Possible Eviction and HOH Spoilers and to Pass the time NUUDES

Unconfirmed but has been reported from trusted sources that Adam Won the HOH and Kalia was evicted. The vote was 2 to 1 with Jordan solidifying her Jury vote with Kalia by voting for Kalia to stay. (rachel broke the tie) We won’t know 100% until tomorrow night.

Feeds are Playing repeated footage from First week of July. Keith Fans should jump on the Feeds because he’s ripping it up. I’m not sure when the feeds will come back last year I think they were off for about a day. CBS blocks the feeds to jack up Wednesday’s TV Ratings, You can still flashback to any time in BB13 and BB12 while we wait for them to come back.

If Adam really Won HOH who is he going to put up? Porsche and Rachel.. I have a feeling that we’re going to see JAR final 3. That picture of Keith sums it up..

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410 thoughts on “Possible Eviction and HOH Spoilers and to Pass the time NUUDES

    1. Adam should take Porch guaranteed first place

      Brendon- Adam(will vote like Rachel)
      Jeff- Adam(told Jordan never to talk to Porch-never like Porch)
      Shelly- Adam (her smoking buddy)
      Jordan- Adam(will vote like Jeff)
      Rachel- Adam(hate Porch and will vote like Brendon)

      Kalia- Porch

      enough said

      1. Porsche is Adam’s only shot now. If gets there with Rachel or Jordan, there are three automatic votes against him (BRJJ will all vote for the remaining alliance member).

        1. If he takes Jordan, Shelly is her fourth vote
          If he takes Rachel, Kalia is her fourth vote
          If he takes Porsche, Dani and Kalia are sure votes for her, and depending on how he gets there, he may burn his bridge with the veterans.

          There’s no way this guy wins. He’s playing for 2nd place.

          1. But there is a way and you tip toed on it.

            Kalia and Dani are automatic Porsche votes if Adam and Porsche are the Final Two. I think Jeff would vote for Adam and Jordan would vote with Jeff. Shelly likes Adam and, at this stage, Adam has won more comps than anyone remaining aside from Rachel and that could easily sway her vote. That’s three for Adam and two for Porsche with the wildcards being Brenchel. I honestly think Brendon would vote for Adam, regardless of how Rachel votes.

            It’s impossible to say for sure but if it’s Adam and Porsche in the F2, we can at least have this conversation about Adam maybe pulling a win out; any conversation concerning Adam winning doesn’t take place if he’s at the end with a vet.

            1. I heard Jordan won POV…if this is the case Portia is likely the one going home…but maybe not…Jordan did say she knows she does not stand a chance against Rachel and wanted to go to F2 with Adam…………If J votes for R to leave..then she will lose R and B’s votes to Adam….I think Adam thought about this hard…I also think Porshe would vote for Rachel if she were in the Jury and Rachel is F2 since she does seem to like her…and she also would never vote for Adam for sure……since he was the loser that did not stick with the “newbie” plan…and was the major factor in her alliance not winning…

              1. If Jordan won the POV, she will evict Porsche because she knows that Adam and Porsche are kind of close. Rachel have carried her and it is now her chance to give back.

            2. Oh..I don’t think Shelley would vote for him either since he was the one that would not vote for Danni to stay so they could “keep playing both sides” so he essentially left her out to “hang” ….he made no game moves and basically had no game ……If he is there with Jordan she would definitely vote for Jordan….Jordan has Shelley, Kalia, Jeff and Danni if she is against Adam…..she will have Adam, Kalia, Jeff and Shelley if is she is against Rachel…that is why she needed Kalia on her side so badly. Rachel would have Brendon, Portia, Danni…it looks like a win for her either way….if she gets there with Adam…neither have made any real game moves so Danni was right Adam wanted to be sure to give Jeff/Jo a paycheck…..Jeff will win America’s favorite (at least that’s how it looks now believe it or not…)..so both will walk away as winners since Jeff will add that to the money he already won……unbelievable…The only outcome where she would not walk home with $ is if R and A go to F2, which may happen….then we all know Rachel would win…As it stands, Adam cannot come out the first prize winner…this game has been a waste of my time for sure….

          2. I Agree 100%. Regardless of who he takes I don’t think he will win either. Everyone that saw him win anything is still in the house except Kalia, and by the time she gets through bashing him to the jury about how he wouldn’t use the veto on her or porsche because of an alliance she feels he had with JJ he will not get any of there votes. Plus Dani, and Shelly also thinks he played the game stupidly, and in there words never made a big move. At least in Kalia did nominate Jeff, and Porsche didn’t use the veto on him and voted him out so I don’t think Porsche is his chance at all. Of the three women there I think he may have a chance against Jordan and that’s only because he heard everyone say that she won already and doesn’t deserve to win again so he may think people will vote for him to keep from giving Jordan the win/money. Rachel will beat him hands down, and that’s what Dani and Shelly has been trying to tell him for weeks. But Jordan is not a slow as everyone thinks. She is playing to get to the end regardless of how dismal it looks to everyone. She has enough since not to piss off Kalia so if she does make it to the end she will get her jury vote, at least she thinks. I hope it’s JR in the final 2. Adam won HOH, but I hope J/R win veto and take out Porsche.

            1. If JJ are in the jury house and they decide to vote for Adam, Shelly will vote along with them. She’s so desperate for their acceptance.

            2. The house will see that he won his HOH and POV since they show the DVD of how someone was eliminated. So there is a chance Adam can build on that if he’s lucky enough to be one of the final 2.

          3. Sounds good, but I’m not sure Kalia is bright enough to vote by gameplay when it comes to Rachel, plus Rachel was the tie breaker that sent her home.

            1. yes Stephiup kalia is way to high on herself she will get even with adam with her vote
              Doubt she would vote for Rachel even though she best player because she is vindictive and thinks shes better plus she voted her out
              So if porsh isnt up jordon gets her vote

          4. I think he has a better chance of taking either Rachel or Jordan as there will only be three vets to be considered as Dani flipped to the newbies and might vote a newbie instead of a vet.

          5. Agree, if Adam takes Porsche he will of burnt his bridges with the veterans, and Jordan and Jeff may still vote for him to win but Rachel and Brendon would definitely vote for Porsche. Dumbest move Adam can make is to take Porsche to final two with him.

          6. Agree, if he burns his bridges with the veterans he is done for and will not win because they will vote as a block. I think the only hope he actually has is if he takes Jordan and hope the newbies give it to him because she has won before. If he takes Porsche and screws over Jordan and Rachel in the process he is done for, and actually think Brendon and Rachel will vote for Porsche because they will vote together and Rachel and Porsche were friends in the beginning so if he screws over Rachel and takes Porsche to final two ADAM LOSES BRENCHEL’S VOTES.

        2. I don’t think Adam is smart enough to realize Porche is his best shot sitting next to at the F2; otherwise he would have realized the same math would have added up if his F2 was with Kalia too.
          I believe he is just looking to win a kiss from Jeff for helping Jordan get there and not the money.

      2. Adam as HOH only choose who goes on the block…POV holder chooses evictee. I’m thinking Rachel wins POV and sends Adam’s best bet packing.

      3. During one of Shelley’s interviews after leaving BB, she stated that she
        hopes Jordan wins. ugh!
        She will vote for Jordan.

        1. I think, she will not because they will at least speak to each other and maybe compare notes and will realize that they need to award the money who deserves it most.

          1. I think that, given a week to calm down, Jeff will realize that he still needs to play the game even though he is in the jury house. He won’t be going on emotion, having not seen Shelly for a week, and he will be smart enough to realize that he needs to work her for her vote (for Jordan). If Jordan makes final two, I think Shelly will vote for her.

      4. I disagree I think Adam’s only chance is to go with Jordan the two floaters in the end , I still say the majority of the house will not give Jordan another Half mil for sitting on her butt all summer but if the only choices are Adam and Jordan I think they would give it to Adam over Jordan hands down . Like her or not at least Porchette played in the end

          1. I would love to see Adam and Rachel in the final two because I want the jury to vote on game play not personal and I think if its those two in the final two there is more of a chance they will vote on game play .

            1. Why not and if you are judging this show base on game play, Adam and Rachel are the two house guests that deserve to be in the final 2. Jordan is America’s fan favorite. This is just my opinion. Thanks.

              1. I’m in the same boat. I really don’t want any of these people to win

                Adam – was a giant floater and an even bigger kissass. Every time I hear that ‘I want arms like a rockstar like big Jeff’ I want to throw something through my TV. I just find him really irritating and not a strong playter in any sense of the word I don’t subscribe to the belief that doing nothing is a strategy. If you do nothing and get to the end it’s because you were lucky, not deserving

                Jordan – most of what I said about applies to Jordan. She sucks at comps and her social game was non-existant for the first half of the show. Once her mealticket left she attached herself to Rachel.

                Rachel – the most competitive person left, but her social game is horrid, she would’ve been out weeks ago if it wasn’t for the twist during HoH. It’s hard to say she’s most deserving when she wouldn’t even still be in the house in an untampered game.

                Porsche – probably the least objectionable and I guess the one I want to win. But more by default than any real argument she deserves it. She was a non-entity for 4 weeks due to the golden key. She did step it up after that and won a couple of comps but really didn’t sustain any momentum. Her social game is ok, she doesn’t have any enemies and cultivated relationships with several of the jury (Dani, Kalia, Brendan) and gets along well with Rachel and Adam.

                It’s a sad commentary on this season that, for me, it comes down who do I least not want to win.

        1. THe newbies will never give it to Adam…they had to work alone in spite of him the whole game…. he alone was responsible for there downfall because he was just not a player…Kalia said it right…he is just a fan….never took charge to be a player…

            1. I disagree… How is Adam responsible for the Newbies not making it? All of them were not with the Newbies until the end… Kaliah voted Keith out when Porsche was with the Vets from the get go. And Shelly was with the Vets for the get go. The only ones that actually stuck with the “Newbie’s” was Dom and Cassie. So in reality they all fell thru and made deals with the Vets and went against the Newbie’s cause they were afraid of the Vets.

              1. Thank you Lynniepooh…my thought exactly…”went against the newbie alience”….PLEASE…that allience was broken week ONE!!! … and not by Adam!!!

      5. I believe if Adam has anyting to do with voting one of the vets out…they will turn on him!! It will mean he went back on his work to two alliences. Remember they stil have 3 more comps…Adam will try very hard to win the last HOH and one one the vets will leave by his own hand!

        1. If the rumor is true that Jordan won the POV and she evicts Rachel and leave Porsche, she will have no chance in the final HOH comp. Porsche is much stronger than her and Adam and Porsche will be final 2. She will also have issues with Brendon and Rachel. Rachel have protected her and never try to put her up or try to evict her. If she sticks with JAR, she has a better chance as Rachel will take her final 2. All final three house guest will be allowed to play the final HOH.

          1. Jordan if she did win POV would never evict Rachel. She would evict Porsche in a moment. She does not like he or trust her. Hope it is Rachel and Jordan Final TWO!!

            1. I am hoping it’s Rachel and Jordan final 2. I read that Jordan won POV and I don’t think she will vote out Rachel. She isn’t going to vote out her only alliance member. Against Rachel she does have a better chance just because she has been nice to everyone but Shelly, and she apologized to her. I don’t care for Porsche. Adam if he gets final 2 I think he will come in second next to any of them..

        1. All he has to win is the final HOH…it is a three part comp. It is skill, endurence and questions. There isn’t a Veto in the end. I don’t see him winning endurence, but the other two are very possible.

          This of course depends on if he makes it to final 3!

        1. no…it was stupid all along…I think we all just kept watching hoping something would happen to overcome the obviousness of it….there goes that last hope….now I do not care who wins……what a waste of time….

          1. Lol agree. (actually I was meaning “now” as in some of the past few seasons compared to earlier ones. But same difference! ;) )

    2. I don’t know about that but I’m pretty sure is game plan so that just in case if HOH Competition is a endurance Porsche has to go, However HOH competition is a question Kaila has to go. Rachel wouldn’t do that to Jordan. That would be strategic plan of getting rid Kaila (W) & Porsche (TH). This would be strategy plan. Mostly, Jordan probably think that the next HOH is endurance because Porsche is really good at endurance but its question instead. Jordan probably apologize to Rachel. JR will be fine.

    3. Relax, at least Rachel has been forwarned by Jordan.

      Rachel has been doin a great job biting the bullet and staying with J despite JJ’s betrayal that helped lead to Brendan’s second eviction. She obviously has her eyes on winning; she’s doing great at keeping her emotions in check.

      It doesn’t matter who wins. I’m just lookin forward to another edition of Today on Rigged Brother from squabble.

    4. Rachel and Jordan discussed the plan and agreed on it so why should Rachel be
      pissed? Rachel & Adam would be very unlikely to get Kalia’s vote so it was okay
      strategically for them to vote her out. Jordan was very unlikely to get Porsche’s
      vote so to keep Kalia, just a strategic move as she knew Kalia was going home
      but needed her jury vote. Rachel & Jordan totally mapped this out so no reason
      for either R J or A to be mad. A went along with it. His going along to get along
      may put him in the finals so all the people who say he has no game are wrong,
      he’s won 3 comps & is still there. What kills me is how entitled Kalia; she was
      willing to throw anyone and everyone under the bus and tried and tried to get
      Rachel out but when it’s her turn to go she’s freakin’ indignant. BTW I wonder
      when she quit acting; I saw a girl in a production that looked just like her, I remember
      her face very well as she didn’t really fit in with the play. She did an okay job
      but was just a member of the chorus.

      1. meant to say Jordan VOTED to keep Kalia (knowing full well she wasn’t staying, Jordan was
        undecided earlier but DEFINITELY wanted her gone when she knew the comp was going
        to be questions!).

        1. IT was discussed and Rachel wanted the call cause it was her HOH
          To Rachel blood on the hands is proof of control / credit

        2. “OK with it” is not the same as tolerating it. Rachel didn’t want a fight this close to the end. She didn’t want to risk Jordan flipping on her this week. No way Rachel was ok with Jordan’s decision…you do remember what happened with JJ put up Dom and Adam week 2 right?

    5. Jeff and Jordan are two different people. Jeff throw it not Jordan why does everyone keep saying Jeff and Jordan again IT WAS JEFF, JEFF AND JEFF

      1. @Jackie Jordan is responsible for getting Brendon out! She didnt throw the veto but she voted with Jeff and the others to get rid of Brendon so what is the diffference? I dont want any of them to win! Adam is a big fat loser and do not deserve to be in no place but out of the house! Everyone had some kind of game play except him, he just relied on who ever won HoH that week. I hate this season of Big brother!

  1. Why not Portchass?! Wow!! I hope it’s JRA in the end. They ALL wanted to take J or R to the final 2, knowing they would win… We shall see….

    1. …but what if Adam takes Jordan to the final 2

      Brendon/Rachel/Porch-???????? up in the air-it could go either way….Rachel and Porch might be bitter because Jordan already won last year or because Adam didn’t pick them to the final two they might give it to Jordan -who knows …

      but on the other hand this votes look more promising:


        1. She won’t pick Adam over Jordan! He was the vote that sent her home, she will find out in Jury from Porsche and Kalia how he turned on them, and most of all…. She said she has zero respect for his gameplay and wants him out she said the worst person to be in F2 is Adam.
          I don’t think he has Dani’s vote

            1. Did you listen to her speech before eviction? There is NO way Dani would ever vote for Jordan, ever. Adam will definitely get her vote.

              1. I disagree. That speech was not saying she didn’t want Jordan to win…. she was implying that people weren’t playing for themselves and that if they kept JJ together they might as well sign over the check now.
                That week before eviction Danis view on Adam changed alot, she talked about it a few times. And in Jury House she said number one person who doesn’t deserve to win is Adam.
                Adam does not have her vote I will bet on that (dear gawd don’t let him make it to F2)

      1. Rachel and Brendon will consider – Jeff throwing the POV to Adam.
        They’ve both heard about it by now. Do they believe it?

        1. Rachel is smart (she’s emotionally unstable and whiny, but that’s another story) so she knows. It’s plesantly surprising that Rachel is keeping her emotions in check and playing along and staying with Jordan. For that alone, she deserves the win. I wouldn’t be violently opposed to Adam winning, either. Whoever wins, it’s OK.

          All I’m praying for is another edition of squabble’s “Today on Rigged Brother.”

          Go, Team squabble, yo!

          1. I’m looking forward to squabble’s next chapter……. funny stuff.

            Have you checked out the UK’s BB online at YouTube?
            Amazing. So different from our BB.
            Everything BB Gamers would like to see in the USA.
            Sadly, the USA Big Brother ended up with AG. ugh!

      2. I do no think so. Hoping it will be JRA final three. Wishing for Rachel to win, Adam second and Jordan America’s favorite fan. Just wishful thinking, we will know tonight. If Jordan really won the POV, then she will evict Porsche as she know she will have no chance of final 2 with her as she knows that Adam and Porsche are kind of close.

  2. So sick of Adumb and Jordumb. Neither have done anything this whole game! Will never understand Jordan or Adam fans … Blech! Been watching since season 1 and I have never wanted two players to be evicted so badly.

    1. what about Jeff getting 23,000 votes for favorite player? I think these cat lady’s are so lonely they love Jeff. If Jordan wins again or Adam I really dont want to watch anymore.

      1. Not sure why any woman would vote Jeff as America’s Fav. Yes he is cute and witty. But it is also very clear he is a bully, he has talked badly to the women in the house and I don’t care who you are that isn’t how it should be. I wouldn’t vote him as my favorite for that reason alone. I think its wonderful that Jordon loves him and maybe he loves her. I really think he loves money and attention more then anything. To be honest its not out of my pocket either way, its more of a morals thing with me.

        1. I think you are a little too sensitive. I don’t think he was anymore a “bully” than Brendon, Rachel, Daniele, Kalia, etc. So because he is vocal, he can’t say anything to a woman he disagrees with? Have you heard other loud, anger-driven conversations in the house all year? Or only from Jeff? I guess I don’t see your point.

          1. no…he was a bully with anyone not play “his” game….with everyone except Brendon and Rachel…but he lft Brendon out to try twice, and then he would have taken Shelley to F3 given the chance as well…nice guy…apparently everyone’s fav

    1. Production would rather keep us in suspense, but there was a studio audience at the live
      taping this evening which is more than likely where the leak came from, same as every

      1. I live close by in Studio City where CBS2 is. How come they never invited me to be a part of the live audience? :'(

        Maybe Team Production taught I’m still in a COMA. Not to worry, Team Production. Squabble already fixed me.

      2. BBP doesn’t want us to see the Open Discussions going on in the House between BBP & HGs
        determining the conclusion of BB13.

        “Let’s Make A Deal” —- TOP SECRET —- remaining HGs and BBP.

    1. veto will probably be today because there’s a live eviction tomorrow and the final 3 will begin the first part of the HOH comp

  3. Adam has quoted Jeff Probst many times…..”And now the power shifts to the jury.”
    He is clearly playing for the end game. He is loading the jury with “newbs” in hopes
    they will have the numbers in the jury house since they were unable to secure them
    in the BigBrother house.

    Adam’s plea to the jury will be this: VOTE FOR ME. We newbs lost most of the battles against the vets.
    But we can win the war. Four votes for me (Adam) will seal their fate.

    This will be his case. I think it will work if he makes it to F2.
    I also think it’s safe to assume Dani will not vote for Rachel (or Jordan).

    Vets = Brendon Jeff Jordan (or Rachel)
    Newbs = Shelly Kahlia Porsche
    Black Widow = Dani

    1. Adam played a decent game, 2 POVs and 1 HOH, plus good social game. The power
      players tend to get picked off. I would like to see Rachel win and Adam come in 2nd
      but there is still game left to play so it’s anybody’s guess.

      1. I am so hoping for this result too. I would really love to see how Rachel will react if she wins this. She must be annoying sometimes but lately she calms down has really worked hard to reach this far. She should have been evicted three time but she fought and survived.

      2. I think adam played a really good game, maybe he didn’t win alot of comps but he had the social game and he is winning comps now when he has to(of course the good competitors are gone) but if his plan was to load the jury with the newbies that is really smart

        1. I respectfully disagree. I think with the addition of the vets he spent most of the season star struck. I personally like to watch people on this show who “do” something. Rachel was the most entertaining person this year and since this is entertainment, I now want her to win. Watching BBAD this season was akin to watching paint dry.

        2. I can see the future::::::::::

          Jeff will propose to Jordan on the finale (too bad he didn’t get the planned money) but you know CBS will buy the ring.

    2. Dani would not vote for Adam. I think she will Vote on Game Play putting her petty jealousy of Rachael aside. I can’t say the same for Shelly, Kalia though.

        1. You are an idiot. Of course Dani is jealous of Rachel.

          Dani – ruined everything cuz she got bored and betrayed the vets; now in the JURY HOUSE

          Rachel – saved herself many times by playing desperado. still in the BB house.

          1. That’s not much of a case for jealousy. Bitterness perhaps but not jealousy. There’s also the simple fact that Rachel acted like a psycho stalker toward her.

            1. Honestly i think she is jealous because Brendon and Rachel are a couple.. She had her panties in a twist when she met Brendon and he blew her off in a bar. I think Dani had a crush and he didn’t like her at all.. awww poor Dani…

              1. Your information is incorrect.

                Brendon blew off Dani and a group of former BB HGs at a bar. He told them
                he was going to park his car and would then return to join them.
                He didn’t return and when Dani attempted to reach him by phone, he
                never answered.
                The entire group thought Brendon was rude.
                They moved on to another bar.

              1. If true, it was a stupid move on his part.
                Dani was with her friends when Brendon came over to the group.
                He invited himself.
                In the end, he ticked off the ENTIRE group of former BB HGS through his rudeness.

      1. i’m not so sure dani will vote for rachel. rachel left all the females very nasty exit messages and she specifically told dani that she doesn’t need her vote. so, i’m sure dani will honor rachel’s reauest

    3. F Y I……………….


      N O O N E !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. all he has to do is to beat Jordan so that he can play the questions for the last comp. Questions are Adam’s strength. He will win in the end and eventually take Jordan since Jordan’s easy to beat. Poor Rachel controls her own destiny and has to beat Adam in the questions in the final comp to secure the win.

        With all things considered, Jordan is a 2nd place finisher. First person to have never been evicted from the BB house among the returning guests!

    4. Dani will vote for the best game player regardless of her personal feelings..If she truely respected the game then thats how she will vote..otherwise everything said and did would be BS.

      1. Same could be said for Rachel if she ends up in the jury house. If Adam is in the end with Porsche or Jordan, she’d be a hypocrite not to vote for Adam.

        Jordan rode her coattails and Jeff’s coattails to the finals (if she gets there); the only comp she won was thrown to her by Jeff and Brendon. And anything bad Rachel can say about Adam (floater, didn’t become a factor until late in the game, etc.), she can also say about Porsche and the difference there is that Rachel was closer to Adam for the duration of the game than she was to Porsche.

          1. How is his comments ignorant???? Brendon and Rachel both gave Dani a chance and she voted him out because she is an EMOTIONAL player .. It landed her butt in Jury the way she played… So maybe you are the ignorant one?

              1. Dang thanks dawn for havin a chics back! Lol
                I just sighed and decided to let it go since that person obviously hadn’t read the other hateful and stupid things that he’s said. But some people just look for a reason to argue on here. SMH
                Anyway. :)

      2. Dani doesn’t know what good gameplaying is….in her season she hid behind daddy, in this season she was ‘safe’ for a month which guaranteed her a spot in the jury & her only ‘big move’ was to get her boy toy evicted. Her social skills suck & her little puppets KP were so far up her arse as she stated the same about Adam. Dani sucked! “Big moves” was when she pushed Kaliha thru a door way

      3. Dani started playing personal when she tried to threaten Adam by telling him that her dad will “hate him” if he didnt vote to keep her in the house. For all her claims that she respected “game play” and not “personal play”….shes fulla crap….cause she made stuff personal, just like everyone else. I have no reason to think she will vote the “game play” way in the jury….get real!!!

    5. Dani will vote for RACHEL above anyone else left in the house. Dani is a true BB FAN and she WILL vote game and not personal!!!

    6. dani will vote for Rachek not jordon or adam but porshe or rachel beause her alliance was P
      and her statements on leaving would be worth nothing and she values herself yoo much to let thay happen
      its all shes got left so R or P which ever one is still standing if both P

    7. That would have been a great game plan…unfortunately he screwed all the newbies so they are going to vote for vets just to spite him if he makes it to F2..he basically had no alliance/loyalty to any of them….if there would have been a player that had “game” in his place….there would all newbies at F4 and F3…boy…in addition to production helping them…they had Adam….I guess it’s not surprising …

  4. jordan should be next to go….she has done nothing all year. That’s weak that she voted to keep Kalia just to get her vote.

      1. it’s gutless…it’s not going to matter because now she lost Porsche vote & probably pissed off Adam, so might have lost his vote also.

      2. in my opinion, i think it was smart of her because of jury votes. As much as i am not a fan of jordan, rachel and her cattiness in her HOH evictions messages will make me want to give jordan a vote instead of rachel.

        1. they are entertaining, but they may be costly in the end. at the back of my mind, i felt like production may have encouraged her to says those things knowing all along people will get offended, however, it was still her decision to do it.

          1. I am assuming we are talking about Rachel and I agree with you. Also, It is how they edit her remarks, I think they lead her in to an answer to get the remark they want. She is the sassy girl, hence her feeds are going to represent that outlook. The game is not rigged the way that people think it is from what I understand they have a script with everything they want to do for the season, they even have fillers to put in for events that happened that they have no control over, {Dick leaving, for example}, then when the game gets dull, they will throw something into it. If it affects your player your usually not to happy, But this is the game of BB, where anything can happen.

      3. jordan’s by far the most awful player in BB history. Please don’t bring her back.

        The only thing good about her is that we know that the money will go in good hands and not to some Oxycodone drug dealer.

      4. Thing is Jordan doesn’t need her vote:

        If Jordan is against anyone but Rachel:

        Brendon: Jordan
        Rachel: Jordan
        Shelly: Jordan
        Jeff: Jordan

        Kalia: Would have voted for Jordan anyway, she wouldn’t put her up all season and ruined her chances of winning so why would she not vote for her? The answer is she would always vote for Jordan.
        Dani: we truly don’t know
        Then you have either Adam or Porsche and their vote doesn’t count

        If it is JR in the F2, Jordan still has: Jeff, Shelly, Kalia, and Adam will vote for her because he is in love with Jeff
        No way anyone wins against Jordan in F2. They would be stupid to take her.

          1. Agreed. Thought I’d never say it because she’s a douchbag, but of all the idiots left, Rachel probably deserves it the most. (Unless Porsche somehow manages to save herself, but that is unlikely since the game is rigged).

          2. Maybe if there’s an all-star show, bring some of these losers back, but keep it all new people in a normal season. This didn’t play well for CBS. I truly believe Jeff was “supposed” to win the Veto (until he lost his clown shoe). That kinda backfired on Production. LOL!!!!! But they did get the last laugh with that ridiculous Pandora’s box BS. As a long time fan of Big Brother, this has been a very disappointing season what with all the manipulating going on by Production. If they wanted Jeff and Jordan to have the money, just write them a check or give them their own reality show. Can’t believe America still likes Jeff after the way he acted like an entitled, bullying baby. I saw a very different and unimpressive side of that whack job. It’s disappointing that anyone in America would still think he’s worthy of anything. That will just inflate his head even more, if THAT’s humanly possibly. What an egomaniac.

      1. my guess is if Adam won HOH yesterday it is possible he had to nominate 2 people yesterday and VETO will be played today. Just my guess.

    1. i’m so tired of jordan. she doesn’t need to win again for not doing anything. and she’s always talking like she’s done something great in the bb house. PLEASE GET HER THE F*CK OUT

  5. How could the vote be 2 to 1 when only two people voted or did Rachael have to break a tie? Guess Jordan isn’t so Dumb after all, lol I’m a little worried about Rachael now, don’t think Jordan or Adam will stay loyal so I pray that Rachael wins the Veto.

      1. who do think has best shot at winning?
        i’m thinking rachel has best shot, not sure if she can get jury votes after her last 3 goodbye speeches were pretty harsh i heard she called kalia a cow. not the smartest move pissing voters off

    1. I think Jordan would stay loyal to Rachel. I think Adam would like to take Porsche to the end but without getting his hands dirty so that he gets the vet votes.

  6. Rachel does not deserve to win. Can’t you tell by her good mood that she knows the ending & how CBS is changing the game for her at every stage?
    Rachel is the Queen of Mean Girls. There are so many examples. Even bully Jeff couldn’t always control her. Did you see her face when she popped the top on Porsche’s beer? Did you not hear Brenden telling her to grow up & quit acting that way? Remember all the mean things she said last season too?
    Brenden should have remained evicted & Rachel should have gone home when Porsche was HOH, but CBS intervened with the America’s choice, like hell, & the double POV. Since then, they have done whatever it takes to keep her on the show. Both Kalia & Porsche’s HOH nominees were changed to what the vets needed. It’s probably in their contracts that one of them will win, just as the guarantee that they’d get to the jury house, so Brenden came back.
    Someone needs to point out to Jordan that she is the worst player left of the 5 or now 4. They need to explain it to her, so she’ll quit saying that she deserves to be there & sounding so foolish every time she does.
    Lastly, I’m tired of people saying that Porsche hasn’t won enough. She wasn’t allowed to compete for 4 weeks & always voted with the house. Lots of the newbies were told, don’t win this or that so that Jeff would have the power. CBS really made a complete & very unfair mess this season. Remember the cheating in the film, “Quiz Show? This is just as bad & it seems to me that someone should be coming down on CBS for rigging the show!

      1. I feel the same way….and I don’t want to keep watching…I just keep hoping the underdogs will pull something out to thwart production….I guess at this point that’s all that’s left …….it could be a great show…I wish CBS would either stop trying to make it entertaining as they are seriously doing a bad job at it….or sell it to another station that will make it a “real” competition…which obviously would make it more exciting….I don’t think I can watch after this as now it has become too transparent…

    1. Hahaha you can’t be serious? Rachael deserves to win more than anyone else in that house. Rachael has won more comps than anyone else this season and she did the same during her last season but she didn’t win the money did she? Why wasn’t it fixed than? You people and your crazy conspiracy stories need to get over your paranoia bullshit already! You don’t see how silly you sound? Its the same thing every year, the sore losers cry foul. If you really believe that why are you watching? Turn the chanel, shut up aNd allow us to enjoy the show!

      1. Totally agree CyCru, Rachel deserves to win over Pinto who’s dumber then a pillow and boy all she did all summer is sleep anyway, Jordumb doesn’t deserve it either, and Adam could only beat girls, weak girls at that (Rachel couldn’t play for HOH) so 100% Rachel deserves BB13 title no question !!

      2. WOW, I feel like I am in the middle of a political debate. Right wing is always right, and the Left is always wrong with their conspiracy theories etc… Bet you even love you some Fox news? Everyone can have an opinion, but you don’t need to come down on them so hard.

      3. Last year was a level playing field with all newbies & she didn’t win. The duos twist made 4 people sit out that could have been winning contests all along. Remember, once everyone got to play, she hit a dry spell & didn’t win anything. Nobody knows how strong the ones with the golden key would have been all along.

        1. I think Rachel not winning any HOHS was because of her thinking she was pregant. Ever since she found out that she wasn’t pregant, she has been fine. In fact if she had been able to play this HOH she probably would of won. She knew the facts the same as Kahlia and Adam, and she wasn’t even trying, because she knew she couldn’t play.

    2. Well we all know CBS shape the show for ratings and drama, you’d have to be a complete idiot to not realize that, but I will say over all these years, whether its been the coup d’etat, the diamond power of veto, pandora’s box, whatever it has been, its ALWAYS been given to the player or alliance I was in favor of winning, so thanks AG & CBS !! :) :) We have the same taste !!

    3. I agreen with everything you said 100%. If Kalia would of worked out instead of sleeping all summer, she could of had a good shot at that HOH. Even Adam and Jordan did decent. Rachel won her HOH fair and square. That girl works out like a beast and she deserves to be there. That is also why Rachel won POV and not anyone else because she is in shape. BB has endurance comps every single year, so how were these comps rigged for Rachel to win? They were doing endurance comps way before Rachel was even old enough to be on this show LOL. Kalia AND Porsche both messed up THEIR Hoh’s on their own. No help from Rachel or Production. Porsche got greedy. It was HER greed that let Rachel and Jordan stay in the house. Her alliance was in a good spot and she is the one who messed it up, not anyone just Porsche and Porsche alone. I agree all the people who’s favorite is not winning stop crying the game is rigged. You picked a bad player as your favorite. Get over it or change the channel.

    4. Rachel is queen of mean girls? Did you not see when Shelly and Porsche stole her things and wouldn’t give them back? Did you not hear Porsche say she wanted to throw a ball at Rachel’s belly and make her miscarry her unborn baby? Did you not hear D/K/P/S sitting around all summer bashing Rachel every chance they got? Please, they are way worse than Rachel.

      1. …….most women are like PKS. That’s why a great number of men die before their spouses do !

    5. CJ you’re right, winning competitions is only part of the game, and laying low is a certified strategy. Just ask Dr. Will. Team Rachel and Jordan, that was a very well reasoned argument, I predict the other sides BRILLIANT rebuttal to your argument will be……….”Oh yeah, well….uh…..Your a cat person.

    6. I agree with you 100%. And I believe that we should care. It is ILLEGAL to rig competitions even if it is a T.V. show. CBS is so wrong for this and somebody should call them out on it. The game is rigged. How does that make for good tv when you know it is rigged. I might as well be watching wrestling on tv. Oh wait–glorified soap opera? I want to see true competitions, true results and not ones that CBS thinks will bring in more viewers just because the show is tanking. Um, do you think it could be your casting choices? I do believe so. I think this is CBS last ditch effort to save the show from the tank (which it really isn’t that bad) but in turn it is turning fans away. WAKE UP CBS fans what REALITY not your BS!!!

    7. Ummmm… WTF has Jordan won? Oh wait, that was given to her. Second place in most comps, really. What season have you been watching. And never, and I mean never in BB history has a Pandora’s box been so severe that you couldn’t evict at least one of your targets. It guaranteed that JR were staying. Oh woopty doo coup de ta, or diamond power of veto: that only saves one person NOT TWO!!! You talk about vet haters, what about the vet lovers? Oh you are just so happy that JR could win (let me say that line in my baby voice for sarcasm).
      Let’s compare Rachel’s punishment against Porsche’s: um Jessie, um you have no F’ing way of winning this game! That is fair, right? Oh wait, you think it is.

      1. You are too much. Unless there is another poster named Sara, you get offended in your earlier post for people coming down on others, yet you are doing the same thing right now. I think you need a nap.

      2. pandora’s box was the duo twist because guess what the season started with the duos twist, common sense should tell you it was planned

    8. Very well reasoned argument, Team Rachel and Jordan. I predict the other side’s rebuttal will be…….Oh yeah,….. well……your a cat.

      1. Oops, didn’t mean to create an echo, meant to put in quotation marks and say, FUNNY. My laptops touch pad is too sensitive, and while I have a mouse, I cant turn it off the touch pad off.

    9. Oh please – at least she was entertaining. If I had to watch any more hair grooming or sleeping I was gonna scream. Dr. Will was my fav. TIme they got back to the really evil game playing. Let them hide each other’s stuff and lie to each other. I dont watch this learn lessons in ethics, I watch to laugh! The fun is supposed to be in what we are seeing that they dont know about.

  7. Tuned in for a min to BBAD. It was previously recorded today.. hg’s all sleeping, with the exception of Rachel packing up her HOH stuff.
    Put in a movie.. and playing mafia wars. And in a few free minutes here and there.. crocheting a sweater for my pup and having a smoke.
    IF ONLY…. IF ONLY…..
    I hope the leak is wrong about Adam. I know he started out your boy Simon.. but he’s just gross. Sorry~

  8. I hope Rachel wins the veto. She is the only one left that deserves to go to the finals. I wonder if Rachel had been able to play if she would of won this one???Evidently she was able to help Jordan. I am surprised by Porsche, she was doing so well last night.

    1. I don’t think Rachel would have won this comp, her memorization (if the HOH comp was indeed fortune teller stuff) isn’t all that great.

    1. Not a hater at all, I agree. Jordan needs to go. On Jeff’s coat tails all season then uberbeeeeatch after that. Oh, if only Porshe hadn’t opened Pandora’s box. Porshe has a real chance if she gets final 2 with Adumb (aka superfloat, superdumbfan, spellingsuckbutt, whatever you want to call him) He burned Jeff, Jordan will be pissed at him, and Dani n Kalia will vote for her. My first season watching and quite honestly I quit watching and just go on this site cuz I can’t stand the vets coming back. The first half of the season was the most boring predictable reality show ever. If it weren’t for Dani trying to make all the moves, I woulda quit watching and paying attention all together. Brendon thought he was better than everyone, Jeff was arrogant, Jordan is just plain stupid, and Rachel is a nuttcase. I may watch next season if they actually have all “newbies”, this vet thing sucked. Go Porshe

      1. Didn’t Jordan already win veto?…I was rooting for Porshe as well for the same reasons….the vets vs newbies.especially with the vets getting to team up with a close alliance each….was very boring and predictable, thank God Danni was there is all I can say…it’s how I got “sucked in”

      2. Dont give up on BB totally – some of the seasons have been awesome. Not sure when it became a game of morality and ethics rather than entertainment and vuoyerism but hopefully CBS will wise up and find another Dr Will, Evil Dick and Janelle

  9. Wow all Adam needed was to be widdled down to three women who couldn’t win anything all season before finally winning an HOH. I hope he’s true to his word and gows with Jordumb and Rachel because I want to see Rachel win it this year !! She has turned over a new leaf this season, and she really has played a great game and deserves the 500k over loser boy Adam and Jordumb and let’s not forget Pinto too :)

    1. so tired of people calling Jordon, “Jordumb”. I know you all think you are being cute and clever but really it just comes across as small and petty. I watch bb who I want to win changes all the time, however, really think calling house guests names is just sad!

      Calling people names ultimately just shows your true character! Think about it, it really does!!

    2. for the love of god!! she didn’t go against rachael! It was their plan, jordan votes for kalia, thereby ensuring her of kalia’s jury vote (porsche wont vote for jordan) rachael votes for porsche, thereby ensuring her porsche’s jury vote (kalia won’t vote for rachael)

      these two girls, figured it out and they are playing the game! wtg!!!

  10. omg i hope and pray that rachel wins this pov, pls pls rachel win this pov for yourself, omg i praying she wins, i wanted her to win sooooooo Bad..

      1. Oh good, personal attacks allowed!

        Good to see that trolls are alive and well. Please do the world a favor and die. No one loves you.

        1. You keep posting rude and mean comments that are noncontributory to the discussions. Why don’t you go somewhere else or grow up

              1. I think our wonderful host Simon may have banned that person, above me there’s several other people responding to the ignorance with missing comments.
                And thanks :)—-> lots of target practice

        2. cj try to ignore the trolls who feel the need to make personal attacks. your better than that. they wouldn’t say shit if they weren’t hiding behind the computer. :)

      2. GOD is engaged in a high stakes game of life and doesn’t have the time to listen to those who pray for so and so to win……

  11. this whole season is in question. the newbies were used and really didn’t have no chance competing with the inside corruption from production. easy win for Rachel and production for this season of BB13. everything now is boring and so anti-climatic to even continue to watch this farce of a game show.

      1. At what point did they play different comps. The shows that I watched ALL the houseguests played together. How can you say one group won the easy comps and the other group won the hard ones. If in fact they were truley ‘rigged’ wouldn’t the group of houseguests that won the ‘hard’ comps will them ALL!!! Get real people!!!

  12. This season is so frustrating. I do not approve of a JAR final 3 lol. A PAR would be better… And at that point I wouldn’t even care who won anymore. I’m ready for this season to be over, but I do not think Jordan should win any money at all. I honestly think Rachel has played the best game and I cannot stand her. But she has won comps and she really knows her shit… she is just annoying and evil… but she played the game. Porsche has stepped up alot the past few weeks and now Adam is trying to do his thing too. Personally I’d like to see RP in the final 2… but doesn’t really seem like a possibility unless Porsche wins the VETO and evicts Jordan… The final comp is endurance, right? So it’s not likely Adam will win… I think once we know the final 3 it will be kinda easy to predict the rest of the season…

    1. i could not agree with you more….as much as it pains me to say it, i hope to see RP in the top 2 and unless porsche kicks some serious ass in all the final comps then i think rachel should win….i hope porsche gets pov this week and jordan is voted out then i’d love for adam to get his hopes up and be the last one sent to the jury…that would give me a laugh

      1. Oh, that would be glorious wouldn’t it? Adam to be the final jouror! He only deserves that and nothing more. He was a true floater, going with the power of the house. Never making a decision on his own. He should have used the veto and sent Jordan packing this week. No back bone what so ever. He isn’t a true metal head. Um, I don’t believe metal heads watch 90210. PR all the way!!!! That would be what I want to see and it wouldn’t matter to me who won. Rachel is a competitor-a bitch-but a competitor, and Porsche has stepped it up. Even when she didn’t win comps she was final 2. Jordan hasn’t done crap (oh that HOH was given to her BTW) so I don’t count that.

      2. I hate that Adumb won HOH (i may vomit if they show his HOH basket/letter)…. BUT on the bright side of course he got tye one where HOH is useless power :).
        If Porsche wins veto… Who do y’all think she will keep J or R?

        1. i just about vomited when I saw a picture of Porsche shaving Adam’s back !!!

          Is there nothing these houseguest idiots won’t do on the show?

  13. I think Adam has already punched his ticket to the final 2 no matter who wins the veto. If it is JRA in the final three, JR will turn on each other if one of them win the final HOH cause they no standing next to Adam is a garunteed 500k, while standing next to each other is a coin toss (Rachel wins if jury members vote on comps and Jordan wins if they vote on likeability). And if its a PAJ or PAR and Pinto wins the last HOH she will take Adam as well for the sure thing. So Adam has at least 50k locked up in my opinion….

    1. JR F2 is not a coin toss. rachel wins hands down for actually playing the game.
      RA F2 is a victory for rachel too (Rachel has Jordan, Jeff, Brendan and ShelHe’s votes)
      JA F2 is a victory for Adam (Adam has Porka, COWlia, Dani and Rachel)

    2. You are SOOOOOO wrong. Jordan/Rachel WON”T turn on each other, they want to get to F2 together. They will not take Adam, if Jordan turns on Rachel she knows she will loose Brendon’s and Rachael’s vote, and if Rachael turns on Jordan she will loose Jeff and Jordan’s vote. Plus Jordan has said she does not care if she gets 2nd because she feels Rachael deserves to win more. They are both ok with getting 2nd place and want to take one another!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. I do not think that Jordan will be awarded just for her social game play and calling it social because she does not mean for that to be that way. She tried and tried but as of now, she still has not won any comp and I doubt she will be able to. I like her so hoping for final RAJ final three and Jordan America’s fan favorite for some extra cash prize beside her stipend. Jeff has already received an extra $ 10,000 and Kalia and Porsche $5,000 each plus their stipend and really not bad for a few months of easy work. Rachel, Adam and Jordan have not received any extra money. Rachel first place, Adam second and Jordan is fan favorite. Hoping for this final three.

      1. It will be Rachel and Jordan final two and I agree….Rachel will deservedly take the win and that will be fine with Jordan. Jeff will get American’s fav juror. He’s WAY ahead in the polls.

  14. Not surprised Adam got HoH. I mean he had no competition. Really, how hard it is to beat Jordan. And Porsche isn’t the brightest crayon in the box either. I heard she did worse than Jordan did. Smh…can’t wait to see who gets the veto. I hope Porsche gets it and vote out Jordan.

    Rachel and Porsche for F2!

    Rachel wins.

    It’s over.

  15. I will literally cringe if Adam is in the final two or wins this game. He really doesn’t deserve it. He floated the whole way depending on Jeff and Jordan. Rachel deserves to win, honestly…she has fought and proved herself many times.

    1. Adam desperately needs to win because of the amount he smokes he’ll need the money for a lung transplant………

    2. Yes, Rachel for POV and first place. She really deseves to win this game. She must be annoying sometimes buy lately has been calm and after how she was picked on and bashed by the mean DKPS, she should win this game. She also won several comps and veto. She is a survivor.

    1. Posters were discussing UK’s BB yesterday.

      They often have Double Evictions.

      New HGs can be brought into the House late in the Game – past the halfway mark.

      Can you imagine these kinds of game changing deals?
      What a hoot!!!

      The UK BB sounds like the real deal vs the one produced here in the USA.

  16. Look kids; those of you who believe winning comps is the of all and be all .. let it goooo. This game has several facets and I have witnessed them all over the years .. physical, mental, spiritual (including religious – yes, people play each other on that as well) and (and probably most importantly) SOCIOLOGICAL. The fact that someone may or may not win comps is really only just one avenue of making it to the end game. If I entered the game and won every other HOH and every VETO when I wasn’t HOH and yet still acted like a prick .. even better yet, not so much acting like an ass but not doing anything to gain favor of my fellow house guests .. how do you figure I should expect the juror’s votes. In fact – winning all of the comps and VETOS would mean that I was the exact reason why every other player left the game – would you vote for that guy? Winning comps does not mean you win 500 grand … convincing the jury to vote for you is how you get paid .. winning HOH and VETO is just a means to an end but that doesn’t ensure anyone of the preferred culmination – $$$

    In fact – you almost HAVE to respect someone that could effectively play the entire house thus making it to the end without winning a bunch of competitions.

    Long story short but I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Jordan won another 500K

    Although, that being said, I must admit Adam has played the house perfectly .. he doesn’t disrupt the flow (win anything) when he doesn’t have to and now that the finish line is in site and he has to guarantee his survival by winning …. well, what do you know .. looks like he had it figured out all along. I don’t think there is a single house guest that doesn’t like him and he’s played (kissed ass – whatever) every single person at one time or another and trust me when the jury is going through their mental data files there will not be as many CONs chalked up for Adam as there would for say, Rachel. In fact Jordan is probably the only one that stands a chance against him now. I said Jeff and Adam in the final and it would have been a better season and finale had that come to pass but alas twas not meant to be … I see very little chance of Adam losing now.

    1. Sonny I couldn’t agree more. You put that perfectly in to words. Everyone is so into winning comps and vetos but being a friend and a confidant is just as important. Like the way Jordan calmed Rachel down when Brendan left, she was with her for the entire week and then he came back. Second time Rachel handeled much better. AND Rachel was there for Jordan when she and Shelly went at each other. Rachel litterally drug her out of the ‘purple’
      room before she said something she would regret. She told her Jordan you are better that this, don’t let Shelly drag you down her that level! So people sit back have a glass of wine, stop whining, and watch the end of the show play out, whether it’s your favorite or mine thats wins!

  17. I thought Kalia and Porsche are a huge disappointment in their game play. I really expected a lot more from them, but it’s obvious they just couldn’t do it without Dani.

    1. PK are like two peas in a pod – corn-huskers, the both of them…. What does that mean? Your guess is as good as mine !!!

  18. If there is a newbie and a vet in the final two, I believe that the newbies will vote for the vet. I think they will be so jealous that it was not one of them in the final two that they will give the win to the vet.

    1. your wrong…it’s just that they had no respect for Adam or his game play…..since he will be the newbie J or R will want to sit next to….I would not vote for him either

    1. It actually started way before then…bringing Brendon back….was the beginning of the obvious favoritism….vets vs newbies was also a bit “see thru”….

      1. DEFINETLY! They had their faves before the season even started, AG prob. promised the vets Jury to convince them to come back and I think the Pandora’s Box for Porsche was just the icing on the cake saying “F**K you BB fans we get to decide the winner! How dare you think this will be a fair game when Jeff and Jordan have decided to grace us with their presence” haha but seriously though, thanks for wasting my summer Rig Brother!

  19. Wow this is going fast!1 finally some thrills! Adam HOH? what kinda comp was that? funny Kalia got evicted since last feed I saw of her she was sleeping on the kitchen table haha. I can’t see Rachel wanting out of this game, she’s come a long way she wants to be 1st or 2nd place. She won’ t just give this away. Jordan still has it in her to win, so this whole Porsche being 2nd place will be a rough comp for her since Rachel & Jordan will fight to stay there.

  20. dont know how true this is, but was reading on another BB site they already had the veto and Jordon won, not even sure how that could have gotten leaked out, but it would make sense they have the veto soon if there is a a houseguest voted out on thurs….. again, it is only a rumor…..

      1. To evict the nominated house guest tomorrow ( with Adam being HOH) veto had to be done already last night for editing purposes. The have so much show to edit from Adam winning veto and not using veto( OTEV), to Shelly in jury, to new Fortune teller, Kalia’s departure, head of household plus leave us with nomination for tomorrow show. Tomorrow will consist of veto winner whether they use it plus live eviction and the start of final Hoh endurance.

  21. Jordan FTW! If they are foolish enough to let
    her get this far, they all deserve to lose. She played
    the same game as before.
    This is a horrible season BB!

    1. I agree. If she makes it to the end again then she should win. They were idiots enough to carry her along, to basically hand her the $. STUPID, STUPID, STUPID!

  22. WTF adams winning comps i thought he threw everything must knew what he was doing coast and float then win last 3 comps and BAM in the money good thing he didnt try a make a big move cause that never fn works out its been proven time after time little moves keep u safe then win at the end like jordan and hayden let the so called best players take each other out with there big dumbass moves

  23. rachel

    just win this POV
    for all the people who said u wasn’t going to make it this far win the POV

    for all the mean girls who tried to keep u down win this POV

    no matt what the critics say win this POV

    even though dani and her minions try throwing a monkey wrench in ya plans win this POV

    u can reverse this out come win this POV

    for all the people telling u , u wont be anything,, u cant win anything ,, because they could never see the good in u
    win this POV

    triumph is in reach satifaction will be yours win this POV

    in the face of mounting pressure u will survive , dedication ,,dertermination,,, hardship ,,struggle ,,,hurracaine tornado tears win this POV

    what separate the good from the bad the great from the mediocre, is the ability to anticipate hunger the need TO have to be hungry for this POV


    some people will never admitt this but when reactive under performers like DANI , SHOCKER /// try to hold back proactive superstars like u , u can do it win this POV


  24. Why is everybody talking like Adam is going to the finals? This is final 4 and not final 3. Porsche will hopefully be going to the Jury, and Adam will compete in the best of 3 HOH round. That’s where Jordan won her HOH power (to go to the finals) last year, that’s how it could happen again.

    There is still tons of game to be played.

    1. Adam has been playing balls out for the past week. I’m running hypothetical situations where he can win (the only chance he has is against Porsche, IMO). If Rachel goes F2 against anybody, I can see her winning if she didn’t piss off too many people with her goodbye messages.

      For as good of a game player as she claims to be, she doesn’t seem to realize that the goodbye messages are part of the game and using them to piss off other HGs to the point where they don’t want to use their jury vote on her (“I don’t care about your jury vote Daniele!”) is an utterly ridiculous thing to do.

  25. you folks who paid for feeds are sure getting your money’s worth right now as advertised, 24/7…but they didnt mean 24 hours in a row.

  26. If Jordan wins another season I may stop watching. This season had only a few good players and what are we left with. I started off a fan of Jordan and Rachel. Jordan quickly went away. After watching live feeds I saw there is a difference between Jordan and production Jordan. And real Jordan I’m not a fan of. Rachel I liked, stuck by her until the whole Dani fiasco and then I picked my sides. If anyone besides Porsche has to win I hope it is her. Only because out of everyone left she is the only one who has constantly played this game and gave it her all. Can you really say that about Jordan. I want Porsche to win for the same reason I wanted Jordan to win her season. There’s not much of a choice left. Plus I think she is sweet and just the cutest little thing. Reminds me of a little kid. Adam should not win. He perhaps does deserve to win because he did recently started winning comps (but did he have much competeition?) and he has played friends with everyone but he is a floater. But hey as Sandra taught us all on Survivor a floater can win twice in games like this so we will see.

    I did realize this year that the game is rigged. I am a bit bummed it took me so long to realize. It is not that I am a Dani fan I realized this either. Think about it. When they wanted someone to win in particular they catered the comps to that person. It doesn’t guarentee that they will win of course it just gives them a running start. If you don’t believe me open your eyes. How do you think Rachel and Jordan got saved last week. They KNEW Porsche would not turn down 10,000. And in the end she got extra screwed because she still didn’t have 10000. Just like if ED was there he would of never gotten pandoras box becasue they knew he wouldn’t be stupid enough to take it.

    JMO — sorry such a long one.

  27. So just a reminder to people. This HoH only means that Adam is safe and in final 3. It doesn’t mean anything beyond that. Adams not in a spot to make ANY decisions. It’s irrelevant who he puts up, the POV winner decides who goes home next.

  28. Anyone who says Racheal doesn’t deserve to win,its just a hater.. Not a big Racheal fan..but shes done everthing she had to do to stay in this game,winning HOH’S,and Vetos,her social game has gotten better,as the season has progressed,shes actually alot more likeable this year then last….So if we’re talking game play,Racheal by far has earned the right to win…We’ll see what happends

  29. I think Adam could win against Jordan…

    They both have the likable factor (she wouldn’t be up against a hated player like she was with Natalie), he has won more comps than Jordan, AND she has already one 500K.

    Best thing that could happen for him is that P and R end up on the block (after the veto) and he manages to talk J into evicting R because she can’t win against her in the end in the endurance comp. Then if J votes to evict R she has Brenchel blood on her hands and may lose her alliances votes if she ends up in a final two with Adam.

  30. Thursday Eviction
    Current HOH Winner:Adam-(Clinched for Final 3)
    Current POV Winner:Jordan (Clinched for 2nd Final 3)
    Nomination:Rachel* (N) vs Porsche (N)
    *Jordan was Nominated and won the POV
    Evicted Rachel:None
    Evicted Porsche:Jordan
    Porsche Evicted 1-0
    3 Part HOH competition
    Part 1 HOH (In the order-Endurance):Jordan (3rd playing for RD 2), Adam (2nd playing for RD 2),Rachel (Bye)
    Part 2 HOH (Mentally memory-In the order):
    -HOH winner in that order
    -Adam (First) Guess 8/10 .15 sec
    -Jordan (Second) Guess 9/10 .22 sec (Winner)
    BB HOH Winner Answers:RJRDKDJKPR
    Part 3 HOH (Questions from the Jury)-Jordan 4 Rachel 4, Tiebreaker:Jordan wins takes Rachel to F2
    Evicted Adam
    Jordan to win:JSADK
    Rachel to win:BP
    Jordan wins 5-2

    1. Despite the fact that you’ve been rooting Adam on all season, your hypothetical makes it clear you’ve simply been hoping he’d further Rachel and Jordan’s game. This also means all the times you claimed Adam was making a “smart move,” all you really meant was it was beneficial to the veterans.

      Nevertheless, for once I hope you’re right, it’s the only interesting scenario left if Porsche goes home next.

  31. For some reason, I hope Jordan wins at least 2nd place. Does she deserve 2nd place…….YES……just as much as Adam and Porsche. Adam hasn’t really done anything. Adam got lucky flip flopping and probably would have been out the door if the other houseguest hated him more than the hated the person they voted out (Adam just managed to fly under the radar). I like Adam, and if you ever need your rear bumper shined, Adam is your guy.

    Kalia – didn’t respect her game play or conversations much and she lost all respect when she started begging people to let her stay. She should have sent Rachel out the door, but send Lawon out instead…..she should have sent Porsche packing but didn’t (ouch, did that just bite you in the butt). Did she really think people would care about her rent and her not being able to pay it. Go get a real freaking job, like most people, and pay your darn bills. And, since she thinks she has a gift for gab, why doesn’t she talk somebody into giving her a real job.

  32. UGH and IM SOOOO TIRED of people saying the show is rigged.
    Do you even know where the term ‘big brother’ derives from?
    Its the government! in particular the American government watching your every move! controlling everything! its government surveillance for their benefit!

    1. George Orwell’s novel “1984” …………

      “Big Brother is watching you.”

      “It was terribly dangerous to let your thoughts wander when you were in a public place or within
      range of the telscreen. The smallest thing could give you away. A nervous tic, an unconscious
      look of anxiety, a habit of muttering to your self.”
      “………..anything ………..”
      “In any case, to wear an improper expression on your face was itself a punishable offense.” (“Facecrime”)

  33. I hope Rachel wins. Maybe she will be able to pay for cooking lessons. BBAD, Rachel made some kind of gross looking buffalo salmon. First, she didn’t know how to make the sauce, but was willing to experiment. She used hotsauce and butter…..good choice. She put the raw salmon in the sauce and cooked the salmon until done….I guess. Regardless, it sure didn’t look tasty.

    Also, I hope I don’t offend any “save a bee” lovers. BBAD, Rachel tried to save a bee by feeding it….she said that she saved another bee by feeding it honey. Who tries to save a random bee? Jordan said kill it and toss it…….well, darn it…….I agree.

  34. People that say Jordan has done nothing are really starting to make me mad. You DO NOT have to win competitions in BB to be doing something or to win BB. However, Jordan is really trying to win those too. She has come in 2nd a lot this season, but the competitions are not her strength. She has been playing a social game that NO ONE gives her credit for. Kalia said it best to Adam…Jordan is so nice that people do not want to upset her, they do not want to go against their deals with her, and they keep her around. She secures alliances with people that help her get farther…isn’t that what the game is about? She has Shelly eating out of the palm of her hand already hoping she wins. (Shelly said this in an eviction interview.) Adam does not want to upset her again & Porsche even said to Adam, don’t think that Jordan is not playing this game. She is playing it hard core. She has Kalia sticking to a deal that was made like week 2 or something. Then she votes for her to keep that deal hoping for a jury vote…(when Jordan knows the vote means nothing). She has been in an alliance with Rachel for the ENTIRE game & stuck with her because she knew her alliance needed it. That alone is A LOT of work. She constantly talked strategy with Jeff & if you listened to those late night strategy talks you see that she is playing the game. Also, she already WON BB & she is STILL in that house!!! Does Jordan have the highest IQ? No Is Jordan a ditzy blonde & not into physical competitions too much? Yes Does she play nice nice with everyone in that house even though we all know how annoying some of those people in that house are? YES That is how she does it people…EVERYONE in that house has been awe struck by her sweetness since day 1. Jordan knows it and she uses it to her advantage. Jordan wants to win competitions, but doesn’t have to to stay in the house.

  35. I think at this point everyone would be better off taking Jordan to the final two. It is their best chance of winning. In BB history the men always seem beat the woman when there is a man and woman in the final two. Jordan has already won once and as much as I like her NO ONE excpet Jeff is going to let her float to another victory. EVERYONE left will win agains Jordan…no question.

    1. I think I agree with you. The more I think about it, I think bringing Jordon to the F2 is not that bad of an idea. Also, a vote for her is also a vote for Jeff and that may play on the minds of the other jurors…IDK just thinking out loud I guess

  36. Adam is the worst player to ever play big brother! No doubt. if Jordan wins again, that’s stupid, if Adam wins that’s even more stupid, i don’t really like Rachel as much as I did last year but I’d rather her winthrn the other lazy bums. Or If porsche wins not that bad. She was a floater and dsnalmoat nothing but aye did more then Adam. Over all this yeas big brother was ridiculous. Bringing back the veterans was a stupid idea to begin with and I honestly think the newbies were ripped off with some money they could have won if ppl, who have already played, wouldn’t of gone back. I really hope next years is better!

  37. I said it before, if they don’t get rid of Jordan now, she is going to end up winning again…
    If the rest of the houseguest are smart, they should not take Jordan to the final 2.. if that happnes she will win…..

  38. I don’t see how Adam is a floater – everyone says how far up JJ’s butt and never went against them. He made promises to not put up people next week when he had no intention of winning HOH. I feel like his strategy was to avoid HOH until final 6 then play for the win. He was never interested in making the “big move” and didn’t budge (see Dani, Shelly and Kalia). Kalia wants to plead for the newbies when she and Shelly were the first ones to jump to the other side (Vets) but now that it is her on the line she gets mad because Adam doesn’t want to play her way.

  39. This is only my opinion, so please don’t jump all over me. I was hoping for Kalia gone, Adam gone, Jordan gone and Roachel (even though I can’t stand her, she has played to win) and Porsche in final 2 I think they are the only ones that have played and deserve to win. I don’t care which one gets the 50k or the 500K but I really don’t think the other three deserve anything.

  40. If people don’t start realizing this game is mostly the same every year. They start off feeling each other out and half way thru the game the strong start taking each other out in fear (like Shelly said) everybody starts realizing they need to to get further in the game so a couple of strong one make it to the end but in the end its always floater because they aren’t much of a threat.. Rachel needed Jordan after Brendon left to calm her down and focus. Jordan played the same as she did a few years ago so Adam learned alot watching the social game and fought when he need to win . In the beginning everyone said they threw the Hoh to Jordan but I wonder, they made it look obvious but could Jeff and Brendon of actually beat her in golf (we will never know). Brendon downfall was to act like he was Hoh when Rachel was actually Hoh. That is why Dani turned because her opened his arrogant mouth. When being Hoh you are always a target so Jordan and Adam was smarter than you all think. Porsche had golden power because of Rachel and she turns on her half way thru the game what a fool she was. When it comes to money everyone greed gets them evicted just ask Shelly.

    1. P.S. Wonder what will be said about Shelly on finale, They bring back the 4 house guest that watched all season long to ask them what surprised and shocked them (after everyone already voted in jury for the winner) Lawon (biggest fool yet) for a blotched ending to his special power when he returns into the game. Cassi saw how she switched side, Dominic saw how Dani and Jeff throwing veto to Adam to evict Brendon help Dani get evicted. Finale will be funny for sure.

      1. Honestly, I’m just looking forward to ther finasle now when everyone reunites. That might be more interesting than how most of this season went.

    2. Porsche never turned on Rachel Brendon Rachel and Jeff told her to get in good with Dani and then they yelled at her for it, and when Porsche gave Brendon a pitty vote, Rachel was a bitch to her..

      and Jordan and Adam were LOSING those HOH coms they never threw a single competition, they SUCK that’s why they most lose comps.

      Brendon’s downfall was saving Rachel

      1. Porsche was just Hoh and put up Rachel and Jordan thats not turning on her she has been talking to Rachel in weeks wat show you watching

        1. Smack yourself in the face for that, Rachel been turned on Porsche WEEKS ago when BRJJ were all still in the house talking shit about Porsche after she doiid what they told her to do in talking with Dani and Kalia during their power, then yelling at her for it they never got back together in an alliance. I’m watching BIG BROTHER. not the I Love Jeff and Jordan Show.

  41. Assumings its Rachel Jordon and Adam final three I don’t see Adam being the final HOH. Of the three of them Rachel will win part one, part two is usually physical and Adam hasn’t done well with physical comps. Jordon therefore should win that. Which means Rachel and Jordon battling out final two. Which may work for Adam if Jordon evicts Rachel which I think he will.

  42. If Adam takes Porsche, I think the votes will be,

    Adam J/J/R/B/S
    Porsche K/D

    If he takes Jordan:

    Adam D/K/P
    Jordan J/R/B/S

    If he takes Rachel

    Adam D/K/P
    Rachel J/J/B/R

    Shelly want to be friends with J/J. Theyt will never be friends with her outside the house. They are not perfect, but her true colors are bad

    Jordan and rachel will always vote with Jeff and Brendan. K might would vote to keep Jordan, but she will do what Dani does. She follows losers and Dani has never won. The best she has done is 2nd place.

    Bad player Adam’s worst position will possible be 2nd place with a chance at a win. It depends on how the final 3 competitions go. Good players Dani, Jeff and Brendan will wait in the losers, I mean jury house. I do not care who wins between Adam, Rachel, and Jordan. I just wish Porsche was gone. Wonder who Adam will nominate? Veto is super important this week.

    Rachel and Jordan nominated. Either win veto, come down, Por goes up. Whoever came down J or R only vote and votes out Por.

    Rachel and Por nominated. Either wins veto and Jordan goes up. Rachel wins votes out Por. Por wins votes out Jordan.

    Jordan and Por nominated. Either win veto, Rachel goes up. Por only voter, Jordan goes home. Jor only voter, Por goes home.

    If non nominated person wins veto, I guess it stays the same since nobody is there to put anyone up. It seems in the past, Julie just ask on air, “since you are the ony vote, who do you want to evict”

    1. If he takes Rachel

      Adam D/K/P
      Rachel J/J/B/R

      Hey Christy, I did something like this too. In this scenario tho you have Rachel voting for Rachel and Shelly isn’t on here. I think because she hates Rachel so much that Shelly will vote for Adam. I honestly don’t see Rachel doing better than the #2 slot in any scenario, but we’ll all find out next week.

  43. I don’t know if this has already been asked/posted- but what is the schedule for the rest of the show? We have a show tonight, tomorrow and then when? And what is going to take place on each show? Also, a big THANK-YOU to this site for providing so much information and doing so much work to keep all us crazy fans entertained. :)

  44. People keep commenting that Jordan rode people’s coat tails. However she is the ony past winner in the house. If she rides coat tails, Dani rode her dads reputation. Dani is already a loser and in the jury house. The best she could do her season was come in 2nd to her dad and she would have been out sooner if not for him. She thought ser had him beat until the jury started questioning and by her own admission. she then realized she was going to lose to Dick. She went in this year to gather a group with her and only 3 people went with her. Then she got Dom evicted while claiming to be his friend.

    Everybody has rode coat tails. Maybe Jordan has done it more or just out in the open more, but she is still there, and they are gone. I did not want a vet to win at first, but the newbies have played badly. Glad Adam is still there, especially after Kalia and Shelly came down on him. Guess they can talk about him in the loser house with Dani. If you follow a loser, you just might lose.

    1. Dani actually won competitions, unlike Jordan who has been lazy, hiding behind Jeff and Rachel’s coattails this season. Last season she won by default. E.D. won because of America’s Player and help from Dani. At least give credit where credit due. Nobody ever handed Dani a HOH.

        1. Yes she is!!

          Jordan should have been evicted early on in the game given her win last year. The houseguests made a huge mistake in allowing her to make it this far because there is a good chance she will win. Ouch!!!

  45. Great job and thx Simon and Dawg. This is possibly the last BB. Julie Chen was on Craig Fergussen and said it depends on ratings if there will be a BB14.
    She didn’t seem too confident that the show will continue. So for those who deny production is not fixing BB13 ‘suck it’. Bye-bye BB.

  46. What a depressing season! I really don’t care anymore who wins, because none of them deserve it. Rachel does not deserve to win because she wouldn’t still be there if:
    1) She entered the house on her own and didn’t have a boyfriend to keep her safe by winning POVs and smoothe over the waters when she pissed people off.
    2) Added to the above, she behaved like a bully when she won competitions and a whining hot mess when she lost. Very bad social game.
    3) If CBS hadn’t thrown in a game changing twist so late in the game. Usually that kind of twist happens when the first juror is voted out (Coup de etat was granted when Ronnie was up for eviction and was used the following week making Jessie first member of the jury, Last year Matt got the diamond veto and used it to make Kathy second jury member. This year the twist was introduced at final 6 and it saved Rachel/Jordan and ruined the newbies momentum. Otherwise, Jordan would have gone home.
    4) She won the first competition because Dick and Dani threw it to her. Dani could have won it, but she knew it was smarter to not win and get early blood on her hands. The second competition she beat Brendon, so either way she would have won and then she sucked at competitions until after Dani and Jeff left and there were no hard competitors left. It’s easy to win when your opponents suck. Sure, she won the POV but honestly. She already won a competition like that this year (even tho it was thrown to her) and there was no way Adam, Shelly, Kahlia and Jordan could have outlasted her. Only Porsche had a chance at that one. So really, she only beat one competitor.

    5) If Rachel is still there, she can thank Shelly and Kalia. Shelly for convincing Kalia to keep her and Kahlia for being stupid enough to vote out her own partner and a vote for her own side.
    6) The utterly predictable competitions and order of competitions favor people that have played before, as opposed to people like Porsche who haven’t really even watched before. This season the comps were set up to favor certain contestants, and Rachel was at the top of this list.

    I rate players on game play, and I agree, Rachel is the strongest at competitions left in the house, but that doesn’t make her a great player. If she makes it to the end with anyone but Jordan, she is assured the win, but only because everyone else sucked worse than her. If that happens I hope she takes her winnings and disappears into the real world and we never see Brenchel on our TVs again.

    I was on Team Shelly most of the year. She played hard from the starting gates and it wasn’t even her lies that caught up with her. It was a stupid twist that did her in. Dani and Shelly were the only ones deserving of making it to the end and both are gone. I also hope JJ goes away to that place where all washed up reality stars go. I wish them the best, but I don’t want to see them again. But I hoped Season 10 would be the end of Jessie, and we all know how that went. CBS should stop the pretence that this is a game and just put old HGs on salary to play out predetermined scenarios in the house to please the viewers. They have already proven that they care more about the ratings and the prime time family viewers than they do about the super fan and feed watcher. The feeds were a total waste this year.

    The only scenario that won’t make me throw up in my mouth is Porsche and Adam at the end with Porsche winning. But unless Adam turns out to be smarter than a brain dead idiot, he will end up final 3 with Rachel and Jordan and last person to be voted out. The only way Rachel and Jordan could make it to the end was in a house full of starstruck morons.

  47. I hope Jordan goes next. I cannot watch her call someone a floater, or accuse people of sleeping all the time – when she does it too. I hate the way she yanks at her hair constantly! She has already won once by some miracle. I’d like to see Adam, Rachel, and Porche in the final three. I do agree that Adam’s best shot at winning $500,000 is to take Porche – otherwise Rachel will take it. Rachel worked the hardest in this game, and the jury will see that.

  48. I now know for sure that BB is rigged. First it was “rigged” for Daniele, then it was “rigged” for Jeff and Jordan, then it was “rigged” for Rachel. Now it’s “rigged” for Adam. When the finally HOH is won, then it will be rigged for that person too.

  49. OMG ~ Adam as HOH is a SHOCKERRRR! This guy is so pumped up to win BB13 is it unbelievable. He can’t win again Jordan and would be a fool to NOT put her on the block. He said that if he won HOH he was going to put up Jordan and Porsche and that Jordan would have to win Veto to pull herself off the block. One can only think he has made a deal w/Rac to keep her safe this week as the out-going HOH. I personally would love for RAC to win Veto and leave the nominations the same so she has the sole vote as to who the final 3 are. Rac can beat Adam and Jor in comps. Adam needs to think really hard about the jury votes before making his decision. The sole vote will determine who he is playing for final 2 and a potential vote(s) @ finale. He may have a better chance again Sleepy Porsche and it makes me sick to even have her in the finale (her or Jordan). Adam thinks he is a hard-core competitor so if he sticks to that mind-set then he will want RAC in the finale. Adam, Adam, Adam can vote how he wants to. If a vet doesn’t win the Veto then one is going to Jury. If Jordan won (as mentioned above) then I wouldn’t be surprised if she cuts RAC out the loop, especially if she voted to keep Kalia in the house. How dumb!

  50. Is this Big Brother or Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader? I think its the latter just look at the Final 4. Adam may have won but he doesnt have any balls to make a big game move. His nose has been up J/J’s b—s ever since the game started. Can you say flip-flopper! After Porsche’s pandora’s box & the duo twist that saved J/R I dont know if Ill watch the show again. I saw that twist as a way to save Jordan & thats that!

  51. I hope Cassi, Dom, Keith, Lawon, and Evel Dick call the house guests out during the season finale.


    1. Adam’s lame game play.. MAJOR FLOATER!!!
    2. I hope they tell Jeff and Jordan that Rachel and Brendon tried to get them out of the house countless times. So they can realize that this is a game and that Shelly wasn’t only person that wanted them gone.
    3. I hope Jeff’s “honest game play” is called out. He lied just as much as other house guests.
    4. I hope someone calls out Jordan lame game play…ONE HOH WOW!!
    5. I hope someone tells Dani that she didn’t play as well as she thinks.
    6. I hope someone tells Kalia that trusting Jordan/Jeff , jacked up her game.
    7. I hope someone calls Shelly out on her lying all the time.

  52. Everyone seems to forget that Adam did vote with the newbies when Keith got evicted. It was Shelly and Kaliah who went with the vets. If Adam makes it to the final 2 I hope he wins. If Kaliah and Porsha wanted a newbie to win , then why align with vets? Not a Adam fan but, just observing.

  53. This hoh doesn’t really matter, like Adam is only safe for the week, whoever wins the pov gets the cast the vote to evect, unless if Adam wins,

  54. I am looking but haven’t found who Adam nominated. If it is true that Jordan won POV, then obviously Por and Rach are up there. I cannot see Jor voting out rach. She really likes her now and seems to stick to her friends.

  55. Today on Rigged Brother
    The house is a buzz with the recent events concerning the fortune teller.
    Rachel and Jordan are in the HOH room Rachel says “it’s funny watching them run to the fortune teller every time it makes a noise” Jordan says “yeah it kinda reminds me of my cats when I put them in the dryer and then let them out” Rachel says “how many cats do you have” Jordan says “you know that ain’t fair I can’t count” Rachel apologizes to her and asks ” what are you doing with the money” Jordan says that “first thing is to buy some cat litter, then find a hit man and take care of Dani ,buy some food and probably spend the rest on Jeff” Rachel asks “you mean take him on trips” Jordan says “no he charges me $350 a day to hang out, what are you going to do with it” Rachel says “red dye, alcohol and have Brendon implanted with a tracking chip” Jordan says “I told Adam we can share Jeff, that way if he wins HOH I won’t go up” Rachel asks “why would Adam win, are you and AG having conversation without me” Rachel feels that maybe Jordan and AG have a final two deal ” Jordan says “didn’t AG tell you that BB just wants to screw with the fans one more time” Rachel says “I’m so sorry Jordan I should of known that you can’t think for yourself, I love being the star of my own show, the other house guests say this season is rigged and all I can say is it sucks to be you, I’d listen if you had to compete like me and Jordan” Jordan says that she loves to compete and how this year before the show she prepared by entering the Special Olympics and says “people don’t know how hard it was competing with them, they are almost super human, I only beat the blind girl because Jeff put a chair in her way”
    Mean while at the Jury House, Dani, Jeff and Brendon finally have agreed on something for the first time this season and are barricading the doors, Brendon says “I’m enjoying being normal, for the first time in a long time my testicles are dropping again and I don’t itch down there, I’m having nightmares about cackling Treasure Trolls” Jeff says “when my fans came and took Shelly I was kinda scared, most were missing teeth and had not showered a couple of months some even had cats on leashes, Dude if Jordan don’t win I’m gone and I’m afraid of what they will do to me” Dani says “I’d leave if they would let me.

  56. Big Brother is my favorite of all the reality game shows. I like it better than Survivor or Amazing Race. Worst season for me was Season 6. Worst player ever was a tie bewteen Ivette and April. Ivette took Maggie because she felt loyal and threw away her chance to win and ended up with 2nd place. She said her dad was furious. Even the jury called her out on choosing loyalty to someone she knew 6 weeks over family. April because she was so fake. I remember when she made a crack about all of America beings fools or dumb or something like that. They played it back when she was on jury at the final 2 vote and she was very embarrassed. I think that season and season 4, Jun against Allison, had the most disliked players. The jury was brutal both times.

    Usually the jury congratulates the winners. But those seasons, especially 4, it was not even exciting. They were congratulated cooly. Usually win or lose, it is not like that.

    1. I like Survivor and Amazing Race a little more than Big Brother for one in Amazing Race you have to win Completions to advance not just sit on your ass and get carried by your alliance, Survivor because the comps are UNPREDICTABLE, while in BB all the 85% of the comps are expected by the HGs if they watched past seasons, while the rest are extremely easy questions. If Production put more time in the completion instead of prettying up the place and putting in those corny twists, maybe they could think of completions that the HG can’t predict, and be ready for. I could give some great ideas for completions.

  57. final twist…bring Lawon back with a super power, or Keith with his game flow chart.
    This is the worst big brother season ever.

    Cast sucked – booooooooooring.
    Game sucked – how many times can you recycle the same crappy contests?
    manipulation sucked – it is clear the producers ultimately have a large part in deciding who wins based on ratings.

    I kinda don’t blame Chima for self-evicting now, as much as I thought is was a chicken shit move when she did it.
    Perhaps she just got tired of production rigging the game?

  58. Porsche chose to open the pandora box, so that does not make the show “fixed”. She could have left it unopened but she chose to open it.

  59. wow nvr thought i would say it, but Rachel for the win…….. she is getting married so themoney can come in handy, and she played the hardest. Honestly, the final 3 should have been Jeff, Dani, & Rach

  60. I pity those who developed too much hate on their nerves because of this show. lol. I don’t like Kalia but we crack up everytime, me and hubby sees Kalia talking. Her lips are so annoying it’s not funny, but she did make us laugh! This is just a show. There are several other houseguests that I don’t like but I never reached to a point where I got so mad. Life is too good and busy to be bothered so much by a mere, tv show. lmao. Also, whoever is left and how they played their game to reach the end doesn’t matter. What matters to them as a player is how they make it to the end. Even “not” doing anything is hard work if you think it wisely. To be able to survive that long requires special ability may it be natural or special ability. Let us not forget that they are all casted for who they are. It is not Rachels fault she is a better competitor nor it’s Jordan’s for being cute and nice. It is not Adam’s fault he was casted for being a super fan who knows his game very well. To have survived a long time wether you are a weak or strong player are no different because what matters most is, they made it to the end and therefore, deserve to have a fair chance of winning the game. I still like Rachel to win but it’s now up to the Jury.

  61. The difference being that Jordan was eligible to compete all season, while Porsche was only able to compete after week 4. So Porsche won as many comps as Jordan with half the opportunity. Porsche also was on her own, while Jordan had Jeff and Rachel’s coat tails to hang on to.

    1. Porche had a free ride for 4 weeks. No stress of going home, no making enemies by going against anyone. She just ate, tanned and was able to be friendly to who she wanted to be friendly to.
      Having the golden key sounds MUCH easier than the stress the rest of the houseguests went through.

      1. A blessing and a curse. She played it right. Dani’s demise was because she didn’t lie low until the golden key was over, because she went to play the game hard. What was Porsche supposed to do? Get herself evicted instead of Keith to not have to be sidelined with the golden key? How could she have played it any differently?

        1. If by “played it right” you mean sleeping and eating all day, and following other people’s orders, then yeah she played it right. But awarding someone with 500,000 or 50,000 for that would make me vomit. I want her to leave thursday so badly.

          The only person on Dani’s side that deserved to win is Dani. And since that’s not an option, I don’t want to see Porsche reep all the benefits from Dani’s gameplay and strategy. To this day, Porsche is still doing stuff that Dani told her to do, she’s not playing her game, she’s playing Danis. But she’s not gonna give the money to Dani is she? No. Thats why it would be MESSED up if she won. She would be lost if Dani didn’t tell her what to do, because she can’t think for herself. I would respect her if she made her own decisions, but she does things based on what Dani told her to do. She’s a child.

          1. So what was she supposed to do? Make herself unpopular and piss people off enough to be the first one out when the immunity was gone? Why wouldn’t she take advice from someone who made it to the end, no less from Evel Dicks daughter? How is she playing Dani’s game? Dani is gone, so how is that? She used her POV to get Jeff out. Sure, Dani would have done the same thing, but anyone with a brain who was not in Jeff’s inner circle would have done it. She used her HOH well, her mistake was opening Pandora’s box, but again, nominating RJ was the only smart thing to do. I don’t overlook the faults of my favorites, nor do I overlook the strengths of the people I don’t like. It’s a game and I will give credit where it’s due and call out BS no matter where I smell it.

      1. No, Rachel latched onto Porsche and then turned on her. Porsche went out on a limb and voted to keep Brendon against the house and Rachel didn’t even thank her, she turned on her. Porsche was loyal to Rachel up to that point, and then she went to the other side because she had no choice. That was Rachel’s doing.

        1. Exactly. Then when Brendan came back in the house, JJASR were all dancing around excluding Porshe who was the only one actually voted for the fool. I felt bad for Porshe, and hope she gets at least second place, if not the whole thing.

  62. He is my postion. I am not going to reveal who my favorites are. I am just going to say my thoughts…

    Even though Rachel is annoying, she played the best physical game. But socially, she is not the best. She acts on emotion and she does not ever think of jury votes in those exit messages….

    Jordan is not the best physical player at all. But she has made all the right decisions when she has needed to in both season 11 and this season. She may have a dumb exterior, but this girl WON season 11 and has a STRONG chance of winning this season. She deserves credit.

    Adam…oh Adam. He is a fan. True. But the guy has won an HOH, 2 vetos (kinda), and a possibility to win another HoH. So he hasn’t been that much of a waste of life. He obviously had to play somewhat of a good social game if he survived 3 Nominations.

    You can call people floaters like Adam and Jordan. And you can say Rachel is heartless and lacks good social game. Either way, they all have their pros as to why they should win.

  63. *Brennan* is going to be disappointed by the fact that Rachel burned all her bridges. I don’t think there’s much of a chance she’ll win $500K. If Porsche goes next and I hope she does, and it comes down to a Rachel vs Jordan finale here are the votes:

    Shelly – Jordan
    Porsche – Rachel
    Kalia – Jordan
    Jeff – Jordan
    Adam – Jordan
    Brendan – Rachel
    Dani – she’s the wild card but it doesn’t matter at this point

    If it’s Rachel vs Porsche here are the votes:

    Kalia – Porsche
    Jeff – Rachel
    Jordan – Rachel
    Adam – Porsche
    Dani – Porsche
    Brendan – Rachel
    Shelly – Porsche

    If it’s Rachel vs Adam here are the votes:

    Kalia – Adam
    Porsche – Adam
    Dani – Adam (now that he’s won some things I think she would prefer voting for a newbie)
    Brendan – Rachel
    Shelly – Adam
    Jeff – Rachel ( being conservative but don’t assume both he and Jordan will vote for Rachel. they may split their votes)
    Jordan – Rachel

    1. This is the most realistic voting scenario I’ve seen so far. I think that whatever chance Rachel had for a Dani vote evaporated with her rumored nasty post eviction GB to Kalia. It’s one thing to talk shit on the live feeds, but you don’t go on network and do it; that’s poor sportsmanship.

  64. I really dont get involved in these discussions but everyone says that Jordan had her HOH handed to her. Who is to say that Jeff or Brendon woyld have done better. She did a good shot and last week she almost beat P. It is immature to call people dumb or fat or whatever u guys call them. Its a game show nothing more

    1. I agree. And I read on another site that the she was tied for this HOH with Adam (I heard he won by 6 while Jordan had 5 points). So it’s not like she sucks like everyone’s trying to say, she’s been second in all of the recent HOHs

  65. I don’t understand everyone’s confusion. Here is the EXACT vote pattern.

    Brendon: Rachel over Jordon over Adam over Porshe.
    Jeff: Jordan over (Tie) Rachel/Adam over Porshe.
    Shelly: Jordan over Porshe over Adam over Rachel.
    Kalia: Porshe over Jordan over Adam over Rachel.

    (Assuming that Kalia is gone.)

    Porshe: Adam over Jordan over Rachel.
    Adam: Jordan over Porshe over Rachel.
    Rachel: Jordan over Porshe over Adam.
    Jordon: (Tie) Adam/Rachel over Porshe.

    Dani: (AKA: The ultimate hypocrite.) Porshe over Jordon over Adam over Osama Bin Laden over Rachel.
    (Note: This would/will be her vote, even if Rachel finds a cure for cancer,)

  66. If cowlia is gone that is brilliant. next porch. team adam -jord-rach wirh adam for the win. he deserves it because he kept under the radar the whole season. (and i don’t care if he was a floater because he floated to top 3) he never started any shit or back stabbed (the way macho man shelHE did) so yeah go adam float all the way to the bank (with 500K) okay don’t play :)

  67. I just got a message from Julie!!

    The winner of BB13 has been determined. First place goes to production based on BIG game moves. Second place goes to production as well for being able to dupe certain viewers into believing that their scheme ($10,000) to get Porsche to open Pandora’s box —– in order to give both R&J a chance to stay in the game —– was legitimate. The $550,000 will be divided equally between all the riggers even though they produced the worst BB ever.

    Production FTW YO!

  68. I pity those who developed too much hate on their nerves because of this show. lol. I don’t like Kalia but we crack up everytime, me and hubby sees Kalia talking. Her lips are so annoying it’s not funny, but she did make us laugh! This is just a show. There are several other houseguests that I don’t like but I never reached to a point where I got so mad. Life is too good and busy to be bothered so much by a mere, tv show. lmao. Also, whoever is left and how they played their game to reach the end doesn’t matter. What matters to them as a player is how they make it to the end. Even “not” doing anything is hard work if you think it wisely. To be able to survive that long requires special ability may it be natural or special ability. Let us not forget that they are all casted for who they are and their unique personalities. It is not Rachels fault she is a better competitor nor it’s Jordan’s for being cute and nice. It is not Adam’s fault he was casted for being a super fan who knows his game very well. To have survived a long time, wether you are a weak or strong player are no different because what matters most is, they made it to the end and deserves to have a fair chance of winning the game. I still like Rachel to win but it’s now up to the Jury.

    1. If you are basing it on who wins the most comps , which I think a lot of people here are, absolutely Rachel should win. With that said, I DESPISE Rachel. I think she is a terrible person and I personally do not want to see someone like her win. But that doesn’t mean I can deny the fact that she’s a fierce competitor.

  69. I couldn’t agree more – never thought I’d be cheering for Rachel but she’s earned the win this season. Jordon, on the other hand, has been lazy, riding Jeff and now Rachel’s coattails to get this far and deserves nothing. Stupidity is not cute nor is Jordon’s sense of entitlement.

  70. Dani got a free pass thru the first of the game because Dick left. If Dick had stayed, he, Jeff, and Brendan would have run the game. When he left, Dani saw that she would not be the leader, so she wanted her own group. However, most people decided not to follow her. Kalia did not stick with the newbies in the beginning and neither did Shelly. Even if Jeff and Jordan would have kept Brendan it would have been a tie, and HOH would have sent Brendan out. Other than that, they stuck together. Dani can not play with a large group. She wants to be in charge. She has never won the game so she has a lot to learn. Kalia is wrong for following Dani even after she left. Dani told Por and Kal every move to make. When she left, they should have played a different game.

    1. What different game should they have played? They took out Jeff, flipped the house and had Jordan and Rachel on the block with one of them guaranteed to go home. Perfect moves. The BS twist that saved Jordan was what ended the game for them, not any of their moves.. They made the right plays, they just weren’t the right people.

  71. Jordain FTW! She’s going to win based on the same gameplay that won her
    the 500K before. This season is horrible. The worst yet!

  72. These crappy HGs got me wanting for Survivor a little more. Hope they get better next season no more past HGs until all-stars and please no recent past HGs, I would like to see the others too.

  73. If rumors are true then jordon won the pov and porche will be evicted because i don’t see jordon turning on rachel the only way i see porche staying is if porche wins the pov

  74. On “Getting Schooled With Ragan” today, Ragan was grading the houseguests. He talked about Rachel’s negative good-bye messages. Howie, who was a guest, said that BB Production has the HGs record a good and bad message (at least in his season) and that Production would determine what to air.

  75. Wait a second – tonight’s show is live. How can everyone know who won what when it has not happened yet? Am I missing something?

  76. From someone that has watched every season, this is the worst season ever. YUK, don’t like anyone that is left, CBS has manipulated the entire game.

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