Big Brother Spoilers – After the Backstab of the Season Danielle gets to popping zits

First HOH Dan Second HOH ?
Third HOH  ? Final HOH ?
Last Evicted Houseguest SHANE

*? <> Jenn

9:30pm Bathroom Dan and Danielle No talking going on.. Danielle just mad a deal with Dan and threw him the first part of the HOH she goes right to popping zits on her chin. Ian is in the Kitchen rocking on the chair
9:41pm Danielle tells him they were on the HOH competition for a hour and a half.

9:48pm Ian goes into the bathroom and asks Dan how the hell he was able to get her to drop. Dan says they will talk later tonight. He tells Dan they can hear production Setting things up in the backyard. Dan with a big grin on his face “For the Fianle” Ian: “Ya”

10:00pm Very little talking the tension is insane..

10:05pm Dan tells Danielle that Ian asked him what he said to her to get her to drop and he told Ian he promised they did not have a final 2 deal. Danielle goes into the Arcade room starts to cry.. Dan enters tells her that they need to convince Ian to throw the next HOH to her. Dan asks her if she is sad.. (Can’t hear the reply) Dan wants her to hang out with him but she doesn’t she just lays in the arcade crying.

(I feel sorry for Danielle.. that was a pretty brutle backstab)

10:20pm Arcade Cam 3-4 Danielle and Dan

Dan: “Still mad at me”
(can’t hear a reply”
Dan: “You hurt physically?”
Danielle says her hands are cut up. Dan leaves..

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10:37pm Cam 3-4 Ian and Danielle Danielle: “I never lied to anyone in this house beside Frank” Ian: “F*** that guy he’s a douche” Danielle hates how Shane left. Ian agrees says it’s pretty disgusting. Danielle is worried that Shane will hate her now. Ian doesn’t think so Shane knows what happened he can see it on our faces. Ian: “I cannot believe that just happened.. I was ready to talk to Julie”

11:10pm Back to the zits

11:12pm With only one bleeder Danielle starts digging for more. (this blog is turning into a danielle zit blog.. )

Danielle gets called into the Diary Room says she’s really not ready for that..

11:21pm Cam 1-4 Dan and Ian Ian says the first thing he does when he gets out is put a link to the duck tales song on his Facebook page. Ian mentions how the quack pack will be known in the Jury house after his POV Ceremony speech.

Ian says the name of the First HOH competition was “Hook line and Sinker” Ian thinks it wasn’t cool after what happened tonight. Ian tells him he could have sat in the hook forever and he tried really hard to make him falling off look natural. Dan says it looked “Emmy” (OMFG he threw the HOH comp )

11:40pm Dan and Danielle

Dan tells her to go to Ian and tell him she will take him to the end no matter what.

Danielle : “Can you tell me what the benefit of keeping Ian was?”
Dan: “If Ian takes you to final 2 you win but if Shane does he beats you”
Danielle: “Ian told me to my face that He’s taking you to the final 2”
Dan: “no he didn’t”
Danielle : “Yes he did”
Dan wants them to convince Ian to throw the final HOH comp.

Danielle tells him she’s upset and confused about what Dan did. She think’s Dan will do whatever he needs to do to win the game. Danielle says Shane would have thrown the final 3 to her.
Dan: “I didn’t trust Shane”
Danielle: “That comment is honest.. I can handle that it’s all the little lies that are not.. Keeping Ian is more beneficial for you than it is for me”
Dan: “Shane was PIssed”
Danielle: “He’s taking your a$$ period I’m playing for Janelle’s F*** spot”

Dan keeps tells her she needs to get Ian to throw the HOH

(Looks like Danielle and Dan are back as a team final 2 .. LOL )

Dan tells her that Ian thinks she’s stupid.. he always dismisses everything she says when it comes to science and he told him he can beat Danielle in the finale speech.

(Alright Big Brother 14 is over unless ian wins the next 2 comps and takes Danielle to the end Dan wins the 500K.. who out there is into survivor? I’ll be blogging on my friends survivor blog this season coming up check it out )

12:03AM Dan fully mists Danielle Danielle says she needs to speak to the psychologist or she’s going to have a mental breakdown.

(Dan continues to mist Danielle.. Danielle keeps crying and picking at zits.. Ian was playing around in the kitchen..)

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251 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers – After the Backstab of the Season Danielle gets to popping zits

        1. I mean really…does anyone miss Shane?!! He makes Hayden seem exciting. Goodness. If it wasn’t for this little showmance/stalkermance no one would even care about him. Dumb as nails and oh…PAWNS GO HOME!!! Only Ian and Danielle really have come out with any semblance of credit this season from the newbs. Actually even the returning players were pretty rubbish except for Dan and to a lesser extent Britney. I thought Britney was a much better player this year even if she left sooner. At the end of the day, Dan will go to the end of Danielle and I don’t think he’ll win. The jury is bitter. They hate him. They won’t vote with their brains or on gameplay. Dan might get one vote from Britney and even that might not happen. Fact is Dan won’t care. He’ll say I was the coach and I brought my player to the end with me. In fact he might even relish helping Danielle win the game more than actually winning such is his ego and love for the game. Whatever the case, love him or hate him, Big Brother 14 will go down as the season of Dan’s masterclass.

          1. Dan kicks a$$ and I hope he goes all the way!!! It isn’t a game of rainbows and unicorns. He can’t help it if BB surrounded him with a bunch of morons that are so easily manipulated.

      1. Dan has no scruples. He is ignorant, especially using religion as his moral compass. I do not think he is a nice person, even outside of the game.
        Anyone who can lie without flinching, having no empathy when he does very mean things He’s just a person who has Narcastic personality disorder.
        I don’t care if this is a game, it also gives great insite into peoples personalities. I truly believe Dan has a side to his personality which is self- inflated with a large dose of self-esteem which is a defense to cover up his sense of deep shame within. Grandiosity thinking prevents him from blaming himself and he tries desperately to shift and stir things away from his direction so he does not become the bad guy to anyone, he suffers from depression which is disintegrated. the 24 hr lockdown was difficult for him to be alone with himself and be with his creeping narcissism which he had to succumb to being a selfishness person with a sense of entitlement, His belief system is not about God it’s about him: He thinks: “I am special” his belief system
        is distored and has more psychological disorders than Ian. — (don’t get me started about Ian). I don’t know what will happen next in the game but money will never give Dan his peace nor will it make him closer to” his” Lord which he seems to pretend to be seeking approval of and using religion as his moral compass.

        1. How could you not think that Dan has no scruples considering that he as manipulated every single person in the game to do his bidding? Are you one of those that think that the money should go to the one that played the nicest game? You should probably take a step out into the real world and take a look around, the nice person always finishes last.

          DAN FOR THE WIN!!!

        2. You could not be more wrong. Did you ever see Dan after he’s just told a big lie. His skin is flush, his mouth is dry, he looks like hes having a panic attack. He repeats the same rehearsed line over and over to convince others that he wasnt lying. Jenn, and Britney had him figured. Jenn really had no other option but to trust him, and Britney just underestimated his power to influence people (underestimated the stupidity of Frank) Dan is a terrible liar, he just had easy targets to get through (Danielle, Shane and Franks stupidity combined with Ian’s obvious desire to be a Big Brother legend). I guarantee if this was an All Stars season instead of new houseguests with former players Dan would not have gotten away with any of the things he did

        3. What is wrong with you? This is just a game and Dan is – by far – the only person playing the game. How one can compare real life to a game is beyond me. It is exactly what Britney was trying to get through to Frank’s big head. You have no idea what Dan is like in real life as you don’t know him. And being in solitary only made Dan the Man stronger – that’s where he hatched his plan to have Frank take him off the block. I wish people would understand that BB is a game and you need to do what you can to win – I know I would! Go Dan!!!

        4. Are you majoring in Physchology or something? You sound like my son. Dan even said he switches it off in game mode, and does what he has to do. Has anyone forgotten that BB is a game of lying, backstabbing, etc to get to the win? Everyone it seems loves Dr. Will for doing just that and now Dan is doing the same thing. Enough about his moral compass and religion, that’s between him and God not anyone else!!

        5. Rebecca, are you god? God knows this is a game. Give me a break. But I do appreciate people like Rebecca being different than me.

          Big Brother is like a game of strategy involving human psychology to win a lot of money. If everyone thought and acted the same, there would be no exciting game. Same goes for real life. It would be detrimental if everyone had same views and actions. But get one thing straight, BB is a game and not real life! Most players are not going to be the same people outside the game.

          In order to win BB, a good player has be prepared for every situation many steps ahead while getting to know the players and predict their moves. A good player knows some people don’t have this ability and play with their hearts instead of their head even though everyone knows people can’t be trusted in this game. A good player can use human psychology to their advantage. In a game where everyone is always on alert and it is mentally and physically draining and exhausting, a good player has to overcome this and focus at all times. A good player should also be a good actor. The vulnerable players can be easily swayed in person and used to get the good player ahead. A good player has to have a predator vs prey mindset while keeping in mind not to deeply burn too many bridges with the prey along the way. If they do, they must repair and mend the relationship quick and in order to retain all options to keep using them to their advantage. This is a game about present and future situations. Nobody is disposable and everyone is important. Everyone has to be vulnerable at some times in this game. People smarts along with mental and physical agility and some luck can get a player far in this game.

          Dan strives for this and is very good. Everyone can play well in this game after watching and studying people in this game season after season. You get to learn about human psychology and make accurate predictions to benefit your own gameplay moves to hopefully be last one standing with $500,000.

    1. What I don’t understand is why Danielle or Shane didn’t seriously explore all options. It is one thing to be trusting, nice, and honest but you are trying to become half a million dollars richer not only for yourself but for your family. All that stuff should go out the window in the end in a game based on lying and deceit. Well, the show-mance was cute and entertaining, but Danielle and Shane’s kids would not be too bright. Ian and Dan are serious players and know they have to do anything ultimately to win. IT IS A GAME! Give me a break with all the moral, dirty play BS.

      Dan is the man, master of BB. In his first appearance in BB10, Dan knew he took huge risk playing a loyal, honest strategy mixed in with his great personality and smarts. It luckily paid off for him with a unanimous, shut-out win. This season all the coaches know they especially will need extreme luck, smarts, agility, social game, and a sharp knife for backstabbing. Being a good person in reality outside the game helps also (sorry, Boogie). Dan, Janelle, Britney know people are generally not too smart including Boogie. You would think that people would have just a little sense to eliminate past players but apparently people can be easily manipulated with psychology. Janelle can see that Dan has re-winning potential because he knows people and this game inside out especially with his “loyalty and honesty” cards. I wish Janelle would have gone far but she was an obvious threat at winning challenge competitions (mental and physical). Boogie thought it was impossible to for a coach to win especially him being a past winner and for someone like him. He knows somewhere deep inside of himself that he really has no smarts. social game, or agility and rose to fame with extreme luck and riding on others’ coattails. So he essentially gave up this season and was happy being a temporary player trying to win any little rewards he could with his ally Frank. Frank would lose a competition eventually or be backdoored. Frank did not understand that he could not win with just the loyalty card like Dan in BB10 because from day one he was above the radar being a physical threat and target compared to others. Right now Boogie must be in awe of Dan and probably got a crane to keep lifting his jaw up. You would think that his obnoxious personality is an act but it is not! Read about his past, shady reputation on wikipedia. He has had many problems throughout his life AND after winning $500,000. He sucks at life and should be always kissing Dr. Will’s feet and the ground he walks on.

      Most people thought that Dan could not win again. Did they forget about Survivor? Rob Mariano in his 2nd appearance (all-stars) won the girl who ended up winning that $1 million and then after they got married and had baby, against all odds, he himself won $1 million in his 4th appearance in Survivor. It can be done.

      My calculations/predictions:

      #1 scenario: With final 3 (Danielle, Dan, Shane), if Dan or Shane wins HOH, each would take Danielle to final 2 and win. If Danielle wins HOH, she should take Shane and win for taking Dan out. She is guaranteed at least $50,000 either way with a 33% chance of winning $500,000 (no chance of $0). I don’t see a Dan + Shane final 2 at all. So Dan has 33% chance for $500,000 and 66% of getting $0 (no chance of $50,000). Shane has 33% chance at $500,000, 33% chance at $50,000, or 33% chance of getting $0.

      #2 scenario: With final 3 (Danielle, Shane, Ian), with Shane or Danielle winning HOH, final 2 would be Shane and Danielle. Danielle would beat Shane and win 1st place since she took out everyone’s nemesis Dan before Ian (jury would love her smart gameplay). If Ian won HOH, he would take Shane and win 1st place. So, basically, Danielle has 66% chance of winning $500,000 and 33% chance of getting $0 (no chance at $50,000). And Shane would be 100% guaranteed with second place $50,000 no matter who wins HOH. Ian has 33% chance of winning 1st place $500,000 and 66% getting $0.

      #3 scenario: With final 3 like it is now (Danielle, Dan, Ian), if Dan or Ian winning HOH should take her to final 2 and win. If Danielle wins HOH, I am hoping she plays smarter and takes Ian to final 2 and stop Dan. She has chance to win over Ian. So, Danielle is guaranteed at least $50,000 either way but has 33% chance at $500,000. I don’t forsee a Dan + Ian final 2. But you never know if Ian decides to play bad all of a sudden. So Dan has 33% chance for $500,000 and 66% of getting $0 (no chance of $50,000). Ian’s chances are 33% $500,000 and 33% $50,000 and 33% for $0.

      So if I was Danielle, I would have gone for scenario #1 or #3 which are pretty identical (except #1 is better against Shane rather than Ian in #3). She is guaranteed at least second place $50,000 and good chance of $500,000 if she wins HOH and outs Dan. She will go home with money no matter what. Something is better than nothing and in scenario #2, she may go home with nothing.

      Again, scenarios #1 and #3 are pretty identical for Dan (except #3 is better against Ian than Shane in #1) So Dan pushed for scenario #3 because he is looking out for himself first and foremost as he should and is passively looking out for Danielle as well. He doesn’t trust Shane because at least with Ian, there is a possibility Ian will take him to final 2 over Danielle. The guy is a genius.

      Ian’s best scenario is the current #3. It was smart gameplay for Ian to keep assuring Dan of his loyalty and commitment to him over Danielle. Shane for sure was not going to be pick Dan over Danielle. But now I hope he is smart enough to screw over Dan and not keep his promise. I am surprised Ian wasn’t covering his bases with Danielle and Shane trying to secretly get Dan out. I think Dan could have been voted out. But Ian’s slacking worked out for him now because who would have thought Shane and Danielle were that stupid to veto Dan off the block again!

      Shane is so dumb. If I was him I would get Danielle to get rid of Dan and be happy with a guaranteed $50,000 in scenario #2 and his girlfriend with good chance at $500,000. He should have tried to make a deal with Ian for him to take to final 2 over Danielle (which he would have anyway after she exterminated Dan and probably gained jury votes for that). Shane you are struggling in life finances because you are not too bright. You are lucky to get Danielle. She is smarter and sweeter.

      If Dan and Ian are together in the final two, it will be close. But I think Dan does deserve to win against Ian because he brilliantly played two seasons worthy of a million dollars.

    1. The final HOH comp is always done the same.

      Round #1) Endurance competition
      Round #2) Mental/skill competition, kind of resembling the last POV comp.
      Round #3) Question competition based on the jury members

      Yes, Ian does have a chance, but he didn’t win the last POV as predicted and Danielle did, so……….it’s kind of up in the air at this point. I think his chances in the second round would be better against Dan.

      1. What does it matter if Dan has won already? It isn’t about who needs the money more it is about who is the best…and Dan owns that house.

  1. Danielle might be the dumbest woman alive. Dan has lied to her BIG, like 5 times and she still buys his shit by falling off early on the first HOH. Dan will stab her in the back, if he has too. If Ian beats him in #3, he will throw Danielle so far under the bus, her zits would provide traction for the tires.

    1. It’s not that she’s dumb. She’s too trustworthy of guys. She is a nicer person that I think many people give her credit for and sometimes people like that get hurt.

      1. By the way, Ian just told Dani it was a disgusting way that Shane left, so Ian can see what Dan did here. I am gaining some respect for Ian tonight and one thing I can say for him, actually, is that he did play a pretty straight up game. I don’t think he likes the way it went down.

    2. At the same time, she WAS with Dan since Day 1!!!! I mean how can you not trust someone youve been since day 1….plus the first few wasn’t as big as the one today! Today was HUGE compared to the other small stuff…

  2. You left Shane off the poll for America’s Favorite.. -_-

    I’m so fucking pissed at Dan.

    I really hope Ian wins final HOH and takes Danielle to the finals.

    I’d LOVE to see Dan’s face if that happened. ;D

    He will take Dan though because he is too nice but he really should fuck Dan over since he can easily win against Danielle.

    1. How about if Danielle wins and says ” Dan you got what you said was all you wanted, to get me me in the final. Congrats, on fulfilling your dream, I am taking Ian to the final and fulfilling his dream. This way we all win!

      1. Why on earth would anyone want Danielle to win? Because she is sweet and nice and has really done nothing other than Dan’s bidding? She would have been out a LONGGGGG time ago if not for Dan carrying her.

      2. I’m actually hoping for this scenario too. I would love to see Dan’s face if Danielle gives him the boot. Having said that, if Dan does make it to the final two, I think he probably won’t win this time. Not that he didn’t play a good game, but the jury members seem to be holding more of a grudge this year, so they’ll give it to the one they like.

    1. dude look at who Dr. Will played against & look at who Dan played against. Hardy & Nicole vs retarded kid Ian & quite possible one of the dumbest/gullible girls to ever play BB, Danielle. Dan sucks against anyone with a fully functional brain.

      1. Yea look who Dan played against. Janelle and boogie even frank was a beast. . Atleast Dr will in allstars had boogie his best friend. Let’s see Dr will come back without his best friend. Dan is the best in BB history. Evel dick won with help from his daughter and because it wasn’t a bitter jury. If Dr will or evel dick comes back without there best friend or daughter and they get to the final 3 then I will say they could be the best. But win or lose right now Dan is the best. As for boogie what happened to his face. Iwatched when he first played and he looks like a totally different person. Its only been what 11 years? He looks like he aged 30

      2. Using the R word when referring to someone who has a self admitted diagnosis of a probable form of Autism (Ian has mentioned Asbergers Syndrome himself when asked about it by Dan) is really not very nice or classy. As someone who works with adults with disabilities and a parent of a child who has some social issues It’s really something that is hurtful to them, their families and the people in their lives who love them. I’m not trying to preach or be nasty, just informative on the use of that word. Im not above saying that a player has made a dumb game move or isn’t the smartest player in the game, it’s just that, A GAME. Seeing the Use of the word R *t**d in so many posts (and not just this site) is getting both old and disturbing, IMO

  3. even though dan is a liar and backstabber i think if it came down to a final two choice dan would choose danielle over ian….his first loyalty is to himself but i think he is serious about being a mega coach and getting her to the final 2……btw even if he finishes 3rd dan has to go down as the greatest bb player ever he isnt the strongest or the smartest but the guy knows how to play the game

    1. I agree. I think that he actually takes the coaching thing seriously. I mean, just look at his website. He’s writing books about coaching. He’s selling personal coaching sessions. Getting a player that he coached to the end would be a bragging point for that.

      1. True but why in the world would I want to buy a book from a guy that did what he did in this game. SMH, and don’t say its just a game. This game is a true test of ones character. It’s a perfect example of how nasty we are and that we (some) would throw our religion, wives, children under the bus for money.

        I love Dan but wow, If i were the parents of the kids on Dans football team I would be questioning what he’s teaching my child if this is the way he is when it comes to playing a game.

        Dan should write a book about back stabling and selling out for that all mighty Green( now that i would buy)!!!

        1. Are u serious about your comments about Dan? You obviously haven’t watched this show very long. It’s a damn game for crying out loud! Dan is a master of it!

        2. Omg it is just a game! Get over it so he lied so he backstab who hasn’t every person who has ever won this game has backstabbed or lied to win. He brought religion in on it as a last resort a game move that worked this is how the game is played.

        3. “I” will buy Dan’s books.

          The guy has had:
          1. The best “big picture” view of the game for the entire season. He’s been able to look ahead and figure out what he needs to do now in order to get there (like chess) and get it done without spilling his guts to everyone else in the house. That’s been a major failure for so many players, the fact that they decide to tell everyone what they’re doing. Dan sees that to get where he wants to go, he needs to manipulate, not inform the rest of the houseguests.
          2. A strategy – who else in this house, except for maybe Ian, have had an actual strategy that is more thought out and planned for more than 1 week.
          3. Social game – Until the past couple weeks everyone (except Frank) loved the guy and during that time he likely learned more about each of these members than anyone else in the house. How else would be be able to manipulate them as he has.
          4. Commitment – not to the other players obviously. He’s been committed to his game and his strategy. He doesn’t let himself get influenced, he doesn’t let himself get distracted, he knows he’s going to make moves that people will not like, but ultimately he knows what has to get done and he’ll get there.

          Whether or not he’s sincere in getting Dani the win, he has gotten to the end of the game with the two people he committed to earliest in the game. He took Dani under his wing at the beginning as a coach and has never dropped her. He took a liking to Ian early on and has pulled him along many times when he could have cut him loose and sold him to the wolves. Danni has won comps and so has Ian. Both have shown themselves to be good players in their own rights, but neither would have gone as far as they have without Dan’s game manipulation at different parts of the game. If he had gone home when he was on the block does anyone think that Dani would still be in the game if Frank and maybe Boogie were in the house? Ian might have survived a while, but it’s unlikely he would be where he is.

          Dan has shown a couple things. As a coach, you need to think beyond the minute by minute game play. A coach needs to be working at a much higher altitude and view the game from a birds eye view. He needs to be strategic while still being able to act and react on a tactical minute by minute level, but he needs to see what and when to make the moves and make the most difficult moves when he has to. He’s done this.

          But more importantly, Dan has shown something else. Players like coaches who have played the game and played it successfully. Talk to hockey players, football players, baseball players. They know that the coach understands them better if the coach has played at that high level. Dan won this game once before. He was the player. Now he’s the coach AND the player.

          His job as a coach is to win the game, for himself and/or for a player. His job as a player is to win the game. The game of Big Brother is as much psychological as it is physical. Mind games are part of the game. Be that deception, misdirection, or even illusion. He knows the game, he plays the game, he IS the game.

          I want to buy a book from a guy like this.

    2. I agree Dan is the man dani never made any moves and Ian will take Dan and so will ian and dani came in the house lying saying she was school teacher Shane was stupid for not fighting for dani to not use veto when dani had just told him this week or so than Dan wanted him out can any one else say altimers

  4. For the first time, I feel for Danielle. Dan is a total scumbag. She is the next to go. A lesson not to trust in goodness. I understand Shane leaving. He just didn’t get the game. Danielle..completely hoodwinked.

    I can’t watch Dan’s face and strut. He makes me want to vomit. The others are stupid..he’s just evil.

    1. Why is Dan evil??

      Because he is lying? Because he is being manipulative? Pretty sure this game is all about manipulation and lying. No past winner on BB ever got there by being honest and open.

      Dan is a master manipulator. It is his job in the house to learn what makes each player tick. Then he plants his words and cultivates them using the tools that best suits that persons personality trait. When he is done the person usually not only does exactly what he wants them to do, but also ends up believing that it was their idea in the first place!

      There is a a reason that when there was 5 people left in the house nobody called Dan out. It was because they believed that they were somehow the “special” one that Dan was loyal to.

      You can call Dan a liar, a snake or whatever other words you want but the fact is, he has been the BB14 mastermind and it may just get him another 1 place.

      1. If Dan was your regular person then I’m with you 100%, but he is a pastor and coaches kids football. what BB wanted to do when they casted Dan was to see if they could break him and they did. In fact I’m sure they never knew it would get to this level. He’s a pastor a man of GOD who is suppose to uphold his morales and not fall for $500k.

        My brother-in-law is a coach and he is the one who’s most upset with Dan. How can a person be a role model to our children acting like this. Wow God only knows want Dan is teach his players.

        Winning is ALMOST everything, honesty and integrity comes 1st.

      2. Your right , people can call Dan all those things liar , ass , master manipulater and user when people actually care about him . And he will probably win too if the jury is impressed .with his master moves but overall the difference between him and Dr. Will is that Will told everybody in the begining he was gonna lie the whole time . And he could not understand why kept believing him . But Dan he has to resort to shity moves like swearing on his family and the bible just chicken shit moves . He knows noones going to question that ,who would outside of Will who would have laugh at him and said sure then stabbed him in the back . Dan always looking around and sideways . So really Dan said it perfectly to Danelle before, that this stuff never bothers him and he doesnt know why . That guy needs the psych help, no sooul……. .Besides look what he did to poor dani’s face …….heeheee

        1. Dan can’t play Dr. Will’s game, he has to play his own game. People have been wanting him out from day one, so coming in telling everyone the he was going to lie wasn’t going to work for Dan.

      3. This is a tough one because many are offended by Dan using family and the Bible to further his game. Not excusing him BUT is everyone forgetting that he only switched into this mode when he was at death’s door (the funeral) and knew he had to go kamikaze to make it to the end of the game. Up until this point he was playing the game with the QP more covertly and not blatantly getting blood on his hands. Only when it looked as if all chances to stay in the game were gone did he come out with this persona to do what he can to achieve a win.

        As I said not an excuse, just some perspective. I don’t think Dan is a wicked person, he is a great manipulator. Surely he uses those skills positively to get wins for his team and in this case negatively to get a win for himself. All I see is him managing the emotional and psychological aspects of the game to win 500K. We would want to win too!

    2. Dan has no scruples. He is ignorant, especially using religion as his moral compass. I do not think he is a nice person, even outside of the game.
      Anyone who can lie without flinching, having no empathy when he does very mean things He’s just a person who has Narcastic personality disorder.
      I don’t care if this is a game, it also gives great insite into peoples personalities. I truly believe Dan has a side to his personality which is self- inflated with a large dose of self-esteem which is a defense to cover up his sense of deep shame within. Grandiosity thinking prevents him from blaming himself and he tries desperately to shift and stir things away from his direction so he does not become the bad guy to anyone, he suffers from depression which is disintegrated. the 24 hr lockdown was difficult for him to be alone with himself and be with his creeping narcissism which he had to succumb to being a selfishness person with a sense of entitlement, His belief system is not about God it’s about him: He thinks: “I am special” his belief system
      is distored and has more psychological disorders than Ian. — (don’t get me started about Ian). I don’t know what will happen next in the game but money will never give Dan his peace nor will it make him closer to” his” Lord which he seems to pretend to be seeking approval of and using religion as his moral compass.

      1. Dan is a Pastor I had no idea . That is beyound sick he was just talking about how he got Ian drunk know he has ADHA and calling him a rat . I thought I didnt like him before . Now this explains his crazy planning sessions in the havenot room where he would talk to the camera , he sounded so much like a peacher to me . But to be a pastor and to use the bible as tool to get money , what a phoney ! reading the bible now sorry theres no place in there that says it ok to swear on it for money money money .Dan better watch Karma , because it a bitch …

        1. Dan is not a pastor, he is Catholic and you can only be a priest….not a pastor…. or possibly a deacon if married. He is not a deacon as he has never mentioned it. I’m a catholic and I can’t believe how judgmental everyone is about Dan, it is not our place to judge him and he can go to CONFESSION after the show and his sins will be forgiven. This show is purely for entertainment and just because it’s “reality tv” I consider the players like actors. We don’t know what Dan was thinking when he swore on the bible, but he is playing a game and he is ACTING to get further in the game…. and Dan deserves an Oscar.

      2. Who do you think you are to judge him like that?! You comment is so over the top, I just had to write a reply.

        First of all, you’re not even in the game. You probably don’t know how it feels to be so close to money, a prize that will change and benefit the lives of the people around you. It’s going to help his family and his community. If you had to lie to greatly benefit or save your family, you would do it. And I know that if someone was going to lie to other people, and it wouldn’t cause any form of damage on them, to benefit me, I would ENCOURAGE IT.

        2nd of all, I don’t know how many times people need to repeat this, but, IT’S A GAME!!!!!!!!!
        But people like you don’t understand what a game is. So let me give you a very clear explanation of this game.
        Yes but you’re going to say “oohh i don’t care, it’s about integrity and setting a good example”
        EUHM, listen, in real life, lying and backstabbing is bad. IN A GAME, IT’S NOT, DO YOU KNOW WHY?!
        POORER, ONLY THEIR EGO HAS BEEN DAMAGED FOR BEING OUTWITTED. And you’re taking the evictions personal.

        3rd of all, you’ve never been in the big brother house. Imagine having a 14 in one shot of winning a prize that will change your and your family’s life forever!?
        Those are better odds than any game or gambling you’ll ever see. knowing you’re that close to such an incredible prize..
        You’re telling me that Dan should give up on two months of strategizing and being locked up in house, JUST for morales and integrity in a game?
        It’s like playing poker with an open hand. RIDICULOUS.

        The only way of really winning big brother without lying or manipulating ONCE, is to win every single competitions, saddly, that’s impossible.

        You should really reevaluate your comment. If you can turn off your ego, you’ll understand that you’re wrong to judge him so harshly.
        You’re critisizing a man that’s good at lying, in a game where lying is primordial strategy.

        1. Not everybody is like you and will cut peoples throats for money. Get a clue. There’s tons of people on this show who are evicted and didn’t do that. There are past winners who didn’t do that. Wake up. Dan is just one more garbage person in a world filled with them.

          The great thing about this show is there are a lot of people like Dan running around in the world. They think their good people but there actually a heartbeat from the flames. There are many people like Dan with seared consciences.

          1. You are absolutely right, @Rob C
            Everyone lies but there are 2 kinds of liars, some people think it’s fine and feel nothing about it, others think its wrong and try to limit it . Everyone is different.
            There is nothing wrong with voicing your opinion i.e: lying is wrong and when it’s done a certain way it can be disturbing, it doesn’t mean anyone who’s disturbed by the lies is an idiot or a goodie to shoes , who shouldn’t watch the game.

            I can’t understand why some people take personal offense to that. They feel targeted or judged or something.
            Some people love money more than anything and would do anything to have it, others wouldn’t… That’s the way it is.
            Different people, different values.
            Just because swearing on the Bible and dragging the name of God into your lies is not outside of the things that you would do for money, doesn’t mean you have to bite the head off of anyone who considers those things off limit. Everyone was brought up differently. ( I use “you” generically).

        2. I Agree with you 100%
          True BB Fans know that back stabbing and lying are part of the game – Do WHATEVER IT TAKES to stay in the GAME!
          I am not a Dan Fan – I hope he gets second to Ian getting First but Dan by far knows how to PLAY this GAME!
          People need to chill out! How many of YOU who are saying that Dan is using Religion to further his game actually go to Church? How many of you know Jesus Christ as your personal Savior?
          This is a GAME – NOT REAL LIFE!
          The other players have all just accepted that it is their time to go and did nothing – Brit gave up, Jenn gave up, Joe gave up! DAN STAYED ALIVE!

    3. I can understand being evil for killing people or something, but the guy just lied to people on a reality TV show. I don’t know how that equates to being evil. I think we are taking the God and coach thing a bit too seriously. Everyone needs to loosen up. These people were dumb to believe Dan’s lies. That’s all on them for believing him. Dan has played a dirty game, but it doesn’t make him a bad guy in real life. Geez, if God can forgive us for even the most unforgivable sins, then surely we can get over Dan playing a dirty game. It’s called playing Big Brother. Everyone can’t come in with the same strategy of being nice and honorable and sweet to everyone to make it to the end. It doesn’t work like that. Plus, I don’t think we’d want to see a house of everyone getting along.

  5. Danielle needs to take a big girl pill & go get social! If she’s gonna cry all night I just may have to go to bed. LOL! Of course, Steve just woke up to watch with me…. :)

    I’m thinking they’re gonna play part 2 tomorrow & then 3 either Sat or Sunday. I wish they’d do the last eviction on Sunday so the Final 2 can play around until Wed.

    1. I want to see Shame walk into the jury house and explain how Dan got over on him

      after he seen how Dan backstabbed others. Bite me once, shane on you, bite me

      twice, Shane on me!

      1. Acccept shane has done enough backstabbing on his own so him being all upset isn’t going to hold much weight. It didn’t seem to bother shane when he was lying to frank or janelle then voting him out. Dan only did what shane has already done to others

  6. i also feel for danielle like she trusted dan the entire way through and he has done nothing but lie and backstab…..and the worst part is that she promised shane that he was safe and basically is responsible for him going to jury

      1. lol looks like someone took this game for serious.

        if this was any other girl like janelle or porsha or any kind of the chicks in this show they would not be crying like this the only ppl I know that cry alot and that is that

        weak is Brendon’s girl what her face? She was not this bad I hatted her but damn get over it.

        @ least jordan had a back bone I’ mean this girl the entire game cried for everything her feeling hurt so easily.

        BB please do not bring girls like this in the game bcuz I can’t do it. What did she think her and shane and were going to have a wedding on the finale?

        Somebody get this girl on the right freaking dating show Dan did everything for her what is he not suppose to try and win the game?

    1. @Tablke.Yet all the backstabing he has done,kept him&Danielle in the game.Dan has never tried to get Danielle evicted.He’s had her back from day1and every move that she made,came from Dan telling her what to do.Everyone that read the update lastnight,is aware that Danielle&Shane were planning to screw over Dan.Danielle was actually going to take Shane to final2 over Dan.So,I’m happy Dan got rid of Shane,because Danielle made it obvious that she had no intentions on taking the guy(Dan)who has been with her since day1,and had her back since day1).Dan screwed up those two(Danielle&Shane)plans.

        1. That is actually not true….. Dan told Frank when he made a deal with him that if Dani was to have to be cut immediately …”no problem”…. and yes I agree with everyone Dan did scumbag his way through the game….

          A clever person could have played the EXACT same game without swearing on the bible… and I do get “its just a game” but that is not justification for every action regardless of what you may think…

          swearing on the bible…. would any true christian really believe God would just “understand” because he was playing big brother….?? I am pretty certain there is a hard line drawn in the bible on matters like this…. if he was an atheist no biggie….

          swearing on your family…. that isht is just taboo to me… my real life is more important than any game or any amount of money… I wouldnt be able to face my dad if I swore on his name without any intenions of backing it up.

          Being a football coach and a youth leader should have dictated his approach a little more clearly, Charles Barkley may not think hes a role model, but when you coach young athletes, YOU ARE!! and a BIG ONE!!!…. I am a football coach too and as important as winning is… its not worth it at any cost neccessary…. the message his actions send to the kids he influences is just that…. lie cheat and steal your way to every victory possible, if you run over someone in the process…. hey “its just a game” ………funk that…. the end result of this on young football players can lead to numerous issues including steroid use, cheating in class, etc etc…. you may think that is far fetched but young people are lead by example…. would any of you want your children to see you casting your family and faith aside….. like when Joe swore on his kids without the intention of backing i up… you may think this is far-fetched but its a slippery slope…

          Where do you draw the line then…. if everything is okay…. what if he needed to sleep with danielle to win…. would that be okay…. hey its just a game…. do what you got to do…. at some point your moral compass has got to kick in and prevent certain actions, dan doesnt have that, and to me thats not something to applaud…

          but with all that said… Dan played a vicious game, got to the end, brought a player he was coaching…. and absolutely deserves to win…. but don’t think that everything is just excused because its in the context of a game…. its slimy, dirty, and I wouldn’t want that guy around ANY of my kids (football players) …. we try to instill integrity, and the world has enough Dan’s in it already…. and obviously they are teaching your kids….

          HAH I guess hes just reinforcing more bad catholic stereotypes…

          Q: What’s the difference between a Catholic football coach and Danielle’s zit?
          A: At least a zit waits until you’re a teenager before it cums on your face!


  7. If Ian or Danielle get to choose, the one who dumps Dan before the Final Two wins! The jury hates Dan and whoever got rid of him wins!

  8. How can you not appreciate Dan…or pity the other HG’s.

    Earlier tonight, Dan goes back on his word…again..and knifes Shane in the back and by extension, Danielle as well. And an hour later she still throws the first leg of the final HOH to him. WOW…just wow.

    If he actually convinces Ian to throw part 2, production should step in and stop this like Mills Lane stopping a Mike Tyson fight in order the protect the battered opponent. That’s how one-sided a drubbing this has become since Frank left the house.

    1. Lol, I don’t think Ian is *that* stupid. This kid has been dreaming about being about to play in the BB house for a decade – he would not throw away a shot at the final 2 because of fishy Dan. Didn’t Dan try to get Ian not to use his veto on the double eviction night?

      1. I really want to agree with you. I really do…but Ian had a few moves he could have made the last 24 hours to try and save himself, but he never did.

        Keep in mind, he saw the Quack Pack as consisting of two factions, him and Dan on one side and Shane and Danielle on the other. So in his mind it was either him or Dan, yet he made no move to Shane to sell himself as better for Shane in the final 3. He had logical arguments to be made, but he just sat on his hands and accepted leaving. I really think Ian is kind of just happy to be there. He seems to think getting Mike (it was really Britney) and getting Frank (it was really Dan) constitutes victory.

        Let’s just say Dan goes to Ian and says “Well you’re sitting pretty right now. Not only won’t Danielle take me if she wins, she certainly won’t vote for me. As long as you keep your hands clean in evicting her, there’s no way she’s going to soften her stance on me. She’s just broken now. She realizes she’s not winning the HOH and neither of us is taking her. I really feel bad. It’s just a game, but it’s all my fault. What would you think about throwing the 2nd leg to her? If we don’t carry her until Wednesday night, these next 5 days are going to be torture for her and us. At least if she thinks she still has a shot, then we get her happy again. I’m the only one taking any risk, since she’s taking you if I blow it. It’s not like she can beat you with the jury. You nailed Mike and Frank, that right there is resume enough to win. You’ve been the star of the season and will certainly be back looking to be the 1st to win BB twice, maybe succeeding where I failed. Then throw in all you comp wins. Look, it’s up to you, but you’re safe either way. I just would like to have a happy and optimistic Danielle for this last week. You know you will be back, but we might not and it would be cool to have a nice last week together.”

        Then on cue, Danielle talks to Ian a little while later: “My heart is so broken, I don’t know why I just don’t walk out right now. There’s no reason for me to be here. I can’t beat you in the comps or with the jury. Dan will never take me and even if he did, Shane hates me and the jury will never vote for me after having been duped by him. I will never, ever forgive Dan. He says it’s just a game, but he’s wrong. Shane and I really had something beyond just the game and now it’s all ruined. I had the chance to beat Dan and avenge Shane and I blew it. Maybe I should just leave. If I stay, I’m just going to be miserable and crying all the time.”

        Not saying this works on Ian…but I never thought Danielle would get Shane to be fine with going up on the block at Dan’s mercy either, so what do I know.

  9. Dan’s misting shit on everyone’s dreams now, lol. Anyone catch what he was saying to Shane before Shane pushed him away on his way out?

    1. i rewinded it a few times but didnt catch it….i guess we will have to wait until Sundays episode!! dude was almost crying with Julie! bahha!

    2. i believe her sadness, but still dont believe her total shock…….she knew when she gave the veto to Dan that Shane would get cut…unless she forgot what he said to her on the Thursday DE show.. “this is on you now”…..

      i thought it was amazing! poor Ian almost lost himself!!!!!

      my heart was beating like crazy!!! DAN FTW!

    1. That’s what I want to know too. If Dan wins the last HOH, I think that he’ll definitely take her to the final 2. I think that he wants that bragging right more than the money since his bragging rights can fuel his business of being a personal coach.

      Overall, I would love to have seen Shane, Ian, and Dan in the final 3. Shane deserve it with all his competition wins. Ian for his wins and strategic game. Dan for his social and mostly strategic plays. I’m team Dan, but Shane didn’t deserve to be blindsided. Especially since Shane has been saying “we need to get Dan in the final 3…” He totally didn’t deserve what happened to him.

      Anyway, if Danielle wins, I can see her taking in Ian just to spite Dan and show the other HGs that she’s in it to win it and is not Dan’s puppet. If Ian wins, I think Ian will win no matter what (Jenn, Frank, Joe, Ashley, and Britney will probably vote for him)

  10. LHM…sure wish Dan had an option other than to drag Danielle this far in the game. I am so sick of watching her eat, pick, b!tch and moan. If she isn’t in the mirror or primping for the camera she’s complaining about Shane, Dan, or food. I think his plan is to get to finale with her and then plead case to jury…look not only did I make it to final two, but I managed to get my one and only team member since week three to the final with me. Great player AND great coach. You may not like how he got there, but don’t hate the player hate the game! Dan for the win all the way baby.

  11. Tonight was crazy! Her face was like a fish gasping for air. And Ian about shit himself and passed out. CRAZY NIGHT!

    Also Simon, I miss your funny pictures to represent the houseguest. :(

  12. I really hate the way Dan is playing the game, but I understand why he’s doing it, he’s trying to make it to the end and I’m sorry but he deserves to win. Everyone else are so stupid for believing everything he says. I don’t knowi why Danielle is crying, if she really wanted shane to be safe she wouldn’t have used the veto, again stupidity at its greatest

  13. Boo hoo, dan played an awesome game. You guys forget this is big brother, you have to LIE. thats what every player does to get to the finals…..POINT BLANK.

  14. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice…Danielle might wise up, but it’s too late. She can’t win final 2 against either Dan or Ian. And Dan can only win against her. Ian would beat Danielle or Dan in final 2. Against Dan, Ian would get: Britney, Frank, Shane,Joe, Ashley

  15. So Chelsea-are you proud of your man? Apparently your husband has morals that he checks at the door for things he REALLY wants! They call that narcissm-you can rationalize anything if it gets you something you REALLY want. Dan was good in his first BB…this time he just lied about everything. That is not good gameplay. He’s smarmy, he’s egotistical he’s selfish and self-serving. That being said, the houseguests were a bunch of morons!!! Danielle is still throwing HOH’s to him and Ian is still shoveling important information to him!!! Idiots!!!

    1. its a game! Why do you feel you can address his wife. Just because you know her name! She didn’t do it. That you even think that is ok to talk to his wife like that makes you the smarmy one.. If you are feeling sorry for Danielle now, wait until she gets out and realizes that Dan had her back more than Shane. He repeatedly said she wasn’t his type.he was a dick to her and it wasn’t game play. He preferred Kara or Dani Donato, and Dan ven knew he was using her. jenn knew it and so did Britney. He used her more than Dan!

      1. Please ! He’s the one using her name and crying over her letter and showing her picture. He’s using her to help him win too! Apparently you don’t know the meaning of smarmy-look it up!

  16. OMG, Danielle just told Ian she never lied to anyone in the game. She’s devestated that Dan lied to her…again. Hahahahaha GROW UP!!!!

    1. She lied to everyone after the funeral by not telling anyone, including Shane, that she was still working with Dan. How is that not big lie? If Shane knew she was still working with Dan then he might have reconsidered letting her use the veto. Dan could still win against Dani if he tells everyone that she was in on everything since his talk with Frank.

    2. bahaha that is the funniest shit I’ve heard all night! Let’s also not forget how she basically lied the entire time to her “best friend” Britney the entire time they were both on the block! God these people are sooooo delusional. Also, Ian stop talking about Frank, you are totally infatuated with him and it’s getting really annoying.

    3. The first thing she did when she got in the house was lie to EVERYONE about what she did for a living. I’m still not even sure why she did that. I respect nurses and all but seriously, that was just pointless.

  17. Once again Dan shows the world he is a narcissistic sociopath, I do not care for Danielles game play but give me a break. Dan walks in and the poor girl is balling her eyes out and is obviously in pain. What does Dan do…. says ” “I” don’t want to be alone with Ian, come to the living room” How about some sympathy for a fellow human who is suffering? Sure it’s a game but come on…there is a limit. Danielle needs a hug and some kind words…forget the game for a minute. Dan makes me want to puke! He is as low as they come… is a Dan quote “I like messing with peoples emotions, I’m really good at it” He is one sick individual who should not be around and/or influencing children in anyway. Sure it is a game and ppl lie and back stab but there is a limit and most do not admittedly enjoy it. uuuhhhh Dan is sick in the head…Ian and Danielle F2

  18. Oi, Oi, Oi. As much of a scummy and irrational person Frank was/is, at least he knew that Dan was THE threat. This season went downhill fast after he left, b/c he was the only one even thinking about Dan being a threat. The QP worked, but that backstab was brutal. If I was a QP member other than Dan, I don’t know if this final 4 was even worth it.

    Brit/Janelle/Boogie should have combined forces and finished the job at the beginning of the season and got rid of him.

    Frank should have got rid of him, twice.

    Ian and Danielle and Shane should have got rid of him during their HOHs.

    I am impressed by his gameplay but am sickened by him as a person. Not very Christian-y at all.

      1. Good point, too bad the people around here seem to have a selective memory. Dan managed to beat everyone to the punch. It was always pretty, but he always managed to make the right moves at the right time.

  19. so sick of the moral BS. dani goes “I only lied to frank”

    then the amazing ian “well thats OK, hes an ******).

    really? so THAT is ok, frank is just someone they dont like so it doesnt matter? dont even go to this moral nonsense if you are going to try and put shane and frank in a different boat. you lie in this game, its part of the darn game. brit being mad at frank for lying to her is hilarious, she lied to him all game. and it wasnt frank’s social game that made him a target, it was janelle pointing fingers right at him as a massive target, she even admitted this in interviews since eviction

    1. They all lied to Frank to keep peace in the house – they all saw what he was like just being nominated with Boogie…why would they ask for worse. Totally different situation than what Dan did.

  20. I really believe Dad will take Danni to the finals. I also think Dan is the best player in history. This is a game, a strategy game. It is not how you would act in real life. It is playing chess, cut throat, you make friends, gain trust, never let your opponents know what you are doing. Dan not only got himself to the end of the game he got the one he was coaching to the end, that means he had to be a strategist what was best for him and Danielle, and if you remember week 2 he was already put Ian under his wing. He is the Greatest player, he made the show interesting to watch. Remember this is a game just like Dr. Will, Evil Dick they played characters in the house, that is what made them good.

    1. In order for Dan to take Dani anywhere he has to win P3 – and I don’t think he will take her. He is guaranteed to lose against her now because of what he pulled tonight. I actually think Dani has a shot at winning this HOH if she can get her head back in the game. I would like her to sit and talk with Ian and take Dan out of the picture…Ian would probably win, but it would be honorable (in Ian’s eyes)

    2. Yep, Danielle really has nothing to worry about unless Ian wins the final HOH. He can’t see the light and will probably take Dan, which would make it a bit harder for him to win, but I think he could still pull it off. Dan will take Danielle, as promised, and contrary to her belief, Dan is not playing for her to win half a million dollars.

      1. “Dan will take Danielle, as promised,” you have been misted LOL
        Dan has better odds going to F2 against Ian
        If he goes against Daniel he has no chance at the $500g’s

  21. Shut up Ian, YOU’RE THE DOUCHE!!!! You lying, backstabbing troll!!!

    I hope Britney doesn’t win America’s Favorite AGAIN!! She’s nothing but a whiny, bitch!!!

  22. idioit shane with no brains could have heard Dan telling him Danielle was scheaming Shane all along …maybe thts wht he told him..

  23. i feel bad for danielle, she’s got some serious personality disorder or emotional disorder and on top of that she has to leave the house and face all the nastiness from everyone. its bullying all over again for her.

  24. Oh my! I don’t think I cried that much when my Mama died – geez Danielle – you want to win $500K or do you want to cry the next week! UGH!!
    Think we’re calling it a night – see ya later my friends! :)

    VOTE DAWG!!!

  25. funny.. I mean, how dare shane can say that Dan is a dirty player after he blindside Frank. STFU shane. You told Frank you weren’t going to vote him out too. Swear or not, you all just playing a game for the big prize.

  26. i believe Dan will take Danielle as well……he wants to be the winning COACH….and his road to getting there has made him the #1 draw factor for this second half of the season…all his misting is whats up w BB14…noone else is doing sh*t!! so even if he comes in 2nd the Danielle he still wins!

    i was Team Frank all season, but without Boogie his game went to hey yell, so i am on the Dantrain!

    1. You have been misted too. LOL
      Dan does not give a flying f$%k about the whole COACH line of BS!
      Dan wants the $500g’s ….that is saDans goal as he has said in DR

  27. I swear I saw that bible go up in flames after Dan scumbaged Danielle and Shane! Come on Ian-get together and scumbag Satan!!!

  28. does anyone think Frank or jenn will tell the jury how Danielle and Dan were a team all along… and never were mad at eachother…

  29. I think Dan’s ultimate goal now is to write a book on how to win Big Brother or maybe one on the Art of Persuasion…wow, just wow..they all keep falling for it… doesn’t hurt when you have dum dums like Danielle, Shane, Frank and then you have insecure/shallow peeps like Ian.. game, set, match.

  30. If Ian wins the next comp he wins the game.Nobody is going to beat him if he is in the final HOH comp, and nobody is going to beat him in a final 2.Frank has 2 jury votes(his and Ashley’s she’s already riding his nuts hard core) just like Dan has had 2 eviction votes all season,and Frank is still super bitter as is Shane.That’s 3 votes against Dan in the final 2 vs either one of them.Joe and Jenn will probably follow suit.That being said after that brutal back stab Dan probably does deserve a win by a nose,but as Shane said to a thunderous agreement from the audience Dan is a dirty player 100 times more so than in season 10 and it will cost him the game.BTW i love how Frank put Britney on hush when mentioning something about her cheating on her husband.I don’t think she would of been so offended unless she had especially since he was just using it as an example,and not actually accusing her,but it’s probably hard to keep being a smart ass when you got your husband’s and Lane’s d**k in her mouth at the same time

  31. Yea, Dan has played an unbelievable game. But lets think about this for a sec… there are two other people in the final three and neither played the crap, lied, swore on the bible, swore on their dead grandfathers necklace, and oh yea, swore on his wife. They made it just playing and winning comps. So, everybody is saying how happy Dan’s mom and wife are…yea, they will probably be $500K richer soon, but, isn’t Dan a teacher and a coach. WOW, I guess he will be
    “misting” his students in to believing that it was all for the greater good. Just seems wrong to me.

  32. Danni needs to cry…cry cry cry like the loser that you are!!! WHO DOES THAT, your boy was SAFE and you threw him under the bus AFTER you knew that Dan wanted him out a few days ago…If I would have been in the HOH room with the girls back in the beginning I would play “never have I ever” – Never have I ever made an educated move that looked out for MY best interest – who drinks to that???

  33. In this “GAME” players always look back in hindsight and wish they would have did this or did that. how many times did we hear frank say, i should have got rid of Dan when i had the chance. Well, he didn’t. Dan thinks ahead and not in hindsight. There was a pretty good chance that Danielle might have taken Shane to the final 2, again, Dan did what was in his best interest because I think he may have suspected this. If Danielle really didin’t want Shane gone than she wouldn’t have used the veto. Is it just me or do you think Shane was letting Danielle get a little closer because they were coming to the end? He wasn’t very smart, Brittany did alot of his thinking and this time around Daniel and QP kept him safe.

  34. Using the veto was stupid… there was no reason for it and how could she not know that Dan was going to evict Shane? I’m not buying it.

  35. Dan is a dark lord of the Sith, a Sith master. And in the Sith, “only 2 they are, no more no less, a master and a apprentice”.
    Question, who will he pick as his apprentice, Ian or Dani???

      1. I would like to see that, I think the best way is for him to win de final HOH and pick Dani. How ever Dart Dan has a powerful misting ability (apparently, a tool used in the dark side :-D) , it is very possible that he will be able to convince Ian and Dani to hand him the whole game. He practically already did it with Dani. She reminds me of Anakin in Ep.III, giving in to the dark side after been responsible for Mace Windu’s death. -“From now on you shall be named DART DANI, Now rise Lady Dani…”

  36. OMG people stop your whining and complaining. This season will go down as the best played ever!! Dan is the ultimate big brother player of all time. He deserves to win the 500K. If he gets to the F2 the jury will realize how amazing his game play was and vote for him to win. He is by far the best player in big brother history. Go DAN Go EPIC!!!!!
    He makes great television!
    I love Ian too, Danielle is the most annoying big brother player ever!

  37. In the jury house:

    1. A lot of squishing sounds, that’s Joe, polishing his shaft. He’s obtaining a saline specimen to use as a condiment enhancer for the mayo.

    2. There’s a monotone “hmmm” sound, that’s Ashley going into a meditation trance coupled with some psychedelic mushrooms.

    3. Now I hear some loud banging, that, of course, is Frank, banging Ashley’s skull into the headboard as he blows his carrot top.

    4. Silence, I don’t hear a thing, silence, sheer silence, that’s “?” in a corner.

    5. Now a rasping sound, oh, it’s just Shame’s tail against his crotch as he walks with it between his legs.

    6. And last of all, I hear a pop, pop, swoosh, swoosh. That’s Britchney popping her zits, while “doing” a 2 liter glass Coke bottle!

  38. Thank you Simon and Dawg for all you do! I am working 3 jobs and thanks to you I can keep up. I don’t watch any TV except BB! I truely appreciate all the work you do! #TEAMDANFORTHEWIN!

  39. I only hope that Britney can put the pieces together in the jury house for these idiots like Jen and shane and help them realize that Dan is laughing at them.
    He was openly calling for Ian and Shane to be evicted…Jen and Shane knew about Ian, Ian and jen knew about Shane. But there all so dazzled by the mist
    they forget to play the game. They watch Dan back orchestrate one back stab after another yet don’t think he will eventually get to them? Idiots..

    Danielle is going to melt down as she realizes there is a really good chance that she may never sleep with Shane again….or even legally walk within 500 feet of him. Trey changed his identity and moved to Guam…alabama nursing board has flagged her LPN license…

  40. Why is it ok for Dr Will to lie and still be the “best bb player” ever. Dan is playing a great game get over yourselves. What would any of you do for a half million you don’t know until your in that position. Enough of the personal attacks even Brittany said they all just got played by a better player!!!!!!!

    1. Dr. Will never needed to swear on the bible or his wife. He never needed to bully a retarded kid(Ian) to not put him on the block & never begged a fat chick named Danielle to use pov on him & throw a hoh comp for him ( pathetic).

  41. I’ve been ripping on Danielle for weeks. But I actually felt sorry for her tonight watching BBAD. Just shows you how fucking evil Dan is. He knew this is how she would react, yet it did it anyways. And personally, I think Dan’s only way to lose this game would be against Ian. He would have taking either Shane or Danielle to the cleaners.

    So I am curious, why he didn’t just go to final three and play out the HOHs vs. Shane and Danielle. He still would have won the first one. And trust me, I don’t care that he is a backstabbing liar and all, but the fact that he is always towing the bible around, and selling his wife’s soul for money bothers me a bit. (good luck in Hell Chelsea – twice over). I mean, as a Catholic Coach, shouldn’t your morals be a little higher. People have won this game with dignity attached (see Jordan) – so I didn’t get this move tonight.

    Trust me, I like Ian the best, and I am glad that he stayed . . . but it seems to me like Dan made this move just to be an asshole tonight. I know his reasoning was to break them up (danielle and Shane) – but I think now he has lost several key votes in Jury – including Frank, Shane, Brittney, Ashley. Maybe Joe too. Jenn is the only one I can see voting for him. If Danielle leaves – she won’t vote for him. If Ian leaves, he might. But maybe not, for going back on Final two deal.

    Again, I may be wrong, but I didn’t get the move tonight. And I for one have been ripping on Danielle for weeks. So I am not a huge fan of hers, but the move is just plan Evil. Just shows, there is no way you can play this game (well) if you have a conscious. Need to be sociopathic (in Dan’s case) or autistic (in Ian’s case). I have two kids on the spectrum. The constant rocking and insane intelligence both signs.

    1. Dani made a mistake using the veto. And Dan made a mistake asking her to use the veto. With him and Ian both on the block, Shane would had done the dirty work for him, vote out Ian. Ian Knew shane and Dani are an item, and that it would only be logical for Shane to vote him out, he would never suspect Dan having anything to to with it. Further more, Shane had already agreed to throw the HOH to Dani and him, Dan could later beat Dani and get Shane out, and keep this puppet Dani since is probably easier to beat her at final 2.

      Now he has Frank angry at him, Joe, Jenn, Shane, Shane can convince Brit to vote against Dan, and if he sends Dani home, that is just going to make him look even worse to the whole jury for the way he treated her, and if he sends Ian, he is definitely not voting for him for not sticking to their Final 2.
      I do agree, what he did today was just him been mean for the fun of it. He just acted like a total Jerk, and some people in the jury (like Brit), will take in consideration the way he treated people. He is playing so differently this season compared to season 10, if he wins, it will not be unanimous. Lets see if any of these people still talk to him outside the house.

  42. very mean of dan, it may be a game but it still counts in real life, karma, the jury is pissed and whoever he is up against will win no matter what, was rooting for him since the funeral but he jsu went and secured his “funeral” by duping danielle and the trust she had with him, again karma will play its role, kinda sad that people thrive on the drama but the gamer also needs to remember the “lives” u mess around with, dans time will run up at the finale, u can only swear on the bible and ur loved ones for so long without it meaning anything……

  43. Okay, I have to admit that Dan is a great player but he doesn’t deserve to win. Not because of his gameplay, that was top notch on Dan’s part. Dan does not deserve to win because you cannot reward somebody who uses religion and backstabbing to further themself in the game. The backstabbing and lying get to a point where it’s just not right. I’m all for good fun and manipulation is the name of the game but Dan’s overall gameplay is downright dirty. Hopefully Ian wins the final HoH and evicts Dan’s ass. Ian would easily beat Danielle in the jury vote. I’m totally for Ian to win it all :)

  44. After the winner gets crowned, and all players get called back before an audience, who would you like to see: Will or Willie?

    I would rather see Willie!

  45. def hope shane wins americas favorite. i never watched dans season but my understanding is that he was a pretty stand up guy in that one, so i wonder what his wife thinks seeing him in this one, i wonder if shes heard some of the same stuff at home, no babe i swear on the bible i didnt sleep with that girl lol even if he wins does anyone thinks shes proud of the fact her husband can lie and be a dirtbag or does the thought of 500 grand make that ok with her?

    1. I don’t even know Dans wife and I doubt you do either – so please keep their personal lives out of it. Your man Shane was a dick to Danielle. Does that make him better worse than Dan. Who cares in the end. Dans game was dirty but Shane didn’t even have game.

    1. what’s the matter do you hate britney because she’s out of your league, it”ll be ok just give it some time, maybe when danielle gets out you and her can both go see the same doctor to get over your problems. oh and she would probably call you the c-word too just a different one..

  46. I still don’t think Dan is the greatest player ever dirtiest maybe but not the greatest.I do have to put him at number 2 though behind Dr will.For me it is just to impressive to be hated by an entire house for a whole season be able to have the votes to stay when your on the block while never having the luxury of there being a veto comp.All the while never winning a single competition,and still convincing not a jury of seven but the majority of an entire cast to give you the win.Now if that’s not enough he then manipulates himself,and his best friend through not a cast of newbies but ALL STARS,and while some were not really all stars Janelle,James,Boogie and Danielle were.Then at the end of the all star season he convinces the jury to give Boogie(basically the player he coached)the win even after the jury members state they don’t want to give someone who owns 5 fine buisnesses the win.To me Dr will is just unsurpassable as the greatest of all time.He is the Michael Jordan of BB,and will always be so unless by some miracle BB gets him and Dan in the same season and Dan gets him evicted.Finally Dr Will was so good he even has the player that some think is better than him admitting several times that he can never be that good

  47. nothing but forks and spoons left in the house for ian, dani and dan. all the knives left the house in the backs of anyone who trusted dan…

  48. At this point, as great a game as Dan is playing, I don’t think he’ll actually win. He’s playing the classic “Russell Hantz” game, where you stab everyone in the back and hope they vote for you in the end. And that game never works out well. Russell Hantz never won Survivor because he always had to face a bitter jury. If the jury is as bitter as I think they are, then Dan won’t win. However, if everyone can put their emotions aside, and vote based on gameplay, then I think he has the best shot.

  49. I don’t even watch tonight’s episode
    I just thought, if I looked at Shane’s face, and remember how nice and honest he is towards everybody, and remember how he needs that money just to ensure his family’s happiness, I might start crying!
    so, no I am not watching i

  50. I am shocked by the comments about how “bad” Shane left give me a break! Danielle and Shane wanted Dan to do the dirty work of evicting Ian they seemed to think that was ok but Dan getting rid of Shane isn’t?! He flat out told her in the hoh bed that he didn’t want Shane in the finals!! Shane and Danielle were all happy snuggling up to the idea of Dan doing there dirty work of getting out Ian….but oh no he didn’t!!! Please Danielle lied as much as Dan did to some extent! If she wanted to keep Shane then she shouldn’t have put him on the block BUT she Danielle did that!!! She wears big girl panties and could have kept the nominations the same and had Shane vote out Ian but she didn’t!! But Dan is the bad guy!! Whatever!! It’s a game….I do believe that coaching is dans drive here and I think the bragging rights is part of his end game he always talks as if he is coaching a game and that’s what he is doing playing a game!!! I don’t feel sorry for Shane’s exit since Danielle could have prevented it! I think it’s blown way out of proportion!! He made a chess move sorry if you don’t like it but that’s what he did!! Boohoo….give me a break! And yes Dan is playing dirty compared to season 10 ( I rewatched it last weekend) but he was a target week one in that game and he was in this game since he was done to one player and everyone wanted him out!! Deal with the fact that it’s a game!! He played hard by strategizing and thinking ahead and even protecting Daniele most of the time with his actions! She should be thanking him!! Jmo!!

  51. Dan is such an a$$hole. He doesn’t even care how much he has hurt Danielle. I wonder how he would feel if someone hurt his wife like he hurt Danielle. I know its a game but he is awful.

    If anyone is watching BBAD everyone can thank Dan for picking Ian to stay instead of Shane. The kid is driving me crazy with his pacing and all the sounds he is making. Please production tell him to stop.

    I hope more than anything that Danielle wins the next 2 comps and send Dan’s a$$ packing so he can see how it feels to be blindsided and backstabbed.

    I know Danielle has lied just like everyone else has but you can tell she is really hurting by what Dan did. Someone said Dan was Satan and they are right.

    Danielle should have stopped listening to him after his funeral. He hurt her then and continues to do it.

    You know we could blame Frank for Dan being there because he could have sent him home instead of being misted by him.

    Just remember Dan payback is a B$tch! Karma will bite you in the A$S and you really deserve it. You by no means deserve to win the money and I hope the jury does hold grudges.

    Hope Danielle starts leading Dan on like she is with him & still listening to him then stabs him in the back. Wake up Danielle!!!!

    Hope Dawg wins!

    Simon a big thankful to you & dawg for this site. I followed it last year and didn’t have the live feeds but this year I signed up for the live feeds and I can honestly say your site it better.

    Thanks for all your hard work.

    1. Again, Ian has Asperger’s which is a high functioning form of Autism. He can’t help doing those things- he is actually doing quite well considering he’s in such a stressful situation…the more you know!…..

    1. Dani is upset becasue she knows Ian will take dan he has already told her that so if dan and dani lose then dani is out so either way dan is safe. Shane was dani back up plan and that is why she is mad because dan has been playing they i am doing this all for you the fact she believes this makes her an idiot

  52. Look at the end of the day dan’s plan is to get to the end and you can’t really worry about the jury becasue no matter what you do you always make enemy’s. No one who has won bb has ever played an honest game it because a mandatory evil. Dan came in wanting to get to the end he a huge target on his back and new what he had to do. It is always hard to predict how a jury will vote so the best way is to play the best game you can play and although using religion isn’t a nice thing to do i guess dan felt at that point it was his only option and people IT IS A GAME get over it! To be honest if dan didn’t manipulate frank he would have been out of the house it was his last chance. I think it is stupid that people will hold that against him dan has played an unbelievable game and he does deserve to win on game play the only reason i can see them voting against him is if they vote personally or if they vote against him because he has won this game before.

    As for the first part of the hoh are these people stupid really both Ian and dani droped on purpose who does that in the finale in all the season of bb i don’t think a player has intentionally dropped but not only has dan convinced one player to drop he convinced them both to drop this is the worst game play ever which is why they don’t deserve to win

  53. To all the people who “hate” Dan and/or think he’s evil – you’re watching the wrong game. Get over yourselves. All this BS about money controls him or whatever, so lame. It’s what EVERYONE came into the house for – the money. If you’re going to leave your job and family for 3 months, be stuck in that God forsaken house w/ a bunch of strangers , eat slop, endure those comps it’s all for one reason: TO WIN! Why is it so surprising? Why is it so despicable? So he’s Catholic – who cares? Because you believe in God you can’t play a game and try to win a prize? That’s idiotic.

    To the people who don’t understand why Dan got rid of Shane, it’s simple: it was 2 against 1 (neither Shane nor Danielle would take him to F2). I don’t know why Danielle is so freaked out. He could’ve gotten rid of Shane a week earlier and he didn’t – for her. And he told her that they were going to have to cut him.

    The more people who b*tch about him, the more I hope he wins the whole thing. All you haters should find a new show to watch.

  54. It’s just a game. Dan came in responsible for the success of his players. It now looks like he will be in the final 2 with one of his players. In a game like this you do what you have to do ensure that you get to the end. Dan’s done that.

    1. then why did dan smile when he talked to dani about shane being upset after the eviction?

      if it’s “just a game” to dan, why does he take so much pleasure in shane’s downfall?

  55. “Danielle tells him she’s upset and confused about what Dan did. She think’s Dan will do whatever he needs to do to win the game.”

    Umm, duh! He’s playing a game for half a million dollars! Of course he’s gonna do what he needs to do!

    “Danielle: “That comment is honest.. I can handle that it’s all the little lies that are not.. Keeping Ian is more beneficial for you than it is for me””

    FInally she sees it for what it is now. Don’t buy that BS about Dan wanting you to win, Danielle. He’s playing the game too.

  56. Lol, you just don’t throw a part of the final HOH comp. Like, no. You’re that close to half a million dollars and you’re willing to gamble on it?

    1. I agree even if dan was playing a completely honest game who on earth would throw the final comp to someone else and gamble that you will beat the other player because if you can’t you have no control over who wins. Dumb move on her part

  57. After Shane leaves, I think I still have Danielle and Ian to cheer on. But It’s not gonna be as hard as I rooted for Shane I think.

    I really wish and hope that Shane has a better life, a better job, a better finance post-BB. Because that’s like the whole reason why I wanted him to win.

    I am not even gonna watch tonight’s episode. Because if I look at his face and remember how nice his personality is and his whole story about the situation of his family, I might literally start crying.

    oh and please don’t make a final three intro. That’s just gonna break my heart completely LOL :D

    well peace I am out!


  58. how much more stupid can these people get…….first danielle blows her guaranteed spot in the final 2, shane and dan were both taking her….now if ian wins he’s taking dan….second what did it take about 5 minutes for dan to mist her again and all is forgiven….and last ian and danielle both throw the first hoh to dan, did anybody besides dan actually come to play the game for themselves…what idiots throwing the first hoh and banking on winning the second one just when you thought they couldn’t actually get any dumber they surprise everybody yet again….it’s almost unbearable to watch.

  59. The reason I dont feel bad for danielle is because she continues to trust Dan when he has done her wrong so many times. And she knows that he would cut her but she iy s too afraid to do something about it. Why dobt these two see that if they rake Dan to the final 2 they will look like major puppets n basically sign his cheque. Dan just wobt this game

  60. Why does Danielle pick her face like a cracked out meth head? Gross! She’s just obsessive about things…..picking her zits, trying to get shane to like her, riding someone else’s coat tails to get further in the game…

    Danielle doesn’t deserve final two, Dan has done all the strategizing in this game for her. She hasn’t done much by herself. She’s stunned and crying all the time, suck it up! Ian has made some good moves though, I hope it’s Ian and Dan for final two, but it’s doubtful b/c Ian would beat Dan easily and Dan wouldn’t have coaching bragging rights. I knew Dan would split up Shanielle, too much of a risk for Dan not to. He really is a brilliant player. If he won again, it wouldn’t bother me in the least, he’s earned it.

  61. hilarious that dan is telling her that they need to get ian to throw the second hoh to her considering he already threw the first one to dan. if he does then he would go down as the dumbest player in the history of BB even surpassing marcellus because he will have thrown both of the first 2 hoh’s with no shot at the third and would be relying on someone to take him to final 2. also if he did that i don’t think he would have a very good chance of being invited back to play again.

    1. i don’t think there’s any chance of ian throwing anything at this point. he knows he dodged a bullet, but he also knows that his only chance at winning anything is to win comps from here on out.

  62. Playtone is right on! I wanted Shane and Dani in the final two with one of them sticking a knife in Dan’s neck to get there. A little brutal I know and I like Dan! I was hoping Dani wouldn’t use the veto and then Shane would plunge it into Dan’s neck by voting him out instead of Ian.

    After reading the updates earlier, it was clear that Dan was going to flush Shane; why else would he be wanting to be taken off the block by Danielle?

    So, now that all is said and done, I still want Danielle to stab Dan in the heart by taking Ian to the final two. I am Catholic, kind of read the Bible, and want to see Dani make the ultimate move by slicing Dan’s head off. Too graphic, I know, but a deserved end to Dan, a great player.

    I think Dan has a future in interrogating Al Qaeda jihadists. If anyone can get them to blow themselves up without hurting others, he can!

  63. Dan never swore on the Bible unless it was true, he swore on the bible that the Quake Pack had 5 members, he never swore on the Bible that he would take Frank to the end. Review the feed. After he evicted Shane did you see in his face how he spoke to Danielle, he wants her to win. He does not need the money, he wants her to win, did you hear what he whispered to Shane as he left the house “Make sure Jen votes for Danielle” why would he say that if he wanted to win. He is doing all this “dirty work” and game play to get a floater to the end to win. He is a great player face it, everyone lies in the game, the only person you can trust in this game is yourself. Both Ian or Danielle would probably not be in the final 3 if it was not for Dan.

    1. I didn’t hear where he said to Shane make sure Jen votes for Danielle. Shane said he didn’t hear him but that he said something about Danielle already having her vote. I doubt he told him to do anything

    2. UH…no. Dan WANTS this bad. He’s said repeatedly in the diary room sessions that he will do whatever it takes, including backstabbing people, to take the money home to his wife. Dan’s only telling danielle he wants her to win so she’ll trust him and take him to final two. Dan knows that if it’s him and danielle in the F2, then the jury would be pretty much forced to vote for DAN even though he pretty much got them all evicted and they’re super salty over it lol, he’s played a way better strategic game than danielle. And anyone in the jury would pretty much have to be a complete fool to even contemplate voting for danielle LOL. Dan knows he’s got the win in the bag if he goes against her. He pretty much already has the 500k like Simon said……just as long as Ian’s lucky ass doesn’t win the last two comps. I think Ian has a WAY better shot at the 500k against Dan than danielle does. Danielle’s pretty much playing for the 50k right about now…

      BTW Danielle’s face during the live eviction tonight….*PRICELESSSSSSS*

      Best blindside everrr

    3. lol…u serious bro? so dan’s mission all summer was to get danielle 500k??? he gave up his summer to get a girl he never knew and prolly will hardly ever see again 500k?? wow, u serious, u believe that sh*t??? Dan doesnt need the money??lol…the kids a freakin teacher and coach and has written 3 failed books and won 340k after taxes thats all spent. u think 340k and someone is set for life, please. dan needs the money desperately, he wants to have kids and life will cost a fortune. Almost everyone hates Dan know, he’s proven to be a horrible person and absolute liar sleezebag. going down as one of the worst human beings to play the game and he’s locked up 2nd place 30k after taxes. kids a douche failure football coach in so me hack midwest town

    4. dan is an absolute loser tool. u hear the audience boo the hell out of dan last night when shane called him a dirty player. he’s got no skill but lieing to a bunch of bozo clowns in that house who dont know whats up or down, and he does it with no charm. kid comes off like a bitter, angry weasel nerd and is a joke. he has preyed on this bullsh*t coaching angle thats never been in BB before, all the bozos idolized him and fall for all his crap. Kids a joke tool nerd

  64. What constitutes, “Playing Dirty?” Is it telling lies? [Think everyone who was ever in the house.]
    Is it making up stuff, just to stir the pot? [Think Joe. : – ) ]
    Is it saying one thing and doing something else? [Again, think everyone who ever played the game.]

    Dan did Danielle a favor. She was fooling herself into thinking that she and Shane were going to be a couple when this is all over. Shane was playing/using her. Even Shane understood the importance of staying focused. As recently as last night, he reminded us all, “I’m playing for myself.” Even when he was single, Dan would not have toyed with Danielle in a romantic way. Shane, who spent the summer giving her just enough of a tease to keep her hanging on and hoping for more, clearly has no romantic designs on Danielle.

    Dan saved Danielle from herself and her own misguided notions about Shane. She gets all the way to the end of the game and all she can think about is whether Shane is going to hate her? Puhleeease! Dan saved her the humiliation of finding out the hard way about Shane’s feelings, or lack thereof. Shane would have cheerfully chosen the money over saving Danielle. Why? Because no matter how dumb everyone thinks he is, he never got distracted, at least not by Danielle, and forgot his purpose in playing the game. He wanted the money!

    For all of his “sheDanigans,” Dan never did anything to hurt Danielle’s game. She didn’t always know what he was up to, but when she found out, she could always see that it turned out to be the best for both her and Dan. No one else in BB14 can say that. In his way, he has been faithful to Danielle and only Danielle. He has done all he can do for her and she would have been long gone without him. Shane doesn’t even come close. [Pun intended. : – )] Shane was actually overtly mean to her. She kept going back for more verbal abuse. Dan never so much as raised his voice or said an unkind word to her, no matter how annoyingly high-maintenance and demanding she became. Nothing dirty in Dan’s game. Even his so-called, “victims” refer to what he does as “pranks,” or simply, “playing hard.” Being “dangerous” in Big Brother is a compliment.

  65. Here’s my take on Dan:

    He has done many things in this game that I would not have done. I would not toy with and manipulate a fractured person like Danielle. He at times pimped her out to Shane, then at others told her he’s not into you, then he’s wrapped around your finger, then you two might have something that’s real. It’s just not something I would be willing to do for $270K (remember there are taxes). Who knows what happens to Danielle after this. Maybe she goes back to the real world and has a long happy life…or maybe she crumbles, maiming herself with plastic surgery and ends up a meth addict. That is a possibility my conscience could handle.

    I also would not swear on bibles or my wife or my grandfather or anything else. I don’t really believe in “swearing” as a person not of faith. I would tell somebody the truth or a lie and it would succeed or fail on it’s own. I respect that others to hold such things sacred and again, that’s just a line I would not cross. Dr. Will managed to tell many, many lies without ever needing to swear on anything, so my ego would play just as big a part in not allowing me to resort to desperate gimmicks.

    But all of these things Dan was willing to do. He decided Danielle was a player in a game, just like he was. If she was naive or gullible or scared or any other aspect of a personality that could be exploited, then it was her responsibility to not fall for what Dan was selling. In the real world people do the same thing. If I sell widgets, I’m going to try and figure out your motivation and exploit it to get you to buy the widget. Now some people will only go so far. They won’t make up stuff or tell you the widget can do things it can’t, while others are not so ethical. These people believe that if you can be conned, then you deserve to be conned.

    As for the swearing on bibles and what not, again Dan was willing to exploit his own faith (and his love for his wife and grandfather) and that of others to win the game. Religion and hypocrisy are not exactly strangers. I believe it is very clear that either Dan is not as devout as he would have us all believe, hence his willingness to swear on whatever he had to, attaching no meaning to it whatsoever, or he believes his belief in God makes him special and that God wants him to win Big Brother. If his victory is ordained by God, then whatever Dan needs to do to fulfill God’s will is surely acceptable.

    But despite all of this, Dan has to be able to live with his behavior. So if he is fine with it, so be it. He has to go home next week. He has to go back to his Catholic school and hope the faculty and parents want him guiding young people. He has to go home and write his next instructional book on cult building…uh…I mean motivation and hope that his audience does not want self-help, but rather to learn how to manipulate people. Dan committed no crimes, so if he is OK with his behavior, then so am I. The consequences are his, not mine…or yours.

    1. Just a fantastic synopsis, Bobsky! I’m always hoping that we’ll see at least of glimpse of Dan’s “better side” (which MUST be in there somewhere, right?) before BB14 is over. I’m convinced Dan will take Danielle over Ian. Despite Dan evicting Shane, I believe Dan’s only game long, sincere BB14 alliance has been with Danielle. For this reason, I’d truly enjoy seeing a little less “ruthlessness” at Dan’s end, for once. But that just hasn’t been Dan’s “BB nature”. I suspect me wishing/hoping for “a kinder, gentler” Dan, vs. Danielle on Wednesday, is completely foolish. When before has this “BB leopard” changed his stripes? Still, I’ll hold out hope for a “more human Dan Gheesling, for once” on finale night.

      1. I have the same hope. The one thing that I find odd is Dan’s DR’s. Starting with the funeral all the way up to evicting Shane, he seems to take such pleasure from being so devious. Most people when they do something bad that they feel is necessary to get what they want, they express remorse. “I really wish I didn’t have to go to such lengths and that I had some other way, but I just didn’t have any choice.” Even when we don’t really feel bad or remorseful, we say stuff like that just for appearances. Kind of like when you thank the cashier at McDonalds for giving you the Big Mac. We’re not really thankful, we’re just following the protocol of our accepted social norms.

        The fact that Dan doesn’t even feel compelled to pretend like he wishes he didn’t have to be so evil, is kind of scary. It really confirms my belief that he is a sociopath. Everybody seems to think that means something more than it does. It just means he is supremely selfish and incapable of feeling pity or remorse. I know lots of people who fit the definition of a sociopath and they’re not evil, they’re just very different. They think of themselves first and foremost and the cues most of us respond to, they don’t. I think the psychological deprivation tank that is the BB house has really accentuated this personality flaw in Dan…but maybe I’m wrong.

  66. And all this time I thought Danielle’s staring at herself in the mirror was vanity now I realize she is looking for a brain.

  67. Sorry Danielle – your “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” is NOT in the Bible. It’s from the play The Mourning Bride by William Congreve . “Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned,” spoken by Zara in Act III, Scene VIII.[1] (This is usually paraphrased as “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”).

    I didn’t think it was in the Bible – which I’ve read & studied a few times in my life – so I had to google it. Silly girl!!

  68. I agree dan wants to take dani to the final 2 but if he believe he left his wife for three months to help dani win then you are as dumb as dani is. Dan is the master of manipulation and him telling shane to get jen to vote for dani is one more manipulation to show how selfless he is but make no mistake he wants to win.

  69. Is Danielle Insane?! .. She KNEW Dan would get rid of Shane! .. He has been telling her for the last few weeks and she has agreed that he has to go! … Dan was about to get rid of Shane when Joe left, but Danielle carried on so, that Dan dropped it. Did Danielle think Dan was going to sit around while she and Shane play for final 2!?… Shane said weeks ago, that he wanted to get rid Dan- duh. – Dan did the Right thing. many players have been blindsided-Add Shane to the list! … 2 weeks ago, Shane made a deal with Frank and said he would vote to save him, but he Did Not -duh- It is HOW THE GAME IS PLAYED! – Now, Danielle is crying, but she is crying More for dan, cause she knows he is Not “available”. – Now, Danielle wants to play with No blood on her hands, But Shane HAD to go! – Danielle Knew Dan would get rid of Shane , the first (second) chance he got. – As Dan said, he is having to play a diffeent game from last time … because everyone is after him- and because Dan is Playing for TWO!

  70. I agree with the person who said they would worry about Dan teaching their children. He should be fired after this display of lying and his dirty game playng. He used his faith to make people trust hm………..He is the worst player in BB history. Danielle is beyond hopeless letting Dan win the first HOH………Unless it was too tough for her to last and she just didn’t have the heart for it…..I think that is it actually and she just told Dan she was throwing it to him. I hope if Dan is in the final two no one votes for him to get the 500k…………that would be really infuriating……..I kind of wish one of the guys would give him something else he so well deserves………..I think his school should be written to and he should lose his job………….he has no business teaching children anything.

    I remember last year when everyone wanted to practically hang Shelley for doing what Ian has done this game………….and yet most are cheering for Dan……..good going and great playing they say when he has done a thousand times more lying and rotten things to everyone. He looks and acts ike a weasel, and I feel bad for saying that because it’s actually an insult to weasels………He’s an insult to the Christian religion, to Catholics …..he’s just plain an insult period!!!

  71. First of all dan is not evil. This is a game. Dan did what move was best for him and why is that so wrong. Thr purpose of this game is to win the money not worry about others feelings. I hate when people talk about players and say they have no.morals this is a game people! Secondly dan did the smartest move he could shane wouldnnt have taken dan he would have chosen danielle and w ian.he has a chance
    As for danielle she should have left the nominations the same it was stupid of her to.use the veto when.she had all the power. Lastly people are saying poor shane but he like dan has been using her to get to the end by romancing her while he knows she’s obsessed w him so how is he any different than dan
    as for danielle she needs to get over it and play to win because shane would not be upset if she was the one who left.

  72. I felt pretty bad watching Danielle cry on the feeds but watching Ian’s interactions with her were pretty funny. Overall, feeds were actually pretty good tonight because of some unintentional comedy by Ian.

  73. On the next episode of “Wicked Attraction” The fugitives Dan (AKA: saDan, Father Dan, and Coach) and Danielle (AKA: popper),
    after their terror spree the couple is believed to have escaped from the LA area and are reported to be on the move towards the
    Mid West or possibly the South. If seen do not approach, they are extremely deadly and are in possession of the “Mist”,
    Do Not Approach or Listen to. If seen call 1-888-DMISTED

  74. Don’t know if anyone has said this yet, but I think what Dan’s whole intention when he first came into the house was to be sitting in the final 2 with one of his players. He clearly does not take coaching lightly, so when he was asked to come back in that capacity, he readily accepted, knowing that eventually he’d probably be thrown in the game as well.

    He is doing ANYTHING it takes to keep both himself and Danielle 1). in the game and 2). likely to be in the final 2. Think of the funeral. He had to ostracize Danielle so that they would never be placed on the block together. Have they been since? No. He had to get rid of Shane, because he knew there was a large chance that Danielle would take Shane over him, or that Shane would take the final HOH and take danielle. Dan couldn’t risk that.

    I think his speech on the final 2 chair is going to be something similar to this. How he signed up for coaching, and his goal was to get a player of his to final 2 with him, by any means necessary, and that’s exactly what he did. Whether the jury wants to give him 1st place or 2nd place for that accomplishment is up to them.

  75. dans done, who does he think he can beat in the final 2 and how?? after shane explains what happened in jury house it will be 7-0 against dan and he goes down as one of the biggest sleezebag losers in BB history.

  76. Dan is no worst than Evil Dick and everybody love him! It is a game everyone lies and backistabs. Dani started the game with a lie – what makes her better!

  77. I have a question. Is there any chance that Dan could still win the original $100,000.00 coaches prize if Danielle wins?.. .I haven’t seen anything that says that he won’t…wonder what the contract says….Simon and Dawg – what do you think/

    1. I think once the rest happened the coaches forfeited the $100,000 for the opportunity to play for the half million. I don’t think CBS ever really thought they would have to pay that any ways. It’s obvious by how only one coach had to hit reset for all four to enter the game. They knew at least one of the coaches would hit reset.

  78. I feel as if I am Jack Nicholson in the last scene of “A Few Angry Men”…………..for all the Dan haters out there – shut the fuck up!!!! You are attempting to place a moral standard on a game, you morons.

    Seriously – we are Americans, people – we are scrappy and rude – people all over the world hate us! They do – my god, we throw snowballs at Santa during football games.

    Since when does honor, integrity and loyalty have ANY PLACE IN THIS HOUSE? The object of the game is simple – avoid eviction and move forward – not winning friends or comps – moving forward and evading the door.

    What it really comes down to is that you are having a gutteral reaction to the humiliation that you think that Dan has brought them – but he did not – You see, you can have humility without humiliation and he has done that – he humbled them all – by any means necessary.

    And by the way – why isn’t Dan allowed to want to win? I do not get it. And the Bible deal – let Dan have HIS relationship with HIS higher power.

    My god – people – is it difficult to find parking for all the high horses?

  79. Danielle says to Ian she hasn’t lied to anyone in this game including him??? She just lied to him in the backyard about falling off fishing lure thingy! I think COACH DAN may be rubbing off or maybe it just comes so natural she doesn’t know when she is lying to herself and everyone else. Sick of this zitbot!!

  80. For all the Dan haters let’s take a look at what he had to overcome: From the beginning everyone wanted him out, all the coaches went after his players first. Everyone that he made a pack with wanted to backstab him at some point. Even when Dan was in Solitary confinement Brittany, Shane and Danielle were up in HOH throwing Dan under the bus, even precious Danielle. He came out and saved himself! He went to Frank just like everyone else did, he just did it better than they did!
    Shane and Danielle wanted Dan to get his hands dirty by voting out Ian so it would help their game, they tried to use Dan to do their dirty work. They just didn’t learn that no one can control what Dan does but they thought they could. Danielle and Shane were using Dan! Dan got rid of Shane (boo-hoo) so now he is evil to what he did to Danielle?!?! It is a game, plain and simple and just because Dan beat them to the punch is just a good GAME move.
    Danielle has lied to everyone’s face at some point in the game! Every woman on the block (even her bestie Brittany!) and yet she is the victim in all of this, give me a break!
    There is one last point I want to make, unlike Frank, Brittany, Boogie, and many others, Dan has NEVER personally attacked one person in the house! He has not said one bad word about them, their family or their lives! Everything he did or said was game related ONLY! Some of the others even the beloved Frank has said AWFUL things about the other HG’s! Dan is a great player! He did what he had to do to stay in the game. He manipulated, lied and schemed, but who didn’t?!?! Dan is hands down a great player and beat the odds and is now on the fast track to F2! Go Dan!

  81. Clearly I am Team Dan. And he did what he needed to do, but I couldn’t help but feel bad for Shane. Damn, am I getting soft?

  82. People it’s a game!!! If you were in the BB house what would you do to win? Think about that. How one plays the game in the BB house does not reflect on how one would be in real life. It’s a cut throat game and Dan is doing what he needs to do to win. I think he is brilliant and they others are weak. He has them right where he wants them and I am all for him winning a second time. The others should have played the game to win and not let friendships/emotions get in their way. I bet if they have a second chance to play they would do it differently.

  83. Dan did whisper…what sounded like…get Jen to vote for Danielle…and that was purely for himself. He told her privately afterwards that he had to do it to get her to final and to win as now she had Shane’s vote and that gave her 3 and he also said …its up to you to get the 4th….which he is counting on 4 votes himself…he ain’t no idiot as proven many times. I admit that I almost….almost felt a bit sorry for Danielle when Shane got the boot, but hell, the look was priceless!!!! Best backside ever ever ever. However, its hard to believe that she did what she did without any worries that Shane would be the one sent out. I feel she would never have been able to do it herself so maybe she wasn’t as surprised as we think. If she threw the first part of HOH tho then she is dumber than I could EVER imagine her being. So now after all that, she is left to picking at her zits and soon she will be scratching at the boil on her ass. Poor Danielle. GO DAN!

  84. I vaguely remember at some point when D&D were talking few days ago something along the lines of … Dan asking Dani how much would Shane take (I believe maybe for a veto … it was a week or so ago). Dani said maybe $10,000 … he asked her $5,000? She said no … would want more. Then it cut to fishes. Is this after-game planning? Do any of you suspect this sort of thing comes up? I do.

    1. Hmmm…I wonder if they are allowed to use cash incentives to get other house guests to do things…or make deals like if one of us makes it to the finals that person gives the other person money..very interesting point. Actually that would be pretty good game play. One person gets to the finals, the other person gets in the jury and sways their votes to the player they are playing with.

  85. This is a game and if Dan was not giving us “MIST” then we would have been complaining how boring the season is. This is what we call good TV worth watching. There can only be one winner, everyone came into the house with the hope of winning 500K; unfortunately some did not make it. All at once,why should Shane be a F3 or F2. He only start showing interest in Dani lately and yes she is gullible, all of a sudden two big kisses. We are not in these people shoes and do not know the pressures for the game. The saying goes ” don’t hate the player, hate the game” BB is who design the game to be manipulation,lies, backstabbing…………sad these players are bringing their personal feeling into it, there is also a saying that goes “Money you love, money you crave, money with carry you to your grave”, that’s why they are into the jury house or out of the house right now.

  86. No matter how many times you wash your face, you can’t remove a make-out burn. That’s why she’s so upset. She finally got her “showmance” and Dan
    took him away. That ain’t no zit!!

  87. Danielle is lucky Dan is so even-tempered. I don’t know any other Season 14 player who would put up with her self-serving, phony crap without exploding all over her. She is ungrateful and totally self-absorbed. She wants to win, but only if everyone will still agree to love her and think of her as innocent and harmless. If Dan were really a bad guy, he could and would wipe the floor with her.

    And how insensitive is it of her to cry to Ian about how she never intended for Shane to leave the house? What is Ian supposed to say?
    “Oh, Danielle, I apologize for also wanting to be here to have a shot at winning the money.” “The very sight of me must make you sick.” “Please forgive me. This must be so very hard for YOU.”

    And for all her tears last night, she certainly bounced back when Dan resumed game talk. She referred to Ian as, “That little F####er!” She then complained to Dan about how even though she is confident she is smarter than Ian and can beat him, his presence” just makes it harder” for her. This is just more evidence that Dan has spoiled her to the point where she doesn’t want to do any heavy lifting. Dan has made her road to the top too smooth. He has done all of the work for her, while she maintained her “sweet-girl image.” She has no empathy and therefore no idea what it has been like for Dan to take all the heat. Contrary to popular opinion, Dan has feelings and cares about people. That is why he doesn’t resort to name-calling or arguing, or other low-blow tactics designed to belittle the competition. Danielle is the shark in the tank; not Dan. Dan picked up on this very early in the game and, without saying so, coached her accordingly. He sees the shark behind the mask.

  88. I’ve been keeping my quiet for a long time now. I find it just ruthless, vile, and overly horrible that you continuously make fun of house guests that have acne. Can we not act our ages? It is disheartening that even at a mature age we have to be critical like high schoolers. I appreciate your site and all the hard work, but if that means you must consistently bash someone’s appearance… I do not hold your contribution to BB fans worthy. Sorry, hopefully you do take some offense from this and realize that making satirical comments just for the heck of it isn’t all that amusing.

    I wish upon your daughter the same that Danielle goes through, perhaps then we would see a change.

    Sorry, but I needed to get this OFF my chest– it was bothering me for the LONGEST TIME. At least 3 seasons… >_>

    1. I’m not so much into the attacks the on physical appearance of the houseguests, but if it disturbs you so, why would you wish ill to someone’s innocent offspring? No one goes on reality TV who doesn’t have the soul of an exhibitionist, to begin with. It is not for the shy and retiring.

      I think we can all agree that no one wants to have skin problems. You are undermining your own point when you respond to what you consider to be a “horrible” thing to say about someone by throwing a low blow of your own; and not even against the adult(s) who run this site, but against a child, who has no business being mentioned in this context.

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