“You are like a sister to me..You be the queen and take your Big Brother how about that”

BB16 2014-09-17 18-15-42-335

6:07pm FIRE ROOM Derrick and Cody
Confirming their Hitman Alliance. Derrick isn’t going to kill himself in the endurance as long as Cody can beat Victoria. Derrick will study his a$$ off to win the mental.

BB16 2014-09-17 18-18-27-608
6:11pm FIREROOM Derrick and Victoria
Victoria wants to know what he was talking to Cody about. Derrick wsaya he said it in the speech he wants to take Derrick to the final 2
Victoria – would you really betray him like that
Derrick – Doesn’t matter this is big brother.. You are like a sister to me.. Don’t kid yourself there.. You be the queen and take your Big Brother how about that”
Derrick walks out “I hope it’s soon”
They meet up in the living room. Victoria doesn’t know how the days will work out this final week.
Derrick – “we’ll have one COmp tonight”

BB16 2014-09-17 18-20-41-296

6:16pm Living Room
Derrick thinks Caleb is going to be pissed tonight but after time he’ll be OK.
Cody – He’s a respectful person he’s not Christine
Derrick and Cody don’t blame Caleb for being upset with them they would be to. They get it 100% but after he figures things out he’ll be OK.
Cody is worried about what Frankie will say to Caleb “He’ll get him in there and rip him down..”
Derrick – Frankie is going to crush him
Cody thinks Frankie will throw it right at Caleb’s face his mistakes in the game. Frankie will tell Claeb all the things about the game that Caleb didn’t know and highlight the weeks they tried to get him out.
Cody – Does he need all that thrown at his face.. no .. Frankie will and that is what’s making me mad”
Derrick – we did what was good for us.. you know..
The guys tell Victoria about the season’s alliance’s.
Cody tells her she was never getting played.
Victoria – I appreciate that..
Derrick – I’ve never crossed you.. you and I are friends.

BB16 2014-09-17 18-39-26-671

6:36pm Memory Wall Derrick and Cody

Derrick thinks the America’s favorite is between Caleb and Zach, Maybe Donny. Derrick points out that Caleb’s cockiness may not have been shown much on the show and he had a lot of pivotal moments “Biting the head off a fish” Derrick points out that Frankie has no shot.

6:43pm Living room
The HOH competition is coming up they are Chit chating about the season having some laughs. Victoria knows all about the hitmen. Derrick tells Victoria – you are lucky you never had a contract out on you.. because I love you.. you are lucky you are my sister..

6:47pm Victoria calling Christine malicious and Evil
Tells Cody he doesn’t understand all the crap she was saying about Victoria. Nicole told Victoria that Christine hated her.

6:58pm Cody asks Victoria if she knew him and Derrick were so close. Victoria didn’t.
Cody tells them that Caleb didn’t trust Cody at first. Derrick points out that was because of Amber. Amber liked Cody and Caleb liked Amber.

BB16 2014-09-17 19-03-20-537

7:03pm Derrick and Cody Memory wall
They are saying to each other that Victoria will win because of a spiteful jury.

BB16 2014-09-17 19-06-44-335

7:05pm living room Victoria and Derrick
Derrick says he’ll beat Cody in the final HOH and he’ll take Victoria
Victoria a- You better f***g take me
Derrick – I got ya I got ya… we’ll talk later.
Cody joins them says production told him within the hour they will have the competition. Derrick points out they are still “Drilling and shit” in the backyard.

7:20pm Jeff on the feeds

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Does Victoria Even have a chance at winning big brother ?

Bitter jury

The jury is bitter enough to vote for her instead of Cody or Derrick if she makes the final two.


VapidVic for the Win!

Southern Chick

No, Victoria will not win 500k. It’s possible that she’ll get a vote or two from bitter people, but most of them will vote Derrick or Cody. Because Donny, Nicole, Hayden, Jocasta and Zach will NOT give their vote to Victoria. Donny appreciates the game too much and the others have better sense as well. Christine, Frankie and possibly Caleb (depends on who is the last to manipulate his brain) might vote Victoria because they are the most bitter and would have the least problem giving the money to Victoria out of spite. All of the others have already expressed their opinion that Derrick is the best player left and I don’t see that changing. They’ll most likely give harsh jury questions/responses but they’ll vote Derrick in the end.


If Victoria somehow makes it to final 2 she has a solid chance. Bottom line either Derrick or Victoria is winning Cody dont have a chance.


No she doesn’t lol. Her only glimmer of a chance is for her to win and cut Derrick. But she won’t win and she wouldn’t cut Derrick if she did


Only if she clones herself and somehow gets the clone to F2 with her.

Dame Judi Chop

If Derrick takes her to the f2 instead of Cody. And the jury is bitter enough. They may, MAY, just give it to her. But, if Cody is the last hoh, I don’t think he will betray Derrick. I think Derrick would sell Cody for a bag of nickles.


I disagree, I think that Derrick has done a lot but he has not betrayed Cody and he’s never talked about doing it. He’s telling Vic what she wants to hear but he’s always been loyal to Cody.


Derrick has played this game with zero character. He will absolutely cut Cody if he can.


well if she went against cody probably cody would have the guys and crustine and victoria would have everyone else now if she blew everyone away and won 2 parts of the HoH that would b awesome come on girl u can do it we believe in u is it sad i’m cheering for victoria her only big move was cutting up zachs hat


Victoria could win easily, especially if she wins HOH. If Derrick sends Cody home, a real possibility, then the bitter jury could vote for Victoria out of spite. Cody better get smart real fast or he will see himself sitting next to Caleb.

On another topic, did any of you pick up on the hilarious video of Victoria studing the package of tortillas after showing shots of the others using them to study the facial features on the memory wall. The live audience giggled and I thought it was hilarious. Real players using tortillas to mask off the noses mouths and eyes on the memory wall and Victoria in the corner staring vacantly at the package of tortillas themselves. Too funny.


If Victoria wins the last HOH (lol, it’s highly unlikely) , she will win BB16 regardless of who will be sitting beside her.


I kind of felt bad for Victoria because BB is making a fool of her too she was out there studying a lot. Frankie even said Bless her heart she’s out there studying and doesn’t even have a chance.


If either of them makes the mistake of taking Victoria into the final 2, then she’s got more than an 80% chance of winning. Cody has the least chance of winning against either players.


Victoria has better chances of being swooped off by crow than winning a competition.


I’m done with that witch


Really hope Victoria wins, that would be the most “expect the unexpected” thing to happen in this very predictable and boring season.


Really!!! Victoria is probably the worst player to ever play this game i find it hard to want a player that did nothing all summer to win. The only way victoria wins is if it is handed to her

Southern Chick

If Victoria wins and is handed the 500k check she’ll ask Derrick if she should keep it or give it to him. Remember the veto comp when she didn’t know whether to take the veto or not. LOL


I know Victoria isn’t the best player and really didn’t win competitions or manipulate people, but I wouldn’t say she is the worst player. She seemed to deal with the stress of being on the block and didn’t get mean or nasty or backstab anyone and she didn’t act inappropriately with others like some did. She was a friend to Nicole when she had no one else. She acted with class so I would not boo her. Maybe some on the jury would like that she didn’t backstab them.


Victoria is a kind person indeed , but an awful BB player.So…


one of the guys take vic to finals jury is pissed gives it to Victoria for spite Victoria jumps up like ali and says I shook up the world bitches I shook up the world now that would be funny


if Victoria was smart and derrick telling her hes taken her to the finals true or not I pull cody aside and tell him I know you will go tell derric butbefore youdo think of this derrick said he will take me to final true or not that is what he told me are you going to be the last one played what makes sense to you him or you taken me or derrick or derrick taken you instead of me just think about it in the end loyalty is wants good for your game be loyal to your game


Victoria FTW!!

Captain Crunch

So if Cody wins he’ll take Derrick and if Derrick wins he’ll take Victoria??
It would be funny if Cody won the last HOH and took Victoria over Derrick but i doubt that would happen.

Also i hate seeing Derricks DR sessions, it seems like he talks to America like we’re a child with his constant hand gestures and whatnot, like we don’t understand what he’s trying to say.

it is hard

I agree with you, I think Derrick will go to final two regardless. He is a gaming master and plays every body! he earnes everybody’s trust! in Big Brother house! ( Donny sees him because Donny wasn’t really put himself in the game) I haven’t see anybody else at past done it.


Derrick talks – in the DR as well as to the other HGs – like the cliché of a sleazy used cars salesman… or a politician.
Totally unauthentic to me, which is why I can’t understand why people don’t see how fake his words are…
But then again, I had the same gut feeling about the way Dan Gheesling would talk.
Derrick is way worse though.


Victoria’s DR sessions(” Now I am in F5.Now I am in F4 . Now I am in F3″) wile shaking her had and gloating drive people bonkers too.


He is a pig!

Eure ka!

Not gonna lie…almost teared up when they played the holla from Derrick’s wife and kid.


Not gonna lie, I did tear up when Cody was evicting Caleb. I seen how bad he hated to do it, he as everyone else has been playing Derrick’s game, I don’t like Derrick but I don’t like any of them left, don’t really care who wins but he has a way of everyone liking him, trusting him, and doing exactly what he wants w/out them knowing it is his idea. I like everyone else didn’t see it at first but I have went back, re watched some episodes and now see him in a new light.Cody isn’t gonna take Vic, even if he knows he is gonna get beat, he will take Derrick. Derrick wins either way he goes, he has himself covered. Cody FTW BB16

Southern Chick

Calm down all those who downvoted….feeling emotion while hearing a baby say “holla daddy” does not mean you’ve become a Derrick fan. Let’s put away the haterade for a second and say aww to the baby talking to her daddy.

Northern Chick

This is Big Brother not Big Daddy

Golden Editing Department

The golden edits towards Derrick are over the top!! It is just too much and obvious that when Frankie became a PR nightmare, CBS switched to pumping up Derrick. This season has been the worst and the fact that CBS is now trying to gain sympathy and positive vibes toward a low-life like Derrick is just ridicuolous.
I think his ‘fuckin8 kids” voice was cute but highlighting his family only serves one purpose: to try to untarnish his terrible cheating image as a BB player who embarassed his family with Victoria and his treatment of all the female contestants.


like I said. … HE IS A PIG! 5-O, CROOKed COP!

How long till BB17 ???

Victoria has about as much a chance of winning a comp as Frankie and Christine have of being liked…

For BB17 Please CBS No Celebrities Family Members ….No Floaters…. Just get Everyday People that love and KNOW the game

Dame Judi Chop

It might be entertaining if they had a US Celebrity BB.


Celebrity Apprentice is bad enough. Too many over-inflated egos. There’s a thought. Skankie on CA ad Trump screaming you and your pink hair are fired.


Yes, she does. I felt sad for Caleb.

still hating derrick

i know he will win ,i just want this shitty season to be over with.

River Song

Sort of sad to see Caleb go, even though he drove me to distraction with all his stories. Bottom line is he doesn’t have a mean bone in his body. I have to give him tons of credit for calling out Frankie on his crap in the HOH room when FJG was desperately trying to save himself by saying he would be the most powerful person in the jury house if evicted. Please bitch, they aren’t going to pay that much attention to your wildly embellished stories about the awful mean boys.That said, I do hope Derrick wins, because he deserves it over Victrola and Victrola 2.0.

Delusional Douche

Yep, Caleb doesn’t have a mean bone in his body unless you’re a girl he likes then he will tell you how you won’t win anything without him and you better not cross him or you’ll be taught a lesson….and nailed in the face with a pillow while you sleep. Now bow down and kiss his (Amber’s) bunny slippers while King Caleb wears his crown!

New BB Fan

Hey guys! I am a new BB fan and have only watched seasons 15 and 16. I LOVE Online Big Brother — thanks so much to Simon and Dawg for the work they do!

But I have a question: everyone on the blogs always comments about how boring these seasons are, and I agree this one was definitely predictable but overall I enjoyed it. So, that being said, which past seasons are some examples of the best seasons that everyone always talks about that I could try to find and go back and watch?


My favorite season has to be BB6…The Sovereign 6 vs. The Friendship was great t.v. I don’t like how it ended, though. I also liked seasons 5 and 9. That’s my 2 cents…

New BB Fan

Thanks for the suggestions you two!


I think Derek is going to lose both parts of the final HOH on purpose; he’s already agreed to throw the endurance part to Cody. This way he doesn’t have to choose between Cody or Victoria. Since they both plan on taking him to the end, it just might work out in his favour.


#NoRecruits for BB 17

Delusional Douche

Okay, the down votes MUST be from idiots who don’t know what recruits are. Why would you want more recruits in the BB house who don’t know how to play. (Victoria, Brittany, Joey, Devin…etc etc)


or ONLY recruits. No mix & match. I think it would be fun to watch an entire house of people who have no idea how to play the game, without ‘help’ or ‘coaching’ from the super fans…

Hayden's Lisp

next year they should have a big brother Paraplegic edition

Eure ka!

What do you call a man with no arms and no legs in a pond?
What do you call a man with no arms and no legs in a pot?
What do you call a man with no arms and no legs in a pile of leaves?
What do you call a man with no arms and no legs no head and no torso?
What do you call a man with no arms and no legs in a pothole?
What do you call a man with no arms and no legs on a barbershop floor?

Linda in Tx

Funny, funny, funny


Sigh…all I want is for Sherrif Pork Rinds to go out third. So close he can taste it…and snatched away at the last moment. But since Deputy Snot-sucker must have a nut allergy…since he never has any…he isn’t going to have the guts to take Jaws. And since Jaws…dunn dun…dunnnnn dunn…dun dun dun dun…dun dun dun dun…would rather sacrifice her first-born shark pup than go against her knight in shiny pork-skin, there is no way she is taking Sir-Sucks-A lot. Guess I should just be glad I got to see Jon take Sobs instead of Neda on BBCan earlier this year. Now that was good t.v.!


Well damn, I guess I really am fickle. As much as I hated Caleb’s treatment of Amber – somehow – his eviction saddened me. He was so honest & poignant. I really wished it could have been Derrick, Cody & Caleb in the final 3. However, tonight’s edit of Frankie at least showed some of his true colors. The way Frankie was more or less “threatening” them with his assertions that He was Almighty & that they all would regret it when they got out of the house, made me ill. So glad that both Caleb & Cody stood up to him!! And please don’t let Vic win anything. If she does, I swear I am gonna try out – win NOTHING, (let others win it for me) do nothing for 90 days but look in the mirror & give “elbow jobs” & talk about sex to all the guys while proclaiming how innocent I am!


Also, Nathan R: I Luv You! Where have you been all my B.B. life??!! Your comment was spot on – A plus – Excellent!!


Do you really think Derrick will betray Cody now and take Victroria to the final two?

it is hard

yes, he will


not even a second thought what would you do regardless of there deal either one would be stupid to not take Victoria gives them the best chance that’s why I want cody to win last comp man that would be horrible for derrick after all that


Do you think Derrick will betray his wife and f**# Victoria?
Or had he done so already?

waka waka

Derrick needs to win this season. Although, i get why people don’t like him, he’s actually grown on me a lot. I think after the season ends, more people will appreciate the game he played. Yeah, he is no Dan of Dr.Will, but he played the perfect game, albeit boring, but perfect nonetheless.


your right, Derrick is starting to grow on me too, at first I hated him but now he is the only one who has been working since day 1 to get where he is, Cody & Vic he drug along for the ride, Cody has won a little but he screams in the diary room. My problem with Derrick is and I think almost everyone who hates him is he tries to act as if he is playing us AMerica into believing what he tells these duma$$e$, he makes out like we are as stupid as Caleb, like he said tonight he is most definitley not the brightest crayon in the box niether is any of the houseguests except Donny which seen right threw Derrick since day 1, if Donny had an army behind him this season he could of most definitely took Derrick out, but Derrick beat him to the punch. But out of all those that are left Derrick is going to win yay expect the unexpected not one thing done this season has been unexpected, so predictable. Please BB17 have more unpredictable cast next year. Quit houseguests always voting with the house

Golden Editing Department

Liked Derrick until week 4. Have not liked him since. His game has went way to personal since week 4 and that turned me off from his overall game itself. If he wins, it will because CBS wanted him to win not because he earned it. CBS needed a new focal point after Frankie devolved into absurdity with his antics so they choose Derrick. CBS knows that Donny is Americas Favorite but Derrick wanted Donny out so CBS had no choice but to try to make Derrick into a “good guy”. BTW, it didn’t work with the jury and it hasn’t worked with the fans.
I also am pretty sure the jury just got more bitter with Caleb’s arrival and once Frankie talks to Caleb and Donny and Frankie also talk about the TA betrayal AND Frankie informs Donny that Derrick will win and extra 50K if he gets 1st place, Donny and Frankie are not going to vote for Derrick and give him that extra 50K. Not a chance folks so the deck is stacked way against Derrick with the jury. Derrick outsmarted himself but the jury has had the luxury of analyzing Derricks actions and with the added info from Frankie about the final TA challenge, Derrick blew the 500K by evicting Frankie and letting Frankie talk to Donny in the jury about it.
I find that actually very satisfying on many levels that Derricks greed is going to cost him.


I am still vizualizing Frankie talking to Julie as a 30 year old man dressed in short shorts and sequins which is WAY to young for him at his age. Won’t he be embarrassed when he sees the replay? It was grotesque, an older gentleman dressed like a 20 year old Queen. I will be interested to hear what he thinks after watching the whole season of BB16.


Fakie looked in the mirror as much as VapidVic. He knows what he looks like and he thinks dressing like a 12 year old girl is a great look for him. He truly has no idea what a vile person he is so he won’t be embarrassed.


Rumors have it that his sister, Ariana is a difficult diva too. I guess bad attitudes run in the Grande family


Someone I was watching the show with made the comment that Frankie is this generation’s Richard Simmons and that Frankie’s behavior and mannerisms are exactly the same as his….


OMG!!! I said the SAME THING last night to my roommate. I said “God, Frankie reminds me of Richard Simmons. He’s the millennial generation’s Richard Simmons!”


I really didn’t want Derrick to win but judging how he has played everyone, I think he should win. Even Cody doing Derrick’s dirty work tonight against Caleb doesn’t see that he is next in Derrick’s mind. Amazing.


Thanks a bunch for setting this site up Dawg & Simon. I love coming here to read up on everything. You don’t miss a beat. Congratulations to you both on your new families and coming futures. I among everyone else appreciate all this work you guys do for us fans to enjoy.
Thanks again!!! All the Best 🙂


Well, well, well, Cody finally grew a pair AFTER Derrick told him to. LOL

G Whiz

What’s more impressive? Derrick not being put up on the block or Victoria surviving the block so many times?

Delusional Douche

Derrick never being on the block….at least that took SOME effort. Victoria literally has done nothing.


victorias record will never be broken didn’t think spencer at 8 would ever be broken but 9 and still in it


What a boring season, Derrick is guaranteed to win…..A this point he can just sit back and relax, let Cody and Victoria battle it out, and still make it to the final…


Cody always has the worst hair I’ve ever seen. Consistently ridiculous. Also I don’t know why it took me 90 days to notice he looks like a young John Travolta. I don’t care who wins anymore….


I would really love to see Cody make the decision and take Vic instead of Derrick. That would be awesome! I don’t care which of those two actually wins after that, just so Derrick gets taken out third.


I think this is the only way Cody may win BB16.


I agree if Derrick wins HoH he will take Victoria.
If Cody wins he will take Derrick.
If Victoria wins she might as well take a Unicorn because that is not happening… bit if she did.
Can you imagine Cody slips and Victoria wins the physical comp…. then
the last part could be a total Victoria coup… it is usually fill in the blank.
The House guest start saying something and then they give multiple choice.
The two people have to say A or B… Strangely enough Cody and Derrick froze out a lot of people in the game. It is never so and so said this it is something like
The thing that hurt me the most in the game was….
A) Being nominated by the Bomb Squad
B) Having my Pink Hat Cut Up.

The Best part of coming back in the game was….
A) Making up with Christine
B) Getting closer with Nicole.

The thing I regret most in the game was….
A) Pressing that gold button of lies.
B) Being evicted before Victoria

Most of these are just lucky guesses, but some…. Who knows….


Please don’t be stupid and bring Victoria to the end with you. Do not take her over Cody and vice versa. The bitter jury will not look at it like “you made an alliance and stuck with it” No No No they will not. They will look at it like “Well she made it this far being on the block 14 times and didn’t go home soooo”. This jury is way to bitter and really they have no reason to be like that. Not to this extent, nothing really awful was done to any of them and non of them were good enough to make it that far anyway, obviously.

I can not believe the speech Frankie gave to them in the HOH. “I will be the one picking the winner of this game” or what ever the hell he said. Ya sure dude. Just like the jury who knows you are a weasel will listen to anything you have to say……..NOT. Especially when Caleb gets in there, they will flock to him instead. Glad Caleb was smiles and he seemed to like the audience applause lol. I didn’t mind his game at all (after he settled down). Good for you Caleb for making it as far as you did.

The Count Down is On……… YAAAAA BUDDY!!


When did Beast mode bite the head off a fish?And even though there will be a lil bitterness in the jury!!!……Still can’t see them handing Victoria the prize for doing almost next to nothing.2 comps won gift wrapped from Beast Mode and Hayden, constantly crying and following whoever was the nicest around like a lost child in a supermarket doesn’t and shouldn’t warrant Half a million!!!!


Derrick is the winner! He is the best player the game has ever seen.. He was never nominated that’s a first .. Everyone thinks he has their back it’s a work of art got to give he credit no one has ever played better not Dan or Dr. Will … Derrick best ever HOLLA !!! Lol


Don’t think Drew was nominated in BB5, but I could be wrong.


Not going to lie, I am looking forward to the finale and seeing everyone together again.

Kathie from Canada

I just hope and pray that CBS does not lose control of Frankie and allow him to dominate the available air time on finale night. Knowing how he LOVES the spotlight, he will find a way to make the show all about him.


If there was ever a time for Victoria to get a clue in her life, it’s now….she is ridiculous. She is so far gone, when it comes to Derrick. She witnessed Cody’s tearful confession, which I know Derrick was secretly pissed that he disclosed. However, she still believes him. Does she not remember what Nicole, a few weeks ago? All of this has played out right in front of her. This is unbelievable to me. I know she has sat back and floated her away through and allowed people to carry her, but this is just too much. We all have a brain and have to use it sometimes….a person just has to think for themselves, especially when the truth is right in front of us. I hope this is only her tv persona.

Vic is Vic

I have no sympathy for Vic. She is like a mob wife: as long as the money is rolling in, she doesn’t want to know how it got there and doesn’t ask questions. The girl deserves all the disrespect she has earned by purposefully being oblivious(yes, she is choosing to not see the reality of the situation and has chosen not to see it since week 1).
I do hope she gets help on the outside world because there will be sociopath manipulators, who will use the same techniques that Derrick used on her, just waiting to take advantage of her once she gets back to her real life. She has made herself and easy mark and I hope that her friends and family see that.


Does the Jury get to see the eviction speech (Cody telling Caleb about the Hitmen) as well as the comps on the tape Caleb will bring with him?

Im back

Derrick may get condescending in the DR but he has played a great game!!! Dan, Dr will and Boogie drove me insane at times in the DR on their seasons!!




Next Season.. I would like an All Newb Season.

Just people that have never watched the show, a fresh group that have to work out their own strategies.
I think the thing that has made things so stale is that their are too many Super Fans of the show that want to be in it. Change the comps so that if a fan leaks in they can be thrown off.
I think a whole fresh group will change things up.




And a much thank you To Dawg and Simon for a great job this summer and summers past for imo, the best place to get your BB info.And to many posters for great debate and laughs during a lackluster season.Again thank you……Cheers to all and hopefully to a better summer awaiting.


Derrick seems ice cold. Will cut anyone. Could tell at least Cody had emotion evicting Caleb. Personally think if Derrick and Cody are in the final round Derrick might throw it. Thoughts on who you think Derrick will take? Or do you guys think he’ll throw the final part if he gets there?

Anne O. Nomous

I don’t recall all of the comps. Victoria did not win any by herself…..correct?
I remember one where she won by default. And one where she won because Hayden won.

And Tim in colorado if you are reading this…..remember how I predicted a loooong time ago that Derrick would win the whole thing ? It looks like I may be right! Gotcha!

Tell Derrick to not spend his winnings yet...

Two words for you: bitter jury


I might be wrong here, but was Pandora’s Box even used this season? If not, then is this the first season it hasn’t been used? Cody better figure out Derrick fast, or he’s gonna get really pissed when Derrick sends him packing lol


I was quite surprised at the audience reaction to Caleb. {more applause for Caleb then Frankie with his fake audience} People in the audience actually ‘ahh:, when he finished his speech to Cody. His talk with Julie was very telling in what type of person Caleb is. He is not sorry about Frankie, even though it cost him the game, he is very hurt by Derrick. Caleb is going to have to learn in life, there are people who have no honor, and their word means nothing. This is BB, where people have no honor, integrity, and lie to your face.
I think it would be a hoot if Victoria won the endurance competition, I would giggle like a two year old. I do know if by some miracle Victoria won the first comp. and Derrick won the second, he would throw the comp. and let Victoria take him. Even though he is talking a bitter jury, he is not believing it. I think the jury dislikesCody, Derrick, and Victoria, and are going to have to hold their nose and vote.


WHERE did Caleb go while Julie was sending us to commercial last night?? Into the audience, into the outstretched arms of his adoring fans?? (Was Amber out there?) Where did this crazy person go? ALSO, important: Do NOT get in Julie Chen’s light!!! You flailed your arms between her and the camera! That is a no-no and a direct violation of the Laws of Chen/CBS/all that is good and right in this world.

I couldn’t believe the convo in the HOH room w/ Frankie trying to throw his weight around. Is this the REAL Frankie, meaning how he really thinks? (Sweetie, you’re at least 37 years old and a nobody sister clinger. Get over yourself.) Caleb standing up to him took guts. You GO, Caleb!!!! Cody only half-way stood up to him AFTER Caleb did!!! Don’t give Cody credit for finally growing a pair, he’s still weak. Now him sending Caleb home was brutal. Hard to watch.

I love this site. Thank you SO MUCH for the fun!!

All of Canada

Boooo bring frankie back! this is so boring!!!!!!

the part of canada that isn't insane

no, that’s alright. keep Frankie far far away. Canada is good with Frankie not having any air time whatsoever. (Canada has universal health care…. look into changing your meds).
and really: keep beiber too.


I highly doubt all of Canada likes Frankie you arse!


Only and biggest move of the season … vote Victoria to win BB. This was the worst season ever!!!! I can’t believe I’m still watching.


To my fellow OBB Fans: We have to make sure to vote for Donny to win America’s Favorite Player. It is “completely unfair” that cbs has casts a “mildy” famous HG, Frankie Grande, this year who is the sibling of the “hottest up and coming artist”, Ariana Grande, who is currently the “it” thing right now and well on her way to becoming very famous, not to mention that Ariana has close ties with another very famous artist, Justin Bieber, point being, that between Ariana n Justin together have oh, only approximately 75 million fans. Im not blaming the Grande family for this because of course they will rally for Frankie to win AFP, and obviously they should, he is family. I blame cbs for casting someone with so many fans and someone who’s family member has millions upon millions of fans. This, my BB friends is why we have to vote 20X a day for Donny. Also, please tell all of your social media friends to vote for Donny. This is what should be trending right now: DONNY FOR AMERICA’S FAVORITE PLAYER!!!!! Thanks!!!!

Beard Stuff

voted DONNY 20 times every day so far….FEAR THE BEARD!!!

big donny fan

Well i’ve reconciled myself to the fact derrick is going to win. Everybody says what a good player he is and compare him to dan. I guess i just don’t like that kind of game. It’s too cut throat and manipulative. Derrick can justify screwing
everybody because he has to win the money for his family. I wish once we really would have a bitter jury that wouldn’t reward the person that screwed them over.

Theodore Logan

They did, the year Allison lost and Jun won. That’s how much they hated her. Lisa winning over Danielle I mean COME ON!!!! Bitty jury members, couldn’t see past their “hurt feelings”…Jeez.


Season 14 was a bitter jury: 6-1 for Ian over Dan.


Beast Mode’s mama gave me the impression,that she might of had to give Caleb a few judi chops as a child to keep him in line!Even his dad,though tried to be modest said Caleb’s quite the storyteller.Heard Dat!!!!


Seriously – Victoria just gave up on the first part of the HOH comp. She made some noises like she was hurt or had a cramp – but once she was down on the ground she seemed fine. No issues in walking to her stool. Right after Derrick told Cody he was ready to jump down and let Cody win. Derrick asked Cody – what do you want to do – just hang out here for a few hours? Nah – it’s in Derrick’s plan so why waste his time up on the wall. Why waste his time on the endurance comp? Blahhhh – even at the end I’m annoyed.


Did Victoria huff and say “I’M SO OVER THIS” 30 seconds into the competition like she did every other time?


Victoria’s in the middle of taking a shower – Derrick walks in and she asks, “Derrick, did you throw that (the comp)?”
Derrick, “Are you serious? The fact that you even asked me that – I’m not answering. Are you kidding me. I held on longer than you – how did I even throw it? Unbelievable!”
GO VICTORIA!!!!! In her defense every once in a while she gets it. Not that it wasn’t obvious that Derrick threw the comp – but that she called him out on it ROCKS!!!


I hope she is coming out of the fog. I mean even Caleb came to his senses, about Frankie. Honestly, I think Victoria is so dependent on Derrick for the wrong reasons and these reasons will cost her 500k. She will regret not trying harder and giving up so easily…..maybe this will be a life lesson.


The best thing they could do is vote for Victoria and give her the money. It would serve as a warning to future houseguests not to drag any ugly dead bodies with them to the end. They need to stop rewarding that kind of gameplay. There’s no way Derrick takes Cody, he thinks its a slam dunk against Victoria and he cares about nothing but the money.

One thing they desperately, desperately need to do next year is go back to NOT ALLOWING them to tell each other who they are nominating, whether they are using the veto or not and who they are nominating. That has ruined the game. The only interesting evictions were Caleb and Christine because neither saw it coming. They don’t always have to be blindsides to be interesting but compared to the garbage unanimous votes the rest of the season these were so much more enjoyable to watch.

Its even worse when today they show us that Frankie was told early yesterday that he was going home. Way to insult your viewers! Just yesterday you put on a dog and pony show making everyone pretend they didn’t know who was going home and today they actually show us that Frankie already knew yesterday? What a joke.


Amen Torontoguy…..I am sick of voting with the house too…..This was done the entire season, practically…..no independent thinkers…..why do they say, I am playing my own game, but never do. The monotony is overwhelming…..this show has strayed, in some aspects from the original concepts of gameplay.


Derrick must have watched BBCAN Season 2. He is using the Neda approach. She was in a 2 person alliance and was sneaky and underhanded, rarely getting her hands dirty. During the second half of the season when she was in a power position and the jury was starting to fill up she would go to the houseguest who was going to be evicted on the night before the vote and tell them they were going home. She played it like she was their friend, she was sympathetic, not wanting them to be blindsided while she admitted it was pandering to them for a jury vote. Her alliance member (and eventual outside of the house boyfriend who had a girlfriend while he was in the house) caught on to her near the end and evicted her at Final 3 to the delight of just about everyone. She eventually snagged him after the game (she was fawning over him the whole time, clearly stalking her prey, and she had a nose that made Victoria’s look microscopic) and they are now a couple but her tactic is being stolen by dirtycop Derrick.


Was she your girlfriend or something. Lets see the size of your nose, bet its bigger than your dick!!!!!


You seem really offended, how are you related to Neda? Unfortunately I don’t think we can attach pictures here but nose=normal, dick=monster.


I would like to see the first evicted HG get to come back in the game at around the mid point and start stirring the house, pointing out alliances. Etc

Then I would love for them to bring back not one but two evicted HG. This should be enough to keep a alliance off kilter