Big Brother 14 Spoilers: Weekly BB News and Links from the Internets (2011-09-25)

Really is light with the “news” this week 🙁 .. Looks like the BB13 Players Sans Rachel are slowly getting back into their regular lives. Adam Poch (@HeavyMetalTeddy) Tweeted “Cannot believe in 9 hours I go back to my “real job.” 3 months off was awesome, but gotta get back to the grind!… “. We have confirmation that there is a Big Brother 14 This in 2012 and the application/rules are available to download other than that For all I know it’s JJBR again. The big Question on everyone’s mind is Dani and Dom banging (there getting pretty close in this pic) and will Brendon go back to skyping dudes? only time will tell.

  1. | Rachel “Hey Floaters you better watch out cause I’m in charge now I just won Big Brother”
  2. You tube | JimAsian1’s Channel on youtube has the Big Brother 13 Episodes if you missed anything
  3. Dog Dave |Dog Dave A solid list of the Big Brother 13 Flash back times.. All the best moments, all you need is the feeds
  4. OBB | Big Brother 13 NUDES A collection of nudes from the perverts at OBB. Flashback times listed all you need is the Big Brother Live Feeds Free Trial
  5. RTVZone | All the best Big Brother 13 Backyard interviews conducted by Dick
  6. | Nice Collection of Big Brother Trivia
  7. Youtube | SexyMonkey151’s Channel, UK Big Brother episodes.. Some elements I like some I don’t, It is worth a look
  8. tvbythenumbers | It appears Big Brother 12 Finale ratings just barely beat Big Brother 13 in Finale Ratings…

Did you miss anything on the Big Brother 13 feeds? chances are we caught it.. check out our Big Brother 13 Live feed Archives

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BB King

I don’t think Dom and Dani are going to bang. She said in a backyard interview (I forget which one, perhaps realitywanted) that she will not pursue a romantic relationship with Dom because he is cute but only like a baby.

Furthermore, I remember her saying in the feeds that she will never get physical with Dom because he is cute but not cute in a Zac Efron way (I hope I spelled his name right, if not who cares?


plus dom is a virgin


So, Kevins What you think? Simon did the great job put the Stats sites. I’m thanking him for putting Stats.


the stats site must have been well-researched. i forgot that Rachel was in the BB12 house one more day (technically although Ragan didn’t want her there and Brendon was in the jury house before he was evicted) because Brendon opened Pandora’s box until i read the page.


Rachel, How does it feel of Being a winner of BB13 & Co-HOH Record Holder? Anyway, Awesome year and good luck on wedding!!! Hopefully, you take on Janelle from BB6 & BB7. I bet you will smash Janelle’s HOH Record. If you or Brendon don’t made All-Stars!!! I will be super pissed!!!!!!


Yep, I’m looking forward for BB14:All-stars. Hopefully Big Brother Fan poll and decide what kind of BB Twist is going to be.

BB King

I personally don’t like Adam but I don’t think the video above is fair to him. Too many people including Dick, the guy on the video and Matt keep on saying that Adam is the worst BB player ever. I don’t think that’s a truthful statement. He is one of the worst players but not THE WORST player. That honor goes to either Kathy or Lydia. At least Adam won a few comps. Kathy and Lydia didn’t.

BB King

Should say not fair.


Please CBS no more JJBR. We are sick of them. Yes JJ we think of you in the same
sentence with BR. Blah


That would be boring. JJBR is officially popular.

Bring back Jeff and Jordan!

I disagree with many of y’all. I’d LOVE to see JJRB back on BB 14 or later. Jeff does well getting the popular vote. That’s 50K for him so far. And each time they learn more and more how to play this game.

Frank Granda jr.

I agree that Jeff,Jordan, Brendon, and Rachel SHOULD indeed come back, IF and WHEN there is an ALL-STAR season. We also need Janelle back, Dan Gheesling, Will, Evil Dick (with Dani back as a blonde again) and even Jessie “Mr. Pecktacular” just for some laughs! NOW THAT WOULD BE A RATINGS EXTRAVAGANZA ALL-STAR SHOW! ( I can see Allison Grodner’s greedy mouth salivating right now at this possibility, as she’s reading it. Maybe she’ll even consider loosening her tight, stingy, pockets and buy the houseguests some NAME BRAND products for the house, instead of making them use the cheapest, crappiest, generic garbage that her flunkies go out shopping for (ei. Cheap razor blades that won’t shave, shampoo and liquid soaps that won’t clean, generic cheese, milk, coffee, bread, etc..) Producer/Cheapskate Allison doesn’t think we viewers see and hear these stingy tactics, BUT WE DO. (and considering that BB is a huge profit making cash cow compared to other prime time CBS show production costs, you’d think that the least Allison & Co. Could do is buy some decent shit for inside the house) Jeeeez!


i don’t know Frank. i think the public may be tired of seeing these guys every year and want to see some new houseguests.


what a awesome pal