Helen asks if Elissa and I are on the block would you use the Veto to save me? Aaryn says No!

POV Holder: Next POV Aug 17th
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 19th
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH: Aug 22nd
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, JUDD, Jessie
Have Nots


1:20pm In the HOH room – Helen asks Andy if she can talk to Aaryn quickly alone. Andy says sure and leaves. Helen tells Aaryn that she realizes that Elissa is going on the block and that you are worried that I would use the veto to save Elissa. I will not use the veto save Elissa if you as HOH do not want me to. Helen asks so if Elissa and Spencer were up on the block and Elissa won the veto and came off, if I went up – who would go home? Aaryn says Spencer would, I do not want him here. Helen says as much as she likes Spencer I need to lobby for my own votes. Helen says if I go up on the block I would not want to go home over Elissa or Spencer. If Spencer stayed here longer than I did I would be devastated. If Spencer is you target and everyone knows that I would be okay with that. Helen says that she worries about Amanda on her game. If you stay true to me I will stay true to you going forward. Aaryn says yeah. Aaryn says that just because of the Elissa past I would be fine with either Spencer or Elissa going home. If Elissa comes down and Spencer goes up I will be a target. Aaryn says no one in jury like me, it has been on my dime that people have been sent to jury. Helen says that she feels the same way. Aaryn says I am not stupid there have been people that have been loyal way longer than me. I know that Spencer, Ginamarie and I are all targets to go first. I know that I am a target because of my wins. Helen tells her to down play it. Aaryn says it’s down to the point where it is getting hard because of the votes, like I can’t put up Ginamaire because I know she would be a vote for me. Helen says I would be hard pressed to put you up and would vote for you in the end. Aaryn says I just have to put up Elissa and I want her gone because I know she would put me up next week. If she stays and wins HOH next week she would put up Ginamarie and I. Aaryn says I think that we are even, I have done as much for you as you have done for me. All of the things I have done have also benefited me. Helen says she is glad that she sees it that way. Aaryn says that the only two people in the house that are disposable are Spencer and Elissa. Aaryn says if I do put you up I know full well that you could target me or pawn me next week and I will have a chance to play for the veto. Aaryn says if you won the veto and Elissa came crying to you to use it, it would be so hard for you to not use it. Helen says I know and if you didn’t want me to use it then I wouldn’t but I couldn’t vote against her.

CBS Interactive Inc.


Aaryn says I understand that you will put me up next week if I put you up. Helen says I will put up who ever is better for my game at that point. Helen asks if Elissa and I are up on the block would you use the veto to save me? Aaryn says I probably wouldn’t use it because you would be a vote to keep her and I couldn’t risk her staying. Helen says I understand what you are thinking. Aaryn says you are probably the smartest person here and I know it’s getting down to it were I will be your target soon. Helen says if Elissa leaves I will be all alone and need someone to work with. Aaryn says I want Spencer to go home, I wanted him to go home this week but there are people that want to keep him. Aaryn says I want you to win the veto and pull yourself off because this is so hard to put you up. And if you pull yourself off everyone can vote how they want and send Spencer or Elissa home. If you win the veto you can keep Elissa here. Aaryn says I am going to make sure you don’t go home, if its you against Elissa, then Elissa goes home and if you come off then it doesn’t matter which one of them goes home.

CBS Interactive Inc.

1:45pm In the bathroom – Amanda talks to Ginamarie about how Aaryn will be putting up Helen and Elissa. Amanda says that she is sure Helen is up in the HOH room tell her about my plan to back door her but Aaryn already knows about it. Ginamarie says yeah she’s trying to plant the seed. Amanda laughs at how you (Gina) called out Spencer for standing up for Elissa. Amanda tells Gina to fight for veto because we need to keep the nominations the same. Amanda tells Gina that she thinks she can control Elissa when Helen is gone.

2pm In the living room – Andy, Spencer and McCrae talk about wanting the havenot competition to start. They think it could be a competition where they compete for food for the week.


2:05pm – 2:26pm Big Brother switches the live feeds to the “We’ll be right back” screen. The live feeds then switch to the TRIVIA screen.. Looks like the Have / Havenot Competition has started..
4:43pm Still trivia yo
5:30pm Trivia

Use the Big Brother Live Feeds to FLASHBACK to SEE what they can’t show you on TV:

BB15 N!p Sl!ps / N*des

CBS Interactive Inc.

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So Amanda officially has Aaryn whipped


Aaryn apparently enjoys being whipped by Amanda.


i tend to see it as aaryn, who was all but evicted and over game wise, has found an alliance that will further her game, just like other hg did early on, and she’s not afraid to use it and make it work for her.

that is, until the alliance turns on itself, and that will happen sooner than later.


Her alliance with Production’s friends???? Yahoo. They helped her tons! Clearly they warned her about her comments, but its just naturally HER. She is inconsiderate and still makes “slips” bashing others without realizing it….worst, sometimes she does….but doesn’t give a shoot!


This is the same Aaryn who thought the Mona Lisa was a Picasso. I surprise she didn’t say it was a Leonardo DiCaprio.

The Seeing EYE

If Aaryn wins BB15 the KKK will back her for POTUS……


do not jest! if she ages 15 years,
she + David Duke could be a ticket!


I agree to a point…I don’t think its so much that Amanda has Aaryn whipped…rather that although Aaryn is going along with Amanda , what she is doing is what she wants to do this week anyway. What she told Helen is true I beloevfe…that if Helen gets veto Spencer goes up and she can vote him off and save Elissa as Aaryn would be happy that either of them go. Getting Helen out is a big bonus for Aaryn…and even if Helen goes…I think she’d have Helens vote over anyone else.

Amanda's meat box

Elissa and Helen both suck. Everyone may hate Amanda but at least shes playing the game.

Roisin Dubh

The only thing she’s playing is with Keychain’s package. She hasn’t done nothing the entire season. At least Jordan won something.

McCrae's Ballz

Amanda’s motto is: give some head to get ahead! And it’s looking like it’s paying off for her so far.

Lubbock 01

The only game Amanda is playing…..is playing with Mcrae’s balls!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! She’s such a sl*t! What was production thinking when they brought her on the show?? Looks like she played them too!

Whoa! Hold on there for just a f***ing minute...

I dislike Amanda (as much as anybody can dislike a person they have never met) the same way as every other human with a heartbeat and a pulse … but are are you implying that ANY woman who is found to be having a sexual relationship with ONE person for a time period of no less than TWO MONTHS, having professed her love of that person by going so far as to symbolically MARRY him on national television, is by all accounts a goddamn SLUT??!!? Are you fucking kidding me? Look, just because you don’t LIKE a girl, for whatever reason be it bogus or legit, it most certainly doesn’t (especially when used in context with the above description) entitle you to make such a declaration. In other words, though you ARE entitled to an opinion, it should be an informed one. I just informed you of the facts on Amanda’s situation; after consideration on your part, do you still believe that “slut” is the closest accuracy in describing her or any other woman in the same vain? If so, you must be one of these: 1.) of the evangelical variety, 2.) a 15 year old boy, 3.) a humongous TOOL, camouflaging as an even BIGGER idiot, or 4.) just a stupid slut.


ever watch BB prior to this season??? Dr will was one of the best and never won anything other than BB. You do not have to win comps if the other parts of your game are good. Comps are only a small piece of the game. Amanda has a great chance of getting to F3 because nobody thinks she will win the last HOH


Helen is playing the game too but she has a saboteur RAT ANDY.


It isnt really that Amanda is playing the game. It is more that everyone else isnt playing the game.


try watching the show, Amanda has been playing an awesome game. For a person who has won nothing, she has the most power in the house. That is what this game is about, manipulating people and Amanda has been spectacular. Its a shame that arynn will be gone at the final 3 unles she wins that hoh too.


Amanda hasn’t won anything I don’t understand what game you think she’s playing, she’s just telling everyone what to do and sucking off Mcrae every night! Good Game play Amanda NOT!


She’s playing the game with a mouth full of sperm.

This Season Blows

Good! Cry some more fake tears on your way out the door, Helen.


lol, that’s right.

I found it pretty annoying when she admitted to faking her tears to get what she wanted, just like she does with her kids. These people here are grown ups. Same with her speeches and praises and positive reinforcements. She literally talks to everyone like a little kid.

Anyway, I will enjoy her tears as she leaves.


For some reason, when you support Amanda, it seems like your comments are not allowed through by this board, which is sad. Lets see if this one gets through. All you guys complaining about Amanda, do you know what game you are watching? She is a MASTER manipulator. That is a big skill in this game. She is a Great player, simple as that.


Thats BS I don’t filter pro Amanda comments

kathie from canada

Anyone who has followed Simon and Dawgs page KNOWS that is totally untrue! Go Simon!! ;)


then why do posts have to be approved?


I don’t think Amanda has many fans here, so I don’t expect many pro-Amanda posts. But I agree with you that she has played an excellent game strategically and that she is one of my most deserving contestants. She has been in charge the entire time without winning anything. That’s something.

The fact that she’s crude and vulgar and sometimes disgusting is a whole different issue.

I also think she’s pretty funny.

helen is clueless

It’s pretty easy to play strategically went you have a loyal spy. Helen has made mistakes with her handling of allies but if Andy was loyal to Helen and sabotaging Amanda, Amanda would have been gone already.


I agree, Andy has been instrumental. He positioned himself in between the two and just waited until things shake out. Amanda was smart keeping him close, though. Closer than Helen has.

Lets’s face it, this cast isn’t too bright, and that works in Amanda’s favor, but I do think she’s intelligent. Yet somehow that intelligence doesn’t translate to behavior. She’s rude as shit. Go figure.


Amanda is NOT intelligent.


ala Evil Dick


It happened at least 3 times to me, no vulgar language etc. If it got deleted because I called the original poster a whiner, that is even worse Simon.


yeah I’m surprised at some of the comments they don’t allow also….

Butters Mom

Its pretty easy to be a “master manipulator” when you have Grodner coaching you and giving you inside info prior/during the game.. Amanda is a master blow jober… that is all.


Just because there are no Amanda fans doesn’t mean there is any filter. Amanda SUCKS….literally. She simply doesn’t have fans, except you. And I would never admit to being a fan of someone as disgusting as her. She is the true definition of trash.


Hey Brian I bet you would like a piece of that Onion Smelling Snatch. Master manipulator. Did you really mean McDouble is the two minute Master Vibrator. Yeah you have to love those cross eyes and that nose. But it is that voice that does it for you. Well if you have children she wants to be a child pyschologist. Maybe she caan teach your children how to manipulate you. Obviously you really think she is playing good when she has two gofers doing her work. A person with an I.Q. of 5 can manipulate these people.


Quite easy to be a master manipulator when AG is rigging the game for you to win!


So Aaryn says her plan is to backdoor Spencer then 5 minutes says she will not use the veto on Helen and Elissa will go home. Wow. If Helen was as smart as she thinks she is she would read between the lines. Aaryn outed her plan and Helen didn’t seem to catch on. She has to know that Amanda and McCrae will vote her out. If Amanda thinks she can control Elissa she is more delusional than Helen. Someone will slip up and Helen will find out she’s going home. It would be priceless to see Amanda’s face if Helen wins the comp to stay in the game. I believe it will be somewhat physical and geared toward Judd to win. Judd will go right back to kissing Amanda’s ass and will help her get to the end. Judd coming back will only further Amanda’s game. Then again that is the point of this whole season, for Amanda to win.


The next evicted house guest along with the other 3 jury members has a chance to come back in the game, if Elissa is evicted and America votes her back in that leaves JUDD out.


There’s no vote, the four evicted players will compete in a comp to see who gets to come back.


on top of everything, there is something that looks like a resurrected & ancient net~rumor now going around
on some of the other fan~sites where people think ELiSSA will self-eject herself if she’s stuck in the Jury House
more than a few hours. I sorta wonder if her loyalty to Helen kept her in the game longer than she intended to.


They’ll bring her sister in to talk her down if she’s about to walk.. either way it’s going to be fun to watch

Just wondering?

I don’t think America is voting anyone back in. I think they are going to have their own competition to get back in.


I see that you have a problem with comprehension since Julie already stated during eviction night that the four jury members will have a comp so one can get back in. Seems like a total waste of time since the following week they will just have another double eviction since there will be too many people in the house.


The returning HG will be determined by a challenge. America doesn’t get to vote.


I believe Pandora’s box will play a part in this week’s twist with the returning houseguest.


Helen already knows she messed up her game, that she waited too long, and that Amanda and McCrae are making their move this upcoming week. That’s why she cried so hard. It wasn’t just because Elissa wanted to go home instead of the jury. It was because Helen realized at that moment that Elissa screwed Helen’s game up and that she’s in trouble.

The fact that Elissa said the ‘disgusting freaks’ comment to Helen, Amanda and McCrae, and that Aaryn and Gina found out about it, tells Helen that Amanda and McCrae told on her which means this is their way of breaking Helen and Elissa up, and also that a direct attack on Helen is possible with this next elimination.

Helen had 2 chances to try getting Amanda out, but she now sees that she likely waited too long and that her game may be over.

The Seeing EYE

Watching Helen getting put up, going through the moves to win favour with the rest of the house, hearing them lie to her (she’ll know they’re doing it because she was a part of it with getting Jessie out) is going to be the best thing this season so far. Hopefully she’ll go even more batty than Jessie……


If helen doesn’t win POV we’re in for some epic feeds this week .. especially if it’s Helen/Elissa on the block going into Thursday

The Seeing EYE

Correct….. and I’m hoping Helen is the one to go so she can sit and stew over the fact she should have made a move with others a few evictions ago. Oh and I hope she goes up against Jessie who wipes Helen’s face in the mud and gloats over Helen leaving for the jury house. Would definately make my Thursday better unless I’m left a fortune by a long lost relative…. Then it would be the 2nd best thing…. Hahaha


Simon + Dawg saw this as a possible BB scenario easily about 3 to 5 weeks ago!!
Helen rather foolishly did not move first!!!! This is like Napoleon after the retreat
from Moscow but before he decides to fight at Waterloo. Helen has been sacrificing
serfs and pawns. McCrae can still bollix up Amanda’s game by sending her into
the Jury House after all the dust settles down from next Thursday’s live episode!!!
The THREE A.M Alliance is a four way two~some. McCrae & Andy are the nicer pair.


Not to mention the hits your site is going to get for those fans that do not have the feeds, or do and are looking to catch up on the events they missed while at work or other things.

Thank you so much Dawg and Simon for your site each year I look forward to the new season of BB and reading my fellow BB fans input and insights on gameplay and events, and without your site it wouldnt be the same.

I encourage all of you that enjoy this site as much as I do to make a donation to Dawg and Simon so they can keep things going for us.

I am about to make my donation, wish I could send more, but my gratitude is endless.


None of them seem to know that sometimes less is better. The all think they’re international spies or something. Just say I want Elissa out and you’re up so you can’t use POV to save her or vote to keep her. When asked what happens if you win POV what will you do, just say I haven’t really thought that far ahead, I’m willing to hear your thoughts but let’s worry about that when we get there. Andy did this same stupid crap last week. I have this master plan to do something big, then he wins POV and leaves everything the same. No that’s not fishy. As far as Helen goes I’m sure we’ll hear talk later or in the DR Sunday that she knows something is up.

Elissa please GO HOME

Send Elissa home Aaryn. I can’t stand that self righteous witch.


UUh……If I was Elissa…I would ignore GM and Aaryn too….every week they are showing that their hatred is beyond race and is manifesting to just pure hatred….plus their attitude has been rubbing on Mcrae, Amanda, and Andy. They are all jerks…who bash one another personally!


You’re not watching the feeds if you really mean what you say. I haven’t heard anything from Aaryn on Elissa since they made up a few weeks ago. It’s always Elissa badmouthing Aaryn to somebody.

Fact is that Aaryn has been bar-none the nicest and coolest chick in the house since that whole period with Jeremy ended.

People just don’t want to let go of the bad week or 2 she had early on.

The Seeing EYE

Production coached Aaryn into turning into a nicer version of her true self….. which from all appearances is a ….R A C I S T …


right now pore aaryn is assumed acting jist like a mildly bigoted sorority sister who lived through the IKE era 1950s
has her looking way less racist to today’s politically correct trendy “in” crowd!!! she has not taken any of the hints,,,!!!
if being vaguely polite is a shudder~some effort for her, an’ she’s about to revert back under the pressure and snap
and we have been seeing her Sunday manners and not the REAL aaryn that the family sees, WHUT is she hiding…?


HAHA! I sense a delusional someone…..and its YOU! Self righteous? ???? Sounds more like….Aaryn!!!! Even with her allies “the production friends” she still slips up her bad attitude self….just goes to show she really is a hateful person. She is beyond rascist and Elissa has realized it!


You sound as ridiculous as crazy Elissa.


I wonder if Aaryn is keeping Amanda around because she cannot win any competition?


Maybe she is keeping her around because Amanda and Gina Marie are the only houseguest she could beat for the final money.


As much as Aaryn (from what I know, which is limited) is not my cup of tea as a person, I think you’re right: Aaryn stands a good chance at winning I think she might win against anybody left. I can’t see the jury giving it to either McCrae or Amanda (they haven’t – and likely won’t have – done enough, certainly it’s the case with McCrae). And GM? Fawwwgitabowwwwwtid. Spencer? Nope. Andy – maybe a slim chance as he seems well liked, but he’s been a double agent with loyalty to the Red Queen. Elissa? Nope, she’s done zilch too. Aryan is in the best position…which makes her the biggest target next week, she’s right about that.


Aaryn would probably think Spencer will go home, but she too afraid that the whole house would against her wishes.


Helen has only herself to blame. When you have the chance to remove big threats (aka Amanda) you should take them. She’s on the block because of her poor decisions in my opinion


I don’t want Helen to go, but oh well… her ‘sideways voting position’ style is growing old on me… so BYE!!! :-)


Lol Helen thinks she is a mastermind ..she’s so oblivious

Karma for treating Candice & Jessie like crap while kissing Amanda & Aaryn’s behinds…

Lubbock 01

And still kissing it even though she knows Amanda & Mcae need to go.


Amanda has one thing in mind…. a final 2 with her and Aaryn. She thinks she can beat Aaryn. I don’t think its fixed, I just think Amanda has played better than everyone else.

Jack Daniels

This season is so odd. The house guests do things that work against there best interest all to help McCranda. All due respect to Amanda, she has played the house and the game so well. I would rather her win over any of her minions(Andy, McCrae,Aaryn). Aaryn is completely foolish and should have thrown the HOH to McCranda. She is now an overtly huge target. After Helen leaves, I think Aaryn will be the next to go followed by Spencer and Andy. Amanda is not going to risk going to the final 4 with Andy and Aaryn. Once Helen is out, Aaryn and Andy will be McCranda’s secret targets. I think whoever comes back will probably be the most recently evicted or Jessie. The others will be rusty, and the only way I see Judd coming back is if the comp is a male centered challenge. I hope Elissa wins the next HOH and Candice comes back in the house. That would cause so much drama. Otherwise this season is boring….

The Seeing EYE

This season is beyond boring. Plus it shows that, from a random selection of HG’s from let’s say 50% of the population of the US or 175,000,000 (one hundred seventy five million) people, CBS comes up with racists, homophobes, deviants, exhibitionists and who knows what other kinds of degenerates.

How is that even possible, what are the odds of that happening UNLESS CBS planned it that way, or a huge percentage of the US population is exactly that same kind of degenerate (which I highly doubt).

Roisin Dubh

Helen, is just one stupid bird.She had two chances to get rid of her biggest threat and for some reason, she said it was too soon. I know why she said that but I’m being nice. Now you’re getting sent home by hatchet girl. How the hell did Ahandjob survive this long?


exactly. I’m happy seeing Helen begging the same way Candice and Jessie had to beg. Helen had two golden opportunities to cut the head off the snake (Amanda) but she played the game stupid not listening to Candice, Jessie and Elissa, who wanted to make a power move. now she’s blaming Candice, Jessie and Elissa for her game ruined, but in reality her game got ruined listening to Andy.


Agreed. Helen now saying she wouldn’t save Elissa but couldn’t vote against her. Isn’t that punishable by death this season? Not voting with the house?

Lubbock 01

I agree…Helen is not just a bird she’s a coocoo bird!! HAHAHAHAHA! Due to her own fault Mcranda will probably win which pisses the hell out of me!!!!


Yes Andy sank Helen’s game little by little every single week. All he had to do to “smooth things over” with Helen was tell her that it was too soon to strike. And Helen would then go full tilt campaigning for a member of her alliance to be evicted. I keep wondering if Amanda will give Andy some commission for working so hard to keep Helen off her case.

When Helen goes home and watches the replays, she will see how she was such a busy body in the house. Running helter-skelter doing a lot of nothing. Reminds me of a moth that goes round and round a light bulb until it drops dead from exhaustion! Sigh…


I wonder what Helen will think once she goes home and realizes Aaryn, Amanda and GM made fun of her and were very racist behind her back while she played the game the entire time with her nose wedged in their butt cheeks…


Aaryn is whipped! Aaryn is whipped!


lol…funny….and funny name


I’d like to put some whipped cream on Aaryn. Mmmmm.

The Seeing EYE

Yummmm, whipped cream all over her body like a white robe and more on her head in the shape of a pointy whit hat…

McCrae's skinny wiener

Elissa’s face looks like she is always smelling a fart.Sexy……


The entire house probably smells like fart.


Look at the Joker from Batman…then look at Elissa when she smiles. Can you say ” Holy family resemblance “.


It’s all that plastic surgery she’s had. There is a video on youtube of her on some bridal talk show she was on not long before coming on BB. Her face looks, literally, like it belonged to a different person. She had no upper lip, for one. She now of course looks like a duck. I think she also had her eyes and cheek bones done.

I would not recognize her if someone told me that is one and the same woman. The fact that she’s young tells me she only did it to make herself ‘beautiful’. In a few years she’ll look like one of those bad plastic surgery cases you see on the internet. I think her looks is all she had to offer her husband who must think he got himself a hot young trophy wife. Her only task seems to be staying pretty and in shape.

Jesus Christ, she’s pathetic. Imagine her at a dinner table with adults, trying to enter a serious conversation about politics or social issues. She’s a walking embarrassment.


I’m still laughing.

The Seeing EYE

Looks like a duck….

Most excellent description !


I just read in the news today that scientists in Australia have managed to grow fake breasts on a pig.

Little do they know,

That the USA managed to do that with Amanda ages ago.


True Story

My wife recently lost both breasts, so to cheer her up I had a T-Shirt made that says,

“Yes they’re fake! My real ones tried to kill me!”


Lurker001 your too funny

Lubbock 01



question for the bigger general BB fans.

its been said they are copying BBCanada with the returning jury member thing. when BBCanada did that, did those people get to watch the taped telecasts? i ask due to knowing cbs version used to allow that, but dont know if they are doing it this yr because of the returning jury member thing.


BB Canada hgs are voted out by the audience, correct? BB UK did the same thing. I think here with the hgs voting for eviction, it would be too much of an advantage to let them spy and see who is working together so I doubt they do that here.


BBcanada was the same as BBus


Ok thanks

sometimers bordering on alzheimers

my memory is not as good as it once was but I thought ( or did I dream it ) that on some previous seasons an evicted hg returned. Would certainly appreciate any input. Getting old really stinks ( but it is better than the alternative)


The evicted house guest were all sent to jury and were able to talk to each other, then one was voted back in after getting to share their information together. I believe that bbus they are kept away from each other and don’t know what is happening in the game. bbus has had hg’s come back in the game in previous seasons, last year and I believe season 11.

Who Knows

Your assumption may be wrong. We do not know if the evicted jury members are in the same place, I’m guessing they are not.


I read the eliminated house guest takes a dvd for the others in the jury house to watch. It shows group stuff and competitions but nothing more. I’d take that as they are together.


BBCA house guests voted each other out and did not watch any footage. However, the jury members were not sequestered from each other and were able to talk. I believe the BBUS house guests that have been eliminated are sequestered from each other and will not benefit from being able to talk.


Submitted for discussion: How do you think the game would have gone if they had told the houseguests outright that the MVP was “America” the first time Amanda went up? Do you think they would have voted differently with that knowledge the first time? What about the second time? Do you think they would have all still “voted with the house”, or would any of them have thought “Well,crap, if America wants Amanda out so badly…”


unfortunately, the same thing would have happened. helen and demanda brainwashed everyone into that whole, “what the house wants” mentality. if they were to hear america nominated demanda, they’d just say, “who cares, must have been a bad tv edit”. the casting director did a great job if her/his goal was to cast as many people as possible who act like sheep.


I thinks if they knew America was MVP Helen, Elissa, Judd would have gotten on board with Jessie to vote Amanda out

kathie from canada

I was disappointed that Julie didn’t tell the houseguests that America had voted the last few MVPs. Amanda needed to hear that and have her ‘wings’ clipped! Might have prompted a change of attitude from the queen of mean.

weighing in

I think the Goof Troop would still be going strong, since Amanda wouldn’t have grown suspicious of Judd. Others may have turned on them, but I think they would have been stronger than they already are.


Amanda would have blamed Production for editing and everything that happened would have been the same. Judd still would have been backdoored because he was a threat to Amanda’s social game. His biggest mistake was telling McManda that he made up the story of overhearing Kaithlin wanting to go after Helen. Once Amanda realized how good of a liar Judd was, it clicked on to her that this Southern boy is a lot smarter than he’s letting on. So, she started to plant the MVP seed as a way to build paranoia.

Poor Judd….I liked him. He seemed humble and down to Earth.


I like Judd also until he got out of control he trusted the wrong people so far they all have, I don’t who wins this game as long as its not Aryaning or GM, those two people are nuts, as far as Amanda and McCray, well never mind, its really not there fault that the people in that house followed them, Hope Jessie comes back and effin sticks it to them all!


Amanda would have been gone by now if they all knew about America’s MVP vote. Wish they would bring it back. Amanda and that thing Aaryn needs to go.


Does Aaryn really believe in her alliance with mccrae and andy???? she’s more delusional than helen. she knows where she is on the food chain, is content with it, AND thinks she can still win! GM…..she’s just there to kick it nobody really talks strategy with her, just tell her which way to vote. I can see her bragging at the reunion show….

“I lasted longer than most of yous rats and cockaroaches, because I ain’t no RAT! I didin’t run like you cockaroaches and vote out Nick! That’s why I still have his hat. By the way Nick I was told not to come within 500 yards of you, but we can get that cleared up before we gets married and stay at my Mom’s house.”


That’s funny and not far off from the truth. If he hasn’t already Nick really should consider that restraining order!

The Seeing EYE

Apparently Nick moved to Holland. When GM hears that she’ll camp out in the Holland Tunnel waiting to get a glimpse of him…..


I really want Judd to come in and be a dick to everyone. Get rid of Amanda, team up with Spencer and McCrae, Judd/McCrae F2.


She probably just assumes she can beat them all in the final comps, which given her track record I don’t think that’s too terribly wrong.


“If Spencer stayed here longer than I did I would be devastated.”

Why because you’re a sheep and he isn’t?

Spencer hasn’t lied any more than Helen.

Jim 64

Get Helen out get Helen out get Helen out
Say goodbye to two face

McCrae's skinny wiener

I want pizza boy to win. He needs some cheese for that sausage.


And a side of onions!


he has the ketchup


I know Aaryn is up Amanda and McCrae buttholes, but she isnt dumb. She knows that the only person people hate more than her is Amanda and if her and Amanda are in the final two she will win. She cant beat anyone else.


That’s a tough call, being that they would be each others goat.


I will laugh if they vote out elissa and then elissa comes right back into the house. ahahahahaha. That would be priceless


i wouldnt.

what we need to root for is who of whoever can come back will flip the house the most. elissa wouldnt do that. of the other candidates:
– candice: also not a good choice. sorry to all you candice fans, but she’ll probably go back with a vindictive attitude to aaryn, spencer, and/or GM
– judd: he might be a good choice if he is no longer on the demanda kool aid. if he came in and was able to prove he wasnt mvp, he could do damage because that was demandas deal to turn mccrae and andy on judd. but there is a chance he’d come back and go right back to demanda butt kissing too
– jessie: she has the mindframe to do it, but is not connected enough with anyone to make it happen. she’d be better if she figured out it was andy ratting her out to demanda though
– helen: if she’s voted out, she’ll now know whats up with demanda. the negative about her coming back would be we all know she wouldnt get to watch the taped episodes, where there is a chance judd and jessie did. if they could watch whatever, they could do damage.

in short, it all depends on who wins the competition and if they had a chance to watch the tapes.


what if like lil SORORITY GIRL AARYN our own sweet SOCCER MOMMY HELEN has both a nice side and a nasty side…???
what if it takes a major & total jolt to the system for HELEN to turn into a total soap opera bitch? i expect fireworks on thursday!


i hate hate amanda aryan the mens


I think Aaryn is being super careful to not get anymore blood on her hands. Amanda is manipulating her. Why is Amanda still in the house? She can’t win ANYTHING. MC is a dumbass. Spencer is a waste of space. Elissa is a follower. Helen is two faced.Andy is a snitch, A-man-duh is his master.GM…how is she still in that house. Worst BB season ever!!!! Noone is playing to win the cash prize,everyone is listening to A-man-duh, keeping her happy. Might as well finish the season early and give her the grand prize. Too bad no one listened to Jessie when she wanted to turn the house around when Howard was on the block. Well Helen I hope you get evicted! It’s your own doing. Instead of just giving Howard a chance, he would of been by your side, you could have had the numbers and you could of controlled the votes. Everyone who would of had Helen’s back is gone. Howie,Candice and Jessie. It’s all about controlling the votes, Helen you no longer have it! I’m done with BB15! Stupid waste of a summer ): boo!

Amanda's dog Woofy

Bye bye!


if anyone on this board says they are done watching then they are full of $#!+. Only a very small percentage of BB watchers post regularly. So stop kidding yourself when you say you aren’t going to watch. If you love the show enough to read this site and take time to post then you will be watching as much as possible and you know it. You are just another angry Elissa fan. I don’t know why anyone likes her anyway. There has never been a more boring tedious houseguest in BB history.

The Seeing EYE

100% correct re people done with watching, however the season still sucks. CBS really blew it with the racists, the homophobes, the deviant, the exhibitionist, etc. Guess they’re trying to be the Fox News of reality shows….


Aaryn and Amanda are going to be shocked when they discover Thursday and evicted jury member is coming back. The look on Andy, Amanda, McCrae, GinaMarie and Aaryn face will be priceless! Guess what the comp for HOH next week is likely endurance which means Amanda is out and Aaryn can’t compete. Whoever comes back is going to fight like hell to stay in the house. I hope they win HOH and shake the house to its core. Just imagine if Helen gets evicted and comes back. Fireworks galore as she’ll be gunning for Andy, Amanda and Aaryn can’t wait till Thursday!!!!


Ginamarie / McCrae / Jessie will win and back up on the block Helen and Elissa will go.


I’m hoping the returning house guests are Candice and Jessie. Will be a Kodak moment watching their heads explode.


I have a feeling Helen will win the veto, because there has been a new veto winner EVERY week. The only people left that haven’t won veto are Helen, Amanda and GM.


if Elissa makes it to the end, she deserves to win , she may not win many competition, but to endure the stupidity of these houseguests every day and being stuck with these low life scumbags….. that is ENDURANCE!!


Spencer: I remember the first time I had sex Marilyn. She got very emotional afterwards and started crying soon after. So I put my arm around her in an effort to show some comfort and explained to her that everything was okay.

“Don’t worry” I assured her, “You’ll be better at it next time round.”


Yea, she wa crying alright cause she was think “Is his the best I cand do”.


Sorry guys about the spelling. I’m having a GM attack.

Just wondering?

Helen is already dead. She has lost most of the people that would vote with her. Helen was stupid for allowing Candace and Jessie to go. Those two girls would not win a comp. but they would vote with Helen. We all know she should have taken out Amanda. I f Amanda was gone Judd, Aaryn , GM and Andy (the rat) would have all followed Helen. She would only have to worry about McCrea, but he would have wanted to win the money. By the way, how stupid can Helen be for believing McCrea, that he would eliminate Amanda. STUPID!!!!!! I am going to believe the guy who is sleeping with Amanda, who is Planning to move to Florida and who is planning on getting married to Amanda. STUPID!!!!!!!!!

Pinocchio Obama

Helen may be history which is ok with me.


I want JUDD to come back for 2 reasons
1) the bear shirt
2) Power house alliance


I would like to see Judd back in the game too. I think he is the only house guest this year that I would want to see win the 500K


Every person that thumbs down give me who they want to come back and two reasons why

VA Vet


Because none of them have a clue.

Because they are all wimps and will just continue voting with the house.


Good points

VA Vet

BTW Simon, I didn’t give you a thumbs down—-never would! Appreciate your efforts (and Dawg’s) too much to be disrespectful..


Thanks VA Vet Appreciate it


Simon, I think the A$$HOLES that gave you a thumbs down just wanted to be jerks.

VA Vet

I think Simon and Dawg should do away with the “down” thumb because there are obviously some posters whose life is so dull and boring that they cannot stand anyone who is enjoying this discussion board.


No way! Keep both the thumbs up and the thumbs down. We can’t agree with everything someone says.

I never take a thumbs down personally. I just type my opinions away. I don’t expect everyone to agree with my comments. What fun is that?


It’s a rare time a thumbs down gets me down you know


When I get thumbs down it is devastating….I have to go find some bushes or a garbage can to
hide behind so I can cry my eyes out ='(

I am with Simon though, also.
I miss the bear shirt, I miss JUDDs humor, I miss Andy interacting with JUDD, and I wish they
had really known how loyal he really was (at the time) to the goof troop.

Who knows how he will be when he comes back, but of the four it needs to be him.
Jessie and Candace won’t change anything, and Helen or Elissa just need to STAY OUT
once they are finally tossed.

VA Vet

My point is that if I disagree with someones comments, I have an option to post why in response—-which also adds to the discussion.

Giving a thumbs down only says “I disagree”. Truth be known, I disagree with about half of the comments posted here but when I feel the need to express my displeasure, I state why. Like right now!

I also enjoy reading comments that try to defend the indefensible like why Elissa deserves to even be in the house. I’m fascinated by peoples logic or lack thereof. The thumbs down adds nothing to the discussion.


That’s a good point we’re losing the reasons behind the thumbs up/down maybe we’ll need to try something different next year

*vote dawg

VA Vet


I think the thumbs up is a good thing. Instead of having dozens of posts saying the same thing, the thumbs up conveys a similar opinion/position.

Dog Days

He might be able to hook up with Spencer and McCrea.
When I could understand him, he added some humor to an otherwise depressing season.

helen is clueless

I don’t see it so I’d like to know how you think that would play out. Judd blames Helen for his eviction so I don’t see him doing much more than maybe replacing Aaryn or Andy in the f4. As for who I would want, I don’t think anyone will last without a power so if someone comes in with HOH or coup d’etat, then I think Helen or Jessie are the best bets to put up Mcranda. Candice would put up the mean girls so that’s a waste. I don’t think Judd would change much if he came in with HOH.


Wanting JUDD back is pretty much for comic relief and awesomeness. You are right though If we wanted the Big Mac and Andy to do down then ya bring back Helen.. Helen might be the best person to return for GAme shaking Drama.


if helen goes out the door and boomerangs back,
she will be in total “queen bee” mode without any
logic or reason behind her. it may hit her like a ton
of bricks how false andy was, however he was not
her only problem. she made ten lousy decisions…

helen is clueless

I agree about Judd’s comic relief. Helen would have a built in partner coming back and Jessie would have credibility on her side as the power 3 have been telling everyone that Jess was 100% telling the truth. Amanda went as far as to say Helen lied and then threw Jessie under the bus. Jess might have built something with Aaryn but not sure how real or solid that is.

The Seeing EYE

Helen does not deserve to come back if she’s voted out. But sadly she might. I would love to see Jessie back with perhaps an HOH win so she could come down hard on aMANdah, Andy and McC in that order (who she put up though would be up to Amanda, hahaha).


Helen needs to wor Spenser. So if Spenser gets the POV and uses it to save Amanda, Aaryn would have no choice but to put up Amanda, McRae or Andy. Spenser and Helen just might be able to convince GM to keep Elissa . Talk about a wild evening”


Helen needs to work on Spenser. So if Spenser gets the POV and uses it to save Amanda, Aaryn would have no choice but to put up Amanda, McRae or Andy. Spenser and Helen just might be able to convince GM to keep Elissa . Talk about a wild evening”


First post and I screw it up. Get Spencer to use the POV on Helen.


wow!! Didn’t even think of this plan ……….. it would be epic.


That would put a huge target on his back for sure


after this week, amanda will target aaryn asap. but this will be her biggest mistake. and the fun thing is, she doesnt realize it. aaryn is the only person for amanda to go to F2 and win. she cant beat andy or mccrea.

the aaryn target will be delayed by the person coming back. its sad that aaryn isnt a good player. but thats the case for all of them. including amanda. a good player would instantly go to the player coming back, grab him or her, make a F2 deal, and go after mccrannda and andy. what will happen? they ll vote out the returning HG and after that its time for aaryn to go. and then spencer, GM and elissa.

I says

Is it just me or does anyone else think GM looks like Sheri Oteri (unsure of spelling) from SNL?


GM is like Cheri Oteri playing a character on SNL


It will be very funny when they evict Helen this week, she wins the competition on Thursday and
Goes right back in!! Whooo I pray that happens

The Seeing EYE

Helen is the proverbial “waterbag”. She does not deserve to come back.

Just wondering?

I want whoever will cause the most Drama in the house. I want to see Amanda scared. She can win but I want to make her work for it. Drama equals fun TV. I want the winner to make a big move!!


that aaryn is gorgeous inside and out.
you guys are just jealous
she definetely a model.
so she made a couple of inconsiderate comments.
everybody on bb15 except mcrae and howard has
you go aaryn 500 grand coming your way


simon is these people get piad to do what amanda want cause nobody can be that supid


aaryn was tryng to fit in with the wrong crowd and made a couple inapproiate comments

when the mean people left she has been nothing but a caring person that doesnt want to hurt

anybodys feelings. to lose her job and all the backlash isnt fair considering everybody has said something stupid
at some time. hers was unfortunately public. she deserves the money

how would you like to say something stupid and lose your job and dreams and have the whole world hate you.

shes been nothing but kind and sensitive to everybody including her enemies in the house



She should have kept her racist mouth shut and used her brains more. Doesn’t matter, Aaryn isn’t winning and Amanda will backdoor her very very soon.

Just wondering?

Hey Simon,
Didn’t James Zinkand come back into the game in Season 9. I think he was sent packing right after he came back in the game. Can you let us know how he came back into the house?


James was voted back in by the players a vote that was between him and a mystery player (Alex Coladonato) They chose James and it sucked

Just wondering?

Thanks Simon, I vaguely remember it and that it did not work.

Just wondering?

Fear the Bear shirt


Is it possible that Amanda is the best player in BB history?

1. She doesn’t win anything, but everyone is scared of going against her.
2. She has her own alliance members setting up fake alliances so the real alliance members won’t be on the block together.
3. She is able to convince the other HG to evict players that would help their game.
4. When someone is gunning for her, she doesn’t let on that she knows. She just gets them evicted.
5. She has been in control of every eviction since the beginning of the game.

Its like Dr. Will and Dan had a baby……..and it’s name is Amanda.


We’re going to have to see how the end game pans out still alot to play this is a long season. JUDD could be coming back on Thursday and go on a 10 HOH winning streak wearing the bear shirt


howard was coming after amanda he went home

amanda though judd was mvp that put her up he went home

jesse had a aurgment with amanda she went home

helen wanted to back door amanda now she on the block

what a joke simon they should cancle this season in watch bb next year

hey simon they think the fans are dumb but we not this season is all about protecting amanda

she will never get america favorite most of us dont like her for the way she did to candice you know simon

Jack Daniels

So from the looks of things Helen will be sent out the door on Thursday. She played well, but the moment she surrendered her power to Amanda & McCrae, she was a sitting duck. She should have tried to keep Howard, Candice, Jessie, they had true loyalty. She was scared to flip the house, because declaring war would have made her target # 1 for that side of the house. She also trusted Andy, and he is playing for Amanda. Speaking of Andy, why agree to a plan that takes your second closest ally out of the game @ 8 and you still have got a ways to go. He seems to want to go to the finals with McCranda. That seems foolish although I suppose he would never have been able to beat Helen in the end.!!Amanda is already thinking about getting rid of Andy. Poor thing, I think he will fall to the revenge “storyline” that is to come when the juror comes back.!!Amanda is already setting the stage for Aaryn or Andy to take the fall. All due respect to Amanda, she has knows how to play this game.!!!!


simon and dawg, don’t know if you would have time for this, but, new drinking game. Every time a poster says “worst season ever”, you should reply with “drink”. Oka


Sure i’m up for that.. Lets do it up BB12 style this weekend!

Awesome idea!!

Let’s do it!!!




Aryan sure is a ” sweetie pie”…just like GM who says: ” Hey f**k faces, pizza’s done”…….ahhh doesn’t get any sweeter than that ! :=p




I can’t wait to see what happens when the open paandora’s box.