Big Brother 13 – The Condom Prank, Porsche’s shrinking bikini bottoms and Jeff’s down to 2 packs of smokes

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3:10pm Everyone lounging around or playing games

3:22pm Backyard
Dani “Is it me or are Porsche’s bottoms shrinking”
Shelly: ‘Steak or chicken”
Dani: “Chicken… I don’t really eat red meat..”
They talk about Turkey bacon, Dani explains how bad it is for you because they pump the turkeys full of hormones to get it to taste that way. She use to eat it a lot but then found out how it’s made. Shelly and Dani both agree that farmers markets are great, Shelly’s friend owns a hobby farm.

Both Shelly and Dani hate going to “clubs” where there’s young girls running around acting obnoxious. Shelly likes going somewhere she can sit down, smoke and have tequila. Dani says she sometimes will go to a small club if there’s a DJ there she likes.

Shelly is worried that people will give her a hard time for how much she smokes.. She usually doesn’t smoke this much. Shelly points out that Jeff is smoking a lot lately.. she says that Jeff has been bumming a lot of smokes off her because he’s worried that he’ll run out. Shelly: “He told me he only had 2 packs left.. I was like Dude..” Dani: “I think it’s a bit rude.. I told Porsche the other day good thing jeff won 15 grand now he can pay shelly off for all the smokes”

Kalia joins them. Shelly talks about how her and her mom would spend hours together smoking and chatting and she misses it. Kalia brings up that her grandmother use to smoke..

(Shelly and Dani are really getting along.. no game talk or anything. Theres no straight shooting coming from Shelly)

3:45pm Adam joins them Adam says he’s running out of “Material” in the DR.. Adam suggests they give him a makeover, makeup etc. Dani offers to dress him like a women. Adam say no way, you won’t find any clothes that fit me.

4:10pm Backyard Shelly, Jeff and Jeff

Shelly brings up last night when Rachel was talking about how uncomfortable she is when popping zits in the Bathroom mirror because there’s people behind it. Shellly never knew that the bathroom mirror was 2 way. Shelly goes on to say that she called Rachel out for having sex on camera. Jeff mentions that it was really a uncomfortable moment, Shelly agrees says she shouldn’t of said anything. Dani thinks its’ funny, doesn’t think BR should be having sex and doing sexual things around the other players.

Shelly brings up how pissed Adam is about BR having sex under the blankets. He was really mad about the condom being placed near his bed. Jeff “He’s like I’m checking the feeds when I get out day 47.. we gotta take that one to the grave dude or at least until we’re out of the house cause Adam is pissed about it”. Dani thinks it’s all funny, “the thing with Adam is you know he’ll go home and rewatch the feeds”

Jeff: “was lawon full on gay?”
Dani says Lawon was with with girls all his life but the guy he is with now is his first guy and they’ve been together for 10 years. Jeff thought that maybe Lawon was Bi just from things he said.

Dani brings up if this friday they don’t have a “havenots comp” then they will have a luxury comp.. Shelly hopes they get clothes.

4:35pm Girls outside talking about trade shows, Jeff and Brendon in the kitchen. Jeff is saying how much he likes cooking in the Big Brother House because it uses up a lot of time.
Jeff: “Dude today is the laziest day.. I’m going to be up all night Dude”.

Brendon says that this cast sleeps a lot more than his cast.. “when you get out of here all the live feeders are going to be pissed”. Jeff: “thats what happens when you take all the people that want to do things”
(out of the players that got evicted JJBR have been responsible for 3/4ths of them)
brendon: “Cast of floaters”
Jeff: “Nobody wants to take a side and Dance”

Brendon brings up how frustrating it is to be getting backdoored. Jeff understand knows it sucks. Brendon says that he’s thinking that maybe Porsche will vote for him.
Jeff: “I think I have a good grip on judging who people are and Dude I have no clue what that girl is thinking”

Shelly walks in asks Brendon if he’s ready for his hot dog eating contest.. Brendon is getting ready.. He’s not sure if he should swallow them whole like the pros do or if he should chew them. Jeff: “DUDE”

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I was watching Evel Dick’s live stream with Dom and Cassi and Dick mentioned that he had an “inside scoop” that the fortune teller in the purple room was going to come into play at some point. Just thought I’d let you all know!


It’s probably going to give Jeff the Coup De’ Jeff. That’s why I want him to go, ASAP.


The Fortune Teller (FT) will reveal the following fortunes to the HGs:
1) After BB ends, BR’s union will last longer than J.Lo’s 2nd marriage (9 months) but shorter than her 1st marriage (11 months). B will also go on to be a PT Skype porn star & R will have to go on unemployment insurance for the rest of her life, as no one will ever want to hire her. 
2) Jeff is in fact gay and will have relations with Adam, which will shock Jordon, who had no clue ….. about anything!
3) Jordon – try as she might, the Fortune Teller will try to read Jordon’s mind to determine her future but, will come up ………………………………..blank. 
4) Adam will have a brief relationship with Jeff but will be indecisive (as always) about who he loves more: Jeff, Farrah, Tori Spelling or bacon. 
5) Dani will win BB!! And develop and a series of instructional sex tapes where she’ll teach Dom (PT) how it’s done. 
6) Kalia will forever have verbal diarrhea but, that Brendon will find a cure for it. 
7) Porcha will have her breast implants removed and, as a result, will disappear into obscurity.
8) Lawon will go down in BB history as being the biggest moron and worse player ever. Nuff said. 
9) Cassi will take the breast implants Porcha had removed, and become an even bigger (pun intended) model than she currently is. 
10) Dom will go from PT to FT due to #4 above. 
11) Keith’s paranoia will continue to plague him for the rest of his life, causing him to seek out B for a cure. 
12) Shelly will become a spokes person for “The Old Hide House” (leather company), will develop lung cancer but …. Yes, B will find a cure and, she will go to her grave pontificating about how much of a moral, straight shooting person she is and was on BB, despite having viewed the BB tapes upon her return home. Oh yes, and she will forever be referred to as “The Snake”.
12) Evel Dick will become a BB Production consultant on all future BB seasons, in an effort to ensure that no more lame people are cast, and that BB does not have a repeat of what has to be the worse BB season ever. 


Correction: 10) Dom will go from PT to FT due to #5 above!


Hahhaha good shit!


LMFAO! Bravo!


Now I understand why Farrah made Adam promise he wouldn’t show his penis, he seems to always be fast n easy to go into he pants to shoe his pubes!


How old is Jeff? Does anybody know? I’m pretty sure he’s pass the age of the frat boy ‘dude’ phase. Funny how he’s bumming cigs from Shelly. Just like Jeff to mooch off somebody else.

Not surprised Shelly would sit and smoke with her mother. Between the two of them, they probably never saw each other’s face from behind that huge plume of cigarette smoke.


Jeff is 33.


Jeff was born February 4,1974 which makes him 37! WOW…. I thought he was late twenties early thirties.


That’s a different “Jeff Shroeder”…the musician.


That’s wrong he was born in june 5th 1978. He just turned 33. That is a different Jeff Schroeder who’s a musician


So beyond the frat boy


LOL! I guess that would be a good thing for anybody eye sight. Just look at Shelly. I’m sure the apple does fall far from the tree UGH!!


True! It’s funny because even she admitted she’s no looker. She says her daughter thankfully got her looks from her husband.


Maybe it’s because her butt is getting bigger.


Pinto really is hot from the waist up, but her backyard is getting bigger by the day…




Kind of is a boring group lately!!


Seems like Jeff got excited when Brendan mentioned swallowing them whole.


I thought it was hilarious when shelly called rachel out about having sex in the house, and that popping zits would be the least of her problems LOL. but she is kinda pushing rachel away and that will hurt her alliance. Which i do want rachel to team up with dani so keep on shelly.


With Shelly’s huge trap, she won’t be shutting up anytime soon.


i wanna see more of porches bikini bottoms..


Jeff is 33.


Nope! Jeff is 37 BD 2/4/74


Stnoel that Jeff Schroeder you looked up is a musican not the one on big brother


Your wrong he is 33!!!


I know jeff in “real life” and what you see on the live feeds, is pretty much how he is. He’s immature, loud, knows everything about everything and is very good at telling people what to do.


I love people who can tell the truth.
How old is Jordon?


She’s 24…


Maybe production is holding out on the alcohol because they are worried about Jeff’s temper.


did they hold out on alcohol last time he was on the show?
I don’t think they did and his temper was the same then


I wish they would get Margarita night so that Shelly the lying snake would have a slip of the slithering tongue and out herself.


Hopefully the night is more interesting.

Uncle Cool

Hot Dog eating contest, eh…

Small people usually win those, but I can easily see Kalia or Porshe wolfing them down.

Brendon will lose and blame his big feet.


“Brendon will lose and blame his big feet.” LMAO!! 🙂


Wow. Jeff looks way older… Leather faced and lots of grey hair


Jeff seldom looks happy. Can’t imagine how grumpy he will be in his 60’s since he is so grumpy and mad at 33. Maybe he needs a new love in his life.


what have i been saying for weeks!


For those who think Dani is not so smart, this girl is playing everyone like a fiddle. She jus said to brenda: If you do go home, I promise to have Rachels back and dealing with Kalia. Then told him:: by the end of this week you can see who is loyal and who is not.

She is manipulating everyone and drawing distinct lines in the sand to expose everyone! This girl is holding true to her words at the start of her HOH: This week everyone is going to crap their pants all week!


I know I love it! I love her gameplay 🙂


She’s always been a master manipulator,that is until she gets caught. I hope she manages to make it all the way to $500K though. She’s one of the only ones really playing. She’s winning comps and working the social angle while strategizing for upcoming comps.


At the Nom meeting after putting up Shel and Adam, Dani’s speech included that she intends on finishing what she originally started. She didn’t originally start out to evict Brenda, she originally started to break up completely the JJBR alliance by wanting Rachel to replace Dom and Adam with J&J.

So now she is dropping little things here and there like telling Shelly she wants to talk to J&J for a deal, Dani doesn’t want a deal with them, she knows they are completely out for themselves and to get her out, she just planted a seed that she knows will get to them and keep them off guard. Jef told Adam last night Dani approached her for a deal and that never happened, only Shelly telling Jeff Dani wanted to talk a deal.

She also drops a seed to Brenda that he has J&J’s vote when he doesn’t. She is working him real good!

Dani has learned from the prior week that Kalia has a big mouth and to tell her anything she is planning is like Telegraph, telephone and tell Kalia, thus why Dani only told Kalia her choices for the nomination ceremony at the last minute.

Dani’s sole goal this week is to mess with people, especially Adam who she knows is easily paniced and Jordan who is easily upset when things are not given to her and Jeff to blow up in rage as he always does when his rediculous master plans fall apart and he is the target.

So Dani is sweating them out slowly and carefully to pull a fast last minute deciding from a tied vote to keep Brenda and have him work to get rid of J&J with a vengance. Rachel will be the key in this over the next 24 hours as she will likely cause another of her hysterical fits against someone in the J&JSA alliance!


You did again….nice…..Bravo!

Nothing but game….The only thing I worry about is if production has something to do with the game and how much…On E.D.”s show, he was talking about the difference in some other reality shows…..some are scripted and some are “soft” scripted. He didnt come out and say BB was “soft” scripted but I feel he was refering to BB.

I guess we will never really know, but I have my suspicions….Is Dani really this clever? If she is, and goes all the way basically on her own I think she will go down as a better player then Dick…..I know…..blasphamy….but she is killing this cast. Maybe its a reflection on the cast….yeah, yeah thats it…LOL

If Dani can win this game I still believe we havnt seen the last of the Donato’s. Evel vs Good…Beauty and the beast….It just screams….BB 15 the anniversary edition….Mark my words…

BTW J/J will not win BB 13….take it to the bank


Dani is not playing smart. She is telling Brendon he is safe, yet telling everyone else that he needs to go. I think what she is doing is trying to ensure that she has jury votes. She really wants Brendon gone, that’s why she put him on the block. You don’t use a Jeff or Brendon as pawns, when you put people like this on the block, you are fine with them going home. She is just telling BR that B is safe because she wants them to think she is on their side and that it is other people’s fault if B gets evicted, not Dani’s. The problem is that I think Rachel will catch on eventually because she is not as dumb and naive as Brendon. Rachel will join JJ to help them get D out. Once D is out, then Adam will get Jeff/Rachel out. Jeff will probably go. I predict Rachel will make final 5 at least.

Dani is playing a dangerous game here, because she is thinking way to far ahead. She is thinking that once Brendon is gone again, she will be able to beat JJAS and have control over DKP. She doesn’t understand that what she is doing is hurting her in the long run. Mark my words, Dani will not win this year. She is playing way too personal and she doesn’t understand that Jeff will get her out, and if not him, someone else. I predict either Jeff will win or a Adam/Porsche. None of these people want Dani in the final 2, that is guaranteed.

Midwest Fan

GREAT …………

give me a break

People are so jealous of Jeff its pathetic. And I know him in real life and he is a very nice funny guy.

Midwest Fan

Why would anyone be jealous of Jeff?
Seriously………. lol


I will agree. Jealous would be the correct word. Jeff is hot.


They are all crapping in their pants literally because Dani’s minions are putting extra fiber n everybodies food! Lol Go Dani!!!


Watching last night when Brendan and Rachel both try to swallow a tsp of cinnamon, had me laughing so hard my side hurt. Then Dani chimes in…. “Whats next…Whats next” Absolutely hilarious.


I don’t know Jeff in real life but he seems like an …………Asshole!


You need to capitalize the “h” on ******* because that is the closest he will get to being HOH, aside from riding on the coat tail of his ditzy g/f……lol


I kinda think he really is an a-hole in real life. The BB House seems to magnify your worse traits though so who knows?


Definitely agree….how are you 33 but still bullying people. I think it’s time for him to actually grow up.


I can’t believe how TERRIFIED Jeff is about being a target. I think he’ll freak out at the last minute and decide to keep Brendon because he’ll want to keep the target and he’ll want some help for the next HOH. The only problem will be that Adam won’t vote out Shelly. Adam sees Shelly as his best F2 and will team up if JJSA make it to F4 (which is incredibly doubtful).

The biggest mistake JJSA made last week was talking so much shit behind Rachel’s back. Rachel is crazy, but she’s not stupid… she has a gut feeling that her alliance hates her and will turn on them in an instant. I also think Rachel will handle Brendon’s absence much better this time because she knows he’ll be in the jury house. No matter what, she is going to EXPLODE at Shelly. Shelly has already proven her inability to bite her tongue and their dissonance will push Rachel to the other side (if she’s not already there). BR have already wisely figured out that working with Dani will extend their stay in the game. If Brendon stays, one of them WILL win the next HOH. I would almost put money on it.

Jeff thinks he can control Adam, but Adam is going to do whatever is best for his game. I don’t think he’ll immediately put up Dani if he wins HOH this week like Jeff will want him to do. Shelly can’t win anything to save her life and I don’t think she wants to get blood on her hands just yet. If she does miraculously win, she’ll play personally and go after Rachel and Porsche. She won’t want to put up Dani, either, unless it’s a backdoor situation. Jeff would have been wise to keep Brendon close by his side and keep him until F3, but instead he decided to side with a weak/emotional player who can’t win (Shelly), and a weak player who is too intelligent to keep JJ until the end (Adam).

Dani has a strong alliance and they are truly capable of winning every HOH. It’s unlikely and BB doesn’t want it to happen, but it’s out of BB’s control. Dani wasn’t supposed to win the last HOH (she made terrible guesses in the beginning and was close to getting knocked out), but she got lucky. Porsche did consistently well in the counting competition and I think she’s pretty smart, even though she won’t perform well in THINKFAST comps. She can leave those up to Kalia. She can also beat Jeff in an endurance competition. I think Porsche’s HOH is coming sooner rather than later and that will be really bad for Jeff and Jordan.

SO! We’ll see what happens, but if JJ doesn’t win the next HOH, I can see their alliance crumbling.


I don’t think JJ are going anywhere anytime soon. Adam wants Jeff and Dani out. Right now it is best for him to go after Dani first so he can be good with Jeff for at least another week. I think Shelly won’t win shit because she doesn’t want to. She doesn’t want any blood on her hands, that’s why she’ll straight shoot all day before she wins HOH. Also, please don’t forget that Rachel will want someone to pay for Brendon’s departure. My bet is her number one target will be smart Dani (sarcasm). JJ will be around for a little while. However, at some point Adam will be gunning for Jeff, but I’m not sure that he will succeed. Dani’s days are numbered. Jeff will be around for a while. I predict that even Rachel will remain longer than Dani, even though Dani is already planning to be in final 2. She should plan to be in jury within the next 2 weeks.


You know some talk about who is up dani’s ass and I think spoiler and most of u r too! Go jjsa grat people!


What a snoozefest.


Hey something is wrong with yours polls this afternoon Brendon and Shelly were both in the thousands and now some how Shelly has dropped below the thousands . Now I know for a fact the polls are all rigged and I feel the people should know it to…..People wake up our votes do not mean ANY THING it is what BB want to happen and as it looks like Big LIAR SHELLY WILL BE STAYING how can she really look at her self in the mirror and call her self HONEST and call everyone else LIARS when she just as bad if not worse. Now that I KNOW BB IS rigging the votes we will not be watching any more of BIG BROTHER and I WILL BE GETTING THE WORD OUT THERE ABOUT HOW FIXED IT IS . Enjoy the rest of your season people but be aware they all ready have a winner picked. And no I DID NOT HAVE A FAVORITE TO GO OUT TOMMORROW BUT I JUST EXPECTED A FAIR GAME……….


Why is everyone downing Jeff so bad? What has he down to be such an jerk?


For me it’s just the way he talks to people. He talks down to everyone especially the women of the house. And he acts like he can never be on the block. Eventually everyone will have their chance in the hot seat he’s no special


They need to get them all liquored up! Unfortunately, I think reality TV was dealt a major blow with the suicide of that RHWBH husband today. What with Rachel’s and Shelly’s meltdowns, theyre going to have to really give those psych evals to contestants next time! I see this show becoming even more boring in the future, probably just have actors follow an outline of what production want to happen.


SIMON, There is a rumor going around that Jeff received a note from the DR about the fortune teller. Can you tell me if this is true or are ppl purposely freaking me out?!? Thank you!!!!!!


Jeff is HOTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!


Until he talks