Big Brother Spoilers: Rachel says that she called Dani the wicked witch of the HOH and that Brendon called her Judas..

11:40pm Rachel, Brendon, Jordan and Porsche are talking about Britney Spears’s ex Kevin Federline and how Britney said that Kevin was really packing. Porsche says it’s big. Rachel says that Brendon’s size below the belt makes her happy. Brendon tells her not to go there. Jordan tells Rachel and Brendon to keep that information to themselves. Rachel starts talking about how her sister is engaged to a Canadian and moving to Canada after her wedding. Jordan asks if Canada is considered another country? ..then asks if she needs passport to get there. Rachel starts pushing Jordan and Jeff to get married. Jordan says that she’s not ready to get married. Jordan says that she needs to get her life together first. Rachel tells Brendon that she wants to just go ahead and get married in September. Brendon says that the wedding isn’t that big a deal for a guy. Rachel says that she will get married in a trash bag. Jordan tells Rachel not rush it. Brendon says that there’s not enough time to get everything planned. Rachel says that their moms can do it all. Brendon says that he wants to do it right and he really wants all of his family to be there.

12:15am Jordan, Brendon, Rachel start talking about what they think the twist will be. They talk about how they know one is coming soon but that they are not sure when. Jordan says that Julie Chen told them it’s a summer of twists. Rachel says that she wonders why if Brendon won the veto and pulled her off …why aren’t they both safe? Rachel says that the whole situation sucks!! Rachel says that not only for the four of us but for the game. Rachel says that the fans can’t be happy about her and Brendon being split up. Rachel says that she called Dani the wicked witch of the HOH and that Brendon called her Judas in the diary room. They wonder if there will be a Pandora’s box. Jeff joins them. Jordan tells Jeff that he smells like beer, but that it smells good. Jordan says that Jeff will call her when he’s had too much to drink. Jordan says that she doesn’t go out much, she’s more of a homebody. Jeff, Brendon and Adam are now playing pool in the backyard. All the houseguests are talking about random stuff …no game talk. Jordan asks Rachel if she’ll try and be on BB14. Rachel laughs says she’s going to be on BB every year until she’s old. Jeff smiles says he can see that happening. Brendon shakes his head.

3am Dani, Lawon and Kalia are talking in the backyard about random things. Lawon and Kalia tell Dani about their talk with Shelly earlier. Kalia then says goodnight and heads inside. Lawon asks Dani for some advice about what he should say to people that ask him where he’s at in the game, like how Shelly asked him earlier. Dani tells Lawon that Shelly is always trying to get information from people. Dani tells Lawon to turn things around on Shelly and ask her questions. Dani says that Shelly keeps asking her about Dominic’s secret about how he was raised and how he talked about it in his opening. Lawon says that he wants to know how Shelly knows about it. Dani says that he thinks Cassi mentioned something about it to Shelly. Dani says that Shelly has brought it up her like four times. Dani says that she thinks Shelly should let it go and says that it’s kind of rude for Shelly to ask her over and over about it. Lawon mentions about how excited we was when he got the callback for Big Brother we didn’t think he had a chance but he was just himself and it looked like it paid off.

Lawon and Dani say that they have to get Rachel out. Dani says that they could do some damage. Lawon says that they need her out. Dani says that if she gets over that week she’s going to be a different person, we have to get her out. Lawon says what about Porsche? Dani says that she thinks Porsche is a lot better when she’s not around Rachel. Dani says that last night Porsche got reprimanded by Rachel and Brendon for hanging out with her. Dani and Lawon both says that they don’t like that Brendon and Rachel did that to Porsche. They say that she is not a child and that it’s her life. Meanwhile, Jeff, Jordan, Porsche, Kalia, Adam playing the guessing game. Dani asks Lawon who he would target if he won HOH. Lawon says that he would go after Rachel and put up Shelly too. Dani says that Lawon could tell Shelly that she’s a pawn. Dani and Lawon think that Adam will put up Rachel if he wins HOH. Lawon tells Dani that Adam said Rachel needs to get out of here. Dani says that after this week Jordan and Jeff will be like game on… since they know they will at least be in the jury. Lawon agrees. Lawon says that he thinks Brendon will give a nasty goodbye speech on Thursday. Dani says that she thinks he will mention floaters in his speech. They talk about how Rachel was rude even after everyone put all that effort into the fake wedding…

3:30am Dani and Lawon are now talking in the bathroom as they get ready to go to bed. Dani says that she misses the moments when she used to hang out doing infomercial’s with Lawon, Dominic, Cassi and Kalia. They talk about how they both had a lot of fun doing that. Porsche joins them in the bathroom. The other houseguests continue to play the guessing game. At about 4:20am the guessing games end and the houseguests go to sleep…

5:45am All the houseguests are still sleeping…

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103 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers: Rachel says that she called Dani the wicked witch of the HOH and that Brendon called her Judas..

  1. “Jordan asks if Canada is considered another country?” — REALLY? I like Jordan and all but she say some of the dumbest things! You think it may be an act?

    “Rachel says that she will get married in a trash bag” — How fitting? Vegas trash gets married in a trash bag!

    1. No…sadly I think Jordan is being honest with her knowledge of historical facts. Last week she did not even know that millions of people died in the Holocaust. However clueless Jordan may seem school wise, the houseguests better get her out soon or she just may go very far in this game.

      1. It only matters if you are skinny and have big boobs and you are willing to do whatever to make a buck. Ahh! gotta luv the world..

    2. My thoughts exactly…I think Jordan’s “dumbness” may be an act. I mean come on?!? If it ain’t one of the states, baby, it’s another country. Still and all, her and Jeff are my picks, but only because there’s no one else to choose. Cheers, CA

    3. I don’t think that it is an act. I you had the feeds and watched BB11, she was talking about all she did in school was suck penises(sorry Jordan fans, but that’s the truth coming from her mouth). So I doubt very seriously if she had time for books.

    4. No, she’s from a small country town and her mother struggled to raise her and her brother. They lost their home to foreclosure before Jordan went on BB during her season. It’s a different reality and environment and people from that place aren’t worldly regardless of what schooling they’ve had.

      1. Jordan is a sweet girl, although I have to admit she isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed when it comes to educational, social and political matters. I’ve noticed that several members have attributed her lack of knowledge to the fact that she is from a small town. Jordan is actually from Concord , NC which is a suburb of Charlotte, NC… Charlotte is a very large, urban, progressive city . It looks like Jordan may have did enough in school just to get by. So please people I implore you do not think that just because a individual is from a small town or the south that they are not aware of historical and current events. Or that they feed into the “small town mentality”.

        Thank you,
        BB FAN
        Winston-Salem , NC ( small town girl)….lol

      2. jordan is not smart AT ALL but being uninformed is another matter and it has nothing to do with where you are from….heaven forbid people open up a book or read a newspaper or can it get much easier than reading a few online articles a day….i hate weak weak dumb women and as nice as jordan is, she is useless and doesn’t seem to contribute to the game or society in any way, neither here nor there waste of space, and for that reason it’s so hard for me to support her…i hope they dont show these things on the show bc it’s bad for the children/pre-teens watching (if there are any) to see

    5. “Rachel says that she wonders why if Brendon won the veto and pulled her off …why aren’t they both safe?”

      That’s a legit question. I know I read one of the rules was that if a POV is won by Person A but used on Person B, neither A nor B could be evicted.

      Could that be one of the twists? That Brendan isn’t leaving and then Jordan, by default, has to go? I’ll be so upset if that happens!

      1. Have you watched other seasons? Has Rachel? Dick pulled Dani off in Season 8 and he wasn’t safe (he just got lucky and ended up getting the votes to stay). If that was the case, then there would be little reason to put up two people who are aligned together because if one of them won, both of them would be safe. That’s never been the case (except when they were “coupled up”).

        As for Rachel thinking the fans will be upset…um, Jordan may be dumb, but Rachel is delusional! I mean, I guess they have fans, but seriously, the audience as a whole doesn’t give an iota if they are broken up – in fact, I’d venture to guess more people are rooting for them to be broken up than not (just based on the various polls I’ve seen on sites).

      2. If the POV winner takes someone off the block, they are safe from nomination. However, if they’re already on the block, I’m pretty sure that rule is moot. They figure most people will take themselves off the block. It’s rare for them to not use the veto on themselves. In BB8, Dick used the POV on Daniele and he was still eligible for eviction, but since America (and production, I’m sure) wanted him to stay, Eric had to campaign to keep him. In the end it was a 4-2 vote and Dustin left.

    6. It’s ironic (once again) that Jordan is being criticized about not knowing anything about Canada, but based on some of the replies here it’s clear some of you know nothing about how some of the poorer people in our own country live.

      Rather than criticize her and call her dumb, you’d come across much brighter in admitting you don’t know everything either and then take this as an opportunity to learn something new. There are people in this country who live in such backwoods areas without media or television or radio that they couldn’t tell you anything about current events. She’s from an area that has television and media but their lives are spent with a small town mentality, trying to make ends meet and put the food on the table. Their small towns ARE their world. You could call those people dumb or understand that this is a result of the environment and culture they were born into.

      1. most backwoods people, such as those of the Appalachian variety, barely get through some of high school – Jordan as we know has taken some college classes and from what we saw of her family and home life in BB11, she doesn’t seem to fall into this category – so already your point is moot,
        and she should know better with having the access to a college education which many people in our country don’t

    7. Jordans ignorance is not all that surprsing considering most US citizens cannot properly identify all 50 states on a map nor have passports. We’ve been safely ensconced in our ignorance, but the world is changing and the Jordans of the world are going to find themselves in big trouble in a few years if they don’t get a clue.

  2. Jordan is smart in the fact that she doesn’t want to rush into marriage. Smart in keeping her mouth shut and playing a decent social game. She also figure out bay watch in the first clue and did well in the hoh competitions. But is Canada another country????? OMG, she reminds me of Jessica Simpson. Is this tune or chicken because it says Chicken of the Sea. LOL!!!

  3. Hey Simon – In additional to Reply, you should have an agree or disagree button. Makes everything more fun to interact. Also since programming is definetly not my thing why are comments instantaneous?

    1. Jeannine- You can only see the partial comment in the right sidebar. Until simon or Dawg actully authorizes them, you cannot respond to the actual comment.

  4. Does brenchel not realize they were put in the house as the most hated duo? (JJ were the most loved, and DD were the most feared).
    Yeah Rachel we’re absolutely devestated that Brendons going home. ACTUALLY we are all drooling over the thought of you going batshit crazy and bringing naked vomit covered, hundred dollar bill grasping, vegas Rachel back from whatever cave you dicided to hide her in.

      1. I hope she does…….I hope she wins HOH, puts up Dani and Kalia. (That would be sooooo AWESOME to see Kalia on the block!) If Dani wins POV, put up Lawon. I think Dani is going up on the block if Rachel, Jordan, Jeff, or Shelly win HOH next week.

      2. Rachel is a competitor. She gets in the zone. Like her or hate her, she is a game player so I wouldn’t count her out.

    1. hmm I’m not sure! With Brendon not there to pull her puppet strings and keep her emotions in check I’m sure we’ll get much more drama!

    2. Rachel clearly read alot of what was said about her last year, and still thinks that the fans are unhappy that they are being split apart? Clearly what she sees and hears is not what she interprets. She is beyond delusional.

      The fans, with the exception of a small group that somehow likes totally flawed human beings, have been anticipating this moment since those two walked back into the BB house. The only bummer about this week, is that ED isn’t here to make Brendan and Rachel cry on a nightly basis.

  5. GET THIS: I was in the U.S. for a week of business mngmt meetings for a Co. I worked for whose Head Office was in Milwaukee & during the week a fellow manager who was from outside Houston asked me (only Cdn. Mngr attending meetings) over the course of the week: 1) Do most Cdn. homes have indoor plumbing? and 2) Is Canada considered a 1st World country or a 3) World country??? My Dad was born in U.S., as well as 3 of 4 grandparents and I love my U.S. neighbours to the south but, PEOPLE, it’s a line, a border (& some cultural differences) that separates our two 1st World countries, not some sort of timeline. Again, love my U.S. neighbours but many (not all) really need to take a trip north and visit us. I assure you we’re just as technologically, scientifically and culturally advances as the U.S.! Oh mon dieu! (translation: google it)

    1. I think you had just one bad experience, every American I have every worked with was awesome and nothing like this. With every culture you’ll get some of this and some of that.

      BTW you have indoor plumbing which province you in because i’m jealous.

      1. and we live close to Santa. I get that question asked to me all the time. At first I didn’t understand why people asked me did I know Santa and I realized it is because they thought Canada was part of the North Pole.

        1. Aren’t we? OMG, I’ll have to head back to my one-room school house after summer break, where I now teach, and tell my students I had it all wrong! ;-)

          1. Caffeine? Clearly you don’t live in Canada. We don’t get such luxuries up here. Oh, excuse me, someone is knocking on igloo door. Back in a minute!

        2. I am thinking about immigrating to Canada. Y’all seem rather easy going. Now that I know there is electricity and indoor plumbing I am more interested. And being so much closer to Santa just seals the deal.

          1. deebee- come visit me. I have both an indoor and an outdoor toilet. My Dad looks like Santa so if you are sexy and single you can sit on his lap. haha

    2. I live in Houston and obviously that man is a dingbat. I just wonder how he got his position in the company. maybe nepotism. Anyway, I have always been curious about Canada so when the opportunity presented itself for my children to go on vacation to Canada, I allowed them to visit Victoria and Vancouver. They just raved about the beauty of Canada and how wonderful of a time that they had. My niece-in-law didn’t even know that Canadians spoke English. I asked her what did she think that they spoke and she said CANADANEESE!! I laughed but I was in total shock over her ignorance.

        1. Good to hear! We’re pretty proud of Canada & our Cdn. culture as well. Again, love the U.S. and it’s good to hear more Americans are crossing the border and getting to know what makes us a great country as well. Cheers!

          1. Soooo doc…what are your pot laws, I vaguely recall some guy from Canada who made a killing from selling pot seeds through mail order. I think it should be legal & should be treated like alcohol if you’re driving under the influence…which would probably mean driving realllll slowwwww. I just dont think the people trying to get their bill passed to legalize marijuana dont have all their ducks in a row, like road testing if you’re suspected of marijuana dui, taxation. Pot is an excellant way to relax but a lot of people like myself dont indulge simply because its against the law. Buying it on the street is a pain, the last time I purchased the hemp the guy asked me to stick around because he & his posse were in the middle of a heated debate about who is the best Batman. I just want to pay for my product & leave. The answer is Michael Keaton by the way. LEGALIZE IT AMERICA BEFORE I’M TOO OLD AN CANT FIGURE OUT WHICH END OF A JOINT TO LIGHT…

            1. A Nono Moose – agree with you on legalizing marijuana. It’s effects are the same as alcohol in moderation & marijuana is considered to be a less addictive stimulant. I think legalization of it (in a set & small amount) is only a matter if time. I have a friend here in Toronto with cancer who is legally allowed to take it for his cancer and, he benefits from it’s use and doesn’t abuse this right. Time will tell though.

          1. didn’t say i was better than my niece-in-law, world history is taught in school and so are the languages in each country.

    1. wait now you have a iPhone I serisouly need to know where in Canada you live becuase this is the phone I’m using and I bought it last week from futureshop BRAND NEW!!

      1. bahahahaha.

        I remember arguing with an american on how to pronounce the letter “z”
        Which btw is clearly “ZED” EHHHHHHH.

          1. Sorry Rockstar – not if you teach in the primary grades in Ontario – definitely have to sing ‘zed’. But try to get an American to understand that the most southerly part of Ontario is actually fruther south than the most northerly part of California :P Drives ’em nuts!

            1. Kathie- that is quite interesting. I have never ever heard anyone say Zed when they sing the song. Now, I have to find a tourist and make them sing the ABC’s for me. haha

      2. Too many people watching Ice Road Truckers for their only exposure to Canada. On the flip side I like Rookie Blue and Flashpoint in Toronto. Talk about a modern city. I worked with a nice guy from Edmonton who moved to Ohio(where I am) who even spoke my language! Jordan is NOT DUMB, just uneducated in many ways. Sad for our education system.

          1. Big Sister – Sandra Rinomato, host of “Property Virgins” is Canadian (born on Toronto, as was I). She’s actually based in Toronto. If you see her in U.S., it’s because your watching “HGTV Canada”. Love that show & others on the same Network. Always amazed how (even before recession hit U.S. so hard) how much cheaper real estate is in cities equivalent to, or slightly bigger than some cities in Canada. You seem to more square footage for much less in the U.S.

        1. I hear ya and agree re: Jordan; very sweet but lacking in her education, not dumb. I’m a teacher and have taught hundreds of kids. There is NO such thing as a dumb, nor stupid person, merely one who, for various reasons, hasn’t been educated to the degree of others. Some people are “book smart”, some “street smart” and some are fortunate to be both. None are better than the other and all have something of value to offer this world, if given the chance….. Ok, I’m stepping down from the pulpit. Enough said (it’s the educator in me … sorry!) BTW – This Torontonian watches “Rookie Blue” as well (haven’t seen others you mentioned). Good show & filmed in GREAT city! You should come & check it out yourself. ;-)

          1. Chessie – was Jordan boy crazy? Doesn’t seem to be an overly sexual person (from either season she’s now been on). However, this could just be part of she and Jeff’s smart game play. BR could take a lesson here from JJ.

          2. I’m still boy crazy and I know the difference. I liked this boy in Grade 11. He was tall and blond and had blue eyes and I stared at him with dreamy eyes the whole school year and that year I got the best grades. haha go figure

          3. I really would like to see some proof of this. I’ve never heard anything even remotely close to this come out of Jordan’s mouth. If she was that “boy crazy”, she’d be giving her BOYFRIEND some action in the house – even if it was just a hand *** or something. They barely even give each other a quick peck. It’s hard for me to believe. Not calling you a liar, but would like some evidence.

            1. Playtone, Jordan said she could have gotten better grades in school but she was too interested in boys. A person who hates Jordan will twist that statement and throw in words like blow jobs, but the truth is – Jordan never said anything about blow jobs.

              Someone has too much time on their hands to spew this kind of junk.

            2. I’m surprised about the comment on Jordan as well. Didn’t watch all of her previous season but, hard (no pun intended) to imagine.

  6. You guys need to hop off the Jeff and Jordan train. Everyone rips rachel, khalia, lawon, brendon, and shelly for the dumb stuff they say and Jordan gets a free pass? The girl is as dumb as a box of rocks and it pains me to have to listen to her try and explain stuff or tell a story. No way if I was Jeff would I marry Jordan. I couldn’t stand having to hear her talk for the rest of my life.

    1. ..but i thought that’s what men wanted.. something cute to look at doesn’t matter what comes out of her mouth, but what goes in it. LOL


      but yes, 78, you’re right. Jeff is intellectually average, at best. We all know that Jordan is below average when it comes to intelligence. Society will always give them a pass because people today could care less about education and intelligence. If you’re attractive, your body is right, and you have a fun personality, who cares what you know!

      ..We live in a society where lack of intelligence is celebrated. ..just watch Fox News with the Palins and Bachmanns and of the world.

      1. Much of what you said is true, many people look at the outside first before ever considering what is in someone’s head. However, at some point, you have to communicate, and to quote Judge Judy, :Beauty fades, but dumb is forever.”

      2. I seem to remember Obama saying during his campaign tour across the US that he has visited all 57 states. So you see, the lefties can be just as dumb, if not more than the right.

  7. I like Jordan. I do think she has a lot of common sense, but not a lot of book smarts. Maybe because she’s pretty and blonde she didn’t try that hard in school or something. One thing I can say is that she’s doesn’t seem to be afraid to ask questions that make her look like she’s not very intelligent.

  8. Yeah, but don’t tell them you have national health care, they’ll think you’re a bunch of commies. Canada is a great country, be careful what you wish for though, do you really want a bunch of fanny pack wearing Americans walking around saying, “Well back home we……..”. Just sayin.

    1. Pretty sure your not going to have that problem. I don’t know anyone that wears a fanny pack, for one, nice stereotype by the way. Nor do I know of anyone that considers Canada a vacation destination. Sure doesn’t seem to get mentioned as often as say the Bahamas, the Caribbean or even some of US hotspots (Florida, Hawaii, California or Las Vegas). Actually I know more that would rather go to Mexico. Just sayin…

      1. Russel Crowe and Scott Grimes are here a few towns away from me. Russel even stated on his twitter how wicked the place is.

    2. Well here in Maryland we don’t allow family members to wear fanny packs or socks with sandals. If you vist our stores you will still people in the fuzzy pajamas even though it has been over 100 degrees and humid as $h!t for a few weeks. Again makes Canada seem so appealing as long as y’all don’t wear jammies in public.

      1. deebee- the middle of the country has a heatwave, we have rain and fog right now however we only had snow in Jan and Feb. global warming has our seasons messed up. We would normally have 500 feet of snow starting early November. Now, we only see a few flakes and nothing until sometime January. Our winter was Spring. In Ontario it is enough to swinge you.

  9. What with him calling her judas is he jerry or somethin smh u dont apply religion,race, or background in BB its just wrong if he ever called me judas i punched square in his jaw nobody deserves that

  10. I think she knows it’s a different country, I think she really was asking if you needed a passport or could travel wig just an id like driver’s license. Yes she worded it badly and she does that quite often. I think she’s more inexperienced more so than dumb. She definitely has better interpersonal skills than a lot of people in that house. There is such a thing as interpersonal intelligence and a lot of the houseguests are lacking in that area.

  11. All I can imagine is Shelly as one of those little girls, who’d run to the teacher or whomever and tattle on EVERYONE. Seriously. I am sick of her trying to get any piece of info she can, and then immediately running to BR or JJ and telling them what was said (or her own version of what was said. I liked her in the beginning. Now, I’m just plain sick of her. She’s definitely someone that I wouldn’t want to be friends with outside of that house. She couldn’t be trusted with anything that is told to her.

    1. we’ve drawn a name and the person was notified. There was only about 30 entries. The first person declined the ticket so I’ll give this next person 2 days to get back to me then i’ll move to the next.

  12. wish I could have went. Good Luck to whomever wins and they MUST give the website a shout out. That would be awesome.

  13. I’m from Canada, toronto, Ontario to be exact, and in Jordan’s defense, up until 5 years ago we used to be able to get across the US border with just a birth certificate or a health card. It wasn’t until a few years after 9/11 where we needed a passport to get across the US. whenever I was in the states, and I don’t want to offend anyone on here, but the majority of Americans seemed so ignorant about Canada, when we really are quite similar lol

  14. I’m sorry to say this but I really really really Hate Rachel. Just by they way she thinks! OMG! You guys know she’s doing this for the wedding! She wants this big ass wedding that some people here work there asses off. No! I’m sorry but get a job and work for it dude!

  15. Rockstar, so nice to hear somebody from home on here :)

    It’s not surprising that Jordan doesn’t know much about Canada, we know much more about their country because of what we see on tv, most of our channels are US so it’s easier for us to know what’s going on with our Southern neighbours. Anywho, Jordan seems to be the sweetest person in the house so it wouldn’t break my heart if she won again, Dani could’ve waited to turn on her vet alliance, it would’ve been nice to see hard competitions between them all at the end, Jeff and Brendon need to go so Rachel and Jordan can prove that they’re not as dumb as those guys think they are (hopefully)…I didn’t like them throwing that golf game and letting Jordan win like that, how can she be proud of winning anything if those two jocks act like they just gave it to her? and Brendon telling Rachel not to do anything unless he’s around? wtf? I hope to see those two girls in the final two, I know saying that will cause some hateful comments, lol, but that’s just my wish for this season, take it for what it’s worth :)

  16. Thanks, Simon! I thought that may be it, but didn’t realize he’d told anyone. So he told Cassie? Who else knows??

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