Big Brother 14 – POV Ceremony / EVICTION / Part 1 of 3 HOH ENDURANCE RESULTS!


POV Holder: Danielle Next POV: Done for the Season
POV Used  YES POV Ceremony Sept 13 (Thursday)
HOH Winner: Danielle Next HOH: Sept 13 (Thursday)
Original Nominations:  Shane And Ian
Current Nominations: Dan And Ian
Last Evicted Houseguest SHANE

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Tonight’s LIVE SHOW Prediction:

  • Danielle uses the Veto to take Dan off the block and nominates Shane as the replacement.
  • Dan then casts the deciding vote to evict Shane
  • Final 3 Prediction: Ian, Dan, Danielle



Tonight on the live feeds

The final Power of Veto Ceremony will be held tonight and the house guest that is not HOH and not a nominee will then cast the deciding vote to evict one of the house guests on the block. Following the POV ceremony and eviction, the final 3 will then compete in Part 1 of the 3 Part HOH competition.
Endurance on the live feeds? 
The 1st Part of the 3 Part HOH competition is always an endurance, so we will get to see the final 3 house guests battle it for one of them to secure their spot at competing in Part 3 of the 3 Part HOH. The endurance competition will begin at the end of the episode and carry on tonight on the Big Brother Live Feeds.

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Power of Veto Ceremony Results:

POV Used/Not Used: YES
Replacement Nomination: SHANE

Actual EVICTION Votes:

DAN Votes to Evict SHANE

SHANE is evicted from the Big Brother House

FINAL 3 Big Brother 14 House Guests: DAN, IAN, DANIELLE

PART 1 of 3 – HOH winner is ?

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7:48pm The Live Feeds are showing TRIVIA..

8:10pm TRIVIA Continues..

8:30pm CBS Official announcement: CBS is blocking the live feeds until after the show ends on the west coast for the HOH competition to start!

8:35pm When the Live Feeds come back from TRIVIA.. Ian, Dan and Danielle are sitting on fishing lures where they are dunked into the water up to their necks and then brought back up and slammed into a wall. This happens over and over again… Dan mention that he figures they started at 8:15pm…

Watch the HOH ENDURANCE Competition for FREE on the Live Feeds: 3 Day Trial!




8:45pm When they get dunked back into the water, Ian start to swallow a bunch of water and almost falls off. Dan asks him if he is alright. Ian regains his grip and hangs on… Soon after they repeat the process and Ian falls off..


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9pm The live feeds switch to TRIVIA..
9:05pm – 9:15pm Back from TRIVIA … Dan and Danielle are still hanging on..

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9:17pm Danielle starts getting after Dan for the antics he causes. She tells him that he drives her F’n Crazy!

9:20pm Danielle tells Dan that he like to throw curve balls at her. She asks him if he swears on Chelsea. Dan swears. Danielle says that she will drop soon. She says if he screws her over she will castrate him with a butter knife. Danielle says that she can beat Ian in the second part. Dan says that if he gets her to the end he can say for the rest of his life that he coached someone to a half a million dollars. Danielle asks if he would take Ian to the end because he is friends with him. Dan says it’s not about being a friend it’s about being a coach. Danielle says that she will drop when they dunk them again.

When they get dunked next Danielle jumps off. Ian comes out and asks what happened. Danielle says that she slipped in the water.


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472 thoughts on “Big Brother 14 – POV Ceremony / EVICTION / Part 1 of 3 HOH ENDURANCE RESULTS!

  1. so will shane be shown basically asking danielle to use the veto on dan? I sure hope so, as that is really his perfect send off. the brilliant shane taken out by his own stupidity.

    1. I’m sure he’s smart enough to know that. But on the other hand, leaving Shane in the game is dangerous, because he won’t take Dan to the final 2. Dan’s guaranteed a final two if he keeps Ian, but he has to be extremely confident he can beat Ian and Danielle in the final HOH.

    2. I think he just realized he can’t win the 500k and 50k is better than nothing, so he wanted to guarantee final two with either Danielle or Ian. Smart move on his part, but I really am not fond of the way he plays the game overall.

          1. Having watched BB since season 2, I’m not so sure Dan will lose to Ian in the final episode. The jury has time to cool down and GENERALLY votes for the most deserving player. That said, Dan’s best chance is definitely to send Ian to jury. Nobody in the jury house can honestly say Danielle has played a better game than Dan…he has used her again and again.

            Ian vs Dan…Ian wins 4-3 (Britney, Frank, Ashley, Shane). But Britney could easily vote for Dan…she doesn’t hold a grudge and is a fan of the game.
            Dan vs Danielle…Dan wins 5-2 (Britney, Ian, Jenn, Joe, Ashley). Who really knows how Ashley will vote in this case? If Jenn flips too, Danielle might win…
            Ian vs Danielle…Ian wins 4-3 (Britney, Frank, Ashley, Joe). Joe is the deciding vote.

      1. So tell me how else would he play the game, don’t let to many people hear what you are saying, becaise they will know you don’y have a clear idea on how to plat this game, your better of staing with the game shows because most of them there is no real thinking and the way uour talking it shows good lck on let make a deal

  2. Simon/dawg….just so you know, it’s pretty much guaranteed that Dan is evicting Shane. Not sure why you think he’s evicting Ian…

  3. c’mon dan, pull your final judas, and screw dani by evicting shane with one hand on the bible and rosaries in the other hand! maybe even toss in a hail mary & an our father for good measure.

    go, ian!

  4. earlier, before the feeds cut, Dan said “Who is going to see this coming? Not Ian, not Danielle & definitely not Shane” So he may make a move and keep Ian, which i hope he does!!

  5. dan whispered to himself at 2;30 Who is going to see this coming? Not Ian, not Danielle & definitely not hopefully he saves ian,lol that would be epic!

  6. I don’t understand why no one thinks Dan would beat Ian in final 2. Just the brilliance of what he’s done staying there will (I think) carry more weight with the jury than “he’s already won once” or “Ian deserves it for being such a big BB fan”!!! I honestly think Dan earned the $500,000 because the point of this game (and EVERYONE KNEW THIS GOING INTO THE HOUSE) was to last til the end and I don’t think anyone (except maybe Jordan BB12) has EVER won this game or gotten to Final 2 without lying. EVERYONE who REALLY wants to win BB lies!!! It doesn’t make it right, but it’s the BIGGEST part of this game!!! Good luck Dan and Ian. One of you two deserve to win this thing!!! <3 <3 <3

    1. Or they won’t vote for him based on those moves because he often swore on many things and the jury is taking it personally. Like Frank. If it was Dan vs. Ian, he might vote for Ian, even though they both deceived him at one point. I know everyone on Big Brother lies, but Dan swearing on his wife, his family, and the bible constantly to try to gain trust can sometimes make him look like a horrible person. I don’t think his win will be unanimous this time around, though.

      1. dan cant win, he may have played a good game in the bb house, but like russel hantz in 2 seasons of survivor, hes played a horrible game for the jury, and has no chance of winning.
        the only possible votes i think dan could get is ian & danielle.

        1. Uh, you forgotten Evel Dick? What makes you think playing a “horrible” game would prevent someone from winning? He went on a below the belt rampage (like mocking Jameeka’s religiousness and calling Dustin a fairy) but it was all for strategy and in the end the jury voted for him to win by a landslide.

          1. E.D beat Dani Donato, who did nothing but ride his coattails the entire game, and would’ve done the same thing during BB13 if she had had the chance.

            1. Daniele certainly did NOT ride Dick’s coat tails. She won 5 POV’s which a lot of the times saved both of them from being on the block. Without that, chances were HIGH that they would have voted Dick out over Dani, but they always voted the pawn out thinking they would get Dick out next. She also won two HOH’s. The only time Dick outplayed, comp wise, was the final HOH thing. I am in NO way trying to disregard Dick’s game play, because he made a lot of the HG’s do what he wanted. But I don’t think it is fair to say Dani rode his coat tails.

      2. They should get over it, just like juries always have for Big Brother. They usually vote for who backstabbed and lied their way, no matter what the circumstance to the final 2. Dan should be no exception. Even if they are bitter and don’t vote for him, we’ll still all know who played the best game: Dan.

  7. Dan takes Ian to the end…. Danielle Shane Frank and Jenn all vote for him to win… game, set, best ever to play the game.,..

  8. Danielle is going to be so upset at Dan, because he lied to her by saying he was going to send Ian packing. She won’t be able to concentrate on the comp tonight and that may give Dan an edge. Ian will probably win the comp and Dani will throw it up in Dan’s face. That he should have kept Shane. This is going to be really good tonight.

    1. Oh well! What’s Danielle going to do – take Ian to the finals instead? Lol. Dan has set himself up perfectly and I’m pretty sure he’ll be one of the 2 left.

    1. Sorry, while Shane is an idiot for trusting Dan to evict Ian, it is not anywhere near as dumb as asking to be evicted or not using the veto to save yourself.

    2. Shane will be evicted.

      “Operation F**k Shane” begins in 10 minutes. Danielle wasn’t able to f**k Shane, so Dan will have to do it for her. Just like he has had to do just about everything else for her this season.

  9. Ok this is probably what dan will do

    last minute goes to dani and basically says “do you trust me, OK, you have to use it on me, just trust me, blah blah blah mist miiiiiiisttttttttt”
    dani uses POV, shane goes up
    dani looks at dan who smiles back
    dan goes in and votes shane out
    shane exits-dani starts to break down

    part 1 of final hoh begins, he has ian who will take him to final 2, and he has a broken to pieces danielle who he KNOWS wont be able to get under control and win the hoh’s, as she will be looking for an answer to why from dan, who will mist her and say nothing or close to it

    operation destroy danielle is underway

  10. Dan HAS to realize that keeping Ian would guarantee him a spot in the final 2 and at least $50,000. I still believe that Ian could win against Dan, but hopefully Dan doesn’t see that part! Ian can’t go to jury :( If it happens, oh well, he has a great shot at America’s Choice and would probably be considered for the next All-Stars along with Frank and maybe Britney.

  11. IAN SMOKES?! I’ve recently jumped on the Ian Fan Bandwagon. He kinda looks badass & makes him look a little more attractive. I CANT LIE!

  12. I just gotta be honest; not dissing Shane or anything, but my gay-dar is going nuts whenever I watch him. I don’t care which way he swings, but something tells me that he is unsure of his sexuality…..he has mentioned twice now that he was thinking of pretending he was gay in the bb house. He has also done many other things, including NOT touching a boobie after 2 months when it is offered. I didn’t know men could do that?? he he anyway, if he is, hope he comes out. If not, then, Sorry, Shane!!!

  13. I say Dan will win the first part, Ian the second & I hope Dan wins the final, so he has final say who he takes. I think he wrote off Danielle when she wouldn’t agree to vote off Shane which is why I think he’ll save Ian tonight & take Ian to the end. Danielle screwed that final 2 up.

    1. I don’t know, I think Dan will take Danielle to Final 2, it’s easier to win against her than against Ian. He’ll be a much better talker than her. When it comes to Ian the jury can see what the kid has done, took out Frank and Boogie, won more comps than Dan. On the other hand Dan saved himself from Big Brother death , took out Brit, basically looked out for himeslf till the very end, successfully. So both have played the game and made huge moves. They are huge competition to each other.
      And for both it’s best to take someone they can easily beat,……Danielle.

  14. Darn it – I’ve checked the guide twice in the past coulple of days & it had BBAD at midnight tonight – now it’s magically moved to 1am on the east coast. UGHHHH!!! Oh well, it’s going to be fun watching the aftermath…

  15. Dan evicts Shane against his word and Dani’s wishes – Dani says to him “in this game Dan, you are dead to me – I will win this HOH and take Ian to F2 with me”. If Dan follows thru with this we will see tonight if Dani is a Steel Magnolia or a Wilting Violet. I would love for her to win the endurance tonight then have Dan really sweating the next round. After his behavior, nothing would be more fitting than have him be 7th member of the jury.

  16. Nice guys finish last. Goodbye Shane. Ian wins BB. Danielle regrets not sticking with loyal Shane. Hopefully, Shane has nothing more to do with Danielle. Neither her or Dan deserve to be in the money. Yeah, it’s a game, but there’s something to be said for loyalty.

    Hopefully, Shane will be given another chance. His mistake was being too nice, and not knowing enough about the game. Now, I hope that Ian wins. Because by doing so, Dani understands she gave up $50,000. Yes, Dan will get $30,000 after taxes, but he will forever more be known as a sh*t.

        1. that would be so funny – what a slap in the face! something tells me that priduction will skew the votes like always….

  17. So when Dan “breaks Danielle’s heart” & send Shane home – how long will it take for Dan to mist Danielle into believing Dan did this for her. :)

    1. Danielle doesn’t have a heart to get broken,

      she has a sac in its place. What is it filled with?

      Clue: Earlier in the season, she said she swallowed.

  18. Yeah Frank go play Suzy High Horse you dumb lil turd! Britney just ripped him apart with her rhetoric! Go team Dan!! Go Brit, I hope she wins Americas player!!

  19. After Shane gets back-doored tonight, (and shut up you creeps, don’t come on here and preach about what a BD is and isn’t!)

    Shane’s rear entry will be so big and wide, it will be ready for Wil.

  20. Why have Dani use the veto??? Why cant Shane just vote Ian out?? Do they want Dan to be hated by everyone maybe??…Possibly a GREAT move by Dani..At least thats what BigGame Move says….

  21. Shane, I have two words for you and your stupidity: “BUCH DICH”

    In German, that means: BEND OVER! (I don’t have a German keyboard, so I couldn’t use the umlauts)

        1. No, The BBUS has been almost like an addiction. I’d never get anything done if I watched BB in other countries! Sooooo much gratitude to you and Dawg for your summaries. I am sleep-deprived because of BBAD and checking you guys out is one of the first things I do in the morning and several times during the day. Retirement has its benefits! Danke schoen! (Thanks!)

  22. The only time you will ever hear me say this….ROLL TIDE!! Come on Dani – you can do this. I am seriously hoping she wins this HOH and sends Dan packing. I am really tired of his crap!!

    1. At this point I want Dan to finish what he started. He started the ‘misting’ so he should finish it by winning Big Brother.

  23. LOL @ Shane…

    “Dan’s a dirty player”…No shit. And he’s in the house and you’re not. The fact that everyone trusted him goes to show how good of a player Dan is. He deserves every bit of that $500k.

    1. I agree, at this point I’ll be really disappointed if he doesn’t win. I may not agree with his tactics but he has played the best game out of everyone this season. Way to go Dan!!!

    2. and the 2nd place $50k & the $25k America’s Vote. and while we’re at it, even tho it ended when the game reset, give him the $100k for getting one of his team to the final 2 if Danielle somehow wins!
      Go Dan!!

  24. As a fan of the game/show, I love to see big moves. I don’t understand why everyone has gotten so soft & is calling it dirty when someone lies. Competitions are not the only part of this game…that’s the point of it.

    1. Exactly! Truth gets checked at the door! It made me think when they were all playing cards – you’re gonna lie/bluff & keep your cards close to your chest n the game. It’s all about being able to keep secrets & lie when needed as well as being able to keep quiet & not brag to everyone what you’ve done or want to do.
      Perhaps the next cast should be given the Dan Gheesling seminar on how to win BB right before they go into the house & see who learned the most at the end. This would include a section on “misting” of course!

  25. this is what happens when you deal with stupid players. Danielle and Shane got what they deserved.

    1. Dan didn’t force Dani to give him the Veto. He told her it was her choice what she wanted to do. But she wanted him to tell her what to do. It was her decision, she has been in this house the whole time watching how Dan plays. Dan didn’t make Frank take him off the block. Dan dazzled him with bullsh@t. It was Franks choice. Everyone is telling you the snake is dangerous, its your fault if you choose to play with it and you get bit.

  26. I wanna vote Dan’s Mist for America’s vote – LOL!!

    I loved Ian’s shock almost as much as Danielle’s fly catcher expression! Can’t wait for tonight!

  27. I love the whole, “My plan the whole time was to get you to the end and win you the million dollars, because I’m your coach” deal. And she actually believes it. Genius. Truly genius.

    1. Yeah, that was totally great when only about 10-20% of the audience clapped. Do you know why? because the other 80+% are thinking, “You nice, dense boy. Did you not know what game you were playing?”

      Get over it folks. Jordan Lloyd winning this game was a fluke. People like Dr. Will, Evel Dick, and yes, sadly, even Mike Boogie are the types of people who win this game. If you want a congeniality contest go watch Toddlers and Tiaras.

  28. This is one of the best moments in BB history. BUT there could be a even bigger moment if we VOTE JODI FOR AMERICAS FAVORITE PLAYER!!!!

  29. why did you have to go thru this Danielle – I heard your question to Dan at the end of the show. you had to go thru it b/c you didn’t let Shane go a week ago!

    After hearing what Dan told her during the show – I think he’s still on board to take her to the final 2. However if she doesn’t give into the mist & Dan wins HOH she will be gone at his hand. Gonna be a fun week. Wonder when the 1st HOH will start.

    1. I guess you’ve been “misted” too….Dan isn’t taking Danielle anywhere…he knows that he will never win the final hoh. So, this way he goes either way. He isnt going to fight for it to save danielle and take her. He knows he wont have to choose between Ian or Danielle. Bottom line, Shane was the only person not taking Dan, so he had to find a way to get rid if him. It had nothing to do with danielle.

      1. Oh I glory in the mist – LOL!! I’m not saying he’ll fight to take her with him, but if she doesn’t come around & accept the misting she just got from Dan then he may try harded to win the first HOH & make her fight in the second one if she wants to stay.

  30. Dan is trying to tell Danielle that he did this to save her. I strongly feel that he was trying to secure himself in the final 2 from all ends. It would be funny if Danielle just decided to take Ian to the final 2 instead because she got frustrated with Dan. I don’t think I can wait until next Wednesday!!

    1. This girl is too dumb,delusional and way too much of a borderline personality disorder case to realize what a favor Dan did for her. He secured Shane’s vote for her to win the 500k, as after royally pissing Shane off Dan doesn’t stand a chance in getting Shane’s vote. He also pissed him off so badly that all Shane will talk about in the jury house is how betrayed poor Dani is and how many times she has been a victim of Dans evilness and if Danielle can stop having a poor me moment for one minute she may realize that Dan has been doing what he said he set out to do from day one and that is coach his one player to the final 2. Shane needs to realize that they all made the agreement that at the point of final 4, they would fight it out,every man for themselves at that time. And for that, I’m rooting for Ian. Why did the other 3 think they were more deserving than Ian?

  31. Dan telling Danielle, “I’m your coach”. That is so funny!

    I laughed so hard that I farted a wet fart!

    Time to go change my “Joe Boxers”!

  32. Go Brit…impressed the way she stood up to Frank in JH. So it’s justified when Franks lies but not when others do. LMAO!!!! Proud of her!

    1. Well Brittany was going to mess up Frank’s HOH that week by trying to win the veto and taking Dan off the block. Her lies were exposed during the funeral when Dan outed her, so I why would Frank be loyal to her after that? Plus, she even talked about getting rid of him the next week. I think Frank wanted to work with Brittany but then he thought Dan was going to be more honest. Frank was stupid to trust Dan or Brittany or anyone left in that house. He was doomed the second Boogie walked out the door. Looks like Shane got to feel the blindside Bahaha, doesn’t feel so great, hey?

      1. And did you see how fast he exited the house?? I think he even pushed Dan away! But I bet no one will say he was a sore loser and bitter.

        1. I was never a big fan of Brit, seems like she can do and say things that other people can’t and get away with it. I’m happy Dan created a plot to get her booted out of the house. I admit Frank is still bitter and Shane will be too and I understand what she was trying to tell Frank about it just being a game but does she have to be so annoying while she’s doing it?

          1. Yeah I agree it’s just a game and I actually think both Frank and Shane will get over the burn of their blindsides before the votes…..or at least I hope they do! I just love how bitter Shane was,yet last week everyone was ragging on Frank for being pissed. I guess even nice guys act bitter too, or is it just a normal human emotion when you’ve been back stabbed? I guess we will never know…..another one of life’s little mysteries I guess.

            1. LOL but watch NOBODY mention that. The minute Frank does it, it’s the topic of conversation all the way around. When it’s Shane…..nothing. LMAO.

          2. I agree about Britney. I feel that she was bitter about Dan and was trying to make Frank feel even worse about it too to be honest. I agree wholeheartedly with the “It’s just a game.” but the reason she, and she only feels that way is because she knows what it feels like to lose already. She has been in this position before so she is more equipped to handle it better. This is the same reason I give to the people that state that “Janelle was blindsided and she went out graciously; when Frank was blindsided he showed poor sportsmanship.” Um yea, if you were in the house before, and LOST, you are well aware of the fact that it’s just a game; however, if this is your first time in the house, you are basing a lot of things off of emotion; especially if the backstab was so recent. If someone just days ago got evicted, chances are, they are still going to feel emotional about it. It’s not like when you get evicted, all of your feelings go out the window, and it’s all about game game game. Britney was speaking the truth in regards to it simply being a game, but the way she went about it was rather annoying and cold to say the least. She was attempting to treat Frank like he was shit, something she does to others quite often. Everyone here applauding Britney are indeed hypocrites since the way that she claims Frank acts, is the exact same way she acts. She can do things, but the minute they’re done to her, it’s horrid. She plotted against Frank, knew it and then was upset when he got rid of her. Britney is nothing more than a hypocrite.

      1. What line did he cross? WTH. You people are beyond sensitive, yet are the ones that come here everyday to continuously make fun of Danielle or ridicule Shane. Please, don’t even.

        He stated, “If you were to cheat on your husband and he didn’t find out, wouldn’t it still be cheating?”

        which ties into the fact that Brit planned to go back on her word with Frank.

        He did not disrespect her or her husband in any way with that comment, and if you believe he did, then you’re obviously blinded by your dislike for Frank.

        1. @hello obviously you have got frank on the brain and have been blinded by his mist britney was just calling him out on his supposed honestly played game that he said he played. you frank fans are pathetic always taking up for him acting like he never did anything wrong, if anybody is a hypocrite it’s you for saying what you did about what britney did considering everything that frank did. you’re the one that’s blinded by frank’s mist or should i say farts.

          1. oh and another thing …..He stated, “If you were to cheat on your husband and he didn’t find out, wouldn’t it still be cheating?” and you said that tied into the fact that britney planned to go back on her word with frank. well that’s no different than him and boogie planning on going after britney and shane and if ian hadn’t told britney and they beat them to the punch then frank and boogie would have because boogie even said that they got beat to the punch. so you know what that makes frank the biggest hypocrite of all.

      2. Frank was just asking a hypothetical question question, he didn’t say that she would actually do it…he asked if not when, Brits the one that walked out of the room like a two year old. I think Frank biggest mistake was just raising his voice, as for Joe are you sure he wasn’t just looking for a quiet place? I mean it may have been a long car ride and he may have needed some “alone” time for a quick release.


    1. no, they ask for casting every year near the end of the season and the only reason they did season 9 in the winter is because of the writers strike and cbs needed to fill the time slots but bb would never compete with there regular shows

  34. Dan is a fucking piece of shit. I was actually a fan of him, until he did that to Shane.
    He screwed over my girl Danielle, and now he’s written Ian a pay-cheque. I don’t know what he’s thinking..
    I hope Danielle wins part 2 of the HoH competition, because she can easily win 3.
    I feel like becoming religious just so I can prey for Dan to burn in “hell”.
    I hope someone bombs his house LMAO, he’s a despicable human being. You don’t swear on family and break your word.. poor Dani ;[[

    Come on Danielle you can do it <33

    1. Its just a game…he shouldn’t be bombed for a game!! So many people (thanks to ‘floater hunters’ like Rachel etc) think the game is just loyalty and winning competitions, IT ISN”T! Lying and deceiving is just as important and Dan is proving that it may even be MORE important than winning comps and pledging undying loyalty to someone…just ask Shane!

    2. what do you mean you don’t know why he did it he did it to guarante he made it to the final 2, shane was the only one who wouldn’t take him and he knew that danielle would be conflicted on who to take so in one swoop he took out the only person standing in his way to the final 2 brilliant move if you don’t see that then you are thinking personally not strategic. Keeping ian is his backup if he or dani don’t win it he is covered on all sides. This is a game and the idea if for you to get to the end not for someone else keeping shane did nothing to help dan’s game with Ian gone then shane would take out dan and he couldn’t take that risk. Nice play dan

  35. My thoughts: Danielle is the worse player in Big Brother history now. She blindsides the one person who she could have beaten and has been stringing along the whole season! She is going to go down as that disgusting girl who always eats and has no personality. Ian is a poser, he may try to act bad by smoking and cussing but in reality he is a loser who had his first date in the big brother house. Dan is just an absolute Big Brother Genius. Shane, I hope comes back after being more knowledgeable. Shane and Frank would take the game in all stars.

    1. By your definition, Ian is a loser in reality, but it’s not like he’s hiding it. Everyone knows that he’s socially awkward, probably doesn’t have many friends, and spends his life studying away. I don’t know what he’s trying to pose as. He’s definitely not “bad” or cool.

    2. Danielle didn’t blindside him; Dan did.

      Danielle was dumb for even letting Dan talk her into that though.

      Ian annoys me as well with his attempts to act cool. Ever since his first win, he has acted like he ran the house; his entire personality changed, maybe Britney was rubbing off on him (no shade to Brit, but Ian began talking shit about people more *think Ashley’s on me like stink on shit comment*, etc etc. )

      I think he wanted to fit in with people, and once he had the majority on his side, acted like a complete douche. I did initially like him but he turned me off with the comment about Ashley and it’s been all downhill from there.

      *Not because I think that his actions were horrible, but because I think he was trying to be cool for Britney, and trying to put on a show and fit in with his QP members.*

      It was pathetic to watch.

  36. I hate Dan. I hope he LOSES and doesn’t win one cent from all this. He went from being my favorite BB player to one of my least favorites! Yeah I get it, it’s just a game, and he is a GREAT liar and he’s got the mist, but I -personally- find him swearing on his wife and his bible so LOW I don’t think he deserves anything!

  37. I’m so happy Ian at least got final three. I was scared coming into tonight’s episode.

    Dan has always been a personal favorite but this blindside….just give the man the check lol

    Dan is probably going to make more money off selling his books then winning the game anyways, so give it to Ian for pity’s sake XD.

    Dani….I like her…but after a x4 double cross, she probably still going to be loyal to Dan…people never learn.

  38. If Dani wins the HOH comp, Dan may think she has forgiven him all they way to showtime next Wednesday, then when Julie asks her who she votes to evict she will say – Julie I vote to evict Dan for being a lying, deceitful, backstabbing douche.

    1. I can only hope… but honestly, I don’t even think she would! I think she just might actually believe DAN saying he was in it all along to get HER the half million. *facepalm* can’t believe this is the mental caliber of the people we’re dealing it.

    2. I wouldn’t hold my breath dan has manage to convince her all season do you really think all of a sudden she will be so mad about shane (especially since her and dan’s plan was to evict him after the final hoh) that she turns on him at the end then you haven’t been paying attention all summer. Never happen by the time the hoh starts on sunday all will be forgive she forgiven she has forgiven him for everything he as done all summer why should now be any different he will spin that he did it for her and didn’t want her put in the position of chosing between himself and shane

  39. And DANIELLE, WHAT on earth was she thinking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just LAST WEEK you knew Dan wanted to get Shane out if he got the chance, and all of a sudden you trust that he changed his mind??!!

    I hope IAN wins this thing. That is all.

    1. I know! That was the worst move she could EVER make! Ian does deserve to win, Danielle second, Dan third. The only reson Dani second because dan is a lying backstabber that does NOT deserve to win again…..

    2. Dan was targeting Ian first last week…Thats why Dani believed Dan about voting out Ian….Win or lose, Final 2 or not..This was a great move by Dan…Honestly most of us in here will be talking about all of Dan’s misting and moves than the other stuff that went on in the house…I mean we have even gone a half hour without some dumbass saying that Frank got screwed and should get the 500k….

    1. Haha LOL thanks simon for posting that link. Though I was rooting for Shane, that is one priceless pic. So, now I guess I will be rooting for Ian. He is the only one who deserves it, anyways.

    2. LOL. Danielle won HOH and the POV to take out her closet friend in the house, Shane. Danielle and Shane are idiots. total embarrassment, especially for live television.

    3. oh wow…I feel so bad for Danielle….but she knew Dan wanted Shane out…Poor Shane…why’d he go along with it when he was safe already !!!! oh my gosh ! Dan is so smart but he’s ruthless !!! I’ve always liked Dan…but I thought he was geniunely protective of Danielle….I’ve so many mixed emotions..this is SOOOO EXCITING !!! Can’t wait for the show to come on…..he deserves to win if he can get to the end ! still feel sorry for Dani….hard lesson learned…ughhh her pimples are going to come back with a vengence !

      Thank you so much Simon and Dawg for all your sleepless nights to bring us all the updates !!! I really appreciate you guys so much…I will donate tomorrow when my husbands paycheck gets deposited :) I read your updates practically ALL day long !!! hehe.. …
      take care till next season !!!!

      can’t wait to see Ian’s shocked face !!!! any picture of him too ?

  40. hope danille goes home next shane is definaley getting that restraing order now ….. i cant wait for ian and dan to win and dan put the last nail in her coffin …… after the show was ending dan told danille he did it for us for her i laugh so hard this guy is unbelievable…… she knew shane needed that money yet she put his game injepoardy i dont see shane dating her after this i dont care what he told julie tonight….

  41. Oh people hate Dan for evicting shane. Boo hoo. Shane wasn’t taking Dan to the final 2. And if Danielle had won part 1 and Shane won part 2 Danielle would have thrown it to Shane so she didn’t have to choose someone. It was the smartest move he could make. The people who hate that move are the people who would lose if they ever played the game. If you want to blame anyone blame Danielle and Shane for being dumb enough to fall for it. Maybe if they hadn’t gotten so close Dan wouldn’t have done it.

  42. Do you think Dani was really shocked or happy? I think she’s not dumb enough to think Dan wouldn’t do that. She wanted the blood on Dan’s hands & she came out as the victim AGAIN. I hope the HOH is on BBAD tonight, not just because I want to see it but because I don’t want to see her crying & feeling sorry for herself all night!!

  43. Dan should win the game. He truly deserves it. He played the whole house the all season long while laying down most of the time. Love it. I still think Dani has a nive rear end. ;)

  44. See if Danielle had just voted out Shane during the double eviction it could be Dan, Danielle and either joe or jenn because Ian would have been voted out tonight. If Ian wins this it’s Danielle’s fault not dans.

    1. You are spot on! I hadn’t remembered all that yet. Oh yeah! By her not voting Dan out she made him have to work a little harder to ensure his safety, but now she’s has to work harder to keep Ian from beating her. She made her bed & now she’s got to lie in it without Shane! LOL!! Go DAN or IAN!!

  45. Dans a complete tool loser who no one respects. He plays like a dirty weasel and doesnt have any charm while doing it, he comes off like a nerdy vindictive scumbag. He is just lucky that he plays with bozos who are lost and have no clue, otherwise he’d be long gone. If danielle had any smarts she’d tell ian everything and bounce this squirmy nerd tool dan from the house

      1. If Brittany understood the game she would still be in the house’! She tried to play too many angles and it bit her in the ass, and out of all the coaches, I think she was the worst.

  46. LMAO!!!! Im still laughing cause i cant find my way to the door with all this “MIST” that came through my TV….I think Dani will calm down and realize that this might be okay as now she doesnt have to decide who to take to the final 2 (Dan or Shane)…Problem is though, she had 2 people that were gonna take her and now she has only 1…Best move by Dan…NO WAY Shane was gonna take Dan to the final 2….I have been reserving my judgement on who the best player of alltime is…I think Dan might have clinched it wth this move…I think he brought back the spirit of what this game is TRUELY about..its not all about winning comps and may the most athletic or smartest win…

  47. Simon,

    Do have an idea when the live feeds will be back up? Are we going to see the aftermath via the live feeds of Danielle’s reaction to Dan evicting Shane?

    Also, Simon, you seem like an intelligent person – typically your predictions are solid. Are you in shock, Simon, that Dan evicted Shane. I’m not sure if you are a fan of Dan – however, I cannot root for this guy. Games are games – but sportsmanship is important. Entering the BB house does not mean: In the BB house I can use the Bible as a tool – I can use any means. Plus, Dan brags about stabbing people in the back. What are your feelings on Dan?

    Simon, Is it clear now that Dan will in fact take Ian to the Final 2, and, that Dan was using Danielle the entire time?

    More importantly, please let me know if you have an idea when the Live Feeds will be back on.

    Thank you so much Simon for all of your hard work – for taking your time to make BB more enjoyable.

    1. HI winkerAugusta, thanks!

      Every year since I have started watching the feeds I think they show the final HOH.. so any time now the feeds should start up. With that said CBS hates us and they only care about the millions of TV viewers..

      I was surprised a bit I kinda thought he was going to evict Shane but I thought it too good to be true. By evicting SHane Dan is now final 2.

      I think Dan will still take Danielle to final 2.

      1. Simon,

        Thanks so much. It’s just seems hard to trust Dan after all of lies. Dan has played up the renegades (his Final 2 with Ian) so much.

        CBS should be thankful to you – your site keeps BB interesting, and, viewers interested. Viewers have been ready to stop watching BB – but your site keeps people tuning in to watch BB on CBS Therefore, CBS and Big Brother should appreciate your site very much.

      2. I don’t care who wins this whole season has been sad none of the newness knew how to play and Ian was pretty much protected from day one. Danii was just dumb and did what Dan wanted her tori so as far as am concern her hoh’s were really Dan’s hoh’s. So even tho I don’t want Dan to win he should .

  48. to stay true to his scumbag loser nerd ways dan needs to take ian….danielle is a disaster if she believes dan, why would dan care about getting danielle to win?? she believes that? dans mission in life is to get danielle 500k? please. no way dan can beat either one in the end, he’s done and goes down as one of the biggest losers in reality tv history, nice job Yo

    1. Yeah, what a loser…you know he’s already made $500,000 on this game before right? Not to mention he officially made it farther on his 2nd run that both Dr. Will and Jordan Lloyd.

    2. Don’t be so sure! will in bb2 told everyone to vote him out, how much he hated them all and still they kept him even that bit in the jury showed that a lot of them might vote for him just because he has played this game so well i have no doubt if he goes to the F2 he will have brit and ian’s vote

  49. Danielle and Shane got what they deserved….yes Danielle I’m sure dad will be really proud… maybe Danielle’s false ego is deflating right this minute.

    1. Dani your Daddy is going to be so proud that you told several million oeople that he is a horrible alcoholic and mistreated his wife and daughter. Yes full of pride.

  50. First of all the only person who has the right to be mad at Dan about swearing on his wife is his wife. If she’s not mad at him then it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. As for swearing on the bible. It’s up for debate on what he actually swore on the bible about. And even if Dan had voted for frank to stay, frank was going home no matter what so it didn’t matter what he did. And god says do not judge. He is the only judge.

  51. I’m not sure if it was Dan’s brilliance or the wonder twins(Danielle and Shane) sheer stupidity. I mean when he came up to the HOH she asked him what she should do. I mean seriously? Can she think for herself ever? Of course the mix of the two make for great tv and I’m not complaining one bit. So hope for an Ian Dan final.

  52. Man that was a crazy episode tonight! I don’t like Dan or Ian but Dan did what was best for his game. I hope Ian wins though. How about that Jury footage with Frank and Britney! If not for Dan getting rid of Shane, that footage was prob the highlight of the episode. Gotta love what Frank said to Brit about her husband though that was funny! It was odd seeing Joe so chill now and Ashley still is Ashley lol. For America’s favorite not counting Brit and Janelle, it should prob go to Frank or Ian cause they brought the entertainment value. I would even consider Joe too for it but no one else

  53. i truely hope Ian wins and choose Dani final 2 in the end and screws Dan he wants to be known as BB Best taking out all 4 coaches would be awesome even after he was just saved by Dan Ian cannot beat Dan but Dani big time but taking Dan and screwing Danielle out of money would be awesome too so this girl will go down as big brother ‘s stupid gulliable fools not to mention mentially unstable southern girl do not vote for her as America’s player it would make her explode

  54. Im so ready for this show to be over. I have liked Dan from the beginning but I don’t think I can handle anymore. Shane isn’t the brightest but geez!!! I want dani to win but that was stupid on her part. If the f2 deal with dani and Dan is legit then I understand what he did. I still don’t like it. I felt sorry for dani tonight. So instead of being like the countless 1000s of others hating on some poor girl we don’t even know…from a computer screen not the BBC house might I add…I’m gonna pull for her to win this. That poor girl is gonna need therapy after she reads the things people have said about her. Another reason ill be glad when its over. I have never seen that kind of hatred toward a complete stranger…its insane. All that being said I kno the backlash is coming and that’s fine. Everyone is entitled to their.own opinion. So there’s mine:) Go dani!

    Oh and go Dan and go Ian! Simply because i like them all.

    Thank you Simon and Dawg for this site! It has allowed me to keep up with the house and to feed my BB addiction lol. Looking forward to next year!

  55. dan is a total scumbag douche and will go down as one of the biggest toolbag nerd i BB history but shane u had to step up and tell danielle dont put me on the block, no way u shouldve agreed to that. too soft in the end. anyhow pretty sure, 99.9%, that shane is straight. .1% that he is bi but prefers women

  56. Does anybody really buy what Dan is selling her? That he wants her to win the $500,000?? He wants to go down as the only player to win twice.
    But I do have a couple questions…

    Why wouldn’t Danielle, as many times as Dan has toyed with her, if she wins this 3 part HOH just evict him and take her chances with Ian??

    Secondly, why would Ian take Dan?? I feel like he would have a better chance to beat Danielle, it feels like Dan has done most of her work. Danielle won an HOH early and then this past HOH/POV.. But Dan staying in the game protected her for awhile.

    I feel like Dan’s only real assurance for the final 2 is to win the HOH.. I think Ian is too smart to take Dan to the finals just hoping that the jury house is so mad at Dan and they wont vote for him.

  57. brilliant, brilliant game play by dan! he deserves to win BY FAR. sad that the whole jury will make it personal and not vote for dan. but everybody who watched the show and feeds knows who the best player was/is.

    frank showing all of us that he is an idiot (even after evicted and sitting in jury) was quite funny. but danis face…priceless.

  58. It’s a game people. You play to win and you are supposed to do whatever you can. Dan is probably one of the best players if not the best. The way he’s played the game does not mean he’s this way for real. Get over it, it’s a game.

    1. If Dan was playing with smart players he wouldn’t have last this long lucky for him everyone playing this year didn’t have a brain and couldn’t think for themselves. What a waste of a summer.

      1. Not to mention the fact that a lot of people care more about the publicity or being on tv than actually playing the Big Brother game. Weren’t several of these contestants asked to audition? I seem to recall that Shane was asked about being on- he didn’t try on his own- and Ashley and Danielle both auditioned for a dating show before Big Brother. :-\

  59. It is not that Dan is this good, and he is good, but it’s that they are this stupid !! I really think this season had some of the dumbest players EVER !!!!! DUMB!!!!

  60. Why is Dan even being mentioned in the same breath as Dr. Will?

    Will ran the all star house from week 1, Dan had 4 weeks of safety in this season and the cast isn’t nowhere near the best.

    Its just comical at this point.

    1. Check your facts…Dan was a target after the first week..coaches wanted to get rid of him so they were down to 3 coaches..last time i checked there are 12 players that enter the house when the game starts…last time i looked there were 11 players in the game when the reset button was pressed…so where did Dan have 4 weeks of safety???

  61. Dan used “honesty” last time in his other season…This time he went the opposite way because people would just remember how Dan was…Serves these “fans” of the game right…Too many times this year the houseguests were remembering past seasons and how people were, brilliant move by Dan…For those that are crying and hating Dan for using the Bible, Im guessing are hypocrits because A LIE IS A LIE, IS A LIE. It doesnt matter if he had a copy of Dr. Suess’ Cat in the Hat. The early seasons were built around Backstabbing and Blindsides. Im guessing even the staunchest Frank supporters that were telling us the game was boring with their boy out, applaud what went down tonight…1st week, Dan’s funeral week, and tonight might be the best 3 weeks of the whole season..And gues what?? Dan was the Captain of 2 of those…

    1. “A lie is a lie is a lie”, I think that’s a lie! There are differing degrees of lies, like lying about cheating on your husband or wife versus lying about eating their last gum drop. Not all lies are created equal, if you think that then you must be delusional. Why is there even a term for “little white lie”? Yes it is a game, I fully understand there are lies scattered throughout by every player, but let’s not categorize all lies as the same.

  62. Dani knew she would never win in the final two vs Shane so she just is playing it with Dan to make it look like she is shocked. Of course she had to do the same in the DR room to make it look like she wanted Shane but we all know in the end her vs Ian or Dan was better then vs Shane.

  63. Why is Dan even in the same breath as Dr. Will?

    Will ran the all star house week 1, whereas Dan is playing in the house with a bunch of idiots, and he had 4 weeks of safety.

    Its just comical at this point.

  64. I truly believe Dan’s objective is to get Dani to F2. He said a long time ago in a DR that he came here as a coach with the goal of getting a player to F2 & that’s what he plans to do. I don’t believe he would have been so out & out willing to get all the blood on his hands if he didn’t have that in mind. Last time he played he was always worried about jury votes & made moves to secure them. This time, he doesn’t care one bit….only reason I can think is because he knows he won’t win anyway & he wants his player to win. Who knows he could have a wink/nod deal with BB to still pick up his 100k if Dani wins. And please don’t fall for Dani’s shock…she is a master manipulator & compulsive liar folks! Anyone watching/reading the feeds know that if her lips are moving, she’s lying. Don’t think she wasn’t smart enough to know Dan was going to do that…she’s sitting back & letting Dan get her the $500k & laughing to the bank!

    1. Anyone hear what Dan said to Shane at the door? I think Julie asked Shane but I don’t think he gave a straight answer? Was it something about his & jenn’s vote for Dani?

  65. Dan v. Ian

    Ashley votes ian
    Britney votes ian
    Frank votes dan
    Joe votes dan
    Jen votes dan
    Shane votes dan
    Danielle votes dan

    Dan v. Danielle

    Ashley votes danielle
    Britney votes dan
    Frank votes dan
    Joe votes ???
    Jen votes danielle
    Shane votes danielle
    Ian votes dan

    Pretty sure joe votes dan. Write the check. Ian’s only hope is to take danielle, which i don’t think he’ll do. Besides swing vote joe will probably go for danielle. These morons never stood a chance once britney was evicted.

      1. I’m an idiot? Wee argued poit there. I bow to your intelligence.

        Yes, frank will vote dan. Once dan makes his case, frank will respect the plays. He has no connection to dani and is more mad at ian for selling him and booger out than he will be at dan. Ian turned early. Dan fought for suvival.

        Yes, shane will vote dan v. Ian. Why? Because britney and dani will be.

    1. I just don’t see Dan winning either way, especially what he did to Shane.

      Maybe his goal really is to get Dani the 500k. Maybe she offered to split it with him or something.

      I just don’t know what Dan is doing. Yes, they’ll both take him to f2 but don’t they better serve him in jury?

      1. Right. You couldn’t possibly understand. If you were in the house dan would drag you along too. You’d fit in well with ashley, jen, joe, dani and shane.

  66. dani is stupid
    she can keep the nom same

    and shane vote out Ian
    Shane and Dan will pick Dani to F2

    Dan is crazy
    dan swore too much to guarantee safe

  67. I think Dan was just trying to teach Danielle what the term “backdoor” really means since she keeps miss using it all of the time. Well done Dan I think she gets it now.

  68. Best BB ever! The look on Danielles face was awesome, but, please note, our hysterical crier, did not shed one tear after the eviction when they showed her. Ian’s reaction was awesome too. The pacing back and forth and mumbling. Dan is far and away the best player in the house. Who knows what he is thinking now. Shane is dumb as a box of rocks to be okay with being put up and if Danielle wanted Shane to stay she never should have put him up there by using the veto. I have been rooting for Ian since day one, and Dan since he entered the game. Hope they are final two, don’t really care who wins it.

    On another note. Thanks Simon and Dawg for your updates. Been using this site for years and it is the best!

      1. Oh, I have to agree Simon. I was THIIIIIIIIIIIISSSSSSSS close to NEVER watching Big Brother again after last season, but with NOTHING else on during the summer, we tuned in anyway. OMGosh, I’m so glad we did because this season has rocked!!!! Watching Dan manipulate these people into doing anything he wants has been just mesmerizing!!!! Maybe I’ve been misted!!! Loved seeing Britney again tonight giving ole Frank hell!!!! I absolutely CANNOT WAIT until next Wednesday. I’m just loving this season and Simon, Dude, y’all have made it even better. I’ve really enjoyed sharing this with y’all this season and hope to be back next. Thank y’all so much for this site and I hope y’all have a great year (and make it on BBCanada!!)!! ;-) <3 <3 <3

      2. Yes, blows it away, I fast forwarded through most of last years and basically just read the updates on here, it was booooring. This year was great!

  69. Dan is slime for swearing on his wife and lieing to danelle… I hope she wins HOH and boots him. And he continues to lie saying it was his job to get her to the end, really don’t see how Dan thinks he can win this he doesn’t have a single vote In the jury. Death to Dan….

    1. LMAO!!! Your kidding right??? You must be, because we just witnessed the best BIg Brother player of all time draw his masterpiece!!!

      1. Okay now, let’s not compare Big Brother players to Picasso or Usain Bolt, they’re regular people who lie and deceive, nothing masterful about that!

      2. A masterpiece is when a player gets backstabbed with a stilleto leaving very little blood – with Dan’s smug, smarmy pious posturing, Bible reading and swearing on his wife to show his trustworthyness, he’s been taking players out with a rusty sledgehammer leaving big pools of blood that will stick around in the jury’s memories.

        He can win against Danielle – saying he controlled her game -which he did – especially tonight. He will not win against Ian because Dan’s game has been bloody and sloppy and the jury is looking to vote against Dan and will vote for anyone who bulit a resume for making moves – Ian did.

  70. I find it so funny that instead of “pawns” going home its peoples stupidity..who nominates or offers there self up on the block? I mean do they know what show they are on. These people are making it easy for Dan, You would think if you see someone backstabbing multiple dont you think eventually he will do it to you. Shane cant blame no one but himself, he saw how dirty Dan was playing, I did love Danielle’s face tho haha. With that said I actually dont mind if Dan wins again, even tho I was against it earlier in the season he’s played a routhless game, but I’ve been routing for Ian this whole season, which by the way did you see how Ian almost pasted out, he thought he was a goner. Cant wait for Big Brother After Dark tonight, Im sure danielle wont be taking Dan to the end now.

  71. let me start by saying that Dan is my favorite. But when you put money in front of someone their true character comes out. The whole thing about it’s just a game is completely BS. Put $500k in front of me and I would never go against my word. I would never allow someone like Dan to ever coach any of my kids. BUT again Dan is my favorite inside the house.

    1. Really???? So then Dan DIDNT show his true colors or character as you put it when he won it all the last time?? You wouldnt go against your word in a game that requires you to go against your word??..You must be one of those “floaters” that would be in the game or would leave the house saying, “well at least i go to the jury with my integrity intact”…LMAO, yeah that must be it…

      1. hahaha, no i’ll be the won winning all lot of the comps and leaving the house with $500k. and your so wrong about this being a game that one must go against their word.

        You don’t swear on the bible (especially if your a pastor) and your wife and go against that. No true man of GOD or Husband would do that. I’m married and I’m a christian and I would NEVER swear on GODs name nor on my wife for anything.

  72. She let Dan convince her to save him, KNOWING Shane was the only replacement , how can she not know Dan was targeting Shane??

    Entire season if idiot noobs, ALL OF THEM, I hope CBS doesn’t make the fatal mistake of inviting any of the noobs back(except maybe Ian), I don’t give a fuck how many comps they can win, they’re all dumber than a sack of rocks.

  73. I really wish people would stop pulling out Moral cards when it comes to Big Brother….. It’s a game and anyone who claims to be honest in the game is full of crap. I don’t care what anyone says……. Dan is still the man!!!!!!!!

    1. Agree, if someone put 500,000 in front of me I have a feeling I would turn into a lying backstabber too. I am not like that in real life though…just a game, just a game. The only people who ever win this game are the ones who lie and turn against other people. (maybe not Jordan, that was a fluke though, people like her don’t usually win this game)

    2. Morality mean SHIT in the Big Brother house, we all would do the same thing Dan did to get far, even offer up our first born to stay safe, but it wouldn’t matter, because it would all be a LIE

      I get people watching have morals, I got a couple too LOL, but I look at the game i think MONEY MONEY MONEY, do what you gotta do, FUCK everybody else.

    3. I agree BB is not the Morality Police Show and I have to say this has to be the best EPISODE EVER ON BB!! It was freaking hilarious and loved it!! Dan has surpassed Dr. Will as the best BB PLayer ever to play the game. Also, was anyone a bit surprised that Frank is still a whiny cry baby who cannot get over that he got played by a far superior player. Whine, whine, whine, I played an honest game. LIAR!! Frank really is a delusional cry baby who thinks the world owes him something. GET A JOB and stop thinking you are entitled to a rose garden. Loved Britney and apparently she is the only one in the jury with a brain as she gives Dan the props he deserves for being an amazing player. Brit for America’s favorite!!!

    4. I agree Lizzy, and if everyone remembers Dan said that his game was so upright (or perceived to be) last time … he had to use that sense of honesty this time. He knew he wasn’t going to be upright. He has played Danielle & Ian all summer. All I can say is that it sux to be them. They have spoken what a great player Dan is….and they allowed themselves to be played…no sympathies….Go Dan

    5. That’s like watching a High School kid beat up on 1st grader, and you would say the High School kid kicked a$$????
      I don’t get you ppl who say Dan is the best….lets see 4 weeks easy going….playing against a group of mostly rocks who have zero critical thinking skills and no strategy at all except Ian….who’s goals are flawed (quack pak) loyal to them though and inexperienced. Ya Dans the man alright. I wouldn’t buy a thing from Dan..let alone have him around my kids.

  74. i was hoping the feeds would be back by now. i hope their still on the endurance hoh at midnight when showtime comes on!!! like to see it last a 4-5 hours. exciting day in the bb house.

    simon…is dan just that good…or, are some of the players this year just that dumb?

    im saying 50/50

  75. IMO, I believe Danielle was in on the whole thing with Dan. She knew that she would eventually have to make a decision between Shane and Dan. She let Dan do the dirty work and get the blood on his hands.
    I am sorry, but Danielle’s reaction seemed staged to me and not what I would expect if she was really upset. She seemed overly dramatic and a lousy actress at that. If Danielle did not expect it, she would have been crying right away and probably screaming at Dan. It all seemed preplanned and poorly played out. I think that we are underestimating Danielle and she has Dan coming out being the bad guy and she remains the sweet innocent Southern belle. I think the whole thing was a set up in IMHO.

      1. I did see her “chewing” Dan out. Is it really what you would of expected from the drama queen? Where were the tears and hysteria that she is known for? Not quit what I would expect from someone that just lost the love of her life.

  76. The only reason Danielle went along with Dan’s alleged “misting” is because she is a complete moron—plain and simple. Danielle had a final two with both Shane and Dan so there was no reason on heaven and earth to use the veto.

    So please spare me the “misting” garbage. The only reason Danielle bought Dan’s nonsense is because she has cranial/rectal fusion. So lets give credit or the lack thereof where it belongs.

  77. Danielle doesn’t know it yet but Dan did her a big favor. Now she doesn’t have the opportunity to take Shane to final only to realize what they had was for his game. I really didn’t trust her to take Dan to the final two … think she would have thougth with her heart. Until now I don’t care if either Ian or Dan wins the game. I asked before is there anywhere one can see the after party? Danielle is going to have a mental breakdown when Shane isn’t paying attention to her. It’s a game and you need to do what’s good for you and that’s exactly what Dan is doing. He is one step ahead of everyone. Hopefully, from the Jury House Brittany can convince that Dan is the best player. Want to be tsay I watched the season when Dan won twice … first and last time in BB histotory. Shane went on and on about the way Frank took his eviction, his was no better.

    1. I don’t get it. When you’re told to your face that you’re safe, you’re safe, you’re safe, you’re not allowed to be upset when you’re evicted?

      They all shit on Frank for just walking out and being a poor sport when that’s exactly what they deserved. If they didn’t have the respect for him enough to tell him that he’s gone, why should he respect them and say goodbye?

      It just makes no sense.

      1. I think they absolutely have a right to be pissed and I have no doubts that I would be livid. I would even hold a grudge for a bit, especially if they kept saying I was safe…I would NOT vote based on that though as it is a game or assume that the person is always like that…If I was Shane, I absoluetly would be bitter at Dan. I would also be bitter at Dani for using it when he probably wasnt going to vote out Dan anyways…Im guessing that Shane and Dani were fine with letting DAN get the blood on his hands for voting Ian out..Well guess what? How did that work out for ya?

  78. Man, I wish Janelle and boogie were still in this game! They wouldn’t have let this BS go on! I have to give credit to Dan though for playing these people for the idiots they are! I hope Ian grows a brain and takes Danielle to the F2 for the win!

    1. You mean the same Boogie and Janelle that fell victim of the Dan Mist before Jury?? Yeah, wish they were there cause they would stand for this, LMAO….

      1. By this point if they would have lasted they would have evicted Dan by now. But your right Dan got them before they could get him. I just mean they wouldn’t have been stupid enough to fall for that funeral BS and all the other things he has done late in the game!

  79. how will dan be able to win the hoh tonight, with his bible and rosaries in one hand, a knife in the other hand to stab someone else in the back, all while his eyes are closed and his head is bowed in prayer???

    that must be why he’s the greatest…

  80. If you really think about it Dan might have this won. Say it’s him and Danielle. He’ll pull Britney, Joe, and Ian I’m sure of because they’ve all said they would vote for the best player and who is that? Dan. So that leaves Ashley, Frank, Jenn, and Shane. Jenn and Shane are gonna vote Danielle no question but Frank is just as pissed at Danielle as he is Dan I think and with a little convincing he might get misted one more time and judging by Ashley in the jury she might vote Dan. Now Dan vs Ian. Britney, Joe, and Danielle all for Dan I think and Shane can be swayed by Britney and Danielle at this point. Ian has played a good game but I think the non bitter jury members will recognize dans game play as being superior in every way. Ashley won’t vote for Ian because of what Ian did to her. Jenn won’t vote Ian for the same reason. And Frank once again it all depends on the mist. Shit it might be better if Dan let’s Ian win HoH. Mikes prediction would come true of Dan tossing hoh so he doesn’t have to slit Danielles throat on live tv. Just speculation May be wishful thinking but I think Dan has it.

    1. Joe definetly votes for Ian for the win. I think Brit would vote for Ian for the win. Frank and Shane are going to vote for Ian over Dan. Ashley could vote either way, but I see this going to Ian. If it is Ian vs. Dan in F2.

  81. I wonder how the Catholic school Dan teaches and coaches at feel about how he he has played the game. Not a real role model. Good TV but not the type you want teaching your kids.

    1. If parents still send their kids to catholic school and mass with Catholic Priest…….I’m sure Dan can be forgiven….ZINGGGGGGGGGGGG

    2. I would totally want my kids to be taught by Dan!! He’s a freaking genius that goes on a game show every couple of years and wins 500 K!!

  82. Britney, Shane, and Frank.. would NEVER vote for Dan over Danielle or Ian. Pretty sure Jen and Ashley wouldn’t either. So congrats Dan, you won 50 000$.

    1. Don’t forget ol handy Joe….he said more than once he wants a newbie to win…..end of story ….thats 4 votes against Dan for sure…..
      Lets not forget that it is emotional in the JH so logic will be out the door. And here comes some more fuel on the fire ……. Shane….Dans done!

  83. Brilliant!!!! Go Dan:) I love how he was rambling to Danielle about being her coach etc genius!!! I don’t remember Dan having a final 3 with Shane or swearing on his wife for Shane….did I miss something?! I thought Shane was going to punch Dan when he pushed him away, I would have loved to hear what he told him!!! And way to go Britney….frank is loyal and played the game with integrity, yeah right he said some pretty nasty thing about dans wife with boogie and was beat by Dan and can’t admit it!! You got played its called big brother not sesame street!!! Gosh people strategizing and getting people out is the name of the game, Dan deserves to win but not sure how they are going to take Shane coming in and crying about Dan did this….I was just getting close to Danielle and now this….boohoo!!! I loved it, honestly I could never play this game because of my morals but I can love watching it played by the great Dan the man!!! I love it!!!!!! Go Dan:) btw he also gets bragging rights if Daniele wins that he I the only coach that got his player to the end!! I would love for him to win but would be ok with him being 2nd too!! As long as he is final 2 I love it!!!

    1. Frank is an ahole. For you to use Frank and integrity in the same sentance is hilarious. I bet Britney gets twice as many votes as Frank for America’s Favorite Houseguest.

  84. I don’t think Dan can’t win at this point against either Ian/Danielle…Too much animosity in the jury house this year…Historically, the jury votes for the best player of the season, despite the “lie, cheat, steal” aspect of the game–figuratively speaking…Dan has figured out he is playing for $50,000, and BB glory/status/history…

    Dan has played a great game, but very dirty(not that I have a personal problem with it), but this has to be one of the most low rent games I’ve ever seen in this game…Dr. Will manipulated, but he did it in front you…

    1. Ah…but what you fail to see is Dan did his misting in front of everyone as well. Will’s form of manipulation was reverse psychology, Dan subtly led people to make the choices Dan wanted – most house guess and jury members currently believe they played their own game not even realizing they played Dan’s game. Basically, they’re both great players. GO DAN!

  85. Does anyone know if Dan wants to take Ian to f2?. Big congrats to Brendon and Rachel for tying the knot this weekend!

    1. I think Dan still wants to take Danielle because she would be easier to beat, plus the bragging rights of getting himself and his player to the F2. But yes congrats to Brenchel!

  86. Every eviction Dan has made has been justified, at least by him anyways. He has one knife left though. Honestly i think he came into this game with “coach” burned into his brain. He doesnt care about winning the 500,000, his ego is way bigger. He just wants to say that he’s the only coach left and if he can take one of the most damaged players till the end, sh#t i’ll hire him. If you go to his site its all about life coaching and selling books. He will make alot more money from this alone. Watch how many speaking events he will get after this. Although he is such a dirty player, i wouldnt be suprised if that last knife ended up on Danielle’s plump back. Dan, bottle up that mist and sell the sh*t out of it son. C.R.E.A.M. Vote Frank for America’s favorite player yo. (He’s unemployed)

    1. Daniel, I appreciate your different perspective on Dan. I believe you are 100% spot on here (except for the “Frank for America’s Player, yo.”) Dan realizes that there can be more to BB revenue than just BB. He has the perspective of “life after BB.” It’s a big world out there, and he’s made/will be making a relatively big impact with his “reality show” activity. You’re so right. If he doesn’t win the 500K this time, he can make it in other ways. Books to sell. Appearances to make. I’ve heard folks kiddingly saying that “Dan’s Mist” will soon be sold at all Wal-Marts – just spray it on, and people will do whatever you say! Kinda like that “Easy Button” at Staples!

    2. Bingo! 9:20pm……..”Dan says that if he gets her to the end he can say for the rest of his life that he coached someone to a half a million dollars. Danielle asks if he would take Ian to the end because he is friends with him. Dan says it’s not about being a friend it’s about being a coach.”. Unless its just more mist. Damn it, i think ive just been misted. This stuff is potent. I WILL VOTE DAN FOR AMERICA’s FAVORITE PLAYER.

  87. To that person that mentioned that you would never let Dan coach your kids!!!! Really!!! He would be the best coach for kids. (I am not even bringing religion into it.) You need to take from this a whole different perspective of Dan outside of the house. The guy that can virtually talk to anyone and get them to open up. I would bet as a parent you couldn’t get your own kid to open up to you like he could. Realize that teenagers walk thru life with their peers lying to them and backstabbing them all the time.. Dan would not only get them to talk about it but he has the ability to change their view point about themselves, feel better about them selves, cheer them up, motivate them.. You look at this cast of misfits and he was able to do that with most of them.. He opened Ian up, Danielle (although we saw how broken she was from the start) was kept positive and was continually motivated by Dan. Even Jen saw the good side of Dan. Shane will too once he calms down. Britney had a great social game and so did Dan. Dan might have said a few comments about the others that I don’t agree with, but you could probably count those comments on one hand. If his biggest fault is telling everyone that he would take them to the final two with him or that he was in an alliance with him – then he definately deserves to win. Those two particular lies are expected in this game.

    1. Shane is not going to see the good side of Dan anytime soon. He has seen him use and abuse Dani over and over. He honestly believes that your word is your bond. Dan screwed himself

  88. #1 – A recent poster hit the nail on the head: A week ago Danielle talked Dan out of evicting Shane, as part 2 of DE. Dan told Danielle that “she better get used to the idea of Shane being gone, because it’s happening soon!” So – Shane’s gone a week later, and Danielle’s acting as if this subject has never been addressed before? Danielle needs Gingko Biloba, because she has memory problems!

    #2 – As for the trivia on live feeds currently/lack of HOH comp part 1 right now, I’ve heard from a Superpass source that there is ALL sorts of continuing conversation/drama going on between Dan and Danielle in the house right now, and that the BB cameras are staying on them, capturing it all for later presentation. So, the trivia should be ending soon, and the comp should then start..

    1. Endurance comp under way. More rope swinging, water dunking and ramming into cushioned walls. They have gloves this time, since the scabs from “Soak Up The Sun” still haven’t healed……..

  89. Omg stop crying people. You act like Dan killed someone. IT’S A GAME. Atleast Dan is respectful to people. I would much rather lose to someone like Dan the evel dick or Dr will or boogie who actually treat people like garbage. If Dan had voted out Ian you would have been crying that he went back on his word to him. It’s part of the game. Should Dan have just let Danielle and Shane go to the final 2 together???? No matter what he did he was breaking a deal. You can say all you want but until you get in that house you don’t know what you would do to win $500k. As for evel dick. Let’s remember he had his daughter to help him get to the end. Boogie had his best friend in all stars to help him win. Dr will did it without a friend from the outside was dr will but he went out 4th in allstars. Dan is the best player in BB history win or lose. He won it and most likely will make the final 2.

  90. I would not trust DAN AROUND MY KIDS AT CHUCH. He’s swears on bible to my and lies way to much. He won’t teach my kids and please take off the Arkansas t shirt you DON’T DESERVE TO WEAR IT. U snake can’t stand u

    1. This is not church, you cannot be honest to everyone in Big Brother, lying is the nature of the game, you can only get so far in BB without lying.(Wow I feel like I repeated the same statement three times). His actions in this game do not represent how he acts around his students or his players, all it shows is he know this game and honestly deserves to win, if the majority(I don’t expect Frank to ever get over getting misted) of the jury can look past his dirty tactics, they will realize he played one hell of a game, and deserves to win again, he orchestrated everyone of Dani’s moves, while her comp wins are hers alone, every strategic move she made was dans. So while he may of played dirty, that is the nature of a great BB player.

  91. Joe : Like waking up in the morning, and someone peed in your Wheaties…. OH THE IRONY

    Britney is 100% right ,Big Brother is not about STRATEGY not Morals and Integrity … GODDAM it’s sad people can’t see that

  92. if i wont to be on big brother with den he be goon i dont like him use the bible to lie to people is wrong i be like dude you going home dirty men i know this will be wht he will do him him him shit on your smile den its yours

  93. Shane looked suicidal leaving the BB house tonight. a week ago when Frank was evicted, Shane was talking about how Frank was a sore-loser and being very low class on his exit. I guess Shane now feels how Frank felt. this is probably one of the best cold blooded back stabs I’ve ever seen on BB. Shane was taken out by Dan at the expense of Danielle’s HOH and POV. one minute Dan is on the block and the next he’s the one voting Shane off. I think this is the dumbest move ever on BB. I know the Lawon and Marcellus are memorable dumb moves, but this move was a mistake by two people at a more crucial moment of the game than Marcellus and Lawon were in.

  94. I’m no Danielle fan, and have criticized here many times, but I don’t see a reason why she wont beat Dan in the f2…She has held her own against the QP males, sent Janelle and “Captain dumbass” packing on her HOH watch…Ian has done his “dirty work”, and won his share of comps, he’ll beat Dan too…Dan has a great social game/”mist” this season, but that’s it–he’s playing for second…

  95. I really had wanted Ian’s backstabbing butt kicked out tonight, but Shane and Danielle were SO STUPID!!! WHY would either one of them agree to use the veto?????? I felt sorry for Shane, but he deserved to go for being SO STUPID! As much as I hate Ian, I’d rather he win instead of Danielle. She’s so stupid too and does not have a mind of her own!! She only does what Dan tells her, so for that reason alone, she doesn’t deserve to win either. I hope it’s down to Ian and Dan with Dan WINNING. I never wanted Dan to win again, but at this point, he’s most deserving for playing the hell out of this game!!! GO DAN!!

    1. Sorry Simon….the only remedy seems to be a knife in the back with a twist. LOL
      …..great site …same bat cave …. same bat channel next year…….Cheers

  96. You know what everybody saying it’s brilliant and totally fine to do anything and back-stab anyone to win…. I think you’re forgetting the bit about the end where it’s those same people you back-stabbed who decide if you win the money or not. Okay fine, best case scenario you might still win the 50k, but most probably those people would rather give the money to the person who was most loyal to them and did actually help get them further in the game…. not the person who stabbed the knife in their back after swearing on their wife/children/bible and whatever somebody considers most sacred to them in the world.

    I think if either Danielle or Ian wins they should take Dan to final 2 cos that would practically grantee them winning the 500k over Dan.

    1. Not true every year everyone says the same thing if you lie and back stab you will never win and every year the jury picks the person who back stab and lie because they look at who played the best game so for you to think dan automatically lost is very nieve because he has played the best game and a lot of the jury might vote for him. I think the only thing that would be against him is that he has won already but the funny thing about jury is they tend to over look everything that was done against them. When dan won bb10 he completely back stabed jerry and jerry then ran around the house calling him judus and in the end jerry voted for him, will bb2 was the last remaining allience member of chill house and he lied, minupulated everyone started lies then stood back and let it exploded asked the whole house not to vote for him and how much he hated them all but they all still voted for him to win.

  97. This is what I don’t get.

    You’re a moral god type of person, you love and respect god, so WHY THE FUCK would you believe someone who would swear on the BIBLE? IMHO If you actually had an ounce of morality, you would immediately think someone swearing on the bible was lying, not believe what they’re saying is true, that’s just common sense yo.

    1. Not if you also believe they’re a moral god person (as you out it) as well. Too bad I’m not religious and wouldn’t fall for that tripe!

  98. HOH cmp on live feeds. They’re getting slammed into wall and dunked in water up to their ears. Looks like Iam hurt his knee but all still on their swings as of now.

  99. Feeds back and The HOH comp is identical to the one Dan won in BB10. Oh hell no. Probably the only one who feels bad for Danielle on this site — but I’d like to see her win this competition. Kinda sucks because if she won part 1 & 2 — she can’t win against Ian in the end. She would have to take Dan. Can’t wait to see BBAD tonight!!!!!

  100. Unless Dan wins the $500K, he’s going to fuel the notion that religious people are hypocrites(which is a fact)…I think he might be upset by that…

    1. Really I highly doubt one guy playing a game is going to make or break a religion that is the most riddiculus thing i have ever heard

  101. WOW Shane agreed to let her take Dan down and put him up? I’m starting to think these noobs are not running on brain power, maybe they’re robots programmed to fail.

    Damn we can’t vote for Willie for America’s Player? pfft he made the season OK I’m voting for Powerhouse

      1. No Doubt! I want Ian to win but some of his thinking is seriously ??? I don’t know? Baffling at times.
        I guess my only conclusion is nerves and inexperience. If he comes back i think he will have learned a lot and would
        be a great player…especially after he watches the show to see what really went down.
        Ian for the win! Dan voted out… $50 g’s of sympathy money(or therapy money) for Danielle.

  102. SHane is so dumbbbb why why why would you tell dani its ok to use veto because the whole point was to get ian out right so it doesnt matter if dan/ ian are left on the block shane will evict ian dani told shane if she takes dan of the block dan will evict ian why even risk it as soon as dani said about using veto shane should have been like no no no there is risk

    1. I know. It didn’t make any sense. If Ian’s gotta go, then who the hell cares if it’s Dan or Shane on there. They should have known something wasn’t right. But that’s what Shane gets for being a moron. Danielle, yet again, is guilty of being too trustworthy of Dan.

    2. Because he didn’t want to be the bad guy…he was happy to let Dan be the one vote & get Ian out. Shane played the whole season like that

    3. This is up there with Marcellus as the biggest boneheaded move in the show’s history. Just put yourself in his shoes and what he believed to be true (Dan and Danielle are still estranged)

      It’s final 3, why would Danielle need to make Dan think they’re still cool, unless she wanted to make sure Dan would take her instead of Shane, which is not in his interest.

      1) Shane should have been more than happy for Dan to think Danielle was not cool…then Shane could be golden, as both would have taken him.

      2) Shane would have been the guy who made the vote to keep Dan, putting Dan in his debt, thereby making his final 2 chances even better.

      The second the words “I’m thinking about using the veto on Dan” passed Danielle’s lips, Shane should have strongly said “No f***ing way!!!”

      So dumb, so very, very dumb.

      1. Shane offering to go up was certainly one of THE most idiotic moves in BB history. People should laugh at that for the next 5 seasons.

    1. I had a feeling Ian wasn’t going to like getting wet. The BB house dog almost drowned. Well, I guess it is over for Ian. I guess he thought he was gone tonight, so not much fight left in him.

      Or I’m sure people will think that Dan misted Ian indirectly by making Danielle look so shocked and mad at Dan for Shane’s eviction, that Ian thought Danielle would take him to F2. Ian still thinking that Dan will take him to F2, so Ian thinks he is safe all the way around. Dan doesn’t even have to try at this point. Dan’s mist is now doing thinks Dan didn’t even think of.

    2. Not really, this season he took it to the max… Whyile I thnk he deserves to win for playing the best game out of every one, but if Jury votes butthurt he may not win…

    3. It’s official DANI is an idiot! How many times does she need to get “misted from Dan” to understand what the heck is going on? Girl is going to need major therapy after #BB14 ends.



    Im sorry, I cant handle watching that cocky kid in the finals, Id rather see danielle for the comedy factor of her defending her game of riding dan’s coattails.

  104. i bet shane wishes he hadn’t kept sneaking out of bed with danielle every morning. maybe if he had laid a couple of those long kisses on her before it was down the final 4, even…he didn’t look happy when he was evicted!

    poor ian, down for the count tonight…but never fear, dan will not drop before dani, i’d almost bet on it, swear on a bible even…

  105. Right now you can see it in Dans face. He’s thinking “ok, how can i get this idiot to believe me one more time and throw this comp to me?”
    And he probably will make it happen.

  106. Danielle looks like she can hang on for a week, and she still looks quite annoyed. Dan recently said to her, “I can’t win Part 2!”

  107. I don’t hate Dan for evicting Shane. He did what he had to do.
    However, Shane didn’t deserve to go out like that. He was actually crying. I honestly felt so bad for the guy, because he didn’t expect it at all.

    On the other hand, my Frank fan side of me is dying of laughter due to the fact that just a week prior, Shane was making fun of Frank being blindsided and talking about the bad sportsmanship stuff, etc. So now he sees how it feels and it doesn’t feel too nice does it? Bahaha.

    Dan is swearing on everything (Watch out guys, his first-born child will be next) and people are just eating the shit up and believing it all.

    He is ruthless and I hope he wins or at least makes it to final 2.

    He deserves it over everybody. He is an absolute genius; horrible the way he goes about it, but in the end, he gets the job done.

    1. I think Shane is going to be more bitter than Frank with this blow. Shane probably thinks “how can this happene to me? this shit only happens to douche’s like Frank!”.I too am laughing on the inside, it’s hilarious that they dissed Frank for like a whole week and than Shane goes out in the same style! Bahaha. I can’t wait to see Britney try to convince Shane to vote based on game, he’s going to be so salty!

      1. LOL but did you notice how NO ONE mentions Shane being bitter as much as they went on rants about Frank’s exit?

        I agree. Shane was completely shocked with this one and his vote will be purely based on emotions, unless Britney of course manages to talk him out of it.

  108. @Simon or Dawg.Have you heard Dan asked Danielle to throw this HOH to him?I would think,since Ian is out.Dan will tell Danielle to drop,because she’s safe and she’s already won a lot more competitions than him.So,have you guys heard him ask her yet?

    1. Danielle just dropped for Dan. It looks like Dan asked Dani if he could take this one. Both said that they wouldn’t beat Ian in the next part of the HOH comp, but Dani just asked him to swear on his wife (as if that means anything! lol) and he did. Dan’s good!


      Dan wins HOH 1. Dani falls on purpose because Dan promised she is safe. SO SO SO DUMB! This endurance comp was dani’s best change. She is really screwed now.

  109. Danielle & Dan negotiating; Dan is soaked and shaking! Danielle says “Dan, do you swear on Chelsea?” She’s falling for the mist!!!!!!!!! Danielle throws it to Dan! ($@#&%) Dan wins Part 1!

  110. Hey Dan, you keep saying you want me to win $500K, right? So why are you still in this competition? Could it be that you are just full of BS?

  111. If Dan were to win BB14 they would have to put big ** by his name – because all 4 coaches literally got to float for 4 weeks without worrying about going on the block or being evicted – a Huge friggin unfair advantage – which the new houseguest had to play without!

    Dan is a bore this is the Worse Season ever Allison Grodner has ruined the show!!

    1. If you remember Dan never got to coast because the other coaches and players were after him from the start. Remember they kept saying Dan only has two players left so lets get rid of Kara which they did and then they went after danielle because at that point when your players were done so where you. Dan has been Number 1 target from Day 1. I really do hope it is Dan and Danielle in Final 2!!!!

  112. Danielle has to be the DUMBEST person on the planet for just letting Dan talk her into falling off that freakin hook.

    SweetJesusonaPopsicle!! I may go vomit now at her IDIOCY!!

  113. In my opinion, the main difference between Dan sending Shane home and sending Ian home tonight would have been that Ian would have said Dan is an excellent player and it was a good move while Shane viewed it as a dirty move. Recall that Dan had deals with both players. Some people take the game to personally… there are a lot of those types in the house this season.

  114. Danielle has got to be the stupidist woman on the planet, wow. I was rooting for her to win this for what Dan did to her evicting Shane. She deserves to go now.

  115. Dan won the HOH. Dani dropped cuz he told her that there was no way he could beat Ian in the second comp. She is his puppet. If Dan is in the Final 2 and doesn’t win that is some BS. If Danielle wins this season I am going to shoot myself. Danielle sucks, I will say that Ian is a great player, but he’s not on Dan’s level. He deserves every bit of this money. Put away the butthurt emotions and vote for the guy to win it AGAIN.

  116. Danielle has giving this game to Dan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He has taken a girl who has low self esteem from an uncaring father and has abused that role of coach against her once again in this game……She wants so much to be liked that she is willing again to believe this looser and user!!!!!!!!
    He was cold and shivering, ready to fall and she once again has believed his crap…..
    HE IS JUST A USER!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i WILL NEVER EVER LIKE HIM AGAIN… He has exployted her weakness and played her way beyond this game of Big Brother….way beyond and you would only know this is you are a live feeder. Otherwise you only see seconds of his manipulation and have no clue how he has taken advantage of her and her lack of trust and love from men.
    He is dispicable in my opinion…..last time he played the game he did not stoop so low as he has now. He thinks this is just a game and you are excused of all the poor playing decisions…not this way, not the way he has played Danielle and her weaknesses…..
    Oh I’m so disapointed in him, as well as her but she has been manupulated by men all her life, which is why she has allowed Shane and Dan to take advantage of her and her choices in the house….

    1. Dan exhibits typical sociopathic behavior, prey on the weak….I really hope Dan did not torture animals as a child, if he did…..2 words Ted Bundy

  117. Ahhh – see if she’d have let Dan put Shane up last week & voted him out, then this week it could’ve been Ian & Jenn on the block & Ian would’ve gone home, making the 3 part HOH so much easier for Dan & Danielle. Stupid Danielle now must beat Ian to get to the final HOH, which Dan will probably win keeping his options open to the very end….

  118. Danielle isn’t dumb. Dan is a genius. Everyone fell for dans mist. Janelle, frank, Ian, Danielle, and yes even the winner on BB allstars fell for the mist.

    1. “Danielle isn’t dumb” ***CLASSIC***

      Yea…. Danielle is brilliant. She’s made sooo many great decisions in this game. This latest one might be the smartest move she’s ever made.


      Danielle fans are obviously just as delusional as she is.

  119. we just cant fix stupid ……..danille is 2 flavours of the same koolaid ….if dan give danille a syringe and told her inject it to her face the zit would disappear without asking if its fda approved or not she would … dan told danille to drop and she did she is as bright as a 1 watt bulb this chick is mentally deficient an idiot … evil dick said it best these players most of them this season are idiots because its easy to manipulate stupid people

  120. Dan will definitely take Danielle to the final 2 and he will win the half million dollars. His ego is too big to get rid of her because the basis of the game at the beginning was to coach her to the end and he is a coach in real life. He will then write another book of some kind about coaching. He will use the argument that he not only started out in the beginning with just him and Danielle after Jodi and Kara were both gone by week 1 and that he still got him and Danielle to the end. A true underdog story. I mean he picked these girls at the very beginning when coaches picked their teams just do he looked weak. That’s his evil genius. He makes himself look weak and throws challenges and asks people a lot of personal question to get close to them with his magical mist. And then slices their throats at the opportune time. Best player ever in my book. People in the house were dumb enough to keep him around the whole season when they already knew how he was and already won a half million. He saved himself so many times. They should of hot rid of all his players at the beginning and he would of been gone before the reset. Everyone knew how bad he wanted to play when he hit the reset button and yet still let him mist them and stay the whole time. Wow.

  121. Its funny how people say that Dan is the greatest player to play this game. Okay he most likely made it too the final two but he got 3 crucial weeks of safety in the beginning of the game and because of this socially he was given ample time to get into a great spot. Dr. Will had a humongous target from the start and was able to make his way through a bunch of ALL STARS!!! to fourth, not JOE’S!!!. In my opinion Dan is playing the game like Russel Hantz of survivor…..stabbing people in the back left and right and not even realizing he will not win the game. He does not have frank ashely shane and joe…thats four. Good job Dan way to jump into a bloodbath head first. He clearly is a very good player but to compare him to Dr. Will when he is playing with a girl who decided to let Dan vote to evict her final two alliance member…clearly there is a difference that I hope the public can see.

    1. Dan is no different than the other great players that have won the game before him: Mike Boogie, Dr. Will, Evel Dick, etc. They do what they have to do to get out of sticky situations that could endanger their lives in the Big Brother house. Kudos to Dan for misting the Hell out of everyone in this game. You can disagree, but backstabbing and lying are simply part of this game.

    2. Whether its Will or Dan as best ever who cares, BB fans know that what these two have done in this game is truly amazing. The fact also remains that Dan has not had a chance to play in an All Star season yet so why even use that against him? I am sure when they have another All Stars in two more seasons (hopefully BB 16) then Dan will hopefully accept the inevitable invite to play the game a 3rd time. Why use the All Stars thing against Dan when he hasnt had the chance yet?

    3. That makes me sad because if the jury did vote personal, it would mean that Danielle would win $500,000 and she definitely does not deserve that. I’m Team Ian all the way, but I’m all for a Team Not-Danielle.

    4. If he is not on Dr. Wills level he is pretty close. Sure he had a few advantages in the start do the the coaching twist but he also pretty much ran the entire game since he came out of solitary dance party and saved himself from almost certain eviction. If he becomes the only person to win the shown twice, it definitely could be argued that he is the greatest player in bb history. It’s still debatable though because they didn’t have the Veto back in season 2 when Dr. Will won.

    5. At this point I’m pretty certain Dan will be final 2 but I don’t think he will when. This years cast seems like the types that will vote based more on emotion rather than game play (with the exception of Brit and Ian).

      Ashely- would vote however Frank voted just to get some more action (See Frank)
      Brit- would vote for Dan if it was Dan vs Dani but would prob vote for Ian if it was if it was Ian vs Dan
      Frank- Dani vs Dan would be Dani, Ian vs Dan would be a toss up but I think he would still choose Ian because by Franks logic or ego, he was the best player in the game and Ian got him out, thus Ian is the best player remaining.
      Joe- Hates Dan and liked both Dani and Ian had allied with both.
      Shane- After that look on his face tonight, doesn’t matter if its Ian or Dani, he won’t vote for Dan

      The Score
      Dan Dani Ian
      Ashely 0 1 1
      Brit 1 0 1
      Frank 0 1 1
      Joe 0 1 1
      Shane 0 1 1

      So, even though I think he deserves it, just don’t think he can pull it off.

  122. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? After that big ‘ol blindside, Dan getting rid of Shane, Danielle throws the competiiton to him?! He got rid of her boyfriend, and he lied to her face, and she THREW THE COMPETITION TO HIM?????!! Seriously!? Does she not see that Dan is in this game for himself and will do everything he can to win, even if it means betraying her? This is just unbelievable. Ian, you better win these next two HOH’s. Daneille doesn’t deserve to win this game for all her gullibility.

  123. Im gonna get what I want but Danielle has to be the most pathetic excuse for a woman has she ever heard burn me once shame on u burn me twice shame on me just pathetic. Dan is a married man u are not getting him no matter what u do. Give it up stalker


    I traveled to Columbia last weekend and guess what? They were selling Dan’s mist in the streets over there!

    It is in powder form and goes by the names of: Scopolamine, Burundanga and Devil’s Breath. You simply

    put the powder (mist) in a person’s drink or blow it in their face and wait a few seconds and the person will

    be in a complete zombie state. The person will be completely conscience, talkative and able to walk and do

    anything, but will be completely a slave to your commands. They will be unable to resist you or deny anything

    that you request of them. This is no sh*t, look it up, Dan will be making millions off this. The Devil’s Breath or

    Dan’s Mist as it is known here in the US is so potent, that you can take someone to their apartment and tell

    them to load all their belongings into your van and they will gladly and dutifully comply. Hours later when

    they come to, they will not realize what happened and will have the same expression on their faces that

    Danielle had after tonight’s eviction. I’m sure that Dan will be selling it on his website after BB14 is over.

  125. I don’t blaim Dan. I think Dani is just stupid. Completely stupid. I hope Ian takes 2nd and 3rd HOH, cuts Danielle out because she’s too stupid to win and I hope Ian leaves with 500K by unanimous vote. I would laugh and laugh. The only thing that would be better is if Dan does the final twist in Danielle’s back himself and Ian still wins unanimously.

  126. Are the people on here that are calling Danielle dumb,for throwing the HOH, thinking that Dan won’t take her to the final2?If that’s the reason,then she isn’t dumb for doing that,because Dan wants Danielle in the final2 with him.I’m sure he’s hoping that Danielle will beat Ian in the part2 HOH.Dan doesn’t want to be with Ian in the final2 because he thinks he will lose.The reason Dan saved Ian over Shane,has to do with Dan will have a 100% chance in final2 with Ian&Danielle in the final3.Shane wasn’t going to take Dan and with Shane being in the game.Dan couldn’t be 100% sure that Danielle would take him to final2 over Shane.Therefore by saving Ian.Dan has nothing to worry about,as it concerns being in the final 2.Oh,and as long as Danielle beats Ian in the part2 HOH,she’ll be in the final2 with Dan.So,hopefully she can pull it off and win the part2 HOH.It’s what’s best for Dan’s game.Which is all I care about.Lol.Go Dan!

  127. SMH @ Danielle handing over an HOH win to Dan. does Danielle even know how crucial it is to win this 3 part HOH competition. now she just gives Dan an HOH after Dan just finished backstabbing her and Shane a few hours earlier.

  128. Cant stand Danielle but her only chance to win is to now play Dan – get to final HOH and pick Ian to go to F2 – do to Dan what he’s done to half the jury – that’s her only salvation of gaining anyone’s respect.

      1. After tonight Danielle has NO chance of winning against Dan – he got her to put her showmance on the block and he voted him out. She was guaranteed to win at least 50K with Shane and Dan in the house – now she gets nothing if Ian takes Dan to F2. The jury doesnt like Dan but they arent going to vote for an idiot who’s been Dan’s pawn all seaon and proved her total lack of game tonight.

  129. Not to diminish Dr, Will but Dan is a great player and he is just as good as will both had there own obsicles to over come. Will didn’t have veto to save him but he also didn’t have have nots or had to endure slop or sleep in a have not room. To diminish dan’s achievements because he had safety is riddulus even if dan didn’t have safety the likely hood of him walking out that door wouldn’t have happened he would do what he did when the reset button was hit which may i add just meant the game resent they had the same number of players at that point as they would have if they came in as players. Dan also came into the game with a target on his back so the odds were already against him and everyone already knew his game plan and that he had already won. Dan was more strategic then will he is a genius he had a way of convincing you to do exactly what he wanted you to do he convince dani to put up her boyfriend on the block pure genius while will would start a lie and let explode in the house then step back and watch everyone go after each other usually ending with him coming off the block. Will went so far as to insult the hg’s left and told them all to vote him out which they all did the opposite. When you say the best player well that is subjective because it is a personal opion and it depends on what you consider being the beat is it getting to the end, game play, winning comps or manipulating people as i said subjective. For me up until this season i would have agreed it was will but dan has changed my mind he is definely an amazing player and as of now has beaten will’s record

  130. Dan should be brown he is so full of sh-t!
    He is the biggest liar and does not deserve to win anything. Game or not it should still be played with some integrity. You don’t swear on the bible or your wife and then lie. You degrade those things!

    1. I agree!! I don’t understand how jury members vote sometimes. Like how Shelly gave the deciding vote to let Rachel win last time. Rachel was vile and already had a shot to win the game once before. If I was in the game I’ve always approached who I would like to win based on who they are as a person and their gameplay in the house. If someone was manipulative and lied their way to the top, it would really make me not want to vote for them to win. Anybody can lie and use people. It’s the people who play the game with some integrity that make me feel they deserve the prize money.

      I think Big Brother should switch control over to the public and let them decide like they do with Big Brother UK. Houseguests only nominate (the two, or more(!) houseguests with the most votes goes up on the block) and then the general public votes on who will stay. This whole “reset” *twist this year was so fixed by production that a blind man could have seen it from a mile away. They really need to “reset” the game for real. It’s getting really predictable and patronizing to the fan’s intelligence. Why do they have to do that stupid speech every time they nominate? It’s so old and predictable I can recite it off the top of my head verbatim…. “One of my duties this week as head of household is to nominate two players for eviction……” DUH. Just do it.

  131. Memo to Danielle, turn the light bulb on in your head. I thought Shane had shit for brains, I was wrong. Dan snakes this broad countless times and you trust him again

  132. tired of brit’s BS

    of course frank put you up

    YOU WERE QUACK PACK. you werent on frank’s side, you had lied over and over to the kid. its laughable beyond belief

    brit gets all sassy, and thinks she can say anything because “america loves her”. please. she is the worst person in that house. so glad she got out when she did

    and btw brit, frank outlasted you

    1. Britney’s logic is laughable, she seems to think her opinion is the only one that matters. Come on Britney, we all know you had no intention of helping Frank, so don’t try to act like you were going to have his back. Britney is such tool.

      1. oh please frank is the one that is laughable acting like he’s a saint and never lied in the game, claiming how honest he played. please if anyone is a tool it’s him he was the biggest one in the house. all everybody did was laugh at him after he left. you frank fans are just pissed that britney called him out on it. remember him and boogie were the ones that started talking about going back on their deal first but i guess you all forgot about that though and yeah frank really outlasted britney didn’t he by one whole week. at least dan didn’t make her look a big fool all week like he did frank who actually thought he had the votes to stay. just admit it frank was a horrible player and dan showed everybody just how much the sooner you guys admit it to yourselves you will be able to think more clearly.

          1. hell yeah i would look at her, doesn’t make me wrong in what i said though. i guess you’re in love with that carrot top, no deodorant wearing stanky franky (sick) maybe you can lay in bed and let him dutch oven you.

  133. no. danielle IS pretty dumb

    why did she need to gain dan’s trust and take him off? if she trusted shane, she knew where the vote was going

    its just silly, then her saying to dan “how do you know ian will take me to final 2″…REALLY? you think dan is planning this game around danielle’s best chances? ahahaha.

  134. Best part of the night was watching the jury house and see Britney and Frank go at it. What made me laugh so hard was when Britney was debating about how it’s the “Big Brother game” and there are no rules to it – so they all had to appreciate Dan’s gameplay even though he’s a dirty player this season.
    Then, Frank asks if Britney cheated on her husband, but didn’t get caught, was it still cheating? Britney storms off and asks Frank how he could bring her husband into it? – Oh, so there are rules, Britney!!!! I so wish Frank would have called her out on that!

    1. There is a big difference between Big Brother and Marriage. Of course there are guidlines to marriage, but anything goes in the Big Brother House.

    2. I love how Britney called Frank out on his self-righteous honest bs in the Jury House. She let him have it, and I enjoyed everyone second of it.

  135. This is what I don’t understand about people. There are now three people left in the game. Why hasn’t Danielle approached Ian (or Ian approach Danielle) and said, “Dan has offered me a final two deal. Has he does the same to you? I want to know if he’s playing me and you both.”

    If Danielle and Ian were smart enough they could both agree to take each other to the final two and evict Dan. That means someone (Dan) who has already won this game won’t be getting more prize money and at the new players will. Why are people so ignorant???!!!

  136. Omg. Watching bbad. I feel sad for Dani. I sure hope he takes her to final 2. If not. Have a doctor ready because she will have a break down.
    To show what a coward and cold hearted person he is, he is still asking her to come into the kitchen to shield him and put a front up for Ian.
    Unbelievable. And swear on his wife again. Geez

  137. I’m somewhat confused by all of the criticism of Dan’s gameplay. He doesn’t talk trash. He doesn’t throw low blows when things don’t go his way. He doesn’t resort to name-calling. He does not rub anyone’s nose in his victories, which have been considerable. (And I don’t mean the competitions.)

    All of the coaches started out with 3 team members. Dan lost two of his three in a matter of days. It could have been the end for him and Danielle, but he managed to keep the target off her back and thereby saved both himself and Danielle.

    Fast forward to the reset. Now he’s a player, but he is still shepherding Danielle through the quagmire. He saves her from herself and even though she is clearly getting on everyone’s nerves, he patiently tolerates her high-maintenance demands and sense of entitlement without ever a harsh word. In fact, he hasn’t had an argument with anyone in the house since the game started. The others actually get mad at HIM for not being nominated, not at whomever put them on the block! To quote Jenn/???, ” You always manage to escape the block.” She wasn’t angry at Ian, the HOH. NO! She blamed Dan for being so good as to not be nominated.

    I have watched Big Brother ever since Season One. If there is a “nice, sweet, truthful, religiously acceptable” way to play it, I have yet to witness that style of play. Dan is nothing if not polite- to EVERYONE, no matter how obnoxious or in-your-face they may be.

    I admire his focus, intelligence, and sense of purpose. He never forgets why he is there. He knows that the true test of the sincerity of the houseguests cannot be determined until after the game is over. It is then, that people truly reveal themselves.

    The word “stupid” gets bandied about a lot. Do the Dan-haters really think it would be “smart” of him, or anyone to disclose their strategies, make sure everyone knows exactly when you plan to turn on them, and go around apologizing for even thinking of voting to evict another player? What would be the point of the show? Everyone on the jury is guilty of using the same tricks, telling the same kinds of lies, and being party to the same back-stabbing as Dan; they were simply less effective. Dan was one man with one vote. He didn’t get the evictees out of the game by himself. Don’t hate the player…

  138. the jury house was hilarious. britney and frank going at it. while stupid ashley just anamored with frank. she just sits there like a deer in headlights. joe was awesome time to get more wine. frank is a good player but no grickin social skills whatsoever. its frightening. then he brings up britneys husband, wow talking about, low balling, and not graping the conept. now thats frightnening. all of his points were motly pointless. i totally agree with brit.

  139. Dan has played for himself and Danielle this season and deserves half of whatever she gets. Call him a bad guy, but he was carrying a player on his back for the entire game. If she’s not having a nervous breakdown, she’s asking Sensei Dan what to do next. I don’t think there is one move that she made on her own in this game; at least Ian can say he did that. I don’t know why anyone would vote for her to win, other than to service some personal vendetta against Dan.

  140. Need I remind everyone that Dan was called Judas on his last season. He told people that he would give up religion before he voted sokeone out then did it anyway. If anyone besides the coaches watched previous seasons Bedt BB player ever… they would have known not to trust Dan.

  141. Also Dan is a coach . He probably pitched the idea to the
    producers. He wins no matter what, even if he doesnt getthe big money. He coached the best game even if his player is lame.

  142. Does anyone remember that moment in time when Danielle talked Dan out of voting to evict her “boyfriend,” Shane? He regretted it instantly, but that’s not why I mention it. I’m bringing it up because he TOLD her (words to the effect of) , “I did that for you because you wanted to save Shane. I gave up a chance to get rid of him for you. I won’t pass up the chance again.” If Danielle could have retrieved that memory, she might have realized what Dan was going to do, given the opportunity. If you stop and think about it, he did tell her.

    1. You’re right, that should have raised a red flag in her head. And also this week, Dan was “joking” around about how Danielle might be tempted to take Shane to the end over him. I think he was voicing a genuine concern, but trying to pass it off as a joke. If Danielle had caught that, and remembered it, that might have influenced her decision as well.

  143. What I think is really sad is all the “I’m-your-coach” rhetoric that Dan is feeding to Danielle. She’s eating it all up. I think she is actually convinced that Dan is trying to get her to end so she can win. He’s using the whole coaching thing to manipulate her, and it’s working like a charm.

    When Danielle confronted Dan about him voting Shane out, he said that Ian will take her to the end, and Shane will vote for her now that he’s in the jury. He’s trying to trick Danielle into thinking that voting out Shane was his way of guaranteeing a vote for Danielle in the end, whichis pretty brilliant. But there’s one glaring thing: If he wanted someone to take her to the end, he would have kept Shane, obviously. And now here she is throwing part 1 of the HOH competition, again blindly trusting in Dan.

    I want to feel bad for Danielle. I do. But she’s so misted to the point that Dan can screw her over in any kind of way, and STILL have complete control over her. It’s painful to see.

  144. Danelle’s crying Shane, Shane Lmao and Shane right now is changing his number ,his address and hooking up with JoJo heehee . Especially after she attacked him on the bed . Or maybe he’s looking up Will even better ,lol Now Ian’s grinding his teeth . Personally I do not like any of these three ,Danelle saying she never lied , forgot she lied to Janelle , shes lied so much she forgot . And Ian he’s done everything , spyed been two face , lied, disloyal . Dan well there are no words for him , he’s either a great player and terrible human being or just a terrible human being period and since he lloves the camera so much I think hes just an ass who knows how to use people to get what he wants and has done this all his life . He’ll win again unless Ian chooses not to take him and win the next part and it is alway something brainy . Poor Dani , no Shane tonight heeheee …..

  145. Ian “just dirty” “so wrong”

    earth to ian, you did the same to mike, except worse, as you lied to him trying to make him look like an idiot over his comment of “who you going to put up, shane? britney?”. I mean really ian?

    kudos to dan for going through with it. no regrets

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