Big Brother 14 – POV Ceremony / EVICTION / Part 1 of 3 HOH ENDURANCE RESULTS!


POV Holder: Danielle Next POV: Done for the Season
POV Used  YES POV Ceremony Sept 13 (Thursday)
HOH Winner: Danielle Next HOH: Sept 13 (Thursday)
Original Nominations:  Shane And Ian
Current Nominations: Dan And Ian
Last Evicted Houseguest SHANE

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Tonight’s LIVE SHOW Prediction:

  • Danielle uses the Veto to take Dan off the block and nominates Shane as the replacement.
  • Dan then casts the deciding vote to evict Shane
  • Final 3 Prediction: Ian, Dan, Danielle



Tonight on the live feeds

The final Power of Veto Ceremony will be held tonight and the house guest that is not HOH and not a nominee will then cast the deciding vote to evict one of the house guests on the block. Following the POV ceremony and eviction, the final 3 will then compete in Part 1 of the 3 Part HOH competition.
Endurance on the live feeds? 
The 1st Part of the 3 Part HOH competition is always an endurance, so we will get to see the final 3 house guests battle it for one of them to secure their spot at competing in Part 3 of the 3 Part HOH. The endurance competition will begin at the end of the episode and carry on tonight on the Big Brother Live Feeds.

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Power of Veto Ceremony Results:

POV Used/Not Used: YES
Replacement Nomination: SHANE

Actual EVICTION Votes:

DAN Votes to Evict SHANE

SHANE is evicted from the Big Brother House

FINAL 3 Big Brother 14 House Guests: DAN, IAN, DANIELLE

PART 1 of 3 – HOH winner is ?

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7:48pm The Live Feeds are showing TRIVIA..

8:10pm TRIVIA Continues..

8:30pm CBS Official announcement: CBS is blocking the live feeds until after the show ends on the west coast for the HOH competition to start!

8:35pm When the Live Feeds come back from TRIVIA.. Ian, Dan and Danielle are sitting on fishing lures where they are dunked into the water up to their necks and then brought back up and slammed into a wall. This happens over and over again… Dan mention that he figures they started at 8:15pm…

Watch the HOH ENDURANCE Competition for FREE on the Live Feeds: 3 Day Trial!




8:45pm When they get dunked back into the water, Ian start to swallow a bunch of water and almost falls off. Dan asks him if he is alright. Ian regains his grip and hangs on… Soon after they repeat the process and Ian falls off..


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9pm The live feeds switch to TRIVIA..
9:05pm – 9:15pm Back from TRIVIA … Dan and Danielle are still hanging on..

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9:17pm Danielle starts getting after Dan for the antics he causes. She tells him that he drives her F’n Crazy!

9:20pm Danielle tells Dan that he like to throw curve balls at her. She asks him if he swears on Chelsea. Dan swears. Danielle says that she will drop soon. She says if he screws her over she will castrate him with a butter knife. Danielle says that she can beat Ian in the second part. Dan says that if he gets her to the end he can say for the rest of his life that he coached someone to a half a million dollars. Danielle asks if he would take Ian to the end because he is friends with him. Dan says it’s not about being a friend it’s about being a coach. Danielle says that she will drop when they dunk them again.

When they get dunked next Danielle jumps off. Ian comes out and asks what happened. Danielle says that she slipped in the water.


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so will shane be shown basically asking danielle to use the veto on dan? I sure hope so, as that is really his perfect send off. the brilliant shane taken out by his own stupidity.


Dan should not keep Ian because he has zero chances on winning against him


I’m sure he’s smart enough to know that. But on the other hand, leaving Shane in the game is dangerous, because he won’t take Dan to the final 2. Dan’s guaranteed a final two if he keeps Ian, but he has to be extremely confident he can beat Ian and Danielle in the final HOH.


I’m thinking the same thing.


I think he just realized he can’t win the 500k and 50k is better than nothing, so he wanted to guarantee final two with either Danielle or Ian. Smart move on his part, but I really am not fond of the way he plays the game overall.


Exactly how I feel. I understand why he did it, but he went from the guy that everybody loved to a grade-A prick.


Well said , I would be susrprised if dan makes it to the final 2 and gets a single vote from the jury


Having watched BB since season 2, I’m not so sure Dan will lose to Ian in the final episode. The jury has time to cool down and GENERALLY votes for the most deserving player. That said, Dan’s best chance is definitely to send Ian to jury. Nobody in the jury house can honestly say Danielle has played a better game than Dan…he has used her again and again.

Ian vs Dan…Ian wins 4-3 (Britney, Frank, Ashley, Shane). But Britney could easily vote for Dan…she doesn’t hold a grudge and is a fan of the game.
Dan vs Danielle…Dan wins 5-2 (Britney, Ian, Jenn, Joe, Ashley). Who really knows how Ashley will vote in this case? If Jenn flips too, Danielle might win…
Ian vs Danielle…Ian wins 4-3 (Britney, Frank, Ashley, Joe). Joe is the deciding vote.


So tell me how else would he play the game, don’t let to many people hear what you are saying, becaise they will know you don’y have a clear idea on how to plat this game, your better of staing with the game shows because most of them there is no real thinking and the way uour talking it shows good lck on let make a deal


c’mon dan, pull your final judas, and screw dani by evicting shane with one hand on the bible and rosaries in the other hand! maybe even toss in a hail mary & an our father for good measure.

go, ian!

Big Dan Fan

Simon/dawg….just so you know, it’s pretty much guaranteed that Dan is evicting Shane. Not sure why you think he’s evicting Ian…

Captain Idiot

i trust dan not to evict me, but i sure wish i was off the show, so i dont have to pretend to like women…..


Omg that is so funny!


oh yah, funniest thing since a tornado.

billy bob

dan whispered to himself at 2;30 Who is going to see this coming? Not Ian, not Danielle & definitely not hopefully he saves ian,lol that would be epic!


Yo…PLEASE USE THAT VETO ON DAN, Ian or Dan deserve to win, BB14.


earlier, before the feeds cut, Dan said “Who is going to see this coming? Not Ian, not Danielle & definitely not Shane” So he may make a move and keep Ian, which i hope he does!!

Footprints in the Swamp

I don’t understand why no one thinks Dan would beat Ian in final 2. Just the brilliance of what he’s done staying there will (I think) carry more weight with the jury than “he’s already won once” or “Ian deserves it for being such a big BB fan”!!! I honestly think Dan earned the $500,000 because the point of this game (and EVERYONE KNEW THIS GOING INTO THE HOUSE) was to last til the end and I don’t think anyone (except maybe Jordan BB12) has EVER won this game or gotten to Final 2 without lying. EVERYONE who REALLY wants to win BB lies!!! It doesn’t make it right, but it’s the BIGGEST part of this game!!! Good luck Dan and Ian. One of you two deserve to win this thing!!! <3 <3 <3


Rofl, that picture with Ian smoking the cig is freaking hilarious. Like a sir.


Ian smokes????? Really??? That I did not know, he doesnt seem like a smoker.. :(


I would like to know that as well – I haven’t seen him smoke before


I’ve seen Ian smoke once early in the season..


He said he smokes “once a week” though I don’t think he smoked more than two times while he was in the BB house.


I don’t think he inhales either..

Monica L.

No, that was my good old buddy Bill



Dan desrves an acadamy award

no one can beat Dan he will beat even Ian…if he blindsides Shane..jury will choose Dan for great moves


Or they won’t vote for him based on those moves because he often swore on many things and the jury is taking it personally. Like Frank. If it was Dan vs. Ian, he might vote for Ian, even though they both deceived him at one point. I know everyone on Big Brother lies, but Dan swearing on his wife, his family, and the bible constantly to try to gain trust can sometimes make him look like a horrible person. I don’t think his win will be unanimous this time around, though.


dan cant win, he may have played a good game in the bb house, but like russel hantz in 2 seasons of survivor, hes played a horrible game for the jury, and has no chance of winning.
the only possible votes i think dan could get is ian & danielle.


Uh, you forgotten Evel Dick? What makes you think playing a “horrible” game would prevent someone from winning? He went on a below the belt rampage (like mocking Jameeka’s religiousness and calling Dustin a fairy) but it was all for strategy and in the end the jury voted for him to win by a landslide.


E.D beat Dani Donato, who did nothing but ride his coattails the entire game, and would’ve done the same thing during BB13 if she had had the chance.


dani won a whole heap of comps but Dick was in control of the game.


Daniele certainly did NOT ride Dick’s coat tails. She won 5 POV’s which a lot of the times saved both of them from being on the block. Without that, chances were HIGH that they would have voted Dick out over Dani, but they always voted the pawn out thinking they would get Dick out next. She also won two HOH’s. The only time Dick outplayed, comp wise, was the final HOH thing. I am in NO way trying to disregard Dick’s game play, because he made a lot of the HG’s do what he wanted. But I don’t think it is fair to say Dani rode his coat tails.


They should get over it, just like juries always have for Big Brother. They usually vote for who backstabbed and lied their way, no matter what the circumstance to the final 2. Dan should be no exception. Even if they are bitter and don’t vote for him, we’ll still all know who played the best game: Dan.

O Pity Me

I am in a state of shock, the picture of Ian smoking. Just shocked!

HOH Comp

Dan takes Ian to the end…. Danielle Shane Frank and Jenn all vote for him to win… game, set, best ever to play the game.,..


Danielle is going to be so upset at Dan, because he lied to her by saying he was going to send Ian packing. She won’t be able to concentrate on the comp tonight and that may give Dan an edge. Ian will probably win the comp and Dani will throw it up in Dan’s face. That he should have kept Shane. This is going to be really good tonight.


Oh well! What’s Danielle going to do – take Ian to the finals instead? Lol. Dan has set himself up perfectly and I’m pretty sure he’ll be one of the 2 left.


CBS had a clip of the jury house and Frank and Brit was really going at it.

Zingbot Fan

Watching that clip reminded me how great it is that they got Frankenhole out of the house.


he was absolutely creepy.

Ian's goodbye messages

Julie should have Marcellus and Lawon as special guests for tonight’s show just in case Shane is evicted.


Sorry, while Shane is an idiot for trusting Dan to evict Ian, it is not anywhere near as dumb as asking to be evicted or not using the veto to save yourself.

Ian "the new Alpha Dog"

Shane will be evicted.

“Operation F**k Shane” begins in 10 minutes. Danielle wasn’t able to f**k Shane, so Dan will have to do it for her. Just like he has had to do just about everything else for her this season.


Omg, that is hilarious!!


boy i hope they get shane off if not she needs to back door dan he has already won this before


Ok this is probably what dan will do

last minute goes to dani and basically says “do you trust me, OK, you have to use it on me, just trust me, blah blah blah mist miiiiiiisttttttttt”
dani uses POV, shane goes up
dani looks at dan who smiles back
dan goes in and votes shane out
shane exits-dani starts to break down

part 1 of final hoh begins, he has ian who will take him to final 2, and he has a broken to pieces danielle who he KNOWS wont be able to get under control and win the hoh’s, as she will be looking for an answer to why from dan, who will mist her and say nothing or close to it

operation destroy danielle is underway


and the worst part is, if he did this, he knows if somehow danielle won the final HOH, he could convince her to take him


or he might say to Danielle after he evicts Shane that he thought she wanted him to do that for her!!


Dan HAS to realize that keeping Ian would guarantee him a spot in the final 2 and at least $50,000. I still believe that Ian could win against Dan, but hopefully Dan doesn’t see that part! Ian can’t go to jury :( If it happens, oh well, he has a great shot at America’s Choice and would probably be considered for the next All-Stars along with Frank and maybe Britney.


IAN SMOKES?! I’ve recently jumped on the Ian Fan Bandwagon. He kinda looks badass & makes him look a little more attractive. I CANT LIE!


hes also a member of norml, so he smokes all right


I just gotta be honest; not dissing Shane or anything, but my gay-dar is going nuts whenever I watch him. I don’t care which way he swings, but something tells me that he is unsure of his sexuality…..he has mentioned twice now that he was thinking of pretending he was gay in the bb house. He has also done many other things, including NOT touching a boobie after 2 months when it is offered. I didn’t know men could do that?? he he anyway, if he is, hope he comes out. If not, then, Sorry, Shane!!!

Bill from Orange Beach

MUFASA — +1 on the Shane Gaydar.


I was thinking the same thing. He is always throwing out signals, “don’t touch me, Dani”.

Carol & Steve

I say Dan will win the first part, Ian the second & I hope Dan wins the final, so he has final say who he takes. I think he wrote off Danielle when she wouldn’t agree to vote off Shane which is why I think he’ll save Ian tonight & take Ian to the end. Danielle screwed that final 2 up.


I don’t know, I think Dan will take Danielle to Final 2, it’s easier to win against her than against Ian. He’ll be a much better talker than her. When it comes to Ian the jury can see what the kid has done, took out Frank and Boogie, won more comps than Dan. On the other hand Dan saved himself from Big Brother death , took out Brit, basically looked out for himeslf till the very end, successfully. So both have played the game and made huge moves. They are huge competition to each other.
And for both it’s best to take someone they can easily beat,……Danielle.


Simon, why isn’t video big brother working? :(


dunno.. I won’t be running it tonight. sometimes you need to give it a couple minutes.

Carol & Steve

Darn it – I’ve checked the guide twice in the past coulple of days & it had BBAD at midnight tonight – now it’s magically moved to 1am on the east coast. UGHHHH!!! Oh well, it’s going to be fun watching the aftermath…


oh my gosh i cant wait for this show to start . cant wait to see danille mouth open wide ……..


Dan evicts Shane against his word and Dani’s wishes – Dani says to him “in this game Dan, you are dead to me – I will win this HOH and take Ian to F2 with me”. If Dan follows thru with this we will see tonight if Dani is a Steel Magnolia or a Wilting Violet. I would love for her to win the endurance tonight then have Dan really sweating the next round. After his behavior, nothing would be more fitting than have him be 7th member of the jury.


Nice guys finish last. Goodbye Shane. Ian wins BB. Danielle regrets not sticking with loyal Shane. Hopefully, Shane has nothing more to do with Danielle. Neither her or Dan deserve to be in the money. Yeah, it’s a game, but there’s something to be said for loyalty.

Hopefully, Shane will be given another chance. His mistake was being too nice, and not knowing enough about the game. Now, I hope that Ian wins. Because by doing so, Dani understands she gave up $50,000. Yes, Dan will get $30,000 after taxes, but he will forever more be known as a sh*t.

This week...



Cause Dan gets them all “Misty”

Footprints in the Swamp

FINALLY!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3

Carol & Steve

When Julie said “but first” we just cracked up after watching Wil’s youtube thing today! :)


me toooooo!!


can we all vote Jodi for america’s favorite player? please


why would you vote for a non player

Barbara Kosar

I think voting for Jodi is a great Idea, I told all my friends on facebook to vote for her.



Carol & Steve

that would be so funny – what a slap in the face! something tells me that priduction will skew the votes like always….


Finally! After the commercial we get to see inside the jury house!

Carol & Steve

So when Dan “breaks Danielle’s heart” & send Shane home – how long will it take for Dan to mist Danielle into believing Dan did this for her. :)


5 to 10 mins tops!! lol


Danielle doesn’t have a heart to get broken,

she has a sac in its place. What is it filled with?

Clue: Earlier in the season, she said she swallowed.


Yeah Frank go play Suzy High Horse you dumb lil turd! Britney just ripped him apart with her rhetoric! Go team Dan!! Go Brit, I hope she wins Americas player!!

Barbara Kosar

I hope she wins nothing I don’t no who is worse her or Danielle no class either one. WHINE WHINE WHINE


Yes finally someone told frank how it really is. And of course it was Britney.


any one know what happend with video brother?? Bummer that its not working


After Shane gets back-doored tonight, (and shut up you creeps, don’t come on here and preach about what a BD is and isn’t!)

Shane’s rear entry will be so big and wide, it will be ready for Wil.


Read the earlier posts, I’m voting for Jodi, GO JODI !!!




Is Danielle this stupid? How many times do you trust the snake?


This is too easy for Dan

Jake K.



waay too much mist going on I can’t see sh!t

Carol & Steve

don’t worry I think your sh!t is on Shane’s dream! LOL


Or in Joe’s food.

BigGame Move

Why have Dani use the veto??? Why cant Shane just vote Ian out?? Do they want Dan to be hated by everyone maybe??…Possibly a GREAT move by Dani..At least thats what BigGame Move says….


She is an idiot. This decision was s strategic move on her part, yeah right

BigGame Move

LOL, WTF???….Dan just misted again!!!!


somebody put some newspaper down…Dan is misting all over the house!



Zingbot Fan

How sweet was that! Bravo Dan.

ILL WILL *OBB's Shit Talker*

Shane gone, the look on Dani’s face? PRICELESS


I hope Danielle wins the Final HoH and votes to evict Dan. That would be the greatest moment of the season!


I hope that Dan wins the final HOH, and evicts Danielle!

BigGame Move

LMAO!!!!! Who said this game was boring without Frank?? LMAO!!!!!


I know!!!!!

This week...

OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!