Big Brother 14 After Dark back in Canada on Slice


The BB14 fans in the frozen Tundra get to watch Big Brother After Dark. Shaw Media has announced that they have the rights to offer the viewers Big Brother After Dark exclusively on Slice Channel. It’s the same service that the Americans get on Showcase Sho2. Last year After Dark aired on Rogers Digital VIP Channel 67 since Global Reality Channel has been discontinued the program is now moving to Slice.

Big Brother 14 Starts on July 12th with After Dark beginning at 12:00am EST until 3:00am. All you need to do is subscribe to the Slice Channel.

Canada Loves Big Brother, They get the live Feeds (** early bird special save 25%**), they get to vote for Food Penalties and “America’s Choice”, there is even a Big Brother US Spoilers blogs run by Canadians. All Canadians are missing now is to be able to Play Big Brother but that’s about to change Spring 2013 When Big Brother Canada premieres

In case you are unfamiliar with Big Brother After Dark. You get to watch 1 out of 4 live feed cameras for 3 hours every night. Some pretty crazy Sh!t has happened during that time slot in the past.

**Special thanks to Big Brother Access for finding this on the shaw media site**

Big Brother After Dark Canada
Big Brother After Dark Canada
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