Freaky Frankie will be hanging all over Caleb to be sure he’s not put on the block. And, I’m fine with him staying off as long as Derrick, Cody, or Vic win the veto comp!! Then backdoor that boy!

  50. Calling it now:

    Based on how boring and predictable this season has been, Victoria goes home this week, just as she would have.

    Caleb, predictably, will go home next week, as he can’t play for HoH, and the only person who still wants him in the game, Frankie, will, predictably, not stick his neck out to save him.

    Final 3, Frankie will, predictably, win the final HoH and get to choose who to take with him to final 2. He will, predictably, choose Derrick, as he believes him to be viewed as less loved by the jury than Cody.

    Derrick wins. Thanks for another crappy season CBS. Two in a row, how do you do it Ms. Grodner?

  51. Tonight’s live episode sucked shiat balls,i was hoping for something anything but I gets nothing,Basically a whole new way to wait and see what the f is gonna happen finally!!! On the last dragged out weeks!I mean everything is predictable except when your gonna try and validate what some or most might think is thee outcome.

  52. Not sure why everyone is getting so emotionally attached to certain players. The winner has already been determined and the Houseguests thoughts, comments, and reactions are all rehearsed in the “Diary Room”. People getting upset at the Houseguests is a futile enterprise as they are being “paid” to act that way.

    Just out of curiousity, how long has this site been going? I actually love the site. Im just sooooo disappointed to hear how much show interference there is. This site unfortunately ruined the show for me as I cant see it for what it is anymore. I already know how the Producers have manipulated the Houseguests or how they are all becoming models and actors. This show is nothing more than a poorly acted Soap Opera.

  53. Thank God Caleb won! He almost won the first time so it was only fitting that he won this time. If he wants to make a name for himself he needs to man up and be the one to send Frankies butt out the door! He’s needed in Africa anyway he can go start building on a school that he says he’s going to build! I don’t believe a thing that man said I personally believe he only said it to make himself look like a good person he needs the money just like anybody else! Just get him off of our tv! As a gay man he should have went in with some dignity! He made himself look like a pervert!! I hope people realize that not all gay men act like him!

  54. Caleb ain’t gonna put up his best friend Frankie. Frankie is his meal ticket to celebrity stardom after he leaves the BB house. See how fast his tune changed after he found out about Ariana. He sat out the football bob. Then found out about Ariana. Now he’s practicing his dance moves in the hoh room dancing with Frankie to Ariana’s beats. Caleb would take Frankie to the the finals If he can. He knows Frankie’s circle of influence has way more to offer him than 500k.

  55. So my initial thought was this rewind twist could be great until I realized it would mainly benefit FRANKIE! By him not winning this HOH he has the chance to win the next one and he may very well win the POV thus ruining anyone’s plans for the upcoming week as he advances to the top 4; this twist should’ve happened a LONG TIME AGO but instead it may have secured Frankie spot on finale night.

  56. Wait! Wait!
    Victoria — “I can fake cry.”
    She did it!. Real tears!
    All those who’ve said she’s some kind of secret agent or sumthin’, i haven’t given that any credence before now.

    How many people here can shed tears on command?
    up for yes. down for no.

  57. Caleb will put Cody and Victoria up…Derrick wins POV and takes down Cody…..Caleb is forced to put up Frankie. Frankie is backdoored and the crowed BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO’s so much that Julie has to ask many times for them to quiet down. The audience doesn’t and CBS is forced to go to commercial. When they come back, every time Frankie speaks they boo briefly. Then he goes to the jury house and they give him a worse reception than Christine got. He breaks down and his “life coach” and Psychologist swoop in and take him to a treatment center (I firmly believe he needs serious help, this is not to be mean or a joke)…..Therefore, we will never see his obnoxious persona again………

    1. I truly have never seen anyone behave like Frankie in my life. I have gay’s in my family and I grew up in Southern California (the Hollywood life). Please do not use Frankie’s behavior to make judgements about how gay’s live their lives…..It’s very alarming to think that Frankie thinks that he is a true “representative” of the gay community. HE IS NOT!! I hope to live to see the day when we are all just people and we don’t have to announce our sexual orientation …..

  58. Obviously by far the best segment of tonight’s episode was the one from the jury-house, and Zach stole the show AGAIN!

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