Big Brother 13 Spoilers – Whats on the Menu at Adam’s house “Bacon brittle, bacon ice cream, bacon donuts, BLT bloody mary”

9:04pm Kitchen Dom and Adam Kitchen Dom tells Adam he’s actually a really good cook. Adam says thanks, explains that he’s worked in a lot of Pizzerias and restaurants. Adam: “they use to call me the pepperoni jew boy.. my car smelled like pizza and everything…got me out of a ticket once… Some cop stopped me after I’ve had a couple drinks and I still had a pizza and my uniform on… my car smelled like Pizza and everything.. the cop let me go” Adam laughs.

9:07pm Kalia and Dani Candy room Kalia tells her that she trying to trick the other newbs to get out Lawon. She really likes lawon but she can’t play the game with him. She points out that Lawon has been running around covering up his shit that it’s getting a bit obvious.
kalia’s plan is to make them think she is fine with going home because she misses her boyfriend so they have no problem putting her up with Lawon then lawon will be sent home and she’ll get a key.
Dani thinks is a great idea pats her on the shoulder and leaves as dani leaves kalia says “I think toothpicks are perfect for picking your nose”

9:10pm bathroom Lawon shaving Keiths head


In the Kitchen Kalia was screaming that she’s off slop tomorrow at Midnight. Out in the backyard Brendon, Jeff, Shelly, Cassi, Jordan are asking Adam about his bacon eating. Adam says he use to eat it everyday “bacon egg and cheese in the morning on a bagel, bacon burger for lunch bacon chicken wrap for dinner… but now I cut that right back to just a bit of bacon in the morning” Brendon makes some kind of comment that he read somewhere that the pork shortage in the country has ended.
Adam tells them about this bacon cook class. He lists off some of the bacon goodies he’s made
“Bacon brittle peanut brittle “, “bacon ice cream “, “bacon donuts “, “BLT bloody mary” he lists off what goes into a Bacon bloody merry, tomato juice, vodka, lettuce and a piece of back and on the rum we put on bacon salt. Cassi says that Rachel wants to play drinking game.. the rest aren’t too excited about another night of rachel drinking games. Jordan asks Adam how many smokes he brought Adam: “96 packs.. I brought 100 and I smoked 4 in sequester”, Jeff I brought 4 packs cassi says she started taking some quit smoking pills before she went on the show so she been taking those.

9:46pm Is vegas coming out tonight Dani comes out of DR tells rachel they want her to share the wine.. Rachel says she is she asked everyone and a lot of people didn’t want any.. most of them are waiting around the table to play big booty (I miss pool) They’re waiting for Jeff and Brendon who are outside chatting with kalia, Shelly and Cassi (Jeff is having a smoke i’m betting he brought more than 4 packs)

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10:08pm Big booty Cams 2-4, Cam 1 is the backyard currently the best cam to watch

10:28pm Big Booty Jeff proposes to Jordan

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Im a little confused, I thought Jewish people didnt eat pork. Adam is Jewish? Bacon is pork.


Allison Grodner makes them sign a contract stating that they will eat bacon every day. If they don’t like it they can leave the house.


If lovin Bacon is wrong Adam don;t wanna be right.


Thanks for the updates! Simon & Dawg, you rock! Hate seeing people complain when you are doing us all a huge favor by creating and keeping up with this website. I recommend you guys to all my friends who are fans of the show. Thanks so much and keep up the awesome work!


Dave: agreed! It really chaps my ass when people bitch about this site. I love coming here each season and chatting with Simon, Dawg, & my fellow BB peeps 🙂


“cassi says she started taking some quit smoking pills before she went on the show so she been taking those.”

If Cassi is taking Chantix, things will get real interesting as soon as she stops smoking. That shit makes you crazy. Just google Chantix crazy or something and you can read a lot of stories, they can be pretty wild.


I’m a little confused. I thought Jewish people didn’t eat pork. Adam is Jewish? Bacon (real bacon) is pork.


Is anyone else finding themselves chanting big booty big booty big booty oh yeah around the house! So annoying! But I love it!


Sorry didnt see my first post as anonymous


Ok so this is a question for anyone to answer.. can porche/danielle play in the next hoh *im assuming she stays*

or do that just do nothing for the first few weeks….idgi :S


I am so sick of Rachel (I cannot believe I wanted her to win last year!)…she is soooooooooo annoying. She acts like she bought the alcohol…….I have come to realize this year that Rachel is the kind of girl that likes attention. She asks people questions so that, eventually, she can talk about the subject. I so pray that one of the newbies get HOH and that they have the cajones to put up Brenchel.


Okay someone might have mentioned this so sorry if its a repeat…Does anyone else notice that Brendon and Jeff spend alot of time with Dani? Dani kinda gets “that look” when she’s around either one of them. I don’t get live feeds, does Jordan and Jeff act affectionate towards each other? Jeff doesn’t act as into Jordan as he did during their season of big brother. Maybe I’m just out of it!! : )

ps Thank you guys for all you put into this site!! mucho appreciated!!


I’d LOVE that Brendon fall in love with Dani, and Rachel goes all “street hooker” on her and cut a bitch……




Been watching every night to get some more big booty, tonight’s version with rules is much superior to the other one.