Danielle tells Dan she IS going to USE the VETO to SAVE him. Dan says he will then evict Ian!

POV Holder: Danielle Next POV: Done for the Season
POV Used POV Ceremony Sept 13 (Thursday)
HOH Winner: Danielle Next HOH: Sept 12 (Thursday)
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations: Dan and Ian
Last Evicted Houseguest ? (no idea who they are)

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2:50pm – 3:10pm Dan and Danielle are talking in the kicks room. Danielle says that she is thinking, and says that she needs to think for herself and says that she is going to use the power of veto on Dan. Dan says that he will evict Ian. Danielle says that Shane said that Shane said he is going to drop during the endurance competition. Danielle says that she can’t beat Ian in endurance. Danielle says that if I drop the endurance to you (Dan) then I can win against Shane in the puzzle. Dan asks when is Shane going to drop endurance. Danielle says after a while, and then I will wait a bit before I drop. Dan and Danielle hug. Dan leaves the room. Ian and Dan are now packing in the stereo room. Danielle is up again and making grilled cheese in the kitchen.


3:10pm Ian puts on the dog costume one more time and goes to show Dan in the bathroom. Ian waits out side the toilet for Dan but gives up and heads back to the stereo room before Dan comes out.


3:15pm TRIVIA…

3:40pm TRIVIA Continues..
4pm TRIVIA..
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105 thoughts on “Danielle tells Dan she IS going to USE the VETO to SAVE him. Dan says he will then evict Ian!

  1. If she uses the POV on Dan I will freak!!! Dan please evict Shane. I am begging you. Simon and Dawg this site is amazing I will be donating what I can since I am a poor College student. I have told my friends to come on this site to and they love it. If it wasn’t for this site I don’t know what I would do(maybe study a bit more).

    1. If Dan doesn’t evict Ian, then Ian will most likely make it to final 2. The F2 comp (last HOH) involves an endurance, memory, and a houseguest “personality” guess. I have a feeling Ian could win all of those. In other words, it would be IDIOTIC of Dan to not evict Ian, since Ian would win 7-0 (who wouldnt give that kid the money?he creid when geting $3G)

      1. Dan is comfortable that he can beat Danielle in the final. He thinks he has a shot against Ian in the final (Dan can mist the whole jury – easy). Ian AND Daneille will take Dan to F2. Dan may be able to beat Shane with the jury votes, but he is guaranteed to make it to F2 if he would evict Shane tonight.

      2. I agree with you. I think Dan would have a harder time beating Ian than Shane. Danielle’s best chance is Shane and Shane’s best chance is taking Danielle. Ian and Dan can beat Shane and Danielle. I think Dans smart enough to evict Ian for himself unless he thinks Danielle can do it in the end for him.

      3. Because Danielle is an idiot & will most likely take her boytoy to final 2. Ian will take Dan. & Danielle would take Dan over Ian. She might have a panic attack when Shane goes home, but clearly, Dan will just fix that with his magical words.

    1. If Shane is stupid enough to drop in the HOH the best thing for Dan is vote out Ian. I think Dan and Dani’s plan just might work, she can beat Shane in the mental comp. Then it will be Dan and Dani in the 3rd part and they can make a deal in front of Shane like everyone has done in previous seasons.

  2. THIS WOULD BE THE BEST SHOW OF THE SEASON!! if Dan evicts Shane I mean, can you imagine the look on Danielles face????!!! Please let this be what happens tonight.

    1. Honestly regardless of what he tells Ian i don’t see dan keeping Ian especially with shane telling dani he will throw the first round to her Ian will be a lot harder to beat then shane and dan knows it so i am going to guess is that Ian is on his way out

      1. Ian might be harder to beat, but by getting rid of Shane he leaves nothing to chance, no matter who wins the f3 hoh dan will be in that final 2 seat.

  3. I still have faith in Ian. But i am pretty sure he’s going home. I don’t care who wins as long as Dan doesn’t. Thanks Simon and Dawg for your hard work <3

  4. All Dan is doing is making the final three in his favor now because before the final three was in Danielle’s favor with Shane and Dan both promising to bring her to the end. Dan knows that no matter what Danielle and Ian will take him to final two because there’s no way Danielle could beat Ian in the final two. Personally this is going to be a great move by him. Now let’s go Ian your about to get your second lifesaver now make it count.

    1. I really don’t think, that’s the case. Actuarially speaking, it’s not a good move. Dan is worth about $350,000 with Shane in the game, but only approx $180,000 with Ian in the game. ian will win the final HOH, Shane won’t.

  5. Let’s go DAN!!! He’s in the homestretch and looks like he will be advancing to part 3 of the HOH for sure. After tonight he will have officially made it farther than the evil Dr. Will (my favorite BB player). Both of them are LEGENDS.

  6. instead of using the veto why wouldnt she just leave them the same and tell shane to vote out ian? i would trust shane a lot more than dan who will do and say anything to get ahead in the game

      1. Because Danielle was telling Shane if Dan votes Ian out they would not have blood on their hands. lmao. Hope Dan sends Shane home and he and Ian make it to final 2.

        1. It makes no sense to switch the nominations. I think Dan sees what’s going on. He is very smart at this game. I hope he evicts Shane, because at this point Danielle will take Shane not Dan.

        2. Hi my friend the funny part about this is, Ian will vote for Dan. bevause he is a playrt and knows exactly what Dani was doing and he would probally call her a cowar. If all goes the ways it should be Dan and Dani will go down as the greatest players in th BB show, of course Dan is gooing down as the greastest players. I am still voting Janelle as American Favorite

      2. she wants Dan to do the dirty deed of getting rid of Shane! If Dan doesn’t then no big deal – but if he does vote out Shane she can pretend to be pissed, and she will still have Shanes vote and will not have to go up against him in the endurance! Its a smart move if she were only banking on Shanes vote – but everyone else in jury will see it as stupid move keeping Dan. (Dan always told her to look at the full picture and I think she is too misted to see it any different)

    1. Absolutely agree….Im hoping Shane can turn on some charm and talk her out of it.But…if Dan makes it to F2,I seriously dont think anyone will vote for him,because he’s already won before.Ive heard everyone say that.I’m truly banking on that.I CANT STAND DAN THE DOUCHE-BAG-LIE-ON-TH-BIBLE-POS!!! If I were Chelsea,I’d divorce him for being such an embarrasment.

  7. can only say one thing about dani … is she friggen nuts … i would say her brains must be in her ass … and all she is doing is sitting on that big (hate to say this ) fat ass… dumb dumb dumb ..

    1. I think danielle is soooo!!!!!!! Stupid to ever believe anything Dan says. He’s screwed her over and over. Ya it’s a game but you don’t swear on your wife AND THE BIBLE !!!!!!!! For all the swearing Dan doesn’t deserve a dime !!!!!!

  8. This is your second shot, Dan!! PLEASE evict Captain Dumbass!! Save Ian!! Danielle will either be an emotional wreck in the HOH and fail or a (dare I say it) powerhouse!! Great competition here!!

  9. I want to add my voice to the chorus that is applauding Simon and Dawg for such a great site. It is entertaining, frustrating, encouraging and inspiring all at the same time.

    Thanks again guys.

  10. This is Greek tragedy level stupid. Julie Chen should just walk in the front door and hand Dan one of those giant novelty checks. Shane/Dani team morons in the mist

  11. dan did say he “finally had his second shot at shane” at 11:28 am on the feeds this morning…i was listening to it while i had another window open. he gets done eating a bowl of cereal…gives a couple shoutouts…then whispers it

  12. This is gold Jerry, GOLD!

    Just imagine how much better this would be if Dan was actually working with Frank and It was Frank in place of Ian, and Dan said he’d evict Frank after she took him off the block and Shane went up and then he votes out Shane and saves Frank. Then it Dan, Frank, Dani. Frank or Dan wins HoH, Dani goes home, would of been best ending ever and I honestly would not care who won even tho I was team Frank. This is why I was truly hoping Dan would of stuck with it, epic!

    1. But he’s not working with Frank, he never was working WITH FRANK JUST WORKING FRANK…..besides Frank is gone, time to move on now and stop working the game as if he was still there…

    1. I’m still not believing that Shane even agreed with this….I was watching the pillow talk last night and was in shock that he was discussing what he would say and how he would play this out….He obviously has no clue what’s going on in this game…..that’s what happens when BB pulls people out of thin air to play this game….they have no clue how much manipulation can go into play in this game….especially from Dan….I can’t believe how gulible people are to him…not only Danielle, but Frank, Jenn, Ian and now Shane….It’s simply amazing…..I have watched this show every year and to see Dan play the same game basically, and get away with it for the second time is amazing….Did no one see his season….He may be considered a great player but I have lost all respect for him. I still believe in playing this game with some integrity, I think he has none this year. I hope that he does not win, coming in 2nd would and should be enough if he makes it final 2. I just hope some of the houseguests in Jury still realize it is a game but how far is too far?

  13. *facepalm* Danielle using the POV tonight just reminds me how stupid these players are this season. DR probably talked her into using it just to add some drama for this low rating BB season. Dan still needs to take out Ian. Ian does nothing for Dan’s game.

  14. OMG! Danielle is not that stupid to take Dan down and put up Shane. She is playing with Dan’s emotions of thinking she is going to do it. If Shane decides to send Dan out the house — then Ian is going to win BB14, because Dan will be basically helping hand Ian that check. Smart thing for her to do is keep it the same, Shane votes out Ian and either one of them take Dan to the final two and they win. The $500k question is are they smart enough to do it??? Dying to find out.

  15. What a bitch. Shane is doing everything in his power to help her and she’s going to put him in harms way. If Dan doesn’t vote him out I hope he gets smart and powers thru the hoh. And I dont get why anyone would want to see Dan win twice. Shane may not be the most exciting player in fact he’s kinda boring bit not stirring things up is a good social game in itself and he’s win comps. Dan has floated and manipulated what a scumbag. I liked danielle before but at this point I’m rooting for Ian and Shane. Dani and Shane actually looked like they’d be a good couple on their date ages gonna really regret this if Dan votes out Shane.

    1. I agree, see 21.1
      I wish I could talk to someone, this is so frustating to watch and not be able to yell out….hey what the hell are you guys doing?

  16. Now that Dan’s gonna be taken off the block and owning the sole vote to evict tonight, he’ll evict Shane. Whether right or wrong for her own interests, Danielle’s had a week to prepare for Shane’s exit. To me, Danielle using the POV is her way of giving Dan her “permission” to now do it. Personally, I’m VERY happy for Ian. I think he’s currently resigned to his own eviction tonight, and I think we’re gonna see deep, sincere emotion from Ian, when he realizes he survived and is still in the game. His BB14 experience truly does mean the world to him. Old TV proverb: Real emotions = TV gold! I also think this move tonight gains Dan a KEY ally in the Jury House. Britney. When Shane arrives there, and tells the other jury members how he was evicted, after being sure Ian was going instead (and Dan’s role in that), Britney won’t let on in front of Shane, but she will be THRILLED with this.. If it ends up being a Dan/Danielle final two, I believe Dan now has both Britney and Ian as solid votes for in his column. It’s still gonna be an uphill battle for him to get two more votes, but it’s a start.

  17. Will Shane be sitting in the chopping block chair with that silly stuffed animal on his shoulder?
    Someone should tell that dude it’s NOT a parrot and he looks like a goof.

  18. Ian in that damn dog costume…what in the hell?

    Dan, please evict this poor kid so he can go somewhere and chill out/recover from this experience.

    The Jury is misted and Dan will win again. These newbies are complete idiots to think they can win again him.

  19. oh my gosh i was pulling for shane and ian all season but i am leaning towards dan sending shane to meet britney

    tonight its going to be epic lol if danille gives dan that much power

  20. OMG tonights show cant come soon enough!! IF IF she does take Dan down, i feel like she knows exactly what she is doing and she wants Shane to go……..and she “shouldnt” loose his jury vote …….. i feel like she wouldnt have told Dan that unless she meant it… either way, i am excited for tonights show!! woohooo

  21. Dan will evict Shane. Ian will take him F2 and Dani will take him F2 the only one who wont is Shane so I would be shocked if Dan keeps him around.

    1. Yes, Ian would take dan to the final 2 but dan knows he can’t beat Ian. While he has a bigger chance of winning against shane then Ian and if he goes to the F2 he has a better chance with dani or shane then Ian

  22. So if Danielle uses the Vito n Shane is gone……
    It would be great tv n game play if Ian wins HOH and chooses Danielle over Dan for F2.
    Dan would die on the spot.LOL
    And as far as I’m concerned …its what Dan deserves for being such a freakin sociopath, back stabbing, sleazeball, and all around creep.
    The whole catholic coach thing in itself is freaky….sic ppl
    Good riddance Father Dan Sandusky…sorry couldn’t resist

  23. Danielle’s making a mistake if she doesn’t leave the noms the same. Both Dan & Shane would take her to F2, Ian won’t. But if she is stupid enough to use the veto on Dan, then his best move is to evict Shane. Both Dani & Ian would then take him to F2, but if it is Danielle/Shane, he might have to win the last HOH to go.

  24. HAHAHA. Danielle is such an IDIOT !! Dan is going to win this game if he makes final two. Danielle is just playing for second place i guess… :p

  25. I will be over the moon if Dan and Ian are final 2! Danielle can go admire herself in the jury house mirrors! Whoop. Go Dan Go Ian

  26. WHAT IF DANI IS SCHEMING DAN!!!!!!! Lol I don’t know, it wouldn’t make sense she’d get rid of Dan, but taking Dan off the block to ‘get his hands dirty’ will either give Dani a greater chance to win in F2 against Dan or help Dan-Jenn acknowledged Dan was a great player last night and Shane probably will too. But is there a slim possiblity Dani suspects Shane to be out the door? Has working with a mastermind rubbed off on her?

  27. If she really does take Dan off the block it would be smart for Dan to evict Shane because then if Danielle or Ian win the final HOH they’ll both take Dan

  28. Dan taking out Shane would be epic all around. Dani’s shock first, then her depression and antics when he leaves. Shane dumfounded when evicted. And Ian, OMG Ian, his face will be priceless as his mind flies trying to comprehend what’s happening and then that he’s actually staying. Ian, your hammock awaits you.

  29. Why would Danielle use the veto on Dan??…. It makes no sense !!

    .Even if they want to get rid of Ian, Just let Shane vote Ian out….

    Dan is going to screw Danielle and evict Shane….

    1. Well, she has had a stronger allience with dan since day 1, shane wanted to let dan have the blood on his hands but i highly doubt he will evict shane he will take out Ian especially since shane is going to throw the first part of the comp

    1. Seatbelt buckled and anxiously awaiting my flight!!!! COME ON BIG BROTHER!!!!! Why must we wait?????????????? <3

  30. It makes no sense for dan to keep Ian yes he would take him but dan and dani have had a plan since day 1 and it is finally coming to the end so why would he rock the boat. If all goes as plan shane will drop so dani can win and she will throw it to dan (becasue shane is really dumb) then dani is better at mental/puzzle chanllenges then shane is and then they are guaranteed the final 2. Why would dan take that risk he must know if Ian gets to the final 2 with him Ian will win so dan would be an idiot to keep someone who is a stronger player.

    1. Shane can win a puzzle contest. Especially if he would see Danielle drop on the endurance, then he would know that something is going on and he would fight to get to the final questions.

      The final questions are kind of a joke. They are “what would the jury say” questions – It really is a crap shoot (since I think sometimes the jury members lie in these questions).

      Bottom line is: Dan wants to make it to F2, his best shot at getting to F2 is with Ian and Danielle. Once he makes it to F2, then he will figure out how to mist the jury to vote for him to win (at least that is what he thinks he can do).

  31. Dani is actually pretty smart here – she tells Dan that Shane is going to throw the first comp to her, which she will throw to Dan, He then get thru to final round which is questions. Even if Shane beats Dani at the puzzle portion, Dandoesn’t think Shane is smart enough for the question round. She is putting him in the mind set that he would control who goes F2. Dan’s concern wasn’t beating Shane in F2, it was getting past him in F3. Dan definitely won’t win F2 against Ian and if he pisses Dani off and evicts Shane and Dani wins the final HOH, she may not take him to F2 as payback (for EVERYTHING!)

  32. “Danielle says that she is thinking, and says that she needs to think for herself and says that she is going to use the power of veto on Dan”
    Danielle you should not think…..you are thinking yourself out of a guaranteed F2 and $50 – $500 g’s …..need I say more? BB history for the dumbest move ever!
    Of course this is what I want…… Ian F2

  33. Spoilers Alert: While packing Dan says something like this “who’s going to see this coming Not Ian Not Danielle and Definitely not Shane”………So I’m thinking Shane is def out Tonight why because we all know knew that Ian was the target at a point of time but now seems that Dan is going to turn things around so that Ian can stay he knows he can’t win facing Ian but Ian will def Bring him to F2 same for Danielle but not Shane so he’s getting Rid of Shane buy buy Shane Go Ian

  34. If Danielle uses the veto and Shane is planning on throwing any part of the final comps, they have handed the game over to Dan. Dan is clearly the Professor X of BB.

  35. Several times Weeks ago, Shane said he wanted to get rid of Dan. Dan became aware of it and he said that he would Never Forget it! ….. Tonight will be a Fine Moment for Dan, when he Evicts … Shane!!! – I will be So happy to see Shane go!

  36. Danielle’s brain is in her ass and it got scrambled when she had her salad tossed.

    Dan will evict Shane and Shane will deserve to be evicted for not turning on the
    charm and using his fake showmance as leverage to keep Danielle from using
    the POV on Dan. Shane will kick himself in the ass till his gay- produced hemorrhoids
    prolapse and his innards spill to the ground in front of Julie Chen.

    Meanwhile, Danielle out of anger and despair will dig into her subcutaneous abscess till
    she reaches her pineal gland producing a staph infection of necrotizing fascitits.

    Right now, Shane and Danielle have an over 75% chance of final 2, if she hands the POV
    to Dan, the final 2 will be Dan and Ian and Dan will deserve the win. Although, being
    that the jury is full of bitter narcissistic jurists, Ian will probably win by majority of votes.

  37. also Dan hates things to be boring…he loves to play and stir things up for all of us viewers and players..so evicting Ian tonight is just boring.

  38. If Danielle does this and if Shane goes home, what will be the reasoning from Danielle fans who’ve been arguing all along that she’s doing what’s best for her and hasn’t been manipulated by Dan?

    1. Well, if Dani knows that it’s likely that Dan is going to evict Shane, and this is her way to keep blood off of her hand, then you could argue that this is a good move, maybe.

  39. Do you think that Shane will stick with a relationship with Danielle if he gets booted tonight?

    Ha! While Danielle will be looking for Shane after BB14 is over, Shane will be at the Marriott
    where he will be packing Wil’s fudge.

  40. This season seems to be ending in such a disappointment
    that I suggest that Alison G. just handover the check to
    either Jun Song or Hayden Moss, two very exciting and illustrious

    (That is sarcasm, in case anyone is confused!)

  41. Big Brother 14 Week 9.5 Live Eviction:
    Dan votes to evict Shane!
    The blind side went through. Danielle is floored. Shane is shocked.

  42. I think this season of BB will go down as the season with the dumbest players EVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. OMG! Dan is unbelievable player his taking out shane was brillent he now guaranted himself to the final 2 no matter who wins incredible i haven’t seen a player play so well since Will in bb2. Love him or hate him but he is definetly amazing player but how dumb are these people how do they not see it dan lied to everyone all summer he lied right to franks face, the whole funneral thing so why on earth would shane believe him is beyond me shane said straight out when jenn was evicted that he was shady but then you turn around and believe him. He has made at least 50 and whatever bb payed him nice play.

    As for the jury I think frank is a good player untill he opens his mouth i have to agree with brittany he has lied to everyone but in franks world he is the only one that can lie what a hypocrit! but frank bringing brits husband into it uncalled for there is a huge difference between lying to a bunch of people that you will never see again in game to cheating on her husband. He is the last person to accuse anyone of cheating, lying isn’t cheating he is the idiot that believed him and if anyone was cheating it was him and boogie during the pov. This is what i hate about frank is his arrogence

  44. Go Ian! Dan didn’t mist Danielle or Shane, they’re just plain dumb and as such believed him. This will go down in BB history as the 2 dumbest people and dumbest choices by players. Sheesh, they both deserve to lose to Dan or Ian at this point. Since I’ve never been a fan of Dans GO IAN!

  45. Come on, Dan!! Win this thing! Pull one of your “sheDanigans” and do what needs to be done to secure your position in the game. I know you need crazy Danielle to make it work. I just hope she does what she said she would do and uses the POV on you.

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