Frankie “What if Julie says had you not pressed the button so fast you would have seen the following incentives?”

POV Holder: Frankie Next POV Sept 6th
POV Used No POV Ceremony Sept 7th
HOH Winner Frankie Next HOH Sept 10th
Nominations: Cody and Victoria

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-10 13-08-38-081

1pm – 1:30pm The live feeds return from being blocked for the HOH lockdown. Cody says yay vacuum! Frankie says we had a vacuum yesterday too… Izzy. Derrick says I can’t wait to hear Izzy’s back story. Frankie asks are you more excited to hear Izzy’s back story or Donny’s? Derrick and Cody both say Donny. Frankie says Donny is definitely a botanist. Cody asks a what?! Frankie says he studies plants. Cody says oh. Frankie says well its definitely an HOH comp tonight! Derrick says yes you are right about that! Frankie says if the button has to do with the HOH comp, then I bet I’m playing.. you know what I mean. Cody says if the button has to do with the HOH comp then you have to play. But if it has nothing to do it then they don’t have to do anything. Frankie says if the HOH is for someone to get back into this house .. then I am defending this house. You know what I mean. Cody says is that all the button will do then we will be like is that it?! I don’t think someone is coming back into the house. Frankie says it has to be the HOH tonight because I moved out of the HOH room. The house guests are cleaning the house. Caleb is vacuuming while Frankie, Derrick and Cody clean the kitchen. Frankie doing the dishes saying “PROPS!” Meanwhile Victoria is doing her hair/makeup. Victoria goes to the diary room and then comes out to lay in hte fire room bed. Frankie says what if Julie says had you not pressed the button so fast you would have seen the following incentives. But now you get none of them.

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-10 13-23-15-458

1:30pm – 2:30pm The house guests continue to clean and get ready in preparation for tonight’s live episode. Derrick heads into the havenot room and notices that the TV has been moved over off centre. The others join him and talk about why its moved. They think production just moved it for camera angles so that if tonight they’re crowded around the button the camera can still view the tv count down. Derrick says at first he thought it was one of the guys messing with him. Caleb says I if I got a hair contract after this I would be so excited. Frankie says well you don’t have to look far your family owns a salon. Caleb says guys hair dressers make bank. Frankie asks why don’t you do other things that you enjoy even more. I thought you were going to be country music star. Caleb says that doesn’t happen over night. I’m going to be like you a struggling upcoming artist. In the bathroom – Derrick trims Cody’s hair. Caleb trims Frankie’s hair.

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-10 14-03-24-434

2:35pm The live feeds switch to the live feed highlights with Jeff Schroeder.

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Frankie face will be priceless!!

Oscar P.

If it is true that Derrick cannot play in the HOH, then that will be AWESOME when he is told! I am soooo tired of Frankie/Caleb/Cody/Derrick and Vic….I am pulling for the Toaster! TOASTER FOR THE WIN!!


to funny Frankie all that power and when he finds out it was for nothing love it then he going to swear I told yall don’t push the button which they all did for a few seconds but people are always afraid they are going to miss out on something lol


I think Derrick’s face will tell a tale also. The time has finally come to $hit or get off the pot. We’re about to see them really compete instead of relying on the alliance.


I am not sure this reset wasn’t made to get Frankie further. Frankie was already regretting winning the F5 HOH because then he wouldn’t be able to play for the F4 HOH so I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t win it again tonight. If anybody else wins it tonight and tries to put Frankie on the block the POV will be made for Frankie to win it. Then Frankie will win the F4 HOH. Sad to say I am just about resigned to Frankie winning this season .


I can’t stand Frankie, but if he makes it to the final two he would deserve the win. I almost want him to win just so Derrick lovers will finally shut up about his “perfect game”. If I had any say in the matter…..Derrick and Frankie would be the next two evicted. But I don’t expect that to happen.

very true

Frankie will for sure be in the final two. I bet my bottom dollar on it and this “twist” is nothing more than to make sure it happens. If prodiction wanted to actually make the game interesting, this “twist” should have come a few weeks earlier.


The only person the rewind really hurts is Derrick. He can’t compete in two HOH’s in a row. Total advantage to Frankie on that one (rigged in his favor since it is a rewind instead of a FF so he can’t play?). What does it matter that this entire week doesn’t count. Victoria can be sent out any week. Even though she’s Batman.

true cindy

I see Vicky going out tonight no matter the HOH. They are all talk and no action in that house. Cody was priceless when he said that they missed their chance to get Frankie out of the house. Ya think!?!? Lol

Lawon's Special Power

I’m holding out that this reset (which was probably put there to save him) will get Frankie out of the house. It would be wonderful and probably the redeeming moment of this season.

This will be the only chance that Frankie may get booed if he does get evicted. There is no way the audience won’t be stacked with “fans” if he goes out next week or the finale when it will be all friends and family.

Of course if they did it like the UK version, outside and live……oh the boo’s that would commence would be wonderful!

Murphy's Law

It would be great to see Frankie evicted tonight . Hoping the comp is question related ..not balance.


their one chance to get him out of the house now, rather than hope they can win later. however no doubt in my mind that he might consider throwing the HOH in order to play F4 HOH, and that knowing he must win POV to stay, otherwise up he goes, and out the door. i wonder if that happened tho, i have to wait for 2 hours to find out, since i got interrupted watching live stream at 5pm PST, and couldn’t get back until after 6pm, blast it.

not going to peek.

what i really came to comment on is, did everyone except Victoria do the house cleaning, is that how I am reading it? She is doing hair/makeup, then goes and lies down, everyone else cleaning everything? Seriously? No wonder she doesn’t win anything, nothing motivates her.


Is the show going to be preempted, or is it not going to air? It’s not coming on CBS live tonight as scheduled.


ugghh!!! I was wondering about that. That really sux! I was hoping this was on at 7 and then the Obama address at 8.


Does anybody know where I go to live stream tonight’s episode? I’m nowhere near a TV…


Tonight should be good !!

Come on

Big Moobs Cowboy, Kotex, Velma, anyone but Frankie (who doesn’t even deserve a nickname)….

Suck it up, put your money where your mouths are and WIN THIS RESET HOH/POV!

Boring without Donny

I am so looking forward to seeing the jury house tonight. These other clowns are so Boring. If it were not for the mouse last night, the show would not have been worth watching. I cannot imagine what they can do to make this show better. If Frankie wins HOH. We are in for another boring week. SOS! Same Old Sh**!


I am also looking forward to seeing the Jury House, especially Christine entering the house.


I think Frankie already knows what is going to happen. He just said “What if it’s that I get to play in the next HOH”

The DR

Yep, we’re at it again….

victorias weave

I hope Vic wins hoh just to see Frankie’s face

Victory for Victoria

Now, that would be great – doubtful – but great TV.


It would be great because if she gives that speech tonight (with Derrick’s coaching) I would love to see how Derrick wiggles his way out of and how she doesn’t put Derrick on the block. This would be great if she could win. I would love to see Derrick’s face if it happens, because now lines will be drawn in the sand because if Frankie doesn’t go home and Vic doesn’t put Derrick on the block, Frankie’s eyes will be opened to a whole lot of stuff about Derrick. I think Vic winning will ruin Derrick’s game if she doesn’t put him on the block.


she says “no frankie, it’s because i want to back door Derrick. And i kept you off the block too because you were so very kind to me. Now we just have to hope that he doesn’t win the veto, and that caleb does, right? ”

which might get Frankie to think maybe he shouldn’t win another comp, let Caleb do it, bring himself down, and he won’t be such a big target. 🙂 because of his comments, I can totally see him throwing this HOH concerned it will give him the chance to play F4 HOH, and then it is just a matter of who wins the POV.


to the pole

Double D

Is it just me or is Victoria’s voice different in the diary room then in the rest of the house?


Hey Double D! It’s not just you…I have mentioned before that if you watch her interview with Jeff before the show started, you would never think that it was the same girl. Worth a watch.


Victoria is definitely a different girl in the diary room (which is her real self). All the head swirling she does makes me think she’s been watching a lot of trash TV or hangs out with trash. Women who posture like that are usually on Basketball Wives or Bad Girls Club. She is arrogant (without reason to be), thinks she is Batman (because of all her physical prowess she has exhibited of course), and believes she is ‘too beautiful to pass out’.
So, I guess we can assume Victoria lives in a bubble of hot air and hair where she rules everything.
One more thing – she is really mean and nasty but claims she is playing a great social game and never says ‘disgusting’ things.
Oh sweet Jesus – let her be gone tonight so she can get back to pressing concerns in Gotham City.


Evictoria I will support your comments about Victoria every time.—you’ve got her pegged!! I just cant understand how anyone in her position could possibly think they have been playing the game. She has watched past seasons and should know better. Her attitude and personality aren’t helping matters.
I think Derrick has finally realized what a liability she is. Considering neither of them can win competitions during this vital part of the game, trying to drag her to the F2 can only hurt him as everyone else has proven they can win, especially the all important veto.


victoria seems to believe that the major part of the show is diary rooms, and filming the competitions. Nothing else that goes on in the house gets recorded, and nothing else that happens outside of those times makes it on the air. I really believe she thinks that the only thing people see her saying is during those diary rooms. She also really thinks that production is determing the game or who will win at the end, because she seems to be more concerned about her social game with them than she ever does with the other HGs.



Same Sh** Different Day

Don't care who wins...

…but, just for grins, I wouldn’t hate it if Victoria pulled out an eleventh hour win tonight.

Lawon's Special Power

Then for once we can agree with Julie to “Expect the Unexpected”


Lol..I was thinking the same thing.


Its so sad when someone with a high school diploma doesn’t know what a botanist is, let alone someone with a college degree. Even if you didn’t learn it it school, you learn this stuff by osmosis!


Osmosis is the diffusion of water 🙂


Learning is through immersion.


Even in the Webster dictionary there is a definition of osmosis which includes learning gradually. Its a common saying, but maybe not familiar to those in Rio Linda.


Osmosis is anything that gets passed/absorbed through a membrane, hence the popular use for picking up knowledge.


Go ahead, google “learning by osmosis” . Its a common term that many people have osmosis! Its also in the Webster dictionary. You can learn by immersion, yes, but you learn new stuff every day by listening and hearing what others say, seeing what is around you, and its commonly used because you are absorbing what you are seeing and hearing.


Get over your bad self – it was a joke! Look that up in Websters :). I was just teasing.


I am really wondering if ever Cody graduated from college. A couple of weeks ago he was asking someone what 50% of 1700 was, saying that he is not good at percentages. What??? I might could see if it was something like 63.5% but 50%!


No way is he a college graduate & no way did Caleb go to Westpoint! Liars!


Cody said he owes $80,000 in college fees which is one of the reasons he wants to win BB. After he attended elementary, middle school, high school and spending that kind of money on college, he should know simple math. He obviously is NOT smarter than a 5th grader…

Jimmy 64

I can’t wait to see the look on Frankie’s stupid face .
Now it’s time for Cody to step up win HOH & POV
and get Frankie out . Please let that happen .
Or if you want to shock America win Victoria .


Simon for the Win and Toaster in 2nd

Teri B

I’d LOVE it if Julie said that! LOL Guess I’ll have to break down and watch tonight!


president speech scheduled for 8:45pm. ?!?!?!?! i guess you could start a poll on which will be more uhmmm… entertaining??


The guide on TV says President Obama on at 9pm.


As usual the networks will have their talking heads come on about 15 mins before the speech. Wonder how CBS will handle the HOH comp?


9 eastern time. 6 pm for us in the west coast, so we don’t have to suffer through the ditherer and waffler and golfer in chief.


Lucky you. I’m not going to be happy if we have to miss the last 15 minutes of the show. I’m wondering how they’re going to do that.

Bowel Movement Cowboy

Derrick has played a good game with what he was given: a group of zombies willing to do his bidding. IF, however, there had been a couple of alpha males/females in the house, he would have been gone within four or five weeks. His bs (“you’re not a dumb guy/girl”) would have been spotted and eliminated quickly. So, Derrick deserves to win but only because he played with sheep.

Dan's Bible

And, the other HG did not seem to study other BB season.


If ifs and buts were candies and nuts…


How much longer are you going to leave those pictures of Skankie on the Home page? I dread clicking for updates as I know his ugly puss will be there.

My Vote

How about some pictures of some really great past BB players!


Please Lord, NO. Could you at least post a warning “contains hideous photos”?


I am thinking Big Brother is fix, I can’t believe people who says that watches the show make the moves they make, no one thinks for themselves, the only to have enough sense to look at the game and compare that Derrick is playing Dan’s game was Nicole, and he got her out, I love the game, however this season its raking my nerves.


BB is, and always has been, somewhat fixed by production – G Orwell’s 1984 is a great read – and yes, Derrick is trying to play a Dan game – but can anyone really copy another HG play – guess we’ll have to tune in to see.


i never watched the feeds before (still don’t) so the first i saw was the BB AD shows, and those were very illuminating. I learned that production really really really set up the edits to sway the viewers a certain direction to ensure they would be ‘surprised’ by what actually happened in many cases. Also, how often things were interrupted by people getting called to the DR.

When you already kinow who won HOH, and who they put up as noms, then the attempt by production to make that all mysterious and uncertain, and surprising, kind of hits home. i get that they work with a TV show and to make it interesting, but sometimes the truth is also interesting. I’d like to see more real info in the DR, not playing to the cameras like Derrick is doing. I’d like to really see what he really is trying to do, and until most recently, he wasn’t doing that, he was playing a role to be likeable to the viewers. We are not important, the viewers of the TV show are not important, the other HGs are. Tell us what you are doing, scheming, planning, etc, not what an awesome guy you really are. We see the feeds updates, we know that isn’t really true. 🙂


Whose face will be more interesting to watch when the twist is revealed – Frankie’s or Derrick’s – the cop can’t play wow his face is going to drop and as others have said everything seems to be rigged for Frankie to win – even though he has done and said horrible things in the house – I just don’t get it!! Don’t they all know Donny is running for President in the next election!!!!! Can’t wait to see Christine I bet Donny, Nicole and Hayden say “I told you so” you stupid cow!!!!!

The Beard

Ready to see tonight’s episode imo it all comes down to what happens tonight.But for the life of me still can’t really see any other final two than Frank in slime or Sgt.Thats my f in kid.

Question for Simon/Dawg

is a new hoh/noms/veto/ and veto ceremony all taking place tonight or just a new hoh


Just HOH.

Victorias Secretion

Beast Mode Coward would have been kinda famous for giving that perv Frankie the boot-when he had the chance! …other than that these boring five remaining will be nothing but washed up reality t.v. show contestants- I can barely tolerate them at all as is, let alone seeing them in the future! Donny & ZackAttack are the darlings of this Season! I’m glad we get to see the Jury House tonight, that’s truly what I’m interested in seeing!


Soooooooo sick of dickface fg. He is a sick freek. He’s a discrace to all lGBT people everywhere. Please don’t assume he is anything like other gays in any way.


Whose face will be more interesting to watch when the twist is revealed – Frankie’s or Derrick’s – the cop can’t play wow his face is going to drop and as others have said everything seems to be rigged for Frankie to win – even though he has done and said horrible things in the house – I just don’t get it!! Don’t they all know Donny is running for President in the next election!!!!! Can’t wait to see Christine I bet Donny, Nicole and Hayden say “I told you so” you stupid cow!!!!!

I dunno...maybe?

After watching these goons I feel like I’m smart enough to become a nuclear biologist who can not only repair human DNA but who understands every word spoken in the languages of the animal kingdom.


Really hope Cody wins HOH and POV. Frankie needs to get evicted soon!!! Don’t want him to win at all 🙁


Even if Victoria wins tonight Derrick will control her HOH… same with Cody. Derrick in really good spot.

Maybe not

If Frankie wins HOH or POV.


So do we know foresure if theres gonna be a hoh pov and eviction tonight. Just asking because people are saying if frankie wins hoh that its just gonna be the same thing for another week.

Math Class

There are 5 left – next week is the last HOH before the final 3 – so tonight should be an eviction – but who really knows…


In last night’s episode, Victoria called herself a warrior princess and competition princess. I nearly squirt myself. How does DR NOT LAUGH? The “unexpected” would be Victoria winning HOH and sending Frankie to jury.

Cody's future career

will be in movies. The XXX Male/Male variety as a “fluffer”

Caleb will ask Cody if he can get him the same job.


There is Not going to be an eviction today!


Derrick is nothing close to Dan and anyone that thinks should watch him play.
I saw Frank take every punishment imaginable just to nominate Dan,
only to end up having Dan get him to use the veto his own nomination and ally with him.
Dan stabbed his own alliance in the back only to have them take him back soon after.
Dan not only got Danielle to nominate her best friend Shane for no reason only to have him evicted, but then still have both her and Ian toss him the first round of the final hoh.
Quite frankly it’s insulting that this clown is even mentioned in the same breath.

I Don't Like Derrick

Again, all that had everything to do with the stupidity of others. Dan was not that great. Why can’t dumbasses learn??


Don’t bother replying to this moron. Obvious troll.


I just read an article I thought I would share. CBS had a special called Fashion Rocks. They had all kinds of entertainers. Nikki Minaj was doing a song and tweaking and showing some bum….same as JLo. ..CBS edited Nikki but not Jennifer Lopez. CBS picks and chooses what they air and what they edit. We have to watch vile creepy Frankie…hear his constant prevented sexual harassment talk….hear him talk about raping a drunk girl till she bleeds….see him hanging on and groping men…..but do they switch….cut away….cameras? . Nope….makes you wonder.


Frankie kills me with his behavior everytime he wins its look at me im a beast but win Devin was saying it earlier all Frankie want to do was bash him to the others saying its obnoxious how Devin talks about his wins well Frankie that’s all u do.

plus I wonder would u be looking like a comp beast if Devin, Donny & Nicole was still there instead of a couple loafs of bread.


It would be great if Julie said the HOH didn’t count, we will play a new HOH and sorry Frankie, but you can’t play since you are the outgoing HOH, everyone else CAN play! Ridiculous if Derrick can’t play! This is not what America wants…to see Frankie play again! C’mon let’s really turn this game around! The HOH didn’t count, to me it means, Frankie was HOH all week so he served his time now let’s have a new HOH since you all pressed the button but without Frankie playing (only fair)!

I Don't Like Derrick

YOU ARE FULL OF SHITT!! It makes no sense that Derrick can play, and Frankie can’t. Frankie’s HOH doesn’t count, and Derrick’s did, DUMBASS.. How can you justify the fairness in that??

Myn Feet

I am 69 years old, have watched every season, every episode, won’t answer my phone when
BB is on, but this season has tested my excitement of watching, can’t believe how dumb this
bunch of airheads are. I was rooting for Derrick for a long time, but now can’t stand to watch
his manipulation of everyone. Of course, it’s their own stupid fault, can’t believe they have
not wondered how he got so far without really winning much, they say “social game” a lot,
I would not want to socialize with any of those idiots outside of the house. Hoping next season will have a more diversified group of ages, think that is part of the problem, viewers
who have watched every season, tune in for the great game play, not the great bodies.
Rooting for Donny for AFH, he at least deserves something!!


Can’t stand Frankie but he definitely should win over Dipsh__ Derrick!! Just watched the 1st episode of BBAU on You Tube. It was good, house was beautiful. Can’t wait to watch the next episode after watching tonight’s show with Derrick having a panic attack.


Okay with the toaster crap already. It was barely funny to begin with.


Love how the crowd wants Frankie to win now. After calling him vile and a molesting pervert and everything else. NOW you want him to win….Talk about sheep

The Beard

Well in Victoria’s defense when she was young she was snatched up by a mythical beard that had granted her with special powers, such as you ask ?well the jury is still out on what those before mentioned powers are but she is on the brink of discovering them!Of this I’m certain because how else would she still be here this late in the game?Its not like someone has been dragging her tired butt to the finish line in hopes of an easy win.Come on Rose she has played like it’s life or death and she isn’t dead yet.


If the power goes off tonight I will seriously (not literally) stab someone. Bloody rain!!!

out of the loop

I wish I didn’t have to ask but this episode tonight has HOH, VETO, and live elimination?


Victoria is going home. This twist is not game changing. If they used this one on Nicole’s eviction that would have been interesting

Simon or dawg

Can you provide a link like you guys usually do on eviction night so west coasters can watch the stream early please? Thanks in advance


are there any free live feeds sites still running?


I am still rooting for Derrick. I like him and I hope he makes it to the end. I hope this button in no way helps Frankie and he goes bouncing out the door on his ass. He’s been a grown ass fool this whole time. Lets not forget how he treated Zach. He’s just gross and I cant wait to see him and that fake contrived smile leave the house.
Keep your hands to yourself!!!


I CANNOT WAIT to see the jury house and Dan! Finally, something to look forward to!

A Nonny Mouse

Dawg, is tonite really an eviction night? Because the rewind button has been pressed that means there has to be a new HOH comp being played tonight, right?