Joe says he doesn’t like the bullying aspect of it. Boogie says bullying, who is bullying, we aren’t bullying anyone.

POV Holder: Frank Next POV: Aug 18 (Saturday)
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 20 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Shane Next HOH: Aug 13 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Boogie and Frank
Current Nominations: Boogie And Jenn
Have Nots No Have Nots This Week
Last Evicted Houseguest Wil
HOH temptations Britney Safe this week, Boogie gets 10grand


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1pm – 1:15pm Boogie says thank god I got done like this so early, so I can be done with this.. I don’t know if you guys know this but we don’t get any extra money to go to jury. Big Brother cuts the feeds. Boogie says that god you guys made it to the jury because that is a lot of leverage having at least three votes in the jury. I don’t think Danielle or Britney have thought of that yet. Boogie says that he is going to enjoy sitting at home. Boogie says its great that when they are in the final three with with them so that you don’t have to slash their throat on national tv. Dan says that he hasn’t thought that far down the road. Boogie say oh yes you have and beyond. Boogie asks Joe how he is enjoying this.

Re-Watch ALL THE DRAMA on FlashBack: Big Brother 14 Live Feeds – 3 Day Trial!


Joe says that he doesn’t like the bullying aspect of it. Boogie says bullying, who is bullying, we aren’t bullying anyone. Joe says well you are getting into people’s faces. Boogie says we aren’t bullying, he just isn’t answering back. Joe says that they are bullying. Joe explains that everyone got after me when I got mad. Boogie and Frank talk about how they are just pissed for being yo-yo’d around and for being scum bagged. We are just trying to talk and have a conversation with Dan and laugh about it. Boogie says that is why Dan isn’t answering back so that you will feel and think this way. Boogie says hey Joe, when you were on the block did you inquire at all about if they are flying out a relative? Joe says no. . Frank says being loud and having an opinion isn’t the only form of bullying, so is lying, manipulating and back stabbing people in the back.


1:25pm Dan heads up to the HOH room with Joe. Shane, Joe and Dan talk about sticking together. Joe says that they already pulled me into the back room to pull a hail mary to get my vote. They are going to come to me all week and they can kiss my a$$ because they ain’t going to get it. Joe says that they said they’ve drawn the line. Shane of course they said that. Joe says Shane you know how to fu*k up a house. Shane says that he doesn’t think the game started till the beginning of this week. Joe says we don’t we just come out and draw the line. We need to all come out and divide. Joe says that its too late in the game to have people floating back and forth. Joe is talking about Ashley playing both sides. He says he wants everyone to pick aside and if you don’t then you will be put up as a pawn until you are gone. Joe says that Ian and Jenn showed their true colours, Wow!


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1:30pm – 1:45pm Dan and Danielle are in the arcade room. She tells Dan that she felt so bad for him sitting on the couch. Dan says don’t be because I love it! Dan says that Shane showed him something today, the way he handled himself in the kitchen. Dan says that Shane handled it well and if he started to lose it I would have jumped in there and pulled him out but he took it well because they were coming at him hard. Danielle starts crying and says that they really know how to get to me. They said that Dan didn’t really want you and that Shane is his number two. Dan asks do you really believe that? Danielle says no, but I just hate how they can get to me and make me feel like I am worthless. Dan brings up how she got out Janelle and is about to get out the only other person to win this thing. You have got a good run at this thing. I would rather see you cry when you win, with tears of joy. Dan talks about how Ian is doing a really good job. Dan brings up how they said I would scum bag you at the end and get them to cut you but there is no way I would do that to you. The best part of it is that they have no clue about Ian. Dan says lets put it this way you are the only person I would let into my private facebook account.


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1:45pm Boogie, Frank and Britney are in the living room talking. Boogie asks her if she knew what Shane was going to do. Britney says that she didn’t want to know or to have any part of it. Boogie and Frank talk about how it all has to do with how he did it, it is just dirty. Whenever we were in power we let people know what was happening and who was going up. Boogie tells Britney that if you do this we will have your back all the way. Frank says that all we need are 4 votes and we are close. I am not going to say who we have but if we get this you don’t want to be on the other side of us. If Mike says this isn’t going to be the last time we go up, we will go up every week if we don’t win. Boogie tells Britney that if she wants it would be nice if you could just tell us whos side you are on. We just don’t like the wishy washy things that Shane is doing. Boogie says that he is going to apologize to people about being loud but I am not going to bang pots or dump a drink on someones head. Frank says yeah we are going to dump our garbage on front street, so that everyone knows exactly what we are doing and saying. Britney leaves. Mike says that he loves and hates this game so much at the same time.
Watch it ALL on FlashBack: Big Brother 14 Live Feeds – FREE 3 Day Trial!

Joe talks to Dan and Danielle in the arcade room. Joe tells them about how Boogie and Frank already tried to get him to go to their side. He says that he just wants to come out and draw the line saying he doesn’t want to work with them. Danielle tells him that he should. Joe says that the lines will be drawn and that I will be a target but I won’t be a bigger target than Dan or Shane. The talk about how Danielle will get some medication before the competition so that she doesn’t get sick if it’s a spinning competition. Joe says that if it is, and he is beside them he will throw up on them.


2pm – 2:15pm Britney goes up to the HOH room to talk to Shane. Britney tells him that Boogie and Frank just tried to get her to go with them. She explains the conversation. Britney then tells Shane how Ashley is pissed at Jenn’s attitude and how she is acting. Britney says guess what you are in the big brother house and people go up on the block, she should be down there with smiles and roses, instead she is being a sour beaver. What is she thinking she could just come in here and do nothing and give her band shout outs. She says that Jenn acting like that is showing which side she is on. Shane talks about how great of a job Ian is doing. He even threw me under the bus and that Joe got after him and I had to tell Joe that Ian is just protecting his side. They talk about how Jenn is really pissed and that she actually thinks she is the target. Britney laughs and says yeah Shane wants that on his resume that week 6 he got out Jenn! They both laugh. Joe comes up and joins them. Britney talk about how Boogie and Frank threatened her saying if she isn’t with them, then they have 4 votes against them in the jury. Joe says that he was threatened too. Joe says that he hates them, I despise them and everything they are doing. Britney says that she wants to go to Frank and say that she knows he doesn’t act like this in the real world. Joe talks about how Ian is acting too, what he did was horrific. They talk about how Jenn is acting and how this is the first time on the block, she has never been a have not… Joe says that she said she is going to go off tonight.


2:25pm – 2:50pm Boogie, Ashley, Jenn, Frank and Dan are out in the backyard. Dan is in the pool playing salsa ball. Meanwhile up in the HOH Britney is talking to Danielle about how Jenn is acting like a raging bull. Britney says that she got $1000, a trip to maui, never been nominated, never been a have not… and on day 45 she gets nominated and flips out. Britney says why are you upset you are the ultimate pawn, all you do is sit on you’re a$$ and give shout outs to emo-bands. Who the hell would send you home, you are the ultimate pawn. She has such a piss pour attitude it is ridiculous. Danielle starts getting really emotional. Danielle starts bringing up how people tell her that Dan wanted Kara here and not her. Britney tells her that she is taking it too personal, when people say you are bad at competitions it’s a good thing …that means you are not a target. Danielle says that she just cares and that it upsets her. Britney tells her you know how Dan feels about you, so it doesn’t matter what they say. Danielle strategically it is good for me but personally it hurts me. Frank and Boogie have been making these comments for 45 DAYS! AND I AM TIRED OF IT! I just need a moment to cry. Britney says that she isn’t good in these types of situations and maybe she isn’t the best person to talk to her about this. They are two big idiots that are willing to fall on each others swords when Frank should be up here trying to get votes and talking about Jenn’s piss poor attitude. Britney says its like they are telling you, you have a third leg, its so absurd that its not even worth getting upset about. They are using things to just get you upset because you are an emotional person. They will regret the way they are acting when they realize it was Ian and after all this is over they will apologize to him. Britney says that Dan can handle it and that if they knew it was Ian they would be going after him like this. Danielle says that she thinks the way Britney talks to her that she is getting mad at her for being emotional. Britney says that this is a game and this is like we all sat down to play monopoly for half a million dollars. Britney says that the cards they are playing are pathetic, they need to try another card. Frank should be cutting his losses and coming up here talking to us. Britney and Danielle discuss how different it would be if they and gotten Frank out. Britney says that he thinks we are just signing Frank the cheque. Britney says that next weeks HOH is the most important HOH ever! Danielle says that Dan wants it real BAD! Britney thinks it will be the cornhole competition and says we need to practice that..


3pm They talk about how Ian loves that he is getting to play one of the evil characters. Danielle says that when it is his time to go, let me do it, I will put his skinny a$$ up! Britney says one thing we need to worry about is the question mark in the arcade room. I think it is signalling a power is coming into the house, like a coup d’tat or something. We thought Frank was going home 100% too .. we don’t know what is going to happen. Shane could open pandora’s box and he gets something and someone else gets a power. This might be the first week ever that pandora’s box has not been opened. Shane might get a punishment and someone else might get a power. Danielle starts talking about how she is breaking out on her face, back and chest and will continue to until she gets back to Alabama. Britney gets called to the diary room.

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boogie sucks

Shut up boogie. And look in the mirror you are not as cool as you think you are. Dumbasssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss


Is boogie crying in the bushes yet?


OMG….reading the info on all the websites on Twitter….Boogie is totally out of control….yelling, threathening, bullying….OMG….but Boogie is smarter than Willie….he is such a wimp he will not use physical force….he uses his big fat loud mouth……I don’t know how Ashley or Jenn could have ever thought about voting with Frank/Boogie…..they are so out of control..

I want to see a real Big Brother game….not this crazy stuff!!! Hopefully they can get Frank out next week and then the remaining players can play a real game.

Boogie = Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) is a personality disorder[1] in which the individual is described as being excessively preoccupied with issues of personal adequacy, power, prestige and vanity.

Frank = Puppet, Wimp, Fool


@ Susan…spot on! and LOLing in your definition of Frank.

Hey Simon/Dawg…the live feeds keeps crashing on me…do you know any resolution to this? Thanks as always!


Give this program a try to view the feeds


Okay…thanks Simon!!


Good one!


Shane…puppet, Brits pet.


Thank you. That whole alliance is just playing the game for Dan and Britney to sit next to each other. At this point, I think Dan could convince Shane and Danielle that their smartest game move would be to self-evict.


That describes Boogie to a “T.” Couldn’t have said it better myself!


Can’t stand Daniele and Dan!!!!! Can’t wait for them to go on the block, hopefully at the hands of Frank, followed by
Shane and Ian.

drama queen

wow danielle is seriously crying again? what is her deal? she is crying because they think she is a worthless player (which is true)….she needs constant reassurance from people….i bet dan cant wait to boot her out of the house, he has to know she is a nutjob….its like having a 5 year old daughter in the house….


She is crying because she is not the center of attention. Boogie and Frank talked to her and she claimed they “ATTACKED” her. B*^%% please!

I like her as a player b/c she is loyal and a bit fearless, at least when not being Dan’s puppet, but cant stand her personality and narcissism


i was sum-bagged!


or better yet scum-bagged, im so mad i cant type…..




far from it.


I really hate that these Quack Packers hold Dan in such high regard, cant they see they will have to get rid of him soon?? Like HELLO!!!!!

just write him the check already, the man is an amazing game player!


Well he is one of the best players of all time.


exactly! people know this and still want to take him to the end!??


Is he an amazing player? I don’t see it. He’s using his reputation to work these dummies like puppets. It’s like if Usain Bolt was competing in the Special Olympics.

Don’t get me wrong, he’s playing a smart game, but if Britney wasn’t so scared of everything and Shane, Danielle, and Eagle Eye weren’t barely functioning retards, Dan would be out on his ass this week.


What is brit gonna do. She has showed she needs someone to do her dirty work both seasons. Having Dan around now is great for her game. Keeps target on him. Down the line she figures shell get an hoh n get rid of him then. Best shot Britney has at the half mil is to take a floater. Not Ian tho.


I love how Boogie bitches about being “scumbagged” yet, he gets in the diary room and brags about doing it to other people. I’m so glad that he is getting played like this.


Boogie and Frank really are scum bags!!! What they are doing is bordering on abuse!! It may not be physical abuse like Willie supposedly did but it is certainly mental abuse which is just as horrible. If BB does not tolerate physical abuse then mental abuse should not be tolerated either. These two “men” and I use that term lightly need to grow up and start acting the adults they are suppose to be and not cry babies. BOO HOO get over it!!!! I mean isn’t Boogie like 60 or something, he certainly looks to be that old, and in the middle of lawsuits, and Frank is just an illiterate potty mouthed baby who cannot utter a sentence without using the F Bomb. This season might actually turn out to be a success once these two cry babies are gone. Production take note that they are not liked by most fans who watch the show and have stopped watching it because of these two. ABUSE OF ANY FORM SHOULD NEVER BE TOLERATED!

Aqua Bernie

I agree, talk about sore losers! Production should do something!

Just Me

Well said Sharon! I totally agree. It is so hard to watch two grown men act like that. I am surprised because I thought Mike was pretty intelligent but listening to him now he sounds a lot like Willie. Did he learn nothing from Willies attitude when he was on the block? That went over well with the other HGs and viewers. If he leaves the show will go on and there will still be plenty of excitement. He is so over rated.

chief c

i can see janelle laughing her ass off


Yes I would love to see them do an interview with Janelle about this week! lol

Team 10K

“With her giant dildo” LMAO!


Dan talks about how?????? What ??? lol DAwg you cant cut off the sentence like that lol things are getting good

drama queen

so danielle is crying again….she is crying to dan that everybody thinks she is worthless and dan has to coddle her and say no danielle u arent worthless…blah blah blah…its like having your 5 year old daughter in the house i bet, dan cant wait til he boots danielle…he has to know she is crazy….what 23 year old do any of you know that cries about that kinda stuff…..she needs therapy……i hope she gets booted by dan , that would be awesome to see her face….but dan i thought u were my daddy….where is shane? shane i love u…..oh wait i mean, trey since ur my fiance….i love u im coming home to u trey, unless shane wants me…then i dont care about u….oh shane just told me to get away from him…so hi trey comin home to u honey….when will reality set in danielles mind that this isnt the mickey mouse club….its the big brother house….she is obsessed with men, and she is obsessed with fantasy world….anybody that votes one thousand times in dancing with the stars in a complete lunatic….am i obsessed with danielle?” yes i am…but only because i cant believe that someone can be that crazy and make it known on national tv…..she has to think sometimes to herself, will america catch me lying? maybe not…because she believes her own lies


damnnn, i wish Boogie was staying. I can’t stand anyone in Quack Pack.


same here. the majority of them do nothing.

hoping frank gets to stay at least one more week because this quack pack & their faithful minions (joe, ashley, etc.) are giving me absolutely nothing.


You mean the Cult of Dan?


Say what you want people I FREAKIN LOVE IT!!!!!!! Boogie bring in the Drama I am cheering on the sidelines hey I want Ian to win at the end (he is playing the best game) But you got to love it. I hear all these people bit&hing and complaining about all the Drama Please if there was none yall would be bit4hing how this season sucks. Hey before Boogie outburst I wanted him to leave after today I want him in as long as possible. And people please the new Buzz word is BULLYING please people these are all grown adults that signed up for the madness and as Adults can handle and protect themselves as long as no fist fights let them holla all they want people please Bullying!!!!!!!!!


agree 100%


Thank You. What is up with everything and this ‘bullying’ term nowadays? Everything is not bullying. Goodness gracious lol. These people are adults and can stand up for themselves if need be. There is no bullying here.

Plus, why are people complaining about drama when if there wasn’t any, it would be a problem?

No one this season is entertaining tbh. The only people making this show entertaining is Boogie & Frank, and that’s the honest truth.

I mean, could you imagine the Quack Pack going at it with one another? Pure boredom, because the half of them don’t even know the game.

I’m fine w Boogie leaving though, because the man put himself into that predicament by not going for HoH, BUT the show will not be as interesting once he leaves, I can guarantee that.


Hey we all know Pandora’s box can be played (shane better be careful) and w/ Pandora expects the house to turn upside down


Don’t get my hopes up ! Lol

I’m praying that arcade thing does something soon.


Can be played but it can also be turned down.


No One has ever turned it down.




I agree with you Peaches! I can’t wait until the power shifts in the house… I hope Frank or Boogie wins this game!


Yes ! There needs to be a power shift, because if the upcoming weeks are just going to be them getting rid of Ashley, Jenn & Joe, it will truly be pure boredom & I guarantee production will intervene to mix it up a bit.

drama queen

dan knows what danielle wants to hear….that private facebook account thing was classic….he knows that danielle goes gaga over stuff like that…awwwww really? i can see your private facebook account…lol…dan is truly a mastermind….he has to know in his heart of hearts that danielle is a nutjob….i mean in week one she cried because he was spending more time with kara….oh kara…how i miss thee..kara was some serious eye candy…..hottest girl in big brother history….what do u guys think?….jordan was hot in a way, but not as hot as kara….even tho kara has some of that fake hollywood act going on….janelle was hot back in the day season 6 janelle was hot….well thats my take…dan is a mastermind of the weaker players….


Keesha from season 10 gets my vote as the hottest house guest ever.


Both wrong.

Rachael Reilly is the hottest BB player of all time!


Sorry, I couldn’t even put her in the top 20.

production rigged it

if that’s what you really think dude you need to see a doctor fast because you’ve caught a serious disease called blindasabatidiotitis.

MU Tigers

I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

That one guy

bye bye boogie




Can you please stop using all CAPS


Yes I agree we may have to stop approving your comments if you continue using caps.. Difficult to read your posts.


I will deff be watching i always do




Booger and his Tranny Frankie will be ghost, nobody cares to see Booger go….. and stop using caps, it’s annoying

Kathie from Canada

Why are you telling??? Not cool.

Kathie from Canada

S/B Why are you yelling??


I don’t look at boogie and frank bullying, I look at it as waking up those pansies. the majority of players in the house are sleep walking throughout this game. boogie is trying to tell them, they have the power to control their destiny. it’s Frank and Boogie playing the game on one side of the house and only dan on the other side. nobody besides frank, boogie and dan has a clue in going through the numbers and scenarios of the players left in the game. Shane is a total idiot, he has won multiple HOHs and still hasn’t shown he can strategically get ahead in the game on his own.


Agree w/ ya


I agree. What the Quack Pack has yet to realize or think about is who they can win against in the Final 2. People may say its too early to think about that but its not.

The Quack Pack cannot win against each other in the Final 2!

Ian and Dan are the top contenders for winning, period.

Anybody would win against Boogie in the Final 2, but these people are too dumb to know that lol. I mean, that’s who I would want against me. I mean, everyone practically hates him.

Its just weird that NO ONE, particularly Shane, has made an attempt to make an outside deal with Frank or something. I guess it can be seen as loyal, but also can be seen as dumb too considering that this alliance win eventually stab each other in the back & since Shane is the top competitor, he’s target number one & it would be great to have an Plan B when it happens, especially if that plan B is Frank.


It would be a waste for Shane to make a side deal with Frank he went after Frank twice already. Frank is vindictive and he would try to get him out! But for Frank Dan is target #1!!!


This. This is exactly right. I feel like I’m in the Twilight Zone that more people don’t see this.


To be fair, Shane’s first HoH would have taken out Frank, his #1 target, if Production didn’t step in and cancel the eviction with the reset. They could have easily done the reset after the eviction. Now his 2nd HOH and he’ll be taking out his #2 target, Boogie, only because Frank won POV and seriously damaging Frank’s game.


Boogie is just pissed that they made a move first. It was eventually going to happen either way. God help Ian if they find out before Thursday that he’s the one spilling Frank and Boogie’s secrets. The season has finally got heated up and should make for a good last half of the season. The shows always better when the tension is high. Boogie just can’t accept that they “scum bagged” him before he got the chance to do it first.


I’m very sad to see Boogie leaving. He was a smart and entertaining player and the show will not be the same without him.


I don’t get how boogie is smart? Dan is smart. Boogie’s tactics would not work I the real world. When he doesn’t get his way he gets mad and just tries to pressure people. That is not smart, but it may work a little because the players are stuck in a house and become paranoid.

drama queen

the best part about all u people that hate dan….and boogie is throwing dans name in the mud….the part is this….IT WAS IAN……IAN IAN IAN IAN….LOL LOL LOL…..wait til boogie talks to julie…and she says boogie….IAN is the informant……he is goiung to flip a wig….


Ca’t wait, can’t wait, can’t WAIT!


Finally, somebody gets it. It’s nice to know somebody else is paying attention.


Looking forward to it!


One thing to keep in mind, Julie will ONLY tell Boogie it was Ian IF there is no chance of Boogie coming back. That’s how we know Wil won’t come back. Julie has already told him about the Silent 6. If she tells Boogie about Ian, he isn’t coming back. If she doesn’t, there’s a chance he could come back.

Simon or Dawg, would you agree? Has there ever been a time that Julie has given an evicted player information like that to have them come back in the house later?


I don’t think Boogie will come back


I can’t wait to see Mike Boogie to go home, him and Frank got too confident thinking they were safe. If Mike would have maybe played for HOH instead of being greedy he could have saved Frank and himself from the block this week. It just goes to show you he only thinks of himself in the game and he doesn’t really have Franks back or he would have tried to win. I don’t think Danielle is a worthless player she has won more crap than most of them, at least she tries instead of Ashley who doesn’t even try to win. And if anyone should know about scum bagging people it should be Mike Boogie, he lied and scum bagged his way through his season.


Boogie’s just pissed because they struck first. Frank was considering turning on the Silent 6 the first chance he had, anyone really think that him or Boogie wouldn’t have pulled the trigger if they had HOH next week?


Cholmes, frank and Boogie thought they were part of the “Silent Six”, therefore they thought they were safe. Even I thought Joe was the target for this week. Shane has been after Frank since the beginning of the game, hindsight Frank should have gone after Shane last week. Hate to see Boogie go. When the Quackers are in charge Ian will be the first to go. Can’t wait till Shane, Britt,Dani turn on each other, but I won’t be watching. Can’t stand the Quackers.


Is Ian saying nonsense? Did he say “salsa ball”? and before that did he say something about mountain bikes?
I am enjoying Boogie’s reaction a lot, but somewhere deep inside I feel anxious like when the family fights.


People make me laugh. How is the quack pack a bunch of weak players outside of them frank is the only one who can win anything. And as for Shane. What was he suppose to do make a final 3 deal with frank and mike so they cut him in the end? This was the smartest move to make. Yea let’s let frank and mike just walk to the end. Now frank has to win every comp from here on out to get to the finale. Frank and mike would have done the same thing next week if they won HOH. There just mad because they got got first. As for them looking like yoyos. Well they didn’t care how janelle looked last week so why should anyone care how they looked this week. PB will probably save boogie somehow because BB doesn’t want there precious frank leaving to early so they need Nike in there with him.


Why are people hiding in rooms like Boogie, Frank and Jenn are walking through the house with guns? Danielle is in the room crying. Again…. (I think she’s really in love with Dan more than Shane.)
Do these people( Dani and Joe) really think Dan can’t handle this? Idk, maybe I’m not sensitive, but I don’t think they’re bullying. It’s about time there was some drama on the feeds. Wasn’t even that big of a deal, imo.

LMFAO at Boogie’s comment about Janelle at home right now with a big dildo loving this.


I thought the comment Boogie made about the dildos (Priecless)


LMAO @ boogie. def. quote of the season.

Nicole N.

Why do Boogie and Frank act like they have or are playing this game with integrity please they would be doing the same stuff if they were in power they would try to get Shane and Dan out. There whole we would never do that is bull. Good-bye Boogie although I truly wish it was Frank that was going this week. I can’t believe there is someone with a bigger ego and bigger jerk than Boogie but there is and thats Frank. I hope you get backdoored, scumbagged and whatever else Frank you are rude, obxious and just plain mean it’s a freaking game get over it!


lol things are so good I am ready to get the live feeds just for this week. This week is gonna be the best of the whole season


does booger not realize he’s a lil fuck?? nobody in there to knock him on his ass so he think he can bully, similar to Brendon tryin to bully Britney(even if she deserved a lil bit of it, but she’s still a female) but when Lane got in his face he backed down… Bitch made fools who are all talk til the fireworks start

Booger and his Bitch made that other’s are playing the game? LMFAO


Again, I will state my opinion. IAN IS PLAYING A SPOTLESS GAME RIGHT NOW.

Dude is really playing this game soooo well right now. Go Ian.

Okay, let the vitriol begin. LoL!!


I agree w/ you, ian has Dan taking all the heat and Dan is keeping his mouth shut as well as the rest off the Ducktales. He has both sides wanting to protect him lol


@Retta.Ian isn’t making Dan take all the heat.Dan is choosing to take the heat,so he can continue using Ian as a spy.Trust,Dan isn’t being played or used by anyone.


I think Ian is stupid for being with the quack pack because they planning on back dooring him at least with Frank and boogie he had a final three deal


I dont know if I would say Ian’s dumb because in his mind, he was going to the alliance that seems “bigger and better”.

But he did have a better chance with Mike & Frank. being that he was never on their radar, nor would he have ever been. He still isn’t but once this eviction happens, it’ll all be on the table & Frank will see where he stands with him.


Ian didn’t have a final 3 deal with Frank and Boogie. They had no deal at all. They alienated him and made him feel alone in the game. This is the price they pay. While Ian was freezing his a$$ off on the side of a pirate ship for 3 hours fighting for Frank and Boogie, Frank and Boogie were inside taking nice hot showers. Frank and Boogie are terrible players.


Mike Boogie I remember when you and Dan were in SR and you gave Dan a choice I will only work with you if it means Frank is part of it and now Dan has no blood on his hands its on Shane so Boogie guess $10,000 it worth Franks friendship because you got too confident with an alliance you never wanted to be in just to stick it to Janelle and to leaving your man as outgoing hoh to sit and watch his buddy stick it to him hahaha safety would of been the better choice over money hope you make no money on chilltown crap anymore


EXACTLY everybody who likes booger can’t see that he fucked himself, by alining himself with ppl he didn’t want to alined with, he only wanted someone to be his bitch boy, and he got it all day in Frank… Booger just wanted his own bitch boy, as he was Dr Will’s bitch boy for 2 seasons….

Eric CA

When you look at the this Season, it is funny how people see themselves.

Week One:
Frank was saved because Boogie used the “Willie is a homophobic Bully.” , Willie blows up. Get s kicked out the next week by production.

Week Two:
JoJo, goes home because she is grouped in with Wilie, and she is a lying tramp, that called Danielle Fat

Week Three:
Frank was supposed to be evicted, but due to the reset Frank was saved. Here is an interesting point in regards to Frank being saved, Boogie was the ONLY coach not to hit the reset, even if doing so would save Frank. It speaks to his selfishness in this game. Just like he was the only player to go for 10k even though Frank needed him to win HoH or at least Safety.

Week Four:
Janelle is backdoored, saving Frank, because she is a liar and a threat. Danielle’s Body Dysmorphic Disorder.
Boogie takes credit it for it, everybody lies to her face.

Week Five:
Wil is backdoored. Wil went home mostly because he could not lie to their face and stroke their ego’s sufficiently. Here is the irony for Boogie “I hate guys in this game that are too cocky and think they are safe.”. Frank wants to Backdoor Dan they talk about it, Frank with everybody to the point he had to tell Dan. Boogie, talks Frank out of it. Then just before the HoH, Boogie asks Ian if he wins to nominate Brittney and Shane. Now the only way, Boogie would not have a clue, it was Ian, is if Ian was not the only little Bird he talked to about this.

Week Six:
Frank/ Boogie/ Jenn: the circle of life has come full circle. Boogie and Frank are being accused of bullying, they lied and cheated, made sexist comments and Boogie is now paying the cost for being to cocky and thinking he is safe. Someone pulled they trigger they talked about. The only thing left is Danielle thinks Boogie is calling her fat.


For the Week 3 thing, I don’t think Mike was being selfish at all. He never wanted to enter the game. I truly think that he wanted Frank to win.
It was a twist that got sprung on him, not something that he had thought about for days and days.

If anything, the other coaches were being selfish, because instead of thinking about their players they thought about themselves.

I guarantee you that none of those coaches thought about ‘ Oh, Frank would be saved ‘

The only things that stuck to them were most likely ‘ Press & You enter the game for a chance to fight for $500,000 OR Don’t press it & Someone may come in later ‘

I had Mike out to be this greedy guy ( which he still is ) but when he refused to pressed the button, and was the ONLY one that did so, I did gain a little respect for him, because I truly didn’t expect it.


I find it hard to believe that Boogie really thought they weren’t going to be thrown into the game. Janelle, Dan, and possibly Brittany told him, How many fans really thought that the coaches weren’t coming into the game, did you really think they were going to keep these 4 on the side lines???? If so I have some property and a bridge I would like you to buy.



I never said that he didn’t think that it would happen. They all had a feeling it would happen.

Lets try reading first.

It wasn’t like Julie said ‘Oh hey, here’s a twist, the coaches are in the game’

Julie gave them a option to choose & out of all the coaches, Boogie is the only one that chose not to. The only one that chose to stick w his players and NOT enter the game for the half a million prize.

We all know that he didn’t want to enter the game. He wanted to coach & you could see it on his face afterwards.

He was pissed once it happened, which is why he kept questioning Dan because he wanted to know who did it, not that it made a difference or anything.

As much as Britney pretended to not want to enter the game, she DID in fact press the button, as well as Dan and Janelle ( who was aching to get into the game the minute she entered the house ).

Boogie did not, which at the time, showed a lot, at least to me.

Jen W

I think Eric is referring to him being selfish because part of the option was that no one goes home if the coaches come in the game. If none of the coaches pushed the button, Frank would have gone home.

Eric CA

Exactly, if you really have 100% someones best interest, you would hit the reset, and save them.
There is a part of me that feels Brittney hit the reset, to give Shane a fighting chance.
If Boogie had Frank in mind he would have gone for safety or HoH, the pattern was not complicated at that point. Frank had never voted to evict, why? If he was not HoH he was on the block.


The best was the other nights episode when jenn said “another week in the BB house sweating it out”. Lmao. When has she had to sweat in this house? She still doesn’t have to sweat it out because she is a stupid pawn


LMFAO @ they have the votes to keep booger, WHO?? Frankie the bitch that’s 1, The Shadow I mean “Jenn” she would vote, but that’s vote is gone now she’s on the block, Ashley OK if she high enough she may think Booger is a real Elf Fairy and he would give her a wish if she votes for him.. 2,
Brit,Dan,Ian,Dani,Joe are voting to end Booger annoyance of everything listening to him speak.. BYE BOOGER


Ian is playing a spotless game. But that’s because the quack pack is letting him. They could have easily told on him and his cover would have been blown but Dan was a man and stood up for the kid and basically took the heat for him. His little innocent kid look is letting him get away with everything in the house


Dan taking the heat for Ian may win his some jury votes if he makes it to the Final 2.
However, it could also be a downfall only because it made Ian’s game that much stronger.
They’re allowing him to be a weasel & still look innocent, which is going to prolong his time in the house simply because no one expects it from him at all.

drama queen

danielle is jealous of brittany because she is a target and not danielle….britany said ummm thats a good thing danielle……what a lunatic…..brittany why am i not the target? dont they see that im a beast,


I bet if all of us played the drinking game, drink everytime Danielle says: “hurts my feelings” We would all have alcohol poisoning.


BULLYING!? Funny how everyone is up in arms about comments Frank/Boogie made to Dan which where bitter, sarcastic and arrogant at best – while nothing they said to him crossed a line. Their banter was mild. I commend them both for how they reacted after being scum bagged multiple times this week – mainly by Shane.

However, I am very compelled to know how many of these hypercritical IDOTS crying about BULLYING are fans of America’s beloved bad ass, Evel Dick? Seriously, these people are morons.


Most stuff I read around Dick’s season loved him. What he did to Jen and Jameka is way, way worse than anything Frank or Boogie (or even Willie) have done.

It comes down to most fans not caring about the action but rather who does the action and to whom it was done to.


Very well said. 100% agree.


I would die of laughter if Boogie is the one who goes home but in the goodbye messages Dan and Ian do a chilltown reenactment.


that would be funny


I like Boogie but GOD, that would be hilarious.
Imagine his face when he sees it.


I understand that the Quack Pack is an alliance but WHY are they all running back and telling each other what Frank/Boogie said to them everytime they have a conversation.

You would think that someone, ANYONE would attempt to make a low-key outside deal with, if not Boogie, then Frank at least.

(The only reason they don’t trust Frank is because of Boogie)

They’re playing as if there will be 5 prizes at the end.

No kiddos, you will eventually get back stabbed by these same people that you’re acting chummy with so at least try to have a back up so that when that time comes, you wont be thoroughly screwed.

If I would want to have anyone as a back up, it would be Frank, considering the alternatives (Joe, Jenn & Ashley) are relatively useless.


PLEASE AG and Production, as much as you meddle in the game and twist HGs arm in DR to do your bidding, PLEASE tell Dan and Ian about this comment so they can do a mock of Shittown 3.0 in the DR, and pull out all the retarded antics that is Shittown


I guess Britney(one of the main people in Dan’s alliance,who pushed hard for Boogie or Frank to be evicted this Thursday)is so happy that Boogie&Frank aren’t acting a fool towards her.Dan needs to make sure Shane,Danielle,Joe&Britney stay glued to each other,until Boogie is evicted in 4 days.The problem is Britney is scared of Boogie&Frank,so she probably will refuse to stay around Dan,Shane,Danielle&Joe.But in my opinion,it’s best for all of them(except Ian,because his cover as a spy shouldn’t be exposed yet)to be guled to Dan.That way the easily manipulated members of their group,won’t by the crap that smelly Frank and Boogie aka Gollum is selling.I mean the line is already drawn in the sand,so what harm will it cause for them to always stay close to one another.They can still talk to Ashley&Jenn,if they want.But I think everyone except Dan are weak,when it comes to falling for the two bullies(Boogie&Frank) crap.Which means they shouldn’t be around Boogie or Frank,because they will bully them into doing what they(Boogie&Frank)want.I also think the quack pack and Joe should ignore what production tells them,when it comes to who they should keep in the game and who they should trust.It seems as though production is in a alliance with Boogie&Frank,with all the things that they’ve done for Boogie&Frank to keep them in the game.Lol.


People need to relax. Nothing Boogie or Frank are doing is any worse than what Dick did in his season. THAT was bullying.


HAVE TO disagree about Evil DIck. At least he owned everything he did and did not cry like a big baby!! Evil Dick was one of my favorite players of all time and he never pretended to be anything but what he was!! Bozo and Boogers are just acting like crying babies with bad attitudes and their only recourse for getting played first was to bully and threaten. They need to start acting like adults and stop the whining!!! Look at the polls no one likes their ugly faces and that was the thing about Evil Dick. People liked him because he owned it!!!


According to Sharon’s logic. If a rapist owns being a rapist, hey that’s cool with Sharon.

Another thing I hate, if you’re an asshole and you admit being an asshole, that doesn’t make you less of an asshole.

LOL @ Sharon – “HAVE TO disagree” Perhaps you should have started with “Allow me to share my stupidity.”


Uh, hate to break it to you but because Dick owned up to the bullying doesn’t make it more or less OK.

If two people were to punch you in the face and one said “yup, I did it” and the other denied it, would it change the fact that you got punched in the face by two people? Didn’t think so.


Ian needs to go hes a real waste of space I

n the game and on the outside

Chilltown 2.0

Hi Simon and Dawg im long time checking the website out newly commenter here my opinion

Its very funny how you ALL want Chilltown 2.0 Out and some of you cry for them to be gone but its funny because what happens when their gone is ZIP the game becomes BORING Imagine Quack pack will knock out the floaters (Joe,Jen,Ashley ) 3 weeks of Boring no contest to who goes when or suspense which makes BB good

My Prediction if Chilltown 2.0 is eliminted

Final 5 = Quack pack

Final 4 = Ian Brit dan Danielle

Final 3 Ian Brit Danielle

Final 2 Ian Danielle

Votes- Frank= Ian
Joe =Swing vote
Jen = Ian
Ashley = Ian
Shane = Danielle
Dan = Danielle
Brittany = Danielle

Should frank and boogie go this is the best outcome i would hate to see shane Steamroll and win his way to victory he would be long gone not for his allies playing his social game

Boogie will pull it out
Chilltown 2.0 for life!


The people in this house, along with many in this thread, make me sick. Talking trash is not bullying. They aren’t threatening anybody. Oh my God! He attacked me! Oh my word! They threatened me! Grow the hell up. I’d rather be the guy who got mad then the crew who just hid in the HOH talking shit behind everybody’s back. Britney has done nothing but that for two seasons now, and she has the balls to question anybody’s character?
Maybe, instead of calling Dan out, Boogie and Frank should start a rumor that Britney has herpes. That’s what Brit considers being an upright character.
Maybe they should have somebody else raise hell for them. That’s how Dan would do it.
They could say somebody else told them to act that way, and they’re really sorry. Shane would respect that kind of play.
What about Danielle? She’s had pretty smooth sailing so far, but if you don’t think that crazy bitch is going to lose her shit the first time she get’s back-stabbed, you just haven’t been watching.


I absolutely agree with you.

Britney has no right to call what anybody does bullying.

They’re trash talking; the same thing that Britney did her season & in this one.

How is it acceptable & funny when Britney does it, but it becomes bullying when it comes from Boogie or Frank?

The term bullying is like a new freaking catch phrase the way its thrown around nowadays lol.


Boogie is not bullying Dan. Boogie thinks Dan betrayed
Boogie publicly, and now Boogie is publicly calling Dan out
about it.

It’s Dan’s choice not to tell Boogie that Boogie
should be directing his fury at Ian.


I love it when joe says we need to draw the line in the house and get these floaters out when he’s the Biggest floater ever

Jen W

Yep funny. But I have to say I have more respect for him since he stood up to them just now. Kind of funny too.


If Shane is Dan’s bitch, then Frank is Boogie’s bitch.


Shane is Britney’s bitch.



Frank has to win his 3rd HoH (Fast Forward) and put up Shane & Dan on the Block. Bye Bye Dan!


Frank and Boogie actually think they can get under Dan’s skin!! What they are actually doing is playing right into Dan’s game of looking like the victim!! Dan loves all the chaos right now!! Loves it!!!


BTW way in the hell is salsa ball????? any1???


Danielle was one of my favorites when the season started and I loved her (er, Boogie’s) move of getting Janelle out. But her delusions, exaggerations, and flat out fantasy island lies are getting worse as time goes on. She’s become harder to watch on the feeds than Shelly was last year.


Oh please if she by some miracle (to you) she left the Quack Pack and decided to align with Frank and Boogie you’d be loving her instantly and would forget about the ‘lies’ and ‘delusions’.
You loved her when she took out Janelle because it was a move you approve of despite the fact that she probably had the ‘lies’ and ‘delusions’ back then too. Now that Boogies’s gone you hate her.

Eric CA

Danielle is not reminding me of Shelley Season 13.
She is reminding me of Rachael Season 12.
At first I was actually cheering for Rachael. I wanted her to defeat the Brigade.
Then she got a little cooky and by the end of that HoH where she had nominated Monet and Brittney.
I thought damn , this girl is nuts. She just met this guy, and she is crazy jealous. Get the real threats out.

Danielle is the same way for me, except Shane is not Brendon. Brendon would have declared his for ever and ever love to Danielle by now.

Just saying


What do you think the odds are that frank has a coup d’état power?


Right now I say 1%

Eric CA

If Frank had a special Mr Wizard Power, he would not be so rage full. He would be the cool voice of reason right now. Confident that he could save Boogie and put Dan up. Instead he is having a hissy fit, because his best friend has to move.


I just need a moment to cry. Britney says that she isn’t good in these types of situations and maybe she isn’t the best person to talk to her about this. LMAO FREAKIN PRICELESS Dani self evict already