Caleb – “I’m Hoping Derrick will say Dude put me up I haven’t been put up yet”

POV Holder: ? POV Used ?
HOH Winner Caleb Nominations: ? and ?

6:49pm Kitchen
Derrick saying Noms will be Friday.
Everyone is studying the memory wall getting ready for the Power of Veto competition. Vicotira is looking extra stunned.
Frankie wonders if Jeff will propose to Jordan again.

6:59pm Cody Studying hard for the POV

BB16 2014-09-10 19-09-54-813
7:07pm Derrick and Caleb
Derrick saying that Caleb is more liked than Frankie, “You’re a big target now you are the BEAST”
Caleb wants to talk to Cody and Derrick “I have to watch out for my own game and keep you guys safe”
Caleb – Worst comes to worst I say we all talked and we all know what is going one I’ll say Derrick and Victoria hypothetically go up”
Caleb doesn’t want to put Frankie up because he feels that will fuel Frankie’s fire. Clabe doesn’t want Frankie or Victoria wto win POV.
Derrick – he was off the block last week and he smoked that things
Frankie comes in Derrick switches to talking about them distracting Victoria so she doesn’t study the Memory wall. “If she stay there for three days and study’s that wall it could be a problem.. i cannot talk to her..” (because they are fake fighting)
Frankie – I can beat her
Derrick – Now she has an opportunity Stranger things have happened on Big Brother
Caleb says if Victoria wins he has to nominate two of his best friends in the game.
Frankei – we all knew it was going to be shitty.
Derrick – as long as she doesn’t win POV it’s the same.. if she wins the POV a lot of Sh1t can go wrong.
Caleb – She doesn’t win POV status quo
They are agreeing there is a double evict coming up to bring the numbers down.
Caleb leaves. Frankie says he thinks Derrick or him are going up says Caleb has a weird thing with Cody.
Frankie says he’s so happy he gets to play in the HOH next week.

BB16 2014-09-10 19-15-27-509

7:14pm Caleb and Cody Cam 1
CAleb says he talked to Derrick and they think putting Frankei up right away will make Frankei think he’s threatened and he’ll fight extra hard for the POV.
Caleb – I’m thinking of not putting him up making him feel safe
Cody doesn’t want to be nominated again.
Caleb – “I’m Hoping Derrick will say Dude put me up I haven’t been put up yet.. I know I’m not going anywhere. ”

BB16 2014-09-10 19-23-43-344

7:21pm Cody, Caleb and Derrick in the Kitchen, Caleb is making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. THey are talking about getting some alone time in the HOH soon to talk about who they will nominate. Derrick doesn’t think Frankie will give them any time alone. Caleb doesn’t want to says Frankie will win the POVa if he feels threatened. Derrick doesn’t think it will matter points out that last week Frankie crushed it and was the HOH didn’t feel threatened at all.
Derrick thinks they should put Frankie up so he feels the pressure “maybe he’ll f** up”

Cody continues to study

BB16 2014-09-10 19-39-15-856

7:36pm Derrick may be in danger for the first time this season.

BB16 2014-09-10 19-43-56-689

7:42pm Fire room Derrick and Cody
They are pissed about Caleb not wanting to nominate Frankie.
Derrick – I’m putting his a$$ on the F***g block and sending him home if I win HOH next week.
They agree to take Victoria to the final 3 with them. They need to get Frankie on the block this week so they can evict him.
Derrick wants tot tell Caleb – “Dude you are soft as baby sh1t”
Cody swears Frankie did not try to win that HOH comp
Derrick – he said I can’t believe I get to play next week
Derrick is sure that Frankie will take Caleb to the end and they have some deal worked out. That is why Caleb doesn’t want to put Frankie into danger he knows Frankie will take him to the end.
Derrick – he’s not a pussy.. He’s trying to not show his cards to us
Cody says right after Caleb won Frankie ran to him and said “Noms are the same Cody is going up… (Cody’s reply to that) GO F*** yourself”
Derrick – He (Frankie) is not going up I’ll tell you that
Cody – Caleb is soft as f***g baby sh!t..
They are worried if they push too hard on Claeb he might put them both up. Derrick says if that happens Cody will most likely be the one going home because he’s seen as the bigger threat. Cody agrees

BB16 2014-09-10 20-09-32-776

8:18pm Living room Chit chat and speculation about the season and how it will play out , the episode, the competition, the POV competition, diesel engines.. etc etc.. .

8:32pm Studying and speculation Frankie and Derrick
Frankie thinks there is a eviction coming up soon
8:39pm Cody and Derrick studying..
(There’s going to be lots of memory wall studying until the POV)

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211 thoughts on “Caleb – “I’m Hoping Derrick will say Dude put me up I haven’t been put up yet”

  1. Thrilled Caleb won it. He’s slowly becoming a fave of mine from these people left. I vote him and Derrick final 2. Anyway, JUST GET FRANKIE OUT!!

    1. He is not gonna do it, he already had the chance last time he won HOH. He is a coward, afraid to make big moves. I like him as a person but he is a horrible game player.

      1. What big move?? Putting up Frankie?? That would not be a big move for Caleb. That would be a horrible move for Caleb and a good move for Derrick and Cody. The big move for Caleb would be to put up Derrick not Cody.

        1. Thank you! Agree! Horrible move if Caleb puts Frankie up. If Caleb was smart, he should put up Derrick and Cody and if one of them wins the veto, put up Victoria.

      2. That just bites my you know what!
        Caleb’s games no good because he won’t go after Frankie? Are you a complete idiot? Derrick and Cody plan to get rid of both and take useless do nothing Victoria to final 3 and deserves Fing nothing. Then Cody is getting blind sided by Derrick. Everyone’s handing her 50K for being useless. Makes me sick just thinking about it. She is so ignorant and useless.

        What needs to happen is Frankie not up. Who ever is not nomed from Cody/Derrick cannot win POV. Then Victoria goes home/jury then the 4 guys fight it out. Anything else is simply trash. And I’m not a Frankie fan. But who in there right mind thinks Victoria is worthy of 50K? Christ I’d give it to Sock Monkey before this troll!

        Caleb cannot trust Cody or Derrick. He better win POV F4 too! Or Frankie if he is still here. When is anyone going to wake up to Derrick. We could get a Shane moment. Where POV winner removes nom and Frankie goes up thinking Victoria’s leaving and Caleb thinks the same. They vote 2-0 to evict Frankie blindsiding them both. Derrick is a ruthless prick guaranteed if the opportunity is there he’ll do it.

      1. Right. because he has circulatory problems. *sigh* *rolls eyes*
        Ugh. I am sick of Stankies excuses, whining and just plain BS!! Just sick of him period.

    2. Caleb is like the scarecrow in the wizard of OZ, he needs a brain. He never found his big boy pants and will let Frankie, the celebrity wannabee, lead him. He is so sucked in by the potential limelight he thinks Frankie is surrounded by that he has no game of his own. He has a million theories and they all center around him being a celebrity. His acting sucks, he may have a pleasant voice but he can’t have a rational thought that doesn’t include him and his fantasies. The guy needs to come back to reality and play the game for real. Winning a comp alone won’t do it. Frankie wanted to lose so this redo so he could play next week. Again this twist looks like production is working with Frankie and helping his game. Too bad they can’t trust their own game enough to let it play out without interfering. If Frankie doesn’t get back doored this game is over.

      1. I’m not too sure why people are so afraid of Frankie….he makes me ill! I would have gotten rid of him weeks ago. Can not stand his stupid reactions when the cameras are on him or when Julie addresses the house. I, seriously turn the volume off when I know he’s going to speak.

    3. his reasoning was exactly the same as when derrick and cody were HOH, and what they talked him into doing when he was HOH last time. I don’t see why they flip out now when all he’s doing is saying what they’ve taught him to do; making frankie feel safe makes sense, making him not try so hard for POV makes more sense than putting him up there on the line. he doesn’t want to win a lot of comps now, just the ones he needs to. what that does it makes this pov one he needs to win, much more incentive.

    4. I agree. He needs to put Derrick and Frankie on the block and let them both duke it out. We will see who needs it more. Derrick; put your money where your mouth is and win that veto!!! and kick that dam annoying cockatoo out of there!! Homerun!!! And the crowd goes wild!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Does it really matter who he puts up? It’ll all come down to the POV and the renom (if there is one). I can’t think of a scenario where it will make a difference at this point.

    1. His stupid poses and ridiculous reactions to Julie were vomit inducing. He just so thoroughly believes that the country loves him and he thinks he’s just the cutest thing. Honey Frankie, you’re just a thing. A disgusting thing. And Julie probably just needs to keep Ariana happy.

      I watched the broadcast last night and just couldn’t believe this rewind nonsense. I get that they rewound to last week but why REPEAT the week with same challenge?? CBS got real lazy on this one. Just horrible.

      Of course the best part of the night was Crusty’s reception to jury house. That was CLASSIC! And Donny had his fangs out a bit. Too funny. And Hayden seems to have figured it all out finally. It seems Derrick would be the easy win with jury

      I think it was such a mess of a season with such loser players that if queen of losers Victoria happens to win I’d burst out laughing.

      1. I agree 100% with what you said Gina! Frankie looks the fool when the camera’s are on him, or when he talks to Julie. I MUTE the TV when I know he’s going to speak…physically want to get sick!
        He is only “semi” known because of his sister, who, in my book, can’t sing. He is an attention whore and really needs to get the hell out of that house! Would like to see Victoria and Derrick the last two…..keeping my fingers crossed!

  2. Well, if BB is diligent about this, then “repeating the week” means we see the golden button reappear, and on wednesday, they tell us that the entire week has to be re-played.
    And again, and again, until the end of times.
    BB16 will never end. NEVER!

    1. That would be pretty scary, if they did it again next week… Then again, I wouldn’t put it past production if Frankie, DOESN’T win POV again and is in danger of eviction…

      Remember in Season 13, we saw an unplanned Pandora’s Box, pop outta nowhere when Jordan or Rachel were going home….. Viewers are always told when a twist is at play, and we were NOT told about that.

      1. Frankie isn’t even going to be in danger, his boyfriend Caleb is not going to put him up this is the same predictable shit like every other week…They’re going to talk about knowing how Frankie needs to go and then get rid of Victoria because they’re all stupid and this has to be the worst most predictable season yet

      2. I know it’s a game but, I don’t like the way they are treating him badly when they speak about him behind his bad. I don’t like that much ????

    2. Does anybody think that the jury being on Sunday night’s show will have to do with the POV comp — like updating their photos or using their voices instead of photos.

      Then there will be no interaction which stays true to past seasons and leaves us with no drama in the tradition of this season.

  3. Next season I really want to see all of the winners come back. ALL OF THEM. No twists, no production crap, just a regular game of Big Brother to see how the best of the best play. Only they have to get Andy out first and then I am SO GAME to watch that.

    1. If that happens, Rachel better go home first because if I have to see that fugly, whiny, cackling, spoiled, bratty, beastly sea creature for more than the minimum, I will have no choice but to poke my eyes out. And maybe Van Gogh my ears… No, make that definitely. And maybe chop off my nose in case smell-o-vision gets invented… ANY SENSE THAT COULD GET THAT HUMAN GOITER EVEN IN MY OUTERMOST VICINITY WOULD HAVE TO BE DESTROYED!

      Producers all around the world… NEVER put that ripe and ready to pop pimple on television ever again! I thought I was rid of ever seeing that menace ever again and then turned on Amazing Race… and there it was again! Bleeccchh!!!

      thank u

    2. No, that would suck. I think they should pick people who don’t know wtf is going on in this game and then watch the game being played by all newbies. That wouldn’t be predictable at all. It would be fun to see people scramble not knowing what to do or how to play. People who have never heard of Jeff or Dan or Dr Will. Imagine the chaos.

        1. Huh? Season 1 was an entirely different game that was basically a popularity/sympathy contest with almost no strategy involved whatsoever, where each HG had to vote 2 people for eviction, then the two (or more incase of a tie) HG’s who had the most votes were nominated for eviction with America voting on which HG to evict.

    1. as much as I want Frankie gone, putting Frankie up will be a stupid game move for Caleb. Caleb needs to throw up Derrick and Victoria. if one of them wins POV, throw up Cody. Derrick and Cody are acting like pu55ies on the feeds right now.

      1. Derrick and Cody are always acting like pussies. Derrick acts like a baby every time he thinks he might go up. Why not put him up just because he hasn’t been up yet? Come on Caleb, put up Derrick and Victoria. Of course Derrick is guaranteeing he’ll win veto. LOL!!!!!

        1. Not quite correct. The second YOUR should be you’re or you are. “It’s your own damn faults your in this spot.”
          Normally I would not comment on grammar or spelling as this is not a school classroom but with so many comments…………………….

  4. This is where I hate Derek’s play. Hope Celeb puts up Derek …. if he doesn’t go up when voting for the win they can come to agree that he didn’t do as much for the alliance as everyone else and he doesn’t win. Little does he know if he goes up he ain’t going home. This could be his downfall. I predict he wins the POV anyways.

    1. but that’s the beauty of derrick’s game, he doesn’t actually need the alliance’s votes to win. iirc it’s 5 votes to win, and he has donny, hayden, jocasta, nicole, and victoria’s (assuming she makes jury — and if she doesn’t it’s pretty hard to believe victoria beats derrick) votes locked up, none of whom are alliance members.

        1. I have been watching the show and I completely disagree with you. The insight they gave us into the jury last night shows that they are aware that Derrick is and has been pulling the strings and the reason most of them are there, but they went on to say that he;’s good and probably going to win it. That’s not a bitter jury, that’s a jury in awe. I am not Derrick’s #1 fan, but there is no doubt that he’s played a clean and effective game and the jury sees this too.

  5. You know this season is real bad when America is voting for the most useless player of Big Brother history Victoria to win the HoH. Please CBS for the sake of this game go back to the old format and bring in players that love and play this game, there a bunch of them. Enough of this MTV reality crap.

    1. And enforce the rules! If they would have enforced the rules this season would have been totally different. Penalties flying everywhere and the BS Squad who were the main offenders would have been out the door early.


  7. I agree with Caleb though. Frankie won’t feel as threatened if he’s not on the block… However, I know he will try hard to win pov because he was gonna get backdoored last time. He’s gotta protect himself.

    I don’t know who I want to win anymore. Definitely, not Frankie! Perhaps, Caleb. That guy is just too loyal even though he annoys me at times.

  8. I can’t believe I’m saying this but….. Lol. I hope Derrick and Victoria go up. Why? Because Derrick has been gliding through this game. I want to see him under pressure. I want to see how he will handle it. Thus game has been so predictable. Even them wanting Frankie out wax predictable. This is the first time I’ve had a smile on my face. : ) ????????????????

    1. I am so with you! These knuckleheads and their ridiculous “honor” final four or whatever……they should have put Frankie up way back. Now they are crapping their pants wondering what to do?!?







    1. I agree, Derrick needs to go up because a.) He’s never been up and needs to “prove” he is still with the alliance in order to give him the best chance at not being evicted and b.) the chance of Victoria winning Veto is almost non existent. I don’t think that Derrick will be voted out over Victoria… no way because none of the boys has the balls to do that. The girls who were trying to get guys out have bigger BB balls than the remaining guys.

  10. They better not be teasing me again! Get Frankie out or he wins next hoh and sails through to the finale. I’m over this season, bring on big brother Canada vs. USA! Then you know the votes won’t be unanimous and boring!

      1. It would be a hell of a lot more entertaining than this! When you play for your country, you won’t be voting because that’s what the “house” wants! Even bbc last season was whatever the house wants. They need to shake up big brother because unanimous votes are expected as soon as the nominations happen the past few seasons. Either casting is failing at their jobs or everyone that applies is too scared of shaking things up. All reality competitions are catering to the fans too much! Grow some balls and be REAL!! Haha rant over!

  11. Beast Mode Coward will keep Frankie safe because he thinks Frankie is his ticket to becoming a famous actor. If only he knew how “famous” Frankie actually is.

  12. I still think the reset was designed for Frankie. He will win POV making him safe this week and eligible to play for the next HOH.

    1. Derrick has been getting a good edit and Julie even acknowledged him navigating his way to the final 2 some time right after the live show started. I think this was designed for Derrick. His two closest allies and coincidentally two people he has an F2 agreement with were both on the block. A second chance at this week benefitted Derrick the most by far. And, well, Victoria too.

  13. Would love for Caleb to put Frankie & Derrick up.
    Make Derrick win the POV. He needs to feel pressure after coasting thru the game thus far. Let’s see if he’s such a great player.
    Want Frankie OUT.
    Derrick won’t bring Caleb to F2 & he knows it so I think he’s going after him.

    Hey F4……..great idea to get out all the weak players first, wasn’t it? LOL

    1. The combination of putting up Derprick and Skankie would only hurt Caleb’s game. It leaves Victoria and cody voting, which means Derrick would be in no jeopardy at all. I can’t stand Frankie, but if they don’t get D out now, which would be the only thing Caleb could call a big move,they may as well write the check out to him now! Caleb should put up Derrick and cody hoping that Victoria and Frankie have the good sense to vote him out. At this point I’d rather cody or Caleb win than the pig or the pink princess!!!

  14. oh yes Caleb, put DerPrick up please, he doesn’t know how it feels to be up on the block, everyone in that house has felt it because of him, DerPrick has had his way since week 1, no one has stood up to him, but if Caleb puts him up I will bow down to Caleb and root for him to be in final 2, CAleb lives in kentucky where i am from so i know he ain’t stupid, we may have an accent that makes us sound stupid, a few of us like everywhere has common sense and book smarts so come on Caleb show them how it is done, put their a$$es on the block please so they can be scared for once in this game, like a few others have already stated Derprick has not had any competition in this game except a few like Zach & Donny that he got rid of fast, please put him up that would make great tv

  15. You know, I wouldn’t mind seeing Derrick on the block–just to see what he would do under pressure. They keep comparing him to Dan–but there’s a big difference between their gameplays. From the first week, Dan was the underdog. In his season, he was put on the block over and over, but he played a good social game through the first half of the season to keep himself in the house, and then during the second half, he was a true competition beast. As a coach, his players were going out left and right, and he wasn’t ever in a position where he was totally safe. Dan thrives on danger, on being forced to come up with some crazy thing that makes him shout in the diary room and
    On the other hand, Derrick has been on the winning side of the house all season. He’s never been in any real danger, except maybe of exposure of his seven quadrillion alliances. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, but I think that part of the reason he isn’t likeable is that he’s never been in danger, so we’ve never had to see what danger brings out of him. If he makes it to the end, he has jury members that he’s stabbed in the back while he was kissing them and promising that he was their friend forever. That’s a different sort of player than Dan.

  16. Caleb is an military-bot. He has no independent thought process. Somehow Frankie has programmed him…he’ll go after Cody.

    I would for Caleb to go all Manchurian Candidate and take out Frankiestein

  17. Ok, so say he puts up Victoria & Derrick. By some crazy chance, Victoria wins POV… any bets Derrick convinces Victoria to use the POV on him & leave herself on the block?

    1. I just don’t get these people. You know Frankie wants Derrick out, so now is the time to tell Dipshitoria how Derrick’s really been treating her. That he was never on her side, and the things he’s said behind her back. Come on people. I can’t believe Derrick is making me root for Frankie.

  18. Actually, being on the block may be good strategy for Derrick. He has two (say four) allies in the house. Putting him next to Victoria would guarantee that he would play even harder to win POV (and he was very close) and he wouldn’t have to burn bridges taking himself off the block. Of course, that’s depending on a lot of things, including if he gets put on the block, who against, and who Caleb nominates as a replacement nominee.

  19. If Caleb won everybody’s going on a cruise while hunting and breaking dancing in army fatigue’s on a 50 ft yacht that says Beast mode Cowboy as long as least 1 female of his choosing gives her hand in a Christian Matrimony while attending his debut single”Beastmode Baby”daggumm son #Fat Neck forever

  20. I just love Donny’s honesty! The jury house was epic compared to the ones left in the house! They are not afraid to say and make big moves. Love how they snubbed Crusty Christine! It was good seeing Donny and Zach, Hayden, Nicole

    1. That was the best part of tonight’s episode! I am curious when they visit the house on Sundays episode. Hopefully some people’s games will be exposed, but I’m looking forward to Victoria ‘s face when she sees Zach wearing a pink hat! Lol

  21. If Frankie feels threatened, dude blew away the POV twice last week, and he wasn’t even on the block, “threatened” is what EVERYONE in that house should feel… Put his ass on the block… Derrick can win POV…

    Stop being a pussy and play the damn game…

    1. I thought he beat Derrick’s time by only about 20 seconds or so. Not blowing him away in my book. It will be interesting see those two go at this POV. I wonder how much BB will change it up?

  22. I am actually on the Derrick for the win bandwagon but I really think he should get nominated. He needs to feel the pressure. It might make him fight even harder. Part of a true BB champion for me is someone who can face elimination and fight his way off the block. I guess something can be said for never be nominated as well but still……

    On a another note……for the love of god, PLEASE don’t let Frankie get to the end. I’ve simply had enough of him.

  23. I had a feeling Frankie would throw the HOH comp because he knows the next HOH is more important. He said he is happy he will get to play the next one. He can win the POV whether he is on the block or not and still be safe although I wish he was gone a long time ago.

  24. Oh shoooooot! The Rube won. Hopefully he’ll take shower this time HOH. He will not put Frankie up. Do not forget that he is IN LOVE with Frankie, and he evicted Nicole when he had a full support from all the HGs to backdoor Frankie. His main target this time is OBVIOUSLY Veronica.

  25. How great would it be if Caleb noms Derrick and Victoria then Frankie wins POV and saves Victoria? Derrick and Frankie are interchangeable in this scenario.

    1. Yes, if Caleb puts up Derrick and Vic and then Frankie wins POV and takes down Vic , that would finally make this season interesting and we would see some real game!

  26. Victoria’s full of hair-brained ideas isn’t she? Tonight in her diary room she claims ‘she’s a true player’ having played Frankie by crying to him about Derrick. This is just as brilliant as her destroying her own hat to spite Zach. Now she’s trying to get Derrick to win…..Um, unless he’s offered (in writing) to pay her for all this slavery, she’s just a straight-up ‘super-moron’ not a superhero like Batman.
    In all my years have I ever witnessed such idiotic behaviour yet she still amazingly sees herself as a princess who has gotten this far because of her talents.
    I hope Zach gives her the greeting she deserves after all this like only Zach can.
    I don’t know if I heard correctly, but when she stood up to plead her case to stay before the vote tonight, she said she is the princess and I believe I heard the audience groan.
    Anyone else?

      1. UM she’s older then Hayden and Nicole. She acts like a little bitchy princess because that is how she was raised. She’s not a little girl. She’s just an immature one who should NEVER have been on this show. How the f*ck did she get on this show?? Some family connection or something? CBS you messed up this year

        Her mother seems like a real piece of work and a fame whore like everyone else. Her mother is the one asking Ariana Grande for an apology for Frankie’s behavior….she only did this to get herself in the news.

      2. My 19 yr old (soon to be 20 yr old) seems to be more understanding to the fact that the world doesn’t revolve around her the way Victoria does. As a matter of fact, my child goes to college full time and works 37 hours a week and pays all of her own bills. Just a kid? Yeah no excuse.


  28. Dereck has played the game well all along. Had people convinced to do his dirty work & stayed off the block. Pretty flawless. Frankie probably second. Cody just stayed tight with Dereck. Caleb has tossed between Frankie & Dereck but is a loyal dude. They have all won some comps w/ Frankie being in the lead. What really gets me now is that Dereck/Cody act like Caleb is supposed to follow whatever they want carried out. Have they forgotten at this point of the game it’s dog eat dog? It has to be somewhat obvious to Frankie/ Caleb that Dereck/Cody are probably final 2?!? I think for a while now that Frankie sees things more clearly. Finally waited all season for some real game play! Put your big boy pants on guys & give us all good show!!!

    1. I’m sorry, but I think that’s just wrong!! I don’t know WHY people here can not SEE that Derrick is the ONLY reason Frankie is still here! watch back episodes! They had a chance widen Nicole was nominated, Donny, several times and Derrick was always the puppet master keeping Frankie. ALWAYS those lemmings in the house would have voted Frankie out ANY time Derrick encouraged it. But NOOOOOO Nicole was much more a threat. Derrick is a good manipulator but not NEARLY as smart as people are giving him credit!
      And if Derrick is smart now, he would change his tune and try to get Frankie to at least F3, he’s relying solely upon his manipulating Cody or Victoria to glide him in and neither of them are competitors like Frankie

  29. Caleb will never go against Frankie, because Caleb is way too interested in becoming famous!! He wants to be a Country Music Singer, an Actor, A Spokesperson, yada yada yada. Caleb definitely believes that Frankie and his sister Arianna will help him achieve his Mega Stardom. Which will never happen. Sorry dude you just don’t have “it”.
    Caleb, wake the F up and listen to Derrick!!!


      1. Don’t forget The Bachelor! How could he possibly think he’d be the Bachelor? Too funny (and sad). I could see him on survivor for some reason. But he might be too crazy for that show.

        And I loved what he thought the button might trigger…their favorite celebrities will come and compete with them. LOL. What a nut. He really is so celebrity obsessed…as is Frankie. That is why I also think Caleb will help Frankie win.


  31. Dan saying he is home rooting for Derrick was classic. Even him saying Frankie is playing a good game too. This is why we or I ,love Dan. He was always in game mode.
    Derrick Cody and Caleb final 3 and lets play ball.

    *I ain’t fallin for no banana in my tailpipe*

    1. Well, you don’t think CBS is going to invite a big past player back to diss the current show, do you? Dan’s still just acting – I’ll bet he’s as bored by this season as the rest of us, but of COURSE can’t complain about it to Julie or CBS. I don’t give much credence to what former houseguests have to say during the course of the show. Except for perhaps Jeff’s candor at telling them the BB house STINKS!!!

      1. Exactly. They brought Rachel on who said “who doesn’t love Zankie” when Zankie was pretty much winding down and people were getting sick of them.

      2. Well Retired Teacher I do think they would bring back someone who will be honest with whom they like in the game. Hence Peter and Gary from BBCAN remember! Peter wasn’t shy to say whatever he wanted and told the evicted HG exactly what he thought of their game.(kind of a jerk but still honest) If they wanted a puppet they wouldnt have brought back strong players to comment. Pretty sure Dan wouldn’t just go with the crowd for the sake of it. Did it sound like the coach was coached? Ya I didn’t think so either.

        * I think the issue should be my blatant disregard for proper procedure.*

  32. He won’t put Frankie his favorite gossip girl on the block ,it will be Vic cause she is infactuated with Sir lies a lot a and not bowing down to Caleb and all his glory.And Cody is Beast mode’s arch nemesis Cutie the dinosaur that gets all beast mode’s deserving attention!Final 4 consists of BMC FJG Vic N C.O.P”Controlling other people”with either D or Fg making a tough decision to cut the dead weight!Other Scenario. Caleb somehow gets thee idea best move for his game would be put up Fg or D on the block Cody as renom.But Cable is as they say in Kentucky as dumb as a bag of hammers!

  33. Jury Update was GOLD! Thought I couldn’t love Donny anymore, the shade he was throwing at Crusty was hilarious! Zach is so obsessed with Vic for someone who can’t stand her sure loves talking about her
    We know you like her

  34. Caleb has also grown on me but I still don’t like the fact that he is so close to Frankie and thinks he will meet celebrities if he stays loyal. Hair and make up Caleb? (Not that theres anything wrong with that) :P

    I don’t know why Victoria is studying the wall so much. She will still have a time of 15 mins. If Derrick moves like speed he just might take this POV. Then Caleb would have no choice but to put up Frankie if Derrick takes off Cody. OMG just typing that im excited about it actually happening. I know I know but why burst my bubble.

    1. And why are they studying the wall? They just had a competition where everyone’s faces were mixed up. Why would they do another one right after?

  35. Caleb would be wise to put Derrick and Victoria up and if one of them wins POV put Cody up in their place! Those guys need a scare this week for sure – especially Derrick!

    1. I agree just think dadbot somehow talks or somehow wins his way off the block,Its set up For frank J or Sgt Pepper to get the W.Caleb is 2 easily influenced by others he is obsessed by his ego!

  36. Cody on the chair yelling at Derrick to look in the other cupboard for the mouse hahahaha “DERRICK!!!!” I was laughing at both episodes.
    It didn’t look like Frankie was hurrying like he was for the last HOH. Hmmmmm, Maybe slowed down knowing Caleb was the closest last time.

  37. made me realize just how much I wish he was still in the BB House.

    At least there would be plenty to laugh about instead of being subjected to the crapfest that this show is.

    1. when they called him down for his present, the first thing i wondered was “is he in bed sleeping”, his game play in the BB house lol

  38. Does Derrick get any credit for giving Frankie an HOH win after his grandfather passed away. Or was that a huge mistake to make on Derricks part?

    1. Seriously? I love how Derrick just assumed he was going to win that. You never know, Frankie could have beaten him anyway. He should have answered first and then if he won, gave it to Frankie. It wasn’t guaranteed that Derrick was going to win that. I love how he acts like he was going to win it and he was so “gracious” to give it to Frankie.

    2. I don’t think it was a mistake on Derrick’s part at all. Beings that it was so early in the game that it really didn’t matter as far as him getting put on the block or evicted, I think he was pretty safe at that time anyway. However, I do think it benefited him in the long run because Derrick was seen as being caring and human…all the while he was manipulating the house guests, even if that wasn’t his intention, he obviously was given kudos by the entire house for making the move and it stuck in people’s minds that Derrick is a “good guy” and I think that’s another reason why he has been trusted so much throughout the game. Again, I don’t think that Derrick really had that intention but it did play a role in his game.

  39. derrick is acting like a big baby, time for him to feel the pressure of being on the block, he has never had to worry all season as he was on the wining side. Everyone else has been on the block more then once grow up derrick.
    Cody wanted to put up Frankie, when he had his HOH Derrick told him it was to soon, then Cabel wanted to put Frankie up and Derrick talked so much Cabel got scared and change his mind. Derrick is to blame for Frankie still being in the house. Cabel and Cody have been saying for the last two weeks they want Frankie out.
    Donny was great at the jury house tonight the way he was laughing when Christine arrive and when he said about a lawyer that was too funny. It was great to see everyone in the jury house and see them give Zack that pink hat for his Birthday.

  40. This week’s nominations will be largely about the “battle over Caleb’s mind” : either Derrick or Frankie will go home while Victoria is off the radar for now.
    “Frankie wonders if Jeff will propose to Jordan again.” sounds so hilarious !

  41. Frankie – “Do you think Jeff and Jordan will come back and he will propose again”…..Yes Frankie because it wasn’t real and all part of the show. Jeez.
    They could have at least switched up the games. rewind yes, but same games……..Meh .

  42. Is Caleb insane? Why the hell would Derrick volunteer to go up on the block just because he hasn’t been up there, especially now, at this stage in the game. No sorry Caleb, that’s your problem you went up 3 times. Derrick is the kind of player where, you got him on the block, you better get rid of him. He should not volunteer to go up, it would be suicide for his game.

    1. Totally agree! I sure as hell wouldn’t volunteer at this stage of the game BUT I do agree that he may need to go up.. if for no other reason to keep a spark lit in him.

  43. I also LOVED the jury house footage and Donny asking Christine if Dinosaurs were now her favorite!! When she said no, he asked her if she had an attorney!! Priceless. You could see her wanting to come back with something, but what is she gonna do? Evict Donny? HA!

  44. I, for one, want Victoria gone more than anyone! And I HATE FRankie more than all 16 of them put together! But I feel it’s bad for the BB franchise. For a prissy, ignorant, non-competitor to be carried this far is a disgrace to the game. She has no competitive skills, no social skills other than being Derrick’s bitch, she has NO claim to ANY game play. Lately in her DR sessions, she sounds arrogant, (Derrick is my robin) WHO AT BB WROTE THAT SCRIPT FOR HER???… She certainly didn’t come up with that on her own. She thinks her sh** don’t stink! she thinks she’s a princess! I for one want game. Heck, she doesn’t even cook or clean! And someone is filling her head with the idea that with the exposure, she’s going to be very popular and able to do lots of appearances once this is over. Yes, she’s been a makeup hog all season, but 10 times worse since she was crowned “last girl standing” If the red lipstick gets any thicker and brighter, I’m going to get a smudge on my face from the tv.
    So, being a Smart player, knowing Derrick wants to take her to final 3, if I were Caleb, I would put up Derrick and Cody. Make whoever wins POV take one off the block to guarantee a back door of the Vic.
    They need to BEAT Frankie, fair and square. Otherwise, if I’m in the jury, see they played a weak player to the end for their benefit, I would vote for the weakest player inF2 and rationalize to them that they valued weak this year, didn’t want to play hard, therefor the weakest player wins. If Victoria is allowed to go to F3, I’m not pulling for whoever took her. COWARDLINESS not in my vocabulary.
    On another note, only interesting thing I have to watch this week is how D&V play their reunion with the rest of them. Cause they have to get back together, they can’t spend a week apart. They thought V was going to jury and wouldn’t have to charade their fight. That’s the big twist! I knew it the minute V brought up D’S daughter, he glanced quickly at the camera, looked away and immediately changed the subject. It’s gone past game to personal.

    But, don’t expect Caleb to grow balls overnight…….

    1. Good post, Nana. I’m still wondering wth she was recruited for BB, and it makes so little sense, that one has to wonder if we’re being played. and when this is over, the dopey Vic disappears and a brilliant, articulate, social psychologist appears in Vic’s clothing.
      Now that would be a twist!
      Otherwise, Vic goes into the “How to float to the Finals,” handbook. Like none other.

  45. Caleb has to go into beast mode and put Derrick and Frankie that would shake the house it they remain the same Vic will keep Derrick Frankie will keep Cody Caleb has to send one home then the followng eviction they will all be pissed and dysfunctional for sure. Maybe they are begining to realize there is half a mill waiting for them outside the front door

  46. So this idiot Caleb is willing to keep Frankie this punk does this and Derek and Cody leaves and he sitting in the final two at Frankie I’ll give the sh&$ to Frankie I hate punks. He never wanted to get rid of his make-believe fiancé Amber. He doesn’t want to get rid of Frankie. Oh wanted to get rid of Nicole or Donny first? He’s not work he didn’t play a 500K game sorry. Cable do you need to make a change quickly.

    1. For real Caleb is alone in the game , but might not know it.If he doesn’t get rid of a big gun this week, he won’t win anything “at the end of the day”.

  47. So, question. Is Production telling them what the upcoming comps are, or is the next one ALWAYS the memory wall? It would be so amazing if they didn’t even do the memory wall after all the idiots studied so much!

      1. I get that. What I was asking was about why are they studying the wall? Did someone tell them the memory wall comp was this next week, or what? Suddenly they are all studying. Thanks for anyone who can enlighten me.


  48. See this is why I dislike Derrick so much, as soon as his little game is threatened he does the personal attacks and gets angry? And this is good game play? Seriously Derrick is nothings but a two faced pig, that’s why its hard for me to cheer him on. I dislike Freaky Frankie and Cody and Caleb are just insane, don’t even get me started on Vicky.

    1. Definitely, I totally concur with you.It really pisses me off when this guy just pops-out, out of no-where and start making unnecessary attacks.Is not fair for Caleb to nominate you along side Vic knowing well that Vic would be evicted and just for the ultimate reason that you haven’t been nominated the whole entire season. He was the same guy who emphatically told Cody if Caleb nominate him he will nominate him next week. If others go on the block as pawns why can’t you be nominated as well?Wasn’t for the same reason Zack refusing to volunteer and go on the block that led to his hatred?I honestly think Caleb should WISE UP and do something about Derick. He really annoys me the MOST. Of what use should you volunteer as a replacement nominee if you don’t win the POV knowing well that if VIC is on the block she will be evicted. If you can volunteer as replacement nominee why can’t you volunteer and go on the block. What bothers me much about Caleb is that, he doesn’t have a mind of his own. He is easily influenced. He should by now know that Derick is closer to Cody and Vic (despite the fake/stupid scheme they tried playing). Caleb should really really think TWICE because any STUPID MISTAKE will cost him dearly since he is not playing in the next HOH comp. Should he nominate Franki, trust me, he is going to put a huge target on his back (not Cody or Derick) because Franki is a great competitor and he will fight back and target Caleb. He should start thinking about his own game and stop consulting those lunatics (DERICK and CODY). I get amused when CODY makes those unnecessary threats (if i win i will send him packing) when he is so WEAK and poor at comps.

    2. I must have missed the personal attacks that Derrick made. Either that or my definition of personal attacks is much different. Critiquing game play isn’t a personal attack.

  49. Is Caleb really that blind? Frankie is the only one that might take him in the end. I’m not saying he would, but there’s no way that Derrick or Cody take Caleb to the end. If Caleb or Frankie had half a brain they would take out Derrick, as Derrick is close to both Cody and Victoria (despite the lame fight and cheesy speech from Victoria). Take out the common denominator and the other two are alone, leave him in and he has 2 different people there working for him who will take him. Caleb and Frankie’s best bets to getting to the end are each other.

    1. If Derrick manages to convince Caleb to put Frankie up on the block before veto then Derrick has an amazing social game or Caleb is extremely stupid. Who does he think the next target will be after Frankie leaves? Its extremely obvious how close Derrick and Cody are to each other. DO SOMETHING ABOUT THAT CALEB.

    2. I loathe Frankie with a passion but you are right. Derrick is tighter with Cody and Victoria and it would be a smart move to put up Derrick and either Cody or Vespa. To say “I hope Derrick will volunteer”. It is shameful that we are down to five and this is the line of thought. Play the damn game already.

    3. I agree That would be best for Caleb’s game… even though I think Derrick has played the best social game so far and is mediocre at comps. For Caleb’s personal game, he would be wise to try and get Derrick out because Derrick is pretty dangerous.

  50. Has anybody else took notice of what seems to be Frankie’s new wardrobe?Very peculiar imo almost supports my conspiracy theory that it is still ready for FJG or DL game to win or lose unless Caleb puts 1 of the 2 up and renom is Cody

    1. in the recaps, it is mentioned that his HOH basket had a red suit, which is what I am assuming you are referring to by new wardrobe.

  51. Damn……. Seeing this got me a little bit scared…. i just got the feeling that caleb won’t put Frankie ( maybe not, but you can see caleb is scared of Frankie). He can’t stay, just get him out please!!!!!

    And I just want to say, Dan referring the bombsquad/detonator as a strong add tight alliance…… they were the worst alliance ever. they talked sh*t about each other all the time, nobody trusted each other, the littlest things almost sent them on a desperation spiral (remember Nicole coming beck to the game, they almost died at that moment) and made the most boring moves ¬¬. They contolled the whole game, fact, but dumb luck has a lot to do with that, and they stuck together because they were to scared to do anything.

    They definitely won the game, a very, very, veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery boring game

  52. I loved the jury house. I wish I could watch it right now. Donny was hilarious! Hayden and Nicole are so cute together. Donny looked so happy. It made me happy to see him so happy. Great gift for Zach also. I wish Jocasta didn’t wear that stupid bow tie. I loved how all the jury members just get along – and then there was Christine. I am glad she felt out of place, that’s exactly how her and her boys made everyone else feel Sucks don’t it! Now in the actual house, please get the humpy troll out! Make a big move Caleb!

    1. I agree, it’s great to see Christine as the odd man out after the way she talked and treated all the others. Too bad they can’t have a vote and evict Christine from the jury. Now that would be a real twist!

  53. As Derrick explained to Caleb a few minutes ago, if he puts Derrick up against Victoria, and Frankie wins pov he could use it on Victoria. Then Cody and Derrick on the block. Caleb does not want that to happen, so Frankie HAS to go on block. If he takes himself off, then Derrick will go up as replacement. They all know that Frankie cannot be trusted at this point.

    1. I don’t think so. Derick is trying to play a fast one on that dumb guy called CALEB. I likewise don’t like Skanki as well but I honestly think Caleb should still go ahead and nominate Derick and Vic. Even though Skanki cannot be trusted he proved to them that he is kind of LOYAL to the guys. He won all 3 COMPS concurrently and still went ahead to keep the nomination the same though he could have changed it.If he wanted to do any big MOVE he would have nominated two guys when he first won the HOH. He also went further to win the POV and didn’t change it either so why would he do that now?Derick is really ANNOYING. He thinks if he goes on the block something might go wrong and he might be evicted that’s why he is playing it COOL. Why should you volunteer to be a replacement nominee in case you don’t win POV but you are adamant to volunteer as a pawn? Caleb should start thinking about his own game now because should he nominate Skanki, trust me that guy will fight at all cost to win and he will turn his target on him (CALEB). Besides he has won more COMPS than anyone else in the house.

    2. Does Caleb not realize that if Frankie goes on the block, Derrick or Cody could also win veto, and use it on Victoria?? DUH!!! That is exactly what I mean by Derrick’s success is always dependent on other peoples’ stupidity. The average person wouldn’t even think about putting Frankie on the block, at this point, because out of the 3, Caleb should know that Frankie is the one most loyal to him, and Derrick and Cody are loyal to each other.

  54. Victoria thinking she’s a great player and crowing about being the last woman as if it’s some kind of personal accomplishment is hilarious!! Lady you’re still there cause you are ZERO THREAT and anyone takes you to final 2 wins hands down! Because you SUCK really bad!!!

    1. When I watch Victoria in the DR I wonder if I’m watching bb or last comic standing because she’s hilarious! I actually lol for real. She HAS to win it so I can watch their reactions.

  55. I am certain that being shunned is something that this bitch is accustomed to throughout her life,

    As fudly as she was on the outside, she was worse person on the inside.

  56. Man, I want some of the mysteries of the season solved like:
    1. What was it that happened between Victoria and production earlier in the season and how bad was it on Victoria’s part???
    2. What was up with the photo that Derrick received in his HOH basket after the Double Eviction? Was it a pic of him and his daughter with Derrick in his police uniform? If so, what did he tell Cody who saw the pic?

    1. I don’t remember anything with Victoria and production, can you refresh my memory? I barely noticed her until the final seven when she became friends with Nicole. I thought she was just the mouse in the house.

      1. One day, Victoria came out of the diary room crying her eyes out. The feeds cut, while the feeds were cut, Victoria told Zack what happened. When the feeds returned, Zack said to Victoria, “I don’t think you can do that Victoria.” Then Victoria said something along the lines of, I hope no one loses their job. Later, Zack was in the HOH room and told Frankie n Cody that something bad went down between Victoria and production. He kept saying I wish I could tell you guys but, production told me that I can’t say anything to anyone about this. He said it was bad.

  57. Honestly, if Caleb nominated Derrick and Victoria… If Victoria won POV I’m almost positive she would use it on Derrick. Also, how great were Victoria actin skills? More believe able than any of Frankie’s characters.

    1. It’s annoying and bad etiquette. Why be an asshole here when there is a big bad world out there. Haven’t we been subjected to enough this season?

    2. Totally agree.. bad etiquette my backside. WHO made that rule? The internet police??? Cut me a break, no need to make a big deal out of small potatoes. I find it bad etiquette to correct people about caps…. that’s my rule!!

  58. Does anybody think that the jury being on Sunday night’s show will have to do with the POV comp — like updating their photos or using their voices.

    I think then there will be no interaction which stays true to past seasons and of course leaves us with no drama in the tradition of this season.

  59. It is very hilarious to see that at this point of the game—with 5 remaining, HGs who haven’t won comps do voice out and make demands! I do sympathize with Cody for being on the block, but honestly speaking who are you say that a HOH person should not nominate you?For christ sake you’re not HOH and the HOH has the mandate to nominate whoever he so desire. These guys should start thinking about making it to final 2 and stop bitching about final 4. The ultimate goal is to get to that stage (final 2) so stop talking about any final 4. Why should Derick be talking about final 4 (when they evict Franki) by including Vic if the latter was about to be evicted this week? Shouldn’t Caleb be picking certain cues out?He is so DUMB and wonder how he got to the show!

  60. Best episode of the season …. the jury house!!!!! Watching Crustine squirm and feeling totally awkward and unwelcomed. She got booed leaving BBH and an icy welcome at the jury house …. Karma came a knocking Crustine. Hope you had fun being a bully and a mean girl this summer. Loved how Donny Zinged her!!!

    Hope you learned a major life lesson …. it’s called RESPECT. Treat people the way you want to be treated. How sad for you if you don’t and return to the real world still an insecure and mean bitch.

  61. Just when I think these 4 egomaniacs can’t anymore delusional they pat themselves on the back b/c the audience didn’t BOOOO when Julie asked them the softball ?’s. Sgt. Snout immediately chimed in that he was “listening intently” to the audiences reaction…oh I’m sure you were. They have all been in a tailspin since the boo’s last week. It just makes me sick how they were all patting themselves on the back b/c now they THINK they are not HATED.

    How I can’t wait for them to get out and see how America really feels about them. It will be the only satisfaction I get from this terrible season of narcissistic bullies.

  62. When julie explained next week she said there would be no POV, there’s an eviction tuesday and wednesday. Did I hear that wrong? Or will it happen but they won’t air it as a whole episode?! Can anyone explain!?

    Also I need more jury house!!! I miss zackattack so much:'(

    1. Hey Airica, I’m afraid you did hear it wrong. There will be a POV comp and because of the rewind, it will be the same comp from last week (Big Brother Morph). Here’s what Julie said:

      Sunday – Rewind Twist Continues to shake up the game. The Jurors make a surprise return to the house.
      Tuesday – Special Eviction Episode. The POV is played out and a houseguest will be sent packing. Leaving the final 4 in place
      Wednesday – second eviction of the week. bringing us to final 3
      Friday – Special episode

  63. Derrick is always trying to be slick. He wants Caleb to talk to Frankie with him and Cody in the room. WHY??So, he can counter anything Frankie says to Caleb in private, but Frankie doesn’t get any private time. What a hypocrite… He has done this the entire season.. When Devin was HOH, he instructed everyone to not talk to Devin in the HOH room. If Devin wanted to talk, he was to do it in front of everybody. And don’t talk to Nicole alone. And during the DE, he attempted to take up the entire time, so no one else could talk to Frankie. The guy is a DICK, and Caleb is stupid as SHITT, if he listens to them. He won’t have Frankie next week, and he can’t play in the HOH. If Caleb plans on sending Victoria home, then why can’t it be Derrick or Cody on the block?? Because Caleb is a dumbass, that doesn’t know how to think!!! This is another reason, why Derrick is so annoying. He is always trying to block people from talking.

    1. Actually the annoying thing is that they actually don’t.
      Derrick – Don’t talk to anyone.
      Any other idiot hg – We’re playing a game of information, lying and backstabbing that needs you to talk to people to advance your game sooooo … Ok Derrick I won’t talk to anyone else and rely on all the truthful, accurate info you’re telling me from not talking with anyone else.
      Derrick (getting angry) – And???
      Random idiot hg – I’m sooo sorry Derrick.
      Derrick – That’s better … Now go fold my clothes and cook me dinner. Next!

  64. Simon & Dawg, all of my fellow posters, thank you. I have had some bad luck lately and you have been a very big bright spot! Because lord knows I don’t have a favorite in the house. When the times have been hard and weeping seems like the only course of action. You guys have given me laughter, outrage, and things to think about that don’t involve me. So all of you, thank you x 3.

  65. Derrick got screwed over with this reset. He should have been allowed to participate, its highly unfair to not allow a player to even have a chance for 2 weeks at HOH.

  66. Yes Frankie, Justin Bieber and Kim Kardashian are going to walk through the door. “Happy episode because everyone loves them” *Sigh* .

  67. I am not a fan of Christines at all. I felt bad for her in the beginning but I didn’t know she was a mean girl just yet. I know she was talking crapola about everyone in the house except cutie patootie Cody and even him she through under the bus when she said to put up Cody and Derrick. Thumbs down or not, the booing wasn’t right. Not to that extent. Now because of this the HG’s are scared and walking around on eggshells, and the DR is where they are supposed to feel the most comfortable and tell the camera’s and Us watching, what they really think. Now they are monitoring themselves and that’s no fun.
    Yes I am a fan yes I have watched it for yrs, doesn’t mean I agree with the booing, I don’t. I have seen some evil players in this game before but all had at least some what of a decent reception when they left the house because right then, their game was over and people should understand. Even your most favourite players did and said really terrible things but were forgiven. I cant stress enough that I wasn’t a fan of Christines mouth but I think that it sucks now that the HG’s are scared in the DR.
    I never did like the “ignoring game” even when they did it to Devin in the beginning.

    1. Live by the sword. Die by the sword.
      The booing wasn’t a conspiracy.
      It was a spontaneous reaction to what a miserable person she is.

  68. They all kinda bring it on them selves,i understand their all a lil stir crazy and definitely home sick,but they know what this game calls for and how production decides how you are portrayed.If you are the villain then expect to come across that way,ratings dictate how bad or good you’ll look.

  69. This had nothing to do with the game play this season. AND, I am not picking on or putting down any grown person who makes their own personal decisions. I am all about adults being able to chose their own path. (now that I have qualified myself before I make this statement lol)

    I never thought I could go on BB. (probably won’t ever try) Mostly because I am a big beautiful, full-figured gal. The other reason is because a good portion of the game play and pow-wow sessions were played out side on the patio lounge area in past seasons. And I would always have had to miss out. I said that because I have asthma and one of my BIGGEST triggers is smoke. I mean I am so bothered by it I can have an attack just by a smoker’s clothes or breath to close too me for too long. I was surprised that nobody was smoking this season. I wonder if it was banned? Did they just cast non smokers? Does anybody know?

    I don’t know if this is a permanent thing. I mean they did do the fit bits.
    I mean I hate any ones choices are prohibitive of their ability to compete. But I think wow people like me who are allergic to that choice might stand a chance to actually play the game.

    Again, I am not bashing grown people who are within their rights to smoke. Just saying, I just think people like me might have a chance.

  70. I bet production told Donnie to keep the Team America thing quiet in the Jury house so that it can be revealed to all houseguest finale night.

  71. It’s NOT that they can’t afford to pay big shot celebrities to stop by, or to host competitions, it’s because they are D!RT cheap!!!

    Just compare the house to the BB house in UK, Australia.. There’s sucha vaste difference.

    The decor within the house is not state of the art, and is hardly creative or modern. It looks cheap.

    The fire room has quilts with design of fire, and it’s simply branded fire room. The H0H room resembles that of a kindergarten … Very arts and crafts like, not classy or state of the art at all. Same old arrangements, with a tweak or 2 with furnishings.

    I know this network makes plenty from commercials, etc, but just refuse to cough up funds to spruce up the house to a minimum international standard.

    F@rking cheap! It’s high time they pay for a renown decorator of sorts, to make the house and the exit stage more classy, modern, watchable.

    Take for example the celebrity BB house UK. The diary room looks ultra unique and modern, like one is a time zone of the future (compared to a cheap sofa with a blah painted wall.). Sucha mega contrast.

    The stage they set up when house guest walks outta the house leaves me in awe. It’s like walking the red carpet, crazy big deal and the set obviously spares no expense.

    *L!ve and Learn*

  72. my mind wandered for a moment. I imagined Victoria was evicted. Julie asked her if she enjoyed her time on the bachelor, and whether or not she was upset that derrick didn’t give her the final rose.

  73. want Derrick to be in the final two with Victoria. Franky needs to go home NOW ! ! The power is getting into Franky head head no one saw at first but Derrick.

  74. Derrick and Frankie are like cold war era Soviet Union and America except with less tension. They use these HGs as pawns and the real fight is between them. If Caleb would throw them both up this week I’d give him the money. At least it would create some action. I doubt anything comes of the twist as no one wants to really do anything to upset anyone. They are all too timid.

    I really want to see Victoria win the POV.

  75. Caleb is going to put up Derrick and Cody this week. I can’t believe no one has picked up on the secret alliance that has been set in stone for quite some time.

    Caleb has a final 2 with Victoria. They are so far under the radar with this I am shocked no one saw this happening. They are both playing the same card…loyalty to the stronger people to get carried to this point.

    Now Caleb pulls a big move!!! Damn, I keep forgetting Caleb and Victoria don’t have the brains to create and navigate such an alliance and Caleb doesn’t have the nuts to pull a big move.

    A man can dream though to make it more interesting than what is going on.

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