Big Brother Spoilers: Jeff laughs at Kalia for thinking she could move into a few inches of shade and be covered.. *Updated*

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12:10pm – 12:55pm Jeff, Kalia and Porsche are now awake and moving around the house. Jordan is standing in the pool with her arms on the edge while talking to Shelly about Christmas and gifts. Over on the backyard couch, Jeff, Dani, Brendon, Adam Porsche and Kalia are talking about weird al and other random stuff. Kalia talks about how Jeff was snoring last night. Jeff says why didnt you wake me up? Kalia says that Jordan woke up and bumped you. Jeff says that Brendon was talking in his sleep. Brendon says that he does that some times and would wake up and see people standing around his bed. Kalia tries to move the bench in out of the sun. Jeff looks at her and asks what did you think you could get in 3 inches of shade. Kalia leaves and goes to sit in the shade by the pool. Jeff laughs and continues to make fun of how Kalia couldn’t figure out that there wasn’t enough shade there. Adam talks about how boring our cast is. Jeff says what do they want us to do a space ship?! Brendon says I could build one! They start talking about the movie back to the future movie. The conversation changes to Adam and Brendon talking about people they know that pee in their sleep. Adam says that his friend started peeing on his cd’s so he started kicking him. They talk about the pool tournament last night and then Adam starts talking about his dreams again. Brendon tells a story about how there was a plane crash and his friend found a human head in her yard. The houseguests continue to talk about random stuff… Shelly, Kalia and Jordan are talking about travelling and other general things…

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1pm – 1:20pm The houseguests on the couch get up and head inside. Porsche farts and everyone says Porsche!? Porsche blames it on all the milk she’s been drinking. Adam is in the kitchen cooking, while Brendon and Rachel talk to him about random things at the kitchen counter. Brendon and Rachel head into the bedroom where Jeff is laying in bed. Brendon and Rachel climb into bed to take a nap. They joke about how they are making deals in their sleep. Jeff says that his address is definitely down here (meaning he won’t be up in the HOH room) Brendon says that times are a changing.. Jeff says I believe you. All four camera switch to Adam in the kitchen making a pizza and Kalia, Jordan and Shelly in the backyard talking about car crashes they or their family has been in.

1:35pm – 1:50pm Adam and Dani are on the backyard couch talking about what Dani said during her POV ceremony speech. Adam says that America is going to love it …that there’s a zombie in the house. Adam tells Dani that Porsche found a hand towel next to Brendon and Rachels bed. Dani says ewww..good god …can’t they stop for a month or a week. Adam says maybe one day you will find love like they have. Dani says why would you do that. Adam says they are young and in love. Adam and Dani talk about the hot dog eating contest they will be having later. Adam asks what his strategy should be. Adam asks Dani what she thinks the next HOH competition will be? Dani says questions …true/false. Adam says that it has to be a competition that has to be done on the Thursday show … cuz last week was a tune in sunday to find out the results. Dani says yeah .. Adam says its too early to do a before/after or majority rules competitions. Dani says yeah. Dani asks if they have been harassing him at all? Adam says no. Adam says that the benefits of looking at it as an outside view is that you keep a bigger target in the house … but they you have a couple in the house. Adam says what would be the benefit of keeping Shelly in the house.. ..there will be a lot more food and we’ll have a clean bathroom. Dani says and we won’t have to smell his farts any more. Adam says that he is still waiting for a bacon eating contest for HOH. Dani says that would be gross. Dani says she wonders if there will be a luxury competition this week. Adam says that if they don’t do a havenot competition this week ..then it will be over. Adam forgets his pizza in the oven and says oh shit and runs inside and says look what you made me do Dani…

1:55pm – 2:10pm Adam, Kalia and Dani are in the kitchen making lunch and eating. Adam says here is maybe a stupid question.. why have they not made an announcement that we are in the jury? Big Brother cuts the live feeds. When they come back, Kalia says that she thinks they will tell them this week ..that who ever is evicted will be the first member of the jury. Jordan is still in the pool, she asks where Jeff is at? They tell her that he’s sleeping. Back inside, Dani talks about how boring everyone is and asks Adam how they can be not so boring? ..then she says I bet you’re going to go take a nap. Adam says no ..I have to get ready for the hot dog eating contest. They start talking about how awful Dominic looks in his memory wall photo. Dani says that she looks awful too. Dani tells Adam to entertain her…. DANCE MONKEY DANCE! Meanwhile out in the backyard Jordan and Shelly are talking about crying. Shelly says that she is an ugly crier and that the other night she had to wear her sunglasses at night so that jerky couldn’t see her upset. Kalia comes out and lays on the lounge chair with a pillow between her legs and says that she really needs to change out of these coochie shorts..

2:15am – 2:45pm Adam and Dani are still in the kitchen talking about random stuff. Adam talks about how he is just starting to believe that he is in the big brother house. Dani says she believes it and that when you get out it feels like it was forever ago… Dani talks about how you never watch it the same again …it takes the fun out of it. Adam says I don’t think so .. Dani says I bet it will.. Adam says that maybe next season he will do a web show with her … Dani says EWWWW… Adam you just farted! Adam says that he was holding it in for awhile. Dani says maybe we’ll do a web show with my father. Adam says no he hates me …no maybe he doesn’t. Porsche joins them in the kitchen. They start talking about Brendon and Rachel making out in their bed. Porsche mentions the hand towel and a cape… Dani asks what now they have time to role play? The talk turns to how immature Adam and Dominic are… Adam says that their combined age was twenty …Dominic was 15 and he was 5 years old. Dani asks Adam if he is really a red head .. Adam says yeah and starts to pull down his shorts .. Dani says EWWWW… I just threw up in my mouth. Adam says I covered it up with my shirt! Meanwhile out in the backyard, Kalia, Shelly and Jordan are talking about breast implants and being able to breast feed or not. They continue to talk about food and other random things…

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182 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers: Jeff laughs at Kalia for thinking she could move into a few inches of shade and be covered.. *Updated*

        1. I was thinking the exact idea about an hour ago. I wonder how much those planes cost – we could shorten the message down to be more affordable.

          “Shelly lies like a dog”
          “Shelly lies to JJ”

          Anyway, count me in on the deal…

    1. I can’t even stomach that woman.

      I wish they’d get rid of her already. Put the gameplay on hold and get the annoyance off my tv.

  1. Is anyone else tired of listening to Jordan go “uhhh” every time she tries to say something? It is as if she is mildly retarded.

      1. of course it was – production doing a little metacriticism…i just can’t believe insult Jeff/Jordan but the point of the joke is that they are both stupid to know – so no worries!

      2. I’m wondering if BB had an outfit made up for everyone with sayings to match their personalities or quirks. Though, I think it’s really mean of BB to have “I’m with stupid” on Jordan’s outfit.

        1. Jordan is too dense to realize its true. I think she shouldn’t be out in public without some warning like that. Just so no one lets her play with matches or silverware.

      3. Did you notice she also said Production has more than one of those costumes for her? Makes you wonder why that is? Adam complained because he only had one elf costume to wear.

        1. I think Kalia uses those two words the most. It seems every sentence she uses the word like several times, and she ends each sentence with the word totally. She most think that it makes her look smart or something. I cant stand to listen to her. She is a follower not a leader, and never will be.

        1. That’s the beauty of recording BBAD. You can FF thru the crappy scenes. They seemed to be a more creative bunch of HGs earlier. Now they are all just roaming around sluggish like one giant family after Thanksgiving Dinner.

      1. Does anyone notice when Roachel eats she has to stick her tongue out to grab her food? Gross & Kalia talks with food in her mouth. I fast forward

      2. Yes, I’m like literally one hundred percent absolutely tired of how they all talk period point blank I’m not gonna lie.

    1. Dani S1…’awkward’..

      this season….’shocker’

      Dani is the only one not to annoy the shit outta me yet…

      Jordan is so dumb, the way she speaks, the way she sits there doing nothing…
      the way she is riding [not in a good way] Jeff’s coat tails AGAIN…

      1. Don’t forget: “is that code?”, “That’s. What. SHE. SAID!” and “I’m not gonna lie?” Not sure if Dani started that one or Kalia or Brendon cause I’ve heard them all say it. It actually could be a “tell” since when they use it, they do seem to be telling the truth. But then with this crew, who knows.

        1. “Thats what she said”,,, Its not a code 4 anything Its just a sayin kindof lik a game,,, I have a house full of teenagers that say it,,, If some1 makes a comment about something lik “Its so Hard”,,, They’ll say “Thats what she said”,,, Doesnt mean anything secretive,,,

    1. Everything he claims he could or wants to do sounds like utter bullshit.. I know he’s feening to go skype with his male friend who he masturbated to when they were in drag.

      1. First he’ll cure cancer…
        then he will build a space ship…

        and…wait…what, he masterbated to a male friend while in drag?, both in drag? or the friend in drag??
        Oh Rachel has a real ‘winner’ on her hands…or should I say ‘weiner’…

        1. The guy was in drag, and Brendon thought it was a girl and he masturbate the drag queen and then the drag queen claimed they would sent the tape to Rachel….. the story was hilarious

  2. I am still unsure as to what is going to happen with this vote on Thursday. I am curious if this super 6 will truly stay together next week with all of the Straight Shooter vs. Brenchel action. Especiall with Adam and J/J caught in the middle. Could the house split 3 ways? Almost like last year? This game is starting to become the most unpredictable I have seen in years. I like it :)

  3. I swear this is one of the nastiest season of HGs. They all seem to have a fascination with bodily fluids and bodily functions that normal adults don’t have. Some things are better left unsaid.

    Tired of hearing about farting/bowel movements/urination/excrement/saliva and menstrual cycles.

    Production had better start having some conversations to liven this show up too. It’s time for Rachel to have a break down. Adam is a dud, we all know J/J are only slightly more interesting than catatonic/comatose patients so don’t expect much there.

    1. I agree, however what are they going to talk about?
      Cretins don’t read books.
      These folks are at their comfort level when it comes to topic selection. Nasty.
      At least Jordan can follow along ……………

      1. Kalia and Shelly started talking about reading Picoult novels in sequester. I was surprised Shelly read anything not Made in

    2. Either they truly are as moronic and boring as they seem or, they’ve had a lobotomy since entering the BB house. BB productions really need think of some way of injecting some life into this lifeless group, i.e. games, more challenges or contests, bring someone interesting into the house, anything to get their intellect and energy up.

      1. i think they picked some boring HGs on purpose so as not to outshine the vets – especially ED and when he left, I think that messed up their plan

        1. I also think some of the HGs are really not there to play the game so much as use it as a stepping stone to Hollywood fame.So they are just biding time in the BB House to pad their ‘acting’ resumes.

          1. Agree. P has as much as admitted to it. R can’t get a job in the real world so, she’s desperate for any work she can get, regardless of how trashy she looks and acts.

            1. The best thing for Rachel to do once she leaves BB is to dye her hair, change her name and never mention BB. That’s the only way she can get a decent job.

        1. They R boring! Just watched the cinnamon tasting and I almost feel sry for Rachel. She looks friendless and bullied and sad.

      1. Does anybody know where the ‘Phillip’/Adam and ‘Elizabeth/Porsche dating skit came from? Kinda creepy to me. Who’s idea was it?

        1. I don’t know who came up with that idiotic idea but I actually had to fast forward through it, as it was truly painful to watch.

  4. If I was Rachel right now I would call Shelly out on ALL of her bullshit! I know she somewhat has already but she needs to straight up say “who here DOESN’T have a deal with Shelly?” when everyone looks around the room and sees that she been playing the whole house Shelly would have a melt-down! I don’t want Brendon or Shelly in the house at this point so this week I don’t care who goes!! Might as well throw Shelly under the bus before you leave Brendon….

  5. “Jeff says that Brendon was talking in his sleep. Brendon says that he does that some times and would wake up and see people standing around his bed.”

    You this only happens when the person is saying suspicious things in their sleep. knowing the was he acts on the show I can imagine what he would say in his sleep, something along the lines of murdering a women?

      1. Hell yes! Starting with “Straight Shooter”. Give her the tequila she’s been craving. Ironic that that’s her drink of choice ….. at the bottom of it all, there’s a worm.

      1. NEWS HEADLINES: “Since BB HGs haven’t been given any serious alcohol to stimulate their intellect and behaviour, BB viewers, who are bored as hell watching the mindless banter and antics of the BB13 cast, have resorted to drinking large quantities of alcohol themselves, in order to make watching the show somewhat bearable.”

  6. Honestly, Jordan is the only one on this entire season of BB that I can stand. The others are just disgusting individuals that make me want to throw up every time there faces come on screen. At least Jordan does not pretend to be anything more than just a sweet down home little southern girl like it or not, and not the fakes like everyone else. It just sickens me!!!!

    1. Ehh, for me Jordan is the one I hate the most. We complain about how boring this season is, but she’s the most boring of the bunch. When the camera is on her, I feel like I am watching paint dry. She’s not even eye candy for me, I like my women to have and to use their mind.

  7. Jeff n Jordan totally don’t act like a real couple. Jeff needs to dump Jordan n go for Dani. Jordan is sooo lethargic I’m sure she won’t even notice!!!

    1. Jeff wants the Big Win so he can end this phony $howmance and live his own life.
      J/J may be friends but that’s it.

    2. I can see that…. Jeff and Dani are not scared to take chances. They seem to make a better couple. I still dont like Dani, But I have respect for her, She is playing the game on her own, and letting to players tag along. KP can not make it with out Dani, just like Jordon could not do it with Jeff….Yes your right they make a better couple..

    3. i was noticing that Jeff was attracted to her since week 2 in the house, he would just linger near her and then seem in a happy kindof mood talking to her, and THEN he made the comment “dani’s body is sick” IN FRONT OF jordan…and now i think he is so sexually frustrated by her that he is channeling his unused sexual energy into hating her and getting her out of the house….i always pick up on these things and i am right a lot of the time – and if i were his gf i would have picked up on his attraction to dani a long time and made his like a living hell lolol

      1. Yeah, I remember Jeff saying Dani’s “body is sick”. I remember it because I dont think her body is all that, and, that he said it in front of his alleged GF. I think too that Jeff’s reactions seem to Dani wanting to backdoor him seemed more like a response to a personal rejection. It seemed way over the top.

  8. Someone needs to come up with something to make these people more interesting! Give them Beer! Have a luxury comp! Orrr just take the $500,000 split it up and send these boring idiots home!

  9. get em liquored up quick. I never find a season boring but for some reason this one seems to be dragging a bit. Come on production, you mess with everything else, why not stir the hampster cage up.

  10. Sniffindani’spanties Oh I love your name! That’s too cute… but, wonder how your brain works to have come up with such a clever and charming name… As for the Shelly’s a liar banner you can put me down for $25… money well spent!!!

  11. I give to charilty regularly… church car washes… food drives… etc… not sure I can claim the banner contribution on my taxes but who cares?

  12. Someone here had a great idea. Rachel should stand up before eviction and ask. Who here does not have a Final 3 deal with Shelly??

    I think Sheliar is more dangerous than four -BRJJ- together. She needs to go ASAP.

  13. I think the solution is clear, as was mentioned above.

    Add more alcohol.

    I’d like to add a second part (which is an inevitable result of part 1) – remove more clothing.

    There are very few skin shots this year.

    exempt from part II

  14. Shelly is a crazy lunatic. She honestly made deals with everyone in the house, and calls Rachel an idiot for lying and telling everyone.. everything about her stupid gameplay.

    SO DISGUSTING. She’s convinced herself she’s an honest person with integrity and dignity. SO STUPID.

    She’s so old and disgusting.. lying sack of shit – that’s shelly.

    1. Would you like her better if she didn’t lie? She probably would have been gone weeks ago. I don’t see what the problem is with lying in the BB house. Who in the house hasn’t lied or told one thing to one side and another thing to the other side? Why is Shelly not supposed to play the game lying but everyone else can? And don’t bring up her life outside the house and her kid. None of that matters inside the house. It’s a game. It does look like it finally blew up in Shelly’s face, and it would be fun to watch her get called out, but geez, nobody ever won BB by being completely honest and not messing with people’s heads. I hope she extricates herself from this and goes far. She is doing a lot to vindicate older women in the game, especially after Kathy who did nothing and people hated on for that very reason.

      I do have a problem with Rachel’s lies to Brendon though, only because I am forced to watch them proclaim their deep love and respect every day. When Brendon came back in the house, she lied and threw JJ and Shelly under the bus. She said they were mean to her and nobody talked to her. I can see the logic of telling that to another game player to mess with their head and get sympathy, but Brendon is playing the game WITH her, and in order to make the right moves, he needs to know what is REALLY going on. The only conclusion I can draw is that Rachel doesn’t respect Brendon enough to tell him the truth and she desperately needs to play victim to his knight in shining armour because she needs the attention. I don’t see any marriage based on that kind of lying and head games lasting more than a year or two.

      I dislike all of them, but based on game play I want Dani or Shelly to win. Dani because I dislike her less this year and figure if she can make it to the end after being alone with only Cowlia on her side she deserves it. If Adam steps it up and plays hard, I could be Team Bacon. The rest of them can go home any time soon. Especially Brendon and Cowlia.

      1. Difference between Shelly and everyone else – she takes it personal when someone calls her a liar (even when the other person is right) and then brings up how much she wants to be a rolemodel for her daughter when she has, in fact, been lying.

        1. Or maybe she pretends to take it personally to deflect attention from the lie. What’s she supposed to do? Admit that she lied and got caught? That would get her evicted quick! Shelly chose to lie in the game and use her mom status to further herself. She can’t flirt like the young girls and she isn’t as physically strong as the guys, so she needed to have a different game plan. She lies, but it’s part of the game. Would you hate on a poker player who bluffs for trying to be a good father and role model for his kids? I don’t understand the inability to separate game from home life. Now if you hate her because she annoys you and you can’t stand her voice, that I can understand, but to hate her for playing her game and extrapolating it into real life, that I just don’t get.

  15. I would like to know were do they get these people from.To me they are the lowest common denominator of our society.I watch big brother after dark and all they do is show bad manners.When was the last time you farted in public?God help us if this is what America looks like these days.Jordan needs to get the hell away from Jeff he is very disrepectful with his foul mouth.

    1. Guessing you havent ever watched an episode of Jersey Shore…..Neither have I, my son and I were talking about it today that we cant understand how any of the cast members of Jersey Shore are making millions…It is baffling. That one the “situation” was on DWTS and he was a mess, he was on the comedy club roast of Donald Trump and they boo’ed him, but yet he is a millionaire. *sigh*

      1. you guys are so right! I always talk to my daughter about that too… how in the department store people are so free to just cuss like it’s no big deal- she gets mad because I call people out on it.
        Same with BBAD…. Kalia has no eating/personal habit manners…. the guys fart like they’re 8 years old and laugh and don’t even apologize…. porsche and kalia both have full conversations with mouths packed full of food…. brendon and rachel have sex and raunchiness NEXT TO PEOPLE IN THE SAME ROOM and in beds that others will sleep in later….
        SMH. And these people know they’re on CAMERA all over the country! I would have a hard time doing this stuff in the privacy of my own friends/family.
        even though i can’t stand Shelly… I have to say her and Jordan are the only ones with manners in the house.

                1. you are right shelly has flaws but to be honest, i would vote for her just bc she cleans and cooks and everything…i value that so much when living with someone that it would be enough to get my vote!!

        1. What so bad about farting? It is a normal bodily function AND apparently the people that have been on slop ALL have farting issue’s…sounds like the slop might be whats causing the farting. We fault them for that? One excuse me should be enough to cover it all. It’s not like they are walking up to each other and ripping one off in someone else’s face.

      2. Why begrudge the Jersey Shore cast a salary which is still nowhere commensurate with the advertising revenue MTV rakes in. Shit, MTV is exploiting them, I’m glad they banded together to get theirs. Same with BB. A million dollar prize would be more appropriate for the public vilification these people subject themselves to.

  16. Can BB throw them a margarita party with girls who flirt with Brendon and call Shelly a liar so something can happen. It’s like no one interesting is left.

    1. You just know if Rachel and Jordon weren’t there, Porsche would be all over Brendon and Dani over Jeff. (Haven’t heard them refer to each other as “best friend” in a long time.) They said the other night that production told them they’d get more alcohol when they become more entertaining. Seems kinda “bass ackwards” but I’m surprised Porsche and Rachel haven’t been pole dancing in the backyard since hearing that…

      1. OOOHHHHH so that’s why they keep talking about what a boring cast they are? I was wondering why…i mean this is not exactly the most self-aware group…we have kalia who thinks she is besties with JJ, adam who thinks he’s the next ED, porsche who thinks that baking cookies every night is her audition to be the next rachel ray, dani who thinks jeff doesn’t want to rip her throat out
        and shelly who thinks that 1) she already won bc she got a phone call 2) sheis there to help JJ win $500K and 3) she is telling the truth. i am not even getting into BR.

        1. You pretty much summed it all up. I stick by my earlier statement that some kind of crazy air is pumped into the BB House. There’s no way this level of delusional behavior occurs naturally with so many people simultaneously.

    1. If BB doesn’t want to eat shit all winter, they will do everything in their power to prevent Jordan from winning. It would be the ultimate embarrassment to have her as a two time champ, when every former champ disregards her win. Or in ED’s case, didn’t acknowledge it at all.

      Jeff and Jordan marriage, never gonna happen. Jeff doesn’t want to spend the rest of his life having to find others to have a conversation with.

    2. LOL

      I doubt it.
      IMO, Jeff wants to be the BB Winner so he can end his silly $howmance with Jordan.
      IF she wins, he’ll probably ask for half of it.
      They may have agreed upon that kind of a deal.

      Did you catch Jordan asking Jeff if he would take her on a trip with his Winnings and if he did would
      she have to bring her own money?
      He told her to bring some bucks. lol

  17. Hey Dawg/Simon- where’s this week’s poll? Will be an interesting one since it’s such an unpredictable outcome this Thursday :)

    1. Thats because they nothing else to talk about when they are with each other. They really dont have anything in common. But it is obvious that Dani makes sure to keeps Kalia in her place, by some of her comments to Kalia. Dani make sure that KP knows who is boss. And KP, both know it is Dani. Man..I am not a fan of Dani, but it is sure fun watching her keep those two dummy in there there place. They try to copy her and follow her actions to the T.

  18. I like Jordon, But she has to go..She already won it once, because everdody thought is was so cute and innocent. She went a bit too far this year by looking and acting like a dumb blonde. I cant believe she is not bald yet, because she is always pulling her hair….No she needs to go. Let someone who has not won any money win it. I mean Adam and annoying Rachel.

  19. Okay, so Jeff says he doesn’t trust gay men around children, and therefore he must be gay. He’s intolerant of himself. While I don’t agree with his argument, calling him gay makes no sense.

    Also how does it make sense to condemn gay bashing by using “gay” in a derogatory manner?

    1. Most gay men have wonderful manners.Jeff needs to think before he opens up his foul mouth.Who cares weather he likes gays or not.

      1. I have a couple of gay friends, They are both very thoughtful, kind,giving, and would do anything for someone in need. They seem to always defend the underdog. I wish Lawson was still in the game and Jeff was gone.

    2. i completely agree, there is no place for gay slurs or gay bashing —- but who are you referring to??

      and Anonymous, what does that mean: “most gay men have wonderful manners” – when it comes to manners, gay people are not in a separate category – they are people just like everyone else, no difference….i know you are not trying to sound homophopic but you’re implying gay people are an “other” and essentially giving “them” a backhanded compliment

      1. I have a gay brother and uncle and if the rest of the men in our whole family had manners like them it would be wonderful.When ever we have get togethers they are very helpful while the real men act like fools.Most straight men act like dogs but I must say some of them you can pet without getting bit.I agree you need a chill pill.

        1. a chill pill? really? so what, are you from the 80s or something? then you should grow up…. and don’t be mad just began i called you out on you stereotyped thinking (which by the way you did AGAIN —- “straight men are dogs”??)

        2. and are “gay men” not “real men”?? well, i had NO idea…and is the fact that they have manners the result of their being gay or is it because they are decent human beings??

          maybe you should read my post again and learn something

  20. Joining Big Brother’s Anonymous SOON! All I do lately is “drink” floaters and check this site while waiting on Wed. Thurs & Sun shows (my service sucks can’t do live feed)… Simon ur my HERO! Is there a group for people like me?

    On a more serious note… I’d rather deal with B & R than Shelly’s BS! Don’t know the game like Dani does but hope like all hell she knows what she’s doing… as for me, I’m ready for Rachel to call Shelmale out on the carpet (so to speak)… last time was a feather weight comp

  21. As for the “as they say down south ‘well bless her heart'” comment… we also say thing like “MY ACHING ASS”! Coming at u live and in person on “Dead Elvis Week”… that’s a distinction made in the Memphis tourism industry… so as not to be confused with “Elvis Week” (his birthday celebration) Which brings to mind if the king were alive today and in the Big Brother House WWED (what would Elvis do?) Thank you! Thank you very much?

    1. Big E would probably have Adam fixing him a grilled bacon, peanut butter, and banana sandwich! Elvis would still be cool if he were still alive.

    1. Well in the BB definition it’s that bing bag toss game they sometimes play in the backyard..but uh there’s an alternate definition I’m not gonna type here

      1. every time I hear that, I laugh.
        Funny how I can be doing something completely different and someone says “cornhole” and it immediately grabs my attention…about the same way as someone yelling “fire”.

    2. It’s the bean bags and board game they play in the backyard…they throw the bag and try to make it in the hole…the bean bags are filled with corn, not beans…:) hence the name “cornhole” lol

  22. Jeffs my favorite but I think hes stupid for trying to keep Brendon. All Brendon and Rachel do when there together is throw JJ under the bus.

  23. No matter how much dani tries, shelly will never be on her side. She will throw anyone under the bus to save jj. And I know I’m a little ahead here but I predict that kalia will be evicted next week

  24. Wow!!! “Real men” come on THAT IS HOMOPHOBIC!!
    Shelley isn’t “playing ” taking things personal, she insists she isn’t lying even in the DR where th HGs can’t hear her! And Jordan says that she is more mature and wiser this season and is proud of herself, DELUSIONAL!!!

  25. Wow!!! “Real men” come on!
    Shelley isn’t “playing ” taking things personal, she insists she isn’t lying even in the DR where th HGs can’t hear her! And Jordan says that she is more mature and wiser this season and is proud of herself, DELUSIONAL!!!

  26. Wow!!! “Real men” come on! Shelley isn’t “playing ” taking things personal, she insists she isn’t lying even in the DR where th HGs can’t hear her! And Jordan says that she is more mature and wiser this season and is proud of herself, DELUSIONAL!!!

  27. Wow!!! “Real men”! Shelley isn’t “playing ” taking things personal, she insists she isn’t lying even in the DR where th HGs can’t hear her! And Jordan says that she is more mature and wiser this season and is proud of herself, DELUSIONAL!!!

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