Big Brother 13 – In Adam’s Boy Scouts Nothing Happened “Whats wrong with me why didn’t I get touched” **updated**

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7:37pm Backyard Adam and Brendon chit chating Adam jokes about his time in boy scouts: “Whats wrong with me why didn’t I get touch”. brendon asks if a comedian once said that. Adam says it was on “its always sunny in Philadelphia” (Awesome show BTW) Brendon now remembers they both are fans of the show and talk about their favorite episodes.

8:00pm Backyard Lawon and Jordan Lawon is ramping up his social game with Jordan. Asks her why she likes country music so much.. is it because it tells a story. JOrdan says yes she like the stories but also it’s becuase it’s sad and Happy. She adds that her mothers boyfriend says that country music has moved too far away from it’s roots like Willie Nelson and Dolly Parton. Lawon tells her he can sing but he doesn’t do it in the house.. When they get out he’ll sing for her.. Jrodan is excited.. Lawon: “My father toured with earth wind and fire and…” feeds cut.

Lawon says his mom has a natural beauty she doesn’t even wear any makeup. Jordan says her mom doesn’t wear face stuff.. just eye liner, mascare and eye shadow..

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8:25pm Everyone eating the diner Kalia made. They are all liking it Straight shooter makes a big deal about how much she loves it. (At first I thought she was lying and over compensating, I then though that she was trying to be extra nice incase Kalia wins HOH next week but I actually think Straight shooter is shooting straight she really likes Kalia’s dinner.. just look at her hunched over her food like she’s scared someone will snatch it up)

9:03pm Backyard people are starting to get ready for the mock wedding tonight.. Brendon gets fitted for his tux. They mention that Production wants to use the mock wedding for the broadcast so they are telling the houseguests in the DR what they can and cannot say (LAME hopefully someone says something) Straight shooter doesn’t think they will be allowed to read from the bible during the wedding.. she says that the bible is a published work… and people might say we’re using the lords name in vein in a “trashy wedding”.

9:05pm Dani in the shower..

9:26pm rachel getting ready for the Mock wedding. She excited that big brother game them a bottle of campaign, wine and beer. The Mock Wedding starts ar 10.

9:45pm Wedding rehearsal ( God damn I can’t take the excitement any more only 15minutes until the FIRST BIG BROTHER MOCK WEDDING between these 2 beautiful people… I’m tearing up)

10:15pm Everyone getting ready for the big wedding

10:30pm rachel in her “dress”

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ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*

Reading form the Bible during a trashy wedding? What’s wrong with that? I wouldn’t do it, but it;s nothing wrong with it, now if this wedding was those type of sexual pornstar type weddings and they read from the Bible THEN it would be wrong, on so many levels. Just a pre-trashy wedding let them have their fun they won’t be seeing each other for a month.


With all their multiple issues and dysfunction, I do believe these two love each other. I guess there is someone for everyone ;p


I wonder if Dani will be her mock matron of honor


Every trash can has its lid.


Every trash can has it’s lid.


Rachel is on her third coat of face paint, 4 more and she’ll start looking presentable.

Not Meg

((((~~~~shiver~~~~)))) No she won’t.


Is it me or does Jeff looks like a skinny Tim Tebow?……….and shelly looks like an ol rat mouth down south double wide trailor park b!tch…I hope her @z $ goes home soon!


I love Jeff and think he is hot please don’t associate him with the “man” Tim Tebow


I am not a Lawon fan but OMG he was the funniest thing in that wedding. I laighed so hard. And Dani wearing white (which I am sure she did it on purpose) and then she stayed in the back playing with bubbles. I love Dani and everyone should enjoy BR while they are in a good mood because she is going to be a pain in the butt when Brendon gets voted out. BTW Dani looked beautiful


You are right!!! Maybe that has something to do with my liking Jeff so much!


In an earlier post jeff said he thinks BR changed their image this year. Hysterical!

ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*

TRIED, but they went right back to themselves soon as they had power.


Simon, why does production cut the feeds for things like what Lawon said? What are things they cut the feeds for? I know they cut it when things like what production has done/told them but what else do they do it for/why?


My personal opinion is Production errs on the side of caution when HGs start discussing personal aspect of their lives that include people that may not have consented to being mentioned or if they believe a HG may be lying about someone famous/famous incidences. They just don’t want to get caught up in some kind of lawsuit.


That picture of Rachel’s eye makeup…..AHHHHHHHHHHHH! (scared me)


I hate to admit it but I’m getting a kick out of this BB wedding. But true Simon, they can’t even hum the song to the march that bride walks in to.


I cannot wait til they have their 1st ever trashy divorce next season on all stars.


Only problem with that statement is BrenDUMB and RacHELL aren’t all stars, no matter what you hear them say about themselves on the feeds!

ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*

Welcome to the Backyard Epileptic PassyaGas Church *DEAD*


Simon, How come the nude website doesn’t work?


Simon my man u are a nut for this LMAO

8:25pm Everyone eating the diner Kalia made. They are all liking it Straight shooter makes a big deal about how much she loves it. (At first I thought she was lying and over compensating, I then though that she was trying to me extra nice incase Kalia wins HOH next week but I actually think Straight shooter is shooting straight she really likes Kalia’s dinner.. just look at her hunched over her food like she’s scared someone will snatch it up). go


ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*

Kali cooked? I don’t believe it….


It would be funny if, when they’re done with the ceremony, Lawon told them he lied and is a minister, so they’re really married. I think Brendon would be pissed and Rachel would be happy.


It’s kinda sickening how serious Rachel is taking this!


yeah tbh i’m pretty surprised at how much rachel was obsessing over looking fat in her wedding dress.. she kept messing with it and even added a belt. and she would not leave her hair alone. sheesh woman, it’s a trash bag.. no one’s expecting you to look great.


I have to say that Rachel’s boobs are so unnatural looking they’re grotesque. And Jeff looks like Enzo in that fedora.


dani they the hoh tonite


watching After Dark…..Shelly is suuuuuch a MAN. Like her, but the only way she could be more masculine is if she’s got a penis.


maybe she does…. :O


Rachel with a bag on her head. The jokes are endless………..


So we missed the wedding and now they’re on thier honneymoon?


Thanks for the warning. I will find something more fun to do, like clean the bathroom.


It’s like my DVR couldnt’ handle the wedding. My power went out three times last night during the wild storms here in Chicago. I can’t help but think the phony BB wedding was too much for my TV and electricity. Needless to say I FF through the pieces I managed to record and tried to pick through to the game talk. Slim pickings last night.

BB is losing all credibility. I don’t want to watch love stories in my game shows unless it’s being hosted by Chuck Woolery and ‘Love’ is somehow in the title.


Is it me or does anyone feel like this is one of the more creative bb houses? I feel like people are always making lots of different kinds of foods, and creating different games and group activities.


She looks just like Kate Middleton. (cough)


Did she just say ” I don’t want it to look tacky?” um….you’re wearing a trash bag?!

ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*

Too bad Rachel is not drunk, this shit would be hilarious, and add to the trashy wedding setting to make it authentic.

ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*

Shelly look like, when your eating in prison, so someone won’t reach over and grab your grub.


LOL Hey Rachel its a TRASHBAG no matter what u do its a TRASHBAG.

They can get GLAD to sponsor their wedding free trashbags for life

ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*

When you wanna make a trashy wedding even more trashy, add a trashbag, but don’t get just any old trashbag get GLAD.

ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*

Simon what did kalia cook? from the pic it looks like broccoli & fried chicken


Simon and Will – it was shepherd’s pie.


Watch Rachel have a fit because Dani is wearing white and the bride is the only one who should be wearing white to a wedding. Already lmao!


They should have a pandora box for Dani with Dom being in it and if she opens it he gets to stay but all so her nom get to stay with a double eviction next week so that the show will not be so boring next week with all the drama gone.


Dani looks so much prettier than rachel XD

ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*



Rachel……EAAASY on the makeup. Geez! And quit sticking your lips out, you look like a hooker duck.

ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*



LMAO Shelly looks so rough, beer in one hand cig in the other.

Jeff looks like a guy that goes to casinos and hustles people out of there money.


BrenDUMB, don’t do it! Don’t do it! Don’t back out!!!! NOBODY ELSE WILL HAVE HER!!!!!!


“We’ll always have Skype!”

ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*



wanna tell you this mock wedding is some funny chit…..omg Lawon is hilarious

Matter Hatter

This “wedding” is making me PUKE! I would LAUGH my butt off if they didn’t show this on Big Brother!!

ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*

*Face Palm* Even their wedding vows are delusional.


adams comment about boy scouts and not having been touched. well if he was as ugly of a child as he is as an adult then of course no one would touch him LOL

ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*

Lawon made it all worth it….


Do you, Brendan, take Rachel, to be your awful wedded wife?


that reminds me of my fav movie, FOUR WEDDINGS AND A FUNERAL




Lawon was hysterical…I bet they don’t air when Brendon said something about abc!


I shot my drink out my nose when he said that!


just read the whole brendon skype thing. so he wacked off for a dude named nick on skype. I detect a lil bi thing going on there. rach needs to strap one on for him 🙂


Nick was pretending to be a girl.


Best part of the wedding was Daniel blowing bubbles!! I give that little brat a high 5??


His am idiot…


Anyone else this Brendon looks like Tosh from Tosh.0


Okay… That wedding was the most entertaining thing I’ve ever seen on Big Brother – next to the verbal beatdown Ragan put on Rachel last year.

It was so funny when they started skipping down the aisle afterwards and Showtime even held off on their break to show the ceremony.

The first dance with Jeff singing? Hilarious.

And the comments in this post are a nice bonus, lol.

Aqua Bernie

Any one think Rachel’s bathing suit is a little too small? It didn’t even fit her ass.


Watched BBAD….that shit was so freakin funny!!! When they kept singing “for she’s a jolly good fellow” I laughed so hard I was tearing up!


Where is Jordeff’s mock wedding??


SIMON. I almost peed in my pants and cried laughing from your comment of being so excited and tearing up! So freaking funny! Love you guys and BBS!!!

Aqua Bernie

WHAT! Brendan & Rachel had to even outdo their engagement announcement over Rachel’s sister’s engagement! PITIFUL!!!


Yeah, I loved Dani blowing the bubbles! This “pre-wedding” should be a lesson for Rachel, you don’t want bridesmaids that are better looking than you. Lawon was surprisingly great, it was actually funny the way he said Rachel’s name. Hey, did you read about Mike Boogie? Apparently he’s being sued by SG for misappropriation of funds, and Boogie is counter-suing because this guy hacked into his Craiglist/phone accounts. Apparently Boogie trolls Craiglist for gay sex (Hey, nothing wrong with that- No Judgement), but he into role playing with an unusual twist,-incest-referring to his fellow participants as ‘Dad” or “Uncle”.


you got a link for that?