Big Brother 13 Wedding Is Over, Dani and Lawon steal the show

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10:40pm The Big BRother Wedding
Dani was blowing bubbles
Lawon was the priest (He was awesome.. this game his social game a boast)
Jeff is the best man (“trying to stay out to the camera”
Team Bacon was the girl bearer
Jordan was maid of honor

10:55pm Jeff does a speech from his favorite movie blow and they toast the wedding, “May the wind always be on your back and the sun upon your face and may the winds of destiny carry you aloft to dance with the stars.”. Rachel throws the flowers straight at Jordan nobody else tries to catches them.. Looks like another BB wedding may have to be planned.

11:00pm the honeymoon on the hammock where they met on BB12. rachel is wanting to get married as soon as they can. They join the rest of the houseguests in trying to put everything back together in the backyard. everyone is talking about how much fun ot was. brendon and Rachel like making sure everyone knows that this was the first big brother wedding in history.
11:09pm in the house near the havenots room Rachel and Jeff are briefly talking and jeff says: “So this Thursday hey” Rachel thinks he means this Thursday brendon gets evicted. Jeff says no he was meaning that this Thursday they will be showing the wedding on TV.. “Get off the negative train Big rachel”..

11:15pm Backyard most the house sitting around drinking. Rachel is wearing a VERY short dress and underneath she has a bikini on. When rachel comes out to be with everyone Shelly says :”Ohh look that’s a cute little shirt uh dress thing” (Shelly shot straight nicely done straight shooter)

11:30pm Chit chat Kitchen Jordan, Rachel and Brendon Jrodan is cleaning around the kitchen. She asks Rachel why she was so nervous. Rachel doesn’t know she just was. Jordan brings up her friends wedding where she was the maid of honor and she had to get up and do a speech, “I had liquid courage”. Jordan adds that her friends were all worried about her when she got up to give the speech because. “They never know what’ll come out of my mouth”

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Dani looked amazing! She was the best bubble girl ever!


Ewwwwwwww…I bet dani smells awful!! She is such white trash!!!


Dani is fine as hell. Are you sure you didn’t mean Rachel?


You just smell the wind blowing back in your face.


I’m sorry, you’re right…dani and her dad are a real class act!!


Rachel really looks like white trash now πŸ™‚


thats what happens when you major in stupidity in college πŸ™‚ the whole chemestry thing is a lie.

Team Adam

Have to say Simon you are a trooper to watch it and keep us posted!!! ??


Is it normal to take long pauses between words and forget what you are talking about? I have never known anyone like that. Jordan, and i love her, might want to get a brain scan cause that might be a tumor


It could just be a habit or something they do in her hometown.

Eric CA

My Ex was Southern. Their pauses can last a small eternity. Of course who am I to judge… in my family a pause is when someone gasps for air.


Its not a tumor!


It’s a southern thing. Slow talking, long pauses. One of the reasons they lost the war.

Aqua Bernie

OMG!! Brendan & Rachel even had to outdo Rachel’s sister with her engagement! PITIFUL & SAD!!!


Thank you simon for taking one for the team


I finally figured it out!

KALIA = Jabba the Hutt




the way jeff dance down the aisle was hilarious.


Yes, it was! He can be really silly and he got Jordan in on it. Very cute.

Eve Griffin

Will someone tell Jordan to PLEASE STOP playing with her hair. She needs to watch herself on reruns. It’s ANNOYING….. Love you, Jordan.


Totally agree! Brit did the same thing last season.

Not Meg

Britt was a constant hang nail bitter. She always had het fingers in her mouth.
Jordan is so cute but she’s gonna end up pulling her hair out.


It is just a nervous habit. I think Jordan is the most beautiful one in the house. She has a sweetness about her.
Doesn’t want to embrass her parents or grandparents on tv. A young lady.


You guys need to hop off the Jeff and Jordan train. Everyone rips rachel, khalia, lawon, brendon, and shelly for the dumb stuff they say and Jordan gets a free pass? The girl is as dumb as a box of rocks and it pains me to have to listen to her try and explain stuff or tell a story. No way if I was Jeff would I marry Jordan. I couldn’t stand having to hear her talk for the rest of my life.


haters gonna hate, jordan πŸ™‚ No worries you’re not dumb. Jordan and Jeff forever


A box of rocks … without the box.


Dani and Rachel do the same thing…they are always flipping the hair and Dani will grab a bunch and move it to the right side, and then in seconds, she grabs it up again and moves it to the other side. Rachel is always running her hands through her hair…. I do remember Brig last year constantly picking at loose ends.

A Nono Moose

Excellant job on the trash bag tux & wedding dress, looked like everyone had fun, a nice little break from all the backstabbing, lying & greediness…like a real family. BACK TO WORK PEOPLE!!!


Really…it wasn’t as painful to watch as I bought it would be. Lawon was hysterical and watching Dani blow bubbles during awkward moments was killer! I have to agree, the both stole the show! I literally laughed out loud every time Lawon spoke.

Anonymous 2

This was the most entertaining portion of the season so far. Lawon stole the show !


Maybe Lawon should be an actor!!! Good job, who knew?????


So did you cry simon? Hahaha I puked myself!


I want Lawon to preside over my wedding.


Feeds at night suck, I would rather see the tension between Dani and Rachel than all the guys playing pool on all 4 cameras


first time posting a comment and it;s for simon….you rock in keeping us all in-touch just wanted to say thanks from windsor ontario canada


Simon, where is BBGrandma or something like that from last years blog? She was hilarious and always entertaining with her comments.


BBGrandma and Rockstar are around with their great input with this BB13…. l’ve seen them post.


Thanks mesays.. I have cookies, come play with me. haha


Is there not enough hatred in the world today I will be praying for all of you” You are all so fill of hate you can not let them have one day with out the insults I feel sorry for all of you’ you should give them a great weddding gift and let Brendon stay to make the game more interesting. What do you think


That’s easily the worst idea I have ever read.

They are giving him a gift, they are sending him home, 40 something days without Rachel. Skype, here he comes.

Aqua Bernie

Oh yeah a gift. Brendan needs to go back to school! He’s 31, By the time he’s 40 maybe he’ll graduate!


I would rather have Jordon go but Brendon is getting on my nerves

Mary R

What did Jordan spend her money on???


She bought her mom a house.

The Meow Meow

How bout Rev. Lawon, yo?


Rev. Lawon was hilarious!!!

Not Meg

Kalia is so full of crap. She says she has a bunch of Chicago friends and they ” keep telling me Canada is 30 minutes away. I forget that it goes Chicago then Canada” If that is true then her friends are as clueless as her. What happened to Wisconsin?


flight time is about 30-45 minutes. I think that’s what she meant


Hey recapper, nobody cares about your feelings about the HG’s and your little jabs. Just recap or GTFO.




Those of us who are regulars at Online Big Brother love Simon and Dawg. If you don’t like it, you have the freedom not to log on.
Go get um Simon and Dawg…we love and apperciate you. Thank you for what you do!!!!

Uncle Cool

Perhaps, someone out there has a competing site that is gong down the toilet and is sending trolls here.

This is the best BB site. I have looked at others.


that was my first thought also

Anonymous 2

Thanks Simon and Dawg!! This site is so good I don’t visit anywhere else anymore!


Don’t fret simon – The Regulator’s got your back!!!


Ive never commented b4-just wanted to say that i love this it-i-it is my main source for bb info. Thank u so much-i appreciate it. My husband and kids HATE the show so i only get to watch it on Thursday nights. Compromise u know. Keep up the good work! Screw the haters!!


welcome ShastaMcNasty … make yourself at home, just don’t shit on the rug.


Lmao! Thx….i wont poo anywhere near here i promise!


well, I’ve never complaint about any of it, but it does sometimes become difficult to read when you type an actual word (as opposed to something that’s jut misspelled) and then I have to figure out what you meant. That being said, who am I to complain? I’ve misspelled words in my little comments – if I were to try to do what you guys do, forget about it – it would be a mess. πŸ™‚

BTW, I like the little snarky comments (even if they’re for someone I’m rooting for).


I don’t love Simon or Dawg. Sorry, I don’t swing that way. This is their site and they can damn well do as they please. They do a hell of a lot better than I ever could.


You perfect people who come on and then NITPICK about spelling or the fact that the guy doing all the work is sharing his opinions must not READ any of the comments or you’d know that this kind of bullshit doesn’t fly.

If you have a problem with any of the above, go spend your own time and money creating your own perfect site and then don’t post on it.

Do some of you not get how ignorant you are? It’s like going into someone’s home for dinner and then criticizing the food. Posting your criticism says more about you than it does about this site or the people who run it.

Get over yourselves!


I thought the wedding was so funny. Adam as the ring bearer cracked me up. They all better be careful I think Adam could win this whole thing.


Agree. Doesn’t he make a cute elf. Adam is truly a good sport!


Adam’s costume isn’t as restricting as Enzo’s last year. It is one of the easiest to wear. & He is super cute. I luvs him..


The funny part is, has anyone ever heard Adam talking game to anyone? It’s like he’s not really even there for the game, but just to hang out with these people. Lawon isn’t much better, but at least when someone tells him something he’ll throw a, “Oh-kay, we’ll see about that! I got game!” Which is at least comical.

Right now I’m hoping for a Lawon/Adam final 2. I can only imagine the questions the jury would ask these two and the answer Lawon would give.


I agree with others, this is by far the best BB site! I appreciate Simon and Dawg! I lost my job, and I had to make cut backs. Showtime was one of them. I have to say this is just as good, if not better. I don’t have to watch all of the downtime, I just get to read about the “need to know” stuff! Thanks Simon and Dawg!!!!


Yeah 4Lanes!!! It is the best site, I agree. Sorry about losing your job. I lost mine last year. I nearly lost my mind.

kathie from canada

And things just get better and better when Rockstar starts posting πŸ™‚ I think she is a riot!! hahahaha


You’re not to shabby yourself Kathie


It looks fun!! I’m excited to see it

teri b

Why don’t they just give it up and call this the Rachel Show?
(me gagging…..again)

I can’t wait to see Rachel fall to frakkin’ pieces when HER FIANCE leaves. Maybe we will get our wish and she will finally be removed. UGH


just kidding around lets go jeff and jordan

p.s can you please show jeff and jordan


lets go jeff jordan and dani all rock

beacuse they all have a good game play

they all are really funny and dani is really cool……

p.s please show this to them some how…..and good luck to all inclueding jeff jordan and dani!!!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ !!!!!!!!