Big Brother 14 Spoilers – First Days in the BB House Images Released


A few early shots of the action in the Big Brother House were released today. Big Brother 14 starts TONIGHT with the Live Feeds starting soon after the TV Broadcast. Onlinebigbrother will be live blogging the entire season so get your Live Feed Subscription and Red Bull cause this is going to be one insane summer.

2 days ago a Live Feed leak showed the mentors identities to be Britney Haynes, Mike Booger, Dan Gheesling and Janelle. Tonight we will find out what the twist is and how these mentors will affect the Big Brother Game.

The stage is set for the best season of Big Brother to date, Fan favourites like Britney and Janelle with strategy Mastermind Dan. Add to the mix a strong Big Brother Cast including a Hantz brother Willie Hantz, Lead singer of rock band Kittie Jenn Arroyo, son of wrestler Sycho Sid Frank Eudy. There is no doubt in my mind that these players won’t be the push over jelly fish we saw last year.

This year we also have a playboy playmate, Kara Monaco, sicilian hottie JoJO and the hunky Shane Meaney for the ladies.

Live Feeds can be viewed on you iPhone all you need is a regular Superpass Live Feed Subscription


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25 thoughts on “Big Brother 14 Spoilers – First Days in the BB House Images Released

  1. So did Boog and Jan patch things up outside of the house because Will and Boog did a good job of throwing wool over her eyes in the last BB with them in it.

  2. Willie should been on survivor not big brother. Hantz family survivor traditon. Why Willie Why? You could been on survivor. Ian is like Ronnie and Cochran being a rat! Russell don’t like nerds like ronnie. Frank in other hand. He could been in wwe as professional wrestler like his dad! Anyway, i’m hype up and looking forward of bb.

      1. She said there was 12 new Players and 4 returning players.. they also showed a bit more of the house.

        I’m just going by what people have tweeted.. I only watch a short bit of it

  3. Okay… a couple things.

    1. That explains the teddy bear that one of the HG’s was holding
    2. I think Janelle will be in the top 3 again ;)
    3. I think the mentor twist will be seperated into four categories:
    Britney- Voting and popularity
    Janelle- Competitions
    Mike- Alliances
    Dan- Strategy

  4. I’m pumped for tonight. I love the new players and I like the mentor twist. Question though, I am unable to find were BBAD will be airing this season. Will it start tonight after the first episode or does it start later on? TX

      1. TX, I went up and down the dial and can’t find it. I’m with rogers in ottawa, canada. Last year it was on the Reality Televison chanel but i don’t think i have show2 for whatever reason. Shitty…

      1. I’d be willing to bet that Rachel will be back to host a challenge this year, but knowing she’s not in the cast is a relief. Maybe Pandora’s box will be a double whammy, spend an afternoon with Jessie and Rachel. That would drive anyone to insanity!

  5. All that Julie said on the talk was that 4 legendary players would be returning to the game with their own agenda and their own prize.

  6. @rj. I live in Texas and have had to add showtime to my cable package every year to watch after dark it is showing on my guide on showtime 2 at 12 am.. Hope this helps.

  7. Record for both bbad and cbs. my showtime will last till oct. next year if it appears again for 3 month!

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