Big Brother 13 Spoilers: The Power of Veto Ceremony is happing right now.. *Updated*

10:40am Jeff, Jordan, Dani and Porsche are in the kitchen talking and making breakfast. Jeff, Jordan and Dani talk about how they will hang out after the season ends. Dani says that she will hang out with them for sure and that she is the least flaky person they will ever meet.

10:50am Cassi telling Shelly that she wanted to stay and play and didn’t care about winning the money. Cassi says that after her conversation with Brendon, she has lost all respect for him. Cassi says that Brendon is an idiot. Cassi tells Shelly that she will not campaign against her. Cassi wonders if Jeff and Jordan are really nice or not. Shelly tells Cassi that she has to decide if she is there for game or for making friendships. Shelly says that this game is an experiment. Big Brother calls Cassi to the diary room. Shelly tells Cassi to keep her class… I know you will. Cassi says that she has already accepted it… and that she has no more fight in her .. she knows she is going. Cassi says that she has no respect for Brendon. Cassi says granted I shouldn’t have said that Blaa, Blaa ..I didn’t even mean it. Cassi says that he looked physically upset by it. Shelly says that your actions speak louder than words. Cassi gets called to the diary room again. Cassi leaves and goes to the diary room.

11am Porsche, Dani, Jeff, Jordan and Rachel are in the kitchen eating and talking about travelling.

11:10am Big Brother cuts the live feeds to the TRIVIA screen… The Power of Veto ceremony is most likely happening right now..

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11:55am The live feeds are still showing TRIVIA..

12:15pm TRIVIA…

12:30pm When the live feeds come back from showing TRIVIA for the Power of Veto ceremony to take place, Kalia, Dani, Brendon and Rachel are in the candy bedroom talking about what is just outside the door into the big brother house. Meanwhile, Adam Cassi and Shelly are sitting outside on the backyard couches. Adam and Cassi are talking about what this weeks HOH will be like… Then Cassi starts talking about how during the POV ceremony Rachel just wanted to watch and look at Cassi’s face when Jordan put her and Shelly up on the block. Cassi tells Adam not to trust them when she goes. Shelly says that she is just so shaky right now. Shelly says that it’s aggravating that Kalia gets to coast through the game. Shelly says that it is annoying how Kalia cried just to get out of the food competition. Cassi starts talking about her and Brendons confrontation in the kitchen earlier. Adam says lovers got to love, lovers got to hate. Don’t let them get to you. Cassi says that she doesn’t hate.

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Little known fact: they only have POV ceremonies in the backyard so that Allison Grodner has time to raid the fridge each week. You think some of them have to eat slop because it’s good for ratings? Nope, it’s because there’s never enough food for all of them.


Oh QAZ you never cease to amaze me of how many Allison Grodner jokes you can dish out. Btw we need to add some more rules to the drinking game cause no one has done anything to make us drink lately.


1. Every time I piss someone off in the comments.
2. Every time Dani touches Dominic. (should increase as they continue to flirt more and more each week)
3. Every time Rachel says the word floater or talks about her boobs.
4. Every time Adam does that stupid roar thing. By the way, he’s admitted to reading a few BB blogs online, so Simon, if he ever mentions some asshole online who makes fun of Allison Grodner every day, let me know πŸ™‚

Allison Grodner

Widely known fact: You have the maturity of a 12 year old QAZ.

The jokes aren’t funny and you’re coming across as pathetic. I’m surprised nobody has brought this to your attention yet.

Now keep obsessing over my show and putting money in my pocket.


This is an imposter, right SImon? It would be too funny if AG really posted that.


yeah probably is, I doubt she would bother coming here commenting on our blog. .. the IP is from Cali though..

Wow!! Really?!?

The fact that you had to question whether that was an imposter or not confirms, at least for me, that anything you post on here is mindless drivel. Driven by your jealousy of the fame and attention that Rachel gets while you rot away in unknown mediocrity behind some keyboard.


You didn’t just discover an unidentified anomaly signal in space. Calm down and use excessive wows and punctuation in more deserving situations:


calm down


Brenchel Drone


You put the “obese” in “obsessed”

Do you pay the winners in coupons to Applebees? If so, do you consider that a diet?

QAZ + AG = BR kind of LOVE

Spell much?


Next time Rachel wins HOH they should have a pandora’s box and surprise Rachel with a day alone with Britt and Moneet… that would make for great TV


I LOVE THIS. Brit was my favorite last year.:)


They did it last year with Jessie… why not again this year? I swear I could write up sooo many great scripts for this show!


That would be priceless, especially if Rachel has a nervous breakdown and quits because if it, Brit Brit can do that with ease and a big smile on her face…..


Grodner will not let bratchel go home. I am sure she has decided. Tolet them win


I believe that, as I’ve said before it;s not a coincidence about the Golden Key twist Dick leaving, literally everything is pointing to brenchel coasting to the end based SOLELY on their comp wins, their social game is just as bad as last year only THIS year they have a team behind them in Dani, Jeff & Jordon protecting their every move because their too scared to get rid of them, so this is practically a repeat of last year without the hilariously true shit talking from Brittney or Brenchel being alone against the house. I don’t like Jeff & Jordon a.k.a Floaters with Benefits.


Just wanted to make something clear. I am Canadien, and I know alot of people who do watch the show. But Brendon’s comments about Canadiens liking him is sooo false. I do not know anyone here who likes them.

I do wish they would allow Canadien contestants on the show though! I always wanted to be on there!!!!


You must not be Canadian enough, cuz you spelled Canadian wrong.not once but 3 times. LOL


those pesky French Canadiens can’t do anything right. jk πŸ˜‰


In parts of Canada they spell it Canadien as that’s the french spelling.


Thanks for posting this… I am French haha… Montreal Canadiens, not Montreal Canadians lol


uhm, that person is probably from Montreal. because they spell it as Canadien πŸ™‚
so yeah.. lol you probably feel stupid now


Nope…. Not even from Quebec… But I am French…. there is French all acoss Canada.


don’t forget we have two official languages and Canadien is French.


See below for Clarification… I am more CanadiEn then you think haha

Dark Horse

…and that’s another reason why I love Canada. they mind their business and cannot stand B&R!


i love how you have decided to speak on behalf of CANADA! amazing set of balls on you sir.


How did I speak on behalf of Canada? I simply said that I was Canadien, and I know alot of Canadiens who watch the show, none of which Like B/R….. Thanks for the compliment on my balls…but get your facts straight…. Typical from a B/R fan though


here’s the deal. i’m canadian. i like molson canadian but i don’t like b/r . and i’m not going to comment on behalf of an entire COUNTRY . that’s ludicrous .


Again, I ask, where did I speak on behalf of an entire country? I simply said that I am Canadien, and my Canadien Friends who watch the show do not like B/R…… I think you should reverse your comment to Brendon….. he was the one saying Canada loves him and Rachel

kathie from canada

Obviously I am Canadian and can’t stand the ‘dynamic duo’!!! No one I know remotely even likes them! I have had a hard time watching this year as they get way too much air time. … and their ‘fights’!!!! So pathetically juvenile and contrived. Show them the door – someone PLEASE!!!


He probably did what most people are guilty of doing: letting one instance of something become the perception of an entire unknown group. Did someone make a bad first impression with you? They’re awful, terrible human beings. They couldn’t have just been having a bad day, or had a dead relative recently, clearly they’re just worthless. Did you vacation in Virginia Beach once? Was the gas station guy stupid? And the restaurant waiter too?! Clearly all of Virginia is retarded. Okay, maybe not all of Virginia, just the entire coast.

He probably had 1-10 people in one of his web cams say that they were from Canada and were fans, so he decided that was enough of a sample survey for the entire country. What’s sad is that politicians and news casters are also guilty of this, and they actually have clout, unlike Brendan.


I would think Canadians dislike Brendon more than Americans dislike Brendon


nope, we dislike americans more.

j/k. πŸ™‚


my comment was wrong i meant “I would think Canadians dislike Brendon more than Americans dislike Brendon”


Gosh, I hope that isn’t true. Do Canadians hate America or Americans?

kathie from canada

Am I the only one who can’t stand Shelly’s ‘man’ voice????? Drives me nuts!


if u people really think it’s fixed, then why are you watching it?

Zach J

Does that mean you I ly watch becUae you know it’s fixed? Just kidding πŸ˜‰

Well, there’s always the possibility that it can be fixed, and the producers care more about good television than playing a decent fair game, mos likely. To be honest I wish I didn’t care as much about the show- there are always a bunch of douchey losers on who don’t deserve to be spat on if they’re on fire….


Conspiracy theory time! Why is Cassi going to the Diary room? :O


As much fun as it would be to say for some twist, its more likely to get her head in the game, and not let her give up. She has been saying that she is going home all week…. They will pick up her ego and make her think she has a chance… makes better TV


agreed! it would be great if there was a twist and she stayed! but we know that’s not going to happen…too bad.


so supposedly after they are down to 10 players they will be bringing back a player that had already been evicted to replace the gap of dick leaving so whoever gets evicted (even keith) goes into sequester til then. cool beans
i’m just a guessing so don’t quote me kids πŸ™‚
and to all the canadians out there you go girls (and boys) πŸ™‚


Canadian here too. Never liked brenchel. And NEVER will. They have too much drama in their own stupid world. I watch BB thru DVR and forwards it as soon as those 2 starts being cheesy with each other.


I wonder how Cassi is going to feel when she finds out Shelly played her? She wont campaign against her because she thinks Shelly has her best interests at heart so when she finds out that Shelly was the other vote to evict Keith she will be shocked. I wish JJ would put up BR but it wont happen. At this point, I think Dani and Shelly are playing the best games, Shelly even more so than Dani because everyone thinks Shelly is on their side and everyone loves Shelly and nothing bad gets said about her.

Team Dani

That would make for some interesting BBAD if someone was to tell her that Shelly flipped on her. That could be the final straw for Cassi “being the better person”. On a side note, not sure the better person would be calling other women the C bomb, or referring to them being fat like Ophra. Yep, that’s keeping it classy.

I watch alot of the BBAD feeds, and I have enjoyed the past few nights alot. I think mainly because there hasn’t been any of the nightly Keith eating cereal to tolerate. I don’t know about anyone else, but that was fingernails down the chalkboard bad for me. He’s a noisy eater, and the producers should have him move his mic further away when he was eating. That was brutal to sit through.


I’m canaidan, everyone I know who watches BB can’t stand brenchel.
Fun fact: The only officialy bilingual province is New Brunswick.
…okay maybe that wasn’t a FUN fact.


These people suck. Gone are the days of the screaming, calling out, humiliating fights. I actually miss all the old confrontations — I wish Dick had stayed. Jeff had some great one-liners his season– where’s his personality gone? Someone is bound to get a spine soon…I hope…


Best seasons ever: BB 7, 8, & 11. I only liked Ragan and Brit in bb12


I think I’ll watch Ragan bash Roachel on YouTube…tht always puts a smile on my face πŸ˜€


That was the Best part of season 12, seeing Rachel get put in her place.


yeah and I hope she get put in her place once again so she will realize no one likes her and we want her off our television


If Jordon don;t make a move on BR now, she is going to regret it in the end when brenchel rides to that 500k

but I don’t really care BB has lost all credibility I just watch for the drama


I am Canadian (west coast) and love Brenchel for their entertainment value. However, this year Cassi is my absolute favourite and I am pissed that Rachel’s petty ass will get her evicted. I can only hope that Cass will be the cast mate to return and it will be via fan vote, not competition. Cass is one of the rare intelligent and honest girls on BB and as a female, I am proud to be cheering for her.


Good Job Idiot you just handed Brenchel that 500k. America can;t give you no power to save you this time


Jordan has no backbone…is anyone really surprised?!


Wait time out I just heard that Keith pulled his dick out to Porsche in the backyard?!?!?? WTF?!?


Cannot wait until Rachel and Brendon are gone. It cracks me up, they don’t even acknowledg Dani. She’s probably going to walk away the winner.


I think we should show our displeasure with the way the show is going this year. Just stop watching the show, and get all your information from this site. Once there ratings drop they will realize the mistake they made and maybe change there plans and get Racheal/Brandon kicked out. Several houseguest have already said production doesnt tell them what to do, but they strongly suggest who should be kicked out.


Totally off subject, but is anyone else having problems voting on What do you think the twist will be with the HOH vote?


Gooo team brenchel haters get a life


gay, you would support anything they do.


Guy you are definately in the minority with brenchel. Ive missed the discussion earlier so tell me what do you like about there gameplay?


Guy youre definately in the minority when it comes to Brenchel. Tell me what exactly do you like about there gameplay and them as people individual people?


i don’t know about that person, but i personally have to commend them on their game play. not their social game, but the competition part. Brendon won like 3 vetos last season and 1 HOH, and rachel won 2 HOH’s , and considering that she only had the chance to play in 2 HOH’s that was really good. and than plus already this season they won 1 HOH, 1 veto, and 1 food comp. plus they piss everyone off πŸ™‚ ahaa


I’ve gotten to the point where I fast forward every time I see Rachel and Brendan talking. They annoy the hell out of me. Everything about them seems so phony. Even their relationship.

Shelly is Kathy Part II. She goes around stroking egos and stabbing you in the back. I don’t know why none of the newbies ever once thought she was possibly the one who voted against the group. They figured Kalia, but they never explored every possibility.

So far Dani is playing the perfect game. I’m thinking she’ll be sitting there in the finals. Not sure who will be joining her yet though.