Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Porsche Briggs Wins POV

9:04pm Feeds are back. Jordan is in the candy room packing. Adam, Porsche and Rachel are playing cards in the HOH.
Adam is talking about his HOH blog saying that he hopes that all the fans have enjoyed the season and he can’t wait to watch Big Brother next year. He also hopes that what he’s accomplished to be big brother inspires others, “Shout out to the Big BRother Fan sites.. Big BRother fans are the best”
Adam: “Hey Hoboken we have the cake boss now we’re going to have the Bacon boss”

(Hmm Jordan doesn’t have the POV she’s packing)

Adam was worried that Dani would hide his cigarettes before she was evicted so he hid them. POrsche: “What!” rachel: “Why did Dani hide stuff?” Adam says he was told it was because her and Kalia and Dani wanted to throw people off before the HOH.

Adam says he will give Jordan the stuffed clown if she goes home tomorrow…
(Jordan does not have the POV and it sounds like Rachel and Jordan are up)

9:27pm Porsche is saying her father has been married 4 times.. Adam: “So basically they got married had you and had a divorce” Porsche: “Yeah pretty much”
Rachel asks her if she gets along with her mother. POrsche doesn’t really talk to her much.

9:32pm All Cams on the HOH room Porsche, Adam and Rachel are all in pretty good spirits… (either the POV hasn’t been played or it has and Jordan doesn’t have it)

They start talking about the final 3 endurance comp.. Rachel explains Jordan’s.

9:38pm Rachel: “You guys don’t need to pack until NEXT Thursday congratulations”


9:35pm Jordan ironing

9:52pm HOH Adam and POrsche, Rachel in the HOH bathroom Adam is telling Porsche that it all came down to having to win the comp. IN order to survive Porsche needed the comp and she won it. POrsche says she’s leaning towards getting Jordan out. Adam also thinks they should keep Rachel and Send Jordan home because she’s already won the game before he would rather someone new get a chance.

Prosche asks him if she’s allowed to say whose she’s voting out. Adam says just say you are thinking about it. Porsche: “OK I’m leaning towards her” (Jordan).. (Production over the loud Speaker answers Porsche questions “NO”)


(Jordan and Porsche were nominated but Porsche won the POV so Rachel is going up on the block tomorrow and Porsche gets to decide which one is going home.. Then The 3 remaining houseguests compete in the first or 3 HOH comps. The first one is usually endurance.

10:14pm HOH JARP They are talking about Technically POrshce is still on the block. JOrdan is assuming she’s going home and asks them if her and Kalia will go to the Jury house together or is Kalia already there. Adam tells her there’s no guarantee Jordan is going home, “Porsche could pull a Marcellas and not use the veto”

10:24pm Jordan leaves the HOH and starts to nap

10:45pm HOH RAP Porsche is acting like she is going to vote out Porsche (Porsche is saying things like “When She goes home tomorrow” and “Do you think she will get a long interview”). Adam sighs and keeps correcting her to not be so obvious.

10:48pm HOH RAP Adam: “out of 7 women on big brother 13 only 2 had natural boobs”
Adam: “Who has a bigger crush on Janelle Me, rachel or Dick.. because he was BLANK googling at her when she hosted a comp in his season”

10:54pm JOrdan turns the lights off and goes to sleep.. RAP still playing cards in HOH.. Posche says she feels awkward with “her” down there and them up in HOH.

11:01pm HOH Rachel and Adam Porsche called to the DR Jordan sleeping…
Rachel asks him if he’s had a good summer. Adam: “My summer isn’t over” Rachel: “We’ll you have one more week”. Adam: “From the sounds of things it looks like it’s us three.. which is awesome” POrsche comes back and and asks them what they are talking about. RA jokes say they are plotting Porsche’s demise.

POrsche is saying that she wasn’t involved an any big fights that will be on the internet, She’s bummed out because of it. Rachel doesn’t understand why Porsche wants to be on the internets fighting. Adam explains that the fights are what people remembers. HE brings up his fight with Shelly and JEff, “ANSWER THE QUESTION SHELLY JUST ANSWER THE QUESTION”

They start talking about Rachel’s fight with Shelly in the “ROYJBIV” room. Rachel mentions how She was trying to tell everyone shelly was lying but it didn’t seem like other people were believing her. RP explain some of Shelly lies and how she would go back and forth with all the different groups in the house. Adam: “She was good you gotta give her credit”

11:28pm HOH RAP They’re all joking about how shelly was fooling everyone and how they think she was America’s Player (They are joking) Adam brings up how he would go to bed and in the bed beside him was Shelly and KAlia whispering about him. He wanted to say something to them like maybe they should keep there plotting against him to when he’s not in the room.

11:55pm HOH RAP talking about the season and playing cards. Jordan sleeping

12am – 12:40am Adam, Porsche and Rachel are still up in the HOH room playing cards and talking about random stuff. Adam brings up his HOH competition he thought up, where each houseguest is drawn and they choose who to punch to knock out of the competition. Adam says jokingly that he would chose Jordan because he has already made her cry twice before. Rachel starts talking about swearing on the live show and wonders if she just got beeped out. Adam says that they have a seven second delay and just cut it out. Porsche says that she swore on the last live show. The card game ends and Adam says alright … get out of my room! Rachel says wow! Adam says not trying to be mean …I’m just tired and its my last night in the HOH room. They all head downstairs. Rachel tells Adam that this might not be his last night in there. Porsche says yes it is. Adam takes a look at how the re-do of his tie dye shirt turned out. Rachel and Porsche laugh about how Adam told them to get out of his room. Adam says sorry for my rudeness but goodnight… Adam heads back up to the HOH room. Rachel and Porsche start getting ready for bed. After they brush their teeth. Rachel starts quickly cleaning the bathroom. Porsche talks about how through the whole game she was hoping to make it to jury, then hoping to make it by each week, then making it to the final three. They leave the bathroom and Porsche notices that they are still banging in the backyard. Porsche says it is going to be intense! Rachel whispers to Porsche to make sure she stays on. Porsche and Rachel head to the candy room and go to bed..

12:40am All the houseguests are now trying to sleep… Adam listens to his cd for awhile then goes to sleep.

10am All of the houseguests are still sleeping .. no wakeup call yet..

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ARG!! Why Porche! AG must have fallen asleep at work to let this happen!!!


there is no way porche is dumb enough to take Rachel to final 3, especially with an endurance coming up, Sorry Rachel you came so close!


luckily, RachelsBaby, I think she (Porsche) is….


If Porsche and Adam are dumb enough to take Rachel to the final 3, Rachel is going to win it all.

Her best bet is to take Jordan, and hope she does not win the final competition.


If Porsche takes Jordan to the final 3 and Jordan makes it to the final 2, She does have the votes in the jury house to win it all:


But i think Porsche should WOULD BE SMART TO TAKE THE RISK.


Taking Rachel makes sense as being in F2 with her or Adam almost ensures Porsche wins BB13

Against Rachel jury votes could be


Against Adam its pretty much a clean sweep. Either way…



I don’t think Adam is a guaranteed vote against Rachel. He’s told Shelly a couple of times if Rachel gets to the finals he would have to vote for her since she had been a target the whole game and is still there.

I also don’t think Dani is a guaranteed vote for Porche either. She talks about it being a game and used that to try and calm Jeff down with his fight against Shelly. I think if she sees Rachel in the final two, she would vote for her.


Don’t be naive. I dont think Dani is about to forget that even after seeming to have had a deal with Rachel, to keep Dani in the house Rachel’s vote kicked her out, and her Good bye message was not exactly friendly. I think they will always take things personally. Thats why i think its a good move to get rid of Jordan, that takes away the neutral aspect.


LOL, Who’s being naive? Dani has respect for the game, as a game. I would assume she would have respect to who played the game the best and that has to be Rachel who had her back against the wall the entire season. Forget the goodbye messages, everyone know Rachel will be Rachel.


its ROYGBIV… haven’t you ever studied that in class – it’s the colors of the rainbow… red orange yellow green blue indigo violet… I’m not sure what the J is supposed to mean… Jaundice?


I doubt Adam would vote for Porsche over Rachel. And I think everyone is assuming Dani will vote newbie… but she could surprise us!


I think Dani is too angry of a person to think straight. Did you guys see her in the jury house….she is one bitter girl! Too bad, I think behind all that anger is a decent person.

I hope Rachel goes to the end. She deserves to win.


Really??? You think Dani is bitter? Come on now are you just blind and cant see Jeff acting like a ass? Now he is one bitter person. Jeff, Brendan, and Dani have been in the jury house for a week now and they seem to be getting along fine, and then Jeff gets mad because Dani keeps reminding him that its a game and he snaps on her talking bout “your just mad I got you out”… Really after a week of everything being cool he has to go there? Grow up man…. And realize it really is just a game. Jeff needs to realize no matter how much of an ass he is too everyone its not going to change the fact that he is no longer in the running for the 500k.

Rachel is Vile

BBFAN. Are you high? Who in that jury house is bitter? That would Be Jeff. He is a little bitch. Dani is thinking very straight and Porsche does deserve it. She won two Vetos and an HOH. Rachel was given hr first HOH by Dani who trusted her. Then Rachel takes out Dominic because she doesn’t want Dani to have a partner like she does. And even though Rachel is competitive she is both a sore loser and winner and nasty yo anyone who threatens her. Porsche has not been nasty in this game. She was on Rachels side until Rachel threw her under the bus when Brendan came back in the house.


wow what feeds have you been watching? Porche is the one who wanted to hit Rachel in the stomach when they thought she was pregnant. You’re right that’s a nice lady there in the making. NOT.

Everything you said about Rachel is basically Dani, Shelley, Porche and Kalia. If you want, I’ll post all the links here for what Porche said nasty things about Rachel.


@Rachel is vile, I so agree with everything you’ve said. Jeff is a little bitch! Anyone who is smart would have kicked his soul patch having ass to the curb to better their chances at getting further in the game. And lets not start on Rachels nagging, sourpuss, flaky, nice to get her way then back stab your ass bitch!!! UGH!


Well there is no reason to assume otherwise.

Adam would never in this world pick Rachel over Jordan or Porshe or Jeff or Shelly. I dont think they bonded in anyway. He put Jordan and Porshe up so that it wouldn’t be him evicting either one. He has avoided making the big moves he has played safe all season. He told both of them he would put them up and that they would have to play for the POV to stay. if you ask me his plan worked. according to all the predictions its either Jordan or Porshe for POV in either case Rachel would go up and its up to the pov winner to decide who they consider a bigger threat come final three or two.

if Memory or question comps are over Adam has no other chance he is out after Jordan. In my opinion the two have been biggest floaters(or should i say free riders, given Jordan kept to her alliance to this bitter end)




The way I c it, Porshe will keep rachel, because she thinks that rachel and adam will both bring her to the final 2, bascially guaranteeing her a spot. but if jordan is there and she wins, she wont bring her.


Adam and Shelly will vote for Rachel over Porsche


Porsche will not go back on her words to evict Rachel. She will evict Jordan or she looses two jury votes Rachel and Brendon. She promised Rachel in case of a tie, keep her and she will not vote her out. If she does, she looses a friend and two votes and did not do as she promised Rachel.


I can imagine Rachel saying: “I hate to be a bitch, but, didn’t Jordan just vote to evict Porsche? And didn’t I just break the tie to keep Porsche in the Final Four?”

Just sayin. Adam FTW.


I honestly don’t think Porsche would win against any of the other three houseguests, but if she wants to win the final HOH, I think her best bet is to get rid of Rachel. The endurance competition is basically hers to win if Rachel’s gone.


You’re crazy if you think she doesn’t win against Adam. She has a shot against Jordan as well.


I agree with you!! Jordan is the best bet to go against to beat. In the end, I don’t think anyone would give her the money twice. But I think Porshe will listen to Adam and take Rachel. I don’t care who Adam is sitting next to in the final 2…I want him to NOT to win. He is so arrogant!!! The reason he let Kalia beg for him to use the veto wasn’t because he was trying to keep it quiet…he did it for the power trip. I know he couldn’t tell her out right what he was going to do, but he could have said he knows what she is saying and he will think about it. The smug look on his face when she talked to him made me want to punch him. Don’t get me wrong…Kalia was annoying as hell!


Adam’s not arrogant, he’s just an asshole.


I think she may keep Rachael if she is thinking what Dani said to her about taking Rachael to the final two because no one liked her enough to give her the money. Dani told Porche that everyone hates Rachael and no one would vote for her to the money. This is probably what she’s thinking and I hope so because I think they’re wrong, I think they may vote for her to get the money. If Dani is true to her words claiming she respects the game then she will vote for Rachael. We’ll see but I just hope she goes to the end and on to the WIN!


If it’s Rachel vs Porsche in the final 2, I think Rachel wins 5-2.

Rachel gets Jeff Jordan Brendon Adam and Shelly.

Porsche gets Kalia Dani

chief c

i agree one hundred percent how could anyone like her or not say she didnt play well
ovaries to the wall rachel you are somethimg


If Rachel makes final two she will take it all! 7-0.


Kalia might vote for Rachel because Kalia admitted that she has done Rachel a lot of wrong.


I do not know however, if Porsche and Rachel, Rachel wins it. Shelly will be influenced by Jordan to vote for Rachel. This is a long shot but I will not be surprised tor a land slide vote to Rachel if they vote on the game played. We will see, I will probably be called are you “crazy” ? LOL


She will keep Rachel as she already told Adam that she will vote out Jordan before because of the deal she made with Rachel to keep her instead of Kalia.

BB Fan

I think Adam is Ok and that is a very small okay. I am rooting for Rachel. But yes, Jeff was a total Jerk. Dani had way more class about going to the jury house than Jeff did and I am not a fan of Dani’s. She was just like “oh well, we are here because of me. I screwed up my game”. Jeff still rambles on how he deserved to be there and he is pissed at the world. Tough break Jeff. It is a game, Shelly did what she thought was best for HER game, not yours.


Well said…. I agree 100%…


I dont know what the stats are but Porshe has played really well given everything.

She has won equally as many comps as Rachel, besides winning when it was important, like the POV that got rid of jeff, and now this POV that saves her and gets rid of Jordan. The two favorites for the 500K. (Do you notice how she makes sure no body spends all summer writing JJ the check. Well taught Go Team Dani.) Not to mention the HOH that sent Shelly out. Shelly might be bitter about Porsche, but against Adam or Rachel I think she will vote Porsche without thinking to much. I don’t know how many times Shelly tried to get Adam to vote one way or the other in vain.

if its about Game I think she has done well without getting herself a whole load of enemies like Rachel did. She doesn’t have to sit and hope that people vote on merit of the game. And even if its about game, She has enough to show for it. she came second in most of all the first competitions and won those that really counted and got rid of key people. who would never in this world vote to give her the money. That is JJ.

Rachel played personal, getting revenge with those that came between her and her man Brendon. Now she will wish she had been kinder or more strategic in her good bye messages. There was no need to rub it in everyones face. it sucks to come all the way to final three or two and you lose it like that. she will get the 50k for her honey moon or wedding dress not bad for veterans. 50k for brenchel, 25k for jj, and the winner will be either Adam or Porsche

Any newbie that carries Rachel to final two will win it hands down. The newbies against each other I think Porsche still has the advantage, considering that she was less of floater than Adam, and the majority in the jury house were in her alliance or formed one at some point, like Rachel right now.


THanks Bored_don, really hoping that Rachel can win first place.


I’m thrilled that Porsche won the veto. She should send Jordan home (finally). Jordan is the biggest floater of all times, she has never made any attempt to try hard at anything and doesn’t deserve to win again. Besides she has a better chance of winning against Rachel or Adam.




The only problem is, if you want to win, you need to get rid of Rachel, nobody will outlast her on the endurance, and who is to say, that she would be Adam over Porsche, because of how Adam rode on everyone’s shirt tails.


The fact u just said she has a better chance of winning means she’s not a floater, she does not even have to win challenges cause her social game is all she needs. Man I wish people would give that floater crap a rest……… If you r still in it then that’s all that matters, you’ve outplayed other by so called floating therefore that’s also game strategy.




That’s the problem, SHE REALLY IS THAT DUMB. She’s so/more fixated on Jordan having won two years ago which who cares, that she doesn’t see Rachel as a bigger threat. She is not a strategic game player at all. If she can get over the fact Jordan won before and start thinking about the fact Jordan doesn’t win competitions maybe she would be sitting in the final two chair, but I think Kalia, and Dani will tell her how dumb she was when she gets to jury next week, because this season belongs to Rachel and Brendan so they can plan for their wedding, get out of debt, and get a place of their own, with Adam taking second place so he can get an apartment for him and Farrah, I mean what does Porsche want to do with the money? She never said, plus she says she makes good money being a celebrity bartender or something like that, but she’s so jealous of the fact that Jordan has won she can’t see anything else. GOOD FOR HER, she doesn’t need to win anyways. GO RACHEL>


As I read many of these posts, I seem to remember in Jordan’s season that no one saw her as a threat – and guess what she won. For all of you getting pissed that I said I want Jordan gone (captain) – get over it. I can state my opinion, and Jordan rides other’s shirt tails until the end. Real players should be in the end, Jordan is a floater who needs to quit yanking on her hair. Jordan did vote to evict Porche, would never choose to take her to the end, and has not done much but bitch this season. FYI, I’m pretty sure APR could all use the money. Hopefully Porche will keep Rachel – she doesn’t win everything – but she deserves to be there not Jordan.


If Porsche is smart, she will get rid of Rachel. However, none of what’s left in the house could be considered smart (Maybe Rachel, but unintentionally…). Rachel is the better competitor at this point. Also, let’s not assume that we know how the jurors will vote. Although sticking pretty much to his last alliance, Adam has also repeatedly stated that he wants to see a newbie win. So, I’m not sure that he’d vote for either Jordan (If she gets there) or Rachel. Lastly, lets not forget Jordan’s winning season. Jordan had the choice of who she took to the final 2 and chose Natalie, who in her own way outplayed everyone that season. Yet, Natalie was um… er… (searching for understated politically correct term here…) not well liked. Like they say, expect the unexpected and this one ain’t over ’til it’s over…


yeah porcia


Today, BB was RIGGED for Porsche to win THE veto!!! First it was rigged for Dani, then Jeff, then Rachel, then Adam. Wonder who it will be rigged for tomorrow??????


lol….so true…Wonder where all the people who believe that BB is rigged are tonight???? Maybe trying not to convince themselves that they are just plain dumb!!!!


Could be true for drama, but I DON’T CARE!! GO PORSCHE!!! I hope it’s Porsche/Rachel in final 2!!!


BB owes it to pinto. they tricked up her HOH noms with that stupid pandora’s box.


BB does not owe pinto for taking her HOH she gave her power away for 5000$!!!!!!!


What a sad little comment.


Or this veto win could prove that BB isn’t that rigged at all and you guys were all overreacting because your side of the house didn’t have the power that week.


Of course this is rigged, the HOH and POV competitions were something a 5th grader could have done. The Producers never planned on allowing a Vet to win. It was just another gimmic to get people to watch the falling BB ratings. The newbies were the worst, they were weak and BORING!!!!!!!!!!! Wake up people!!!!!!


I believe it is rigged to a certain point. If it’s true that the ratings are falling, then the show should be cancelled. So hopefully it won’t come back next year. I don’t like the idea of bringing back vets. They are doing that on survivor also. The game should be for newbies only. AND WHY DO THEY CONTINUE TO BRING JESSE BACK? I hate him and his smug face!!! I didn’t watch that episode cuz I can’t stand him.


jessie rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The only way this show will be cancelled is if Julie Chen does not want to do it anymore. You forget that her husband is the head of CBS.


Yeah I have to agree! This was the worst cast of newbies ever…outside of Dominic. They had to have the Vets on there or this season would have been a huge bust. Really the only one left that was worth rooting for was Jordan….at least for me! You have Porsche who coasted half of the game……Adam who was never a target because he couldn’t win a damn thing, he was basically used for his vote…..and Rachel who is annoying as all hell (but at least she won things and made moves). I know Jordan didn’t win many comps but Jordan played a good social game and she stayed true to her word (character). Can’t wait to see the ratings for the finale. At least I know one thing, I won’t be watching. Oh and thank you Big Brother, for opening my eyes to how rigged this game has become. I never realized until this season how much production interferes with the outcome. I think this has left a real bad taste in my mouth. I am a Jeff fan and even when he won his HOH it didn’t feel like a victory knowing that the comp was geared towards him.


Porche pandora box gave saved Rachel/Jordan. Rachel pandora box didn’t save anyone…& you think its fair & not rigged? lol


Every season there is a Pandora’s box that changes the game, and one that does not. This isn’t anything new or special to this year. Take your blinders off.


i luv u julie chen!!! im ur #1 fan!!!!




Ok so this POV was rigged for Porsche? So if Jordan won would it have been rigged for her too? Or are pissed are you just pissed that Jordan didn’t win and she is finally getting the boot?

I get so sick of seeing posts talking about how it is rigged… Well if you don’t like how the “rig” it then don’t watch the show easy as that…


im glad! 🙂 finally one for TEAM PORSHE! :))))))


WTF! I keep getting a ‘error on page’ message when I try to vote for my favorite houseguest on Is it because I’m not voting for Jeff or Jordan. lol.


I got the same error code and my votes were not going to Jeff either. Porche won POV because BB ratings are dropping like flies. From Sunday to tonite they lost a whole 1.1 which is huge in the ratings game. Guess they realized fans don’t like it if they swing the game to whoever they think the fans like at the time. Next year I hope they just let it play out and let whomever wins, win. Anybody but Jordan or Adam.


I also get the error messages. I tried several times at different times.

Never thought of it as the reason, but….yeah, I wasn’t voting for Jeff or Jordan either and I kept getting error messages.

I don’t understand the votes for BigJ for AmFave. They might as well vote for Jordan since she’s likely next to leave.
I will keep trying to vote for Shelly until my vote goes through………LOL.

Team Shelly for life, yo! (It will be great if either PAR wins the $500k – as long as it’s not Keith)


Don’t know what is wrong with your comuputers, cause I voted and had no problem and I didn’t vote for either Jeff or Jordan! sooooooooooo maybe it’s just he site at the time you were voting or something..

don’t get all paranoid on us here !! l ol


The ratings dropped after Jeff left. “Rigged” BB should have found a way to get Jeff back in the game!!!


So ratings drop after the episode where Jeff and Dani, the two people who were playing the most, are gone? SHOCKER!


Yep, I got the same thing, could not vote. I sent them an email telling them this. I did not vote for J or J either. Did anyone get a vote through?


No, I am not going to be tricked into trying to vote for Jeff and watch the vote go through.

I will try voting for Jordan and see if the vote goes through without the “error on page” message. I hope the JJ fans dump BigJbully and vote for Jordan instead. (She could use the $25k for a future hair transplant)


Darn. As of a minute ago, I was able to vote for Jordan for AmFave and it went through. And call me stupid, but I tested it twice and both times, the vote went through.

Now, I am going to vote for Shelly 10 times. I can’t believe sour ass BigJ is still running his mouth against Shelly at the jury house.


i mean he has a right to because the whole game he has been nothing but nice to her and she repays him by going against him? WOW


Jeff wasn’t nice to anybody he was talking about getting rid of shelly the night before he got evicted he’s just mad she got him before he got her


He was always nice to Shelly? I know a lot of Fans like Jeff and Jordan (i was orginally on bored with those fans) until I seen how they play… I know its a game and everyone is going to lie one way or another and they act like they are Gods and haven’t lied one time…. Come on now all they did was lie and all Jeff did was talk shit about his alliance members… If you didn’t like them so much why have them in your alliance?

Shelly did nothing wrong… If she continued to play with her brown nosing Jeff and Jordan then she should have just wrote them a check as Dani said. Shelly was doing what she thought she had to do to make it as far as possible in the game… It didn’t work out to well for her but thats what she felt she needed to do… And Jeff and Jordan would have done the same thing by breaking up the power couple… Oh wait they actually did do it they both voted Brendan out and Jeff through the Veto so it would happen… Why must they bust everyones balls when they decide to play for theirselves when Jeff and Jordan have been playing for themselves the whole time. Its not like if it came down to Shelly, Jeff, and Jordan that Shelly would make it to the F2… Jeff and Jordan would not vote each other out and I understand why Shelly made the move she did… Stop hating its a game and its not like she costed you 500k….

JJ Fan

I tried to vote and couldn’t either, but I was voting for Jeff so who knows!

JJ Fan

Funny how people keep saying Jordan is dumb….she lost the HOH by one question, P only got 2 correct,


My votes went through, and I didn’t vote for Jeff or Jordan.


I voted successfully for Rachel 10x. You do have to complete the captcha, and click submit vote. DO NOT press enter.


I voted for my girl Dani ten times no problem.

Team Dani for life yo! Porsche for the win!


well, I tried voting for Jeff and Jordan and got an error message as well. Just a problem with the page, not rigged…GET OVER IT. iT ISN’T REAL LIFE FOR YOU ANYWAY!!!

jeff's soul patch

I know wtf its not letting me vote for the person who most deserves it…EVEL DICK!


TV Grapevine says that the only keys on the memory wall are rachel and adams which means he nomimated Jordan and Porshe and porshe won the veto so rachel will go up…But it sounds like porshe is leaning toward sending jordan packing


jordan has always been pinto’s target

Midwest Fan

I hope so ………..


Yo she’s not gone yet. The fortune teller might just spit out a Diamond Power of Veto at Jordan which has the power to trump Porscha’s veto


LMFAO!!! There is a BB God… Jordan is done!


the best thing that porsche can do is make a deal with rachel..evict jordan because she jury’s favourite, lets rachel stay because she’s jury nightmare except for brandon,then evict adam becuase he’s fan nightmare and we can see two competitor (rachel and porsche) in F2..


you are just assuming jordan is jury’s favourite. Did you stop to think for a miniute that maybe everyone, except for jeff, feels that jordan has alreay won once, why give her the money again? I know dani is thinking that and saying it everytime she gets a chance. If porsche has a brain she would think that too and think perhaps her biggest threat is the girl who fought like hell to stay in this competiton ….. rachael!!

but i bet she doesn’t have a brain and evicts jordon!! wtg porsche!!! lol rachael for the win!!!


How can you use the words competitor and Porshe in the same sentence? She won 3 things out of how many games.

Please, you followers have to realize that the Producers of the show were never going to allow a veteran to win, look at the competition games for HOH and POV, even a 5th grader could have won these junk competitions. We should all realize a newbie is going to win. BB has turned into a “junk” show. The newbies this seaon were incredibly weak and BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


so true brhinehart so true!!!


Wait…. If the competitions were something a 5th grader could have won, and there were two vets and two newbs playing POV, then why would you say it was rigged against the vets??Are you inferring that the vets don’t have the ability of the average 5th grader?

If it was so easy, it would make sense that anyone could have won. Vet or Newbie. The Newbies weren’t handed anything on Wednesday’s episode.


Hey BB bitches! Ill be at the last show next wednesday!!!!!! In the audience!!!!

I got tickets!!!!!!!

Lawon is number 1.

But Jordan better not win. Or Ill pull my eyeballs out with a pair of ice tongs.



Rachel threw the POV to Porshce (part of their deal) and outsmarted her. P is keeping Rachel and Rachel will beat her in the next comp (endurance) and then Adam will beat her in the puzzle. Adam & Rachel final 2 with a close final vote. Dani will vote PERSONAL for anyone but Rachel. Rachel has evicted Jordan with no blood on her hands and so did Adam (Adam may now be considered the greatest player to ever play the game: more comp wins then Dr. Will and Mike Boogie, outplayed the whole house with no blood on his hands except Kalia’s, Haters are wrong).


does that mean she decides who goes home and who makes final 3? is she in final 3 then:(


Porche is the deciding and only vote…she decides who goes and who stays

Midwest Fan

She has a BIG decision to make.
Endurance …… Jury Votes ………

I would love to see her send Jordan to the Jury House, but on camera
she said she would send Rachel.
Has she changed her mind?


now shes leaning towards jordan sending home.

Midwest Fan

RAP – Final 3
R/P – Final 2

Works for me!!!!


I thought she make that deal with Rachel? Rachel was the deciding vote to keep Porsche, and I think she’s actually nice enough to honor that agreement. She SHOULD evict Rachel because she is a dangerous competitor, but the way their talking on the feeds, it looks like it’s already been settled. Jordan’s gone.


Yes, Porsche will send Jordan to the Jury house. She made a deal with Rachel to keep her instead of Kalia. They seem to have gotten close past these few days. They were always friends. Jordan gave Kalia the sympathy vote which gave Rachel the advantage. I do not know if Jordan was thinking of the jury vote when she gave Kalia the promise that she will not evict her and actrually kept it when she really wanted her out. If that was her thought, it definitely back fired. I still like her because she thought of a game play but apparently it worked the other way.


Porsche definitely won pov. The first rumor about Jordan winning was from the cat lady.


Yes she decides and whoever wins tomorrows POV decides final 2

RAP final 3, PR final 2, love Porsche big booty, but, I hope Rachel wins she has earned it, she’s done more than everyone in the house.


Agree completely.


Agreed! I’d be very happy with Porsche getting second place! I love Porsche though, so happy she won, I want Jordan GONE!!!


That self entilted eating machine blonde?? no way, hope her ass gets kicked out and she doesn’t make final 3
she floated and floated from power to power… and got lucky on couple of comps .. ultimate floater!!!
rachael may have just lost jordan’s and jeff’s vote.. you think that chick ain’t smart.. then you all are the dumb ones

she may not be book smart but she’s got smarts


and just what exactly has Jordumb done. She won a comp when the 2 people after her purposely blew it and has ridden Jef then Rachels coat tails. At this point she has earned it less than Adam and that is saying something.




Agreed!!! Loved Rachel last yr and loved her even more this yr! Girls a fighter and that’s who I wanna see win this! GO RACHEL!!


Rachel all the way!!!!


Hey Simon do you think Porsche will decide not to use it?


Hi Ill Will, you are not mean after all, love your post this time. Thanks. Lol.

Big Sister

Ah screw that! Still rooting for Rachel! I will be so upset if she leaves at this point in the game.


Allot of fans will be upset, I think with all her kindness Jordan will ask Porche to send her home. J knows R will win the endurance competition. If Rachel goes home you know Porche will with the endurance and she will also decide who to take to the final 2…Worst case scenario!~~


But there are 3 parts to the comp so even if Rachel wins endurance doesnt guarantee she will win. Even if she does, POV winner has the real power 🙂

clueless fools

If you were paying attention last night Porsche just won last and final Pov When you down to 3 only final Hoh winner decides


I pretty much love this scenario for what’s left of the pickings….I’m hoping Porche and Rachel in the finale


TD4L Yo!!!!

Simon that one was specifically for you today ;o)


TD4L YO!!!


i agree PR for final 2! and what’s TD4L? haha

Midwest Fan

Team Dani 4 Life


that’s what i was thinking well in that case i’m definitely TD4L haha

Shelly The Scumbag!!!!



Dude, Jeff doesn’t like homosexuals, so get off his dick.


You need to get a life Midwest fan. Really dani for life? Come on and get a real one!


Team Dani 4 Life YO!! Porsche FTW!!! Can’t wait to see Jordumb go to Jury … I think I might actually watch just to see her go!! haha


truly nasty… i didn’t like dani but i didn’t watch just to see her feel miserable when she went to jury.

didn’t like her but still respect that the girl has feelings..

what is wrong with people who take pleasure in somebody else’s pain.. that is wrong on so many levels


Team Dani Yo




TD4L Yo!!!! gO Porsche!


woot bye bye jordon about time


Watr u talking about? Porsche said she’s sending Rachel to the jury… ;'(


No, if you read the blog above it says that Porsche is planning to send Jordan to the jury.


your’re about time!!!!

I know mature, but comments like yours .. ughhh


Interesting twist i think rachel will be harder to beat in the final 3 but jordon maybe harder to beat in the F2 but i think rachel deserves to win


but since we know the final hoh is a three part first 2 parts are indurance to be honest i don’t see adam winning the first part which is endurance i am sure rachel will win it and if they know adam out the first two parts and it is porche and rachel on questions rachel will win


Traditionally, the first comp is endurance, the second is puzzle, and the third is questions.


I think porche will evict jordon but i think it will be a bad move because rachel will win


Absolutely agree. Rachel is the biggest threat final 3, but Jordan in final 2 is lethal. I don’t know what the best move for Porsche is.


Jordan is absolutely adorable and a great person in my book, despite
the meanies who like to say she is dumb.

There are all kinds of intelligences and Jordan’s forte is her winning personality.
People can bash her all they want, but no matter the BB outcome, she wins at LIFE.

Jordan has common sense galore and Rachel has true grit galore.
Love those girls!

I soooo want Rachel to win or at least come in 2nd but alas like my other all
time favorite, Janelle, it may not be in the cards. ARRRRRGGGGHHHHH!

BTW Porsche looked really nice tonight!


Porshit just looks FAT. I’m still hoping for a Rachel win. Porshit gets the prize for the most hours sleeping. Lazy HO!


I think Jordan is cute and funny and far from dumb. I think she plays dumb a lot. I also think she is a little stuck up this season and came in to the game with a huge sense of entitlement (just like all the other vets) and acted like a brat when her or her alliance didn’t get their way. She also talked crap about everyone behind their backs to Jeff, but acts all sweet and innocent to their faces. I think she floated more than anyone, yet she loved to call everyone else floaters. I love Jordan as a person, but as a BB player she doesn’t deserve to win this season. I am glad P is leaning towards sending J to jury. Everyone under estimates J and that is how she won BB11. She may be weak in competitions, but her social game is on and that is really what wins the half mil in the final 2 because let’s face it the jury will vote personal!


Yes, Porsche made a deal with Rachel to keep her instead of Kalia on a tie and Rachel did it. Porsche will keep Rachel. They bonded in the beginning but just had a falling out after Porsche flipped to Dani but when Rachel won the HOH, she came back to Rachel. They were always friends. Porsche already told Adam that she will send Jordan home and not to be upset before Kalia went home because of the deal she made with Rachel just to keep her.

Newbie fan



He nominated JR? Guess there be balls under that dress huh? LMFAO and Porsche won POV? Good News… I hope Rachel does not get voted out.

Let’s GO RACHEL win this one for the girly man bookie….


i wouldn’t say balls. final 4 it doesn’t matter who hoh puts up since pov is the real decider.


WTF Porsche, Your F#^^^CK scare!! You want to get rid of Jordan!!!!


Jordumb going home so happy she floated all year and had the nerve to complain when things did;nt go her way like it was her game .


Totally agree, she couldn’t even beat Adam in this last HOH to save herself. She couldn’t save herself if she had an earpiece telling her what the answers were.
She was the worst player all year. Adam at least flip flopped and had everyone liking him for whatever reason. J should’ve tried to befriend Porscha in case of this scenario, but like a dumbass, she listens to Jeff and ignores her. Note to self: DO NOT take advice from an evicted guest (twice) bc they obviously aren’t that great at the game either. DUH!!


LOL, thank you. And her fans were saying what a phenomenal social game she had. They must be charmed by people who walk around with blank stares.


your right, talking with your mouth full of food and sleeping is a much better game.

blank stares lol we all do that at one point.. see it all the time on day to day basis but people often defend themselves and explain that they are lost in thought.

the girl played a good social game, even rachael was impressed with how she played the social game. In fact, Rachael needs to thank Jordan, cause that girl kept Rachael under control for a good part of this game.

So before you cast your ugly stones, think first! She may be gone, never thought she’d win but enough with the constant insults.


I have no doubt that YOU see blank stares on a day to day basis.


Concur. That girl is A trip

chief c

she missed one 5 of 6 better than porshe not dumb at all hate her bad habit though (hair)
Love jordon Love Rachel
Ovaries to the wall Rachel
Rachel Adam final2
Rachel wins Yea!!


You guys don’t even know the definition of a floater – floaters are people who can’t pick sides and always goes over to where the power is. That’s definitely not Jordan.


True, she’s dead weight, sorry for the confusion.


LOL – dead weight indeed. Can’t wait to see Jordan leave the house.




Adam is an idiot! if he really put up Jordan and Rachael instead of Porsche! He has just lost all his hard won jury votes! seriously! Figures, lied to Jordan, after they constantly saved his bacon behind!

That’s fine… hope Rachael wins , although not impressed with her now desertion of jordan. Done, not watching! Porsche, won a gold ticket thanks to vets, sat around most of summer and ate and slept, yet always walked around the house with this sense of entitlement! She just grated on my freaking nerves and the fact she might make it to the final two, blows my mind and bb , think I am done with you.


Who he put up was meaningless. Why do people make such a big deal about noms in the Final 4 every year? Aside from HOH having immunity, POV winner is the only thing that matters, it doesn’t matter who’s on the block.


It wasn’t Adam’s decision. Porsche won POV, so by default Rachel and Jordan are on the block. Adam has no blood on his hands. This HOH only gives the player immunity, the winner of POV decides who goes home. This is the sweetest HOH of them all, well besides the one after this one. If anyone will get burned with some of the jury, it is Porsche, not Adam. The only votes he has probably burned is Shelly’s and maybe Kahlia’s.




Yeah, I meant Dani, not Shelly. I think he would have Shelly’s vote.


You dont read very well do you, nor do you realize how the game is played after all these weeks. People are picked for the block BEFORE POV is played not after lol. He nomd jordan and porsche. Porsche won pov. Therefore she can take herself off, which she obviously will do. But she hasnt yet. Some of you are worse than production in the fact that you try and make up your own rules as you go along. To quote brendan, god forgive me now, it isnt rocket science.

Midwest Fan


IMO, the only HGs emitting Entitlement Status during the game were Jeff and Jordan.


True, and people don’t get that the golden keys were essentially handcuffs. She was not allowed to play at all. Then, when the veterans turned their back on her after the knockout HOH, when she pitted Jeff and Shelly against each other, she teamed up with Dani and Kalia to take on the whole house. Porsche played a pretty good game, and deserves it as much as Rachel.

Midwest Fan

Gold Keys = Gold Handcuffs
Good Analogy.


awwwwwwwwwwwww she wasn’t allowed to play for the first 4 weeks,…. awwwwwwww she was safe cause of the vets for the first 4 weeks!!

those mean old vets!! how dare they protect like that! good game porsche, eat and sleep most of the game then hitch your wagon to dani’s star!!

float from dani’s power to rachael’s power!! dont forget to make sure you say really ugly , personal things about rachael behind her back and then become best friends again when rachael has power!!

ya aint you the player! i agree the newbies sucked this season! whiny, entitled newbies!


After the golden handcuffs were removed, all the vets were still there, and the veteran alliance was seven strong, if you include Adam and Shelly. Dani, Kalia, and Porsche won 5 of 6 HOHs. Kalia and Porsche took control of the game. You mad?


^^^ This!


It’s irrelevant who be put up, it’s not like a regular week. The only thing that matters is Pov.


You speak the truth!


Porsh stated she never unpacked; rachel states is packing in the morning; jordan packing now….adam only one who doesn’t have to pack….either they are not allow to discuss whether or not they play the pov or it still has to be played???


I am so happy for Porche she has really stepped it up I want het to win it I hate that people down play her so much I think she has won enough to be in the final Rachel too.

If I had a face like Shelly's I'd ______

Even though Porsche is a fine looking woman she’s still a useless turd. Hope Rachael wins. Adam is worse than a useless turd. Oh well, there’s always next year, bur something tells me that after this season there’s BIG changes in store for BB….


Whats useless about her? She has started playing the game and has won comps when it mattered, especially fighting from the outside when the in-crowd dropped her. Shes just as tenacious as Rachel and more likeable.

chief c

dear al ANON you are deluded if you think porche is close to Rachels level of play
Porche is cute but a waste of oxygyn.
personality wise she rates lower than keith and thats swamp bottom
Hope Rachel wins. i’m sure she wil, gonna be big blow out wedding.
Jordon jeff brenden and adam will vote for her
Dani should but she will vote porshe despite her words at end she will not respect game.
I think Shelly will vote for her against porshe but adam if hes there
5 to 2 go R you were enterttaining and more likable this season


The Other Jeff

With a bigger ASS! HUGE!

Logan Takia

I hope your right!! I want Porche and Adam in the bottom two!!!!

All Knowing One

Porshe should send Rachel packing


she’d have to be a complete idiot to keep rachel


IK right, Porsche is so scare of American Sweetheart to compete!!!! I bet P has a Balls to keep J and get rid of Rachel. Beside, R is a bigger threat!!!!!! I bet P has no guts she is going to keep J than R. Because she is so F$^^CK scare.

Nick B

You mean like how Rachel had no balls when she kept the biggest floater in the house?

Quit being a sore loser. The other half of Team JJ is (finally) out the door.

Way to go Porsche!



she IS a complete idiot. I would bet anything that she will evict jordan because both adam and rachel will take her to the final two and she doesn’t care if she wins 1st or 2nd place. If she was playing for 1st she would evict rachel but as we all know porsche’s future is not in academics but more likely in porn.

Nick B

Sour grapes! :p

Evict Jordan Porsche! Be our hero!



Please evict Jordan. I like Jordan but I don’t think I can handle it if I forced myself to sit through TWO summers of Jordan winning 1/2 mil. I would like to see Porsche and Rachel in the final 2. Adam most def. has done the least and has been the ult. floater of the season (Adam meet Jordan). Jordan shouldn’t be there because she already won it, someone else who as worked as hard or harder than you should get that chance, so that leaves us with Porsche and Rachel. Porsche should be there because she is the Jordan of this season. The cute ditzy blonde who is so likeable (and if you don’t like her do you really have a reason not to?) and we have Rachel who out of everyone left as much as it PAINS me to say it should walk away with the money. Rachel has been annoying, rude, bitchy, irrational and a child but she has played a better game than the rest.

just my rant

chief c

Agree 100%

chief c

i agreed with Tdiggy not the dani for life fool porche in porn soon folks!!


Porsche will forevermore be my Big Brother hero if she evicts Jordan.


Meee too….ho no better not say that out loud…got bitched at earlier for expressing an opinion…;)


well its late on the east coast..Mommy time starts back up at 5:45 for me….Man im gonna be sleeping with a smile tonight….love a level playing field. Nite Simon and Everyone else


Night Marci!

Brown Fat

stephiep…you going to bed too?


Woohoo! I don’t care which one goes, but at least one of those two boring old reruns will be out of the house. Probably best to go for Rachel and hope they can beat Jordan in the last HOH. It’s a tossup which one I want gone more. I want the newbies in the final. I don’t like Adam, his “game” bored me silly, but I would rather see him final 2 with Pinto than either of the vets. Porsche FTW!


idc who goes home as long as rachel wins this 😀


I dont care as long as Jordan goes home…


hate the idea that its up to porche to pick who stays … she has to know that jorden has the votes in the jury if they keep her …. at least with rachel it can still be anyone’s game .. as far as i am concern Rachel is the only one left that truelly played a good game … once the puppet master left that is… i can only hope and pray that she keeps rachel….

Shelly The Scumbag!!!!

Porta Potty with prollty evict Jordan and Keep Rachel .. It’s another stupid move by the newbies coz Rachel is stronger in comps.. I hope it come back to bite them both in the ass and Rachel Wins…


Exactly! I definitely feel like Rachel can pull it off.


sadly not too confident Porche has it in her….but fingers crossed Adumb better not float his way to F2


rachel’s gone, porche has great shot at finals if its endurance


I think its going to be a PAR final 3. Where Jordan has already won her season. Plus she will have the votes in jury to win again. (Jeff, Brendan, Rachel, and Shelly)


i hope jordon will be gone and she can go see jeff in the jury house and then they can cry at shelly and tell her its becouse of her their there boo hoo jj


I wish there were feeds in the JH. I would stay up to watch that!


RAP should be final 3. gonna be A LOT of hissing in the next 24 hours, be ready.

Newbie fan

Well simon jordan already told adam she would take him over por, but por more than likely will win the endurance and adam never made a final 2 deal so my guess is he will make 1 with por. Btw please tell me I am not dreaming or dead.

Only "rigged" for viewership

It sounds like Jordan is going home. Rachel seems to be in good spirit. Just saw the wall. Porshe and Jordan was nominated. And with Porshe winning the veto, Rachel will end up going up. I think everyone in that house knows that they probably can’t win against Jordan. Jordan will get evicted. I think that everyone has a feeling that they could win against Rachel. Remember that she kept saying that she’s playing for “second place”


I don’t get porche why would you keep rachel over jordon it doesn’t make sense (thought i do think she deserves to win) i get you don’t want jordon in the f3 but rachel has won more competions then anyone in the house she might be banking that more people hate rachel but she will wrong if rachel makes it to the f2 and i am going to guess she will. She will win bb13 porche is going to make a dumb move if her goal is to win the game


Porsche won’t win against any of the vets. If she takes Rachel, Rachel will get votes from Jordan, Jeff, and Brendon for sure. Porsche will get votes from her BFFs Dani and Kalia for sure. Shelly is kind of a toss up, but she dislikes Rachel, so she might vote for Porsche. However, Adam might vote for Rachel and seal Porsche’s fate as a runner-up.

And if she takes Adam, all the vets on the jury (minus Dani) are on his side, so she’s pretty much getting 2nd place.


in rach own words “shoulda won the POV”
I think it’s 50-50 with porch. but if she goes up against jord final 2 jord will win (they won’t give a floater the 500k) and if she goes up against rach it’s 50-50 for jury votes too. but if she goes up against adam final 2 I think she will win (jus cause adam was an even bigger floater than her)


Are you actually implying that Jordan wasn’t a floater? She’s a bigger floater than Adam! She didn’t do anything all game, couldn’t win anything, rode Jeff’s coat tails, rode Rachel’s coat tails, and is even worse than Adam in competitions!

Rachel and Porshe are the only people who deserve to win this game.


Jordan and Rachel have told Adam on several occasions that he’d get their vote if they were evicted and I feel like they are people who would vote personal. This would mean that their boyfriends would vote for him as well. I don’t think Porsche will win against Adam at all.


lol Jordans the biggest floater in the history of the game

clueless fools

Floater is changes with the flow of Power and never wins Jordan always been Vets She just a bad player in the game because it worked 2 seasons ago she thought it might work again. Shelly was the one that floated


hmm well I personally am hoping the PoV competition has not been played yet and that Rachel’s comment reflects Adam’s nominations of Jordan and Rachel, however, I think you are probably correct. Adam won HoH. He probably put up Porsche and Jordan as he said he would. Porsche does appear to have won PoV :-(((( and she will probably do as she said she would do last week when she told Adam that if he wins HoH and she wins PoV, she will evict Jordan. Maybe she should have been a Fortune Teller instead of a VIP Cocktail Waitress.


Being a waitress is not an easy job and both Rachel and Porsche are cocktail waitresses, these two ladies deserve to be in the final 3. They do not get much respect. Feel sorry for those who keep on putting down Rachel and Porsche for being just cocktail waitresses. I also like Jordan but she tried. She has won a lot of money before and will still get paid for being in the show so no one is a looser in this game.


Do you think Rachel threw the POV to Porsche? Didn’t Rachel make a deal with Porsche that in return for voting out Kalia instead of Porsche, that Porsche would not come after Rachel if Porsche won the POV? This way, Rachel can get Jordon out without getting blood on her hands and she gets more vet votes (BJJ) if Rachel makes it to the final 2?

Shelly The Scumbag!!!!



It was Porsche who made a deal with Rachel to keep her instead of Kalia and she will do everything to save her this week if she wins HOH or POV. Jordan actually changed her vote the last minute and chose to evict Porsche which worked on Rachel advantage. Porsche asked Rachel break the tie to keep her and she made the deal not Rachel.


That could have been Rachel’s way of getting even for Brendon when Jeff threw the POV…. if she did that then I definitely think she deserves F2….and I never liked her throughout the game…

Shelly The Scumbag!!!!

YEAH,,PORTA POTTY Win POV.. You Knew it was time for the power to shift, it has all game vets win a few then newbies win a few.. So Boring and Predictable


Why would Rachel throw the last, most important POV??? She wouldn’t! I don’t think she has ever thrown a comp and if she did and it backfired on her she would regret it the rest of her life! She just got beat by PORSCHE! Who everyone thought was a huge floater and wasn’t good at comps! I really hope Porsche wins the endurance part of the final HOH comp just to show people she does deserve to be there and win!!!

Team Dani for Life Yo!!! PFTW!!!!!


I think it will be PAR. I think P can hang with R. It will definitely be a showdown….can’t wait:)


Me too, will just be happy to know who goes on to final 3 and let them play on and may the best house guest win.


Well if we can believe Adam and Porsche, I remember hearing a conversation between them before this last HOH comp…..Porsche said if Adam wins the HOH and she wins POV, she will vote out Jordan and he seemed to be fine with that and he told her he would put her and Jordan up and let them really fight to earn the right to final 3….he also told Jordan pretty much the same thing and I was shocked when she was ok with it, replying with..”YEAH YEAH YEAH”, while twirling and pulling on her hair….so if Porsche won POV and she follows through, there will be no Jordan “2PEAT”……I have never been a Rachel fan because of her actions, but, wow, she’s a completely different person without Brendon in the house and IMHO, she’s the only person who deserves the big check..


I agree with Bear, let us hope that Rachel if she stays wins the last Hoh comp. I am OK whoever wins second Porsche or Adam but since Porsche already received extra $ 5.000.00 would rather see Adam second. Adam kept his words to Rachel and Jordan now let us see if Porsche will keep her promise to Rachel when she was saved.


Good for porsche hope she sends home rachel and takes jordan to final two its her only chance to win if shes goes to final two with adam the four vets will vote for adam. Hey at least the finale will be interesting.


Porsche will send Jordan home if she sends Rachel home, she will loose 2 jury votes, Rachel and Brendon because she made a deal with Rachel to keep her instead of Kalia and she will do everything to save her this week. It was really good that Jordan at the last minute chose to evict Porsche which worked on Rachel advantage. I do not know why Jordan did not go with Rachel’s wishes to evict Kalia, now it back fired. See, there is always justice in the end and do not get me wrong I like Jordan even thou when she voted to keep Kalia that was not fair to Rachel. Anyway, justice is done.


i am completely depressed. adam better get pandoras box and get the diamond power of veto. >.< hahaha. ugh. now i wish they WOULD rig the show. xD

Only "rigged" for viewership

I don’t think there will be anymore twist. Its down the wire and Adam wouldn’t want to mess it up.

Ditto that sentiment!

I’m so sad!


lol I hear you 🙂 I so wanted a Jochel F2 but I guess it wasn’t in the cards. I’m kind of hoping she does evict Jordan only because I think Rachel can win the final HoH over Porsche more easily than Jordan can, Jordan has won before, and Rachel has been amazing at saving herself and clawing her way back into the game over and over again. That girl deserves to win. Whichever stays, I hope they win. Go Jochel! I think that is more likely to happen if Jordan leaves this week rather than Rachel, which is really the only reason I say that. I still wish they could be final 2.

Simon, I love this site. You guys are amazing with all your hard work on the site and the updates for those of us who cannot watch the live feeds.

I also love Big Brother. We have watched from episode 1 of season 1. I wouldn’t like to see Porsche win, but no matter who wins I would never say that I won’t watch the show again. I think it’s amazing to see how strangers come together and behave when they are locked in a house together. I think Julie Chen is the perfect host. It’s been great to watch her evolve into the absolutely perfect Big Brother host since season 1. I think it’s also neat to watch how complete strangers, such as here, who know none of the HGs can get so invested in each HG’s fate and the beliefs and feelings of other posters. It’s been another fun and entertaining Big Brother summer for me. They must be good at casting because whether you love them or love to hate them or can’t stand to see them evicted or can’t stand to see them win, we are all watching every minute of every episode and that is something we all have in common regardless of what we want to see happen next. Thanks everyone, it’s been fun. 🙂

Only "rigged" for viewership

Overall, I think that it is in the best interest for Adam and Porshe for Jordan to get evicted. Against the final 2, Adam and Porshe could win, but Rachel is a strong competitor and could be the one to determine the final 2. But then again, Jordan doesn’t stand a chance against Adam or Porshe in the competitions. I guess it is a toss up.


ugh i hate porsche


I love her, GO PORSCHE!!




thirded ..:-)

Shelly The Scumbag!!!!

If they let someone like Porta Potty win BB when she should have been evicted for tampering with ppl’s food and stealing personal property is a new low even for CBS…


ABSOLUTELY!!!! I think it’s BS that CBS/BB let people steal and sabatouge food like that.Not cool.And I can’t believe Adam went against Jordan,even after he gave her Farra’s necklace,and put her on the block.Such crap.If they were smart,they would keep Jordan,because she won’t do good in the last comps.Yeah,she won her season,but she really hasn’t done anything this year,but cry.I love the girl,don’t get me wrong.I hope they do pick her to stay…..and I hope she does the unthinkable and wins again 🙂


Have to admit…Not a big fan of either Adam or Porsche,Sounds like this will be the final 2,Rachel probably going home..too bad,shes played the best by far..its not even close….I know I’m discounting Jordan,(I like her)but this girl is as dumb as a rock,and can’t win worth a S..T….Oh well it is what it is…


This is what I don’t get I’m not a huge jj fan but I thinks its low when people call Jordan dumb and proves they r not bb fans cuz a bb fan would know in the season she won she didn’t do shit until final 3 and she won the final hoh! So to say she is dumb and can’t do it is actually dumb cuz she already has done it! And I’m not even a fan of her


Jordon won BB11 by default. She doesn’t deserve to be in the final 3.


Now Porsche will win by default, she did not even play the game for over 50 days, Jordan at least finished strong in her season, that is what Porsche will need to do if she is to win BB13.


Porsche getting “NO ed ” was funny

Newbie fan

Adam already said before that if he won hoh he would not really try for pov, and you can almost take jordan out of the equation. So her against rachel and porshe wonnnnnnnn


bye Rachel 😛

Jordon u are next.




if she keeps rachel she will never win





I feel like she might keep Rachel because she thinks that everyone on the jury hates her….which wouldn’t be true at all.


No BB, Porsche will keep Rachel. She made a deal with Rachel to keep her instead of Kalia and she will do everything to keep her this week. I think these two girls work as waitresses which is not any easy job to do. They deserve to be in the final three with Adam.

clueless fools

Porsche needs to make the big move now If you listen to her diary room session she wants Rachel gone Jeff, Dani, even Rachel might just vote for a power move if they are in jury. Do you really think Rachel would vote for Adam in the end, or Porsche if she was smart to get her to jury. Its all about Votes only one person guaranteed vote for Jordan and thats Jeff.


Couldn’t be more happy right now. Would like to see Jordan go to jury next!


Kelly, do me a favor. Are you feel good yourself? I bet you that Porsche probably get rid Rachel & Keep Jordan. I know Porsche is so scare of Jordan will beat her. Did you see Jordan is a threat? JAP Final 3!!!!!!!!!!!! How smart does Porsche have in the Tank!!!! I know Rachel is a bigger threat!!!!! Why she want to keep Rachel if Porsche put her on the block!!!!!!!!!!

Only "rigged" for viewership

Its okay captain 🙂 I wanted JAR too in the final 3. Think of it this way, Jordan already won her season and she lasted longer than Shelly. The only “negative” I see with Porshe winning is that its a win for Dani even after she went against her original alliance so early in the game.


A win for Porsche is a win for Porsche – not a win for Dani.

Only "rigged" for viewership

Yeah –um I don’t think you understood the meaning behind my words. But that’s okay, people aren’t mind readers.


Sorry but Dani will take it as a win for her anyway you slice it if Porche wins !! That’s the only reason why I don’t want Porche to win. I must say I’m happy that Jordan goes to Jury though, at this point, I have to agree with Adam, you got to Final 4, from there everyone needs to win something to guarantee their safety, and unfortunately, Jordan could win her way outta a wet paper bag !! Time to go Jordan, it would be bad for BB to actually see someone actually win Jack Squat all season (HOH #2 was handed over to Jordan from alliance) so as much as I was rooting for Jordan and Rachel, you don’t win anything, you gotta go !!

Nick B

LOL, I love how angry you’re getting!


I don’t understand what this guy is saying.